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#internally cuz my mom is mad at my brother
serpentargo · 3 days ago
so i was thinking... we all know how marvel recently has been like... calling loki the trickster, god of mischief etc., plus the show is like coming in a month or so, and so i thought
what if it doesn't come out in june? what if loki is tricking us?
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mikasa ackerman as a uni student.....
a/n: once again i should be doing homework....BUT HERE I AM LMFAOOOO. plz enjoy and tell me who i should do next
warnings: none! just fluff and wlw representation
Tumblr media
Stallion. Real hot girl shit
Cancer women supremacy
Japanese, no caucasian bullshit
Fuck the weebs!!!!!!
Housing architect major
Big beautiful eyes oh my god
Adrogynous, afab
soccer and lacrosse captain
Sets one alarm at 5am so she can lay in bed, staring at the ceiling
sulks and takes three whole hours to get ready
She’s a runner she a track staaaaaaar
Yoga, incense, a quick prayer/setting good intentions for the day
Gorgeous skin. Sticks to a boujee routine
Light makeup when she feels like it. Deffo a bold brow, dark eyeliner and bronzer typa gal
Takes “morning rinses” even tho she showers at night
So so cute shuffling around her apartment
Keeps her bedroom tidy and likes a bit of colour. Mainly minimalistic tho
lot's of sun!! very good for her health
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wears plushy avocado slippers that eren gifter her one year
sleeps in just shorts, nothing else
satin pillow case!!!
uses a de-humidifier
takes her vitamins and meds first thing in the morning
If her day isn't going well she’ll bring a support squishmallow with her to class
It’s a seal named Seal-O Green. he chills in her lap or the top of her bag :)
Wears masc, hypebeast clothing
Lots of piercings and rings
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“On god they don't even hurt. Idk my pain tolerance is high i guess” *im rolling my eyes rn*
Very little tattoos but they're all large and have meaning
Drinks her coffee black with chai, caramel and toffee
Eats a fuckton, she’s an athlete lol
Breakfast is usually big, or she snacks the entire morning
I’m talking bagel breakky sandwich, chicken and waffles from the diner a few blocks from the apartment, three coconut buns from sashas food stash, all before 11pm
Always has her airpods in, even if there's no music playing
You can never find her in a crowd, even tho she's pretty tall. Mika will always find you first
Kind of unnerving if you're waiting to meet up on campus and she just appears beside you
Ppl call her coach ackerman because she’s always whipping her teams into shape
Can bench 220lbs easy
Big strong woman hELP
“If you need help with the assignment just send it to me”
Gets her homework done pretty fast even tho she despises school
Is absolutely anti-opressive education system so she has a 3d printer ion her desk and uses that for live model assignments
“What the fuck do you mean youre not accepting this?.....i spent the past three days gluing this piece of shit together”
She’s lucky the chairman of the university likes her or she would've been booted her first year skdhksjktg
Habitually sticks her pencil behind her ear or holds it in her teeth
Sharp canines with slightly wonky bottom teeth, so she wears a retainer to bed
Big, round glasses. Same frames as Armin actually, they bought them at different times and tink it’s  so cute that they are matching
Clears her throat when she’s frustrated which contributes to having a raspy cadence
Her voice is deep and raspy. Kinda like rubi rose but smoother?
Phone sex is her shit. She can talk anyone thru a nut QUICK
“Baby c’mere” (she’s THAT kind of gay)
you're not allowed to tell anyone but she can twerk. really well. do with that info what you will
giggles. a lot. It’s so fucking cute
Resting bitch face syndrome sufferer, but the giggle/laugh is such a turn around
Adores calling ppl pet names but prefers Mika or Mikasa when being addressed
Call her masc pet names tho and she’s yours. Indefinitely
Has a thing for being called brother. Connie started it, now all the guys address her as such
Doesn't smoke but WILL pop an edible when the time is right. Has a bunch of gummies in her bag
“i‘m so high right now, i can taste your feelings”
Loves loves loves fruity drinks made with hard liquor. Very much into experimentation when it comes to drinks
Huge empath, much to her displeasure which is why she’s so closed off. It’s like she absorbs people's emotions….contrary to what most believe, Mikasa is very sensitive
Makes the sickest dumplings bro like… 
Went to the Japanese store and got alllllll the necessary equipment then stayed up one night perfecting the technique
Avid cleaner. She’s not necessarily neat but keeps tidy and takes pride in that
Stans k-pop on the low. On the LOW low.
Personally identifies with any anime character that's dark, brooding and has a trauma backstory
“They stole my flow bar for bar. It’s just me in a different fit”
Seasonal depression in the spring. Tends to fade away throughout the warmer seasons despite loving the weather. She struggles with this
Anger issues, but ~internalize them~
Mikasa is the dad of the group. Armin is the mom. 
