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#im rambling and i am in love with him 😭
ceonffl · 18 hours ago
ill ask the same for you! vav and dongkiz (if you know enough about them like music and stuff if not no worries) and if not dongkiz then monsta x
yeah unfortunately i don't know that much abt dongkiz ive probably listened to 2 songs and watched one video 💀💀 but maybe after i finish up my work tonight i'll check out more of their stuff 😚😚 anyway moving on !! (read-more bc i ramble a lot and this got a little long esp since it's 2) thank you for the ask!!! 💞
my first bias: oh boy I cant even remember,,, i think it was ziu for like a day but then lou but then st. van (his smile,,, im so weak for it and HIS VOICE)
my current bias and why: my current biases are ace & jacob ! i just think they're neat :^)
favorite song: stop this is so hard,,, id say gorgeous, and runway is a close second, also tied with shes mine & spotlight
favorite mv: venus/dance with me!!! aah I love that video it's so fun!!
otp: ace & jacob 😂 but actually no i don't think i have an otp in vav
member you think has the best smile: ST. VAN 🗣🗣 LEE GEUMHYUK 🗣🗣🗣
favorite choreography: idk if i have a favorite but I really like venus & gorgeous choreo ooh and give it to me,, in short, i cannot choose 😅
favorite era: señorita 😍😍
do you own any merchandise: the only official stuff i have is the thrilla killa album and a poster, but i also have the Polaroids i took with some of the members and some fan made banners
have you seen them live: yes! twice!! i miss it 😭😭 their concerts are so fun
favorite voice/singer: i feel like i sound like I'm geumhyuk biased but im not, i promise,,, anyway my answer is st. van (when i listened to shes mine for the first time I got chills and knew I wouldn't regret stanning)
favorite dancer: i don't have a fave dancer tbh :s
monsta x
my first bias: shownu?? or jooheon?? maybe wonho... but definitely one of those three. i ended up getting to know them bc someone reblogged a dance vid of shownu & jooheon but then i was introduced to wonho and 😍
your current bias and why: hyungwon 🥰❤❤❤ to this day i honestly am not sure how/why it happened 😂😂 i was watching a bunch of mx videos with a moot and eventually she pointed out that i kept making comments abt hyungwon?? and i was like huh am i really... like i didn't even notice skgsksgh but anyway i love him & his voice & he's so funny and amazing and im happy i decided to bias him😚😚😚
favorite song: stop,,,, this is impossible..... how am am I supposed to choose.....I cant even choose a fave title let alone a fave out of everything...umm some of my faves are honestly, flow, livin it up, fallin, zone, oh my, tropical night, U R.... ok let me stop before I list their entire discography
favorite mv: n/a (idk 🤷🏾‍♀️)
otp: hyungwon and changkyun skhkshs my favorite pairings are usually just my biases/fave members 💀💀💀
member you think has the best smile: jooheon 🥺
favorite choreography: shoot out or beautiful 🤔🤔 i don't really know they have a lot of nice choreo
favorite era: love killa ? 🤔 i feel like i stanned "the most" during this one? whatever that means 😅 that or shoot out
do you own any merchandise: i dont have that much mx stuff but hopefully that will change soon :') I have the fatal love album and a poster from when i saw them back in 2019~
have you seen them live: just the once :') ♡
favorite voice/singer: who am i to deny vocal genius yoo kihyun,, but also sometimes i hear hyungwons voice and just melt so... it's a tie btwn the two
favorite dancer: shownuuu
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hantaev · 8 days ago
Hads please tell me you saw the group photo. Out of nowhere they drop this unbelievable gorgeous photo. I mean look at them. I can't. Whoever choose those clothes thank you. The suits, the hair the EVERYTHING. (My personal weakness Jimin with glasses, I am at loss for words) What is in store for us next?? I can't even imagine. Let's scream together okay?
And my dearest hads💜 you could never scare me away. I love your rambling and I love to ramble.
