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#inspierd by out of range by brandnew
shmitty · a month ago
Out of range
I have a heart
Made up of yarn
With strings of fate that come from my chest and transcend all existence all space and time
And. What did they connect to? you might ask
A father
A great creator
Connects from above
From three corners below
The son
The beautiful feathered serpent
And the brothers
The gorgeous moon bird
And the cunning scape goat
And the savior
Connects from the front
But it doesn't stop there so many strings
So much cord that I've lost count
So many brilliant shades of reds and pink any you could think of
To my strong mother
To my loving father
To my faithful brother
To my beautiful daughters
And to my amazing son
To my caring aunt
To my similar uncle
And my wise grandfather
To a sinner like Mark
And a saint like Jessica
To all my family,and all my friends
But it still dose not end
Strangers so many connections
To all of them
They lead to the sky
There buried within the Earth
So many connections so many feelings
And some wonder why I'm stuck here
Because I'm bound, tangled in this knotted web of love
Sometimes I wonder what would hurt worse how the pain of how hard these heart strings are tugged on
Or ever bringing myself to cut one
Then I remember I cut my own along time ago
-love addict -
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