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#incorrect percy jackson quotes
justonemorechapternicercy · 19 minutes ago
Percy: You know what I realized?
Nico: That some thoughts are better left unsaid?
Percy: Nice try, but no.
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lagreyowl · 4 hours ago
Annabeth: I'm dumb
Leo: I'm cold
Percy: I'm dehydrated
Jason: I'm alive
Jason: Beat that!
Nico: Um, well
Will: C'mon, Nico, admit it and you'll win this discussion!
Nico: I don't want to win any stupid discussion. It's not even a discussion!
Will: Pleeease
Nico: ..Fine.
Nico: I am sunshine
Will: FINALLY! You agree!
Nico: You know what? I'm straight too.
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new camper: but wait, do dragons exist?
malcolm: sadly, yes
new camper: but how?? their wing proportions and weight contradict so it’s impossible for them to fly
malcolm: i have no idea how any of this stuff works, only that monsters exist and they want to kill me
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spiderintheathenacabin · 5 hours ago
Mr D: I assure you, this type of idiocy will not be tolerated
Percy: Is there another type of idiocy you'd prefer?
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perseaschase · 6 hours ago
percy, skating into the big house with clout goggles and a rainbow smoothie: chiron, your not gonna fucking believe this
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persephcned · 6 hours ago
Chiron: I want to show you a picture from last night that really upset me
Leo: Okay but in my defense Piper bet me 50 cents that I couldn't drink all that shampoo
Chiron: that's not what i- you drank SHAMPOO?
Leo: What?! No! You're the one farting bubbles
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malloryiswlw · 9 hours ago
Clarisse: Alright, let's tell each other a secret about ourselves. I'll go first: I. Hate. You.
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heyimboredtalktome · 10 hours ago
Nico: Ah yes, baguettes, the snakes of bread. We'll take two of your freshest yeasty eels, good sir
Baker: What
Will: *looking close to tears* Please, ignore him
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heyimboredtalktome · 10 hours ago
YOU KNOW WHAT'S FUCKED UP. In the last olympian tyson was given all these honours and gifts for bring Poseidon's armies to their rescue and stuff and it was all well deserved but what about Nico?? Nobody said anything to him??? And his job was so much harder because Hades was being a whiny asshole?? And he still convinced him to help Olympus and it was like, he was appreciated for like two days and then everyone forgot about it and STILL he helped them in hoo and didn't become a whole ass villain. I-
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heyimboredtalktome · 10 hours ago
Apparently Jason passed out:
3 times in the lost hero
5 times in the mark of Athena (yikez)
once in the house of hades
And twice in the blood of olympus
So homeboy basically passed out 11 times in a five book series
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heyimboredtalktome · 11 hours ago
Will would call Nico kitten, not because it's cute and romantic and stuff but because Nico actually does remind him of a kitten. Feral. Unapologetic. Can destroy you if wanted.
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incorrect-titan-army · 12 hours ago
Ethan: I know we don't see eye to eye...
Luke: Because you’re short
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heyimboredtalktome · 12 hours ago
Jason: Let's go over some self defense techniques, shall we?
Will: *punches Jason in the throat*
Jason: Usually you warn people before you do that
Will: But Nico told me the element of surprise was crucial
Jason: Okay he's a good teacher. But after punching someone in the throat you should say something cool like "choke on that"
Will: Right but they're not experiencing choking. They're experiencing airway trauma. Ooooh, how about something like, "Better get some corticosteroids to treat that laryngeal fracture"
Jason: Okay yeah, that was a very informative and polite. But maybe add a dirtbag on the end?
Will: But a dirtbag is a very important part of the vacuum. I don't see how it's an insult
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