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#incorrect arsenal wfc quotes
incorrectarsenalwfc12 hours ago
Could we get some baby goat Malin please? 馃様馃ぇ
Lia: Now listen up you little shits!
Lia:聽Not you Malin, you're wonderful and we love you. And we wish you all the best baby goat.
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incorrect-woso16 hours ago
Jordan: here鈥檚 what I don鈥檛 get
Leah: oh god we鈥檙e going to be here for a while
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incorrectarsenalwfca day ago
Beth: How was she?
Dentist: Good.
Beth:聽She didn鈥檛 give you any problems?
Dentist: Oh, no she tried to escape multiple times, but once we gave her the laughing gas, she resorted to poking the hygienist with a kid鈥檚 tooth brush and giggling.
DVD:聽*Still loopy* They didn鈥檛 see it coming, Beff! I stole their weapons! *Waving paw patrol toothbrush* Who鈥檚 the dentist now?!!
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incorrect-wosoa day ago
Daan: We鈥檙e bigger than you.
Jordan: Way stronger than you.
Daan: We could kill you with our shoe.
Jordan: We really could.
*spider moves*
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incorrect-wosoa day ago
Viv: Stop sliding into my DMs, we live together
Lisa: I鈥檓 being nostalgic
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incorrectarsenalwfc2 days ago
Ruby: Yeah and鈥 FROG!!!!
Malin: Frog!?
Lotte: FROGGIE!?
Anna: Frog!!!!
Fran: Ribbit frog!
Lia: They get really excited over frogs, huh?
The babies: *Form a circle around the frog as they follow it to the grass in order to protect it from harm*
Kim: Yup.
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incorrectarsenalwfc3 days ago
Walkie Talkie party at 3:00am
Lotte: Hey Jen. What鈥檚 your question?
Jen: Who is this?
Lotte: Great question.
Anna: We鈥檙e us.
Jen:聽You guys it鈥檚 3:00 in the morning, I鈥檓 trying to sleep
Lotte: I鈥檓 sorry to hear that.
Lotte:聽Why don鈥檛 you stay on the line and we鈥檒l get you the information you need.
Jen:聽Why are you guys acting like this is a radio show?
Anna: Yeah, don鈥檛 worry Jen, we鈥檒l get you some help.
Anna: Our next caller is Lisa. What鈥檚 on your mind tonight?
Lisa: Hey guys, long time listener, first time caller, love the show.
Anna: Aw, appreciate you. How can we help?
Anna: ...
Lotte: ...聽
Lisa: Wait your turn Viv.
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incorrect-woso3 days ago
Lia: I have a new hoodie.
Caitlin: 'we' have a new hoodie.
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incorrectarsenalwfc4 days ago
Something from the bus celebrations yest after Kimmy鈥檚 penalty and our CL ticket.. please 馃グ
Kim: I love that we qualified. But there are a few things I miss. Like silence. The absence of noise. One, single moment undisturbed by sound鈥β
The Team: *Screaching High School Musical songs in the background while letting off party poppers everywhere* 聽聽
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incorrectarsenalwfc4 days ago
Katie and Ruesha!
Ruesha: Before you insult someone, walk a mile in their shoes, because then you're a mile away and you have their shoes.
*Across town*
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incorrectarsenalwfc4 days ago
Can we get more anna and Jill?
Jill: Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.
Anna: Why not wait for the hot pockets to cool so you don't burn yourself?
Jill: They're called hot for a reason, dude.
Jill: *Bites into hot pocket again* OW鈥
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incorrectarsenalwfc4 days ago
We want McCabe, Katie McCabe!!!
Lisa: I can't find Katie, have you seen her?
Jill: She drank four energy drinks in one sitting and thought the birds outside were talking shit about her.
Katie from outside: *Muffled shouting* WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY ABOUT MY MOTHER?!!!
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incorrectarsenalwfc4 days ago
Can we get a jen w the youngings pls?
Jen: What the bleep!
Younglings: ....
Anna: Did you just bleep yourself?
Jen: What I was thinking really needed to be censored!
Lotte: Try me.
Jen: *Whispers in her ear*
Lotte: ....
Lotte: I don't know how to tell you this, but 'heck' is not a swear word.
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incorrectarsenalwfc4 days ago
Daan and Lia please
DVD: I'm not gonna name names but SOME of you are sweet and kind and deserve the world and I鈥檓 rooting for you.
DVD: Lia, I mean Lia.
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incorrectarsenalwfc4 days ago
@liawaelti鈥 was on about who can drink the most in the squad and its was decided that it would probably be little Leo. Can we get a quote about it?
@liawaelti when it comes to beer聽Leo could outdrink the whole team:
Leo: So it's a drinking game?
Lisa: Aye, last one standing wins. *Laughs*
*Leo takes a small sip from her drink. Lisa chugs hers*
*Sometime later*
*Leo examines her fingers, looking worried*
Leo: I feel something. A slight tingling in my fingers. I think it's affecting me.
Lisa: Ha I thought Germans could hold their聽liq-
*Lisa passes out, Leo looks smug*
Leo:聽Game over.
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incorrectarsenalwfc4 days ago
Can we get Anna and Lisa please?
Lisa: I really like screaming.
Anna:聽Yeah, me too.
Lisa:聽Let's scream.
Viv: .....
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incorrectarsenalwfc4 days ago
for soft monday i鈥檇 love to see a conversation between blu and schnadercat
Blu: Hello I Blu, I smaller than you!!!聽
Blu: Welcome to my first vlog.
Blu: Today I will be聽sleeping on top of Schnadercat.
Schnadercat: What?! No, I聽didn't聽agree to this.
*Blu snuggles into聽Schnadercat鈥檚 side and聽instantly falls聽asleep*
Schnadercat: No stop it. Get off me. You're getting your dog smells all over me.
Schnadercat: VIKI!!! VIKI!!! HELP!!!
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incorrectarsenalwfc4 days ago
Jord and leah
Jordan: Do you have a plaster? Because I scraped my knee falling for you!
Leah: *Laughing* That was good . . . you actually need a plaster, don鈥檛 you?
Jordan: Yeah...
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incorrectarsenalwfc5 days ago
Can we get Cait and Macca please 馃ズ馃ズ
Macca: *Sees a pile of blankets Lia so carefully folded*
Caitlin: Macca no-
Macca: *Whimpering noise*
*Caitlin turns her back for a second*
Macca: YEET!!!! *Jumps on the pile*
Lia from downstairs: What was that noise?
Caitlin to Macca: Do you not know what聽you聽have聽unleashed?!!
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incorrect-woso5 days ago
Kim and Beth:[bickering]
Beth: I want a divorce!
Kim: We鈥檙e not even married!
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