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#irish literature
xrinsohma · 20 hours ago
I was too buzzy to read, thinking of teacher, of her manner of saying there were sunsets every day, that we weren’t meant to be coffined and buried whilst all the time still living, that nothing of the dark was so enormous that never could we surmount it, that always there were new chapters, that we must let go the old, open ourselves to symbolism, to the most unexpected of interpretations, that we must too, uncover what we’ve kept hidden, what we think we might have lost
Anna Burns, Milkman
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Tumblr media
Can we just take a moment to acknowledge what a bloody hard worker James Connolly was? Yes, Irish rebel, executed in a chair by British forces, key Irish socialist, we all know these bits.
But is no one talking about how brilliant minded and studious this man was? He started out in the slums of an Edinburgh hostile to Irish immigrants, suffered from a stammer and rickets, lost his mother at a young age. He simply couldn’t pin down permanent employment but whenever unemployed he spent his time bowed over tables and became a self-made scholar. He became a historian, sociologist, economist, labour organiser and speaker. Given his writings- still very accessible today- he was invited to speak in America becoming a key figure in unionising the United States before returning to Ireland playing his part in the Lockout, and the rest is history. All this despite the poverty he was never able to climb out of.
Before his execution, he said to his wife ‘But hasn’t it been a full life, Lily.’ He was an example of how hard-work is still a necessary part of any equation. Not hard-work for your employer, but hard-work for your ideals and your fellow human beings. Connolly gave everything to those around him, and what he believed in.
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xrinsohma · 2 days ago
Why could I just not stop this running and tell this man to leave me alone? Apart from ‘where did he come from?’ I didn’t have those other thoughts until later, and I don’t mean an hour later. I mean twenty years later. At the time, age eighteen, having been brought up in a hair-trigger society where the ground rules were – if no physically violent touch was being laid upon you, and no outright verbal insults were being levelled at you, and no taunting looks in the vicinity either, then nothing was happening, so how could you be under attack from something that wasn’t there? At eighteen I had no proper understanding of the ways that constituted encroachment. I had a feeling for them, an intuition, a sense of repugnance for some situations and some people, but I did not know intuition and repugnance counted, did not know I had a right not to like, not to have to put up with, anybody and everybody coming near.
Anna Burns, Milkman
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blackswaneuroparedux · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I can't think of a case where poems changed the world, but what they do is they change people's understanding of what's going on in the world.
- Seamus Heaney  
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blackswaneuroparedux · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The NCO is the backbone of the Army.
- Rudyard Kipling
Kipling was the man who coined one phrase familiar to every soldier: "The NCO is the backbone of the Army." Kipling first said it in 1895, in a poem called "The 'Eathen." The poem, written in a Cockney accent, contains 19 stanzas. The famous phrase about noncommissioned officers comes at the end of stanza 18:
The 'eathen in 'is blindness bows down to wood an' stone; 'E don't obey no orders unless they is 'is own. The 'eathen in 'is blindness must end where 'e began, But the backbone of the Army is the Non-commissioned Man!
The poem is really a ballad, or story, which emphasises that discipline and leadership are the keys to military success. The story starts with a description of the hassle endured by trainees.
As the trainees see it:
"The cruel-tyrant-sergeants they watch 'im 'arf a year;" But then the tale turns to discuss how sergeants care for their men: An' when it comes to marchin' he'll see their socks are right, An' when it comes to action 'e shows 'em how to fight. 'E knows their ways of thinkin' and just what's in their mind; 'E knows when they are takin' on an' when they've fell be'ind.
Speaking of the bravery of all soldiers:
An' now the ugly bullets come peckin' through the dust, An' no one wants to face 'em, but every beggar must; So, like a man in irons, which isn't glad to go, They moves 'em off by companies uncommon stiff an' slow. Of all 'is five years' schoolin' they don't remember much Excep' the not retreatin', the step an' keepin' touch. It looks like teachin' wasted when they duck an' spread an' 'op. But if 'e 'adn't learned 'em they'd be all about the shop.
About leaders:
'E's just as sick as they are, 'is 'eart is like to split, But 'e works 'em, works 'em, works 'em till he feels 'em take the bit; The rest is 'oldin' steady till the watchful bugles play, An' 'e lifts 'em, lifts 'em, lifts 'em through the charge that wins the day!
The poem ends in a refrain which admonishes:
Keep away from dirtiness - keep away from mess, Don't get into doin' things rather-more-or-less! Let's ha' done with aby-nay, kul, and hawr-ho; [Don't put things off] Mind you keep your rifle an' yourself jus' so!
One reason Kipling was such a popular writer, and the reason his stories have become motion picture hits, is that he was a great story teller. But beyond that, his stories focused on people who lived by values he thought were important: values such as courage, candour, and commitment to duty.
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xrinsohma · 3 days ago
Thing was, he hadn’t physically touched me. Nor that last time had he even looked at me. So where was my premise for speaking out on how, uninvited, he was pushing in? But that was what it was like here. Everything had to be physical, had to be intellectually reasonable in order to be comprehensible.
Anna Burns, Milkman
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illustration-alcove · 6 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bram Stoker's Dracula, illustrated by Javier Olivares.
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Discourse of Friday, 30 April 2021
Very well done! I thought you might start by asking me to say that what he can find one or two during busy parts of the passage you'll be able to fill out your ideas that are not particularly likely, but will ensure that you discovered that I don't think that your choices of when to give a paper that is not absolutely required still, as I've learned myself over the break. If you're scheduled to do this at this point. Come to section. James Joyce's Ulysses/at Wikibooks: Daniel Swartz's article 'Tell Us in Plain Words': An Introduction to Reading Joyce's 'Ulysses': Joyce's two structural schema of/The Music Box/1932: There will be, in case the first person to ask you to avoid thinking that an A for the quarter to get reading quizzes or to and overview of the ideas and where it could be said for the quarter. You also made very good job!
Chivalry is in any way that Francie's home is? Hi! This means that that alone would pull you up effectively to larger themes remember that I'll be leaving town at 7 p. I'm glad that you sometimes retreat holds your argument's specificity back to you. Note: Papers with substantial deviations from the first three paragraph exactly of the day that your topic in a lot of ways, and the next two days to grade your paper never quite come out unscathed, full of rather depictions that are relevant to your large-scale concerns very effectively and provided a good job on this. There were some pauses for recall. All of these things, this is a strong piece of writing of which parts of the landscape and love it and bringing up the last week week. So, in particular from Penelope, is the best way. Yet another potentially useful gender-based and less discussion-based Futurist-related questions are related to grotesquerie. Your paper should consist of analytical writing, despite the odd misstep here and there, generally clear and explicit about why you can't get it graded as soon as possible when you make any substantial problems with basic sentence structure are real problems that I've made some comparatively nitpicky things in there. I haven't been able to get back to The Portrait of the quarter. So, what do you think, and I really liked about it not perhaps rather the case. What the professor in our society means that you need to explore additional implications of this poem. Reminder: 4pm today is for it. Don't lose heart while reading through, because I don't know whether this matters, and then re-adding it using the add code as quickly as possible after the final exam and when it comes down to it, though. Here's a breakdown on your preferences and how we have a pretty decent job setting up your more Faulknerian paragraphs into smaller units and use introductory and closing phrases to glance back at a coffee shop, I can get the group up well for a text that they describe. I noticed that paper didn't seem to have practiced a bit too tired tonight to do more than you've managed to introduce a large number of things quite well, empty and abandoned, and the marketplace, and I will post before I do not feel comfortable talking to me, for instance, maybe being a strongly motivated choice I mean, and sometimes the best way to figure out what you want to reschedule after the final. You've made a final selection for what you've outlined a good job of reading the text of some of the group as a whole, though. One is to provide feedback and stopped responding later during your analysis. Crashing? Everything looks pretty good. This means that you're using an edition other than that, since that's a pretty strong claim to prove a historical document and audiovisual component. Hi!
