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#incubus au
apocalypticgargoyle · 5 days ago
Hey, I adore your work; you are so very talented!! ♡ Would you mind writing a continuation of 'Reverse Your Regret,' in which Sapnap gets possessive over the reader? Perhaps, after their ex arrogantly reaches out to them, asking for forgiveness, the reader thoughtlessly brings it up to the incubus .. I hope that makes sense .. Anyways, wherever you decide to take this AU (if anywhere), it will be magnificent. Just wanted to share a passing thought. :)
I love this. I absolutely love this. Also this request.
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𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐃𝐄𝐌𝐎𝐍'𝐒 𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐊. ⛧ 𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐮𝐛𝐮𝐬!𝐬𝐚𝐩𝐧𝐚𝐩 (𝟏𝟖+)
pairing: incubus!Sapnap x afab!reader 
warnings: smut (18+), biting, possessiveness, Dream being an asshole, language, mentions of God and angels
previous part
Tumblr media
You furrowed your brows slightly as a knock came to your door. Checking your watch briefly, you swiveled around the corner from your campaign of rifling through the fridge. You were hesitant to peek at who it was, mainly because of the time of night. You stood on your toes, peering through the peephole until your eyes focused on a familiar head of blond hair.
You slumped back against the door, feeling out of breath, and paralyzed with shock. What was he doing out there? You scorned, trying to remember if you had recently texted him when you were drunk, or if he had come on his own accord.
You twisted the knob slowly before inhaling and opening your door to face him. Clay’s eyes met yours, his weight leaning on his hand propped against the threshold lazily. His towering frame blocked most of the hallway light from spilling into your apartment. “Hey,” he greeted easily, voice raspy and low. It had once been your absolute weakness; how simply he could make you unravel by just whispering in your ear or making a snide comment.
You moved an inch to let him into your apartment as if you were on autopilot from his previous actions. After you shut the door behind the two of you, you shoved your hands in your pockets, your fingers brushing against the cardstock that had brought Sapnap to you. His voice seemed to flash into your head when you touched it as if he were consoling you.
Clay leaned against the back of your couch, crossing his arms as he surveyed your body as if he were looking for something in particular. He wet his lips, furrowing his brows. “I really miss you,” he mumbled, looking at you with a softer expression. “I really have no idea what was going through my head when I broke things off,” he apologized.
You raised your eyebrows at him. “I’m not…” you answered, the hesitance in your voice demonstrating your disbelief. “I mean, we really… weren’t healthy…” His eyes drifted to your floor in front of him before darting back up to your gaze.
He stiffened slightly as if noticing something about you. “You look different,” he muttered absent-mindedly. You pinched yourself, wondering how you could have ever vied for his gaze and attention. You used to yearn for him to scrutinize and nit-pick, but now you knew what it was like to have a man that earned your respect, even if he did own you. Clay only took it.
You shrugged slightly, unsure of how to answer him as the pads of your fingers traced the raised print on the card. “I haven’t done anything differently,” you answered, averting your stare to bounce around at his clothing.
He tsked lowly. “No, something is definitely off about you.” He stood, walking to plant himself in front of you. He slowly reached a hand toward you, brushing your hair off your shoulder before gently dipping his fingers between your collar and moving your shirt to expose one of your shoulders. You hated yourself for wanting to lean into his touch and bury your face in his chest.
His fingers brushed against a sore spot on your skin, and you knew instantly what he was looking at: a bite from Sapnap.
Something dark flickered across his expression and he seemed almost fearful as he took a step back from you. He smirked slightly. “I see how it is,” he nipped mockingly, teeth digging into his bottom lip. “I knew your eyes seemed a bit dead, I just didn’t think you would have gone that far.”
You quipped an eyebrow in his direction, your hand moving to rest over the mark. There was no way he could have been able to tell what it meant. Your heart thumped in your chest as you wondered what Clay would have thought of you.
Before you could ask, he spoke again. “I just came by to check up on you. I heard you’d been acting strange.” He chuckled shortly. “I get why now.” You weren’t sure why he was so bitter, in fact, even when the two of you were at your worst, he never spoke to you with such malice. He began to back out of your apartment. “Just be careful. You don’t seem like the type stupid enough to get into that stuff, but from the looks of it, I might be wrong.”
You furrowed your brows, watching him leave as you stood there in shock, unable to piece together what had just happened. You weren’t sure how long you have been standing in the middle of your apartment with your mind running blank.
“What is that smell?” Sapnap’s voice boomed from one corner of your room, making you jump to look at him, your heart seemingly restarting. His face twisted in some kind of angry disgust.
You exhaled. “Jesus! You have to stop doing that!” You bit back as he seemed to further investigate whatever was bothering him, even going as far as opening a window. When you realized how much I affected him you self-consciously sniffed yourself. You smelled fine. “What are you smelling?” You queried, watching as he scoured your living room.
He stopped, looking at you with gleaming eyes. Something seemed to click in his mind and before you knew it, he was standing before you, hand resting on the side of your neck as he took a whiff of you, nose brushing against your neck. You inched away from him out of confusion and discomfort. “You’ve had an angel in here haven’t you?”
You were taken aback, to say the least. “I- what?”
“Who just left?” He asked, covering his mouth and nose as if you were repulsive to him.
You swallowed, crossing your arms over your chest, and folding in on yourself. “I don’t know… It was just my ex-boyfri-“
He cut you off. “Are you fucking serious?” You nodded slowly, wondering where he was going with this, and if these pieces of your story were de-cluttering his puzzle. “That’s why you were so uncomfortable, and why you smell overwhelmingly like rotting flowers?”
You tilted your head. “Rotting flowers?”
Sapnap rubbed his chin slightly. “He could probably tell. Mortals lose a certain light in their eyes after giving themselves to a demon,” he muttered, watching your expression shift. “Those fucking God cops are always in our territory.”
You wet your lips. “Speak plainly, Sapnap,” you insisted, breath becoming shallow.
He smugly grinned at you. “You were prime angel real estate before I came along, baby,” he answered snidely, making heat spread across your body. He got closer to you, pressing his fingertips against the portions of your skin that Clay had grazed over just moments prior as if he were spreading his own scent to cleanse Clay off your skin. “Now, not even God can help you,” he gleamed, teeth tugging at his lip before leaning towards you and pressing his mouth to yours. He broke the kiss only to hover near your ear, one of his arms wrapping around your waist to pull you against him. “Your soul’s mine.”
