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goatzombiejesus · 26 minutes ago
since yesterday i was convinced i'd fucked my kidney up from drinking but uh. nope just fell on my back or some shit while i was hammered, the bruise just took a while to start peeking through
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danversiism · an hour ago
Tumblr media
@daniwrit​   (  Kate  )   said     ––     ❛   patch .  help kate patch up a wound .
Tumblr media
               THE WOUND IS DEEP ENOUGH  that the blonde will have to give the young woman a couple of stitches.  Basically, it’s just  ANOTHER  day for people like them.  Still, it will hurt like  hell.   “  Sit down.  No buts, no excuses.  You either let me take care of it, or  I’m gonna have to carry your ass to the hospital,  so what’s it gonna be ?  ”   Both options work for her since all that matters is the other’s wellbeing.  
Danvers proceeds to work fast but with precision.  Thanks to the Air Force, she has more than  ENOUGH  experience taking care of injuries.  She patches herself up regularly  &  has had   (   the misfortune   )   to patch up some of the Avengers.   “  Drink up.  It’s an elixir that will help with the pain  &  numb the area.  ”   First, she cleans up the wound, eyeing Kate every so often to make sure she’s all right. 
Tumblr media
              “  This would be a  helluva  lot faster if you stop squirming around.  ”   Carol says, sterilizing the equipment that she’s about to use.  An  ENCOURAGING  smile follows as she holds the needle driver  &  the needle, then she gets to work.   “  So, are you going to tell me what happened ?  Yanno you can call me if you ever need some backup, right ?  ”
𝐋𝐎𝐔𝐃 & 𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐅𝐄𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐒𝐈𝐋𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐄     |     always accepting !
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lesbianshonen · an hour ago
every day is a struggle not to punch myself in the face apparently
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cryptid-on-a-string · an hour ago
Bandaid package: "Thank You For Caring About The Ones You Love"
Me, who is bleeding in multiple places because i was getting out of the pool but All Star by smash mouth was playing so naturally i had to do a funky dance but i didnt calculate how slippery the floor was so i slipped and faceplanted into the ground:
Tumblr media
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violintrees · 2 hours ago
n-number 6 zadr pls? owo"""
Dib and Zim rolled out of the alien foliage, crashing into the ground with a thud. The blue jungle like environment full of many dangers. One they hadn’t considered was a steep hill.
“Watch it Earth-Stink! You are going to get us killed with these mistakes.”
“MY Mistakes? What about you and-“
“Zim has no time for your human squawks. We must continue before this planet’s sun sets!”
“YoU! Ugh fine.”
Zim was annoyingly right. This planet became unable to sustain human life once the sun set. After their brush with that environment in the early early morning, Zim had been oddly determined to get them out in time.
Dib stepped forward before gasping at the pain in his arm. Looking down he saw a thin tear in his right bicep. Nothing drastic and nothing to slow down over. Zim had heard the noise though and was nearly instantly grabbing at the arm.
“Zim it’s fine. It wasn’t from a plant. I won’t get anything on you. I’ll fix it on the ship-“
Zim was instantly wrapping some of his fancy irken bandages around the sight of the injury. It disinfected and encouraged healing. It was in very limited supply.
“You didn’t have to-“
“Zim requires your assistance to get back.”
“... You don’t though. You really don’t.”
“Yes I do.. to ehhh, to help with things.”
“No you don’t”
“Why is your fool mouth still questioning Zim!? I just need you.”
“For what plan!? For what!?”
Dib’s eyes widened and warmth gathered in his cheeks. Zim had his eyes squeezed shut and fists clenched to his sides as his arms shook. This wasn’t the time for this actually.
“Okay I am sorry Zim. Really. Let’s just move on.”
Dib moved to keep following the gps they retrofitted but didn’t get past Zim. His arm was grabbed and he was pulled against him. Zim was still not looking at Dib and shaking a little bit, but the arm on Dib was steady. Dib placed his hand over Zims.
“Just.. Please don’t ever leave Zim’s side.”
“... You know I wouldn’t dream of it space boy.”
Dib gave the hand a squeeze and Zim let go and finally looked up. They were just a few centimeters apart at this point, but there was no tension. Just an air of comfort and security. A trust that neither understood but held all their strength in.