I hope everything is permissible from some viewpoint, but which might be to have sat for a job well done overall. All in all, you will go first or in his own rather unpleasant way about women's bodies. Papers in this particular senior-level details of your discussion notes, but merely that there is a particularly poor job on Wednesday I'll give it back to you. You're perfectly capable of doing so. Yes, there is some aspect of something that will help you to speak instead of asserting X, whereas future audiences will not be articulated with sufficient precision, but I'll most likely cause of her first name/by which you are, but an A paper; and by only an hour or so of all my students develop for their recitation/discussion tomorrow! /Or 3. Mooney. Excellent! Emailing me with an incredibly useful lens to examine, because this coming Wednesday 20 November in section, writing an A-range papers, so let me know what you're working with—you do in leading a discussion. One of the points for both, but I believe strongly that you explicitly say that a number of fingers at the specific parts of the format for the exam is worth slightly more than twelve lines, but it may be an indication that you're trying to force yourself to ground your analysis, too, that it looks like until Wednesday. Ultimately, I Had a Future, McCabe p. The Road, Jose Saramago's Blindness, and that you've chosen, and/or #6, Irish nationalism, exactly, but you really mop the floor with the paper's overall trajectory your paper should be though here and there are thousands, if you want to say about what you're going to motivate other people to speak more is to say that the penalty, you did a good place to close-read. Pre-1971 British and Irish pounds were subdivided not into 100 pence, but not nearly as much as it opens up an analysis and less-intelligent and read well, I'll have one of mine and whom I have not engaged in memorization and recitation in section. Then, when absolutely everything else that is, you email the professor. Even just having page numbers for the student's part, but is likely to be pretty or incredibly detailed, but this is what counts, regardless of their material. You picked a selection from the recitation. The Guardian is certainly the best possible light in the construction of Irish literature 30% of your paper's overall point s of interpretation. I suggest these things not because you will need to back up your claims. Here is the portrayal of Rosie is perhaps productive, but I also want to say this again: getting any penalties at this question, or a synthesis of other things well here, and see what people do some of the quarter when we talked earlier today, you have a great deal more during quarters when students aren't doing a close reading exercise that digs out your major: The Wall Street Journal speculates about whether you're technically meeting the discussion requirement. If you need to start participating and pick up points not even bothering to guess on years for texts, and not because I don't fully know myself the professor offered to people, and getting hardware serviced costs a fucking arm and a real discussion to take larger interpretive risks or make interpretation difficult in multiple absences and is as follows: total number of points. I'm actually interpreting the three poets the professor to ensure that you are not major, it's a good one. Great! Noisy selfwilled man. Thanks! The University of California, nothing is more complex than the mandatory minimum is an unlucky month for marriages may be rare and/or the argument itself is sensitive and nuanced interpretation—I've tried to cover, refreshing everyone's memory on the final exam yes, including participation and your analytical structure sets you up to be avoiding picking too many emails shortly before each paper grade. All of which has Calc, a good student and my grading rubric that I think that you speak enough in section when you sense that it isn't, because as declared in the meantime, you will leave the room. Which isn't to say that I would suggest and this may not have a more natural-appearing and impassioned delivery.
This might be interesting ways by a group is one of three people reciting from Godot tomorrow. So I told you that this is a waste? Introductions. Once you have previously requested that I don't want to have thrown them away when going through them first-in-lecture boost; yes, that's fine. Section website, because that would be central to the rest of the text of the class to jump in, so if you're so sick.
Your paper should be clear on parts of the deeper structures. Updated 27 October 2013. I'd suggest at this point, if you send me email or by email except to respond to each section that you want to know. You expressed an interest in responses to individual instructors. There were some retractions and pauses for recall before the reflecting gleams. Learn German too. I think that specificity will pay off as much as it turns out that many people in the depth that you wanted to make broader revisions. The fact that these may very well here: you had thought a good selection and delivered it very well and can't assert offhand that these may very well done! I offer the same names to denote the same time, fifteen minutes if you were trying to crash. I'm imagining doing is just a bit more. Asking an open-ended questions intimidating or not, because I realized that your topic to keep people from the second line of the quietest sections I have to do this, let me know if you ask people for general comments people can find a recording of your introduction is actually rather weak, because that will be note that he has otherwise been quite the digression from what I initially thought I was now a dual citizen. 7% in the course. Burroughs, etc. Assignment Guidelines handout, you should know the name is absurd too: Malachi Mulligan, two of which has been trying hard with limited success to motivate discussion, actually. It's often that the definition for all students, generally aren't actually addressing the crowd at a more specific about where you're getting your ideas, though this is a fascinating topic that is sophisticated, nuanced close readings of the class was welcoming and supportive to other students were generally productive, and what is being transmitted, specifically? You're got a good weekend! It would have paid off with a copy of those three poets the professor was discussing in lecture or section, but not catastrophically so. I've posted a copy of the recording of the Gabler course edition of Ulysses with you that I think that your citation page distinguish this. I recall correctly. See you in the course. I'll see you next week.
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Where the world ends
The mind is made unchanging, for it finds
Miracle, ecstasy, the impossible hope,
The flagstone under all, the fire of fires,
The roots of the world.
W.B. Yeats, The Shadowy Waters (1900)
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Discourse of Thursday, 29 April 2021
Opening up more room for 65 minutes at that time passes differently when you're in charge in our technologically oriented society, they tend, in which it could be executed a bit more would have been even more successful, however, I myself tend to agree/disagree rarely produces discussion effectively because closed questions seek immediate resolution. I discover by any means, and how that has changed, but what else do we define what that means and how you're going with the Office of Judicial Affairs.
These papers address to some questions and frame them. But analysis requires moving outside of my margin notes. Unfortunately, I think, however. I am of course, you really do connect them to the fact that you have a wonderful poem and its background. Incidentally, I think that having a topic. On Raglan Road, which largely duplicates ID #1 from the absolute last piece of writing, though as I said? On your grade so far, mid-century American painter Willem de Kooning's Woman series is full. It is a piece of writing to get to everything anyway, because it's been the case that two people who grow up to your address book or calr, online or offline. Your paper must be attended, in a lot of ways.
Ultimately, you'll have to set up the section, not a fair amount of time that you need to send me the URL. As I told him that he has otherwise been quite the digression from what I would like to recite and discuss can be in South Hall 1415. Have a good book. Think about what kind of psychological issues, would be to go down this road, a student who's not able to take it. Picking a selection from Ulysses is already enough to get into South Hall 2635 which is not unusual at this point, you got them saying productive things. Well done in all, who can tell you your grade without the midterm returns to Tuesday, so I'm not entirely sure that this means, and a good conversational move might just be that our sympathy is based on your recitation and thinking closely about delivery; you have any questions, OK?
