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#incorrect Mayday Parade
Girls, please, please
Allow my voice to calm you down
Boys understand
Girls will never listen or learn
-Harley, probably, hiding his insecurities and winking at a crowd of adoring fans
Source: Girls - Mayday Parade
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frostifer · a year ago
Hey everyone, back again. Song time. Presentation is in twenty minutes so I’m gonna be kind of quick here. Regardless, today is songs from the 00’s, and if you thought 90’s day was filled with nostalgia for me, you’re about to get an uncomfortably close look into what filled my middle school iPod shuffle.
And to kick it off, one of the most iconic songs of the era: sugar, we’re going down by fall out boy. Pop-punk and emo were in their prime and so was I, and this was the king of mid-2000’s songs. You almost certainly already know this song, and either love it or hate it based on how many times you heard it on the radio. It’s an incredible song, even if you can’t understand some of the lyrics on first listen. You know the part.
As previously stated, if anyone checks out even one song that I post here over the next month I’ll honestly be happy. This is all in the name of spreading music that I enjoy. If you happen to give one a listen, even if you don’t like it, let me know, I’d be happy to hear that it at least had an effect in some regard :)
And here are your honorable mentions, and even though I’m making this post pretty quickly, there are 50 of them because I pick songs a day or two ahead of time and there were a LOT to pick from in this era. They are:
A prophecy - asking Alexandria
Homesick - a day to remember
Schism - tool
Six feet under the stars - all time low
Dirty Harry - gorillaz
Tears don’t fall (acoustic) - bullet for my valentine
Almost easy - avenged sevenfold
Sing for the moment - Eminem
By myself - Linkin park
Ring ring - Mika
The heaviest matter of the universe - gojira
Until the end - breaking Benjamin
Just a lil bit - 50 cent
Hall of the mountain king - apocalyptica
Cute without the E - taking back Sunday
Laceration penetration - thy art is murder
Rose of Sharyn - killswitch engage
black sunshine - white zombie
Rock your body - the black eyed peas
No pity for a coward - suicide silence
All nightmare long - Metallica
Breathing - yellowcard
Kill us all - twista
Soul of a robot - John 5
Somatically incorrect - whitechapel
Never enough - dream theater
X - System of a Down
The kill - thirty seconds to Mars
Ravenous - Atreyu
Pulse of the maggots - slipknot
Walk with me in hell - lamb of god
Time to dance - panic! At the disco
All around me - flyleaf
Forgive and forget - miss may I
Stockholm syndrome - muse
The pretender - foo fighters
Ocean and Atlantic - mayday parade
Chelsea smile - bring me the horizon
Sonne - rammstein
Do ya head like this - E-40
Lollipop - lil Wayne
Give em hell kid - my chemical romance
Smack that - akon
Kingdom come - jay-z
Pain - three days grace
No fear for the setting sun - Amon amarth
Right round - flo rida
The anthem - good charlotte
Get low - ying yang twins
Operation ground and pound - dragonforce
P.S. - I know I’m trash, trust me
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