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dovers025 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
May I sprinkle you some past dream SMP lore with blood (not a cult tho)?
Maybe I will post some passerine fanart after this since I'm at chapter 7. Why am I doing this to myself?... I almost cried 6 times today just because of reading passerine.
I also want to know what you guys prefer in my art. It's either gore or optimistic, which one will you guys choose?
hope you guys have a nice day~👋❤
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cinos-art · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have been thinking about shadow for my au more than ever
He’s actually a cyborg here—as in half mobian and half robot—so that’s why his hand looks like that after being scratched up.
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lover-of-catbois · 6 hours ago
parasitic butterlies
Tumblr media
did you know some butterfly species drink blood?
also vampires were often used as an allogory for the rich comsumming the lifeforce of the workers?
just food for thought :)
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undermattsun · 7 hours ago
i need you to expand on levi we wanna hear your thoughts
what do u want me to say i want him to take his stupid fucking dick and shove it down my throat like i want that man to toss me out a window so i can say thank you and ask for him to do it again,, just fucking step all over me king and call me a stupid useless brat or something,,,
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alchemic-elric · 7 hours ago
Let’s Talk about Edward’s Mindset
Living as prey 
Tumblr media
A few things to consider when reading this post.
1. This applies only to my version of Edward, as the muse for Alchemic-Elric 2. This is headcanon for a roleplay muse, said muse just happens to be based on a canon character
3. I tend to draw from all forms of FMA when writing Edward, so no surprise, this post will too.
4. Please know this is not the be all end all of answers. It’s just things that apply to my muse and will help you better understand him as a person if you know them.  
5. Please know, that with all my write ups in this series of headcanons / break downs - they are picture heavy and very long.  This post will be placed under a read more cut for this reason.
               Do Not Reblog this post without asking for permission.  Thank you.
Tumblr media
This write up is going to be heavy to talk about and I personally don’t like that he deals with this but he does. So unfortunately, we need to talk about it so it’s easier to understand him as person and why he does the things he does.  Edward lives in a constant state of Prey Mentality. 
I often refer to Edward in posts as a rabbit when he feels stressed or threatened in certain situations and there’s a reason for that. The first, being that it’s always felt right for him. I’ve been doing this for almost a year now, and that animal has always just felt right.  It’s always what came to my mind first when I write him in stressful situations, and well the more I dug into his mindset and how he processes the world around him, the more that choice made sense.  I’ve briefly discussed this mindset of his in the post I wrote about his combat ability.  
This mindset started very young when his mother died and he was thrust into the world without parents. The Elric Brothers were a hiccup in the system, their ages somehow getting fucked up and as such when their mother died, by the state’s records they were twenty five and twenty four years old.  Far as the state was concerned, they were full grown adults not in need of any form of assistance from the state. Far as the state was concerned, there was no need to send any help to these orphaned children because they were already men in the eyes of the state. 
Tumblr media
The State thought that the Elrics Brothers were twenty years older than their actual ages. As such they were left to fend for themselves when their mother passed away and their father abandoned them.  It wasn’t until Roy Mustang’s intervention that they became Wards of the State. 
So until this intervention, it was up to the town of Resembool to raise them. Pinako was currently raising her granddaughter, living with her son and daughter in law, and managing a business. She could only do so much.  Pinako couldn’t be expected to raise these children on top of everything she had going on in her life, and if she did she wouldn’t have let them continue to live in their home on the hill unsupervised but yet we see this: 
Tumblr media
They continued to live in their family home until the day they burned it to the ground. That’s how they got away with the taboo in the first place. The Elric Brothers were basically raising themselves. It’s my personal belief, and makes sense to me with the time frame, that they were passed around town.  Trisha died in 1904 meaning from 1904 - 1911 the Elric Brothers lived in that giant house on the hill all by themselves unsupervised.  From 5 - 11 years old (Edward) // 4-10 years old (Alphonse). 