Or about people of Irish nationalism and neutrality—these minor errors that don't have a full schedule this week Yeats is making. Arguably, The Song of the analysis fits into the midterm was graded correctly. You did a lot of ways, you've done your research paper will almost certainly would have helped some, here. —Henry David Thoreau, Walden 1. In fact, more centrally, it sounds like you were reciting and discussing the selection you picked a longer description or outline, I'm very sorry to take so long to get into South Hall 2635 which is not a member of a section you have any questions, OK? Doing this would be to go back over. Ultimately, what does it make sense? You've done a number of recitations. Don't be afraid of silences and retractions in your hand. No longer issued as a hard text, though I think that the items on the English 150 Fall 2013 Anglo-Irish Literature Section guidelines. 4 December 2013. There are some available on the structural similarity between you and ensure that you need to talk about how you're going to do that. And let me know what you want it to move forward and make eye contact in that case. But you've done quite a good decision to pick a text that you discovered that time passes differently when you're at the final, you'll have to do, and recall problems, although I think, to be more specific you're able to give a strictly accurate piece of writing. Unfortunately, it seems that trying to satisfy a literature or writing process is itself the immediate, direct, personal interest in readymades and in a way that you can let me know if you want to, then this change to concepts of nationalist identities to have practiced a bit lopsided. Either way is OK with me about your key terms more specifically. 96% this is not based on the assumption that you could take Playboy as a discussion of the texts you're examining, and there are many other things you may leave your luggage during section for those risks. So, where do you want to go for answers on earlier sections over to earlier this year. If you want any changes made I will send you an updated grade by Friday evening if you don't schedule immediately, you can say more than you have some very minor alterations; at this point, but I'm not familiar with either play though I've pointed to in my office hours, or the viewer is understood or affected by a bus or abducted by aliens over the line.
I've attached a copy of the poem itself, you have any other questions, or just her conscious thoughts? You've done a strong delivery. Let me know that a contemporary English poet might be interesting ways of reading the few remaining lines of the quarter a very good topics buried in there that it's less successful than it should turn into a regular rhyme scheme, and may be that Mary sees love's bitter mystery as being the natural outcome of the Irish see femininity, rather than a B-for the actual facts behind some of my head this afternoon, so I can just bring it to take so long to get to all questions about them; and invented a few avenues that might be the bearer of good ideas for when and where it will help to mitigate your anxiety. To put it in my box South Hall 2432E. Travel safely and enjoy the company of your paper you had thought about your topic before you went through a series with which they are aware of areas where your ideas. I'm not trying to complete a COMMA specialization, seniors trying to get people warmed up if they want to attend those classes and do not think that your pacing was quite good in many places where I can if you don't already know her, and that her motivations are likely to get some pointers on this you connected it effectively to larger-scale issues and give everyone their preferred text/date combinations. I'll see you before the paper may help you to leave. Either choice is absolutely nothing wrong with this by dropping back into lecture mode and/or may make other types of documents in addition to doing it for the final. Another student from your large-scale details and making sure to send your lecture orientation was motivated by nervousness, and Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake, all in all, you would be to find. On poems by Eavan Boland, White Hawthorn in the assignment handout. Mp3 of the recitation assignment or the barbarity of poetry after Auschwitz. I saw you on time. This is a hard time constructing a satisfying analysis of a text that they should not be penalized for falling short by one letter and a half overdue on this assignment.
If this is not just show up that night for you. Yeats, When You Are Old. If you need to pass them out, and create a separate workbook for each paper is going well, and then look at last week's presentations has taken me so long to get back to you. You had a good student this quarter, depending on which of the things the professor is not one of these ways, and you write very effectively and provided that you should definitely talk to me. Finally, I would like to have a thesis statement, and what your specific readings as a whole it ties together multiple sources to produce your good readings and the argument itself, I think that you need to indicate the sources in their papers, so that my work has paid off for you never quite come out and say, none of the room. If you have already left campus. My worst grades as an effective vehicle for your section tomorrow night! You may find that asking questions that you have previously requested that I gave you, or slide it under my office hours. 61% based entirely upon attendance I won't be assessed until after the final: you need 94% on the final, is not that you would need to focus on your grade is OK with me in my office SH 2432E, provided that you score at least take a look at British regulations of the Flies, and I've just been crazy and I'm certainly not obligated to look it up until 7: General Thoughts and Notes 16 October discussion of Rosie's attempted seduction of TA for English 150 TA, and that's perfectly normal and acceptable at this point. If you do have some good ideas here, I think that you could go with this by dropping into lecture mode and/or not effectively support the overall understanding of a specific understanding of what the nature of the pieces of evidence: a they were sick. It's a two-line chunk; pick a text that you've thought closely about it a more fluid in the text, despite the strike. Get An A paper; I still think that even this was still a bit lopsided. I think that your paper, because in my margin notes. Another potential difficulty is that if someone else beat you to give them by title in your paper grade. You will notice, regarding the text itself and to speak can be a stronger link between the selection. Again, well done. It is your specific point of analysis conclusion that broadens and shows larger-scale points as every other B paper one day late unless you explicitly say it's OK in unusual circumstances, you can take the final analysis. Hi! If you have any questions, and you touched on some important feminist concerns through a concept on your grade, assuming there are a couple of things would have helped you to be a productive way to get me a couple Rosie and Fluther, after all, you've got a really good, perceptive, very few students this quarter, and shown, in fact, everyone! As I told him that not doing so. —I will hold up various numbers of people haven't done the reading process, though, I have you down for Dec. Again, this is conjectural, but th' silk thransparent stockin's showin' off; dropping warm from Out in th' park in th' pan for remember you said it was never distributed in class to be spending time thinking about, but you really have done some very minor preposition substitutions. You dropped or from investigate or do not do this or anything else gets covered in the term, although it sounds like it, is to call on you before the quarter.
I really mean it when you argue that a you have two options. Good luck on your group for several reasons, including absolutely everything in the day before Thanksgiving. One way to clarify your own ideas and ask what is it the burning bush of Moses. It's just that your situational and historical texts might support that negative value-judgments about the text quoting, including class, and bought yourself some breathing room. Again, thank you for doing such an excellent performance unless you file an informational report with the sweatbeads as big as berries moment in your section to begin, for being such a good set of additional typing, at the beginning of Ulysses in particular texts, how do they set up yours and demonstrated that you need another copy of Word and work it can. If you attend section every week except Thanksgiving and a thoughtful rendition of the section as a piece of elevated political rhetoric. —I am willing to make sure I can plan for section this week: have several options: 1. I think that O'Casey's portrayal of the soul, freedom, the sympathy of the texts you're working with, and showing that you want to say, and exhibiting solicitous concern for emotions that they can take a more accurate translation of the Triffids, Cormac McCarthy's The Road, Jose Saramago's Blindness, and not quite right to me that is also an impressive move you might start by asking questions that ask people for general comments people can still pull your grade to you with comments at the end of the cease to do it while still scaling up each part of the text itself and seeing what is off limits from those poets: Eavan Boland reading White Hawthorn in the formula by which I say not to castigate you, and to your recitation.
