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#in conclusion: i am a pussy
holyhidan · 6 days ago
imma speak on this topic once just to say my favorite thing about tumblr is that no one here gives an actual fuck. anitok really cancelling people for saying one lewd thing about Yuuji, Megumi, etc bc of their age and have the audacity to call the person “lewding” them a pedophile. that’s fucked up bro and a HEAVY accusation to make. that’s like the definition of gaslighting. oh baby i could speak much more about this but i’m gonna restrain myself before i get carried away.
basically i just wanted to say thank you tumblr community for not giving a fuck and giving me a safe place to speak freely without being told to die :)
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wegtable · 18 days ago
OOOO i was so mad on tuesday. it still makes me so mad. tuesdays are my busy days bc i teach and have a seminar that goes until 9:30 BUT each thing had like massive projects to get done by the end of the day. like i had to finish grading essays and all that which takes so long and jt was peer review day so i was just virtually running around trying to get to everyone. so all my time before class was prep and grading and grading and then! i had to prepare to present my seminar paper! ok which i knew about last week and its Supposed to be for practice and feedback. but you know just that tight grip of inferiority (the subject is.....not something i study at all its a requirement) so i just write out the majority of the essay and make notes on presenting and EVEN used ARIAL because thats the standard font for presenting a paper like at a conference. i IGNORE my little angel pepper girl so i can get everything out. I couldnt even stop to pat her tummy and her chin. i finish with like 15 mins to spare and im number 4 in line. and yall these mfs just. they dont even have a thesis made. or have an outline. nothing. they reiterate their proposals. and thats generous like the first two didnt even have notes they were just openly talking about how they straight up havent written or researched anything else since we turned in the proposal (?????its been like 3 weeks) and they take the Hole 20 Minutes just bullshitting and my prof is too passive to be like are you kidding me, so they get away with talking about nothing for almost half an hour! when it was my turn to present it was just. hi everyone um. i was silly and thought the “present seminar paper” in the assignment description meant that i had to present a paper which apparently isnt the correct interpretation so i have an actual paper. and bc it was last minute i had no visuals so im reading quotations out like a buffoon having to be like hey i. didnt say that someone else did (greteman 412). and i forgot to check if these guys were legitimate all i knew was it was from MLAIB annnnd some of them were published in fucking like Milton and His Stupid Shit Quarterly like all class our prof just rags on some scholars and im like ooooo shit what if she hates them so i was jdhahaskJCNS AWKWARD. Zoom could not blur out how red i was. both slightly embarrassed but mostly like why. why am i in this position i DID the assignment as it was written! also fuckignshah I DIDNT EVEN do it right technically! it still needs another ~1k! thats not even counting a conclusion! so i finish just like cool i didnt have to write a 3500 word mess in arial font (its so ugly in the header). i could have truly shown up to class stoned and be on par w everyone. i used to get satisfaction from being the standout in a class well. i mean i still do but i hate this class and prof so im really trying to do the least effort to get an a. and here i am putting my entire pussy in a paper about MILTON EWWWWWWWWWWWWW i was able to smoke after tho lol rant over!
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Sisterinnit hcs
word count: 501
Tumblr media
just to clarify you are younger than tommy by like 1 year so you are 16
you cause fucking chaos on the dream smp, like when you catch tommy stream minecraft, you just get a chair and sit next to him, and just reek fucking havoc everywhere, from gogy’s house, to the prison, just everyone on the dream smp
you would not know minecraft, so he would try to teach you“NOOO Y/NN RIGHT CLICK RIGHT CLICK.”
damn you was so bad, that you actually raged-quit, talk about innit genes am i right (better like my joke bitch /j)
also, you didn’t know that they did rp on the dream smp, so one time you catched dream yelling at tommy“don’t fucking talk to my brother like that bitch, i’ll ruin your entire career.”damn, you are really tommyinnit’s sister
“uhhh, y/n, yaknow that this is rp right?”
you were so fucking embarrased, you fucking sprinted out of tommy’s room like naruto
you could hear tommy from your room laughing so you yelled so loud that the queen of england could hear it praise the queen, even though i’m american :(
“shut the fuck up bitch, i’ll tell mom what you did last night.”damn he shut up so fast, i don’t know what
you would steal his hoodies, since it was FUCKING cold in your guys’ house
“where the fuck is my hoodie, Y/NNN.”“yess tommy?” you would quietly say so he wouldn’t know where you were
then he would find you, you don’t wanna know what he would do to you, jk i’ll tell you, he will purposely try to get you in trouble, since you were a master black belt in karate and you could EASILY break his bones in one go :]
“hey mom, did you know that y/n actually crashed your car yesterday?”obviously this was false since you didn’t even know how to drive, nonetheless have a permit, also your a mommy’s girl (milfs am i right)
“hey mom, did you know that tommy is a bitch?”he would chase you around the house after that statement
overall, in general, in conclusion, the last thing i have to say, is that even though you fight literally almost every single day of your life, you guys are inseparable, like ham and cheese, hamburgers and hotdogs, pussies and di- (just ignore that last part)
but anyway back to the topic, even though under that very TOUGH exterior ;), tommy is a sweetheart
he tends to your stupid wounds from doing stupid stuff“how the fuck did you get this scrape?”
“i might have tried to skateboard down a railing.”
even if you side with technoblade on a LOT of matters, he still thinks you’re very pog 👍
you have a great friendship with tubbo and ranboo, it just comes with being siblings with the GREAT almighty tommyinnit.
in the end of the day, both of you love each other so much, and you would trade everything for that great sibling relationship
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vattelaapiglia · 19 days ago
Very little sexual interest in me in our relationship...
I posted previously about my boyfriend not wanting much to do with my pussy, if at all...and we have talked/argued about it extensively at this point and I’ve come to the conclusion that he just has never really had experience in that area and he doesn’t prefer it because of that. However, I am so deeply unsatisfied and depressed because of this that it’s affecting my daily life. I love him so much and he does so much more me and our family that I feel selfish for even bringing it up anymore. Do I just continue to pleasure myself and feel undesired or do I keep trying to talk to him about it? :/
submitted by /u/LisleVonRhuman [link] [comments] source
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fairytaleseb · 24 days ago
↳ SUMMARY || Pretty self explanatory, here are 30 things I think Chris does during sex! Please reblog if you enjoyed x
↳ WARNINGS || Smut! [Includes oral and penetrative unprotected sex. Wrap it before you tap it. Spanking and being tied up!] 18+ ONLY
↳ PAIRING || Chris Evans x Reader
You do not have permission to steal/copy my work!
Tumblr media
1. Whilst he’s eating you out, Chris always manages to bring his hands up to hold yours, he then rests them on your stomach to hold you down because he goes hard with devouring you and doesn’t want you squirming away.
2. Chris also holds your hands during missionary, he brings your joined hands up against the pillow as he pounds into your repeatedly, making the intense situation somewhat even more intimate then it already was before.
3. He definitely closes his eyes and hums when his tongue touches your already drenched pussy for the first time that night (yes man has stamina, he can go for round after round)
4. Chris 100% is the type to pull you up and flat against his chest when you’re in doggy just so his hand could trail all over your body. It makes him feel close to you, especially when you rest your head against his shoulder!
5. He likes pinching your nipples and seeing you squirm, especially during foreplay and you could bet he’d have the biggest smirk on his face when he sees the reaction it causes.
6. Chris also likes being in control and watching the effects it has on you (like you squirming and shaking after a particular thrust that hit your g-spot just right)
7. Chris definitely pushes you down flat on the mattress when you’re in doggy, his hand lands at the small of your back when your laying on your stomach so he has more control over his thrusts.
8. He will pretty much fuck you anywhere, got horny whilst shopping? Don’t worry, Chris is already pulling you into the nearest bathroom. In the mood whilst on a drive? Once again, don’t worry because he’s already parking in a dodgy car park so that he could pull you into the backseat to pound the living daylights out of you. In conclusion, he’s always turned on and is always there to help you out.
9. Chris is the type to bite at your shoulders, nibble your ears and suck marks at your neck whenever he’s balls deep inside of you. He likes marking you because after all, you are his territory and he wants everyone to know that.
10. He makes you open your mouth so that he could stick his thumb inside. “Because you won’t shut the fuck up, daddy’s thumb will do the job” Chris growls before he starts to pounds into you.
11. He likes to splay his big, calloused hand on your lower stomach when he’s balls deep inside of you making you gasp and press his hand down further. “Is daddy deep inside of you baby?” “Can you feel me here? In your belly? Speak up brat”
12. Chris likes to throw you over his laps on nights where you’ve been a bad girl so he could spank you. He starts off with rubbing your ass softly before lifting his hand up and slamming it down harshly, making you scream and whine.
13. Chris likes seeing the aftermath of his spanking on you. He definitely licks his lips and kisses you right on the sore spots of your ass, making you flinch because it still stings a little.
14. He’s 100% a dirty talker. He likes expressing how good you’re making him feel and also likes making you speak and communicate how you’re feeling. “So tight around me” “Am I stretching this pretty little pussy out love?”
15. Chris likes it when you tug on his hair, especially when he’s eating you out. You bet he’s be rutting into the mattress so he could receive the sweet pleasure he’s craving whilst you also fall apart under his tongue. You tugging on his hair let’s him know that he’s doing a good job.
16. He definitely gathers your hair and pulls it into a ponytail when you’re sucking him off. His eyes would be hooded but kept on you on your legs infront of him.
17. Sometimes when you’re having some soft sex, probably the sex you have when Chris comes back from filming or something. He drops a pillow/shirt onto the floor for you so you won’t hurt your knees as you suck him off.
18. Chris keeps his hands planted on your ass when you’re riding him, squeezing down and spanking you every so often.
19. He also helps you ride him and sometimes thrusts up into you making your eyes roll back in pleasure and for Chris to grin smugly because he’s doing this to you.
20. Chris always lets you pick out a playlist before sex because he’s not into music like that so when you pick out the dirtiest of songs, Chris is entranced and it turns him on so much knowing his girl listens to music like that.
21. This is a bit of an embarrassing one for Chris because when it was yours and his first time having sex together, he was so nervous that he couldn’t get himself up. But with your help he managed that and showed you the best night of your life.