“Have you eaten today?”
“Did you take your meds?”
Drives automatic and drives really well. It’s sexy as fuck
Hates giving out free rides unless you're her friend. Would rather uber people home than offer them a ride
Even her own teammates, which contributes to her reputation as the ‘kind but not nice’ girl
Designated driver for most outings and doesn't mind because her friends are her children
“BITCH IM A MUTHA! No drama  -_-”
Ideal date is playing a sport 1v1 or going for a walk
She can dance. Like REALLY dance it’s crazy attractive
Shoe collection!! Keeps all the boxes for her limited editions on floating shelves with the kicks on display
Study queen! She likes keeping Eren in check by setting a quota for the week. If it’s reached or surpassed she cooks dinner for him and Armin
Ramen is the go-to snack but make it ~fancy~
Adds veggies, egg, shrimp, allat extra shit in there to make it a full meal
Opens doors for pretty women and stands with her arm extended so whoever s behind her has to duck underneath her swoooooooninggggggg
Men can choke on air she is so anti-male species
Very much a Sofaygo and Lil Durk fan
Cried when she heard the news about KingVon
Prefers to read articles over fiction books. Rarely pops a non-fiction unless its history or social studies related. Very real world educated, not so well versed in fantasy
Has a couple support squishmallows on her bed
Punching bag in her bedroom to obliterate when she needs the release
Empty water bottles ALLLLL OVER HER ROOM. Eren thinks it’s mad impressive
When this girl gets on animal crossing, plz do not bother her. That’s her ‘me-time’
Self care is her guilty pleasure (i say guilty cuz impostor syndrome eats her alive)
Sits in the bath and cries. It’s acc really bad :/
She has a yellow jelly case on her switch!!!! 
The wayyyy Mikasa loves crocs would be funny if there wasn't a literal emotional attachment to the shoes. One time the gang got caught smoking in a prohibited area and they had to run from the cops. The shoe flew off as she hopped the fence and the entire bus ride back to jeans apartment. She was dead silent from despair, no one heard from her for the rest of that weekend.
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your-local-semi-nerd · 4 months ago
Goldie had always been Louie's aunt. And it takes a while, and on the way, he becomes her nephew too.
But no-one's perfect, and mistakes happen, but in the end, it's all okay.
"Hi Miss O'Gilt," Louie said shyly, his hands tucked behind him. Goldie noticed his expression was slightly guarded, and she nodded at him curtly.
There was a brief silence, and Goldie couldn't understand why the boy was still here. She had backstabbed him, and he wasn't even angry. Was that the reason he was here? Did he want to shout at her? Was he giving her the silent treatment? Waiting for her to apologise? Why is he fiddling with his fingers?
How did kids even function?
"Kid, I know you're small and shouldn't have been betrayed like that, but you shouldn't have come to an irresponsible adult to learn stuff."
"Is that an apology?" Louie asked, confused, and Goldie hyperventilated internally because the other children she knew would have handled this situation a lot more differently. Then again, Louie wasn't 'other children'.
"You can say that."
Louie's attention got diverted for a minute when his brother called him, and he said he'd be right back. Goldie considered the idea of running away.
She didn't run though, and he came back a minute later.
"Sorry, Dewey just had something going on with his middle sibling thing and Hue-" Louie's eyes widened with the realisation he was rambling to a normal acquaintance. He never did that. He coughed to hide that fact, but Goldie knew what he was doing. She had gone through the same feeling.
"What I was saying was, I know I'm half your height and young and not really a professional, but I was wondering again if you could teach me some stuff and let me tag along when you think I can? I want to try mixing different styles of business." Louie did have potential, and he was a lot more honest and clever than her or Scrooge. He'd be quite the asset, and as much as she could deny it, Goldie knew she had a soft spot for the kid.
"Sure, why not? It would- No, don't give me a hug I can't hug- " But Louie gave her a quick hug anyway, his eyes bright and hopeful.
"Thanks Aunt Go- Miss O'Gilt."
You know what? It's fine.
"You can call me Aunt Goldie, kid. Just not in a nephew-aunt way or because of Scrooge and such."
"So it's a title obtained through a shared traumatic experience?"
The boy grinned from to ear-to-ear, a contagious smile that spread onto her face as well. She fought the urge to ruffle his hair. Maybe this was the start of a fruitful partnership.
 Louie knew how much Goldie hated it when her ‘title’ was revealed to others. His brothers had practically laughed their heads off, asking him for the origin story repeatedly, while Webby didn’t seem as clear about it. Goldie hadn’t exactly been the nicest to her or her grandma. 