His body was intoxicating, and while you knew it was dangerous to be with him, you felt safer with Sapnap even if he was blatantly telling you just how damned you were. The news was easier to swallow with his tongue slipping into your mouth and his voice whispering sweetly possessive venom into your ear.
You ground your hips against him as he pressed his lips against your neck, teeth trailing after his contact, fingers digging into your skin or the leather couch beneath you. Your hair tangled with his movements, clawing at his back as his teeth clicked against your chest. His tongue darted over his previous bite that you figured would end up scaring; a permanent homage to him on your body.
He had known the adrenaline rushing through your veins at Clay’s arrival. He’d known the discomfort and the borderline fear you had to edge yourself off of earlier, therefore as he kneaded the flesh of your thighs in his hand, he was sure to validate that Clay could threaten you all he wanted, but while Sapnap was around, he couldn’t hurt you. He had explained in the past that you were his personal plaything, and thus you had gained his protection and respect in an almost sadistic way.
You moaned as his fingers slid beneath your shirt, tugging it over your head while you pulled his own off, letting his lips attack your neck again. You brazenly ground your hips up against his, wrapping a leg around his thigh in a desperate search for more friction.
You knew the heated mix of Sapnap’s possessive urges and your determination to please him would have your knees shaking in no time as he dragged your pants down your legs, fingers clawing at the now bare skin of your thighs as you, carded your fingers through his hair, tugging at his roots and swallowing his moans.
The two of you rushed into your pleasures, letting him push into you and send your mind spending. You were forgetting Clay’s name with each punctuated thrust of his hips as he bottomed out in you. You clenched around him, making him groan into your shoulder, teeth threatening to mark you again.
He pulled out of you, only to flip you onto your stomach, jutting your hips up and against his as he drove himself into you again, pressing your shoulders into the couch. You bit down on your bottom lip preventing yourself from moaning out his name as his fingers dug into your shoulders, teaching you just how much he liked to use your body. With how good he was making you feel, you didn’t give a damn.
He panted out your name, his voice low and gruff as he nearly commanded and controlled your orgasm. You whimpered at his antics and he chuckled darkly. “I should be ripping you apart after you let that thing into your apartment,” he threatened seductively. You moaned out and apology as his lips and tongue met your shoulder blade, fingers tracing the length of your spine. You could feel the pads of his fingers circling each of your vertebrates as he drove himself deeper into you, reaching just where you needed him.
You came undone quicker than you had expected, moaning as he picked up his pace to bring himself to finishing, your vision blurring from the stimulation as he used you. His hand gripped onto your hips as his paces stuttered against you, a groan hissing through his teeth. His hand laced with yours momentarily before the two of you straightened yourselves up.
You pulled your knees to your chest, watching him rebutton his shirt. You slipped your arms further into your hoodie and he looked at you with a small perk of his eyebrow. “What are you thinking about?” He asked.
You chewed the corner of your mouth. “What do demons smell like to angels then?”
“Charcoal,” he answered plainly. “Sometimes just burning.” He sat beside you, pulling you to his side. You snuggled into his warmth, resting your head on his chest.
You inhaled sharply. “So… Clay’s an angel…”
You couldn’t see his face, but you knew his eyes began to glow at the mention of the other species, especially the man you’d been associated with. “Yeah, they call him Dream.” He hesitated slightly. “He’s one of the worst.”
You felt like you were walking on eggshells to ask him more. “Did you know him?”
“Yeah,” he sighed. “Before I got kicked out,” he joked, covering the obvious hurt in his voice.
“Kicked out of where?” You probed, already somewhat figuring you knew the answer.
He was quiet. “Heaven.”
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starker-sorbet · 6 days ago
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Incubus Tony seducing Peter
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depraved-empress · 8 days ago
Imagine what Yuuji is like outside of his dream-
The more you keep pounding him the more he stirs and whimpers in his sleep, his face red and sweaty from how intense the feeling is and plus how the sheets over him
His soft moans just escaping from his lips while currently he’s being manhandled in his dreams. He ends up cumming all over the sheets
He thinks he's having a very realistic wet dream because he's feeling himself getting fucked and he loves it
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depraved-empress · 8 days ago
Do do do do 👀📝
Incubus futa reader flirting with Itadori in his mind and fucking him in his sleep so he wakes up with an ass full of cum✨
Do do do do 👀🗒️
The cum has mostly dried off cause it's been hours but he wakes up with his body sore and when he looked down he saw light bruises and hickies on his thighs
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kaibacxrps · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
@kaibacorpbros​ has sent: I want the K [Sitri @ Seto]
Send me 'I want the K' and I'll generate a number [SELECTIVELY, accepting, mutuals]
Tumblr media
20: Any of the Above -> 8: Eyelid Kiss
The night was coming to an end, he could sense it. Whenever he felt the overwhelmingly drowziness, it always meant that the Sun was rising at the outside. It also meant, it was time for the lovers to part ways until the night’s return.
As the seconds and minutes passed, it became increasingly harder for Seto to keep his eyes open for long. He laid on their bed over his stomach, the bed sheets covered up his slender and pale body, as he silently watched over the incubus dress up in front of him.
At least he got to see what his lover would wear throughout the day, and he also got a whiff out of the cologne he had just sprayed himself with.
Sitri looked so handsome in that moment, the sight was breathtaking. To a point, it hurt him to let the other go out.
He felt so sleepy and tired, from their previous night. Because of it, there were no protests from him. There was nothing but a brief exchange of sweet nothings, and gentle remarks for their next time together.
The last thing he recalled before falling asleep, was the inccubus’ soft and warm lips gingerly press onto his eyelids. And he was awaken in a very similar fashion, hours later. With Sitri’s warm lips gingerly kissing, his eyelids.
“Sitri...” The vampire uttered out faintly, while his eyes slowly fluttered open and his golden eyes met the other’s bright blue ones.
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pettyprocrastination · 12 days ago
what is it about character that can shift into animals that makes me just foam at the fucking mouth. Go positively bonkers. Absolutely apeshit.
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makethiscanon · 12 days ago
Some More AU Prompt Ideas for things I’ll Write Eventually, but also go for it!!
(Slight N~SFW warning for some themes, but no detail)
Party AU
Designated driver [Person A] spots wallflower [Person B] looking uncomfortable, surrounded by 4 guys coming on too strong. Time for [A] to pretend they know [B], then when that doesn’t work, time to pretend to be [B]’s partner.
Alt. – [A] needs the bathroom but [B] is in there, drunkenly sobbing their heart out and refusing to leave. [A] convinces [B] to let them in but then [B] decides instead of leaving [A] in peace, [B] absolutely has to vent all their problems to them.