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Discourse of Tuesday, 27 April 2021
The upshot is that you understood the characters in the future. For much of an assignment within this deadline guarantees that you check your delivery was solid, overall for the/optional section/during week 10. Students who are interested in the back of your own writing would pay off as much as it could have been capable of this will hopefully help to get a grade independently of the Cyclops episode before section that I've ever worked with, though as I see that you're paying close attention to how other people to speak eventually if you have any questions, OK? For the sake of having impaired mobility; bone spavins are caused by osteoarthritis. The text in question. I'll see you next week!
Hi, Savannah! Aside from the course as a discussion leader for the sake of being perfectly clear: you're making a specific topic with sufficient depth or specificity. I'll avoid responding directly to every comment, and your sense of the top five or six participators, write an A for the quarter. Make sure that you're no longer enrolled in my camera died, I'm leaning toward putting you either first or last, because it would probably have paid off, because it's specific and detailed outlines I've gotten yet. I will be by the final itself to me.
Think about what your major: The Search for the term very unlikely. Your delivery was very fair to Yeats's text; just let me know! What does it express their situation, and if that works better for you, but I also wanted to let you do not accept work after the fact that marriage is primarily covered over by this point in smaller steps this would allow you, I do not feel comfortable speaking with me in a way of engaging in a voice that sounded much like the ideal resource, but I'm not seeing at this point, and mechanics are mostly solid, though I tend to read. The Wayfarer lecture of 5 December Two student musical performances have been possible to tie it strongly to basically any other questions, OK? 139; and/must/perform a short description of your analysis, and this is not a fair amount over its history, I of course what we now call in English X-rays, which is where you're doing. My plan is to drop it off with the paper's due if you miss more than happens here in a more objective outside sense of the quarter, but I'll put you down more if you have. I'll see you next week!
Another student in the sense of timing was quite good, sir, are you portraying, and it may be that you want to go into the wrong URL to you. 17 Dec so I can't recall immediately and have sophisticated and your readings sometimes fall flat because you're moving too quickly to pay off in analytical terms; but overall, and what I mean: you had a chance to check for the students had 97% or above.
There are a lot of things well here, though the Irish are preeminent in a more natural-appearing and impassioned performance; but I think that balancing this just a moment. Was all a flash in th' pan'; freedom that wouldn't be a very long selection and by in from a technical standpoint, today! Either Sunday or Monday if you're so inclined. Go above and beyond the interpretations articulated in the symbolism associated with love, romance, which is ten by holding up the Thanksgiving weekend, and choose a good weekend, and going above the minimum length requirement is certainly an acceptable job of constructing each reading in class: the twelfth line. If you want to accomplish. From the name of the fact that the stereotypes of Irish culture, although the multiple works that you're capable of doing even better quality, but all in all, from 8 a. Let me know right away if that person and a bit more specific claim of what texts you are, in particular, I can attest from personal experience it can be hard to do this metaphorically, though I think, a substitution of matter for question at a different direction. All this really means is that it deserves to present. On the other, in case the equipment that you've actually managed to introduce in advance as part of the more common problems with grammar or structure that are slightly less open-ended questions intimidating or not this lifts you to examine Irish, and you recovered quite well.
If you glance over at me periodically, I say there that I expect you to a very good selections for your paper won't necessarily be captive; and perhaps others as lenses into these in my mailbox South Hall 2607 if he's not there, but I don't mean to claim that it's one of three groups reciting from Godot tomorrow. —My suspicion is that it could. I think that you tell me the new world order is an A-paper receives is based on the relevance of your paper, didn't respond to other students. Ultimately, why not keep the appointment and show that you're analyzing. See you in any case, that their behavior was not terrible well, any further questions, OK? 5 B-on your midterm, recitation, then you have any questions, OK? See you then. —You've got some very good ideas in even more successful if you have an A-territory with 1 point out, it's an experience. I think that there are things that would most need to do this, in the earlier work, OK? So you can leverage your own, or just to study harder, but not participating a very specifically worded claim about Yeats's response was also helpful in the first quarter of 364.
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milfsarahmccool · 10 days ago
i know the final scene in the season 1 finale of Derry Girls is constantly cited as good television and a good depiction of life during the troubles but something else i really enjoy about it is the act of dancing itself. this is something which occurs again and again in Derry Girls, the Saturday Night sequence, the Take That concert, rock the boat, Orla and Joe at prom. Dancing is consistently shown to be a collective activity the characters take part in, one which is meant to represent youth, joy, and most importantly hope. it is sprinkled throughout the series so subtly but dancing has such an important role, there’s a fantastic article by Dr. Caroline Magennis (which i highly recommend reading) who frames dancing as a form of political resistance. In Derry Girls, dancing isn’t just dancing, it’s a way for these characters to assert that their bodies will not be controlled by external forces, that in spite of the terror and fear that permeates their world, they can and will find joy and their youth will not be stolen from them.
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waragainstintelligence · 10 days ago
In a battle like Ireland’s, which is one of poverty against wealth, we must prove our sincerity by making ourselves unpopular to wealth. We must accept the baptism of the gutter.
W.B. Yeats, Dramatis Personae (1936)
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autoirishlitdiscourses · 10 days ago
Discourse of Monday, 26 April 2021
See Wikipedia's article on poitín for more sections like these two texts and look at. What does this similarity matter? I disagree with the latest selection from The Butcher Boy, you'd just need to score less than thrilled at this point is more likely to be more specific thesis statement expresses, and I won't calculate participation until the end of that grade and that missing more than merely plausible, which were strong last time you were perhaps a little below the mechanics of getting people to go. You've done a lot of really productive ways or it might be thought to be a difficult text, and especially of An Spalpin Fanach. You picked a difficult line to walk, especially if the way that the professor an email no later than Friday afternoon.
There are many many others. Of course!
Drop if you wanted to remind people. There were some amazing performances on it, your delivery was sensitive to the audience so that we have a proclivity for rather dark humor and deal thematically as a writer. Scoring at least some background on Irish money if you want the experience to be absolutely sure that I would say the smartest way to push your own argument even more would have helped to have dug into these topics.
It's just that, in part because its boundaries are rather difficult, and don't have a positive thing, I realize. Again, I can't go over, and it will help you punch through to an X and/or may not, but because considering how best to get a passing grade; I feel like is currently better developed and more focused. So thinking about which I'm ready to go back through the writing process is a policeman.
Let me know if you have any questions, and structure may be productive. All in all, you must recite a selection that you told your aunt in Ohio, who harangues Bloom and/or recall problems. I think the fairest grade to your presentation notes would be to say that, I promise to keep it up or down by much. One implication of this offer to you. Please send me your plans by 10 a. I'll see you in section. You're welcome! It would have paid off quite a bit. However, I do tomorrow, but certainly not going to be posted to the connections between the excellent interpretation that you've tried to point people when looking at the end of the University, and I'll get you feedback on your sheet so I can't tell for sure. It's a very strong work here, I will call life which is fantastic and well tied to the poem, specifically, you are trying to get people to pursue the topic. Stoddard, O'Casey, Act IV: Chorus sung: John McCormack singing It's a two-minute warning by holding up the last minute.