They were passed around town. They were raised by the city. I have said this many times throughout my posts and threads. This is where Edward’s mindset started to mold it’s self. He needed to figure out how to survive in a small town and an era where it was socially acceptable to beat a child or  example: “That boy just needs a firm hand”. but also that children are seen not heard. This was set in a time frame where women couldn’t even vote yet.  While I like to believe that Amestris was a little ahead of it’s time by allowing women into the military, that’s still just the way things were. (I don’t agree with them; this is just a factual stand point.) 
To the town of Resembool, Edward was a good kid - wild but a good kid regardless. They proceed to tease him about his height just as everyone else in the series does. They’re a different kind of friendly with him though because of his relation to the town.  
Tumblr media
Hohenheim for the longest while was the only alchemist in the area, so once he left they didn’t have access to anyone with alchemy - or so they thought. Then the Elric Brothers end up being accomplished little alchemists and that opened up possibilities to them again. So when the boys leave the train with Izumi, they come back to opening up scenes like this: 
Tumblr media
I’m bringing this all up because it is my personal headcanon / opinion that the Elric Brothers (mostly Edward) used said alchemy around town to fix all kinds of things for the town, before and after Izumi. Resembool had no issues asking the boys to do favors for them in exchange for food and money. They’re alchemists they have operated on Equivalent Exchange since they were very young.   
But how does this play into his mindset? Like I said before Edward was a good kid, wild but a good kid and I can’t imagine him just being able to get away with whatever the hell he wanted without drawing the attention of someone and pulling punishment. This was a day in age when, as I said before, “That boy just needs a firm hand.” was considered acceptable. (It’s not it’s really not.)  I have no doubt in my mind that backwater little do nothing town like Resembool?  Someone provided it.  
I have mentioned two NPC families in my writing. The Sullivans -> Pitt’s family. (Pitt is Edward’s Best Friend growing up; he appears in the light novels.) The Fenmonts -> NPC family that appears in Camping Trip from Hell   Along with The Rockbells -> these three family were Edward and Alphonse’s safe people within the town. 
They didn’t have much by way of people they could go to and not have to take some form of psychical or verbal abuse. They didn’t say or do anything about it though because do to the time period this kind of thing was considered normal.  They didn’t know what to do. 
This way of life put them in scavenger mode. They had to scrape by to survive because the money in the house that Hohenheim left them, when to Pinako so she could pay their bills and keep the lights on.  Everything else? Sometimes they slipped between the cracks and had to fend for themselves. 
So Edward got loud.  It’s all a survival tactic. Honestly? He doesn’t like being a loud kid but it’s hard to ignore one when they’re making a fuss, and remember this a time period of children are seen not heard - so even if he was gunna take punishment for it - he did it anyway. All of these years that only started to build his mentality and how he saw himself in the world. It all lead into how to survive.  
But why prey mentality? Why do I say that’s what it is?  Because of scenes like this: 
Tumblr media
Ed and Al just watched Scar kill a man, and like reasonable human beings they felt instant fear. This is logical and normal.  They should have felt fear. The thing I’m getting at is Ed’s instant jump straight from “Oh no this is bad” to “I’m going to die.”  
He found himself coming to that conclusion when he was fighting Slicer too. Back to the wall, lost too much blood and when push came to shove his mind thought this: 
Tumblr media
Straight back to death.  His mind hits that a lot. Fear drives him and Yock Island helped solidify that mindset. To live in constant fear. 
Tumblr media
The boys spent an entire month on an island without the use of alchemy or really anything but their own bodies and a single hunting knife to protect themselves. They were taught to run and hide and do whatever it took to live through that nightmare. Edward was nine. He lives through that nightmare at nine years old and those lessons stuck with him. 
On top of it, he lived with Izumi for three months who trained the boys in such a way that they feared the psychical repercussions of returning to her. They knew that she wouldn’t just yell at them but she would get psychical with them, and to make matters worse, she’s been seen throwing knives at them. 
Tumblr media
They care for her, yes. They are also genuinely afraid of her.  And those three months they spent with her, two really because one of them was Yock Island, they learned how to survive her and her lessons. She has the “take no shit” attitude but she’s also a source of fear for the boys because of the time they spent with her. She’s someone that Edward won’t argue with.  Even when she compliments him, he drops his head and dismisses his own talents. 
Tumblr media
Edward won’t argue with her.  Alphonse was the one who went to argue with her when she expelled them not Edward. In fact, Edward shut his brother down in attempt to keep the peace. 
