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#iris talks
goldafterglow19 hours ago
Do you ever just
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yabusameza day ago
is iris back too? joe the fourth is currently dying lol
sadly no :( if you check the Iris acc you'll see the notice i posted there
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berryjaelliea day ago
okay before any weird anons decide im being weird again im going back to my little show 馃挒
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berryjaelliea day ago
iri's just like . hes just some man!!!! sorry han 馃様 i cant see but ill rb anyways . sorry han 馃様
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cchimin2 days ago
I treated myself to some gelato after the exam, I sat down at the town's square, did some drawing, read some too, and there were these groups of kids like 8-11 years old playing football and goofing around on bikes, there was the smell of jasmine in the air and a slight breeze coming from the sea and this is all that summer is about
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berryjaellie2 days ago
exactly. thank u
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cchimin2 days ago
exam in 2hrs. im vibrating
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intomybubble3 days ago
i started putting together a team for morgan fey, but when i started to be content with how her pokemon were arranged i realized that vileplume really reminded me of her hair lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i'm planning on swapping sableye out for it since i wasn't sure about it in the first place. anyway, i'm sad there isn't any fullbody artwork of misty that i can work with bc i wanted to pair her with a slowking
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cchimin4 days ago
hands are the essence of how to be human
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sunasbabie4 days ago
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musings-n-methods4 days ago
mults of 7 if i havent sent yet!
7. is the fastest?
Answered this one! My kalashtar kensei monk Ishtar (they/them)
14. lies the most?
Hmmm, this might be a tie for either Ignatius or Iris if Iris was younger. So current OSW liar is Ignatius.
Counting my non-OSW/past characters, I think Adam (he/they), Ritalin (he/she/they), 'Lucky Chance' (he/she/they), Grove (they/any), Tala (she/her), Val/Bedlam (he/she/xe/ae), 3-G0/Danielle (ze/zem/zeir), Hiss/Etheria (she/her) All lie, however, most of their lies is a consistent one about either hiding their identity and/or regularly faking an identity to evade uhhh usually the government tbh. the one consistent character trait here is that they all commit crime,
But Grove commits to lies the Most bc they have a Range of fake identities, so Grove wins this one
Grove also has a secret fian- (I am shot)
21. is the best cook?
listen, not a single one of my current characters, ncu or not, can cook well. however, my Past characters Praden (he/him) and Pandora (they/them) Have survived with just ingredients from nature and Know plants is the thing,
28. is the most competitive?
S-POR is, really really competitive. However in this party full of jocks, as a full ass druid, do You think they are winning here,
35. is the funniest?
S-POR again. They play up their snarky deadpan monotone voice for Laughs and/or pull their littol pranks, and it's Just for them and the one person in the room who Gets It
There are some who come as a close second, but it's more like their situation/vibe is funny rather than them deliberately being funny
42. is the worst leader?
hm, there's a list but for OSW characters it would be yuyu, younger Iris, and Maybe Ves but I haven't Thought too far with ves.
Current non-NCU characters are like the past version of S-POR (they did some character development), past life!S-POR, LUC-A (馃様), Torne, and Maybe Val/Bedlam Now since he got trauma,
Ishtar (they/them) is the only one of my past characters that would suck as leader
49. is or was your favorite to roleplay?
S-POR remains to be my top fav to play, Mycena has their moments, but LUC-A really shot up to the top recently in text-rp, you go girlxe
Torne is a fun honorable mention, the second I yelped ooc and claimed it was actually in-character is when I cemented his character really
Praden was super fun to play, utterly heartbreaking to be in his head at times but fun
yuyu feels like xe is gonna be fun to play, honestly excited to do a deep dive into xeir character bc I haven't Found it yet,
Ignatius is also really fun to play bc of how quickly I can go into impromptu rp fun flirty bestie mode with the other player who is my bff in that game. Torne is like the platonic ideal (emphasis on platonic) of Ignatius but also, they are a good person,
Bedlam hits a similar line to Ignatius but is not necessarily evil and I also lowkey started having less fun when she gained xeir first trauma bc I started to worry if I'm not playing to it enough 馃様鉁
Onyx Sicat/Gloomtide in my Glitterhearts Christmas-based oneshot was super fun to play. Fully a Cody Walsh but a less shitty person, and Also A Teen. Nash Sornk was also fun to play, fully incomprehensible in any other ttrpg system I think
For the short time I played her, Rhodonite (she/her) was fun to play. Knew what she wanted (her fucking mountain back from the miners) and went outside for the first time on an island so far from her homeland to get someone to buy it back. girlboss
Pandora was fun to play bc I could do knife bird bits, but I feel neutral abt rping them, same with Adam
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cchimin5 days ago
was stressing out about my exams but then I remembered I'm an eternal and infinite being made of energy that never dies out, just transforms, and I'm doing better now :)
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bisluthq5 days ago
Iris switched which school she's going to? I thought usc?
Yeah but she was planning NYU and there is NO WAY Judd couldn't get her in.
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rikumorimachisgirl5 days ago
Healing sounds. 馃挏
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