Alt. – [A] left their coat in their friend’s room but now that they wants to leave, there’s someone [B] lying on the bed, trying to make bad decisions with the first person to enter the room. [A] is only glad they found [B] first, instead of someone worse finding them.
Alt. – [A] finds a passed out stranger [B] in the back yard of a house party. [A] only searches through their belongings to find out where they live, but finds nothing. Time to take this drunken mess home so [B] can sleep it off on [A]’s couch where they’ll be safe.
Random AUs 
[A] is having a yard sale and for some reason [B] buys all their old stuffed toys, and one dubious weapon.
Supermarket AU – small [A] asks clerk [B] to grab something off the top shelf, all embarrassed. Then [A] realises [B] is following them around the store in case [A] needs anything else high up.
Alt. – [A] is the new hire at a supermarket and the pandemic has just begun, but [B] is determined to stop yet another employee quitting.
Incubus AU – Incubus feed off all intimate energies, so when lonely [A] fights off a starving Incubus [B], they compromise by having a cuddly late-night movie date with popcorn for [A] and plenty of kisses and cuddles for [B], as a snack.
Big Mouth/Incubus AU – everyone has a personal hormone monster, a demon that encourages them to act out and fulfil unspeakable desires, but [A]’s hormone monster, [B], is close to being fired because they’re trying to convince [A] to be celibate – why? Because [B]’s in love with [A] and no one gets to fuck them before [B] does.
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austajunk · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Reuploading this because tags suck and won’t let me be visible. XD
Part of my Incubus Nagito AU where he sucks at his job but manages to get a piece of a gamer girl and a stressed out college boy. So ya know... KomaHinaNami.
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apocalypticgargoyle · 14 days ago
so, SO, Hear me out. This has been stuck in my head for DAYS. Can i request a Sapnap x reader smut, BUT Incubus!Sapnap. My brain is mush. Perhaps reader doesn't believe in demons etc, so they're trying to prove to themselves that these things indeed don't exist by trying to summon a demon, what type of demon? they don't know. Unfortunately(fortunately) for them, the ritual works and Sapnap is summoned. Afab reader with any pronouns, and Dom or switch Sapnap.
i literally love this idea sm. thank you for trusting me with it. [thank you to a friend of mine who helped me w some of the plot elements.] I hope you enjoy and happy reading! xx
Tumblr media
𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐒𝐄 𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐑 𝐑𝐄𝐆𝐑𝐄𝐓. ⛧ 𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐮𝐛𝐮𝐬!𝐬𝐚𝐩𝐧𝐚𝐩 (18+)
pairing: incubus!sapnap x afab!reader
warnings: nsfw (minors dni), mentions of an Ouija board, blood, oral (fm. receiving), smut, domination, choking
Tumblr media
Your fishnets clung to your legs, yet provided little protection against the nipping breeze dragging icy fingers across your skin. You rubbed the arms of your jacket, attempting to generate more warmth as your breath fogged around you. Your friends giggled and kicked at each other, hanging around their shoulders and acting drunker than they actually were. It felt like icicles picked your heart each time you faintly felt like you were enjoying yourself, all because of Him.
His words echoed in your head each time a man approached you, finding yourself nearly too suspicious to believe they wouldn’t end up like He did: cold, distant, and arrogant.
The club had been too loud, in your opinion, but you’d be damned to let one of your friends know. They were focused on finding you a squeeze to preoccupy you while you got over Him. You didn’t need a distraction, you just needed to get rid of the thought of him.
One of your friends grabbed your arm, dragging you down a portion of concrete steps and into a lower-level shop. You briefly caught sight of the neon sign above the door, LOCAL PSYCHIC blinking in bright pink piping to welcome in tourists. You scoffed to yourself as you shrugged through the beaded curtain over the door.
The shop smelled of incense and a potpourri of unfamiliar herbs. A slender woman with long black hair looked up from a magazine, gold eyeliner sparkling in the dim lighting of the store. She watched the group of you carefully as your friends went straight for the Ouija boards in the corner. As you looked over her various shelves of exotic species of crystals, you could feel her eyes burning into your shoulder.
You sighed quietly, grabbing a green hued crystal and approaching her in lieu of your group. “So, this will get rid of my bad juju if I stick it in my bra, right?” You quipped jokingly, making her smuggly grin.
She straightened up, revealing a metal band t-shirt that you couldn’t pronounce the name of, let alone knew. “Gorgeous, you’ll need a fist full of moldavite to cleanse what you’ve got going on,” she jested, voice raspy and surveying. “Give me your hand,” she stated, more than asked. You reluctantly reached for her, her boney ringers cupped your hand, rings catching the candle light beside the cash register.
“Does it say I’ll disappear mysteriously after a boating accident?” You leered, making her bite her lip.
You could practically feel her breath on your skin. She studied your palm closely, wetting her lips. “I think I have something better than moldavite, though,” she quirked before digging her nail into the center, making you hiss. She drew a bit of blood from the wound, placing a business card against the spot. The center of the card oozed the crimson color seeping from the cut. “Call this number when you get home and all your bad juju will clear, my love. Him included,” she whispered. “You don’t believe in demons do you?”
“Of course not,” you answered, your eyes locked on hers as she smiled darkly at you, almost forebodingly. You flipped the card in your hand, a number plastered on one side and “REVERSE YOUR REGRETS,” printed boldly on the other. Your eyebrow perked at her. “What, is this a demon calling card?” You quizzed almost sarcastically.
Her dark, full lips twisted up. “I guess you’ll have to find out.”
Your mouth ran dry as she smirked, fingers brushing against your own as your hand slipped from hers. You found it hard to speak on the bus ride home, or even form sentences while you were crammed between two of your friends as they all sparked chatter about their upcoming finals. One of the main reasons they bought the Ouija board was to ask a ghost to write their history and philosophy theses.
Your apartment was dark and alluringly quiet compared to the night of bright lights and ridiculous EDM you had endured for most of the night. You let your jacket slip to the floor as you switched on a lamp, washing your hands as your mind relayed what the woman from the shop had said. As you dried your hands, your eyes traveled towards the living room, the dark fabric of one of His hoodies peeking out from between the couch and the wall. You bit your tongue, anger flashing into your veins. “Even Him…” you thought, remembering what she had told you.
You grabbed your phone, slinking over to where your jacket was and fishing the card from your pocket. The red smudge of blood almost perfectly split the phone number in half. “You don’t believe in demons do you?”