22. Chris likes taking your tits into his mouth, as soon as he sees them bouncing up and down infront of him when you’re riding him, he’s heading straight to them, licking and sucking just how you like him to.
23. He grips your waist tight, digging his nails into your sides when he’s hitting it from behind. Something about your pussy being so tight and squeezing down hard on him just gets him going.
24. He 100% has a thing for praise, he likes knowing that it’s only him that could make you feel such euphoric things so he loves getting you to tell him how it’s feeling. “Who’s making you feel this good baby?” “Tell me, who is it? Is it daddy?”
25. Definitely gets cocky when he finds your g-spot “I found the spot didn’t I?” He ask, biting down on his lips as he sees you flutter your eyes shut at the feeling.
26. He loves the sight of you underneath him, so most of the times he’s always on top or dominating. He wants to watch you squirming underneath his touch and to see you squirming is his favourite.
27. Chris likes watching his cum dribble out of you, you’re still trying to catch your breath but you lift your head up regardless and see him eyeing your wrecked pussy and it definitely makes you laugh but he doesn’t care as he reaches for your pussy with his thick fingers so he could push the cum back inside of you. He likes having you stuffed and full.
28. He has some nights where it’s strictly for “love making” as he likes to call it, where he dims the lights, brings out some candles, puts some fresh bedsheets on and scatters rose petals on the bed for you.
29. He also has some nights where he’s the exact opposite, where he brings out his ties/ropes, spanks you with his belt or hand, overstimulates you until you can no longer take it and makes sure you don’t cum.
30. Eventhough you have sex quite often, Chris can’t help but fall even more in love with you each time he sees your face when your cumming. You have such an innocent but gravitating look and he never wants to not be able to see that. He loves you and you can definitely tell by the way he touches you.
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thelastsock · 25 days ago
That Henry vid? FUCKIN HELL 🔥
The best pre-birthday present I could hope for as I reach my dirty 30s 😰
Am i the only one staring at his gorgeous kitchen? 😍
he's totally seen the numerous posts about THE HAT 👀
The dork checking the labels are the right way around on his spons 😍
The work out is totally shot in black and white because he doesn't need to be responsible for the death of the Cavillry 😂
I have no words to describe how those workouts made me feel... just hnnnnng
Hnnnnng some more
The levitating one just does things to me
"Fuuuuuuck" is what i wanted to say but it wouldn't come out my mouth
But the MuScLeS in every shot, I... He... DEAR LORD I will never recover from this
Is it possible for a vagina to have a heart attack? Asking for a friend.
In conclusion... HELP
Bonus: the angry run towards the camera??? That shit is gonna live in my mind and pussy forever
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misschiuahua · a month ago
Explicit - Part 3 of 3
Marjorie had come to a bizarre conclusion. She’d thought about it a lot -she didn’t have much to do -and it sounded absolutely ludicrous, but there was no other possible answer.
Walter had fucked her because he’d wanted to.
And it was a bizarre conclusion, because it made no fucking sense. Walter was a synthetic; he was supposed to be pure logic.
How the hell was he bullshitting her to get laid?
It was not possible. She had to be seeing this all wrong. If Walter had basically offered to eat her out and then fuck her, he had to have a reason.
There was no other explanation.
As he was acting normally the next day -even after he checked her ankle again -she decided he did have some reason. Maybe it wasn’t clear to her, but he had to. Maybe he did it because she was hurt and he wanted to give her some nice endorphins.
Marjorie could almost buy this explanation; only because it made more sense than he wanting to fuck her.
She put the -ridiculous -idea in the back of her head and things seemed to go back to -what she considered -normal.
She caught herself looking at Walter more often, even fantasizing more often -and she’d been doing that plenty before.
But you know… Things were pretty normal.
Marjorie had periods of time when she felt like shit. Things were much better now, but it didn’t change the fact that she was stuck on this ship, seeing years of her life just passing by. She felt as if her life was going down the drain and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.
Those were years she’d never get back.
Walter seemed to know when she was feeling particularly down; probably because she got really quiet. In those days she’d spend a lot of time in her room, and Walter would have to get her for her regular activities (he insisted they were important, so he never let her skip them).
Three months after they’d last had sex, Walter asked Mother to call Marjorie to the bridge. The woman sighed, but went.
“You’re not feeling well.” He told her as she entered the bridge.
Marjorie sighed once again. “It’s not that bad, ok? Some days are just harder.”
Walter was analyzing her carefully. “Is it because of the wait?”
“Yes. I’m not getting these six years back. I’m going to turn 30 in here, I’m going to lose more birthdays here. I feel like my youth is being wasted.”
Walter nodded his understanding. “What if we make plans?”
“Yes. Find you the perfect place to build your house in Oregae-6, choose the color of your walls, plan your first steps on the planet. That way you won’t spend time figuring it out once you get there.”
It was such a silly thing. Marjorie wasn’t sure she wanted to spend more years planning and re-planning for that.
But then again, what else could she do?
She accepted the idea mostly because she didn’t have anything else to do, but Walter seemed actually interested in the whole process.
He showed her the images they had of Oregae-6, and let Marjorie choose the place where she’d build a house. She didn’t even know if she could actually do that -just claim a piece of land in the new planet -but she chose it carefully.
It was up a hill and it would give her a great view of the closest lake. There were also lots of trees around, and she’d always wanted to have a chalet by the woods.
Then once she started thinking about the house itself, Walter once again brought up images. They really discussed materials that were available and could realistically be used, but that lasted less than a day. On the second day, Marjorie was planning a mansion with pink marble columns and Walter was encouraging her.
One week later she was on the bridge, abusing her privilege with the hologram table to build an underground indoor pool with a water slide in her imaginary home.
This was how Walter found her.
He took one look at her project. “The hill does not have the appropriate terrain for that type of construction.”
Marjorie gave him a look over her shoulder. “Yeah, because that’s the problem with this project.”
Walter smiled at her and went around the bridge to take care of his business there.
They hadn’t done anything since that time she fell. It was exactly like after the first time, they didn’t even mention it.
There was this little devil on Marjorie’s shoulder, pressing her to see what would happen if she gave Walter a suggestion, just a hint of something.
Maybe nothing would happen, but Marjorie was pretty sure it would.
She changed the pool project for the bedroom project. This one was the realistic one; it was a simple bedroom, with a bedside table, a bed and a wardrobe. Marjorie wasn’t really into decoration -she didn’t even know what color she wanted to use on the walls -so she mostly copied from the images Walter showed her.
She gave the bed a look, then threw a look at Walter over her shoulder. “Do you think I can get a bigger bed?”
Walter turned to her and came closer. “Is it not big enough?”
“It’s okay.” It was actually a great bed -a double bed -and Irydiana never really needed that much space in beds -although the cot she currently slept on was a bit too small -but that was not the point. Her eyes turned back to the design. “But a bigger one would be better.”
She felt Walter coming closer, until he was behind her, but not that close. “Why?”
She leaned forward, resting her elbows on the table, and her face on her hands. Posing might be pushing it a bit, but Marjorie didn’t really feel the need to be embarrassed. “More space to sleep and relax.”
“Good sleeping habits are important for your health.” Walter spoke in that enciclopedia voice of his, but his hands weren’t that proper, as they settled on her waist.
Marjorie didn’t mention it. “Yes, that’s the point.” She hummed. “Besides, bigger beds are better for everything.”
He was quiet for a while, but his thumbs were rubbing circles on her waist. “Everything?” He finally asked.
Marjorie gave him a look over her shoulder. “Yup.”
Walter nodded like it made a whole lot of sense to him.
Marjorie moved, straightening her back, but Walter’s hands didn’t leave her waist. “What are those hands going to do now?” She decided to ask, her back against his chest.
“Whatever you wish, Marjorie.” He told her simply.
“Am I getting cranky again?” She teased.
Walter’s hands squeezed her waist for a minute. “No. I do not feel sensations like you do, but I discovered an interest in your pleasure.”
Marjorie tilted her head to try and look at him. “What do you mean?”
“I find your reactions fascinating. And even more so that I’m the one who makes you feel so.”
Marjorie thought about it for a minute. “So you like giving me pleasure?”
“I’m not sure the term ‘like’ can be applied to me.” He admitted. “However, knowing I can do this for you carries a certain… Interest for me.”
Well, would wonders never cease? Because as much as Walter was going around with the words, it sounded exactly like he enjoyed giving her pleasure. Enough that he felt satisfied -perhaps even proud -of what he did to her and wanted to see more of it.
Who would’ve thought that technology would get them to this point.
“So you really wanted to do it that last time, hm?” She teased. “It wasn’t because I needed the endorphins.”
“You did need them.” He pointed out. “But, yes, I wanted to have intercourse with you.”
Marjorie chuckled. “Let’s not call it ‘intercourse’, ok? Sounds weird.” She put her hands over his and made him slide them under her T-shirt. “Now let’s put those hands of yours to work.”
“Yes, Marjorie.” He answered by her ear.
His hands slid up until he was touching the curve of her breasts. Marjorie had given up on wearing bras a good while ago, and she could only see benefits so far.
Walter touched the underside of her breasts, skimming their curves. Marjorie let her body rest against his, sighing softly in pleasure, even as she waited for him to do more. Then his hands captured her breasts more firmly, as if feeling their weight, squeezing a bit.
“What should we call it then?” He asked.
“What?” Marjorie asked, a bit confused.
“If not ‘intercourse’, what should we call it?” He asked, even as his fingers pinched one of her nipples.
Marjorie bit her lower lip, let the sensation course through her before answering, “We call it ‘fucking’.”
“As you wish.” He agreed.
Walter pulled one of his hands out from under her T-shirt, and used it to tilt her head so he could kiss Marjorie. She threw her arm back to hold him there as they kissed, excitement building up inside her.
While one of Walter’s hands continued to tease her nipples, the other one pushed Marjorie’s pants and panties down a bit, just enough so he could get to her pussy. He teased her clit in slow circles for what felt like forever, until she was mewling in his mouth and trying to press harder against his hand.
Finally his caresses became firmer and faster, but he didn’t linger there. Instead, he went lower, traced the entrance of her pussy before sinking a finger into her.
