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#info post
blo0swing46 · an hour ago
Notable Terms!
These are really just random terms that I use in the story, as well as in explanations, that I figured could use some explaining!
1. SWORD (also known as the Trap World)
SWORD is the name of the virtual world found within the story. It was created in the 1980's by a man named Millard Jones, and developed until 2010, when it was "opened" to the rest of the world. Later on, in 2015, it received the nickname the Trap World.
2. The Blackout
The Blackout was an event that happened in 2015, during an annual tournament. (Tournament=People volunteered to fight each other.). However, during the games, something caused a glitch to shut down the world, resulting in a total blackout. When everything lit up again, everyone figured they were okay, until they quickly realized that different features had broken or been tampered with. One of these features was the ability to exit the world, which kept them all locked in, as well as the respawning ability. Anything that died was now dead. This quickly sparked trouble, as people started blaming each other and breaking out into fights. Later on, this event would be titled, "The Blackout."
3. Features
Features are basically the different aspects and abilities that SWORD allows users to have. Ex; The respawn feature (allows people to be revived after death), The teleportation feature (allows people to teleport around SWORD), The "B Feature" (gives certain people the ability to make colored bubbles and make things float with them.), Etc. It's my lazy way of saying "This thing is something that can either be manipulated by or can be used to manipulate the people in SWORD."
4. Fights
This one's pretty self-explanatory, but basically the Fights are a series of conflicts the broke out and continue to break out as a result of the controversies cause by the Blackout. It's mainly between two groups of people. Some are super into fighting the fights, while others think that there are better ways to solve the problems.
5. Keystones
A keystone is a small, cloudy white stone with a strange "S" carved into it. This stone is how people access SWORD. They can be activated in four main ways.
1. Negative feelings+Loneliness: If a person is going through an extreme mix of negative emotions, such as loneliness or sadness, it can activate the stone.
2. Fear: Extreme fear can activate the stones as well.
3. Pain: Physical pain, after a certain degree, can also cause the stones to activate.
4. A Key phrase: "This little gift is nothing compared to all you've given me. This gift from me is a place for you." This phrase will always activate the stone.
They were scattered about the earth in 2010.
6. Respawn Feature/Respawn
Sort of described earlier, but I'll go over it more in detail. Basically, if you were killed in SWORD this respawn feature would revive you and heal anywhere from 75-100% of your wounds on average. It often made the user exhausted from forcing the body to heal itself, which is why it couldn't always heal every wound (no energy left, no healing.). This exhaustion can actually be very dangerous. If a user dies repeatedly in a short amount of time, (Usually due to infections or diseases that keep coming back, even after a respawn) they can fall into a Loop. A loop is where, again, you keep dying and getting weaker each time. Luckily, no one has ever died permanently from a loop, but many have come close.
7. Exit/Yellow Portal
There are four portals found in the main room of SWORD (also known as the Hollowed Tree Room.). Each one takes the user to a different location! Red=Mines, Blue=Store, Green=Fields, and Yellow=Exit/real world. All except the yellow portal are currently confirmed to be functional. Ever since the Blackout, anyone who goes through the yellow portal has never been seen again.
8. Users
Users applies to anyone who is using/dwelling in SWORD.
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martian-garden · 2 hours ago
Rating medications I've been on/am on in the style of a a 'let's try food' video/product review:
(please consult a medical professional about starting any medication)
vitamin d gummies: taste like subpar off brand candies. Pretty good once you're used to them. Work wonders for joint pain and anxiety if you're like me and have a chronic, critical deficiency. 9/10
tranexamic acid: pills too big. Works but you spend the whole time worried about blood clots so there's that. 8/10.
claritin non drowsy dissolvables: tiny and dissolve on your tongue. Taste like mint. child me could take them. Work real fast, but stopped working for me when I turned 19 :( I was real sad. If they work for you 10/10.
ibuprofen 600: big boy, not really any better than standard ibuprofen unless you're like post dental surgery and need more pain relief. 6/10
estrodiol: rat bastard that made me want to die and didn't have the intended effect, -4/10. Bonus negatives for vague gender dysphoria.
zyrtec: doesn't work for me and gave me high blood pressure in combination with another med. fuck you. 1/10
allegra 24hr: massive fucking tablet the size of a dime. works for me partially but unfortunately that's enough to justify it. 5/10
sertraline: holy shit what are those side effects my guy? any increase (the bigger the jump, the worse) is 2 weeks of hellspawn, but once you're stable there's a comforting lull of buffer zone from symptoms. Dose was too high at the start, had to go down and work my way up. You can miss a day once in a while without symptoms. 8/10
Ferrous sulfate pills: do not take that shit, do not do it. dosage is way more than a human can absorb and you WILL suffer if you have any feeling in your intestines. Get liquid and take a much lower dose instead. 0/10
Naproxen sodium 8 hr: good for achey days or soreness that isn't situational so you don't have to take an ibuprofen every 2 hours at work and get sympathy glances. Small and easy to swallow. 9/10
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askingsimulacrum · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
The guild never really has to worry about being too loud during karaoke nights, the light that Truman gives off is bright enough to chase away any ferals who may be keen to try their luck.