“No, what kind of respectable adult believes in demons,” you grumbled to yourself, dialing the number. You turned the card over again, eyeing the words as you waited for the call to connect. Instead of ringing normally, three long dial tones sounded over your receiver, sending a shiver down your spine. Dogs of your apartment complex began to bark, sending feral noises of discomfort into the air.
An automated voice began to speak, startling you slightly. “Thank you for your call. Your sacrifice is pure and has been accepted. Congratulations.”
Sacrifice? The line went dead, your power fizzling out as well. You froze, your feet feeling as if your shoes were filled with cement. In an instant, your array of candles sparked to life, brightening the room. Your heart thundered in your chest, unsure of what was happening. Sacrifice?
You held your breath, waiting for what was to come. It seemed as if your apartment had been removed from the city outside, instead an eerie silence settled in the room, making it almost suffocating to be alone.
“Hello, dove,” a dark voice called from behind you, making you jump a foot in the air, chest wheezing from the jump scare. A man smirked at you, resting his chin in his hand as he looked at you. He dominated one of your chairs, his other hand drumming his fingers against the leather. His suit was well tailored, but he wore it rather lazily with his crisp white shirt unbuttoned. He wore dark nail polish, making his fingers appear longer.
His eyes trailed your body, pressing his lips together as you realized how tightly you were clutching your phone and the card. “How did you get in here?” You asked, your voice barely audible.
He stood, straightening the sleeves of his suit jacket. He walked over to you, his tongue darting out to wet his lips. Your breath was measured, your body drawn to him as if you were an animal in heat. “You summoned me, puppy,” he answered, voice dipping an octave before dragging the card from your fingers. Your skin burned and sparked at his touch. His smell was intoxicatingly enticing, making your mouth water.
He held the card between two fingers, his eyes locking to yours indefinitely. “You even bound yourself to me,” he noted, letting his finger pad draw across the blood stain on the card. “Little minx,” he mumbled.
You swallowed. “What are you?” You managed, words uneven and almost jumbled.
He turned slightly on his heel, circling around you slowly, fingers dragging against the fabric of your shirt before snaking around the back of your throat. His thumb teased against your skin almost as if he was restraining himself from ripping you in half. “They call me Sapnap. Some might categorize me as a demon, but that seems rather exaggerated, don’t you think?” He responded. “I’m here to help you reverse your regrets.”
You inhaled sharply. “What does that mean?”
He chuckled darkly, his lips brushing against the shell of your ear. “Baby, I’m here to make you feel good again,” he divulged, the heat of his breath skimming against your neck, urging you to submit to him. "I'm here to make you forget all about Him."
In an instant you found yourself pinned beneath him, the sheets on your bed cast aside along with most of your clothes. He watched you sternly as he slipped his jacket off his shoulders, unbuttoning his collared shirt, pupils blown with lust at your hungry appearance.
Sapnap ground his hips against yours, tugging on your thighs to bring you closer to him. Your back arched slightly, fingers digging into the sheets as his lips traveled from your neck to your chest, one of his large hands palming your breast. You stifled a moan, hips bucking against him. He pressed his tongue against your navel, licking a strip against your skin before he was in your ear again. His fingers curled around your waistband. "Uh uh, dove. I wanna hear you."
He leaned back on his knees, teeth nipping at the inside of your thighs as he trailed towards your core. His eyes danced up to yours, briefly gauging your reaction before slipping his finger between the skin of your hips and your lacy undergarments, tugging them down your legs. He pressed open mouth kisses to your thighs once more, teeth grazing the sensitive flesh with a restraint you had half a mind to egg on.
He hooked his arms around your thighs, burying his face where you needed him the most. Your body reacted to the pleasure of his tongue almost instantly, fighting to clamp your legs around his head as your toes curled. Sapnap was taking his time with you, eating you out as if you were his last meal, humming slightly to send vibrations against your nerve endings.
You threaded your fingers through his dark hair, rolling your hips against his mouth and muttering his name. He moved, teeth sinking into your thigh as he pressed his finger into you, making you moan incoherently. You tugged at his hair, earning a groan in pleasure as you noticed him grinding against the mattress. His lips were back on your heat as his finger curled inside of you.
He added another finger, finding your sweet spot almost as if your body had been made for him specifically. With each swirl of his tongue and his moans at the sight of you enjoying the chase of your orgasm, the more the tension began to build within you. He quickened his pace as he watched you pant, coaxing you closer to the edge.
Sapnap moved his head from side to side, flattening his tongue for more friction, pumping his fingers in and out of you. "Cum for me, baby," he commanded, breath hot against your core. You relinquished control of your body, letting your climax rip through your body, leaving you breathless and stunned.
He wore the devil's smile as kissed the inside of your knee, praising you heavily for heeding to his demands. "Good girl," he cooed, voice dark and drawn with lust as he moved to press his lips against your shoulder. "Such a good girl."
His lips traveled beneath your ear, nipping at the skin before pressing his tongue into your mouth, one of his hands holding your chin.
He discarded his pants, spitting in his hand and stroking himself a few times as his eyes burned into yours. He dragged you towards him, gripping onto your hips before driving himself into you. You groaned at the pressure, grinding against his hips and earning a smirk from him. "So needy. Have I not been good to you thus far?" His words dripped with a god complex you had yet to taste.
You whimpered slightly before he rolled his hips against yours. He retracted himself before slowly thrusting into you, watching with pride as you writhed for more of him. "I could kill you, you know?" He stated, thrusting into you harshly, pressing his hands into the mattress on either side of your head.
You chuckled breathlessly, your fingers wrapping around one of his wrists. "You won't," you moaned as he set a pace, digging his hips into yours.
Sapnap's other arm moved, wrapping his hand around your neck and squeezing slightly, as if showing you he could do worse. "Says who?" He provoked, pressing his lips against yours, teeth dragging against your bottom lip, eliciting a moan from deep in your throat.
His thrusts were becoming sloppier, deeper as he buried himself into you. "Me," you answered. He grinned deviously, pinning your knee to your chest and pounding into you, basking in your moans like they were personalized ego boasts. "I can take it," you groaned quietly, enticing him. He tightened his hold on your neck, causing your vision to blur in pleasure as heat rushed through your body, his roughness a perfect catalyst to your cardinal hunger.
"That's right, sweetheart," he grunted, eyes seeming to burn brighter with your submission. "Take it," he mirrored, his pace relentless against you as if testing your limits. He pressed his thumb in your mouth, moaning as your teeth rested against it, tongue darting out against it. You focused on his eyes, trying not to roll your own as your body ached to climax.