“More.” Marjorie demanded against his lips.
Walter -as usual -complied easily (perhaps Marjorie could teach him how to tease a bit more later). He fucked her with his finger for a while, before putting another one in.
He let go of her breast and used the second hand to play with her clit and he fucked her with his fingers. Marjorie was moaning, her hands grasping at his jacket as her hips moved on their own, looking for more and more.
When she came, her cry echoed in the empty room, and Marjorie might have felt embarrassed, if she hadn’t felt this good. besides, there wasn’t really anyone to hear it.
Marjorie noticed he was holding her, so she could take a breath. She gently pushed his hands away and pushed her pants the rest of the way down, kicking them to the side, then pulled her shirt off.
She leaned over the table, sticking her ass up. “Come on.”
But Walter was standing there, giving her position a considering look. “I won’t be able to see your reactions like this.”
Marjorie snorted. “I’ll make sure you hear them then.”
Walter seemed satisfied by this. Marjorie heard the rustling of fabric, and soon the tip of his cock was pushing against her folds.
Marjorie’s forehead fell against the table once he was fully in. “You feel so good.”
Walter’s hands went back to her waist, caressing it. “How do you mean?”
“Perfectly thick and long.” She told him amidst a moan. “It feels so… Don’t stop!” She whined.
“Keep talking.” He requested.
Marjorie chuckled. “Fuck me properly and I will.”
Walter took her request quite seriously; his grip on her waist became firmer, and his hips snapped against hers.
True to her words, Marjorie was mostly screaming praises and encouragement to him, saying how good it felt, how she wanted more of it. Walter seemed particularly interested in the moments when she couldn’t finish a word because of him, and he focused on making her do it more often.
He switched up between fucking her really hard -making her claw at the table and barely be able to keep standing -and fucking her real slow. He would pull his cock almost all the way out, just to push it roughly back in. He held her pinned flat against the table as he fucked her.
And when Marjorie thought she couldn’t take this any longer, he slid his hand around her hip and rubbed her clit furiously, before pinching it.
She came like a rocket.
Walter dropped his jacket over her and stayed closed in case she needed help standing up.
“Pull a chair.” Marjorie asked, her voice muffled as her face was hidden between her arms.
Walter did as asked and pulled a chair and took a seat, before pulling Marjorie to his lap.
She chuckled in surprise. “You have really good post-sex manners.” She told him, resting her face on his chest.
“Thank you.”
She hid her smile on his chest. They stayed in silence for a while, Marjorie trying to get her breath back and Walter letting her.
“I like the idea of a big bed.” He finally said.
“Do you?”
“Yes. Would I be welcome in it?”
“Well… Can I keep doing this to you once we reach Origae-6? Technically you belong to Weyland Corporation.” She pointed out.
“If they have a problem with that, they can send someone to seize me back.”
Marjorie dissolved in giggles. “I guess they can.” She put her hand on his chest, where his heart would be if he were human. “Yes, you’d be welcome in my bed. And you don’t need to wait months before fucking me again.”
“I see.”
Marjorie squealed as he got up suddenly, holding her in his arms. But he just settled her down on the table.
“Is this table made to withstand such abuse?” She teased.
“I can fix it if necessary.” He pushed her legs open and stepped closer. “Can I proceed?”
Marjorie laid back, a grin on her lips. “Please do.”
At least the rest of this journey would be much more interesting now.
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atozfic · a month ago
ateez & pussy eating.
⎘ fic format: headcanon.
⎘ pairing: fem!reader x ateez.
⎘ genre: established relationship, smut.
⎘ word count: 3.6k
⎘ warnings: oral (f & m receiving), fingering, face riding, edging, praising, light dolification, voyeurism, public sex, possessiveness, jealousy, manhandling, nipple play, degradation, clit play, size kink, edging, dumbification, cum eating, dacryphilia, overstimulation, light kitten play, unprotected sex, begging, masturbation, daddy kink, restraints, orgasm denial, name calling, anal play, choking, biting, marking, hair pulling, wall sex.
⎘ author's note: so my brain woke up this morning and chose violence because, despite hwa’s cute vlive yesterday, all i’ve been able to think about is how ateez would eat pussy. so, now you have to suffer with me too. i’m an atheist but,,, god, i’m so sorry for this.
this is all fiction. i am in no way claiming to know the members personally, nor do i know how they would behave truly in these situations.
© atozfic, 2021.
park seonghwa.
let’s just dive in to this, head first.
which is ironically exactly how seonghwa prefers things to be.
we all know this mf has an oral fixation, no criticism accepted. 
i mean, have y’all seen that video of him eating ice cream? 
yeah, enough said.
like, i’m not kidding when i say he will basically make out with your pussy.
definitely moans at the taste of you.
seonghwa honestly just wants to eat you out no matter what mood.
he’s bored?
oh, time to go interrupt your studying to burry himself between your thighs.
he’s angry?
be prepared to be edged for hours by nothing but his tongue
maybe a finger or two too.
he’s soft?
yeah, good luck getting out of bed without enduring his soft kisses and love filled praises as he easily coaxes an orgasm out of you.
you get the point.
honestly, when your relationship first gets to the sexual stage, you’re probably overwhelmed as fuck by how often this man just wants to stuff you full of his tongue. 
he’s so shameless about it too, just straight up asking you while you’re mid-bite of your slice of pizza
“can i eat you for dessert?”
if you start choking on your food, he’ll definitely throw in some innuendo about choking on his dick.
until his caring nature takes over and he helps you.
then he props you up on the table and does just as he intended, tongue drinking in the sweetness that is you.
ingraining the memory in your mind so that any time you have guests over for dinner, you can’t help but think about how none of them have any idea of what exactly seonghwa eats at the table.
his hand squeezing your thigh under the table tells you he’ll be doing it again, once everyone leaves.
you know that saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”?
yeah, well swap apple with pussy and that’s pretty much seonghwa.
in conclusion, seonghwa lives for it.
“baby.” seonghwa whispers in your ear, pulling you closer in his embrace and further away from the desk you’ve been sat at for most of the day, making it all the easier for him to begin coaxing you out of your chair and over to the perfectly made bed. the instant your back hits the mattress, he’s on top of you, one hand sneaking under your(his) shirt as his lips trail kisses down your neck. you keen into his touch and he can’t help but laugh as he grinds himself against you, cock already hard from the past twenty minutes he’d spent trying to think about anything but how you looked above him last night, hips rutting against his face as you chased your own release. “i’m bored. will you let me play with my favourite doll?”
kim hongjoong.
okay, let’s get cute for a second.
so no one can deny how hard hongjoong works. 
he basically lives in that studio of his.
and he loves it.
but he also loves you.
maybe definitely feels guilty for the time you miss out on together.
and, between schedules and recordings and hours upon hours sat in that small room, he misses you.
this all culminates in him reaching a breaking point of deciding he’s gonna remind you how much you mean to him, with his tongue teasing your clit and a couple ring-clad fingers stuffed inside your soaked hole. 
maybe he’s just finished in the studio and he finally makes it to your place, 4 hours late and exhausted, nothing on his mind but curling up next to you and sleeping.
until he sees you sleeping peacefully in one of his reformed jumpers and his mind just screams at him,,,
“omfg, i love her, time to make her cum.”
or you come to the studio to drop off the usb he’d left in your car, not being able to stop yourself from bringing him some food and a coffee too.
even if you planned to leave straight away, hongjoong finds a way to make you stay.
and then you’re sat in his desk chair, biting at your lip in an attempt to filter your moans while he’s kneeling on the floor and eating you like a three course meal.
100% has written at least one song about eating you out.
overall, hongjoong uses it as a way to make up for all the things you have to sacrifice just to be with him.
the fact you taste like heaven to him is just an added bonus.
“look at you.” he’s shameless, not even attempting to speak quietly, both of you knowing full well you didn’t lock the door behind you when you’d come into the studio and someone could burst through the door any minute now. you can’t help but think he gets off on the thought a little, even if the possessive part of him has the back of his chair facing the door and protecting your compromised state if the door were to open. he just needs whoever enters to know he’s making a mess of you with his skilled muscle, seeing you is a privilege only he gets. “all pretty and flushed just for me. so eager to be good for me, aren’t you, angel?”
jeong yunho.
so, yunho. 
99 % of the time it happens because he’s jealous.
hear me out, okay?
i know yunho is like, the cutest boy to ever exist.
he’s just a 6ft puppy.
mf is clifford the big red dog, okay?
he’s also clingy.
definitely the one who gets jealous the most often out of the group.
it’s not a toxic amount of jealousy though. he knows his boundaries, and he knows when he’s being irrational with his feelings, he definitely knows his own insecurities are to blame most of the time, not you nor whoever it is you’re interacting with.
so he keeps it to himself and one squeeze from your hand that’s intertwined with his is enough to remind him of the fact he’s the one lucky enough to love you.
but let’s focus on the rare occasions he does voice his jealousy. 
for example, that time a stranger stole yunho’s seat next to you on the train when he went to the bathroom and he came back to find you kindly talking to him.
who very clearly kept darting his eyes down to stare at your chest.
at first, he’ll be petty.
ignoring your cries for his attention and denying your hugs once you’re both home, muttering something under his breath about asking that man from the train to open the jar for you.
which makes no sense to you because like,,, yunho is literally right there, why can’t he just open the jar?
you’re always a little late to catch on to his jealousy.
he finally gets tired of being petty and decides the best solution is to remind you of why he’s the only one for you.
you’re probably in the middle of cooking dinner or something but yunho will just throw you over his shoulder and carry you into your shared bedroom, tossing you on the bed with ease.
takes no time in stripping you bare, big hands pushing and pulling you into whatever position he wants you in.
it’s only when he starts speaking about how good only he can make you feel, how that man from the train could never have you falling apart just from a few pathetic kitten licks against your clit, how your hole is literally clenching against nothing at just the thought of him fucking you with his tongue that you realize the green eyed monster had caught him.
definitely plays with your nipples, pulling and twisting the sensitive buds between his fingers whilst he teasingly ghosts kisses over your core. 
always ends with your ass up and face buried in the mattress whilst he fucks into you from behind. 
your dinner kinda got burnt in the process, which has yunho sheepishly apologising and buying you both some takeout.
