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#incorrect reader
escapenightmare · 12 minutes ago
Sero : Y/N...
Sero : are you cheating on me..?
Y/N :
Y/N : ...yeah
Sero : how could you?
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zaidlynsblog · 23 minutes ago
suna: hi
y/n: if your planning on making me fall in love with you then ghosting me then no thanks
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lpzallana · an hour ago
A date with Steve Rogers...
steals kisses all day and all over your body(let’s not mention those quickies in just 8 hours in the day)
he definitely doesn’t know what’s he doing.
asking someone for help or advice for
bought you a really nice red velvet dress
tux-ed steve(he knows what they do to you) beside his car with a hundred of red rose bouquet with a single aster in the middle resting in his hands, waiting for you. happy valentine’s sweetheart
a nice picnic dinner in front of a beautiful lake.
oh, how he loves it when you laugh at his little dad jokes
walk in the park because he wants to prolong the day even though there’s a whole different world waiting at his house, his bedroom.
“you know I love you right? because I do and I will never stop” he mentioned while your bodies are entangled to one another with swaying hips in the living room.
he loved this moment with you.
Intimate and peaceful... the peace he craved for a long time but can't get a grasp of
you squeaked when he suddenly grabbed your thighs and put them around his waist.
“ I do, really. and let me show you how much”
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zaidlynsblog · an hour ago
tsukki: i hate you so much
y/n: well if you "hate" me so much why do you have a boner?
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zaidlynsblog · an hour ago
kuroo: y/n is physically thick
y/n: and mentally sick
kenma: *why are we friends again silent*
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idyllicmei · 3 hours ago
Y/n: I have no idea what I'm doing, I just know that I'm doing it really well
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idyllicmei · 3 hours ago
Y/n: Can you tuck me in?
Sam: ???
Bucky: You just handed me a shovel
Y/n: Yeah, just spread the dirt over me as evenly as you can, thanks.
Steve: No!
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idyllicmei · 3 hours ago
Y/n: I think I'm in love with Alix
Kim: Congratulations. You're officially the last person to know
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idyllicmei · 3 hours ago
Harry: So why did you two get kicked out of the movies?
Hermione: Y/n was telling driving scores during Titanic as people jumped off the boat
Y/n: That last guy had a solid 8 let me tell you
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idyllicmei · 3 hours ago
Natasha: What are you doing?
Y/n, drinking her 7th cup of coffee: My best
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sanityisforlosers · 4 hours ago
Let's make 2021 the year we start shipping pasta x pasta as much as the fandom used to 😌👉🏻👈🏻💗
Main ships Im writing for:
Eyeless Jack x Homicidal Liu
Jeff the Killer x Ben Drowned
Candy Pop x Jason the Toymaker
Puppeteer x Bloody Painter (Jonathan x Helen)
Jonathan x Kagekao x Helen
Jonathan x Kagekao
I will write other pasta x pasta ships - if you have a request for a different send it anyway. 😌
Also I'm open to writing all genres.
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linaasthoughts · 5 hours ago
Haikyuu Incorrect Quotes
Hinata: Okay, truth or dare?
Kenma: Truth
Hinata: How many hours have you slept this week?
Kenma: ...Dare
Hinata: Go to bed.
Kenma: I don’t like this game.
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lesbian-deadpool · 5 hours ago
Y/N: I got called pretty today.
Y/N: Actually the full statement was “You’re pretty dumb”, but I’m only focusing on positive things today.
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twst-shenanigans · 5 hours ago
twst Incorrect quote #150
MC: “Biology says you’re 7% blood.”
MC: “Chemistry says you’re 70% water.”
MC: “And Physics says you’re 99.999% empty space.”
MC: “But I think you are 101% STUPID!”
Ace, Deuce and Grimm: .....
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seekinglumos · 5 hours ago
ice cream || H.P
summary: harry gets excited when he sees you licking an ice cream cone
word count: 1352
warning: face riding, slight degration, overstimulation, dirty talk, lmk if i missed anything
a/n: im on my period, im tried asf, im sorry if this is bad
Tumblr media
“Thank you, Sir” You smiled at the old man who handed you your ice cream cones, you carefully grabbed the four cones and walked over to your friends and boyfriend. You handed everyone their cone, finally taking your vanilla one,” So are we going to keep shopping or should we just rest a bit before going back?” You asked them.
“More shopping? Bloody hell Mackenzie I’m only one man” Ron faked cried, you all laughed at the tired boy who was halfway done with his cone. You all got to Hogsmead in the morning to shop for random things and it was almost sunset, Ron complained the whole day. You took a seat by Hermione, your face facing your boyfriend Harry.
Hermione and you began talking about your day and whatever came to mind, your cold tongue licking the soft white cream, you were too distracted paying attention to Hermione to notice your boyfriend’s stare. You swirled your tongue around the ice cream, enjoying it because it was actually good. Hermione began getting excited telling her story and she accidentally hit your cone, resulting in a bit of ice cream falling on your chin. Harry’s eyes went wide when he saw the white cream dripping off your chin, he started thinking of the times his cum dripped off the same way, you took your finger cleaning the cream up, and bringing it back into your mouth.
“Guys let’s go,” Harry said quickly standing up, he grabbed your shopping bags and pulled your finger out of your mouth when he gripped your hand to stand up. You looked confusingly back at your friends,” We’ll see you there” Harry said, he pulled you out of the ice cream shop the bell ringing when you two left.