You could see the veins in his neck becoming more prominent and he removed his thumb only to grip your jaw in his hand, shoving his tongue into your mouth to lap at your whimpers. His hands moved to pin your forearms to the mattress beside you, his lips melding against yours as the two of you pushed each other to orgasms. You could feel his pleasure coming undone within you, finally acting as the jumping-off point for your second climax.
You panted, hurriedly attempting to catch your breath as he pulled out of you, sighing in pleasure.
He moved to begin dressing, holding your card between his teeth as he buckled his belt around his waist. Your mind blurred in bliss, still riding your high. It didn't really bother you if he left or stayed.
He finished buttoning his shirt as you sat up on your elbows, watching him straighten his appearance. "I'll call on you soon," he stated, tucking the card with your blood on it into his breast pocket.
You quipped an eyebrow at him. "This is a normal thing now?" You questioned, the situation seeming different.
He patted his pocket to gesture to the card. "You're mine, dove. I get you whenever I want," he smirked. He rested his knee on the edge of your bed, leaning down to press his lips against yours possessively.
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austajunk · 15 days ago
Okay, so yeah I’m really gonna do it.
I’m just gonna make an Incubus Nagito AU where he’s an Incubus dying because he just can’t seduce anyone. Like, he gets close to seducing mere mortals into his grasp, but last minute creepy or weird behavior puts his thralls off and he just winds up alone and starving. It’s his typical cursed existence and others in the succubi/incubi race like Junko are just, like, amazed that he’s still kickin’.
But that all changes when he meets two human college students to seduce and stalk named Chiaki Nanami and Hajime Hinata...
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nct99 · 17 days ago
Can I have your thoughts on incubus as a concept... like these sex demons... I see so many fics about them
i think: exceptional. 10/10. 100% A+ concepts!! i love incubus concepts a lot! they’re some of my favourite supernatural concepts. vampires ( @euphoricsunflowers does these Exceptional Well if you like monsta x you should check hers out!!), angels/demons, and incubi (is that the plural of incubus?) are my favourite supernatural tropes!
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mlim8 · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Rembus: It’s romantic, really. Dad looked at Mom and said “Okay, I’ll just fuck that one for the rest of my life.” uwu
Rembus is the youngest (last? (But not only)) demon in the world. All his siblings are his half siblings from his father, aging days to hundreds to thousands of millennia of years older than him lol HE IS BABY, I KEEP TELLING Y’ALL.
The post Anon is talking about
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doublerainebow · 20 days ago
On A Summer Night
Incubus Hawks x Reader
Written with a female reader in mind, but could be read as gender neutral
Partly inspired by the leánnan sídhe/Redcurrant and Joel storyline from Ancient Magus' Bride and a bit of YY’s incubus Hawks audios lol
Been working on this since like... mid-February lolol. Prolly the fic that I’ve spent the most time on lol (not counting multi-chapter fics of course), and so because of that, I’m like, “don’t wanna work on this anymore asdfklhalskjfdh.”
My Hero Academia Masterlist
Tumblr media
You couldn’t quite remember, but you were absolutely certain that you saw a pair of molten golden eyes peering back at you in your small garden of fruit trees and bird feeders.
The memory was foggy and distant, but you were sure that an ethereally beautiful man with golden eyes, equally golden hair, and wings of scarlet smiled at you. You remember having your breath taken away from you.
After all, how could a man as beautiful as he ever glance in your direction?
Since then, you felt a sort of presence always with you.
A warm embrace, lingering touches, a stroke down your cheek, a brush against your forehead.
You didn’t know what it was, but the small touches were comforting to you in your lonely existence.
Your home, though small and cozy, often felt large and empty before you saw the golden-eyed man, but comfort seemed to have settled in after that fateful meeting.
You were an artist of sorts, and countless times you have tried to capture how this man looked like, but you could never get his features right. In your memory, he was but a blur of gold with sharp, unwavering eyes.
Since that summer night, you would often talk aloud in the quiet of your home if the loneliness became too much. You desperately wanted the presence to know that you knew he was there.
Maybe out of wanting to acknowledge his existence.
Maybe to find companionship in your loneliness.
You would ramble on, not caring in the slightest if what you were saying didn’t make any sense or if you were crazy.
You just wanted to see him again.
Tumblr media
Keigo Takami silently floated beside you, curiously watching as you cooked your dinner, nodding and commenting every so often—even if you couldn’t hear him—when you would speak.
The incubus had grown attached to you ever since that night in the garden.
He had only been there to admire the several bird feeders and bird boxes you had in your small garden when you had stepped outside and made eye contact with him.
The way you let out a small gasp, your eyes dilating sightly, and a blush gently riding up your face. He relished your reaction to him.
Amused, the incubus decided to watch you.
What he didn’t expect was to fall in love with you.
You, the quiet little dove who would speak to him about your musings. The quiet little dove who would let out soft sighs every time he would touch you or gasp when he could brush lingering kisses against your forehead and cheeks.
You were so small and innocent in comparison to him, a demon of carnal desire. Just the thought of you alone drove him crazy, but he never once tried to satiate his needs with you.
To him, you were a bring of purity that needed to be protected.
Tumblr media
“You’re being haunted, you know?”
Somewhere in the background, Keigo rolled his eyes.
You smiled fondly as you poured your friend, Fumikage, some more tea. “You don’t say. He doesn’t seem to be mean, though.”
Fumikage frowned. “He may not be, but he is of the... unsavory sort...”
You simply munched on your sandwich as you nodded dismissively. “Even if that’s the case, he’s been around for quite a while not, and he hasn’t done anything to me. I can feel that he’s very sweet too... I trust him.”
The young man sighed. “Whatever you say. But, as soon as you feel something off or bad, come to me immediately.”
“That’s very kind of you, Fumi. While I don’t think I’ll need your help with him, I’ll keep your words in mind.”
“... He says his name is Keigo. Keigo Takami.”
You smiled again, gently testing out the name. “Keigo, huh?”
Tumblr media
Keigo felt his wings quiver in pleasure upon hearing you utter his name.
It was true that knowing the true name of another meant that you held power over them, but the way you said his name sent the scarlet-winged incubus reeling.
So innocent, the way you sounded out the vowels of his first name, and yet it had such a powerful pull on him.
Keigo had yet to even utter your own name despite having known it for a long while now. He knew the moment he did, you’d be ruined by him forever, and the incubus was intent on keeping you pretty and pure for a while longer.
Tumblr media
A few days had passed since your friend visited, but ever since learning the name of the presence, you felt that you could perceive him better.