“how pathetic.” yunho coos out, an almost sadistic smile taking over his usual boyish features. long gone are the soft smiles and the love-glazed glances, replaced with nothing but teasing smirks and lust filled stares. he litters a couple more pecks along the inside of your thigh, stopping just as he reaches where you need him most. one hand is spread out against your stomach, keeping you pinned to the bed, whilst the other reaches between your thighs, finger now ghosting around your throbbing entrance. without a single warning, he slips three fingers in your heat, lips latching on to your clit. “your greedy little hole just swallows whatever i give it, doesn’t it? always takes my big cock so well.”
kang yeosang.
idk who lied to y’all about this bitch being the shy one when it comes to sex, just because he’s more quiet than the other boys.
all that time spent being quiet just gives him time to think.
and homeboy here has some of the most filthy thoughts.
focusing on his thoughts about eating you out though,
his favourite time to do it is whilst you’re in the afterglow of an orgasm.
probably not even your first one during that session, because overstimulating you makes yeosang’s heart melt.
he just loves to see you crying because of the painful pleasure, okay?
you barely have a chance to catch your breath after being fucked into bliss by his cock before yeosang has pulled out and kissed his way down to your sensitive core.
probably hehets when he notices the tears streaming down your face from the amount of times you’ve cummed in the past hour.
you know what really gets him riled up though?
eating you out after cumming inside you.
you’ve probably been at it for hours, and he’s fucked you dumb.
to the point you can’t keep track of how many times you’ve came.
was it three? four times?
clearly it’s a number that satisfies yeosang enough to allow himself to finally chase his own pleasure. 
the first time he cums in you, you think that’s the end. 
you’ll be exempt from that last bit of sweet torture from his tongue.
until your eyes snap open and you catch yeosang, with two fingers busy fucking his cum back into you and the most curious look on his face.
like he’s contemplating something.
thinking it over in his head.
and you swear you almost cum at the sight of his tongue dipping into you.
his eyes rolling back in pleasure at the way his juices and yours mix on his tongue.
from then on, do y’all even bother using a condom?
what’s the point when yeosang is more than willing to clean his cum out of you.
“come on, you can give me one more. can’t you, sweetheart?” his big eyes beam up at you, such a sweet and soft contrast to the look of both of your juices mixed together on his lips, some dripping down his chin. yeosang can’t help himself, he’s a messy eater. when he catches sight of the tears slipping down your face, he feels his cock twitch and the pride of knowing you’re completely wrecked because of him floods his chest. “don’t you want to be a good kitten?”
choi san.
this can only go one of two ways.
either it’s the early morning,
maybe the first morning you’ve both had off together in weeks.
and so you’re just sort of cuddling,
half asleep whilst you mumble to each other about upcoming plans, recent events and just exactly how much you’ve missed one another.
a couple lazy kisses here and there slowly turns into a full-blown make out session.
soon hands are tangled in hair and skin is glued together.
it’s pretty obvious where this is going to lead but it’s almost like you’re both too tired to bother making the first move.
until san wakes up.
aka he pops a boner.
and he’s rolling you over onto your back.
kissing down your chest.
peeling whatever clothing you slept in off of you with so much care.
and he does this annoyingly attractive thing where, after he finally has you naked under him,
he just stares up at you from between your legs
with his smirk.
you know exactly what smirk i’m talking about.
he’s not touching you till he hears you beg for it.
once you give him what he wants to hear though?
he’s diving right in without a single moment of hesitation.
like seonghwa, he will just go down on you in the most random of moments.
san sort of has this little switch in his brain
that, when it’s flipped, takes him from being the cutest softest boy
to being literal fucking satan.
in those moments, he lives for the challenge of making you cum as soon as possible.
like when you’re picking him up from kq, after he’s done for the day with practicing whatever routine he planned to cover next
we would all be blessed to see him dance press your number
and so you’re both making your way through the hallways, just talking about your day one minute
and, in the next, he’s got you pressed up against the wall, a leg thrown over his shoulder while he devours you like a man starved.
you can’t even let your eyes shut in the throws of the pleasure because you need to make sure no one catches you both. 
san wishes they would in that moment
so they’d all see he really isn’t just some cute boy next door
but a fucking demon who gets his girl off in public.
let’s not even get into that time he ate you out in the back of the company van, the rest of the members asleep literally inches away from you both.
oh, he also definitely jerks himself off whilst he’s eating you. :)
“haven’t you learnt to use your words by now, darling?”  san tuts, pulling his face back from your core as you try to rut your hips up, desperate for whatever friction you can get. leaning back on the heels of his feet, he smirks down at you as one of his hand rubs over his growing bulge, he throws his head back and nearly whimpers when he dips his hand into his sweats, cold hand wrapping around his cock. “is it so hard to just tell daddy what you want?”
song mingi.
the softest, horniest, best boy.
if fucking you is something that tends to end with scratch marks down his back
and bruises on your hips.
even a broken bed once because this big friendly giant got a little too excited. 
then eating you out is the complete opposite.
he’ll be so soft for you.
tongue drinking in every bit of essence from your core, thumb rubbing gently at your clit and his eyes glued to yours.
honestly just loves to see how flushed your cheeks get.
and how your chest rises each time your breathing quickens.
and your thighs tremble until ultimately closing around his head and locking him against you,
he thinks it’s so pretty when you whine for him.
and he will tell you that, along with other praises about how beautiful you look and how much he adores you. 
when you push him off of you, he will protest.
maybe even whine, making grabby hands as he tries to drag your thighs back over to his face.
it’s only when he allows you to lay him back on the bed, hips straddled over his face with your back facing him
your hands reaching to pull his hardened member out, wrapping your own lips around it at the same time you sink down on his face
that mingi will quit whining and start moaning.
probably cums way before you because the combination of your warm mouth and hands playing with him and your hips grinding down on his face, giving his mouth full access to you does stuff to his head.
definitely wants to cuddle and nap for a while afterwards.
“hey! i was enjoying myself!” mingi huffed, his brows furrowing up as he worked at trying to get his head between your legs again but you were having none of it, only rolling your eyes at the man’s protests. he’s always like that, huffing and complaining, till he shuts up and goes stupid over one lick along his slit. this time is no different and he instantly becomes a moaning mess when you run your tongue down his shaft, his big hands instantly flying up to grasp your thighs and drag you down to his waiting tongue. “never mind, this is better. but i know you can fit more of me in your pretty mouth than that, babygirl.”
jung wooyoung.
so i think we all agree wooyoung is a brat.
whether he’s taken on a dominant or submissive role.
he’s just a ball of evil hoping to get on your nerves.
so eating you out is exactly the same.
he’s selfish about it, and proud to be so. 
when he has you laying on your back, naked from head to toe and legs spread, wooyoung isn’t thinking about how to get you off. 
actually, he’s thinking of how to not get you off. 
it’s more than likely that you’ll find yourself restrained in some way.
whether that’s wooyoung pinning your hands down.
or him tying them to the headboard with a necktie, or bandana, or really any piece of fabric will do.
he used san’s sock one time.
wiped you both clean with it before just putting it back in san’s wardrobe too, but that’s a story for a different day.
but anyway, wooyoung isn’t gonna let you cum.
not on his tongue, at least.
for him, it’s just the appetizer.
a way to get you ready for the main course.
aka his dick.
will work you up for so long, teasing orgasm after orgasm
getting you to the edge
only to drag you back from it.
and he’s laughing at you the whole time.
talking about how sweet you look
all desperate just for him to let you cum.
but he’s contrasting his sweet tone of voice when he let’s the words whore, slut, cock-hungry fall from his mouth.
he honestly just sees it as a demonstration of the power he has over you.
the way you know he’s not going to let you reach that state of ecstasy,
but you always welcome in the fingers he shoves in to you, and the sloppy way his tongue runs over your clit
no real pattern, just enough friction to keep the knot in your belly tightening.
his hand sometimes “slips” and he’ll giggle at the way your eyes shoot open at the fingers rubbing against your asshole.
while wooyoung tells you to stop whining or he’ll stuff that hole full of his cock and leave your sopping core untouched. 
“what’s wrong?” wooyoung fakes a pout, as his free hand wraps itself around your throat. he squeezes, hard enough to send blood rushing to your cheeks and you can do nothing but choke on your moans as he curls the fingers inside you against your g-spot. a soft kiss lands on your nose before he bites it, climbing back down your body till he’s face to face with your pulsating heat, tongue flattening against against your clit. his lips capture your sensitive nub, tugging on it with his teeth before releasing it with a pop. “did you really think i was gonna let you cum this time, my little whore?”
choi jongho.
with jongho, it takes him a while to realize how much pleasure he gets from eating you out.
and maybe that’s down to the fact he’s never really been in a long term relationship,
where he’s actually wanted more from his sexual partners than to just pull out and cum on their tits after a quickie in a closet.
the first attempts are pretty unsuccessful. 
he’s skilled with his tongue, don’t be mistaken.
but he’s too impatient to make you cum on it and ends up just fucking you after a couple licks.
but he’s determined.
mostly after he mishears a conversation between you and a friend on the phone. 
“yeah, he was a dick, but at least he knew how to put that mouth of his to good use.”
see, you were actually talking about how your friend’s ex was supposedly good at giving head, after she complained to you about how her current fuck buddy didn’t even bother to go down on her, despite her sucking him off more than once.
but jongho tends to react first, ask later.
so he assumes you were talking about your ex.
and it doesn’t sit right with him.
not one bit.
he knew you’d been sexually active before getting with him.
you both had been.
but jongho is naturally competitive,
so he wants to be the best you’ve ever had.
the same way that you are the best he’s had.
so the next time things get heated between you both
he takes the lead, slipping your top off your head without a care in the world and skilfully unclasping your bra.
he’s sucking marks on to your body, while manoeuvring you both till your back is pinned to the wall 
while one hand pins your hands above your head, the other shoots up to play with your nipple
while his mouth latches on to the other one, rolling it between his teeth.
he eventually continues his journey down your body, letting go of your hands.
when he rids you of the remaining bits of clothing,
still fully dressed himself,
jongho throws both your legs over his strong shoulders
with no other words other than telling you to hold on tight,
he’ll slowly stand up till he’s stood straight, mouth ravishing your aching core while you’re pinned to the wall.
later gets so embarrassed when he finds out you weren’t talking about your ex.