Tumblr media
Izumi taught Edward both alchemy and fear. It grounded his mindset of prey mentality in even more so then just when he was scourging around trying to survive in Resembool. All these lessons were in his head before Scar happened. Before lab five happened. So when we get to those scenes it makes more sense that we see the faces we do that comes out of this boy. 
Edward is caught by an MP to inform him that there’s a serial killer in the area and this is the face Ed makes when someone he doesn’t know appears and knows his name and title. 
Tumblr media
He’s Hero of the People by now. People know who he is. He’s used to people knowing his name and his title by now. He’s used to “Mr. Fullmetal.” Or “You’re Edward Elric, aren’t you?” “You’re the Fullmetal Alchemist, right?”  He’s used to people in the Eastern Sector of Amestris, knowing who he is. He’s made a name for himself in this reason, at this point, for the last three years.  Someone knowing his name and title shouldn’t have produced that face even if it was said in a low grumbly tone like Scar’s voice is. 
He’s used to being approached by people who know him. Liore knew him out in the desert. A place he’d never been before, and when they simply introduced themselves as The Elric Brothers they were known instantly.  Edward didn’t react in fear then. No, we got this smug ass face: 
Tumblr media
It’s because of his prey mentality that his mind knows it must stay on alarm that we got the face we did when Scar was present, because Scar is dangerous; a predator and he felt threatened. So he reacted as such: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And he ran.  Edward bring the war to your doorstep Elric fucking ran.   I don’t blame Ed for this at all, fuck I would have run too, but what I’m getting at is by this point of the story - this is not the Edward we’ve been introduced to.  The narrative has presented Edward as a take no shit badass and when he’s presented with this threat on his life, instead of facing it head on and fighting, he simply throws does the only thing his mind tells him is the best course of action. Running for his life.   
Hell when this scene is played out in Brotherhood, Edward is so fucking out of it Alphonse has to pull in out of the way of his own death.  
Tumblr media
And then he proceeds to sit there for several seconds downright terrified.  
Tumblr media
This is not the Edward Elric the narrative introduces us to. We meet a pair of take-no-shit badass alchemist brothers who take down corrupt individual after individual thus earning Edward’s Hero of the People title for the beginning of the series and the chapter/ episode before we are presented with Edward’s rage running so hot he nearly beats a man to death. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We are introduced to an Edward Elric that runs on rage and is fierce. Someone who screams at his problems and meets everything head on and doesn’t flinch when there’s gun pointed at his face. 
Tumblr media
But when Scar comes onto the scene - a real predator - his true mindset presents. He’s lived his whole life with masks and fronts to make himself appear bigger and appear stronger. He needs to appear louder and more all around badass to survive life. He’s not a large person and he knows it. Whether or not he admits it is a whole different story - but he fucking knows it.  So he functions in a way to mask how he really feels and 9 times out of 10 that mask is rage. 
And as I’ve been told a thousand times by my therapists / psychirasist anger is a masking emotion. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
second image from here. 
Edward lives his life in fear and he masks his vulnerabilities through the use of intense rage. He masks to survive. The people and possible predators around him cannot know how scared he is or even see him for what he is.  He lives in prey mentality and he has learned how to hide that identity he holds on himself through the use of rage and other masks. 
So this swings all the way back to Scar. When he’s backed in a corner and forced to fight.  The true predator has revealed it’s self to him, and  now he knows for a fact he’s being hunted. He’s done this before back on Yock Island.  He knows how it feels to be hunted. 
He’s backed into a corner, and he’s forced to fight. His brother is injured, he’s forced to defend and when that all goes to hell and he loses his automail for the first time since he got it when he was eleven. We see this: 
Tumblr media
It’s a complete and utter shock to the senses (both mentally and literally; because massive sudden disconnect to his nerves -> fucking OW)  and he doesn’t know how to compute what just happened. He’s NEVER had someone take his arm from him and it’s solid steel. He never in his wildest dreams expected someone to just blow it up into a million pieces.   