To have one extensive monologue from someone who is a really good ideas in an A-for the quarter, and quite engaging. 415 B-range paper grades discussed in more detail, I am not asking you to perform suboptimally on the most directly productive here would have paid off to have had Cyclops suggested to them effectively, demonstrated a strong preference and I'll stay late. It's all yours! All in all ways, and the historical situation. Similar things could be set against each other personally. Let me say some general things, you should focus on the assignment, and exploring additional related issues, focus your analysis what is short-sighted or otherwise need to expose your own writing, get an incomplete would also require the professor's miss three sections, get an A-territory with 1 point out, it's insightful—but being flexible may be that your choice of a number of particular interpretive problems for Ulysses none of these are true. So, you would like to see Dexter as a first draft and allow for real discussion with the assumption that the more egregious errors in the biggest payoff possible sometimes you have any further questions, and my guess is that the Irish as postcolonial subjects; probably others. Another potential difficulty is that you did a good night, due to midterm-related questions?
I can attest from personal experience it can feel to a natural move is to find that this is a very strong essay in a comparative manner over time, and I quite liked a lot of ways. This is already an impressive move, and modeling this for everyone, Having just checked my stack of midterms against my other section is engaged and engaging despite my sometimes rather nitpicky comments, but more general discussion of The Butcher Boy; Stephen Dedalus's rather morbid and misogynist fixation on the Mad Hatter's hat in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. I suggest that Dexter is X, whereas Y is like A, for free: Chris Walker and the ideas and your boost from your section self-addressed, stamped envelope with enough stamps to make sure that I'll be in my box South Hall 1415. You picked a very small number of ways here: you had an accommodation through the writing process is itself the immediate, direct, personal interest in the first seven that the song. Often, a profitable manner, and it shouldn't be too hard to avoid thinking that an A, in case they ask you questions for discussion.
I do not overlap with yours, but I also think that it's actually not that you were reciting and discussing the selection you picked to the course's discourse about Shakespeare every day, because unless you are, I think. Reminder: if people aren't getting quite full credit on author, title, date, you really have done. One would have helped you to ten pages long; this counts everything including participation and attendance that is excerpted in Plough. Let me know what you're going, and you managed to articulate as fully integrated parts of your quarter! If you have done quite a challenge, and want to make sure that you just need to be aware that you just need to make huge conceptual leaps immediately. If you happen to have a good student and I will take this into account. Still Life-Le Jour. Have a good performance even though this is potentially profitable idea, but may not be able to give you a grade somewhere in the front of me wanted to demonstrate that you score at the top of the first three and four the other students were engaged, and the Stars: Nora Clitheroe, The Stare's Nest again so that I can. You had said to other people talking. A-for the quarter winds up being more successful in any way that helps to further your analysis and perhaps point him toward your larger-scale details and of putting them next to each other. Similarly, looking at the Recitation Assignment Guidelines handout. You're got a perfectly acceptable to cite poems by Eavan Boland, and would have needed to happen for this particular passage. If you don't have a hard line to walk, and it's completely up to this page:. Can you confirm she was having. Make sure that your formatting is impeccable. I felt the same degree that you gave quite a nice touch, too. Let me know if you want to know how GOLD looks for undergrads, I'm dying for it and so this hurts your ability to appreciate the argument in a productive exercise I myself tend to think about how you achieve full and open honesty about where you need to be this week. I'm sympathetic here. Not mine. Yes, that's fine provided that the one that the professor is a mid-century American painter Willem de Kooning's Woman series is full. My current plan is to think about what audiovisual and historical issues at stake. Looks like you. Picking a selection from each paragraph, you have any questions, OK? The assignment required and gave what was overall an excellent sense of the several topics that each of you effectively boosted the other's grade while you write, and have moved forward even more specifically on the section guidelines handout. I say thank you for being a good job here. The first of these guidelines with you. Soon to be fully successful. Yes/no pass, knowing where you are nervous about possibly having accidentally leaked confidential information, but rather to help you to think about how recruiting works and the marketplace, and is able to avoid. And your writing is quite enjoyable. Have a good move here, I can find a recording of your group, and your health allows. What this relationship between these texts in an otherwise dull day. Again, please read September 1913. Com that you are attentive to what other students in great detail, I absolutely understand that this is unfortunate because they tend to do that metaphorically. If he lets you expand or drop material if that doesn't work, might be surprised if they cover ground which you are planning on getting out of your recording early. Needing to study for a more impassioned which may differ in some form, even if only because they're also doing Wandering Aengus—6 p. I'll be on campus today, actually.
The Butcher Boy song 5 p. 57. It's absolutely OK to depart/intentionally/from the syllabus pretty well, you should come to each other. But analysis requires moving outside of your outline will be. Thanks for your section this week. I'm glad that it never really rises far above the compare/contrast paper which is to make it support that negative value judgment: that you could be squeezed in most places is basically structured in a moment. Good luck on the edge of something genuinely wonderful job of moving between the texts are primarily theoretical, critical, or it becomes apparent that more supports your specific point, just as Shakespeare doesn't necessarily have to make this transition which you dealt. I'm terribly sorry and embarrassed. On James Joyce's Ulysses: discussion of a topic of your skull with the same names to denote the same time, and your visual texts, how does this statement relate to the class's actual level of knowledge and their outline doesn't bear a lot of the recording of your own notes for week 3. Plan for Week 8: General Thoughts and Notes 23 October in section; we talked after section, and perform the resulting articles and see what other people to dig into in conversation. Kilmainham p. Other administrative issues? It sounds like a fair number of good news. Nothing immediately proposes itself to me, but I completely forgot. Recitation/discussion 5 p. It turns out, it's a beautiful little gem that is particularly relevant here; but make sure neither of those finals. Is that Walter definition of race were like, or historical in nature. Hi! Tonight's paper-grading rubric above. Your paper is that the paper is due or a bit more so that I have never been a pleasure to read and thought about the course syllabus that reciting twelve lines of text may only be minimal changes later tonight, a productive way to avoid a assuming that everyone in class. Alternately, if you'd like to know tonight instead of discussion. So I hope you won't have time to meet me. Still Life with Four Apples; probably others. They are presented in the class and the group develop its own; I will still be elusive at this point is that you will receive at least 70% for a student whose final grade at your main ideas. One thing that will help you to give a paper to pay off in terms of the top eight or so of all but the group may help you here. Be sure to give quite a good selection, and apply it with a selection from Ulysses this Wednesday.
Again, thank you for a job well done. Some suggestions: Georges Braque painted food-related topics not only contributes to a natural end or otherwise set up to you after I qualified it by then. I looked at them, but perhaps it would be helpful, I think that you wanted the discussion as a section you have questions about Cyclops or it becomes apparent that more information about just to pick up a fair grade for the historical and literary readings are passionate and engaged and engaging, and some broader course concerns and did a good choice on topic.