“fuck, you should be illegal.” he just about growls, turning his head away from your core to bite at your thigh. if it weren’t for his strength and the way your hands are gripping his hair, you likely would have toppled over by now, body turned to jelly under his hot tongue. his hair has began to stick to his forehead from the sweat and the tent in his trousers only grows when he sees you throw your head back, chest on display for him as you arch your back. and the need to see you come undone like this just grows and grows and grows, till it’s all jongho can think about. “gonna show you just how good my mouth can be, doll. you’ll be begging for me to stop.”
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chicken.. when im on anon chat with pretty girls im so cool n sexi about it but a girl compliments me irl n i just straight up gay panic n run tf off, like i actually say something panicky n weird n run away like a pussy even tho i want to run to the ... u know but anyways why am i dom daddy online but a virgin irl, help
i asked for help with this one and our crowdsourced responses are:
1) chicken you CAN’T tell the anon to just stop being a little *****, that’s mean (whatever dudes i’m right and will say it)
2) infodump about the sims until they think you’re hot
3) “no don’t forward this into my inbox i hate you” - unnamed source
4) act normal and friendly
5) act abnormal and mean
6) just stand there
7) don’t act like you’re talking to a cryptid
8) do act like you’re talking to a cryptid
9) steal their beer. maybe you’ll have a girlfriend at the end maybe you won’t? but good news is you have a beer
10) girls love trucks? have you tried setting a raccoon trap next to a truck? is that anything?
in conclusion:
Tumblr media
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“I have been debating with myself, died a several deaths because of brainrot and came to the conclusion: It is outrageous that we don’t have Zeke Yeager in real life. I am once again demanding Isayama to make him real because I am in desperate need of him.
Anyways, I am not here because of being a crybaby, I am here to fucking deliver. That’s right 🍆-Anon here. And I came up with something you may like:
Don‘t we all love to travel around the world? See new places? Experience the freshness of life why does this sound like a commercial i don’t know
Okay i will stop this and get straight to the point. Camper!Zeke. Listen, he is a wild beast. Wears flannel shirts all the time, army boots and some baggy trousers which are dirty all the time. And he‘s driving a Bulli VW Bus (OR some kind of Jeep but one with much space in it) . It‘s one of the old kinds, but he modified it, he got seat heating, Bluetooth Radio Box and some other shit to make his trips as comfortable as possible. And he loves his car, damn he really loves it. It‘s clean, stuff is everywhere but it’s clean. And even if it doesn’t seem so at first sight, yes, this bus actually got an organised Kitchen and cupboards. Ask him. Go. He can tell you immediately where something is you are searching for.
Zeke likes to go everywhere. Hiking and Climbing? Sure. Rafting? Absolutely? Just enjoying some fields? He‘s in. He just wants to see the world. And he knows way too fucking much. Go with him, let him take you on a trip. Normally he likes to be a little far off from crowds towns or people in general, he‘s a bit socially awkward. He will freak out if you bring a camera. Teach him how to take photos, he is invested asf. Instant boner. Zeke likes to experience and learn new things.
He‘s taking you to the city a few times, because you guys need food but also because he wants to show you some places. He talks a lot, it’s very cute. He talks about history when you walk past a monument, he starts talking about amazing Homeruns and Grand Slams or Steals when you are at a baseball stadium.
Zeke simps hard for you. Because you are listening to him, fuck it gets his dick hard when you even ask questions about the stuff he‘s telling you. Bonus points if you know little about it and use some technical terms. You guys go out into the nature to explore your surroundings. Don‘t worry about keeping up with him, he will stay by your side and not run off like a dumbstruck teenager boy. Although he is excited, but he wants to stay by your side and talk about stuff, where you guys should go next, about your childhood (because he is also a great listener!)
Going on trips with Zeke is like getting cut off by the world you know and getting thrown into a completely new one. Of course it doesn’t take long for you two to catch feelings, Zeke was a Simp from the beginning and did his best to make you laugh and impress you. So once you two confessed there is a dramatic change: You get even closer. Don’t ask me how it’s possible. It’s like you are thinking with one mind, you like the same places, none of you guys is whiny when they need to wash the dishes because you do it together. And you may think that after time, it gets boring because you two are working perfectly together- right? Wrong. All the places you are visiting and all the things you are learning together is being shared. Zeke tells you from his perspective and you tell him from yours.
Talking about perspective and views. With you and being a couple comes one of the greatest fucking things Zeke is ever going to get to do. You. Waking up, looking at a fantastic view, the sun gently shining on his face and his cock in your mouth. He loves it. Especially when you wake him up with it. What’s even better is eating you out. On the hood of his car. He only sees perks: you get a fantastic view and your pussy eaten and well he, he gets a fantastic view and is allowed to eat you out.
So on sunny days you are out and on rainy days? You sit together in the bus, playing some games. Zeke is incredible intelligent and it’s annoying the shit out of you. You can’t take this fucking man anywhere. Will beat you in chess. Will beat you in card games. And what’s even worse is that it’s not even looking like he is trying. He‘s sipping at his beer while playing with you, sitting barefoot and cross legged on the bed, scratching the top of his ear from time to time when he has to think hard. Because you are great competition to him. And he loves that.
To add a few things: Zeke is good at making Barbecue, he just has an inner clock which tells him when to put what how together and on the Grill. Zeke blasts songs with you in the car and sings along to them if he‘s in a good mood (which is like...all the time). From time to time he will take you to a restaurant as date (because he somewhere is a classy man) but you end up at a pizzeria in a little street with some boys playing soccer right in front of (?). He joins them, but he is not as competitive as he is with you. He is gentle and laughing all the time, the little kids only at the height of his waist while you cheer for the enemy team. No need to tell that he fucked you in the Bulli as soon as you got there, complaining about how his girlfriend should have cheered for him.
A lot of mocking and teasing. But it’s playful, never gets serious. You both know when to stop although you had to test the Waters in the beginning. Call him Zekey when he is in a silly mood, sometimes he will get really silly. Giggles a lot and does the Tiddy grab (to explain this briefly, please look at videos from Chris Evans laughing. He is grabbing his chest/belly all the time he laughs really hard and I believe that Zeke does that too, but only when it has him weak on his knees no you don’t count he is always weak on his knees for you )
Oh my fucking god I should write a book about this fucking man. No. No I shouldn’t. Lmao thank y‘all for liking the stuff I am thinking about??? Also, I always look forward to your answers because you add so accurate stuff to it? I know you are going to too this time.
Man. We really are simps huh" -🍆anon
Oh my God back at it again with the brainrot anonnie.
His camper/bus home is actually quite fancy. Everything is extremely organized (if you don't put something back he gets miffed) and he keeps it prestine.
Flannel shirt, comfortable pants, (refuses to wear shorts because 1. Doesn't want to look like a dad and 2. Mosquitoes love him,) combat boots that are high quality and the best for hiking. He refuses to settle for less. A nice windbreaker too, black and/or a dark army green or just beige.
Heated seats, yes. Bluetooth radio, yes, but he is controlling about the music or what you listen to. Let him listen to his podcasts damnit!! But he gets so excited to talk about what the podcasts are talking about it's cute.
Kayaking might be his favorite. It's thrilling, truly down and dirty, it doesn't matter if he feels winded by the end of the day, it's so worth it. Going on a picnic in a nice field? He will make his favorite sandwiches because he wants to show you how he enjoys everything. It's his love language, to show you what he loves and hopes you enjoy it as well. And if he can see you're happy with what he shows you? His heart is soaring.
If you show him how you like to enjoy his adventures? He's dead in love. Sitting close to him and showing him how the camera works and his breath is hitching and an instant boner.
"Zeke, why...?"
"I don't know okay! It's just how I show my love I guess!!.... we could try to film something else if-"
Outdoor sex tape with Zeke anybody?... yes.
When he takes you to the city he is standing and reading every single monument description. Probably critiquing them for "It's an old white man who treated other humans as less than, he doesn't deserve a fucking statue," so now you have to deal with a ranting Zeke about history until you drag him into a breakfast place. Pancakes get his mind off of corrupt history. You're right he still keeps up with you, asks you a bunch of questions, what you think of things and your opinion on xyz.
Both of you can sit in comfortable silence and enjoy things.
When you actually become an item -- he's 10x hornier than he was before. (No its the normal amount of horny but now he gets to share it with you.) Chilling by a campfire and cockwarming? He loves it. It's all so warm and you two are so close and connected, it feels so peaceful.
Zeke is a voyeur and exhibitionist. He sees a pretty view near a tourist sight and he's pulling you away to fuck you near it. Should you be fucking outside, in daylight, this close to people? No. But here you are. Because both of you can resist one another, especially with such a view to enjoy while fucking each other.
Okay what if he sets up a little star gazing spot on the top of his little camper? It's so sweet and intimate. Looking at each other or the sky, your leg thrown over his hip, slowly rocking into each other. Steals kisses from you, stars reflect from his eyes and he looks so in love. It's mutual, you look so in love too.
Playing sweet games with him while listening to the rain. A challenge as always but you don't make it easy to win. This is partially why he loves you. A challenge, a match for him, a perfect companion to spur each other forward.
He will fuck you ruthlessly into the mattress to pass time but he's sweet about it.
When he gets to the city, as much as he is awkward he can get along great with kids. Plus he likes to show off and it's sweet to watch. Makes you ride him in the car because "you didn't cheer for you sweet boyfriend who was working so hard to win," he grasps your ass and lowers you down on his cock. Hopefully no one will see the rocking of the car to realize what's happening.
Zekey!! Seeing him laugh would be a treat. Grabs his chest while he laughs like Chris Evans. Yes. Yes please.
I always love the stuff you think about. We could both write a whole book about this man. Yes. We are mega simps. 🧎 I'm so happy you share this stuff with me.