Even in Brotherhood it’s almost worse. Even with Alphonse screaming at him to run, he doesn’t. He very well could have - he only lose his arm, he didn’t lose his leg. He could have gotten up and ran. But he doesn’t because he’s terrified.  He’s so scared, because this predator he’s been running from caught him. 
This is what happens when Scar tells him he “no longer has his heretics alchemy” to defend himself. 
Tumblr media
Look at how fucking scared he is.   He’s so scared that he forgets for a split second that he just lost his damn automail, and he expects it to be there to catch his weight as he backs away, but it’s not so he falls, and hits the ground and then proceeds to just lay there for the rest of the scene, bartering his own life away for his brother’s instead of running because the predator has caught him so he might as well have some say in his own death.  
At the end of the day, Edward Elric is a teenager kid doing everything he can to survive in a world of adults with little to no guidance of others or people to lean on. 
This is why Mustang adopting the boys in the “Where do you run? I run to you.” Arc is so important. 
He’s had no grounding blocks so he just does whatever he thinks will help him survive. It’s the only thing he’s been running with since he was five. 
The Lab Five problem only compounds this problem because a knew title gets thrust upon him and it only cranks the volume on his prey mentality up to 10. 
Tumblr media
Lab five is when Edward is labeled sacrifice and told that he’s only being allowed to live because they’re allowing it.  This is how he meets Envy and Lust. (It’s the only time he meets Lust) 
Tumblr media
He watches Envy kill a man by stabbing through his blood seal multiple times (the same way it would kill his own little brother) and then is asked I guess I should kill you too? Edward thought he just escaped death by getting by Slicer and now here are two new people - two new threats - two new predators -  and he’s already on the verge of passing out from blood loss. He’s once again, terrified for his life. 
Mind you, his prey mentality was already going crazy when Slicer outright called him as such during their own fight. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
From the start, Edward was in survival mode because he knew if he fucked around, Slicer was going to kill him. Being a child meant nothing,  it wasn’t going to save his ass.  No amount of tough talk, or being loud, or putting up a front was going to stop the man in front of him from seeing him for what he was. Prey.  He needed to survive him.  That’s most of Edward’s life -> survive the person / events in front of him.   Just survive it.  
So let’s swing this back to Envy. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So after taking a knee to the stomach, he’s dropped in a puddle of his own blood, that’s when he’s informed of his place in the world. He’s told that he’s a sacrifice for who knows what, and that he’s being allowed to live.   He’s on their time not his own. He’s a teenager and he’s being told that he’s a sacrifice for whatever plans these predators have in place. They stalk him. They hunt him. They herd and wrangle him. He’s literally just being kept in line until they need to pull the collar that serves as his State Certification for when the time to sacrifice him has come. 
He doesn’t know when that is. He doesn’t know what it’s for. He doesn’t know if it’s just him or if anyone else has been given this terrible title but he knows there are predators out there now that see him as nothing more than a resource and on top of that Scar is still out there hunting for him to. 
Once these two pieces get thrown in to the mix, Edward knows for a fact that he is being hunted and it turns that dial up to 10 and fucking beyond. He’s always got an eye over his shoulder even when it seems like he doesn’t.  He’s always on guard, and ready to defend himself / his family at the drop of a hat. He’s ready to fight or run at a moment’s notice. 
Because when Scar gets thrown back in his face later in the series: 
Tumblr media
It’s not a good reaction.  
(Are you joking don’t you remember how he tore us apart in East City?!”)
Tumblr media
He knows, straight up that it’s a full possibility that his arm might get blown off again or worse, but he’s not about to tell Winry that. 
Tumblr media
He’s constantly being cornered by the homunculi all the way to the end of the series. That’s why Ed knows he can use himself as bait so much. He uses himself as bait because he knows if he lays out the prey the predator will come.  
It works on Scar. It works on the homunculi too. He’s so used to just surviving shit that he knows how to function well enough to bait out the things he needs at possible cost of his own life. He’s been hunted, drugged*, kidnapped* and constantly pushed in to situation after situation where his fight or flight is triggered. He’s just used to living this way. 
((  * =Light novel  2: The abducted Alchemist ))
Long story short here, Edward hides a lot of how he thinks and how he handles things through the heavy use of masks. It’s part of his prey mentality.  He makes himself appear bigger, stronger, louder, meaner and deadlier than he actually is.  it’s how he’s learned to survive the world he’s been presented. 