“Love are you okay?” You asked worried, you stopped walking to try to check on him, his cheeks were a bit red you placed your hand on his cheek,” are you sick love?” you asked but he shook his head.
He smiled at your innocence,” Let’s get on the train please” He smiled down at you, you took his hand to begin walking to the train stop. Once you got to the train and your own compartment he placed all the bags on the floor. You still had your cone in your hand, you continued to eat it on the way back to Hogwarts,” god damn it y/n, now all I can think of is you licking my cock like it’s that ice cream cone” He groaned.
You tried to hold back a smirk, the whole train ride you spent teasing the poor boy.
Once you stepped off the train harry dragged you to his dorm locking the door when he realized everyone was gone, he turned to face you. He smirked when he saw your nervous face, he lifted you up from the floor and threw you onto his bed as if you weight nothing,” Harry I’m not an object to be thrown around!” You shouted at him.
He chuckled at your reaction, he climbed onto the bed spreading your legs open with his body. He stood on his knees between you, his hands on either side of your face,” your my slut, and I do whatever I want to you” He smirked,” right…?” he asked
You giggled at him all dom yet consensual way of being,” yes harry” He smiled proudly down at you, one of his hands took both your little ones on top of your head pinning them above your head while his other hand ripped your blouse open reveling your lace bra,” Harry! My blouse” You cried out.
His free hand began to rub small circles on your breasts,” I bought you the same shirt today while you were Hermione at the lingerie store” He smiled down at you, his hand went on your right nipple slightly pinching it through the lacey material causing it to become erect,” I didn’t eat my ice cream cone, and I’m craving something sweet” He whispered he lowered himself to wrap his mouth over your clothed nipple, the material giving you a new sensation.
Small moans left your lips,” what do you want baby?” you asked
He pulled your bra up not bothering to untie it to let your breasts fall out, he lazily wrapped his lips to your hardened nipple, giving it a small bite,” You” He said, your nipple still in his mouth. His tongue twirling the little erected ball, he lightly bit it pulling back. Your back arched into him, he took the hand that was keeping you still to your other nipple so they both got the same attention.
You felt yourself becoming wetter,” how do you want me?” you groaned at the feeling of his lips on your breasts. One of his hands went to grab your hands again while the other hand began to trail down your breast, down your stomach, and under your skirt and panties, his fingers grazing over your throbbing clit.
He took his index finger rubbing small circles on your clit, his eyes shot up to your face. Your mouth hung open, moans living your mouth when harry finally began doing something,” I want you on my face” He smirked, he quickly pulled his fingers out your skirt, pulling your panties down and flipping you both over so you were straddling him, your bare cunt on his shirt.
“Are you sure?” You asked, the idea of being on his face sent butterflies to your tummy
“Only if you okay with this princess” He reassured you, you nodded. You slowly began making your way towards him, you turned around and noticed you left a wet stain on his t-shirt, you became insecure,” That’s hot” He groaned, one of his hands going to grab your ass. You gave him a peck on the lips. You continued to crawl until you were on top of him, you were standing on your knees, him under your cunt his warm breath making you shiver.
He wrapped his hands around your thighs pushing you down on him his mouth identity attacking your cunt. You let out an unexpected scream, you glanced down at Harry who had furrow his eyebrows. You quickly held onto the headboard so you had some type of support,” Harry! Fuck- Harry!” You cried out as his tongue traced his name in you.
He would say words but it only sent you vibrations onto your cunt, a little bubble feeling starting to appear,” Like this?” Harry asked, his tongue swiping up and down, side to side, sucking everything he could. Your thighs began to violently shake around his head, you were nervous you could crush him but he didn’t mind. He brought one of his hands to play with your nipple. You moaned while your hand played with the other one.
You were about to fall forwards but harry help you slide down a bit, the new position having his nose hit your clit every time he moved his mouth,” Shit! Harry, please” You whined at the friction he was making with his nose. He smirked under you, he pulled you even more down. Your hips started to buckle, your throat began to hurt from all the moaning. The bubble in your tummy was about to pop,” I’m close!” you cried
Harry nodded under you, he brought his hand down from your breast to your clit rubbing your clit. Your hands flew to his hair pulling on it hard,” Cum for me love!” He cried out. You panted hard nodding at the boy under you, his voice sent vibrations up your body finally causing the bubble to pop,” Holy fuck! Harry” You screamed out, your hips grinding on his face, Harry smiled as he helped you to continue riding out your high.
You glanced down at the boy whose mouth was covered in your release, you were about to climb off harry but his hands locked your thighs in,” I’m still hungry” He chuckled at your reaction your eyes widening at what he said,” Love we’re barley getting started”
join the taglist *updated*
tags- @i-love-scott-mccall @hey-there-angels @sw33tgirl @wh0re4blaise
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imaginethatinthetardis · 6 hours ago
Ten: So if the door was locked how did you get in?
Y/N: hit it with my shoe.
Ten: You're 'shoe' seems to have the ballistic capabilities of a flintlock pistol.
Y/N: Fancy that.
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zaidlynsblog · 6 hours ago
hermione: exist
y/n: and here i thought i was straight
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zaidlynsblog · 7 hours ago
y/n and atsumu: *getting married*
y/n: *crying*
atsumu: awww she's so happy that's shes crying
y/n: *thinking to herself* what a time to find out i don't love him what do i do know?!
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