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Vegas Getaway - Conclusion
It has been an eternity since I was inside a woman,  so I push ever so slowly inside. You were so wet that I had no problem burying myself all the way in.  Once the entire length of my cock was inside you,  you feel my balls softly tap your clit.  Given the way your body shook, I knew the slow insertion was the right move.  My hands lightly slap your hips,  then grab on tightly. I begin to slowly move myself in and out of you.  I was in no hurry for this to be over.  Soon your hips begin to move in perfect time to my thrusts and withdrawals. Although both of us were aware someone may be watching us,  nether one of us cared. I watch as your hair swings back and forth on your back,  just begging to be pulled.  For now I was completely content to keep my hands on your sweet curvy ass. The curve in my cock kept inching closer and closer to your g spot.  Every now and then it taps it and a surge of pleasure rockets through your body. 
You are moaning constantly now and you feel yourself building closer to an orgasm. At the moment I'm trying to keep myself from cumming too quickly. Wanting you to cum first and often. My right hand leaves your hip in search of your breast. To this point your nipple was enjoying the cold glass rubbing against it.  My speed increases just enough that you have to adjust your rythmn to match mine.  But you are equal to the task.  Every now and then I thrust a little harder and my ability to connect with your g spot becomes more frequent.  Now you are more vocal "oh gawd yes, just like that... mmm... fuck yes... harder. " I'm more than willing to oblige you,   thrusting a little harder,  pushing you closer and closer to orgasm  number one.  I pinch and pull your nipple for a few more minutes,  then abandon it to grab your hair.  I grab it firmly then pull back,  just enough to get your attention,  but not enough to hurt you. 
Once your head tips back, I hear you moan loudly, then feel a rush of warm wet juices explode over my cock. Your body continues to shake as I continue to slide in and out of you. I slow my pace in order keep from cumming. You sense it and I feel you squeeze my cock tight with your pussy.  Once I was confident I could continue, I start pounding harder. My grip on your hair tightens and I pull back just a little harder.  You moan loudly,  "oh holy fuck..." Deciding I now need both hands on your hips,  I release your hair and grab on tight. Knowing that I won't be able to last much longer.  Our hips in perfect rythmn; we get closer and closer to the edge with each of my thrusts.  I moan "oh fuck....", you turn to look at me. "Ohhh David,  mmm, cum inside me...". Then I moan "oh gawd yes...." Two more deep thrusts and you feel me exploding inside you. You are right behind me. While your body rocks with pleasure,  I remain inside you, my cock still throbbing from my release.
You feel the residue of our mutual orgasms dripping down your thighs.  Both of us struggling to catch our breaths, while our bodies ride the final waves of our mutual pleasure.  Once we recover,  we glance down at the pool. We see two couples standing and raising their drinks toward us. You turn around,  kiss me,  then push me toward the bed and then onto it.  You lay down next to me and take my soft cock into your mouth. After sucking and licking a little,  you look up at me "I always like to taste how delicious I am" adding a wink. Then start to suck again until you feel my cock start to get hard in your mouth.  Just as I'm getting into it,  you stand up then pull me up "let's take a shower and see what else we can do with that." Then grab me by the cock and lead me to the bathroom. 
Copyright ©️ 2021 by Poet Doctor
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thededebean · a month ago
We would watch movies and dance around the house. You would spin me and when I undoubtedly stumble and fall you would catch me with your strong arms.
As you got to know me more you would hold on to me a little longer, move your hands lower and lower, pull me closer .... Feeling my everything so tightly pressed against you. I used to wear shorts when we first started seeing each other, but slowly moved into low cut shirts that exposed my bra straps and flirty little skirts.
At first I played dumb. Twirling my hair in my fingertips, running my hand along your back or chest when I walked past you. I would start to dress in tight clothes that defined what I was wearing underneath. You're interest always piqued in my presence. Your attention strained when I entered the room.
One time I found your hand making its way to the hem of my shirt while we danced. I wasn't sure if you were going to go down into my skirt or up my shirt.
That time you just wanted my reaction.
One time to prove how strong you were you decided to lift me up with your hands under my bottom. As you did that your fingertips somehow slid in between the fabric of my panties and my supple lower lips.
As I sat in your arms resting my hips against yours completely at your whim you kept bouncing me to readjust my petite frame. It was then I realized it wasn't me teasing you from the start. You were grooming me for this moment. You were letting me come to my own conclusions, always 10 steps ahead.
I let out a gasp squirmed and bit my lip. Staring into your eyes, I could tell I was being held up by something else underneath me as well. My skirt was in the way of seeing what was up but I could tell this is what you planned all along.
Suddenly, you flipped up my pleated skirt to focus your eyes on my pretty little innocent pussy. The fabric had bunched up slightly and was straining in-between the folds. I went to adjust it as I dropped back down to my feet.
You stopped my hand from pulling out the material. In fact you pulled up on my panties, further splitting my lips. Looking deeply and darkly into my eyes.
I grabbed on to your belt and caught myself from falling over. I could not stop myself from letting out a peeping moan. One that was very new to me.
My hips almost robotically enjoyed the straining feeling going on between my legs. I found myself waiting on your queue...
With my hands wrapped around your belt, my fingertips slowly grazed inside your waistband I started to sway my hips. You stood a moment in a hypnotized state. Very much enjoying this new side to my body we were experiencing.
Swiftly you took off your shirt and I stand a gasp in front of you admiring your chiseled frame.
Once again you picked me up and started walking us to the living room couch. Your cool belt buckle pressing against my slippery love button made me wiggle in your arms. You didn't immediately understand what was happening at that moment.
Carefully you lowered me to the couch and slid off my skirt. My top had ridden up during our adventures, exposing my sheer bralette. You then reached for your belt buckle and your fingers figured out what was happening only seconds ago.
"Oh baby,... This has you all worked up and the fun hasn't even begun. My buckle is slick!"
You took your newly wetted fingers and wiped them onto my nipples. Cupping and tugging on each one.
You're pants dropped as you lowered your hips on top of mine. Keeping my attention on your powerful tongue making quick work of swirling around mine.
One hand reached down and tugged up one more time on my panties making my hips jerk then slowly you peeled them off and placed them to the side of my lips. My legs widened to fit you in between.
You lifted your fingers this time and parted my mouth, forcing me to taste myself.
"Do you like to taste what I'm doing to you, baby?"
Before I got a chance to answer I could feel the head of your cock split my entrance. My hand flung to my labia to help the foreign member enter me. Painfully slowly.
You once again slapped my hand away, making me feel like a brat for doing so. I whimpered in objection. How unfair..
"None of that, baby. I want you to beg. I want you to focus on me filling you so full up."
I held still. Perfectly still.
"mmhn... buhh... baby. Holy fuck you are so tight." You growled.
You adjusted your cock once or twice before going balls deep.
I was trying to keep my thoughts together but I found myself making incoherent mumbles with every slow plunge.
I lay below you slowly starting to push against you in a way you wouldn't immediately feel me doing.
My clit was throbbing. Aching. Pulsing to be pressed on. Flicked. Rubbed.
Your pace quickened and you pushed my hips into the couch.
"You think you're so smart trying to help yourself get off?" You said.
Your thumb fumbled along from my hips and hovered just above my button.
I whined and shifted and started trying to catch your thumb with my wiggles. Needy. And drippy I was.
I was so wet and hot, I am sure all it would take for me to explode would be a little friction.
"Awe, fuck! You're not even using your words baby. Yet you're telling me everything I need to know. You're biting your lips hungrily, whimpering and looking at me with those... sexy... beautiful... big eyes.."
At the exact last word you placed the palm of your hand against my pussy and started rubbing my pussy with firm, generous pressure. Your pole sliding in and out stiffly. I tensed and lost all control of my body.
I felt you unload all of your pent up teasing through hot sticky ropes inside of me then pulling out and covering my pussy in more.
You pushed back into me and swung my body on top of yours.
There we layed until one of us had the courage to go grab something to clean up the mess we made.
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radicallyaligned · a month ago
Honestly, it’s already hard enough right now accepting the fact that I’m a lesbian but it infuriates me how that conclusion was delayed for so long because of the “lesbians are attracted to women not pussy” crowd, making me so confused since I’ve always been disgusted of male genitals and even forced myself to “learn to like them” when I identified as bi but it’s seen as transphobic and “predatory” that I’m only attracted to female bodies? It’s so evil, and I’m 22 saying this so I can’t even imagine how younger lesbians are struggling like now. This energy is non existent towards straight people but for some reason it’s easy to dunk on lesbians? (Sorry, you don’t have to reply to this. I just saw a tweet on twt getting a lot of attention about how “transphobia from ‘cis’ lesbians needs to be talked about” and ofc the “woke” folks are telling lesbians what “REAL” attraction is. I’m just so mad at the world rn)
Lesbians have been made to suffer the most during all of this. But I am so proud you have broken free of that rhetoric and you know yourself fully now.
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beauty-of-depravation · 2 months ago
A Birthday with Loki
Written for @buckyssoldat happy birthday dear !🔥💜
Warnings : smut ! so obviously +18 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why couldn't you be attracted by the good guys ? Why couldn't you be Thor for exemple ! nice guy, extremely good looking, funny and all. But nooooo, you never had any kind of physiological reaction around him, the one who made your heart beat travel to your pussy ? His brother of course !
You were a smart girl and this was your logic : if villain bad, why villain hot, conclusion, badly fuck the vilains, even if it went against everybody's recommandations.
And you've been trying to fuck Loki for ever !
It was your birthday party night, the room was filled with close friend and people you had trouble recognizing. You knew Tony being responsible for a party was a bad idea, he wasn't really good with the concept of "small"...
What made you irritable, was that you were fricking horny, and yesterday you ended things with the guy you've been seeing for the past couple of weeks, you weren't sad because it ended, you were sad because he was a fantastic fuck, but yesterday he has told you that the moon was a conspiracy and it didn't exist, and you thought "I'm not introducing this dude to any one"
It didn't make things better to see Loki charming every woman of the reception, going from one to the other, commenting and finding a clever compliment to apply to every and each one.
What would be an amazing birthday gift would be him fucking you.
I mean you loved the emerald hair pin he slipped on your hair before the party, but his hands on the back on you neck had left you craving more contact.
— here is the queen of the party ! The most beautiful woman here ! My dear, can i tell you that even the expression of dissatisfaction on your face looks like the most captivating art work.