The schemes were fun. Goldie wasn’t the best at being an emotional mentor, but Louie realised that was good, because he wasn’t the best at emotions either.  Besides, Goldie never let him go anywhere dangerous. She was protective in her own way, even if she ended up bagging the final prize all the time. If she was in a friendly mood, she’d leave him a little for himself. 
(Louie had learnt his lesson, though, so he saved the money, using it sparingly. The account was technically under Donald’s name since he was still a minor, due to which he had someone to monitor his progress.)
And so, even if Goldie thought of him as a small kid who was her nephew student, Louie thought of her as an aunt and a mentor. If the fates played their game well, maybe she would actually become his aunt some day.
He’d mock her until then. 
"Hi Aunt Goldie!"
Scrooge nearly spit out his tea, and Louie galloped away, his cackling sounding like a toddler laughing. Goldie flushed on seeing Scrooge's amused expression. "Aun- "
"Shut up," she said, already making her way to the window. The fact she didn't take anything with her showed the level of her embarrassment. The boy would pay with his share from the next scheme.
"Ach, don't work yourself over it, lass," Scrooge grinned, his smile teasing yet genuine. "You said you'd stay over until breakfast."
"Tell your nephew to not bother me then," she grumbled while settling back onto a chair, much to his relief. Goldie picked up her set of cards again, prompting him to continue the game. And she won it, of course. It was a friendly game, but she'd sneak something worth it away later anyway. 
Leaning against Scrooge, she peered over his shoulder at the newspaper.
"There's an artefact found supposed to be from the Harappan civilisation in the Indus Valley. Come with me the day after tomorrow?"
"Of course, dear."
nottheaunt : How did you manage to do that?
ultimatesharpie : cuz im your nephew
nottheaunt : No you're not. And I'm coming over and stealing back my money.
ultimatesharpie : finders keepers!! >:)) it was never yours anyway <3
nottheaunt : Next time they ask for a trade, I'm trading you instead of an artefact.
ultimatesharpie : aww ily too aunt goldie. ik youre proud of me <3333
 Louie grinned. It took weeks of planning, but he managed to make a scheme that actually worked. And the benefit? He had managed to get the final grab on the money from right under his aunt's nose. Scrooge snorted into his tea on hearing it, and patted the boy on the back. "You've done the impossible, lad. I'm proud of you." 
The money had gone into his uncle's money bin, however, much to Louie's dismay. They said he was still a child and he might waste it, but Louie had improved from before. He knew it wasn't true.
So he did the logical. He called his aunt. 
"Think again if you think I'm over with losing a million dollars to a twelve year old."
"Who lost it again to his uncle. Aunt Goldie you've gotta help me get it back."
"Share it 50-50 then."
"Say goodbye to that million then, Sharpie."
"Ugh, I'll take 50-50 then. Could you please make sure Uncle Scrooge doesn't end up taking the money next time? I promise I'm going to save it up. Mom and Uncle Donald tried to convince him but he's technically their superior, and Mrs B doesn't approve of kids getting money."
"I'll talk to him. Now sleep, it's past your bedtime."
"Thanks Aunt Goldie."
"Night kid."
Two days later, they did what was expected from two con men, of course. Goldie managed to grab some extra money from Scrooge's money bin, and the trillionaire grumbled about it for the entire week.
He fooled no-one in the family, however. One day, he would recall this tale, and laugh at it with a soft undertone few had seen in Scrooge McDuck.
He'd be talking about two of his family members, after all.
FOWL had lost their game. But that didn't mean they hadn't left a permanent mark on the family.
She got into her car as soon as she found out, cursing under her breath. Scrooge had called her, asking her to stop by since she was already in Duckburg. She couldn't believe the family would get into an adventure after taking down an agency that wanted to take them down for the exact same reason.
The kids knew things were bad when Miss O'Gilt entered through the front door. 
Goldie marched up to Scrooge with a glare, opening her mouth to ask him as many questions as there were coins in his money bin, but Scrooge answered her before she said anything.
"I thought it would bring the mood up a bit. It was a small, easy adventure, and I checked through it beforehand, but there was an unrecorded trap. Don't you dare think I'm all for adventures after that, O'Gilt."
"The media coverage would lose their minds if they saw you doing this, McDuck. You'd lose your business if that's all you want to care about."
"Says the one who cares about gold over people."
Goldie's gaze grew cold, but Scrooge's face didn't lose its smirk either. FOWL had hurt the family to its core, taking away their trust and what they loved. The family had been internally fighting since then, and Goldie wasn't excluded.