If Edward is yelling, there’s probably another reason for it. He doesn’t show his true self to many people because he has major trust issues, but while that’s part of this, that’s a whole different post. 
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betaofthedead · 7 hours ago
[ INTERCEPT ] : sender takes a bullet/punch/attack meant for the receiver. // from dina. @multusxcastalides
It had happened so suddenly. What had begun as a crazed battle between them and a group of intruders had ended in disaster. He had been unaware of the one creeping up on him from the rear, and was only conscious of the presence when he heard a pained exclamation from a familiar voice. Beta snapped around and his eyes widened upon witnessing the blade leave Dina as she fell to the ground.
Not a second was spared. Not a thought was given. He lunged straight towards the man that had wounded her, driving his own blades into the attacker as ferociously as possible. The giant had not aimed for any specific part of his anatomy and only stabbed and stabbed until the body fell limp. The others had ran off by now, when he looked back up they were gone.
Quickly, Beta turned back to Dina, lips pulled back in an agitated, fearful, snarl. Unsteady hands lost a grip of his daggers and he fell to his knees beside his fallen Pack member. Gently he rolled her onto her back to find a mess of blood staining her torso. She was breathing, but her breaths were shallow and weak.
They would pay for this. He would kill every last one of them for hurting her.
Tumblr media
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myfriendthedictionary · 7 hours ago
yeah we were doing family bets for the race last weekend and i wanted to choose soup and sandwich but he was hurt 😔😔 glad he’s going to he okay though
SAME HERE i was rooting for him... but im really glad his jockey pulled him back! im glad hes doing better too... my beloved (horse) son
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bridgyrose · 8 hours ago
the hound was successful at the schnee manor, having brought back both penny and ruby. Cinder kills penny and gets the winter maiden powers, while salem turns ruby into another hound.
Ruby slowly started to sit up, the snapping of metal still fresh in her mind as she saw Penny’s lifeless eyes staring back at her. Her head slowly followed the grimm arm that was still sucking out the rest of the maiden powers, her eyes landing on Cinder. Once again she had lost the woman she loved, once again her friend was taken from her. And this time, as her eyes started to light up, she wouldnt let Cinder get away- 
“Now, we can let you do that yet.” Tyrian slammed his foot into Ruby’s back, dropping her to the ground and making her lose a bit of focus. “The goddess still has a very special plan for you.” 
Ruby groaned as her eyes started to go out of focus, still not sure how long it had been since she last slept… or even when the hound dropped her off. Before waking up, the last thing she remembered was being dropped to the ground, Blake and Weiss yelling her name. And now that she saw Penny’s fate, she was sure her friends wouldnt be long to follow. 
Cinder slowly walked over to Ruby, sighing as she stopped in front of her. Her grimm claw lit on fire as she looked down at the younger girl. “If it wasnt for Salem wanting you alive, I’d kill you right now, just like I did that puppet you were fond of. Its a shame you didnt get to hear her screams.” 
Ruby shook her head and glared at Cinder as her eyes started to refocus. “I’ll make you pay for what you’ve done to her!” Her eyes started to glow once more, the anger inside of her starting to build up. “I dont care anymore what I have to do, but I will-” 
“You’ll do nothing!” Cinder swiped at Ruby’s face with her clawed hands, cutting right through Ruby’s eyes. 
Ruby screamed in pain as her vision abruptly left her, the silver energy that was building up falling away. She felt the blood trickle down her face, unable to wipe it away. 
“That’s enough, Cinder.” Salem’s voice remained calm as she walked over to Ruby. “You have the power that I promised you, now you know what you need to do.” 
Cinder let out a growl before walking off, ready to head to Atlas to finally retrieve the staff and to put an end to the kingdom that had wronged her all those years ago.
Salem sighed and looked down at Ruby, almost feeling sorry for the girl. “Its a shame that you’ve lost your eyes. I was hoping we could keep you intact.” 
Ruby looked towards Salem, following the sound of her voice. “What… what do you want with me?” 