All my love to you, have a wonderful rest day💖💋
AHHHH SPRINKLESSSSS 😭😭😭 yess!!!! i sawww😫😫😫and i cant stop thinking back😭😭tHE FACT THAT THERE’S MORE YET ???? save me please 🥲
JIN AND HOBI OUT HERE LOOKING LIKE DILFS 🥵 NAMJOON PINK hair is something i will NEVER get over...i’m getting flashbacks to hyyh and pls😩 also??? centre yoongi??? that’s perfection in itself 😭 JIMIN DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON... hIS HAIRRRRR AND AURA OH MY 😭😭😭 jungkook... jeon jeon...i have no words for him. I just felt in love x100000 more with him ... PLS HIS HAIR THE PONYTAIL 😭 AND AND 😭 JUST EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM 😫 safe to say hads is being bias-wrecked😅and..last but most definitely not man🥲MR KIM TAEHYUNG✊🏼😔✊🏼i have no words for him either...DID YOU SEE HIS GAZE??? staring deep into my soul😪🤧AND bruhhhhh HIS HAIR IM IN LOVE AND ONLY THAT SEXy lad can pull off an orange suit & oh my these men never let me breathe 🙂
i hope you have a wonderful week ahead sprinkles 🥺🥺💖💖and take care <33
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ao3gingerswag · 28 days ago
I feel like it has been too long since I have sent a too-long ask praising your writing genius so HERE WE GO MS SWAG BUCKLE IN!!
I LOVE learning its so sweeeett especially the letter when sam is like 'sorry for the stains Im crying' but he's still so happy that's so SWEET I LOVE HIM. he deserves everything I really hope at some point we get another one shot of him when he's older and maybe he's working as an assistent/intern of pastor Murphy and we see his day in the life-ish (kinda like a medieval version of a uni student even though they did have universities in medieval times kinda but you know what I mean). maybe with this new development Eileen can be brought into the story more naturally, being a whitecreek citizen and them meeting there. I can imagine grown up Sam travelling around with/for Murphy bc I know we had a conversation about his future earlier, and Sam fills out his dreams of learning but is still close enough to willow Inn (love the name btw!!) to see his family and travel back when he can. and of course dean and cas would be so proud bc he's like learned and working with the smart ppl and then he brings Eileen home anyways im on a tangent now I shall move on from this before I plan out his entire life until the medieval equivalent to retirement (.... death? that's morbid)
the outside!! AH!! poor casssss you're wrenching at my heartstrings here poor sammm I know I say this every time but OH GOD I CANT WAIT FOR THE RESOLUTION AND THE COMFORT WE'RE SO CLOSE I can't wait to see deans reaction when he finds out cas has come for him ;~;
I feel for you on the metaphors 😭😭 feel free to bother us with them I'm sure we can help you with the process.... have you exhausted all pastural avenues....?
anyways that's all my ramblings for now I shall probably thought vomit again on you very soon but really it's youre fault for WRITING SO GOOD!!
thank u so much!!! yes sam is so sweet ;~; i really liked writing Learning and I really liked getting to show Sam’s sweeter and more earnest side, bc he’s being quite a bastard rn in the main fic. But he’s really fucked up and is in such an awful situation ;~; i was happy I got to write about how sweet he is when he’s not in such an awful environment. I do think I’ll probably expand on the fic at some point and write about Sam’s further education and possible attendance at the college. However I am 100% set on Sam living at the inn with Dean and Cas forever. Like one day he’ll meet Eileen and she’ll move in with them too. So he might go to college and travel around for a little? But he’s living at the inn with Dean and Cas. It’s my party and I’ll project my asexual fantasy of living with all my friends and loved ones forever under the same roof if I want to right? 
Yes poor Cas :( he’s having a hard time of it rn. And poor Sam he is too :( i cant wait for resolution either ;~; thank u so much im so glad ur enjoying the story!!! :D
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scriptura-delirus · 29 days ago
once again, your writing just blew me away tonight. i read constellation and hoooow??? how do you do it??? there's so much emotion in this one and yes i cried again, but this one actually made me feel happier? i love how you showed the interconnection between the members' stories and especially changbin's reappearance pls im still not over him 😭🤚 i swear when i say you are absolutely talented in writing, i mean it truthfully! like it's FACTS. referencing peter pan in this one was beautiful and just perfect. as someone who's been fascinated with stars, the fact that felix is the star of everlasting childhood, it just makes sense. like idk how to explain it but u know how when you look up at the stars and youre just like oooooh~ because it's the loveliest sight despite the fact that theyre constantly there? maybe it's just me idk but like i thought of that and oh idek where to stop talking about this because it makes me feel so much. also when felix carried the reader to the bed while she fake slept PWNZKENSKE nooo 😭💔 that was so sweet yet so painful to read. the way their love blooms with innocence it just makes me yearn 😔 ok ive rambled so much now im sorry, but i dont regret letting you know how much i appreciate you and your works because honestly, you deserve the recognition.