"Enough is enough, both of you." That was Bentina Beakley of course, probably one of the only sane people left in the household.  Past trauma and agent guidelines had somehow left her on a better stand than others. "McDuck, to your room and O'Gilt, I'll take you to the boys' room. The family doesn't have to be broken more than it already is."
 Louie and Dewey were asleep when Goldie entered the room. Della was sleeping on a chair beside them, likely getting some rest after a very long time. Donald was checking on them when he saw Goldie, and he promptly exited with a nod.
The boys had been caught in a trap, injuring them both severely. They managed to not get hurt too badly, but Goldie figured that they would have probably been traumatised forever.
Quietly, she took out a blue gem from her purse, and hovered it over their wounds. Louie woke up with a start, and Goldie motioned him to stay still.
After a minute, letting out a tired sigh, she put the gem back in her purse.
"Was that supposed to heal us?" Louie whispered, "I don't feel any better." He looked over to his brother and mom, and then turned back to Goldie.
"No, it just quickens the process and checks if there are any vitals injured."
"The doctor already said we're fine."
"I just wanted to be sure. Now Louie, could you tell me what happened? You're the one who’s supposed to know adventures are risky." But Louie told her almost the same thing Scrooge said, and she sighed. 
"Aunt Goldie? Please don't scold Uncle Scrooge. I was the one who suggested the idea, but he was just looking out for us. It's my fault this time."
Goldie looked out of the door, her expression giving mixed signals. Well, it’s too late for that.
"It was your fault, wasn't it? Too bad I can't be mad at you kiddo," she let out a low chuckle and sat beside Louie. “Your brother, I get it, but since when did you become impulsive?”
“We wanted something to happen. No-one was really enjoying it, and everyone was so nervous, so I- I and Dew thought maybe we could encourage them to try something else? I don’t know my brain wasn’t working.” Goldie looked at him with a certain expression that made him feel like he was being studied, and he ducked in embarrassment. “Sorry.”
“No, no, it’s okay. Just don’t do that again, okay? I don’t want any of you getting hurt.” This time it was Goldie’s turn to get studied, but she showed no change in her expression.
"Could you tell me a story? I'd ask Mom or Uncle Donald for a lullaby or something but they're both not really available right now." Louie asked in a small voice, "Don't let it be too funny though, my stomach hurts when I laugh."
"Should I hum a song instead? I'm not really the best at story-telling."
“Uncle Scrooge’s forte?”
"Thanks Aunt Goldie."
By the time Louie woke up, Goldie was long gone.
Recovery was a slow process, but it was happening. Goldie visited them a little more often now, usually to help with the reconstruction of the McDuck business (and to check if the family was okay).
She stayed the night at McDuck Manor depending on her mood. If she did, she'd disappear by morning. If she didn't, she'd leave after all the kids slept. There was a time when she would have preferred the former, but it became too risky over the years. 
So here she was, seated cross-legged on Scrooge's bed, sipping a cup of hot chocolate before she left. Scrooge was watching her with a much softer look as he stood near the window. 
"You know, the lad rarely talks openly with people. I'm glad he's able to talk to you," he said. 
Goldie scoffed. "Please, kids want to be heard, and Louie's just more tolerable."
Scrooge raised an eyebrow at her statement, for he knew better, and seated himself beside her with a respectable distance between them. A familiar pair of footsteps in the corridor caught their attention at once.
"Uncle Scroo- oh hey Aunt Goldie!" Louie's eyes lit up as he entered the room, the previous sleepy tone of his voice now long gone. Scrooge patted the spot between him and Goldie, and Louie gladly obliged, comfortably sitting in the space newly allotted to him on Scrooge's bed. 
"What happened?" asked Scrooge.
"Wasn't feeling sleepy and your room was still open," the duckling answered, his yawn proving otherwise.
"I don't think your mother or uncle would approve of you staying awake past your bedtime."
Louie shrugged casually, and then turned towards Goldie. "And Aunt Goldie? Don't you usually leave by now?"
Goldie pretended the absolute bluntness in that statement didn't hurt. "I was going to leave in ten minutes. The airport isn't that far."
"Why can't you just get a private jet instead? You're a billionaire! And aren't you, like, a half criminal? They could catch you."
"Too expensive. Besides, I don't risk my standards at most public places." Louie grumbled something along the lines of 'crazy rich people' in response, and Goldie fondly ruffled the boy's hair. 
"Do you want to drop off your aunt at the door with me, lad?" Scrooge asked Louie.
"Don't talk like that, you make it sound like we're married. And the window's good enough." Goldie had spoken matter-of-factly, but Louie saw a relaxed smile on her face. It was new, yet a welcome change all the same.
"I'll go get a glass of water until then," the boy said, and he left the room, glancing back at his aunt and uncle one last time.