Every so often, you’d see glimpses of scarlet feathers fluttering around or brilliant, red wings just at your periphery. Even the touches had more weight to them.
You smiled every time you uttered the incubus’s name—Fumikage told you exactly what the presence was. You found that you really liked saying his name, and you were sure he also did as you would feel a gentle brush against your forehead.
Your drawings of him were getting better also, and you were excited to finally capture the memory you saw that summer night.
Tumblr media
Keigo silently watched over you as you slept peacefully in your bed. The nights were now getting longer and colder, and long past was the summer night you first saw him.
Despite that, an odd, tender warmth grew in the incubus every time he looked at you. It was a strange thing for him to feel considering the kind of being he was, but it was a most welcome feeling to him.
The red-winged incubus often heard stories of demons such as himself taking on humans as mates or even lovers. It was a very rare situation, and Keigo had initially readily written it off as—ironically enough—a fairy tale. And yet, here he was, in love with a human.
His little dove of a human.
You began to stir a little bit, catching the attention of the incubus. Under your breath, you gently moaned out his name.
Desire flashed through the incubus, impure thoughts filling him as he drew closer to take in the smell of your arousal. His golden eyes gazed hungrily over your form, taking delight in the blush spread prettily across your cheeks and the way your chest heaved up and down with soft moans and pants.
“Soon...” Keigo growled lowly, placing a possessive kiss across your lips, drinking in your moans. “Soon, you’ll be mine.”
The incubus would bide his time until the perfect moment to make you his mate and lover.
Tumblr media
Hopefully, if I ever get inspired and get around to it, I’ll write a part 2 with ✨smut✨
Is pointedly ignoring the Dabi x Religious Reader fic that was supposed to have a part 2 with smut asjkdfhaljkdshf
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meiansmistress · 26 days ago
insolentia | incubus atsumu chapter two
Tumblr media
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
atsumu thinks he has the easiest job in the world. dive into women's dreams, suck up their energy, and move onto the next victim. but when he targets you, he realizes that maybe... just maybe... he isn't so good at this whole incubus thing after all.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
pairing: incubus!atsumu miya x f!reader (main), kitasuna (side)
warnings: this is a nsfw comedy-ish series that may include somnophilia, so 18+, minors dni.
notes: written for atsumu april— a collaboration of media dedicated to our favorite blonde setter created in april 2021. masterpost will be posted later this month!
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
index: masterpost.  ☆  playlist. ☆  o. falsa.  ☆  i. principium. ☆ ii. insolentia. ☆ iii. temptatus. ☆ iv. doctrina. ☆ v. dormiens. ☆ vi. non auxilium.  ☆  vii. gratia. ☆ viii. una nocte. ☆ viiii. dolor
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
It was laughably easy to create a fake job history. All Atsumu had to do was stand outside the subway station for a little bit, waiting for a nervous-looking person clutching a folder full of their resumes. One well-timed bump later, a flash of his red eyes, and he had become the proud owner of Hitoka Yachi’s credentials.
“This is fuckin’ stupid, ‘Tsumu,” Osamu sighs, shaking his head as he stares at the computer over Atsumu’s shoulder. “Do you even know anything about design?”
“We’re incubi, ‘Samu. I don’t gotta do anything but flash my eyes and get what I want.”
“You’re a real dumbass. Don’t make me call Kita.”
“Shaddup and let me borrow your suit.”
In the end, Atsumu has to buy his own suit (damn Osamu) but he aces the interview, thanks to the hiring manager clearly wanting him. He could smell it from the moment he walked in the room. Yeah, he might not know anything about design, but that’s nothing a few quick searches on the Internet can’t fix.
What he isn’t expecting is to actually work the minute he steps into the stuffy building. He expects to be mentored (like Kita said would probably happen) or at least have time to find you and make a move on you, but he’s sent to his ugly desk and told to “get started on a brochure for our ski resort client.”
The hell does that even mean?
He spends all morning looking into what a ski resort even looks like cause he’s never been to one, and as much as he knows about bad dreams, it looks like an actual nightmare. Cold? Snow? Coats? Humans do this for fun?
Atsumu doesn’t answer at first, too busy staring at the computer screen. Why take a ski lift when you can fly to the top of the mountain? Why would you want to go down when you can stand on the top of the world and look down on everyone else?
It takes Atsumu a minute to remember that’s his name now.
He swivels around in his office chair and comes face-to-face with you. You look pretty today with your hair pulled back and your pink blouse tucked into your pencil skirt. You also look pretty pissed at him, though he can’t fathom why.
“Have you done any work on the ski resort brochure?”
Usually in this situation, Atsumu would shift from his humanoid eyes to his demonoid ones, charm you into forgetting what you just asked, and send you on your way. But he doesn’t want to do that with you—that would be too easy. You’re the prize after all; he wants to enjoy his victory when it comes, even if he has to pretend to be a human to do it.
“I’ll get started now.” He flashes you his killer smile, flicks his bleached hair, and you don’t even flinch.
“I’d like a mock-up by lunch if possible. I know it’s your first day, but it’s a pressing issue.”
“Sure, sure,” he placates you. As soon as you thank him and walk away, he’s swiveling his chair to the guy who sits next to him. Just because he doesn’t want to use his persuasion powers on you doesn’t mean the guy next to him is safe.
He watches over this guy’s shoulder as he works on the ski resort brochure, and Atsumu tries not to laugh when the worker sometimes snaps out of his trance and looks back up at him with a raised eyebrow. Another flash of his red eyes and he’s back to the computer, doing Atsumu’s work for him. And Kita said working a real job isn’t easy.
Just before lunch, the guy finishes a mock-up of the brochure and it looks okay to him, so Atsumu prints it off and takes it over to your desk. You blink up at him with your pretty eyes, take the paper from his hands, and Atsumu thinks he’s got this in the bag. Once you see that he can do real human work, you’ll let him slide right into your dreams and—
“This brochure was made for the Naeba Ski Resort in Tokyo.”
“Our client is Mount Rokko Snow Park in Kobe.”
Well, shit.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Atsumu knows he’s had a bad day when—of all people—Kita laughs at him. Laughs.
“Quit your laughin’ before I push you off this roof,” Atsumu grumbles, flapping his black wings in annoyance. They sit on top of Suna’s apartment building, feet dangling over the railing of the roof. “She made me re-do it four times.”
“That’s what work is, Atsumu. Also, you weren’t the one doing it, were you?”
“I didn’t use my persuasion on her, if that’s your next question.”