hello I can’t believe you’re back to make me cry again with your asks?????? I am legitimately sobbing at my computer, how dare you?????? I'm so happy you enjoyed constellation, it’s one of the works I'm most proud of, and to read all of these lovely compliments on both the story and my writing as a whole - my heart is melting. thank you so much for always coming into my inbox and leaving these lovely reviews, I truly hope you have the best day ever <3 <3 <3
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theizzybadger · a month ago
Daniel as esmeralda ooh la la~ he so segsy, the power, I'm just imagining Daniel doing the esmeralda dance on stage and doing the splits, oh god oh god, the image is too powerful and Cyril as frollo tho damn, i don't think Cyril is that bad of a person mans cries over Daniel leaving, but once again esmeralda!Daniel was sexy as a fan of the book and the movie that was hot, but the plot is a tragedy tho, frollo is a shit person i would burn him gladly, but Cyril would be nice and cute and wholesome ig,, sorry i rambled alot
I’m glad my moodboard did this to you. I am deeply touched 💕💕 I love this ask it made me evening 😭😭♥️♥️ have a good evening as well ♥️♥️
Here’s the dan and Cyril moodboard for the ones who didn’t see
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kuroolongtea · a month ago
its the way im soflty crying at 3:40 am because i finished reading the epilogue of bad news 😭😭😭 JIN I LITERALLY STARTED TEARING UP AND GASPED WHEN IWA . YKNOW. Like wow i knew it was a long time coming BUT STILL IT Caught me off guard please tell him to square up bc my love language is violence 💖 FJDJDJ IM KIDDING BUT WOW! Its hard to put into words how grateful i am as an avid fan of the series that you really did that!! Im excited for your future projects!! i know it was never the easiest to update every weekend but you can say you did it!!! For 19 weeks too!! It takes a lot of guts and willpower to do it and maybe you might not think much of it but, its pretty amazing in my book if it counts for anything. I hope you rest easy now that its done!! Thank you for being the highlight of all my weekends thus far. Aaa im just rambling now but!! Please take care of yourself!! I’m sending you good vibes and lots of love to keep in your pocket❤️
but please don’t cry dear :( there will be more projects to come, and if i manage to plan this next series properly, we’ll have something new to look forward to on a weekly basis again! for now though i’m wiping away your tears :(
and HELPPP “my love language is violence 💖” took me OUT last night omg but fr i can’t thank you enough for being so kind and supportive. you’re totally right though i think coming out with a series was hard not necessarily bc of the writing, but rather staying consistent with a posting schedule for like... 4+ months OTL i don’t think i’ve ever been so consistent ab something in my life lmao
anyway, don’t worry! i will be getting LOTS of rest now that the series is over (i’m gonna try to buy boba today hehe) and also attempt to sit down and brainstorm my next series so that it doesn’t stress me out as much! ugh knowing me though i’m just so impatient and impulsive >.>
i’ll do my best to take care of myself (as long as you do too), but thank you thank you THANK YOU!! your love has been well-received and will be gently tucked away in my pocket for a very, very long time ♡ 
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c-c-cherry · a month ago
You said you were obsessed with LOTR at one point, and tbh S A M E that was my first fanbase ever haha. Who's your favorite character, and what's your favorite book/movie??
Ohhh man anytime anyone brings up lotr, its like a tidal wave of happy chemicals rushes into my body because I absolutely love it so much. I think I have every book Tolkien’s published (including his weird little poetry books.) My grandpa is a huge nerd for this kind of stuff and got me an Elvish dictionary. Which I had no idea even existed but I’m very happy??? I have little shrine of middle-earth related things slowly building up in the corner of my room. Life is perfect when I stare at my little shrine.
My favourite character is SO OUT OF POCKET IM SORRY but its ELROND😭😭 I have no idea why I decided to latch onto him but I’ll fucking ramble on for hours about him if my family members don’t kill me first >:)))) I don’t like the way the movies did him because they made him this mean 2-dimensional dude who’s obsessed with Arwen, but reading the books and scouring through wikis, Elrond is just this badass father dude who rescued baby Aragorn, gave him the most adorable fucking name to keep him safe, (its Estel which means HOPE IN ELVISH LIKE AHFGJDKSGH) practically raised him in Rivendell and taught him everything about healing and language, AND THE MOVIES ARE JUST GONNA IGNORE ALL THIS FATHER/SON FOUND FAMILY SHIT THAT I LOVE???