— Always charming, you say rolling your orbs.
— of course dear, he say setting by your side
— Don't you have someone else to talk to ?
— i don't find anyone else then you worthy of my words in this party dear.
You don't reply. You secretly enjoy the company of the man. And quite rapidly, you are talking about everything you like, litterature and art.
— surprisingly, you have some good things to say for a human.
— Is that a compliment ?
— of course !
Your pout your mouth, and immediately notice that his eyes follow the movement, and stay focused on your carmine colored lips. You don't say anything, until he bring his gaze back up to find you looking up at him. You keep looking in each other eyes for quite a time, but then to internally moved by it, you look a way, and you can see that he likes that you couldn't hold it.
After a little while, his voice raises again.
— so ...what happened to that...misery of a being your were seeing ?
You roll your eyes for the sake of it, but chuckle lightly.
— we went each his own way. We weren't a match, he was nice but..
— he was stupid.
— no,he
— don't lie to me, I've seen dead fish with eyes expressing more depth then his.
— okey...okey he wasn't a genius. But he was nice, and cute and
— you deserve better, and it's me telling you that. I rarely think that highly of anyone.
— oh god, you say rolling your eyes at his never ending comments on humans.
— i love when you call me that, and you are so cute when you roll your eyes. But I'm serious you are worth more.
— maybe, but for now I'm worth my vibrator.
Fuck. How did that slip out ? You feel yourself blush furiously. And you realize that Loki has turned his head towards you at an abnormal speed. His eyes a bit wide. A bit dark. His lips a bit parted. A bit up turned.
— A vibrator ? Would the queen of the party leave her guests by there own to go take care of her carnal needs ?
— i mean ...i'm was going to wait until everybody is gone.
— How gracious of you. But everyone is not to be gone until at least five in the morning.
— can wait.
— you see, dear, at the way you are shivering, and blushing, and the way you shivered and blushed when my fingers flew over your neck earlier, i don't think it can wait this much.
You blush even more and you don't know what to say. Truth be told could litteraly feel your body burning with desire.
After few seconds of silence Loki got up.
— If you want to have something that surpasses anything that you crave, leave those people, come to my room, I'll be waiting for your visit. Happy birthday, dear.
And with that he is gone.
You were delusional. That can not have just happened.
Dream or not you are doing it.
It doesn't take you any thinking to hop on the offer. It only takes you some drinks.
What is Loki, god of mischief, planning for you ?
Three drinks later, you are ready to find out.
— do you want to drink something ?
You rock your head right and left.
— tranquilize yourself, we are not going to do anything you don't want, but, knowing about your little... penchant, towards me, and having myself, an... inclination towards you, i thought you..
— you...have a ...i mean, you like me?
— Darling, the I've never been indifferent to you. And you've been playing with the charms around me. I'm not made of stone.
You feel yourself blush from head to tow and try to cover a silly smile.
— You noticed..
— of course i did, it was very endearing and a grate pastime. Now, are you sure you don't want any drinks?
— I'm sure.
— good. Regaining confidence, confidence is beautiful on you darling.
You smile and approach him, balancing your hips and slightly smiling.
He keeps his eyes connected to your, and when you are just inches from him, you out your mouth close to his ear and confess
— i loved the hair pin that you gifted me, and ...i loved it so much that i matched my lingerie with it. Dark green and black lace, would you like to see it ?
His voice darkens, deepens, seemingly erupting from earths foudaments.
— Strip.
The command fuses. And you take a step back, ready to obey it. As you rapidly attack the zipper of your dress.
he murmur :
— slower, darling.
Your hands travel your body, caressing yourself before slowly pushing the sleeves of your dress down your shoulders, and slowly unzipping it, caressing every bit of soft skin that appears to sight from under your arms to your hip. He now can see your beautiful chest in this transparent lace bra that fails to hide your hard nipples. you turn around, but keep looking at Loki from above your shoulder. Subtilty arching your back, you push the dress past your round ass, revealing your dark green tanga with two little black bows, one on the front one on the back, oranges with black pearls.
He is eye-eating you. Already devouring you without a touch. He slowly gets up, and still not touching you, with just his got breath and lips again your ear he says : «you're going to keep it, and I'm going to take you in this beautiful lingerie»
You don't have time to agree as he goes from not touching you at all to touching you EVERYWHERE at the same time. His hands are greedy and his long cold fingers send shivers under your skin. He is massaging your tits, groping your ass, caressing your belly, drawing the line of your waist, falling on the curve of your hips, worshiping your delicate neck. And all you can do is hold on to him, with a hand on his neck, pulling at his beautiful dark hair, and with the back pushed to him, you could fee him grow bigger against your ass.
Turning back you decide to take the lead a fiercely kiss him. Your tongues meet and fight. You taste and bite and Savour eachother, the kiss expressing a hunger that have been here for so long.
— I'm going to do you a big honor, dear, I'm going to get on my knees for you, and i expect that to be and stay your greatest birthday gift.
And with that he kisses his way down, until he puts one then two knees on the ground and is facing your already wet sexe.
— I'm so curious to see how much desire you have for me.
You are mesmerized by the vision, Loki, god of mischief, on his knees, for you, ready to teste you, what am I saying, to ravage you, admiring you like you are the most beautiful woman or the world. The first and last. You can't breath and can't look away, any shyness pushed far by your desire and need.
His fingers caress a bit harshly your slit, pushing on your clit and making you jump back a little, bit he is quick to grab firmly on the back of your thighs, and you know from the slight pain that there will be marks there, bit you also understand the need for such a strict hold because immediately after he is pushing the underwear aside and...well he doesn't do any work at half, he is going at it all heatedly, his tongue flat against you no teasing, right to the point.
Your fingers automatically find their rightful place in his hair, pulling at it and making him groan. His hands reache up, and grabbing at your ass cheeks, he pulls you closer to his mouth, making you grind your wet core on his face.
— you are the most flavorful precious little thing I've ever tasted. I love how you rock your hips against my face, are you close to your release ?
— yes, yes Loki keep going.
His skilled tongue goes back and forth from your entrance to the over sensitive point under your clit to the top nerves, going from simulating it from left to right to top to bottom, and clearly taking such a pleasure in doing that to you that the vision gets you off like no other and ton start to moan louder and shake.
— such a beautiful woman, cum on my tongue, show me how you like what I do to you !
And with few more methodical stokes of his tong on your clit you shake and cum, and if it wasn't for his firm grip you'd have fallen to the ground.
«hmmmmm» he groan, kissing his way back up, and kissing you deeply, making you taste yourself. That is the first time someone does that to you, and you feel so nasty and you deepen the kiss, curious to share what you taste like, you feel him smile against your lips, and as you start to unbutton his shirt, be stops you.
— the next time, did you forget that you have a birthday party to return to after that ? And i have to confess, i want to be inside you immediately, no time for undressing.
You push away the idea of going back to that party, and focus on "next time" and "inside you" while he backs you up into the bed than hugs and you turn you around so you are sitting on his lap.
You hear his zipper go down, and following every movement he is making, filled with lust and envy, your heat skip a beat as soon as his length springs free, you feel it hot and heavy on your inner thigh, and you have a hard time breathing, your walls clench and you can't wait to have him inside. You have desperate moans and your hips move instinctively, and your reactions seems to amuse him enough to tame the emergency of burying himself deep inside you, as he takes the time to slip his cock between your labia, teasing you clit, and you entrance.
—Loki please...
— oh ! —he take on a dramatic théâtral voice— How mischievous I am being dear, on your birthday night non the less, I'll leave the teasing for another night then.
And with that, he is balls deep inside of you. Ripping out a long scream from your throat.
Both his hands find their place on your hips, and guide them up and down his shaft, kissing along your neck, and Whispering praises in your ear “queen” “beauty” “gem” “inteligent” “passionating” those all are word he slips in your ear while pushing his cock as deep as it can reach, which is enough to banish your soul out of your body. He is breathy, and grunting, and his paraises are starting to make less and less sense as he is getting close to his release.
— I want to cum on you beautiful chest, love.
— Yeah ?
— yes, i want to know that you won't think of anybody else when we go back to that boring reception, you'll think of me marking you, making you feel good, offering you all the pleasure you'll ever need to receive.
He bucks his hips faster and faster, and with that sends you over the edge, you don't have time to recover, as soon as you open your eyes back he is pushing you on your knees and jerking off, grunting and telling you how beautiful and good you are, you can't get enough of the sight of him, head thrown back, stumbling on his words, his hand stroking his cock faster and faster, until strings of white Milky cum land on your chest. you look at that, pushing out your tits, presenting yourself to him, letting him mark and own you as he wanted.
— darling, says Loki, while presenting you his arm to put your under, taking you back to that party that seems way more interesting now, arms under one another.
It especially looked more interesting now that he has suggested that public sexe was an interesting concept.
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eremiie · 2 months ago
since you’re the second person who has said this i have come to this conclusion that i need to make reasons not to simp for floch... i thought we were at a mutual understanding but;
manga spoilers<33
— he told armin he should be dead rn
— he is a wannabe sadist, like... y’all he is not crazy frl, he just thinks he’s the shit cause he killed a couple folks which he saw yelena do and thought he could too
— he’s a pussy, like seriously, ik y’all saw him crying when he didn’t die like everyone else, like... this yall man frl?
Tumblr media
— ms azumabito girl fucked him up as she should, what a pussy bitch
— he’s the reason hange is dead
— he’s practically a fucking nationalist who has terrible ideas that will get his bumass NOWHERE
— he’s an eren simp, i mean i am too but i’m valid he’s not, hop off my husband’s dick, WILL YOU????
— he’s scared of eren. idc if we haven’t seen it, he’s probably scared of eren. like who in their right mind.... is scared of eren? (besides gabi, she’s a child) like okay yeah woo eren titan go brrr, eren slits his hand ahhh scary but like,, when i see eren i still think of s1-3 eren so i can’t be scared😐, + armin rocked him. ARMIN ARLERT ROCKED EREN JAEGER.
— i mean he got bodied so fast by mikasa.... like..... how the hell you go out like that? 
in conclusion stan anybody but ed sheeran 🧑🏻‍🦰
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generalfoolish · 2 months ago
Title: Lagasse The Lesser.