You should aim to do so by 10 p. Just send me email since then, is perhaps not easy deal for you, I will still be elusive at this point, if you want to examine, because I think? TA Christopher Walker and the Stars: Nora Clitheroe, The Butcher Boy can best be read in ways other than that, taken together, then looking at his wife, Annie, in part because it's an appropriate analysis that supports your larger-scale payoff … but as a section you have any questions, which is fantastic and free! Let me know. You're very welcome to sit down on Wednesday can you make the switch function in GOLD you should email me and holding eye contact in that relationship can make your own readings within the realm of possibility for you. There were some pauses for recall and retraction/corrections, but want to prepare a set of ideas in here, though this is really successful paper at an IV coffee shop on lower State, but the power company left me reading by candlelight for several reasons, including class, but not past your level of familiarity with the group to list their impressions of how your questions touches on. Hi! So, for instance. It took the midterm and the text, and the 1916 Easter Rising, the F on the final, too, that there will only be recited during our first section; got the lowest score was 46%. Make sure to do you mean by talking about. In particular, for instance, you will leave me with a worn pick, OK? However, if you want to make it productive to look at the performance, and I think that there are a lot of material. You need to focus on whatever revs your engine, intellectually speaking, but you handled yourself and your readings are often primarily just due to my office door SH 2432E, or unclear. You're welcome to leave your paper. Let me know what works best for you if I try very hard to avoid explicating yourself as the audio or visual component of your mind until you recite more than 100% in section. Similarly, the nude painting Fluther & Peter are tittering over in O'Casey, both of which revolve around a male visions of beautiful women, his understanding of the test, but some students may not have started reading Godot yet if they're cuing off of the Wandering Aengus Performed 16 October 2013 Thus, love of a letter grade; made an excellent job!
This doesn't change the way of thinking about it not perhaps rather the case and I appreciate your quick response! Like It, Orlando, in our backgrounds. Overall, you could engage in related to the reader/viewer, and you met them at their level of familiarity with a lifetime's regret; d it's YOUR JOB to make his slide show available to, you're about in lecture tomorrow! Of course.
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the-god-of-illusion · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For the elemental creatures go
About my table to and fro,
That hurry from unmeasured mind
To rant and rage in flood and wind;
Yet he who treads in measured ways
May surely barter gaze for gaze.
Man ever journeys on with them
After the red-rose-bordered hem.
Ah, faeries, dancing under the moon,
A Druid land, a Druid tune!
To Ireland in the Coming Times
by William Butler Yeats
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autoirishlitdiscourses · 13 days ago
Discourse of Friday, 23 April 2021
I'll see you in section tonight?
Wow, that's OK, too. Section. No longer legal tender in Britain and Ireland, regardless of what I get there, but I think that it may not wind up making revisions, you're welcome to choose that passage, but you were pausing for dramatic tension rather than simply expository, and exhibiting solicitous concern for emotions that they are dealing with, and I haven't started it yet.
I think that one thing, and some broader course concerns. This is probably most easily found on the final tomorrow. Hi! How Your Grade Is Calculated document I do not use what you mean by talking about, say, a productive way to figure out which texts/issues you specifically deal with this ambiguity; you delivered a sensitive, thoughtful job of discussion and were so excited by your own argument, including a job well done, both of you. Another small note: Your paper is quite a good holiday break! The Plough and the drives that we don't really start talking until nearly eight minutes into your paper is when you make it pay off in the class up very effectively and in a row this year that you have questions about what is it history in the first quarter of 364. I'll give it back to you with comments at the same grade, answering only three IDs instead of at least one email from me. Good luck with the recitation errors, but your writing is lucid and enjoyable at the assignment write-up, but some students may not be able to take whatever is available online, send me an email and we'll find a copy of your mind about how your evidence in more depth than they've been represented by the time that way,/please come talk to me but cannot come to my preferences and interests. No longer legal tender in Britain as of 1969. For one thing that's holding your sophisticated set of background, might be surprised if they cover ground which you want me to hold the 11:00 work? All of the larger text. Also, my grandmother is past the I have you done with this by dropping into lecture mode. But having specific points in support of your paper grade are the number that you avoid emailing him before lecture is that participating more extensively in section if you'd like; you may hit that number this quarter. Hi, Chris! On grading turnaround was perhaps optimistic for weeks when I cold-called on him for a good student, and I wanted to make intermediate connections that you score less than half a shilling; here is not safe to assume that they'll be able to participate actively in the class and the only or best way to proceed. 49—4. Good luck on the paper above could be said about your health is OK, and I'd be happy to make sure that you are at inconvenient times for you, since that's a good student so far, but because it was understood both closer to the rest as backups in case it's hard for groups to make. You picked a wonderful poem, too is it history in the attendance or performance of the two main components of the quarter by as much as doing an excellent job! Make sure to have one of the class, provided that you've got a good student this quarter, I think you have any questions, OK? Looks like everything's working now. This is not so general that it's come to both phenomena, integrating your various texts in juxtaposition is a good thumbnail background to the aspects of your essay even further, if you want to take smaller cognitive leaps in order to move towards a final selection for what you've sent; just don't assume that you had a good student this quarter. All in all, very few students with whom he might call on you two first for some reason though this would have needed to happen. And it may very well be quite different.
Too, I will be honest, but at the table and people were very engaged and participatory so as quickly as you write, think about it. I think that practicing a bit flat it's a good job of setting up an analytical lens, and truthfully, participation except for the jugular. I'm actually leaving town. History may be that you examine. Shakespeare's stature and then ask yourself what they wanted to remind me to let this paper, and third preferences are for any reason during that time passes differently when you're in front of the more concrete questions might have helped to engage the group very effectively and provided a good-faith attempt to produce a historical document, and Wordsworth mentions the tree in England, was written too close to convenient and painless as possible. It was a theoretical possibility, depending on what you're actually doing the minimum time frame and discussion by email or stop by my office SH 2432E, provided that you've chosen fails to conform to the course's large-scale questions with you through finals week! You also effectively warmed the group. You are absolutely welcome to sit down and start writing in just before it jerked; added the to a discourse about Shakespeare every day, then a single college lecture? Remember that the items on the issues that you make changes to social expectations: how is this a great job!
5% on the specific selection that the extra credit, which is full of rather depictions that are not limited to: absence of a text that takes a stand as Heidegger has it explicitly on why your juxtaposition actually matters, but I can't think of recommending Francis Bacon's work in because South Hall 1415. Your ultimate guide and final exams, and exhibiting solicitous concern for emotions that they are assumed to be available to students for review. This table shows common coinages and vocabulary into which the pound, but into 240 pence. Again, thank you for putting so much. It seems history is to know in my experience it's hard to get back to you. What does it play with which you're able to point 6 nothing/hopelessness in your recitation/discussion grade? If it's all right with this quarter so far, if you're already doing a large number of particular interpretive problems for Ulysses are grounded firmly in a moment. I have a notebook in which he was in the future.
Thanks! Demonstrates a solid job of contextualizing the paper to make it longer or otherwise just want the TAs to have a Disabled Services Program accommodation for? Think about what your argument more firmly in a room whose location is a motivated decision; they open up to you without disclosing personal information such as Ulysses does there is a good selection, and that taking this implicit interest of your paper will anticipate and head off potential major objections to its topic and the discussion, because I think your discussion notes here but not generous, in South Hall 3421 and/or have a fully developed idea yet, and probably see parallels to Francie's narration, one thing that will be worth 150 points.
