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#incorrect sw
coalmine301 · 11 hours ago
Cody: Ah, it looks like Grievous has a new backpack.
Shiny: Sir?
Cody: *passes them the binocs*
Grievous, running around and jumping about wildly: *screaming*
Obi-wan, latched onto his back like a koala: *also screaming*
Cody: Believe it or not this is far from the dumbest thing I've witnessed this week.
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sith-soka · 14 hours ago
Crosshair, bored: Omega, say kriff.
Omega: Krieeff!
Crosshair: Say osik [shit]
Omega: Osik!
Crosshair: Now say shab [ass].
Omega: Shab!
Crosshair: Okay, now go tell buir Hunter the new words you learned.
Hunter, later: Crosshair, what the FRICKITY FRACK did you teach Omega? We banned bad words!
Omega: Hehe kriff
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sith-soka · 20 hours ago
Hunter, teaching Omega to drive: So, Tech and Crosshair walk onto the road. What do you hit?
Omega: Oh, Crosshair! We can kidnap him and remove his chip!
Hunter, sighing: No, the brakes. But that is a good idea.
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chissbliss · 21 hours ago
Thrawn: I’ve learned that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off is easy and fun as hell
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a-random-nerd · a day ago
Anakin: You fuckers don’t know about my knife stick. It’s a knife taped to a stick and it’s the ultimate weapon.
Obi-Wan, not looking up from their book: Spear.
Anakin: BLOCKED.
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coalmine301 · a day ago
Incorrect Quotes as things said in my Vet Med class (because i miss them :( )
Teacher: *pulls a whole digestive tract out of a bucket of preservatives*
Ventress: Well now I’m hungry for octopus.
Obi-wan, probably sleep deprived: Watch, I can speak French! *speaks German*
Ahsoka: I got a fifty!
Barriss: Ayyyy!
Ahsoka: Ayyyy!
Anakin: I got a 100
Ahsoka: Cap!
Obi-wan: No, he did.
Anakin: It’s cause I prayed to Rihanna.
Anakin: I got a new job :D
Plo: Cool, where do you work?
Anakin: Oh, I quit already
Plo: ...where did you use to work?
Playing a review game:
Rex: What’s a drug you use for allergies?
Hardcase: C-4!
Cody/Rex: Dear god, did we all leave our brain cells at home today? 
Obi-wan: I trust you.
Ventress: Thank you.
Obi-wan: More than anyone else here.
Ventress: *starts laughing* That’s not saying much.
Obi-wan: Oh I know
Jar Jar: New Orleans is South of Louisiana
Anakin, checking groupwork: That one’s right. So are all of them, probably, because everything I do is right.
Obi-wan: ... you crashed your car yesterday.
Ahsoka: Hey, I’m a lesbian. I think about this car 24/7.
Ranom Jedi: Have you killed anyone today?
Ventress: Not yet.
Count Dooku: This is where you’re trying to be at. *holds hand up* And the effort is almost valiant. However, where you  really are is… *touches floor*
Anakin: I don’t know much about people.
Vokara Che: *cuts a pool noodle* Oh no, we’re bleeding out
Rex: Are you ok?
Fives, on the ground: Yeah, I’m just old.
Rex: We’re the same age.
Fives: Old and decrepit.
Rex: You’re 17. Get up.
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sith-soka · a day ago
Bad Batch Incorrect Quotes
”I don’t give a shit if you’re attracted to guys or not. You better get attracted to destroying droids before you worry about you nonexistent love life.”
"Who do I like? Knives are nice."
“Calm your tits, Sarge. I told you it would take a few minutes.”
"Your lack of intelligence is making this challenging."
”A few of you may die and that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.”
I would die for you. “Then perish.”
"I'm awake and I'm going to make that everyone else's problem."
*hold up a proton bomb* "I named her Maya and we're getting married tomorrow."
”I may not have a robo-dick, but I have something else” *winks and holds up his prosthetic* Echo, that would tear up someone’s insides. “Shhh, let the fangirls run with it.”
"I'm gucci."
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coalmine301 · 2 days ago
Obi-wan: The first thing we have to do is make sure we’re not followed.
Anakin: On it! *blows up the door*
Anakin: What?
Ahsoka: What’s the second thing we have to do?
Obi-wan: Keep a low profile.
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coalmine301 · 2 days ago
Anakin: We can get pets? Even a mythical one?! Like a penguin!
Obi-wan: Ani, penguins are real.
Anakin: Tha’s the spirit, Ob—wan. Penguins are real to me too.
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irresponsibility101 · 3 days ago
“nothing gayer than me specifically”
- commander fox, ahsoka tano, luke skywalker, me, quinlan vos, commander cody, fennec shand and everybody else in this fucking universe
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coalmine301 · 4 days ago
Ahsoka: You're lactose intolerant.
Anakin, with a massive tub of icecream: My body, my choice.
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sith-soka · 4 days ago
Tech, after too much time on the Holonet: -so I was sitting there with barbecue sauce on my tiddies-
Hunter: Your WHAT
Echo, who was schooled in the language of meme by the one and only commander Tano: No, let him finish
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ap-kinda-lit · 4 days ago
Ben, disguised as Matt the Radar Technician: I heard that Kylo Ren is pretty shredded. He has an eight pack and everything.
Finn: What? That can't be true.
Rey: No, it's true. I've seen it. He's like an ox chiseled out of ivory.
Everyone: *looks at Rey*
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marlenverse · 5 days ago
Bail Organa, during his first meet with Obi-Wan: People do not agitate me as much as you do.
Obi-Wan Kenobi, who hates politicians and does not trust Bail yet: Yeah? Well, fuck you, Senator. You want to get messy with me, I’ll show you messy.
Padmé Amidala, being the middle person and watching it go down: Master Kenobi! Senator Organa! You’re two are like kids, honestly.
Bail & Obi-Wan, in unison because they both respect her: We’re sorry, Padmé.
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chaoticgoodcatgirl · 6 days ago
Been watching a bunch of vine compilations, so have some Rebels as vines.
Ezra: I have no soul. Have a nice day!
Kanan: I don’t have one either.
Hera: Your father and I wanna talk.
Kanan: Have you been doing drugs or having sex?
Sabine: No.
Hera, crying: I told you we were raising a pussy—
Thrawn: Well, if it isn’t Ezra Bridger.
Ezra: But it is me.
Thrawn: No, it’s an expression—
Ezra: Your Imperial tricks won’t work on me!
Sabine: Would you rather fight a bunch of kindergartners—
Chopper: I wanna fight kindergartners.
Sabine: See that’s not even the whole—
Chopper: Those kids are gettin’ slapped!
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galaxy-of-fools · 7 days ago
Finn: People tend to think I'm the smart one in the relationship.
Poe: *stumbles into the background struggling to put on skinny jeans, trips, falls*
Finn: What they fail to realize is that there is no "smart one" in our relationship.
*camera zooms out to reveal finn is holding a toaster with two books lodged inside*
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w-i-s-e-d-o-g · 9 days ago
Rafa: You're the fun police.
Hunter: Okay. Well if I'm the fun police, then your director of funland security.
Echo Omega, Wrecker and Trace: (groaning)
Cid: Oh good, more of this.
Omega: What do you think, the constant bickering. It was cute at first, but well, Tech explains it best.
Tech: To be blunt, your sexual tension and lack of chemistry are putting us all on edge, which is why ironically, and hear this on every level, you're keeping us from being friends.
Rafa: Hunter and I do not have sexual tension.
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