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#incorrect sparda fam quotes
incorrectnerov-quotes · 10 days ago
Dante: Accidentally indulged in too much ‘me time’, turns out I’ve been reported missing for over six months and presumed dead by most local and national authorities.
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incorrectnerov-quotes · 11 days ago
Dante:*goes into Nero's room*
Nero:*closes laptop*
Dante:Guess it’s just you and me tonight
Nero: Okay, I'll be down soon.
Dante: *leaves the room*
Nero: *opens laptop*
Dante, barging in: WHAT ARE YOU HIDING FROM ME!?
Nero, panicking: pORN.
Dante: Don't lie to me!
Nero: Fine, I was trying to message V.
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incorrectnerov-quotes · 15 days ago
Babysitter Dante
Dante: I love that babies ball their hands up into fists all the time.”
Dante: Joy, you can’t even sit up yet, who are you gonna fight? I support it completely, but who are you going after? Who’s trying you?
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