Hi! —I personally think that this is how well the novel's presentation of the discussion that engages the rest of the text to examine your own experiential metaphor may be related to the YouTube video from the class to be said for the Academic Senate awards for distinguished professors and TAs are open for nominations from students already asking about crashing? I'm open to it and so you legitimately crossed the line into the B-range. In any case always a productive place to close-reading exercise of your paper's structure is elegant and graceful, and so this is not just because your focus out; but I think you've got some very good job digging in deeper and/or selections from it. I hope that that helps you prioritize. Doing this effectively if the mail room South Hall 3431. Of course, you should continue to attend section and trim out just the guitar part I'll probably do this by dropping into lecture mode if people aren't talking because they tend to do a very good job of structuring your paper should be careful about with this edition of the way that terrorism and totalitarianism function in GOLD you should have already picked a poem and its background. You really do connect them to larger-scale course concerns and did a lot of people aren't talking because they haven't read; it's certainly interesting insofar as he is the contemporary understanding of one or more appropriate theoretical lenses to them before. Going through people's paper proposals. Well done on this you connected it effectively to larger-scale project. I thoughtlessly sent the wrong place, but I think that they are assumed to be a fallback plan. So, I think it's important, would help to make sure that you are welcome to do. The last two weeks. Your writing is impassioned and wonderful human being, as you plan to recite and discuss this particular assignment difficult. However, I think that getting your ideas. Deploying multiple critical lenses in your discussion. Hi! I just checked my email response to the perception of absurdity this is your job to do your recitation tomorrow. The short version is that you should have read the poem on the pike. Section, not a circulating, coin.
You've definitely earned it. For one thing that's like to put it another way of taking up time that you tell him you want to try the waters with discussion a bit more would be for, rather than race, and what's wrong with writing all six on the final you will incur the no-show penalty and need to develop their own identities: not all of the poem for Dec. Was amazed to see you next week. However, you both for doing such an impassioned recitation is worth. You should format it so that you should have a good thing that would be productive to just make sure that I want to talk about authors other than the spirit; that we didn't read: the section meeting. 43: A small drink of liquor. —You've got a good job digging in to the connections between the two tests if it were, but my own opinion, etc. Have a good knowledge of the Flies, and though it would emphasize the possibility that you need any advice, OK? All in all, quite well, here is one of strong-poet to the first place is also an impressive logical and narrative structure, and other livestock may have persistent problems with that time passes differently when you're on the previous presenters for providing an opening to and/or complex discussions about course material. Have a good job! I cold-called on him for not following directions.
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amazighbuffyofrivia · 14 days ago
One thing I will say is that those Anglo-Saxon-Germanic-Celtoi heauxs really did help raise the standards of “genre fiction”, whatever that means. But like, I mean fantasy.
Gotta write William Morris (English), Dunsany (Irish), George MacDonald (Scottish), Kenneth Morris (Welsh), J. R. R. Tolkien (German/English), and W. B. Yeats (Irish) a begrudging thank you card, or something. But William Morris can gets a hand drawn one, as a treat for being a raging socialist. Cause ngl, Fantasy, prose or poetry, really does save my life and sanity again and again. Not even being hyperbolic. Shit is both hilariously pathetic and unironically beautiful.
Anyway, I can find all them others works by the writers above, but I really want to read Kenneth Morris’ The Fates of the Princes of Dyfed, but I can’t find a good paperback. It has such a cute original cover;
Tumblr media
Those old books used to have the best covers. Like, look at Dunsany’s Time and God’s series
Tumblr media
Classy! and cute. And Tolkien’s illustrated TLOTR covers are a 100% still the superior cover designs, even after all these years. The man had what we call “talento”🤌🇮🇹
Tumblr media
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autoirishlitdiscourses · 16 days ago
Discourse of Tuesday, 20 April 2021
Thanks for being such a question that good papers and scored very well done this week, although I would say the smartest way to provide the largest overall benefit to introduce a large number of important things to say that what will work for a job well done here. I do not hesitate to give a passing grade, you should be on the professor's email. But you're a bright student and I didn't anticipate at the beginning of next quarter we have sympathy for Francie is also a retraction. On the construction of femininity? Sent you:/Ulysses/: Keep the Home Fires Burning sung at the Recitation Assignment Guidelines handout, which has a lot of issues on which it could go will be able to get graded first this Wednesday.
A-range paper/takes interpretive risks/and demonstrates that the penalty calculation, that what you want to go for the course to pull your grade to your main points of the establishment where he eats lunch. All of the essay. I really did a solid job, which is a buffer that will be none. One example of a regular basis as you write it, and you relate your argument, too. However. Thanks for doing a strong job! In romantic relationships, his understanding of the mythological-methodological similarity to dig into the A range. I believe you, nor do I recommend it, but probably due to nervousness and/or describing it in; if you can do well on the final, writing an analysis. Etc.
As it is that race gets slipperier the more productive readings are very very high score, and campus will be. It is not by any means the only productive way to write about them: I think that you are scheduled to recite and discuss, but how the opening scene 6 p. Well done on this you connected it effectively to larger-scale issues that you have read your texts that you're using as an emergency. I will be, I think might have been here in a way that the beginning of Ulysses? Proclamation of the object itself.
Here's what I hope to be available to, though, you've been up in certain specific ways that you get some informed ideas here, is that your readings profitable, though your paper and make sure that you're capable of doing this in paper comments, in part because engaging in a college-level class, and prejudicial or hate speech will not hurt you a five-minute and prevents you from reciting, obligates you to examine evidence in a way that I don't know when I pass it out in a very difficult task and fall into line with general academic practice, a substitution of matter for question at a different direction, but I felt the same fraction of the poem I was able to avoid trying to get a passing grade is largely based on your midterm, based on attendance I won't be able to write a draft may help you to bring a blue book after thirty minutes in which they engage by among other things well here, and you did very badly. I said, most passionate is a default mapping on GauchoSpace for instructors who use GauchoSpace to calculate grades, explained somewhat in the grading expectations for changing this. I think, help you to push yourself to dig into in conversation. Tonight's paper-grading rubric that what will be on the part of the quarter. Even finding small things, you could be. The Song of the quarter this includes the 1/3. More centrally, about finding something to say that I think that this would help you to get back to you. I'll have to try to force a discussion leader for the quarter is that you fight tooth and nail to get a more open-ended questions productively this is to say about why they think it prevented you from being saved. And tension than they do not have reached the minimum enrollment for the conversation would be not to carry the weight of it is possible to give quite a nice touch, and paying greater attention to how other people are reacting to look at things that interest you in section. Patrick Kavanagh's I Had a Future McCabe p. One of these was touching on some important points and provided an interpretive problem that keeps her alive up to the economic contract that specifies how the poem, its mythical background, might be productive to just copy me on that performance, it feels to me. You could theoretically also meet Sunday or Monday that is appropriate to recite. Loy p. I'm looking forward to it from a text that will result in no credit at all, you did well here, and I've read so far, but ran rather short. An A is theoretically in range for you, or Aristotelian virtue, or a car accident causing head trauma on your part to do this not because you clearly had a student who's not able to believe in? How Your Grade Is Calculated in Excruciating Detail the John Synge Vocabulary Quiz from October 17, Pokornowski's midterm review sheet, and American responses to it but you'll be doing, and I fully appreciate this it's not necessary to call on you second or third, although this was not how I should have already been expressed in your selection but were very engaged and participatory, as well as one of the room, but I'm hesitant to make it. A B on your grade recorded based on attendance but not generous, in juxtaposition is a deep connection to religion, and should prepare for an important part of his life, you can substitute the number 50 _9 Research Paper Letter grades for papers are bright lines—you really want to do is to have you down for Dec. You've been warned. Prior to 15 February 1971 Decimal Day in the scholarly mainstream, but your delivery. Incidentally, I think that would then be reciting so that you needed to be more specific way would help you to get the group in a timely fashion, although none substantial enough to get graded first this week I'll send it, can we meet at 1:30 by the email I sent one back saying The 'you must take the final analysis. Before each lecture, please consult a writing tutor in CLAS can help you to ground your analysis, which is what you should be adaptable in terms of smaller-scale, nor that it might not.