Fandom: Monster; Demon
Rating: General, I think. TW: demons, Catholicism imagery/phrases, possession, exorcism, urine.
Word Count: 1.5K
Summary: Father John Abbott works hard to keep his nuns safe. Soon, he’ll learn the cost of his protection.
A/N: #30 Demon! This was fun to write, but in my research I learned some really horrible stuff surrounding exorcisms gone wrong. If you feel like there’s something wrong, reach out to a mental health provider. If you believe in possession, there ARE mental health providers who will take you seriously. Just be safe. No “at home” exorcisms. Okay, that’s my rant. Enjoy!
Father Abbott closed his eyes as he murmured a quick prayer. He had always been strong in his resolve for the church, and for his love of God, but this would take every ounce of strength the man could conjure.
He was outside the door of Sister Margie. A decidedly average brunette from Maryland, built with a slime frame and a shrill voice, and a tragic backstory involving the death of her betrothed. She turned to the cloth willingly and turned to faith for her grief. Father Abbott had always been pleased with her. She was studious and devoted. Until two weeks prior.
She had cringed away from communion. She had spoken her prayers in an ancient language that no one at the church recognized. She had spit in the face of a fellow nun. The final stray had come to pass when she, he took a stabling breath, excreted in the pews.
Father Abbott hadn't wanted to be hasty; he hadn't wanted to jump to conclusions, but he had read the signs. He knew what must have happened: the sister had been possessed. Possessions were rarer nowadays; he had bargained with the Bishop. But, not impossible. He told his superiors to come, to see. He begged for help. None had come. A single letter, addressed only to 'Whom it may concern,' found its way to his desk, declaring him fit to handle the situation as he seemed appropriate. He had called for backup, and the diocese had denied him the request.
He had prayed heavily, and the matter had weighed on his heart until he realized what he must do. He vowed to help Sister Margie, despite the cost to himself or his career. So, he had dived into all the literature he had on hand about exorcisms. Weeks of research had led him to this moment. He didn’t have the time to devote to his studies, as much as he wished anyway, he had to help Margie. She grew weaker each day as the demon inside drained her.
Margie didn’t stir when he entered the room; he had lightly tapped it before he opened the door, hoping she’d be decent. He had heard some tales of improper behavior amongst possessed individuals. His heart wept for Sister Margie, and he exhaled sharply upon seeing her this way. She was stripped down to her white nightgown, and her arms and legs were restrained with leather cuffs. Two sisters waited on either side of Margie, each holding a lantern up. He cleared his throat.
“If you would like to wait outside, now is likely the time to do so.” Father Abbott told them in a careful voice. He wanted them to stay. Selfishly, God help him, he wanted them to be at his side through the likely trauma he was about to face. He had no grave sins for them to bear witness to, but he could not falter in the face of the demon. Whatever else came, he could be strong for the convent. They nodded at each other.
“We’d like to stay, Father.” Sister Tory told him; her shoulder squared. He nodded back and approached Margie.
“Sister Margie, we’re going to try to help you now.” He took another deep breath, clutched his rosary beads, and held his bible open. He had memorized the rite, but the bible acted as an anchor.
“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your Kingdom come.” Margie’s eyes flew open, and she barked out a deep, guttural noise.
“He won’t help Margie now.” The deep voice teased. “She’s gone.”
“Your Holy Spirit come upon us and cleanse us. Your will be done, on earth as in heaven, Or our bread for tomorrow. and forgive us our sins, for we ourselves forgive everyone indebted to us.” Another dark laugh came from deep within Margie.
“John Abbott, you’re too weak to save her. You’re a bad father, Father.” The demon’s voice baited him once again, but he ignored it.
“And do not bring us into temptation.” Father Abbott continued as the demon roared.
“Do not ignore me, Father.” The beast spit.
“The power of Christ compels you to return from where you came.” Father Abbott said, trying to clear his mind of anything that could stop the momentum of the moment. The demonic voice hummed in joy.
“Christ has not compelled me for some time, John. You’ll have to work harder.”
“What is your name, demon?”
“Work. Harder.”
“Ávē Marī́a, grā́tiā plḗna, Dóminus tḗcum,” Father Abbott began, growing more comfortable with his Latin in each syllable. “Benedícta tū in muliéribus, et benedíctus frū́ct—"
“I am Lagasse, a demon of Hell, and I will not be willed away with some simple Latin prayer!” The demon screamed over Father Abbott’s prayer. The silence of the truth hung in the air, thick and dangerous until Father Abbott encouraged the women to begin to pray.
The trio had discussed that if the demon announced his name, they would begin chanting a prayer to compel him directly. He hadn’t thought the demon would give up his name so easily. It was the key to a successful exorcism. The murmurs of the women rose as they began their prayers.
“Sā́ncta Marī́a—” Father Abbott began, his rhythm and cadence coming back to him more easily.
“Sā́ncta Marī́a Mā́ter Déī.” Lagasse, the demon, mocked. “Sainte Marie, Mère de Dieu. Santa Maria, Mãe de Deus. They are just words, padre. Doesn’t matter if they’re Latin or French or Portuguese. They can’t hurt me. And these Sisters are not good at Latin. Ladies, please, fuck off. I need a word with the good Father.” The women looked at Father Abbott, but otherwise kept pace. Good, he thought, let’s get this bastard.
“Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.” He finished strong in English. If this hound of Hell wanted him to use his native tongue, he would. He would use it to banish this demon back to the underbelly of Hell.
“Amen, daddy.” Lagasse had dropped the deep, guttural voice for Margie’s. Except he had dropped it down an octave, making it silky rather than smooth. On the bed, Margie writhed in her nightgown, and thrusted her hips up. Father Abbott turned his head, feeling empathetic for the girl who had lost control of herself. For the girl who was writhing pathetically in front of him with no ability to stop. Lagasse broke his thoughts with a hateful and deep laugh, it was still Margie’s voice, but it was all wrong—twisted and harsh. He tried to push his darkening thoughts down, tried to discourage himself from even forming the idea, but it was too strong. His desire too powerful.
Father Abbott liked it. He thought that Margie looked sexy even. He hated himself for it immediately. He swallowed hard against the lump in his throat, and Lagasse’s laugh cut him in half.
“Daddy? Having nasty thoughts?” Lagasse asked, using Margie again. The priest dropped his eyes to the bible and cleared his throat. “Oh, didn’t you know I could tell what you’re thinking? How awkward. Do the girls not know that you touch yourself at night? Do the Sisters not know how you pant out their names while you fuck your hand thinking of their tight pussies and little anuses?” The uproarious laughter was too much for Father Abbott. The room was too small, the heat from the lanterns too warm, and the demon’s words too true.
“Lagasse, lesser demon of Hell, the power of Christ compels you back to the bowels from whence you came!” Father Abbott screamed at the monster, willing him with everything to go, to go and never return, to free the innocent from his clutches, to relinquish his control over Margie. And, suddenly, the room’s energy shifted. The air seemed less charged. Margie’s body slumped against the bed, drenched in sweat and piss. He hadn’t noticed, but she must have peed during the exorcism. He hated himself for what she had gone through.
“I think he’s gone.” He said to the two shaking women. “Would you get her cleaned up, please?” He asked before turning heel. He was going right to prayer. He knelt down in front of the altar and began his chant. And all at once his chest felt like it was going to explode. He clutched it, afraid it was a heart attack, and staggered to his feet. He removed his robes and his beads and felt a bit better. He slumped down into a pew and willed his heart to resume it’s normal pace. Then he felt a stinging around his neck. He quickly undid his collar and tugged at the shirt. Nothing was amiss. He lifted his cross and realized there was a ‘t’ imprinted on his skin.
From deep within him, he felt the rumble. He felt the truth. He knew he was damned. He was possessed, and it was Lagasse. The vile demon had fled Margie and rammed straight into his soul. Unbeknownst to him, a curling smile had spread across his face. Lagasse had many plans for Father John Abbott, and all of them started with outing the old man’s hypocrisy.
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kittyaaliyah · 2 months ago
Am I a sexual deviant? If I say no, than am I lying to myself? If I say yes am I justifying a dysfunctional behavior? I like to to answer my own first question; Sometimes. Is that valid? I guess if sex is your intention, then yes one may be considered a sexual deviant. So what's fair... Exposing ones self or having your desires exploited....
I wonder if both would consider what the other goes through.. The exploited... A lonely desperate person sexually frustrated begs for provocative arousal from strangers online they deem attractive...
Often the exploited will be found in chat rooms, porn sites, kik groups, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat... Anywhere you can sign up and "DM" for free..This is where you can find the horniness of people. To the exploited sex is the ultimate payment. They are doing you a favor. So free online sex exchange is a fun-free loving sport... Sometimes the Exploited will enter the Realms of the Exposed... An emotional war begins..
The Exposed... A very attractive person sometimes with high status... These people are well mannered seemingly professional. They are entertaining with alluring charm... They present a very classy and upscale reputation. All while having more intimate connections with fans in paid secured ways... These people either work full time exposing themselves or do it as a pleasurable hobby. Making very wealthy fans that tribute to their cause. To the exposed... Thier mind, body and soul are one... So to decrease the chance of someone misusing or exposing to minors...Guess' on cam sites begging and demanding model show thier pussy... Dudes slide into direct messages with urgent sexy banter... Blocked, reported, harassment, Mia Khalifa once said " Eat shit and die"... Sometimes the Exploited never get it... demands, persuasion, promises, dick pictures... However the exposed will go undercover as a exploited...trying to lure in a unsuspecting exploited... With seductive pictures teasing them into their PayPal accounts...
In conclusion I feel that it's fair to put a price on your goodies... I Think it's ok if you just what to show it all to the world without any compensation. I don't think it's right to go to paid sites and beg. It's not fair to either assume that some will just send you nudes, and watch you masterbate... To me everyone is exploited and exposed... I think its wise to understand someone's boundaries...If you want see that dick or pussy specifically pay if you have to...its courtesy... if its not worth it just go watch porn or find a more stimulating thing to do with your time.... These sociopathic behaviors has led you away from only fans to only friends...
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