The whole reason Aragorn is wandering around bathing in his own angst fest for the first two books/movies and NOT taking his place on the throne is probably because he’s still mad at papa Elrond for not telling him about where he really came from until he was an adult. I’d be rightfully pissed. Hell, I’d call myself Strider too if it turned out my name was actually Peach instead of Cherry all these years and I’m also somehow a queen somewhere.
holy shit I need to stop talking about Elrond moving on I’m sorry. Gollum comes in a close second because I think his character is really in-depth and I had no idea whether or not to feel bad for him or hate him the entire time he appeared in the books or on-screen. 
Ok but the second book in the trilogy hits the best. I didn’t like all the non-hobbits at first, but The Two Towers made EVERYONE grow on me so much. I picked up the series sophomore year of high school and I remember being totally obsessed and stayed in the library EVERY DAY to finish them. Did I scramble to eat food 2 minutes before class so I could read about Sam and Frodo instead? Maybe. Did I neglect friendships so I could just read about Legolas and Gimli’s? Also maybe.
I actually find it kinda funny that I can’t recall a single thing that happens in the second movie, but I love the third movie the best because I feel like the action scenes and big fight and all that jazz translated better in film-form for me and I felt everything more compared to when I read it in the third book.
Thank you for letting me dump this on you. I’m taking this obsession to the grave. And for others, I am sorry if you have no idea what’s going on. 
Also fun Cherry fact, my step-grandpa was super smart and got into Oxford back when Tolkien TAUGHT THERE and he took one of Tolkien’s classes and I will forever be jealous. Apparently he was a pretty nervous public speaker and stuttered a lot during lectures so remember:
you don’t have to be good at everything you love. Even Tolkien isn’t good at everything he loves.
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hdlynnslibrary · a month ago
Heyyyy it’s rambling college student anon who cried when you updated chapter 7 and used your fic as motivation to complete homework!! 👋😘 So first of all I hope this comes out semi coherent because I’m hella drunk rn but I had to come back and send an ask again since I didn’t complement you enough. Btw I finally read chapter 7, HOORAY!!! So here are some other reasons I absolutely love In a Universe Far, Far Away: the reader has such a great personality! The characterization you created is spectacular!! She’s a smart ass despite the situation she’s in being serious and tense but it’s natural and just slips out. She’s super observant, aware of the incredibly dangerous situation she’s found herself in. I love how often that is acknowledged. This was made clear that she knows she’s a burden/problem for Din but can’t argue going with him because what other choice does she have??? I also love how all of the reader’s observations are internalized, I’m waiting patiently for the moment when her dam breaks and she freaks out since she trying her best to remain calm and level headed throughout everything. ALSO I love the pacing of the story! I’m a huge sucker for slow burns but regardless your story flows so nicely 💕 I love how slow everyone’s relationships are building and the world building is fantastic!! And the attention to details??? The clothes infused with silver, the doctor (whom tbh I forgot about), the CHEESE it’s just soooo good!!! I was literally crying about the cheese, once it’s gone all that remains from Earth are her pajamas ❤️❤️🥺😭😭😭 I lovedddd Boba and Fennec’s relationship with the reader and I hope we can maybe see more of it in the future! All the characters interactions with the reader are just so natural and authentic!!! AND ANOTHER THING!!!! I adore that this story takes place post season 2!!! It creates more mystery about what you have planned plot wise and I 👏AM 👏HERE 👏FOR 👏IT!!!!! I love how different your story is, the reader being from Earth and another universe, not traveling with Mando or ever being on the Razor’s such a breath of fresh air!!! (And that’s no disrespect to those fics I love them too lol) I just love the uncertainty and unknown you’ve created by deciding to explore past the season 2 finale!!! Ok also just wanted to share that your fic brings me such joy and a plethora of emotions when I read. My heart races and my palms sweat and my face probably burns and YOU DID THAT CONGRATS ON BEING AN INCREDIBLE AUTHOR THAT YOU SWAYED MY EMOTIONS!!!!! Finally wanted to share that your fic lives rent free in my brain and heart and now I use your fic as a jumping off point for fantasies/daydreams. I would like to share some of them (if you’re interested lol) but I think I’ve gone on long enough 😂 Anyway... I love you and your writing!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!!! Sending lots of love your way!!!! Take care!!!! ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕
omggggg college student anon!!! You came back!!!! 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ and your rambling!?!?! #epic Im literally stunned rn and feeling very loved rn okay?! AHHHH I feel I'm going to ramble on here too lol
Tumblr media
Im so glad you are enjoying the reader’s personality in iuffa! Writing a reader insert I know I cant logically write a single version that would encompass how every reader would act in the situations I put them in, however, I do aim to at least make their character and actions to be relatable and logical if that makes sense? Even I am not always as snarky as reader but I like to think everyone has had snarky moments and thus can relate? Im super glad you’re enjoying that part thus far! :D
Alsooooo Im glad it isn't too much with the little details cause literally I LOVE adding those in lol, like some tech we have right now like with the silver infused fabrics and it is just interesting to me to think of possible ways things could have been invented to work well with space travel and consolidating resources. So like instead of a HUGE wardrobe for all the different planets with different climates you have clothes that can more easily adapt to what you need unless it is like EXTREME cold or heat ya know?