Scrooge waited until Louie was out of earshot before he leaned close to Goldie, a smirk across his face. "You think the lad knows he's in the wills of two multibillionaires?"
"Scrooge !"
Conflicts were settled, problems were almost solved. It was like nothing could go wrong now, because everyone had learnt their morals.
Now only one person was left, and she had a heart, a home, but she wasn’t ready to let things be. It was what she thought she was good at, and how was she going to live without it?
She robbed dimensions, and wasn’t as merciless as before due to reasons, but it was never good enough. Her personality had softened significantly, but only a lucky few had seen that side. The rest would be trampled down, or plainly ignored.
It had been put up with for over a hundred years. But nature had its limits.
 None of them were prepared for the call from Goldie’s assistant. 
Scrooge turned pale, and his voice sounded watery. The kids were ushered out of the room at once.
Interdimensional disappearances were uncommon occurrences. But when they happened, whoever disappeared was never seen again. Fortunately, the ones who disappeared had caused enough damage or deserved it.
The family had been given six months to find her, or the case would be closed. Louie’s eyes widened in fear as he watched Scrooge grit his teeth, asking for time from his end as tears threatened to fall over.
They never found her. 
Six months passed. According to Goldie O’Gilt’s will, most of the money was to be distributed amongst a charity and an orphanage. The rest, along with countless artefacts, was to go to Llewellyn Duck when he would be old enough. But Louie never spared the amount a second glance. He was going to help Scrooge find her, no matter how impossible it looked. Even if the rest of the family seemed to be losing hope.
They spent an year searching. A month later, they gave up.
 Goldie O’Gilt was never mentioned again.
 The media reported an appearance of Scrooge and his family with his new Board of Directors an year later. Soon, Scrooge McDuck was back in the competition, leading the charts like he had never taken a break.
A few months later, Louie was coming back home from a stroll when a man stopped him in his tracks.
"Minors ain't allowed here."
"I've passed this area a lot of times, so I'm just going to ask you to let me go. I'm not going to disturb you," Louie said, trying to go past the man. A hand was all that was needed to stop him.
"Long way round. Or you don't survive."
Louie was about to step back, when a hand rested carefully on his shoulder. "He's my nephew, and I'm an adult, aren't I?"
They were let through the alley at once, and Louie turned around to thank the lady, who was presently saying something about reporting to the authorities.
 He thought he had recognised that voice. 
"No. Way."
This is not happening.
"Wh- you're alive?"
"Surprisingly." Goldie looked tired, and Louie could've sworn there was a wistful look in her eyes. "Take me to Scrooge, will you? I need to talk to him."
"Wait- no what? You don't get to waltz back into our lives again after causing all that drama. You could've at least told us you were alive!"
"And how exactly was I supposed to do that? Get stuck in a never ending loop of possibilities of how your life could've gone with no sense of time in a random dimension and then tell me that!"
"You disappeared! Uncle Scrooge was hurting, everyone was hurting, I was hurting, and you expect me to forgive you?" Louie pointed at himself for emphasis, tears pricking at the corner of his eyes.
Goldie's voice suddenly softened, startling Louie. "I was hurting too. You think I chose to do that?"
Louie let out a sigh. "Well, yeah. We looked for you for a long time before we thought you were gone."
"I actually deserved to die. It's- complicated, but they let me survive. Something changed, apparently." A strand of her hair fell across her forehead, and Goldie tucked her hands in her pockets nervously. "I came back today morning."
"Oh. You're won't be leaving again, right?"
Goldie shook her head firmly.
"I'll take you to Uncle Scrooge, then."
 The place had changed a lot more than Goldie had thought. So had the people.
"You're almost as tall as me," she noted. Louie grinned at her, and told her how Huey and Dewey would probably be taller than her.
"Huey's so mad Dewey's taller than him. I don't have a problem and I'm shorter than both of them."
"I'm calling you Shortie, then." Goldie smirked.
"Aunt Goldie!" Louie laughed, and his eyes widened all of a sudden.
Wiping away a tear, he glanced at Goldie. He missed saying that.
Goldie wasn't far from tears herself, and soon, the two of them were laughing and crying at the same time.
"Great, now we're crazy."
"Crazi-er, you mean."
They walked towards to Scrooge's office in silence. Goldie fiddled with her fingers. 3 years seemed so long ago now, and she barely registered Scrooge's voice saying, 'come in' before her eyes welled up again.
"Aunt Goldie?" Louie said, his hand on the doorknob. "You're a great aunt and I really, really missed you."
"You're not so bad of a nephew yourself, Sharpie." Louie responded with a quick hug, and he smiled at her.