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mechahero · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Lambda’s going through a delayed emo/rebellious phase. Since he’s in a far better situation than the one he used to be in, his brain was like ‘okay, you missed out on so much, time to play catch up!’
And a big part of this phase is expressing himself! Not just opening up and expressing himself emotionally but through his clothing as well. He’s trying to figure himself out and that includes clothing. One day, he’ll be dressed in early 2000’s mall punk (this is the style he gravitates towards the most by far) to looking like two giant closetfuls full of lovecore clothing threw up on him. (And maybe the tiniest dash of pastel goth/punk here and there.) 
It’s a very mixed bag, is what I’m getting at here.
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envioussin · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
I am not a stranger to the d a r k                      Hide away, they say                                      'Cause we don't want your b r o k e n parts                                                        I've learned to be ashamed of all my scars                                                                       Run away, they say                                                                                 No one'll l o v e you as you are
                          indie ENVY from Fullmetal Alchemist
rules. about. ask. home.                                               promo by alchemic-elric
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dreamsmp-au-ideas · 6 hours ago
Subnautica AU? Yes.
Imagine the gremlins finding a leviathan, or worse, the Crabsquid.
Getting attacked by the insta-kill leeches?
What about the big leeches in the mushroom areas?
Reacting to the only way to grab the bladderfish being strangling them?
So many possibilities with all the horrors on that planet.
What if there’s a Dream leviathan..?
The Gremlins and everyone else is just in a state of anxiety, panic, and fear the whole time they're on this water planet.
Reaper Leviathans terrified Ranboo when he went on the other side of the Aurora and for a week straight he would not get back in the water. Tubbo started making the base more fortified and now Tommy and Purpled are trying to find that Prawn Suit parts fast.
Crabsquids are terrifying, especially if you have Arachnophobia. And since Sam, Quackity, and Dream all landed near them, they just had to deal with the fear of their power cutting out and the idea of a fish eating them at that vulnerable moment constantly.
The Gremlins really freak out because their submarine just ran out of power and oh god it's dark and the Crab Squid is terrifying.
The regular leeches? Terrifying. Tubbo just gets bitten by one and it just is terrifying for him.
The big leeches? Hate them. Everyone hates them and Purpled had a personal encounter with them and now refuses to go to those Mushroom Caves.
The Bladderfish part really makes everyone feel guilty and Tommy just cries when he realizes that's how they have to do it and that they have to kill it.
Also fucking Dream Leviathan? Fucking terrifying. Don't know what it does but both Dream and Tommy discover it first, hence the name.
Maybe it pretty much like manipulated ones thoughts somehow and just turns organisms against each other before going in for the kill.
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tsbandau · 7 hours ago
Can I get like... a list of all of the characters pronouns and genders and stuff? I don’t wanna misgender the bois DD:
Yeah sure!
Logan: he/they; transmasc nonbinary; AFAB
Patton: he/they/she; genderfluid; AMAB
Roman: he/him; transmasc; AFAB
Virgil: he/him; agender; AFAB
Janus: they/them; nonbinary; AMAB
Remus: he/him; cisgender; AMAB
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must-be-art · 9 hours ago
I feel like I never bring up the fact that Iacchus technically grew up in Vegas but he did and he's really good at noticing stage tricks and normal conman things. He never actually explains how he knows, mostly so people can't look up his records, but he loves ruining people who are trying to trick others into giving them their savings.
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velcro-simp · 10 hours ago
ah, well the confusion probably comes from this: recently there r people who r trying to include mentally ill people in the definition of nd, kinda changing the definition.. (including the coiner of “neurodivegent” don’t think they coined neurodiveristy itself but that specific term idk) but I see that the majority of the nd community is against this for a few reasons. nd has been a term for those with neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism, adhd, specific learning disabilities, Tourette’s, epilepsy, and more. I think it may have originally been meant for those who are autistic, but developed into a term for all neurodevelopmental disorders. I hear this also includes personally disorders like NPD and ASPD for example. and schizophrenia(it is a neurodevelopmental disorder). I do not know much of how exactly the brain is effected due to personality disorders, but I believe people include them as nd because it changes the function/structure of the brain and can’t be cured. they may be considered neurodevelopmental disorders. However, I’m not sure on them being nd and I don’t know where I stand on that specific part. that’s not important rn though, annnyway.. the reason people do not want to include mental illnesses as nd is because they are very different and have different needs. mental illnesses are not neurodevelopmental disorders, you are not born with them as you would be with autism(ex). mental illnesses are also inherently harmful for you and to be treated. while not being able to be cured, they can be treated with therapy and medication and for some, get way better over time. that’s not rlly how it works with nd disorders.. they are both treated differently and have different needs. both communities also have different struggles, different types of abelism they face, etc. this is where the term neuroAtypical came from.. it is used since the person does not have a neurodevelopmental disorder(so they aren’t nd) but you still can’t rlly call them neurotypical. this distinction is important because neurodevelopmental disorders and mental illnesses Are different things and these people will face different struggles that the other may not understand or experience.. that the other cannot speak out on. this new term (NA) was not made to “micro label” or gatekeep for no reason .. it was made because these are two different types of disorders, as would be bacterial infections and viruses, physical illness vs mental illness. There are different categories of disorders! A chronic gastrointestinal disorder and a chronic cardiac disorder are both chronic illnesses, but are obviously not the same and get their own categories because it is important to be specific and make distinctions at times! being specific can be good and is not always “microlabeling” it doesn’t always mean it’s bad. a certain bacterial infection may have similar symptoms to a viral one, the symptoms may overlap, but they are not grouped into the same thing because they need different treatments and are still different in other ways.. so yes, mental illnesses may have similarities with neurodevelopmental disorders/the nd community but in the end they are not the same, and it’s important not to lump them in with one another.. neuroAtypical people work along with neurodivergent people and support each other, they are not in the same community but they are like sister communities who work together! Ex: Advocating for depression and making people aware of the mistreatment depressed people may face in the mental health system is important but it’s a job for the neuroAtypical mental health community and not a place to talk about in the neurodivergent community since the ND community needs to focus their activism on their own struggles such as: the mistreatment of children in the special education class, abusive autism therapy, Etc. It would not be fair to place depression and anxiety on the same place/level as epilepsy and autism. it is not fair to compare them and lump them into the same space when each has their own.
