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intracinpharma · 5 days ago
Intracin Pharmaceutical supplier and exporter of Imidocarb Dipropionate Aqueous Injections for animals in Thailand. IMIX is used in the treatment and prevention of Babesiosis and Anaplasmosis in dogs, horses, and cattle. I-Mix will also treat ehrlichiosis in Dogs.
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intracinpharma · 2 months ago
7 Cat Care Tips to Keep Your Kitty Comfortable In Warmer Months
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Everyone reacts in a different manner as temperatures soar, humans sweat, dogs pant, while cats seek shelter in the sunless region. As a pet parent, you could include products made by veterinary feed supplement manufacturing companies and follow the tips mentioned in this blog.
A common myth prevails among people that summer is not an issue for the feline breed. The fact is that cats can tolerate heat better than dogs, mainly because they prefer sunbathes, more than other pets. It is the reason why cats suffer from overheating and heatstroke.  Here are a few tips to keep the felines cool and healthy during the warmer months.
1. Eliminate Ticks: During summers, cats tend to spend time outdoors, which could pose the risk of ticks. As a parent, you can check for ticks daily, especially after an outdoor walk. Ignoring the problems could aggregate the conditions, which would need the attention of the professional. Eliminating the ticks is necessary as they can cause Lyme disease, which is very hard to detect. A few experts may prescribe imidocarb dipropionate aqueous injection solution, while others prefer this solution for other animals, but not cats. 
2. Hydration: The most common health issues among cats during summer are dehydration and heat strokes. You should always keep fresh and clean water available for the pet. Vets suggest pet parents carry water during outdoor trips and hydrating the furry animals frequently. You can look for a few symptoms like 
Decreased urination
Dry gums
Refusal to eat
Sunken eyes
Decrease skin elasticity
A few vet exporters have come across heavy demand for products that would help maintain good hydration in the body with supplements.  Check advantage of a clean house here: What are the health benefits of a clean home? 
3. Pools, sprinklers and water: You can take your cat with you for a swim or use wet towels to keep them cool. You can also frequently sprinkle water on the cat’s fur, to keep the temperature low. You can also build shady areas with freshwater availability for the cat to spend some time outside homes. You should be aware that saline water and bacteria in pools could be harmful to the Kitty’s health. Such care helps in avoiding the body care products manufactured by the feline feed exporting companies. 
4. Pets in Cars: Many people leave their pet in the car while attending a quick errand. It could be an ok practice in winters, but not during summers. Too much of sun exposure could cause dehydration. The pet would need supplements made by the feline products manufacturing company. Vets suggest carrying pets, which would keep them safe and away from heat. 
5. Avoid Sidewalks: Black pavement tends to get hot in summers, humans would be in shoes, but the poor animals would not be able to make it on the pavement, as their soft paws cannot bear the heat. You could also use cooler times for the walk. Grass surface or a shady one could be ideal.
6. Extra fur: Grooming is essential, especially for warmer months; brushing is always welcome to eliminate the excess and matted fur. It would eliminate over-heating and aid to remove ticks. A few vet experts suggest not cutting the layer too close to the skin, as the extra layer could act as a protection layer. Both the extremes (too much or less) would ask for prescription of products by some of the feline medicine manufacturer. 
7. Essential for Barbecues and cookouts: Everyone loves a cookout, even cats and dogs, as they get to feast on table scraps and leftovers. It would mean that the feline could be feasting on onions and garlic, which could pose a few health issues. Overeating is another problem that you, as the pet owner, should handle. Such dangers could be critical; a little preparation could be of great help. As a precaution would could ask for the vet to suggest digestive supplements made by some of the best feline manufacturing and exporting companies.
Following these tips would surely help you to keep your cat healthy during summers. You could request the vet to suggest a few products, such as Thiamine Injections, to keep the body functions in the best state. Most feline manufacturing and exporting companies provide the best products to make it easy for you to take care of your pet. 
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intracinpharma · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Everyone reacts in a different manner as temperatures soar, humans sweat, dogs pant, while cats seek shelter in the sunless region. As a pet parent, you could include products made by veterinary feed supplement manufacturing companies and follow the tips mentioned in this blog.
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