Then, without a forewarning, he kicked Scrooge's door open. "Don't worry! You'll manage!" he grinned, sprinting away and leaving Goldie alone with her emotions.
 So this was how betrayal felt like.
"Lad what the- bless me bagpipes."
"Tell Louie I don't know him."
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greatfay · a year ago
The fosters 😏
Ohhhhhh my godddddddd I’m gonna diiiiiie. Ok let the memories resurface, this may take a minute.
my all-time ultimate fave character:
Stef. I just really liked her arcs, how straight forward she is, etc. Classic ISTJ tbh... cautious, reserved, protective, methodical, quietly affectionate. Like at the end of the day, I think she’s my fave. The kids go through so much ups and downs and Dumbass Moments that none of them can be my fave, and Lena is a close second but the writers only gave her one strong arc, and that’s when she tried to have a baby and that was so painful.
For several seasons I used to say my fave was Mike because he was Prime Dad Material. Like in the very first episode, he comes off as this douchey, entitled, deadbeat asshole who oversteps boundaries, right? Classic switcheroo. You find out this man is a saint, this man oozes emotional sensitivity and communication and affection, this man is also a dilf with eyelashes longer than should be legal. When he fostered AJ (I’m crying right now). Getting Ana through rehab??? Fighting his own alcohol addiction and not breaking once. Like the only time he ever let me down was his reaction to Dani MOLESTING Brandon, but he realized like whoa wait a minute... Brandon’s been taken advantage of and if Brandon were a girl he would see it different... Like all of Mike’s mistakes were temporary mistakes, he recovered quick and tried to do the right thing. If only his son was as quick on the uptake 😒
a character I didn’t used to like but now do:
Brandon. It took five seasons for me to like Brandon. You know how many seasons this show had? Five. And it’s because he’s pulled through the ringer of Suffering™ and it’s almost ALL his fault so that by the end when he’s doing the right thing again and again for the first time ever... and meets that super sweet girl... and then she DIES 
a character I used to like but now don’t:
Jude. He was such an intuitive, intense child, with wisdom earned from awful trauma, and watching him slowly assert himself was a wonder to watch. I do think the writers got lost with him, because his second love interest was a bore, his pothead thing was awful to watch, and when he became a twitch streamer with Taylor—WHAAACK. By the time of Good Trouble (which takes place years after The Fosters, so Jude is a sophomore/junior in college) Jude is drinking a LOT, partying a LOT, and fucking!!! a LOT!! Makes me concerned. Idk, it just felt like he lost his intuition halfway through the show and kept doing dumb stuff.
a character I’m indifferent about:
Every ex of the family lmao, idr them and I was not too fired up about any of them except maybe Emma. Like all of Jesus’ and Brandon’s exes I can’t remember.
a character who deserved better:
I’m just gonna make a list
AJ. Literally just him and Mike are just the cutest because of how earnestly the actor plays AJ, you know I love found family tropes and stuff.
 Mat. Such a sweetheart, the most accommodating and supportive boyfriend. So talented. Gorgeous hair. Mariana didn’t deserve him.
Cole. This boy fought SO HARD to be recognized for his gender, organized an LGBTQA prom for all his classmates who were rejected from their school’s prom, had to get hormones off the black market, and was so intuitive and loyal... honestly I loved Cole.
Aaron. SUCH a confusing end. Out of all the love interests, he and Callie popped with the most chemistry. The shared quest, the rides on the motorcycle, pictures at the beach, his great college advice. Their fight at her prom was so left-field and upsetting, and we know it’s because they wanted Callie to be single when the series ended so she could be free to date in Good Trouble. If I’m not mistaken, theirs is the first trans/cis relationship portrayed on network television... ever? And I mean a relationship, not a hook up.
Wyatt. Another sweetheart, what happened between him and Callie wasn’t really about him, it was about her and it was definitely about legal issues, and she was right to set her boundaries, but ouch that hurt. Gorgeous hair.
Notice how most of this list either dated Callie or crushed on her lmao except for Mat. Also
Rita. The woman lives and breathes childcare and youth advocacy. Let her win.
DAPHNE KEENE. She had her daughter with her in the series finale but I haven’t heard mention of her yet in Good Trouble, she’d better have custody and a job salary over 70k for what this show put her through.
