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#incorrect prequel triology
claranidala · 10 days ago
Anakin: I’m capable of babysitting
Padme: Don’t call it babysitting, they’re your children. It’s called parenting
Anakin: What’s the difference?
Padme: You don’t get paid
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claranidala · 14 days ago
Padme: Quick question, where are the kids right now?
Anakin: They’re upstairs
Padme: They’re at daycare
Anakin: They’re at daycare?
Padme: They’re upstairs!!
Anakin: Why are you messing with me?
[Later that day]
Obi-wan: Where are the kids?
Anakin: I thought they were with you
Obi-wan, panicking: What? No!
Anakin: I’m kidding. They’re at daycare. Ha!
Obi-wan: What about me makes you think my heart can handle that joke???
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claranidala · 28 days ago
Anakin: Padme?
Padme: Yeah?
Anakin: There’s something out here.
Padme: Just trap it under a cup and I’ll be there in a minute.
Anakin: I’ll try but it’s Obi-Wan.
Padme: What?? What is he doing here?
Anakin: I told you if we left the tea on the counter, we’d attract something
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claranidala · 3 months ago
Sabe: And Anakin’s your best friend, I’m sure he’ll come to his senses and pick you.
Obi-Wan: He’s not my best friend, we’re not 12. If he wants Kitster to be his best man, I really don’t care.
Sabe: Sounds like you care
Obi-Wan: No, I mean it’s just annoying. We talk every day, we see each other all the time, he’s always there for me and basically-
Obi-Wan: Oh my God, Anakin’s my best friend.
Sabe: You okay?
Obi-Wan: No, my best friend didn’t ask me to be his best man. I’m pissed!
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claranidala · 3 months ago
Obi-Wan: I miss Satine
Anakin: well, you still have me
Obi-wan: it’s not the same. I can talk to Satine about things that I can't talk to you about.
Anakin: like what?
Obi-Wan: the annoying things that you do.
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claranidala · 5 months ago
Anakin: Pretty slim pickings at the drugstore. All I got was, uh, Sith me Once: The Unauthorized Sheev Palpatine Story. Anyway, I got all your stuff: your bandages, your hydrogen peroxide, your shuura fruits-
Padme: You’re making too big a fuss out of this. Ani, I mean, I‘ve had much worse. This is just a bruised toe
Anakin: It’s your index toe. Very serious. That’s the toe you point with.
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claranidala · 5 months ago
So I started reading Clone Wars Wild Space, which is legends, but still
Also Spoiler warning if u don’t like spoilers and plan on reading it c:
Tumblr media
I screamed
For context: Obi-Wan asked Padme to end her relationship with Anakin, after Geonosis and she played along, because she refused to end it but didn’t want obi wan to know that.
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claranidala · 5 months ago
Anakin: You know what I’m thinking about, Padme?
Padme: What, Ani?
Anakin: That when you stand up, there’s gonna be, like, a perfect imprint of your butt in the sand.
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