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#incorrect sith lords
cyanidarts · 2 months ago
Vette : I was wondering how much you truly love me.
Sith Warrior : Take a look at the sky. I love you more than the whole stars in it.
Vette : But it's morning and there are no stars in the sky. Does that mean you don't love me?
Sith Warrior : That means I love you so much but you can't see.
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allisinflux · 2 months ago
(if Jamie managed to escape the Time Lords and be there for Two’s regeneration)
Jamie: (to Three, leaning against the TARDIS) Need any company? I’m not doing anything. Besides, if I’m not around to bail ye out of trouble, who knows what could happen?
Three: (smiles, and gestures for Jamie to follow him)
Jamie: (following) All right, then, where are we going again? I mean, because last time we were heading toward this mining colony on the edge of space, and there was this War Lord, and...(voice fades away)
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claranidala · 2 months ago
Actual footage of me and @veradunspersonalspace conversating:
Me: You don't have to sign your name on texts.
Malgus: Dear Jane, Suggestion noted. Sincerely, Darth Malgus.
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claranidala · 2 months ago
Satine: I‘m cold
Obi-Wan: Here, take my Jacket
Anakin: I‘m cold too
Padme: What? *takes off jacket* I told you to bring more layers but of course you didn't listen and now *pils scarves on him* now look, I've got to make sure you don't freeze to death *takes Obi-Wan‘s hat* how long have you been cold you should've said something sooner
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claranidala · 2 months ago
Anakin to Padme, lying on the ground face down: and then I called him dad...
*meanwhile in Satines Quarters*
Obi-Wan to Satine, with proud tears in his eyes: and then he called me dad!
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claranidala · 2 months ago
Obi-Wan, very seriously: You need to stop doing weird things. Going out might help.
Anakin: I went to the park today
Obi-Wan: There you go! I hope you got something from that!
Anakin: *opens his coat* This loth cat
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claranidala · 2 months ago
Padme: Anakin's been looking at me kind of a lot this week.
Padme: I would be creeped out by it but it's nothing compared to how Clovis looks at me.
Clovis: *intense creep staring*
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chaoticspacefam · 3 months ago
Ni’kasi (Sith Inquisitor): Andronikos and I decided we’re going to adopt.
Xalek, surprised: Really?
Ashara: You don’t...want to have your own?
Ni’kasi, slamming adoption papers down in front of them both: No, because it’s you two. Sign this.
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claranidala · 3 months ago
Sabe: And Anakin’s your best friend, I’m sure he’ll come to his senses and pick you.
Obi-Wan: He’s not my best friend, we’re not 12. If he wants Kitster to be his best man, I really don’t care.
Sabe: Sounds like you care
Obi-Wan: No, I mean it’s just annoying. We talk every day, we see each other all the time, he’s always there for me and basically-
Obi-Wan: Oh my God, Anakin’s my best friend.
Sabe: You okay?
Obi-Wan: No, my best friend didn’t ask me to be his best man. I’m pissed!
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claranidala · 3 months ago
Obi-Wan: I miss Satine
Anakin: well, you still have me
Obi-wan: it’s not the same. I can talk to Satine about things that I can't talk to you about.
Anakin: like what?
Obi-Wan: the annoying things that you do.
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