I’m having a hard time reading, so I’m gonna post this when I’m better able to focus, but can I point out something I foun while skimming “ mental illnesses are also inherently harmful for you and to be treated. while not being able to be cured, they can be treated with therapy and medication and for some, get way better over time. “ This was the main thing I was pressed over, cause someone told me mental illnesses can be cured, and that’s what kinda triggered my IED.  Thank you for the info though!!! Gonna tag this as fave and info so I can read this more throughly later! c:
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must-be-art · 10 hours ago
Iacchus’s go-to nickname is ‘Sunshine’ but he only every calls Alex and Orion that. Everyone else just gets their names. He also sings to his family a lot, even when fighting, which always makes Alex laugh.
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must-be-art · 10 hours ago
Would Iacchus be able to learn to not be so protective of people?
I would say so. A big part of his issues stem from feeling unwanted, so it’d have to be a balance where he knows he’s wanted and needed but also that that doesn’t mean he has to rush in and do everything for someone. That’s part of the reason I gave him a kid. It gives him a healthy way to see that sometimes you need to let go and let someone grow on their own but that doesn’t mean they don’t still love and need you.
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must-be-art · 10 hours ago
If Iacchus gets angry enough to ‘breathe’ fire, it wrecks his throat and triggers really bad coughing fits once he calms down. He’ll end up coughing up a scary amount of blood, so he tries to keep himself calm enough to not react like that.
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smokin-thottie · 10 hours ago
I made my spouse a blog that's gonna be for all the funniest / happier posts from over here. It's @jennasewoi and it's always on queue baybee.
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must-be-art · 10 hours ago
Armando and Orion?
Okay but Orion forgetting his hero name constantly but coming up with much cuter ones instead-
Armando: Lightspeed.
Orion: Bee’s Knee’s?
Armando, laughing: No! Lightspeed!
Orion: ...Sunbeam?
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must-be-art · 11 hours ago
Iacchus and Armando?
Look, Nick may hate Armando but Iacchus isn’t blind. Whenever he’s helping to raise hell in Central City, Iacchus will flirt with Armando, if only to catch him off guard and get away, though he won’t touch him. Both so he doesn’t burn him and because he’s famous, he knows how awkward it is when people just grab you. However, he will stop and show off his son’s art to Armando first because he’s just so proud.
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must-be-art · 11 hours ago
Also, Iacchus is HORRIBLE at remembering to censor himself around Orion. He’s so used to being able to say whatever that he just keeps on talking like a teenage boy. So Orion will break his crayon and just loudly go ‘fuck!’ and everyone slowly turns to stare at him.
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must-be-art · 11 hours ago
Orion and Pisces?
Orion assumed she was his cousin because Iacchus knows so little about Greek mythology and he legit called Poseidon ‘That one fish fucker’-
But I can see them coloring together and trying to play.
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must-be-art · 11 hours ago
Orion and Flavia?
Okay but before she runs to Themyscira, Alex brings him over because she has to babysit him, so he just plays with Flavia’s hair and tries to draw her but he’s also 5, so she just gets these lines on a paper that he claims are her.
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must-be-art · 11 hours ago
Orion and Chase for fun?
Okay but Chase noticing Orion when Diana’s trying to stop Iacchus from lighting a city up and just playing games with him like hide and seek or patty cake. So you just get these two running around and acting like kids while Iacchus just got tackled by his sister-
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must-be-art · 12 hours ago
Iacchus will stop mid-fight if his phone goes off, solely because he knows it’s whoever’s watching his son. He’ll just sneak off and check it to make sure everything’s okay. If it’s a video or photo, he’ll show back up in his armor and just start showing off whatever his son did to everyone else.
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