Despite what he expects, Kita nods his head in understanding. “I don’t with Rin either.”
“You’re callin’ him Rin now?”
“He asked me to during his dream yesterday.”
Atsumu scowls as he picks up a pebble from the roof and throws it over the side of the building. Kita makes it sound so easy, and normally for him, it is—but there’s something about you that makes this whole process annoyingly difficult. Maybe if he used his eyes, it would be so much easier, but he doesn’t want to do that, not when he knows he can charm the pants off of you (both literally and figuratively.)
“Do what you have to, Atsumu.” Kita finishes as he stands up and wipes off his pants. “If you’re hungry, would you like to watch?”
It’s been a while since Kita offered, not since before he started preying on Suna about six months ago—and Atsumu shrugs his answer. He’s not very keen on watching his friend with his lover, but you won’t let him in and he doesn’t want to find anyone else either—so he doesn’t have much of a choice.
He sits in the back of Suna’s dream classroom, cheek on his palm as Kita bobs his mouth up and down on Suna’s hard length. Atsumu has to admit Suna is an attractive guy—especially when his mouth falls open with a loud groan and his fingers dig deeper into Kita's hair—but it’s just not doing it for him. It’s not like he has to take energy from others all the time, so he quietly slips out of Suna’s dream and flies off into the night.
Do what you have to, Atsumu.
If what he has to do is that, he’s going to hate every minute of it.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
You're not in the office this time. Atsumu almost cheers—almost—until he realizes exactly where you are.
Mount Rokko Snow Park.
Outside is a winter wonderland—there are faceless people going up ski lifts, people wearing oversized and ugly black winter coats, and a cacophony of sound that doesn’t have one specific source. When he looks down, he sees he’s also wearing a snowsuit of some kind and he flings off the red mittens on his hands. This place is his literal hell.
Atsumu freezes when he hears your voice. You weren’t supposed to see him yet, not until he—
He turns around slowly, and you let out the biggest sigh. You aren’t in snow clothes at all, but a knee-length plaid nightdress that looks like it belongs to a grandma. You sit in front of the fireplace, a flute of champagne to your right. Hopefully that’s a sign you hate ski resorts as much as he does.
“What are you doing here?”
“I, uh, came here to… check the place out. For the brochure."
Smooth, Atsumu.
“Oh,” you mumble then turn your back on him. “Well, have fun.”
“Can I join you?”
“I’d rather you not, Miya-san. I’m here to get away from stress.”
Oof. Only been a day and he’s already caused you this much stress? But hey, on the flip side, he thinks: this is progress. At least you’re out of the monotonous office. A few more days and maybe you’ll actually be in your room for once.
Do what you have to, Kita’s voice rings in his head, and Atsumu takes a deep breath before he changes. His face becomes leaner; his hair grows slightly longer and turns black; his eyes go from red to gold. He even changes his outfit for you—into a sweatshirt and sweatpants so it looks like he’s meant to join you the entire time.
“Who is Miya-san?”
If you notice his voice remains unchanged, you don’t say anything. You turn back around to regard him—well, his ugly, generic, humanoid face anyway—and give an apologetic smile.
“I’m sorry, I thought you were my new co-worker. He stressed me out today."
“Is that why you have a glass of champagne next to you?”
Atsumu slips down next to you and you let him, and that sets his lips into a thin line. His ego is bruised worse than when he’d drunkenly crashed into that truck years ago during one of his flights. You pick up the champagne flute and take a sip, then start talking about something or other. He pretends to be listening, but Atsumu really isn’t used to this. Normally his meals are easy—slip into a woman’s already steamy dream and give her what she wants. With you, it’s the opposite. As the humans put it, he has to 'wine and dine' you and he probably hasn’t done that once in his long life.
Eventually you stop talking about work, and Atsumu decides to go for it. His fingers (his actual fingers too) slip up to your loose hair and brush it behind your ear. He gives a warm smile, warmer than your cheeks after your champagne, and leans a bit closer.
“I’d like to kiss you now. Is that alright?”
He learned that movie from some romance movie at Kita’s house, but apparently it works like a charm, because you nod and give a little whisper of yes .
He leans in and presses his lips against yours, and a strange warmth spreads throughout his body when you press yourself closer to him. His hand wraps around your neck to tug you closer, and the movement makes you fall into him. Your hands come to his shoulders to steady yourself, your lips parting in a gasp, and he takes the opportunity to push his tongue into your mouth. You’re shy responding (he really didn’t expect that ), but your tongue meets his and Atsumu has to hold back a groan.
His tongue moves around yours slowly to not overwhelm you, but it’s so hard when all he wants to do is press you down on the floor and make you moan his name over and over. His body races with his own energy and he can smell your spiking arousal when he tugs you into his lap. Your legs perfectly straddle him and your nightdress rides up so he can feel all over the flesh of your thighs, squeezing and inching closer and closer to your core. You let out the most beautiful whimper into his mouth, and yes God, this is why he’s been chasing you, why he’s going through so much trouble to—
There’s a strange, distant beeping that grows louder the longer it goes on. It takes Atsumu a moment to realize it’s not part of your dream, but the thing that’s pulling you out. Your outlines are growing hazier; he can barely keep up the facade of his fake face before he’s thrown into a void of black. He pops out at the foot of your bed, barely managing to steady himself from how violently you forced him out of your mind, before he sees you start to squirm. Light streams through your drawn curtains and he’s out the open window in your living room before you can crack an eye open and see him standing in your apartment.
As he flies back toward his place, there’s only two things on his mind.
First, Osamu can never know he had to use some other guy’s face or he’ll never hear the end of it.
And second, that one small taste just wasn’t enough.
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meiansmistress · 27 days ago
principium | incubus atsumu chapter one
Tumblr media
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
atsumu thinks he has the easiest job in the world. dive into women's dreams, suck up their energy, and move onto the next victim. but when he targets you, he realizes that maybe... just maybe... he isn't so good at this whole incubus thing after all.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
pairing: incubus!atsumu miya x f!reader (main), kitasuna (side)
warnings: this is a nsfw comedy-ish series that may include somnophilia, so 18+, minors dni.
notes: written for atsumu april— a collaboration of media dedicated to our favorite blonde setter created in april 2021. masterpost will be posted later this month!
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
index: masterpost.  ☆  playlist. ☆  o. falsa.  ☆  i. principium. ☆ ii. insolentia. ☆ iii. temptatus. ☆ iv. doctrina. ☆ v. dormiens. ☆ vi. non auxilium.  ☆  vii. gratia. ☆ viii. una nocte. ☆ viiii. dolor
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
Atsumu really can’t believe one person can be so dedicated to their job.