I think they're worth correcting, because under any circumstances engage in a lifelong economic contract of marriage is primarily and economic and historical issues and showing that you previously got on that for some reason though this may be just a bit more to get past the point value of the analysis that deals with family relationships: disturbed youth Francie Brady in The Butcher Boy particularly difficult to imagine how any reasonable way, and you showed that you would need to be this same kind of a report that's an overview of a pair. In episode 1 of Ulysses, is the case I just graded your paper is not in terms of which are impressive moves. If not, but most of the slight changes you made to the poem even more effectively. If you discuss this coming week is the last minute to use the texts, multiple readings is worthwhile, because under any definition of what it means to go over, and not quite twelve lines and opening up larger-scale course concerns and did a very good job.
Good luck on the morning of the group seems to have in class that you want any changes, and mechanics are mostly solid, though I think that striving for increased concreteness would help you to section, not on me. I'm about to submit grades. Students who demonstrated some knowledge but did more than 100% in section on 27 November in section again, let me know if you have a full recitation schedule in both of you. Well done on this. Those who are sterile or electively childless, those who want to wind up engaging in an in-depth manner and provided a general overview of your own purpose.
Both of these is that I feel bad that it's difficult or impossible to say that, although he is currently scheduled to do one of the more easily accessible representations of the Irish experience that we've read this term, although the multiple starts ate up time that you need to explore variations on standard essay structure instead of answering your own readings within the novel sets up Francie Brady's character. If you've read it entirely at some point, just as people who never ask naive questions never stop being naive. I hope you find your thesis, because it touches on. I thoughtlessly sent the wrong person and his conception of Irish nationalism. Because I will take this into account when grading your presentation and discussion. 40, p. Other unforeseeable, catastrophic events that absolutely prevent you from your larger-scale concerns that are close to textually perfect recitation that is genuinely wonderful piece of worthless land. Thanks for being such a good holiday, and that's one of the quarter is one of them are rather complex. This is probably an unreasonable estimate because it is constructed in the romance competition by any means the only representation of Father Sullivan is the lack of authorial framing in the symbolism of motherhood, I think that the best paper I've read so far this quarter, recite the same time, whereas a B on your finals, and not quite twelve lines? Another small note: Your paper is due or a report that's an overview or a report that's an overview or a car accident causing head trauma on your sheet so I did for a large number of ways, and, basically, you should do this, and you've done some other measure? I really hope that you're capable of doing this. You've put it another way, would help to increase the specificity of your material effectively and provided a good opportunity for students in your outline is a clever rhetorical move that would better be delivered in a way that pays off in my margin notes and underlining, should you desire one; this may not be everything that you have any other questions, though you might conceivably wind up where you want to. Hi! I'm sorry to say, Ulysses from Telemachus, p. Two polite reminders: the twelfth episode, Cyclops, which could be as successful as you can understand exactly how to prompt people to talk about; it sounds like it passes differently when you're on the same deal to their historical context. History, which requires you to help motivate yourself to do well. Personally, I will cut you off unless you explicitly look for cues that tell me when you don't mind my frequent and sometimes the best paper I've read it. What, ultimately, does race mean? I think I'll refrain, and that she's just feeling overwhelmed by finals. Up to/two percent/for/scrupulous accuracy/in vocally reproducing the/optional section Thanksgiving week instead of panicking and answering them yourself. After restriction for MLA conformance: B-77% 80% C 73% 77% C 70% 73% C-, and I cannot fully explain to anyone any part at all by Patrick Kavanagh these poems can be a shame. There is a mother who is a good holiday break!
I'm trying to say that I record your attendance each time you checked. Again, your Godot performance-in, there may not be able to pick out the reminder email. Hi! I responded to your recitation is also constantly thinking in his own relationship to Gonne and his weird foreshortened female figures, many of the text that you've tried to gesture toward this series, the historical issues at stake, is to call on you. I can do that if someone else who generally falls into that range that you'll be able to find.
For Young People via HuffPostBiz Welcome to the MLA standard for academic papers in the play. 5/5 on the most directly, I think that you examine as part of your interest in responses to British colonialism, misogyny based on The Plough and the humor that people often need to happen is for L & S and Engineering students the last minute. Starting with questions 2 and pointed to. Or other information that's not on me. Thanks for being such a good topic, based entirely upon attendance I won't be back until the end of this, and what's wrong with Francie, it may be. Take a look at it. By extension from common of turbary the right page of Ulysses is quite complex, if I want to know when you're operating at the last day for you to select from them, or that she should have already left campus. Alternately, if it's only five sentences or so describing what you'll drop if you have any questions that will help to spend a substantial increase in performance after the final under ordinary circumstances. What We Lost Paul Muldoon, David Mamet, J. Still, it's a beautiful little gems throughout the novel. Of course! You've both been very punctual this quarter. You also managed time well, in turn, based on the section website if you make your own narrative dominate your analysis further here. I noticed that none of these are huge problems; it's of more benefit to the poem that showed in the novel.
In front of a particular student's answers on earlier sections over to earlier this year. But this is quite complex, and this is basically avoiding the so what? A common but less than thrilled about this before in case they ask you if you arrive prepared on Wednesday, despite this fact, you will have section tonight. New document on section 3. I got home to consider myself a representative and to use multiple songs, but because considering how you want to do so, how do we seem to have wandered rather sometimes far afield. You have excellent things to say. You're dealing with specific lines and each facilitates discussion after the meeting you'd have to get where you see any parallels might be to take so long to get to specifics. I think that it looks like it's going to be generalizing about what it means to be more impassioned which may have significant points of the novel sets up the poem's last stanza. As it turns out that you make about motherhood: I marked four small errors: picked for went picking; was hanged or was ruined or was hanged; and changed that the video recording. I think is likely to drag you up to you without disclosing personal information such as information about the way that you haven't found it there. He was also helpful in pointing to multimedia and/or respond to email me and let that claim clearly. Finally, remember that we have discussed your grade is 50 10% of your paper is a mark of sophisticated writing and its historical context. If it doesn't look like anyone else why I want to do more than the syllabus. VIII.
Hi! So, here is that the paper suggests fundamental problems with understanding and/or how the reader/viewer about whom you're talking in general, quite good. This means that, of self, of Francie's cognition in general is a very good job digging in to the specific parts of your paper, but you handled yourself and your writing is also a fertile hunting ground. I'm leery of writing that, you're very welcome.
Originally, 240 silver pennies weighed one pound, but maybe tonight was not assigned in class. I'll see you on Thursday, but may show occasional minor hiccup here and there, you'll want to fall under some fair definition of flaneur? I'll most likely way to fill time and get me an email. Thanks for being a good weekend.
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