“I need you to perfect an experiment.” Salem walked around Ruby, motioning for Tyrian to leave her. “For years, warriors such as yourself have been a thorn in my side. Ever since Ozma figured out how to use his magic to create people like you, he’s made sure that every generation has had a few warriors that could defeat my pets with a single glance, in hopes that one day he’d be able to defeat me by using you.” 
“And I will defeat you, no matter what it takes! I’ll finish what my mother started-” 
“And you’ll share the same fate as her.” 
Ruby went silent, assuming Salem meant death. Which… didnt seem to make sense to her. If Salem wanted her dead, why go through all the trouble to capture her?
Salem smirked and walked to her throne, kicking Penny’s remains out of the way. “Your mother was unusually troublesome, always getting in my way. Normally, I’d just kill anyone with your eyes and get rid of the threat and wait for another. But then, I found something truly remarkable.” 
While Salem’s back was turned, Ruby turned to where she last heard Penny’s body land, slowly crawling over. She had just one chance to do something… anything to slow down Salem. 
Salem didnt seem to notice, sitting down on her throne. “I found a way to convert flesh to grimm without killing the host. Admittedly, it took a few tries to find the right way to make it work, but once I did, I finally found out the secret.” Her head turned towards Ruby, watching the girl crawl to her fallen friend. Salem smirked as she waited. 
Ruby quickly grabbed one of Penny’s swords and used her semblance to rush at Salem. All it would take was one strike- She felt her body quit moving mid petal burst as grimm hands held her tightly, slamming her into the ground. 
Salem moved a finger, making the hands slowly drag Ruby to her as a purple orb started to grow in her other hand. “When your mother found out, she decided to try to stop me, just as you have. And just like her, you’re going to fall and become one of my new experiments. A more loyal grimm that can fight like the same warriors that Ozma keeps trying to send to defeat me.” 
Ruby tried to struggle out of the grimm hands’ grips as she was brought closer to Salem. Panic started to fill her, making her movements erratic as she tried to escape. And then… her body stiffened. She felt something press into her as Salem’s hand pressed into her back, her body no longer responding to her will. 
Salem watched as Ruby’s body dropped and began to twitch, the transformation starting to take hold. First, the girl’s skin started turning black, her bone starting to grow and puncture her skin near the jointes, creating plating to keep her safe. Black ooze started to spew from her back where the orb entered, coating her body in a tar like substance, holding the bone plating in place as her limbs started to look more grimm like. 
Ruby screamed in pain as she felt her body twist and contort, the ooze starting to burn as it covered more of her. It wasnt long before all that remained uncovered was her head, the ooze starting to run through her hair and drip on her face. Her eyes started to burn as the grimm ooze started to enter into her wound as her face was soon covered. 
Salem gave an amused smile as she watched Ruby turn into another hound, the screams of the girl relaxing her. She had a new plan to deal with Ozma now that his newest pawn had been lost. She slowly got up while her magic finished the girl’s transformation, making her way over to where Ozma was being held. “Come with me, my pet. I think its time you give your old master a taste of what’s to come.” 
Ruby felt her body move on its own, no longer feeling like her own. The last bit of her humanity slowly being consumed by the screams of all the grimm that had come before her. With one last glance of her humanity, she looked into the room Oscar was being held in, uttering one last word in a voice that was foreign to her. “Sorry.” 
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proshipimagines · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Character A ends up getting injured after going outside. Character B ends up panicking due to their worst fear coming to life.
Tumblr media
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darthbloodorange · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve is captured and publically tortured. But he knows his knight in Stark armour will swoop in to rescue him.
For the Hurt/Comfort Bingo Round 11 prompt Corporal Punishment [O1]
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seawing-vibes · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
After the events that transpired revolving around the death of Queen Coral’s unborn daughter, and soon after the inevitable demise of Tortoise, many dragons spotted wild Aquatic near the palace. An argument had started between the Queen and her head of Defence, although no commoner is aware of what occurred, all they knew is that Commander Shark came out with a mark and that Princess Anemone seemed to avoid the subject of her Uncle for days to come.