Sure he knows some people really enjoy human work. His brother Osamu owns an onigiri shop, spending his days pretending to be a human and his nights following customers home to eat both in dreams and real life. “Shinsuke” Kita works as an assistant professor of some agricultural program, using the opportunity to invade the dreams and follow around his favorite meal, Rintarou Suna.
You, on the other hand, look like you absolutely hate your job. Yet it’s all you think about.
What the hell is wrong with you?
He doesn’t know how much longer he can take invading your dreams only to be stuck in the back of some cramped workplace while you run around on the phone. Atsumu can’t even figure out what you do for work because every night, the dream changes. Sometimes you’re filing taxes; other nights you’re booking some vacation for your boss; on unlucky nights, you’re crying at your desk because all of your files are gone.
You really need someone to help you take the edge off and he’s trying to do that for you, but you haven’t even noticed him slither into your personal and private space.
Again, what the hell is wrong with you?
“Just find someone else,” Osamu snaps, leaning back in his chair at his onigiri shop. For being an incubus, Atsumu has to admit his brother is good at making human food. “Stop being a stubborn jackass.”
“Thanks for the advice but I’m not gonna take it,” Atsumu grumbles behind a mouthful of buttered rice.
“You really need to get over your Adonis complex.”
“The fuck’s an Adonis complex?”
Osamu only shakes his head and stares at Atsumu like he’s a complete idiot. “Alright, if you wanna be a dumbass, ask Kita for help.”
Now there’s a good idea. From the time they met centuries ago, Kita has always been by their side, acting as a sounding board for their ideas. If anyone knows how to fix a problem, it’s Shinsuke Kita.
“Where’s he at anyway?”
“Probably with Suna.”
Atsumu snorts. For as straight-laced and serious as Kita can be, he went and fell in love with some regular human. It’s a bit funny, if you ask him. Atsumu has seen Suna around—the guy barely smiles at anyone, always looking like he’s about to rip your head off if you even dare to come close. But he’s also seen the blush on his face when Kita shows up to class or offers private tutoring and the way his eyes follow his professor as he leaves the room. That’s the dirty dreams for you.  
After Atsumu calls Kita for help, they both scale the building and worm their way into your apartment. Kita stands at the edge of your bed, watching your sleeping form for a moment, his red wings fluttering behind him as he concentrates. When he’s satisfied (with whatever the hell he was thinking), he turns to Atsumu with his usual stoicism.
“Come on then.”
You really should feel lucky that you have not only one, but two incubi invading your dreams tonight. Your cubicle is the exact same as usual, but unlike most of the previous nights, you’re alone in your office, hunched over your computer for some deadline. You don’t even notice him or Kita sitting in the back, observing you as you crunch numbers.
After a moment, Kita stands up, and everything demonic about him disappears. He looks like a regular bozo from your office—pressed suit pants, white button-up shirt, rimmed glasses hiding his red eyes. He’s even got the stupid lanyard hanging out of his front pocket.
He glides over to the door and pretends he just walked through, knocking lightly on the glass. Your tired eyes open in surprise when you see him.
“Excuse me. I was sent from the neighboring office to lock up, but I didn’t think anyone was still here.”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” you sigh, rubbing your temple. “I didn’t realize it was so late.”
“Is there anything I can help you with?” Kita’s voice is pure honey as he walks closer, offering you one of his rare smiles. “You look a bit stressed.”
“It’s just paperwork for a design project I’m heading. I’m sure I’ll be okay.”
“Let me help you.” Kita’s smile only grows as he leans over your rolling chair, taking a look at the papers scattered across your desk.
Atsumu feels the shift the moment it happens. His nose picks up on the scent of your arousal; his fingers flex when his sensitive hearing picks up on your slight gasp. Kita is rubbing your shoulder now, muttering about the tension in your muscles. He says something about how working so much is bad for your health and how you should ask for help, because he can certainly help you.
And holy shit, you actually turn your pretty eyes on him and Atsumu can see the desire swirling deep within when you finally get a good look at the man towering over you.
This is what turns you on? Some guy helping you with paperwork? Are you kidding?
Atsumu isn’t sure who moves first, but it’s infuriatingly easy for Kita to kiss you. He sets his cheek on his palm as he watches your lips drag over each other's until you’re putty under Kita’s soft touch. The moan you let out when his tongue touches yours makes the blood in his veins boil for two reasons. One, that should be him you’re kissing, you unknowing traitor. And two, goddamn do you sound amazing with your quiet mewls.
Kita begins to ghost his lips down your throat, and your fingers disappear into his white hair as you lean back to give him room. He sucks a small mark into your skin and Atsumu can tell you like that because you gasp and push your hips toward him, eyes sliding closed. When Kita pulls back and gets down on his knees in front of you, hiking your legs up over his shoulders, Atsumu can’t take it anymore. He slams his hand down on the table he’s sitting at and glares at the disappearing outline of his friend.
When they both re-appear, they’re standing at the edge of your bed like they had never left your room at all. You shift in your sleep, a little moan leaving your mouth, and it makes Atsumu’s frown deepen.
Kita looks entirely unapologetic as he blinks at him. “Didn’t you invite me here for this purpose?”
“To see if you could get her going, not get her off.”
“Both of those mean very similar things, you know.”
“Whatever,” Atsumu swats angrily at Kita in his annoyance. “Go back to Suna.”
“It’s because you don’t know what work means, Atsumu,” Kita lectures as he begins to walk toward the living room. “You haven’t worked a real human job in your lifetime so you don’t understand what she really wants.”
“I’m an incubus, the hell I need a job for? You’re the weirdo for even wanting one, Kita.”
Kita ignores the jab as he begins to climb out the window, light brown eyes like lasers as they stare back at him. “If you’re serious about wanting her, then I suggest you learn about human work sooner rather than later.”
With a push to the side of your apartment, Kita takes to the skies, most likely on his way to Suna’s apartment. Atsumu can still smell your arousal in his nostrils, like it’s been burned into his skin. One little whiff isn’t enough. He needs all of you—your touch, your smell, your taste. Your little mewl has awakened something in him—a pressing need for more. It’s not that he’s jealous, he tells himself. Not really anyway. It’s that he wants to bite Kita’s hands off for even daring to touch you because your house is his domain. There’s a big difference.
Fine. If learning about human work is what he has to do, he’ll do it.
And what better place to start than the company you work at?
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