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#im sorry
your-neighbor-bear15 minutes ago
Diversity win! the jock that shoved you into lockers in high school is an omega
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bonesposts15 minutes ago
bones why have u created a copypasta while i was gone for a standardized math test.
on the off chance 馃馃憖 that @therealwilbursoot 鉀憋笍馃敟 is actually wilbur, 馃く馃槺 hey wilbur 馃槈鉁媓ow's it feel 馃槑馃樀 to be the world's sluttiest absent father 馃槼馃いand also 鈥硷笍鈿狅笍 being turned into a shish kabob by your father 馃き馃槩
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one day gilgamesh is gonna reach through my blog and destroy me in one hit for making a blog as cursed as this in his likeness
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terracyte21 minutes ago
just saw your most recent two posts and just wanted to say: friendly reminder that you seem downright lovely and even if you're having life and art block it doesn't make you any less great!!!
I'm sorry you're not having the easiest time with making art that you enjoy though, that's never a fun state to be in. Sending you a lil extra love to supplement it all <3 Take things as slow as you need yo, and for your sake (and your sake alone), I hope things get a little easier soon :) ily
ahh hi there!! this is so unbelievely sweet of you im really just 馃ズ馃挅馃挅 thank you so much!! sorry for being on the tl with all the complaining, but you sending me this literally made my entire day?? seriously, thank you so much you're too kind!! and thank you sm for understanding :'))
life might be kicking my ass but lovely people like you make it so much better tysm ily 馃挅
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dailyrowlet22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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fallensvint23 minutes ago
im trying to find ur lil post about 7ft tall Kiri 馃槱 i need it Saint 馃ズ
i can鈥檛 find 7ft but i did say 6鈥7 one time 馃槪
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trans-hoverfish24 minutes ago
Why not make ship names for all of the survivors?
(The 'drone parents' for Yu and Berkeley is amazing)
I wonder if there would be the 'parents' pairing (aka, the ones that are the most responsible or have more than three baincells)
(Sorry if I sent this twice, my internet is trash)
ive been occasionally trying to think of ship names, but honestly im not the most creative person out there akrvkavrksgf
so far i like keensar for keen/khasar, bc although its a name mashup, jochi has a line where he has to repeat his last name bc (assumedly at least) its mispelled/mispronounced! so keensar is also a play on that!! i think its cute!!
aaand ive seen some ppl shipping yu/keen on ao3, and thought maybe 'rendezvous' for them since they were the only two that made it there 馃憖 that ones a bit morbid i admit but when ur making unique ship names in a game where everyone dies u gotta make em morbid sometimes AKBRKSBRIWVR
other than that ive been kinda stuck! ive seen some ppl call robin/al-an al-you, which im a big fan of personally,, its a pun!! pun ship names are some of my favs :oo
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tour29 minutes ago
the mutuals are vagueing
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candyy-bee29 minutes ago
I love your style. I vibe super hard with the Omori headshot you posted (:
marry me. /gen
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a-dotrivenitupontop29 minutes ago
some headcanons abt charlie鈥檚 HAS syndrome (Horrible Art Skills syndrome) because i was bored in science class:
-he signs every piece of 鈥榓rt鈥 with a fancy swirly signature people would die for. it鈥檚 a wonderful contrast against the colourful scribbles.
-in year nine, he seriously considered taking art as a gcse as 鈥榓 way improve鈥. yeah no let鈥檚 just say jane did not share the same brainwave and forced him to take classics instead.
-that鈥檚 actually how he got into classics. but there may or may not have been a brief period in which he tried to recreate art from that time...
-he also tried to improve by following elle鈥檚 art blog i have decided exists. that鈥檚 how they met but there was definitely more friendship gained then art skills.
-he once drew something REALLY bad and in an attempt to explain it, he yelled 鈥業TS SUFJAN STEVEN鈥橲 MUSIC VIDEOS IN AN ART FORM鈥. tori still teases him about it today.
-when he was younger, he stole all of tori鈥檚 barbies and drew rainbows on them. the only reason she was upset was because the rainbows sucked. julio probably thought the same, he just didn鈥檛 want to show it.
-speaking of rainbows, he would frequently draw them on the walls wherever he went. it鈥檚 the main reason no one was surprised when he came out as gay.
-when jane was pregnant with oliver, he tried to draw a 鈥榞et well soon鈥 card. jane鈥檚 exact words to him later in life were 鈥渘o wonder [oliver] came out crying鈥
-nick has admitted that if those hand drawn cards for valentines day weren鈥檛 from charlie, he鈥檇 probably throw them into a fire (tbf he said this kinda light-heartedly but you can never know when it comes to charlie鈥檚 HAS syndrome鈥)
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divineinterventiongame30 minutes ago
Why are people jumping ship from the COG forum?
I really can鈥檛 speak for everyone (and wouldn鈥檛 even want to try, honestly). To my knowledge, those who鈥檝e chosen to leave/pursue other avenues of publishing have typically stated why on their bogs and such. I鈥檓 sure you could find their statements if you have certain wips in mind
I really wouldn鈥檛 call it聽鈥榡umping ship鈥 either; I think some people have just decided to pursue other things, which is totally their right like at the end of the day it鈥檚 just a hosting platform.
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ghostbaah31 minutes ago
Hey if u dont mind me asking whats the flag in ur icon?
its. its the rabies pride flag
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