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#incorrect solangelo quotes
heyimboredtalktome4 hours ago
Reyna: So what kind of people do you usually get a crush on?
Nico: Well-
Nico: *glances at Percy and Will who're both trying to see who can fit more marshmallows in their mouth*
Nico: Dumb people, I'd say
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heyimboredtalktome5 hours ago
Leo: *rolling over* You up?
Jason: *rolling over* Yeah babe, what's up?
Will: *rolling over* You up?
Nico: *violently flopping on top of him* bitch what the fuck do you want
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butterflies-glitter10 hours ago
Jason: Why are you on the floor?
Nico: I'm depressed
Nico: Also I was stabbed, can you get Will, please?
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perseaschase19 hours ago
percy: hey, i accidentally ate nico鈥檚 happy meal. how long do you reckon i have left?
will: 10鈥
percy: ten what?!
will: 9鈥
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perseaschase19 hours ago
will: i thought you said you were 鈥榠nteresting鈥?
nico, lying down: no. i said i was 鈥榠nto resting.鈥
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heyimboredtalktomea day ago
Poseidon: Wow my son is amazing! He definitely deserves a break from all this questing nonsense
Hades: My son is the only worthy hero in the universe, no I don't take criticism
Zeus: My son called me unwise so I let him die
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