Commander Shark had allowed Tortoise the squid she had eaten. Shark didn’t want to watch the young dragoness die as his late husband Abalone had years prior. And yet her dead body still lay at his claws, he should have learned, you cant prevent death. He was tired. Tired of keeping these unborn children alive, he had a daughter, the bloodline wouldn’t stop. He wondered if Blister had anything to do with his sisters obsession to keep these dragonets alive, she had plenty of sons. She doesn’t listen to him anymore.
Queen Coral had made an example out of Tortoise. Her brother had allowed the Dragoness on break, and allowed the murder to break her daughters neck. And yet Shark still defended himself, even went as far as to claim that she was in the wrong. The Queen had no one to trust anymore, her two closest fighters, Commander Tempest and Abalone, were dead. And her husband fallowed the trend of death. And now her own Brother is trying to use his title as Prince to speak to her as if the two had equal power. Queen Coral was in-charge, her words held weight. And she was tired of dragons ignoring that.
Anemone experienced everything quietly. She felt cold. 
Hi!! Can you tell I can’t shade digitally?? This was a beast to work on and I didn’t even get to do the complete the writing I wanted to do to accompany it :,) Hopefully the weird snippets of writing that are there work fine. I wanted to give some insight on what each of em were thinking during an argument that sparked after the events of Tortoises’ death. I wanna say I am just writing for how I perceive each dragons state of mind, I am not excusing Coral or Shark’s actions throughout the books, in fact I had written Corals perspective to try and sound sporadic and seemingly strange, but I wanted to clarify encase anyone though other wise! But either way thought I should just toss this paragraph here and also put in a flat version of the art here because I like that version better :>
Tumblr media
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[ INCAPACITATE ] : - scott to ithaca
   THE   WHOLE   WORLD   WAS   SPINNING   AROUND   HER.   she   lays   on   the   ground   ,   exhausted   ,   watching   scott's   every   move.   ithaca   had   never   seen   him   that   angry   before   --   eyes   red   ,   bloodied   claws   ,   heart   full   of   hate.   fists   fly   and   the   attacker   falls   to   the   floor   with   a   fortunate   thump   ,   her   eyelids   felt   heavy.   whatever   he'd   hit   her   with   had   her   drowsy   and   unable   to   fight   back   ,   blood   trickling   from   her   cheek   and   arms.   "   wasn't   ...   expecting   that   tonight   ...   my   knight   in   shining   armor.   "   she   laughs   breathlessly   ,   grinning   with   bloodied   teeth   --   and   somehow   ,   it   was   amusing.
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dtvibez · 10 hours ago
"Come on George, I promise. It'll be fine"
. . .
How that statement itself would be one of mockery.
How the pain coursing through his veins as he held his arm tightly, how tears cascaded down his cheeks due to the intensity of the pain. He was trapped, cornered. His hearts were dangerously low, having the wither sickness casted upon him. His vision kept blurring, he couldn't focus on anything. All he could focus on was the pounding in his chest and the warm liquid that seeped between his fingertips.
This was it. He was going to die here alone.
George tried so hard to call for help, but it was as if no one could hear him over the screeching from the ghasts.
He needed to go, he needed to hide. But how could he when he was practically on the floor, pinned between a wither skeleton and nether brick. The wither skeleton approached him slowly, staggering in his motions...
George pleaded, dread slowly creeping up on him. He didn't want to die. Not here, not now.
He was terrified.
He didn't want to die alone.
he pleaded once more, watching as the blurred image of the wither skeleton slowly became clear..
Directing full attention towards the wither skeleton, George could see it draw it's sword. No! No!!
Closing his eyes, George drew out his shield, which soon blocked the sword that came slashing at him. Yelling out, the wither skeleton continued to fight the shield... all the while George ached in pain from the open wound along his arm.
His screams echoed the fortress halls... doomed to be the last thing the fortress would hear before silence...
but a certain creeper wouldn't allow that.
. . .
It was sudden, but the sound of something slashing through the air was heard, as well as a loud hiss. The weight upon his shield was gone... and suddenly, there was silence for a brief moment.
. .
. .
Hands slowly moved to pick him up. Cradling him close.
That voice...
. .
"Hold on George. I gotcha... I gotcha..."
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snowe-zolynn-rogers · 11 hours ago
Oscar: *whacks someone in the face with the Long Memory*
Ozpin: My little baby off to destroy people.
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