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#imo. absolutely
warcrimesimulator · 6 days ago
I’m against breeding new domestic and wild cat hybrids unless it’s for research purposes but nonetheless they’re just so fascinating to look at.
Caracal/cat hybrid (caracat)
Tumblr media
Fishing cat / cat hybrid
Tumblr media
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imo-chan-imagines · 8 days ago
When you only use the Tumblr app, and log on to the browser version for the first time just to realise how crap all your posts look:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sublunaryorchid · 12 days ago
it’s v nice that most of my coworkers like me a lot & think I’m all sweet and innocent and I “even stamp your invoices daintily???!!” and I’m always greeted with smiles and “joooeeeee!!, and have recently been informed that they deliberately don’t curse or act super crass around me cause they don’t want to startle me (hdjfnbdjfnfnfb omg) and y’know what... frankly, I’m ok with them thinking I’m a delicate lil flower if that means they’re all super nice to me, tell me I’m cute, get me lil candies and leave smiley notes for me, go out of their way to help me with things and they also are all totally in the dark that I’m probably the crassest and grossest of them all ,,, 😌 I’ve done well.
I just show up, hair bows in, skirts on, quietly gasp and say “oh gosh!” and place a hand over my mouth or chest whenever anything even remotely suggestive is brought up and blush on cue and they just eat it up. It’s hilarious.
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summergirl2408 · 12 days ago
I don't trust people who like all pasta shapes equally
You know what ? Tag this with your favourite and your least favourite pasta shape
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missymurder · 12 days ago
ok ok I feel like with the english release on steam ppl are gonna start bringing this up again so I'm just gonna establish my opinion now: n+c ABSOLUTELY fucked up with Mink's route and while they may not have intended to push the "darker-skinned men are inherently more aggressive and violent" stereotype they sure as hell didn't avoid it
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dippyface · 14 days ago
you can't mix bleach with shit 😭 this is stay alive 101
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frumfrumfroo · 27 days ago
Have there been any endings to shows or movie series that you thought were perfect or at least truly satisfying endings?
Money Flower, Her Private Life, Tell Me What You Saw (the plot gets extremely messy in the back half but the actual ending itself is A+++ thematically and I was very pleasantly surprised), Star Trek: TNG... and, tragically, that’s kind of it unless I start adding caveats like ‘if you pretend it ended here’ or get into sitcoms and miniseries and things like that.
Oh, you know what, I got one. The Back to the Future movies have a great ending. The trilogy has a way better conclusion than the original film. So that’s one.
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sel-jpg · 29 days ago
[ pls don't rb; i am purposefully not putting this in the tag bc i know i currently just cannot do the "rb after rb with big paragraphs of text" kinda discussion. feel absolutely free to send a reply or an ask if u want to comment on this but i just want to put the disclaimer of "this is kind of a figuring out my own thoughts/rambling about a pet peeve kind of post rather than a proper invitation for discussion" on this ]
honestly i am kinda sick of seeing points like "melanie, georgie, basira and martin are robbing jon of his agency by not wanting to do what he wants to do" like. sorry but this is not a dilemma about jon's life alone. it's about all of them, all of the people in their world and people in other universes.
the people robbed of their agency in this dilemma are in fact the people currently suffering in domains and also the people in other universes bc they cannot even take part and argue their point in this discussion. they in fact do not even know it's happening.
yes, lack of agency is a central theme in jon's story and my heart breaks for him because truly no one deserves to go through even a fraction of what he went through but giving him back his agency means giving him control over his own life back, not letting him decide over countless lives in multiple universes (including! basira's , martin's, melanie's and georgie's. like, they are allowed to argue against their own death, right? RIGHT?)
yes jon's been wronged by the others before. yes he's honestly still owed a bit more of an apology by some of them. no that does not mean he gets to decide about this alone.
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simonxriley · a month ago
I’m gonna be real, I will never understand why fics that are 98% dialogue getting more kudos than a well written, thought out, descriptive fic. 
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