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#in defense of loki
14 year old me looking back at 12 year old me, who was obsessed with Loki: Whew, so glad those days are over! 
Unspecified-age-but-adult me watching the Loki show and being horrified at some vague feeling awakening inside me: Oh fuck no
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shine-variant · 6 days ago
I've recently reblogged a post I thought interesting, analysing Mobius' interrogation of Loki. The interrogation beats were competently analysed, so I praised the post and added my opinion. It has since then come to my attention that the writer thinks of Loki as a "unsecure narcissist" (the OP didn't talk about Loki much and praised Mobius as extremely intelligent in his management of Loki, which was the point I wrote on to disagree). To each their own, I guess, but I decided I'd rather not interact further and post my comment separately as meta.
Mobius interrogation of Loki was successful, but I strongly disagree with the idea that this is somehow due to Mobius "high level of competence". He had absolutely everything he needed to succeed: an already frazzled prisoner, an infinite power at his back, and the knowledge of every little detail of the prisoner's past and future. A black future might I add (Loki would have never caved if he weren't destined to die real soon in the main timeline). And Mobius' biggest asset: Loki's own intelligence. 
Thing is that, given the power difference, what Mobius was offering Loki was in Loki's objective best interest (preservation of life and further insight into a complex situation) . There were no disadvantages to Loki himself, and the only thing hindering Loki from the alliance  was 1) bad understanding of the situation as he initially didn't believe in the might of TVA and 2) a mixture of hubris, unreleased adrenaline and fear. Once Loki managed to look around and center himself, collaboration (aka biding time) would be foregone conclusion. We've seen him do exactly this with the Grandmaster. On screen. Like, it's right there (and no, Loki isn't an insecure narcissist who would rather die if it would spite his captors, wtf I can't even process this take).
TLDR: only a complete moron could have managed to fuck Loki's interrogation up, given the insane amount of advantage TVA had over Loki.
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sunnibits · 6 days ago
PFFFTTTT TOM HIDDLESTON ACKNOWLEDGED THE WHOLE “why the fuck did he go after Thanos with a butter knife” THING AHAHAHA
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averagelonelypotato · 9 days ago
‼️‼️‼️Loki series spoilers‼️‼️‼️
Okay so we know that Thanos definitely tortured Loki and had him under mind control in avengers right??? So imagine how Loki felt after letting go of the bifrost to die, only to fall into Thanos’s hands then sent to invade earth a year later. He hasn’t seen his mother and father yet and when he looked at his file at the TVA he see’s his mother and father die. Himself also but please I think it’s sad that this 2012 variant Loki can’t go see his family because the timeline is reset. He only saw them threw the other Loki’s file and it was only thier deaths. I think it’s so sad, Loki deserves a hug :/
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diamondsky717 · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tony Stark has been dead for two years and he’s still living rent free inside MCU characters’ heads, what a king.
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wolfish-trickster · 23 days ago
All caps huh? This will be fun...
I love arguing with people especially when I know I'm right.
First: I never said he did nothing wrong. All I ever said was I understand why he did what he did. He did a lot of wrong things, but so did the 'heroes' aka Avengers. Bruce is out of control everytime he hulks out, Tony was selling bombs and explosives, Steve fought in WW2 where he wasn't exactly a gentle fighter, Clint shoots arrows (and he never misses his targets), Thor tried to commit a genocide on Jotunheim all because he got called princess and Natasha literally set a hospital on fire. None of them are saint. All of them killed. But all of them were forgiven because they are the heroes™. Loki wasn't because he's the scapegoat of the MCU. Plus it's canon he was mindcontrolled when he invaded Earth but I'll get to it later.
Second: When exactly did he try to kill Thor? If you're gonna tell me that horrible snake story I'm gonna yeet you out of the window because that's the most ooc thing for Loki to do. In 2011 he tried to fight Thor on the bridge, but not to the point of killing him. His emotions were a mess, he was a mess, he was crying the whole time. To top it all off he was willing to kill his entire race (Jotuns) in order to be the 'worthy son' in Odin's eyes. The next time that comes to my mind is when they're on the Avengers tower and Loki stabs him with that teeny tiny push dagger that's practically a toothpick to Thor. He could've used any other knife but he chose the smallest he had instead.
Tumblr media
(Plus notice how small part of the blade is bloody meaning Loki struck it deep enough to cause pain but no serious damage, but then again that could be just the lighting of the scene)
Third: He never tried to kill his dad. He lead Laufey to him when he was in Odinsleep but he killed his own biological dad so Odin could see him as worthy son. That's all he ever wanted from him. And for Frigga: yes, he did tell Kurse to take the stairs to the left (or right I can't remember which one atm) but did he know Frigga will be there? I don't think so. Frigga died protecting Jane, not because Loki send the monster after her. Besides, he was raging when he found out she died, that's not a propriate reaction for someone who tried to 'kill his mom'.
