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#incorrect svt quotes
Mingyu: I made a mistake. Now are you going to help me fix it or are you going to continue to berate me?
Jihoon: I am perfectly capable of doing both simultaneously.
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Jihoon: Vernon, these lyrics are excellent. You did a great job.
Vernon: *who doesn't know how to take a compliment* Thanks bro, don't forget to smash that like button!
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svt-incorrect · 2 days ago
Seungkwan: babe~
Seungkwan: angel~
Seungkwan: hansol-ah~
Seungkwan: precious little nugget
Seungkwan: slumbering little bug
Seungkwan: if you don't answer me the pet names are just going to get meaner.
Seungkwan: bowl of cereal that's been sitting out for like an hour.
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bloopseventeen · 3 days ago
Vernon : would you fight a ghost or a clown?
Hoshi : fighting a clown would be like fighting myself
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[SVT groupchat]
Junhui: Guys I bought a snake, what should I name him?
Seungcheol: You did WHAT?!
Wonwoo: William Snakespeare.
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svt-incorrect · 3 days ago
The8: i've already sent good vibes your way… they’re coming. There’s nothing you can do to stop them.
DK: that's the most threatening way anyone has ever cheered me up with.
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bloopseventeen · 4 days ago
Wen Junhui : *exists*
Angels in heavens : welp seems like we're jobless now folks
♡ #FallInLoveWithJunDay
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Soonyoung: Cats and dogs aren't special for running into doors and eating things they shouldn't because it makes them sick. I can do that too.
Joshua: Yeah but they're cute when they do it, you’re just a menace to society.
Soonyoung: You say that like it's not a compliment.
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bloopseventeen · 4 days ago
Jun : you're all invited to my birthday party!
Random cats in the room : meow?
♡ #FallInLoveWithJunDay
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Vernon: Fuck!
Manager: Vernon, language!
Vernon: Uh, Korean.
Manager: ...
Vernon: Or English, take your pick.
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Jeonghan: I love cheating. If you don't cheat, what the hell is wrong with you?
Jihoon: What the fuck, have you ever been cheated on?
Jeonghan: I forgot some people are in relationships. To clarify, I love to violate the rules of integrity at any game in which I participate.
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svt-incorrect · 6 days ago
Seungkwan: "make a unit" they said, "you'll all be amazing friends" they said, "it'll be fun" they said.
DK, from the kitchen: PUT IT OUT! PUT IT OUT!!
Vernon, from the other room: it's called a FIRE EXTINGUISHER! A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!
[loud glass shattering, DK screaming]
Seungkwan, deadpan: don't ever make a unit. ever. and if you do, don't make a second one.
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Junhui: I can't believe this is all real! I thought it was something adults made up to scare kids. Like vitamins.
Wonwoo: Junhui, vitamins are real.
Junhui: Well, now I'm thinking they could be.
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svt-incorrect · 8 days ago
The8: I hate reading clichés. Authors really be like ‘he hates everyone in the world but her’ what nonsense.
Also The8, at 3 am, sobbing: oh my god he hates everyone in the world but her.
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Minghao: Hey, I helped you out that time you got your foot stuck in a toilet.
Mingyu: Yeah, after you were done laughing and taking pictures.
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