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#is he dead
fandomvents · 9 minutes ago
I see people recommend Red Robin all the time, when they get asks about where to start reading comics with Tim Drake. But that’s much later in Tim’s story, after he’s been through a lot; it’s not the best place to start if you actually want to know Tim.
The best thing to read would be Tim’s miniseries.
Released before Tim’s main series, Robin I, II, III (A Hero Reborn, Joker’s Wild, and Cry of the Huntress) came out to sell Tim to audiences and see if he could work in a solo book. These three stories perfectly encapsulate who Tim is, and are all around enjoyable, neat little adventures. They aren’t long either, for those who resist the idea of pushing through the nearly 200 issue long Robin series.
(and tbh, I think Red Robin is the thing to read if you want to catch up with the fanon side of things; a lot of fanfiction takes place in this nebulous time post Bruce’s return from the timestream, and RR is where a lot of Tim’s angstiness and tired boy genius characterization comes from)
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asadnoodle · 5 hours ago
Ok so sometimes when I walk and there's other people around me, I just get really conscious because it keeps going through my head that I'm going to fall on my face and embarass myself. So I always kind of count my steps when I walk and make sure I lift my feet up. It did cross my mind before that my walk probably looks funky but I didn't think it would be that noticeable.
I just got told I walk like Bambi.
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meova101 · 5 hours ago
One day, I was making fun of myself for usually using alcohol instead of a plot to get sebchal together. Actually, that’s most days, you’d think I’d stop at some point but nah. And then I combined that with some of my favourite Waterparks lyrics and there’s a new drabble. It happens.
Anyway, based on the lyric There’s nothing in my system so I’m feeling what I feel for you from Waterparks’ excellent song Not Warriors which I highly recommend to anyone who will listen and even to anyone who won’t. Love me some Waterparks.
Charles’d hoped so hard it was just the alcohol that fed the butterflies in his stomach.
They hadn’t had many nights out together, admittedly, and at Ferrari celebrations he tried not to drink much, but his eyes strayed to Sebastian anyway, admired how he looked in a suit, or when sweaty in a hot club, and he could allow himself those thoughts because that wasn’t him, just the alcohol.
But he’s stone-cold sober now and it’s worse, somehow, every touch magnified, every glance a shock to his system. The butterflies kept coming.
I just need you to feel it too.
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relto · 6 hours ago
the older i get the more allergic to decorations and trinkets i become. someone will have to wipe the dust off all those things, and i certainly dont feel like it.
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daensarights · 6 hours ago
i brought this up on the server a couple weeks ago and i will bring it up here: joffrey was a horrible person yes, but he was a boy. a child. there is a reason he got to that point. there was trauma and circusmtances bc no child is born like that. we all jump the boat to break out characters and understand where they are coming from, but then ppl reach joffrey and its like the dude was born a fucking snake. he wasnt. whatever he became was a product of cersei's and robert's treatment towards him, plus the entire court.
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colddwater · 8 hours ago
quick what does one wear when attending a funeral in their birth town at their childhood church full of ultra conservative christians who all knew and loved your abusive father as a bisexual transgender leftist
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alcoholic-clown-hours · 8 hours ago
Do you... want us to get someone to help?
(we don't know whom this question is for but we have a feeling its related to the M!A on alts side yeah?)
(like is it a question about it??)
(if so, we're just letting yall just go feral, like yall just do whatever yall wanna just don't make us or others uncomfortable.)
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prince-monika-writes · 14 hours ago
i have like 6 emails and 5 of them i dont even use
also my main email as 1107 in it
11037 wow if i had 3 in will be a dr refrense without me even knowing because i made that email when i was like 7-9 and i didnt know what danganronpa even was.
the L stands for isnt that right leon
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