Fourth: He never said he wants to destroy Earth. He only ever said he wants to rule us. That's a difference. Plus it's canon the mind stone in his scepter was influencing him too and on top of that The Other was threatening to kill him (torturing him even) if he fails.
Fifth: He didn't take over Asgard. With Thor in exile and Odin in Odinsleep Loki was next in line, Frigga gave him the Gungnir (that big golden spear) and made him king in deleted scene. He never took the throne, he accepted it. He even said so himself:
Tumblr media
Sixth: About the heart thing: he does have one. He can't just have empty chest cavity now, can he? How else would all the blood get pumped into different parts of his body?
Seventh: He's evil? Bitch where? When he saved Thor and Warriors 3/4 from Jotunheim in first Thor movie? When he saved Jane when he didn't have to and could escape in TDW? When he saved Thor in the same movie? When he returned to Asgard with that bigass ship for everyone to escape in in Ragnarok? (I don't like that movie that much but at least they got something of Loki's character correct)
He was a good person. He still is, he just has very tall walls around him and acts cold to protect himself. And you can bet your ass I'm going to write soft Loki as much as I can because that's how I like to write him. Everyone gets soft from moment to moment, even such a hurt and complex character like Loki. He deserves some softness in his life.
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the-emo-asgardian · a month ago
So I’m watching Thor, right? And I’m on the couch and I say to my sister “This pillow is going to fall off the couch, just like Loki 🥲” and she just goes “Why?... Does he fall a lot?”
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sobaluvr · a month ago
yes indeed analysis brain + inferiority complex + savior complex + not cutting toxic people out even tho u pretend to have hard boundaries when u totally don’t and u sacrifice ur self for everything and just let other people stomp on u and run u into the ground even as u pretend that ur in charge and ur the mean one :))))))))!)))))
i. absolutely kin hitoshi. and. i kinned aizawa on sight.
also firm believer that kinning hitoshi = analyzing people, digging into their feelings and wearing them like a skin so u can manipulate them if u need to (if they’re gonna hurt u, and u assume everyone will hurt u so ur always prepared to pull strings on anyone) but ur so scared that it makes u a bad person :)) but u think the only thing u are is a puppet master and that’s it :)) ur not a person ur just other people wrapped up in one :))
omfg i was soft (and didn’t understand social cues,, still don’t) for the first like 10 years of life and it resulted in me getting bullied and pushed around and made fun of and then :)) it got worse :)) bc i was nice to someone i should NOT have been nice to :)) and he followed me around :)) and i had to get mean bc otherwise he would have kept. fetishizing me asking me out :)) haha no this isn’t a defense mechanism what are u talking abt nO SHUT UP IM NOT WEAK OR SOFT FUCK U (welcome to contradiction city)
AKSKSKS I NEVER LEARNED HOW TO APOLOGIZE PROPERLY LIKE i always worry i come across as insincere and self-serving when i apologize,,, also i have def hurt people’s feelings omg like. i say mean ass shit when people try to deal with me like ill just. insult someone if i don’t know what to say. playfully but it prob comes across as rlly mean bc i say everything rlly quickly and confidently when im talking like that. i have been described as caustic whoops
no one talked to me except the debate team bc of my rbf and i was not approachable and. dont read this it’s just me yelling. and then i (anonymously) published an entire manifesto on my debate partner and how terrible he was. and he found it told me he cried over it bc he felt so bad for hurting me (LIAR LIAR LIAR whoops) and then i wound up apologizing and i want to stab him but he talks to me all the time and he brags abt me to his friends and idk what that means but i wanna hit him with my car PLS TELL ME TO BE QUIET TALKING TO ME OPENS THE FLOOD GATES OKAY TELL ME TO SHUT THEM AND I WILL
do you see these tears. do. do you see these tears.
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wolfish-trickster · a month ago
Just my random thought
Not to be mean or anything, but Mysterio showed us how dangerious and scary illusions can be (I mean if I saw that zombie Iron Man I would pass out).
Loki could've traumatised every single Avenger on a very personal level if he wanted (Tony could see his dead mother telling him something like 'it's your fault Tony' or his father telling him he's not good enough or something else to hurt him emotionally, Steve could see horrors of war or he could relive Bucky dying or Peggy dying, etc.). But he didn't.
Nor did he attack Clint's family (since he controlled his mind and looked into it there's no way he overlooked he had hidden family and where the said family was hidden). Because he didn't want to. He wasn't that evil. He wasn't evil at all. He was mind controlled and forced to do whatever he did in the Avengers.
If Loki really was evil like everyone else is saying he could've destroyed them mentally with his illusions and his manipulative abbility.
Marvel gave us Mysterio as a very 'dangerous villain' but I can't see him be more dangerous than Loki, a literal master sorcerer with milenia of training.
Either Marvel purposefully made Loki a tamer villain and stripped him of his full powers OR Loki simply wasn't evil enough to do such things with his illusions.
These are just my thoughts, they are a little messy, I know. But I wanted them on this blog, so here they are.
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