EMMA. This poor girl was practically torn in two between the twins, from Jesus’ messy/horny ass to Mariana’s bossy controlling ass. She should be president.
a ship I’ve never been able to get into:
Most of Jesus’ relationships. He’s a fuck up so all of them are basically waiting for a train wreck. His most healthy one was with Emma, who was too good for him, and the one with most chemistry was with Lexi, but she was messy af too so that wasn’t going to work.
a ship I’ve never been able to get over:
Jude/Connor. It sailed and sunk in two minutes. So apparently, Jude/Connor have the youngest LGBT kiss shown on television. This show really made history, huh. They were adorable, they literally struggled to be a couple (since Connor’s dad is homophobic) and then after being a couple for like 2 episodes, Connor’s dad walking in on them kissing and basically blowing up was so traumatizing for the kid that he moved in with his mom in LA to get away from him. They try to do the long distance thing but they're middle schoolers... and it’s their first relationship each... and both of them are just now figuring out that they’re gay. it doesn’t work out. Would love for Connor to come back in Good Trouble and try to woo Jude or something (cuz Jude...???? he’s just FUCKING... ALL the time. Like one second he’s the adorable 12-year-old you just want to shield from the world, and then it’s like TIME SKIP, he’s a college frat boy now and he fucks “straight” boys every weekend).
a cute, low-key ship:
Lol this show didn’t do low-key ships, everything was loud.
an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it:
Stef/Lena; because they’re the main couple on the show and yet we as the audience forget that they’re even an option as an OTP. These two are marriage goals. They fight, they argue, they have conflicting viewpoints, but they always sit down and talk at the end of the day, and they pull it together because of their love for the kids and each other. I live for them, I seriously wanted them to adopt me. I’d cook for the family so they would be an ounce less stressed. They’re such great moms and they try SO hard to be there for the kids, who each come with truckloads of baggage and problems all befitting network TV teen drama protagonists.
a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened:
BRALLIE. They’re SIBLINGSSSS AHHHH. “But they’re foster siblings” I DON’T CARE. This is not a damn Victorian novel, it’s gross. Maybe in season 1 it wasn’t as bad since Callie had zero intentions of staying with the Adams-Fosters family and was used to being bounced around in foster care, but after bonding with them all and truly believing they wanted her, season 2 onward Brallie disgusts me.
Mariana/Nick. Let’s talk about his actor for a second. Louis Hunter played a teenager in The Secret Circle back in 2011 (don’t @ me but I loved that show) and guess what, friends, he was TOO FUCKING OLD to play a teenager THEN. That opinion stands 7 years later. An absolute creep who traumatized Mariana, the girl had to go to THERAPY. She went to THERAPY because of him.
Lena/Monte. UGHHHHHHHHh this made me so mad. Monte was being so gross and inappropriate, like not only is Lena her employee/subordinate... but Lena is a WOMAN. She’s grown as hell and confident in her identity and has a whole ass wife (a WIFE) and a family to take care of, and here comes Monte with her weird ass flirtations and stuff. She could NEVER. Lena is a goddess and Monte but an ant crawling on the sidewalk outside her temple.
my favourite storyline/moment:
When Stef confronted her internalized homophobia and misogyny during his breast cancer scare and she cut her hair to symbolize her ownership of her femininity. That was POWERFUL. Stef actually had so many great emotional arcs throughout the show; losing her father (who never really “got” her “lesbianism”), her mother’s breast cancer scare, HER breast cancer scare, her fight to become a detective, maybe it’s Teri Polo but Stef is such a stand-up, rigid character with such a strong moral center that watching her trudge through emotional trauma every gd episode was riveting.
Jude’s selective mutism. I remember this out of nowhere, but Jude went mute?? And he had to see a therapist, who deduced his problem and attributed it to an anxiety disorder and advised the family not to stress him out or pressure him to talk, and he went like this for a couple episodes. Like this boy went through so much trauma that it took like one thing, one little thing, to make him shut down. And Callie like patiently waiting for him to speak, and then her seeing her rapist and the only person she wanted to talk to about it was her little brother and he still wouldn’t talk, he just sits there playing video games, and she sends him a message on Xbox Live saying ‘Please talk to me’ and he ignores it then she sends another message “I saw Liam today” and he just looks at her as tears are falling down her face and places his hand on her arm in support. I. CRIED. Even after that moment, like in the next episode he’s still mute and Callie reminds him again that he’s been so strong compared to her that he’s “due for a breakdown” and not to feel any pressure to talk before he’s ready, and they fucking plant flowers together for Lena (I’m covering my mouth with one hand to keep from crying, I’m getting old feels. Remember when we used to say ‘feels’?). Ok I’m done.
