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#incorrect quotes star wars
incorrectclonequotes · 14 minutes ago
Rex: Damn, the power went out.
Fives: Don’t worry, I got this.
Fives: *stomps foot*
Rex: What-?
Fives: *sketchers light up*
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Krell: Why are you doing this?
Plo: Because I'm bored, it's funny, and I hate you. There you are, that's the holy trinity of 'why'.
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incorrectclonequotes · 2 hours ago
Rex: How the hell are you still alive?
Echo: Honestly, I’m just as confused as you are.
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movietimegirl · 2 hours ago
Boba: [Hoverbording] Hey, Din, Fennec! Watch me do the Grouchy Katan.
Bo Katan: Stop naming moves after me.
Boba:[Imitating Bo Katan] Everybody gets to dark saber except for me.
Bo Katan: Well, it's true.
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Vokara: You’re avoiding your problems, Kenobi
Obi-Wan: I’m not avoiding my problems!
Obi-Wan: But can we talk about my Master next session?
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Kit: That's one of my biggest fears.
Cin: What is?
Kit: If I ever, like, woke up as a donut--
Cin: You would eat yourself.
Kit: I wouldn't even question it.
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incorrectclonequotes · 4 hours ago
Fox: Just took a personality test and got an A+.
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Anakin: The new plan is…no plan! We wing it! It’s probably not gonna work, but I said it with a lot of confidence!
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chaoticgoodcatgirl · 5 hours ago
Ahsoka: I eat Cheerios because they’re heart healthy! And my heart has been severely damaged.
Ahsoka: So Barriss if you’re out there—
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aharborformyships · 5 hours ago
Hiccup: Hey, Anna, I’ve got a dragon. You can fly anywhere. Why go back? You got a family? You got a boyfriend? ...A cute boyfriend?
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maul: i’m going to kill you.
obi-wan: understandable. could i finish my tea first?
obi-wan: it’s good tea.
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anadventureinfandoms · 6 hours ago
212th Attack Battalion Incorrect Canon Quotes
(A large carnivorous plant has Cody hoisted into the air with one of its vines and it attempting to lower him into its mouth.)
Obi-Wan, watering the plant: Please don't die!
Cody, aiming his blaster at the plant: DIE!
Obi-Wan, deflecting blaster shots away from the plant: PLEASE DON'T DIE!
Boil, confused: Why are they yelling at a plant?
Waxer: The General found this carnivorous plant, and despite it trying to eat Commander Cody, he wants him to accept it as their child.
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just-my-photos · 6 hours ago
Obi-wan: Oh no....
Cody over the com: What happened?
Obi-wan: It appears that, I am stuck.
Cody: Where?
Obi-wan: Please don't ask that.
Cody: Obi-wan where?
Obi-wan: You remember that small gap?
Cody: Yes.
Obi-wan: Apparently my buttocks are too thic to pass through.
Cody: So you want to tell me, that your ass is to big for the gap?
Obi-wan: yeah...
Obi-wan: Cody??
Waxer: Ah.... Sorry sir, but it seems that commander Cody has a breakdown.
Boil: Yeah and some others as well.
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adreamfromnevermore · 7 hours ago
*Rex standing suspiciously in front of a random storage room*
Obi-wan: Anakin?? Captain, have you seen Anakin?
Rex: Sorry General, I haven't seen him since the last time I saw him.
Obi-wan: And when was that Captain?
Rex: Definitely the last time I saw him.
Anakin peeking out of the room: Is he gone yet?
Rex: Please sir, just tell him. I can't keep doing this, I ran out of excuses two weeks into the war.
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incorrectswtor · 8 hours ago
Smuggler: I've never encountered a problem that can't be solved by an spontaneous musical number.
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anakin: wanna hear some dark humor? 
obi-wan: if you insist-- 
anakin, turning off the lights: knock knock! 
obi-wan: turn the lights back on. 
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incorrectclonequotes · 8 hours ago
Kix: Smart is attractive. Educate me on something I don't know!
Jesse: The mouth of a jellyfish is also an anus.
Kix: Stop.
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Corran Horn: Things are finally going my way. In fact, they’re going great! I have a chance to live after all!
Corran Horn: [two seconds later] I am fucked, and I’m gonna die!
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