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#incorrect thranduil quote
growingingreenwood · 3 days ago
Thranduil: Sometimes when I'm trying to discipline Legolas, I can hear my Adar's voice so clearly within my mind that it's almost like he's with me again, even though I know it cannot be true.
Celeborn: Laughing at you?
Thranduil, nodding: Hysterically
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growingingreenwood · 7 days ago
Thranduil, visibly stressed: Legolas would you please STOP trying to befriend every sentiment lifeform you come across? Not everything wants to be friends with you!
Legolas, about to pet a badger: Well I want to be friends with them.
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growingingreenwood · 19 days ago
Thranduil, about to sneak back out: Ada said he would deal with me tomorrow, which is probably for the best, because I've not yet finished with tonight.
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growingingreenwood · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
First panel reads: "You have to pick your battles, honey."
The second panel reads: "Well I'm full of rage and I'm picking all of them."
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Thranduil: If you can't beat them, dress better than them.
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dyns33 · a month ago
Y/N : “Mickey are you thirsty ? Here.” 
Michael : “Yes, my love, thank you, I... Wait.” 
Y/N : “What ?” 
Michael : “That’s your glass.” 
Y/N : “Yes ? But I’m not ill.” 
Michael : “You’re not, but you didn't fill me a glass, you give me yours because you don't want it anymore.” 
Y/N : “... I can throw it away if you want.” 
Michael : “No, I’m thirsty, and happy to share with you but it’s still a bit sad.” 
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harmfulsilvanelfling · a month ago
Thranduil: I'm so bored! I'm under home arrest for the hole month already!..
Oropher: It's just two days, actually.
Thranduil: Why, then, did I scribble thirty marks on the railing?
Oropher: Because you're a vandal-
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growingingreenwood · 2 months ago
Thranduil: Sorry, but I don't take orders from you.
Thranduil: Or anyone, really.
Thranduil: I barley even take suggestions.
Thranduil: If Eru himself came down and advised me to do something, I would take his opinion into light consideration.
Thranduil: ......probably.
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growingingreenwood · 3 months ago
Oropher: Are you ready to bring your A game?
Thranduil, hungover and obviously squinting at the sun: I mean I'll bring A game, I guess we're about to find out how good it is.
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ailynstark51 · 4 months ago
Drama Queen
*Y/n and Elrond arguing*
Thranduil: Hey hey I’m talking!
Y/n: ok my apologies miss blondie princess
Thranduil: miss WHO?
Elrond: He’s not a princess
Elrond: He’s a Drama Queen
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harmfulsilvanelfling · 4 months ago
Thranduil, looking at the plan of attacks Legolas gave him: Okay, I can understand anything, but if you're going to work this hard, you should probably become a bee.
Legolas: *aggressive buzzing*
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growingingreenwood · 4 months ago
Thingol: Thats enough, you can't hate Galadriel forever.
Thranduil: Respectfully, I disagree.
Thingol: That's not an option.
Thranduil: Alright then, I disrespectfully disagree.
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growingingreenwood · 4 months ago
Galion: When you hit rock bottom, nowhere to go but up! Thranduil: I hit rock bottom, then bounced into a cave system. The caves go on and on until they finally end in the flaming hellscape of the fiery core of the planet. I'm not even sure which way is up anymore.
The real reason Gandalf took Gollum to Mirkwood was to see if Thranduils moltan cave would be able to melt the ring
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harmfulsilvanelfling · 4 months ago
«Don't worry I'm absolutely wine»
- Thranduil. Morning after a party.
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growingingreenwood · 4 months ago
Orc in the Hobbit: The flames of war are upon you!
Thranduil: Bitch they've BEEN upon us! Im pretty sure its safe to say that both sides involved are now burnt to an unpleasant crispness from the flames! Its literally been several decades, you stupid overgrow mud puddle.
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harmfulsilvanelfling · 4 months ago
Thranduil, dramatically: It was a pure suffering! Why did you do this to me? It seemed like hours!
Celebrian: Thran, for the love of Eru, it was JUST a dinner with my mother, a fifteen minutes dinner!!
Thranduil: aka the longest suffering.
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growingingreenwood · 5 months ago
Galion: Do you ever think that somehow we were all meant to find each other?
Ferdan: What? How?
Galion: I don't know.... fate or something?
Thranduil: More like misery loves company.
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growingingreenwood · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
"But then, Thranduil did not need a throne to be powerful; a throne is merely a chair if you care little for what it offers you. A dragon is just as likely to kill you with one breath outside of its den as in it."
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