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#incorrect f1 quotes
1337wtfomgbbq · 3 minutes ago
Niki suddenly pokes his head into the room and stares at everybody.
Since he does that about once a day everybody kinda wants to know why. And Riccardo's gotta ask.
Riccardo: Mom, I gotta ask: Why are you always randomly poking your head into our room when we aren't even being loud.
Niki: Oh, that's the whole thing. You know, It was quiet in the house when Gilles shaved the dog. It was quiet in the house and Alain taped Ayrton to a wall. It was quiet in the house when Nigel poured glue all over himself.
Niki: So, yall are literally not to be trusted.
Niki: Every time there was quiet in the house you guys did some fucked shit.
Niki: This is my default setting now. This is how you've conditioned me!
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1337wtfomgbbq · 4 minutes ago
Nigelio and Launt being all couply and cute.
Nelson crashing in: Oi guys, you're all in love? You think you're all so cool with your fucking love? I'm fucking single, and alone and dead inside, get fucked. All four of you!
Elio starts laughing, while Niki stares at Nelson concerned.
Nelson: How far away is bosnia? HOW FAR AWAY IS BOSNIA!
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1337wtfomgbbq · 6 minutes ago
Keke: Do you want something to drink?
Nelson: No thanks. *mumbles * I don't even wanna be here.
Keke: I got wine.
Nelson: Oh, count me in.
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f1incorrects · 2 hours ago
Max: Dan! For the love of god, please turn down that music. I have a hangover.
Dan: *blasting the mii theme at full volume* That sounds like a you problem, not a mii problem.
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f1incorrects · 4 hours ago
Lance: Unfortunately, due to several experiences in my youth, I cannot just 'walk up and join a circle of people talking', but it does sound lovely, thank you.
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gangstaguenther · 14 hours ago
Marko: did you feed Max today?
Christian: Oh shit
Christian: here you go max...I'm sorry
Max: *viscous growling*
Christian: *screaming*
Checo: noob
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girlonthegridf1 · 15 hours ago
Max: Charles, I too have a gift, okay? Tonight, until the stroke of midnight, I will not make fun of you in any way at all, no matter what.
Charles: That is so sweet. And my gift to you is a cray-cray night of funky fun!
Max: I fear I've already made the biggest mistake of my life.
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f1incorrects · 18 hours ago
Organisators: *splitting up Lance and Esteban*
Lance: You can’t split us up.
Organisator: Lance you’re on this truck and Esteban is on the other and that’s that.
Lance: But- but he’s my emotional support animal.
Esteban: Woof woof?
Organisator: Yeah I bet that is just as cute on the other truck.
Esteban: *leaves with a sad face*
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f1incorrects · 20 hours ago
Dan: Max, we all know you're in love with him.
Max: I am not in love with Lance!!
Dan, smirking: When did I ever say Lance?
Max: Listen-
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loving-ricciardo · 21 hours ago
Alex: When will Ted himself.... finally show up to the talk?
Lando: The final boss
George: You guys do know that TEDTalks stands for technology, entertainment, and design talks, right?
Charles: I will not let Ted hide behind these lies any longer.
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f1incorrects · 23 hours ago
Lance: Why do you not believe that ghosts are real?
Seb: Never seen one.
Lance: Okay, I mean, there’s a lot of things that you can’t see that are real.
Seb: What can’t I see?
Lance: You can’t see gravity. That’s real.
Seb: Yeah, I can drop an apple.
Lance: Fuck.
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Seb: So, Mick?
Lewis: What about him?
Seb [shrugging casually]: Oh nothing. Just making sure we understand each other. Charles for me. Pierre for you. Mick for me, George for you. Right?
Lewis [grinning]: I will take your kid, Seb.
Seb: Don't you dare.
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Lewis [bursting into the garage]: Valtteri!! There you are. Let's go.
Valtteri [confused]: Where?
Lewis: Fernando is making barbecue.
Valtteri [getting to his feet]:.....Where?
Lewis [shrugging]: In the middle of the track.
Valtteri: Do I even want to know why?
Lewis: Probably not. Now let's go I'm hungry.
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f1incorrects · a day ago
Charles: Would you take a bullet for me?
Pierre: ...yes?
*Seb angrily burst into the room*
Charles: *running away* Great, thanks!
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f1incorrects · a day ago
Lance: And what do I get out of this?
Max: I will give you a dollar.
Lance:: What do you think I am? A chump? I would never do it for a dollar!
Max: How bout two dollars?
Lance: You got yourself a deal.
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onefabulousplatypus · a day ago
Checo: Max, you are now my son
Max: Wait what
Checo: Lance, this is your brother
Lance: Wha-
Checo: Now hug
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f1incorrects · a day ago
Max: Uh, I think I got your lunch. *Holds up a note that reads: ‘I am very proud of you. Love, Seb’*
Lance: Oh yeah. I didn’t think this was for me. *Holds up a note that reads: ‘Be good. For the love of God, Please be good.’*
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leaaf1 · a day ago
Lando: getting called out for 'not appreciating sunny weather' because I complained about the wasps.
Listen I would happily live in a sealed underground bunker if it had wifi
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Lewis: What are you doing?
Valtteri [sitting in the corner of the garage with his head between his knees]: I'm sulking....with dignity.
Lewis: May I join you?
Valtteri: *nods*
Lewis [sitting down]: Today sucked.
Valtteri: Yeah.
Lewis: Wanna go play with Roscoe?
Valtteri [lips quirking up just the tiniest bit]: Sure.
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