Ok the storyline where Brandon is caught cheating for people on the SATs and won’t be able to go to Juilliard was POWERFUL. I loved that Brandon and Lena had a lot of bonding moments, and Lena was honest with Brandon in a way no one else was, she was like these are the consequences of your actions. You had decisions to make and you made the bad decisions every time, and now you’re here. Remember when you selling fake IDs for that dealer ended with your hand getting smashed so you can’t play classical music any more? Did you learn from that? Clearly not. POWERFUL. Lena scalped me on that day.
a storyline that never should have been written:
Most of Brandon’s storylines lmao. Him selling the fake IDs, him taking SATs for other students, him dating that 21+ woman with a kid and deciding he has to drop out of school and get a full time job to take care of her??? I love how Stef had to pull him aside and tell him “You’re Captain Save-A-Ho! And I know this because you got your Save-A-Ho gene from me!!” Brandon was MESSY. Despite being the typically “boring” of the kids in that he didn’t party or drink, he had interest in typical teen stuff, he was also impulsive in the worst way with his relationships and would get tunnel vision. Remember when Stef and Lena had to pull a restraining on Brandon for Callie??? My godddddd, a MESS. We’re not going to talk about how he finally fell in love with the right girl and she fucking dies.
BRALLIE. That bit where Callie didn’t think she was getting adopted so she FUCKS BRANDON, I’M NOT OVER IT. AHHHH.
Jude becoming a pothead. It was really dumb. I’d have been happier if the focus was on his anxiety and how it helped him.
Everything Monte related.
The time Jude downloaded Grindr and met up with a guy in his motel room?? And the guy was a grown man?? And of course he freaks out because Jude is a kid and tells him to gtfo??? That made me SOOOOO uncomfortable, which is why I hated it. BUT, I liked how the moms handled it, because obviously he’s a boy who’s curious and he’s surrounded by other kids—especially his four siblings with their tumultuous whirlwind of relationships—who are constantly making out with this person and hooking up with that person, and because he’s gay... and has this limited dating pool... and his first love moved to another fucking city to escape his homophobic dad... how does he get to explore his sexuality? who does he get to kiss at a party? This was so relatable, so many lgbtqa youth deal with this everyday, this sort of social pressure and FOMO as the cis straight kids around us are hitting all these romantic and sexual milestones while we’re sitting on an island. And obviously Stef and Lena sympathize, but then empathize how incredibly dangerous it was because Jude could’ve gotten hurt, there are guys out there who could do terrible things to him and he has to think these things through, not to mention the guy in question could’ve been just a normal dude trying to get it on and that he was put in danger—and this was the same season that explores how Jesus and Mariana’s birth father ended up on the sex offenders’ registry. It was handled well but remembering this storyline gives me anxiety.
The Jack storyline. I forgot this kid’s name and what happened to him so I had to peruse the wiki and I fell down a rabbit hole. Basically, this is a kid who was in a privatized group home, during a season in which Callie does volunteer work with a woman, Justina Marks, who is trying to pass a bill to reform child social services—only to discover that she wants to privatized the foster system to make money off of them, which of course makes Callie like do a BUNCH of risky stupid shit to take her down. So Jack gets temporarily moved into the Adams-Fosters home, proving to be a very quirky, quiet, sensitive boy, he kisses Jude after Jude’s breakup with Connor? Then reveals he’s not actually gay, he just wanted Jude to be happy? And it’s really fucking sad because he has this bleeding heart and this need to make everyone around him happy because he sees himself as this burden. Then he gets placed into a new foster home, despite Stef and Lena wanting to keep him around... and he gets put in the same foster home with the same man who abused Jude in the show’s pilot—and like the inciting incident for the show itself (Callie destroying his car to distract him from beating her brother > her going to juvie > her getting beat up in juvie > Lena seeing this poor bruised up girl and thinking “she’s my daughter now”). So Jack ends up being fostered by the horrible, abusive man who should never have been allowed to be within feet of a child again, and Stef just so happens to be one of the officers nearby when a domestic disturbance is called in, and when she arrives at the house with her partner she’s like “bruh I know this house” and when she goes into the kitchen she steps on something: a pair of glasses. Whose glasses???
Tumblr media
JACK’S. And she quietly lays a sheet over his dead body. His foster father, who’d already been arrested once for beating Jude, shot him in a drunken rage. And CALLIE LATER FINDS OUT JuSTINA MARKS SET IT UP TO USE AS HER FACE CASE IN SUPPORT OF HER BILL.
my first thoughts on the show:
Literally the first time I heard the theme song when I randomly decided to watch it on Netflix in like 2014 (2015? I can’t remember, I don’t think season 3 was out at that point so it might’ve been 2014) I was like oh this is going to be the crying show.
my thoughts now:
I was right. I would not rewatch this show lmao, but I’m fond of it. I did randomly decide to start watching Good Trouble and surprisingly I like it and I missed the characters. I can look back and appreciate how this show handled a lot of tender topics as tastefully as they could, and examine them from a lot of different angles.
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