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#inked girls
bakaree56 minutes ago
I couldn鈥檛 quite connect all my thoughts together, so when I got home I slumped face-first on the bed and breathed in the musty warmth of the wafer-thin blanket. It smelled like you, like a two-star-motel, old and mildewy and slightly of sex. I tugged on the string around my neck until it came undone and I held your ring between two fingers, rolling onto my back and stretching it out to the ceiling, to admire it under the muted yellow glare of the can light.
ty historia!! 馃挏
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bakaree2 hours ago
The sun gave them less attention 鈥 they were too ugly from the callouses, didn鈥檛 deserve a golden embrace. Pale, blistering like oven mud. Instead, the sun glazed over her face and her arms, the backs of her hands, the places where a lover might press a delicate kiss.
ty belial!! 馃挒
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violentxvisions4 hours ago
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bakaree4 hours ago
鈥175 centimeters. It won鈥檛 work if it鈥檚 any less.鈥
She鈥檚 wrong. It鈥檚 178 centimeters. The correction sits uncomfortably behind my teeth but I keep it pressed there with my tongue.
skyyy ty 馃挒
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definegodliness6 hours ago
Never caught in pictures
She smiles and it is as if All weight in life accumulated Disintegrates Into non-existence
Still She'd rather seal her lips
There's an image of perfection Propagated, and Her experiencing joy Doesn't fit
Imagine this
There's a heat-wave going on And all assemble in the pond Some even skinny dip
But he wears his shirt, self-conscious Cause someone once yelled He'd fuck his tits
Same moment Different perspective
There's a girl afraid Her bikini's stuffing Will give way
And reveal her as some mongrel Undesired, wrongly made
There's more of this
He keeps shaving Chest, belly, ass, and his Crush bursts out laughing Over stubbles; ingrown hairs too thick To be obliterated, he'll never be naked And as such undesirable he is To the one person that matters At the time of shaming
That is
And there is more of this
She curses the hair on her upper lip Crying they'll come back thick And thicker, each time she's unable To purchase wax strips
And there's more of this
They sit down to unwind From this war; to be at peace But their backs push plastic panicked Against the white stern of seat
Not to show fat-rolls
It鈥檚 all Make belief
Stretch-marks, birthmarks, scars; a skin Self-argued too foreign To be lived in
Fuck the living, they judge the living and Only appreciate the dead
She smiled, and like I said All weight in life accumulated And disintegrated Into Non-existence
She smiled wide
Nobody took a picture
If they would, she would have聽hated it
That is what kills me Every day
--- 17-6-2021, M.A. Tempels 漏
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moxieart6 hours ago
Tumblr media
a li'l further now... Summer Curl :: pen & !ink @moxieart
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hail-horror-queen7 hours ago
When you're really just feeling yourself. I hope I look this good on Saturday.
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