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#incorrect f1
f1incorrects · an hour ago
Max: Dan! For the love of god, please turn down that music. I have a hangover.
Dan: *blasting the mii theme at full volume* That sounds like a you problem, not a mii problem.
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f1incorrects · 4 hours ago
Lance: Unfortunately, due to several experiences in my youth, I cannot just 'walk up and join a circle of people talking', but it does sound lovely, thank you.
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gangstaguenther · 13 hours ago
Marko: did you feed Max today?
Christian: Oh shit
Christian: here you go max...I'm sorry
Max: *viscous growling*
Christian: *screaming*
Checo: noob
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girlonthegridf1 · 14 hours ago
Max: Charles, I too have a gift, okay? Tonight, until the stroke of midnight, I will not make fun of you in any way at all, no matter what.
Charles: That is so sweet. And my gift to you is a cray-cray night of funky fun!
Max: I fear I've already made the biggest mistake of my life.
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f1incorrects · 17 hours ago
Organisators: *splitting up Lance and Esteban*
Lance: You can’t split us up.
Organisator: Lance you’re on this truck and Esteban is on the other and that’s that.
Lance: But- but he’s my emotional support animal.
Esteban: Woof woof?
Organisator: Yeah I bet that is just as cute on the other truck.
Esteban: *leaves with a sad face*
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f1incorrects · 20 hours ago
Dan: Max, we all know you're in love with him.
Max: I am not in love with Lance!!
Dan, smirking: When did I ever say Lance?
Max: Listen-
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loving-ricciardo · 21 hours ago
Alex: When will Ted himself.... finally show up to the talk?
Lando: The final boss
George: You guys do know that TEDTalks stands for technology, entertainment, and design talks, right?
Charles: I will not let Ted hide behind these lies any longer.
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f1incorrects · 22 hours ago
Lance: Why do you not believe that ghosts are real?
Seb: Never seen one.
Lance: Okay, I mean, there’s a lot of things that you can’t see that are real.
Seb: What can’t I see?
Lance: You can’t see gravity. That’s real.
Seb: Yeah, I can drop an apple.
Lance: Fuck.
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Seb: So, Mick?
Lewis: What about him?
Seb [shrugging casually]: Oh nothing. Just making sure we understand each other. Charles for me. Pierre for you. Mick for me, George for you. Right?
Lewis [grinning]: I will take your kid, Seb.
Seb: Don't you dare.
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Lewis [bursting into the garage]: Valtteri!! There you are. Let's go.
Valtteri [confused]: Where?
Lewis: Fernando is making barbecue.
Valtteri [getting to his feet]:.....Where?
Lewis [shrugging]: In the middle of the track.
Valtteri: Do I even want to know why?
Lewis: Probably not. Now let's go I'm hungry.
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f1incorrects · a day ago
Charles: Would you take a bullet for me?
Pierre: ...yes?
*Seb angrily burst into the room*
Charles: *running away* Great, thanks!
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f1incorrects · a day ago
Lance: And what do I get out of this?
Max: I will give you a dollar.
Lance:: What do you think I am? A chump? I would never do it for a dollar!
Max: How bout two dollars?
Lance: You got yourself a deal.
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onefabulousplatypus · a day ago
Checo: Max, you are now my son
Max: Wait what
Checo: Lance, this is your brother
Lance: Wha-
Checo: Now hug
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f1incorrects · a day ago
Max: Uh, I think I got your lunch. *Holds up a note that reads: ‘I am very proud of you. Love, Seb’*
Lance: Oh yeah. I didn’t think this was for me. *Holds up a note that reads: ‘Be good. For the love of God, Please be good.’*
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leaaf1 · a day ago
Lando: getting called out for 'not appreciating sunny weather' because I complained about the wasps.
Listen I would happily live in a sealed underground bunker if it had wifi
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Lewis: What are you doing?
Valtteri [sitting in the corner of the garage with his head between his knees]: I'm sulking....with dignity.
Lewis: May I join you?
Valtteri: *nods*
Lewis [sitting down]: Today sucked.
Valtteri: Yeah.
Lewis: Wanna go play with Roscoe?
Valtteri [lips quirking up just the tiniest bit]: Sure.
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f1incorrects · a day ago
Seb: Jenson is playing hard to get.
Seb: Little does he know, I'm a master at playing hard to get rid of.
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mickschumacher47 · 2 days ago
Seb : C’mon boys, say sorry to each other
Charles : But it wasn’t my fault
Mick : You try to see if I could still breath in the fridge
Charles : And ? Now we don’t have the answer
Seb : Boys, please
Mick and Charles : No
Seb : Say sorry and I will bring you to McDonald’s after the race
Mick and Charles :…
Mick and Charles : fine, sorry
Tumblr media
Seb : Was it that difficult ?
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