Im so glad to have you exploring with me past the season 2 finale! There is just so much up in the air with the show with where things stand rn and Im loving the amount of freedom I feel with doing my own thing until season 3 comes out. I might be totally off in my “guesses” but even still that’s okay, we’re just having fun with the journey for now also I wont lie even if I get one thing right about s3 I will explode lol
ALSO!!! please do feel free to share your daydreams and fantasies and theories and such! We all just vibing here in love with one (1) Mandalorian and I am always here for thots or thoughts! :D
Thank you so much for this amazing, wonderful, sweet message!!! I dub thee the “college student anon“ from henceforth! (unless you want a different title or an emoji designator instead just let me know! :D) Lots of love and you take care as well!!!! ~Heather
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mimizepp · a month ago
Good day!! Id also like a jjba matchup specifically for part 3 and 5 but if ya only do one character per request, part 5 is all right!
'm sorry this is gonna be super long i tend to get carried away and just ramble abt myself pls bear with me :))
My pronouns are she /her and i am a bisexual female, 5'7 and slightly cruvy with smooth shoulder length black hair and dark brown eyes modified by long lashes! Its honestly my best trait of all. My zodiac sign is capricorn and im a aries ascendant, libra moon with infj-t personality type.
I see myself as sympathetic, self-driven, and sensible but i am sensitive, indecisive, and stubborn. I come off as confident, smart, responsible, approachable and kind though im actually quite the opposite. Im impulsive and i let my emotions get the best of me though I've learned to control it and keep it inside. My hobbies are reading, cleaning ( therapeutic honestly 😭), singing, volleyball, track and field. I love clean and organized environment, daydreaming, laughter and smiles, kickboxing, amd books/movies/anime & manga that are psychological, thriller or horror maybe a bit of comedy too! Im pretty open-minded so i dont have anything i hate, except for unorganised places, stubborness and dislike someone hot-tempered.
I admire someone who can bring the best out of e and support me. Someone who can help me find myself and open up. A humorous and upbeat person but is also responsible and perceptive! Because my love language is quality time and physical touch since i struggle with words and my own feelings ( im using to masking up and i have a major breakdown once ive had enough)
That's everything so far 💐♥️tysm i advance i hope you are safe and healthy mwah lovelots!
i match you with…
*°:⋆ₓₒ mista! ₓₒ⋆:°*
Tumblr media
- YOU TWO ARE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT TOGETHER GOODNESS ME. you n mista bring out the best in one another in such wonderful ways. never a moment goes by where the two of you aren’t smiling together, basking in your shared and loving dynamic
- to mista, you are the warmest and most welcoming person he’s ever been graced by. he feels so very lucky to have you and he honestly can’t believe that someone likes, hell, maybe even loves him! you’re sensitive and sensible in the same ways he is - and it’s so damn alluring! who doesn’t love someone that sticks by their morals.. and tetraphobia....
- mista is v watchful over you and your well-being is something that cannot be taken lightly. he loves you sm and will be babying you more than anyone would expect (take note that he also likes being babied)
- mista loves pda !!! pls let him at least hold your hand at all times + hug you at random points in the day when he’s feeling extra lovey-dovey. he’s also going to be utilizing his humor to the max when he’s with you. your laugh is EVERYTHING
- it’s very easy to open up to mista, whether it’s in lighthearted conversation or something a little deeper. he’s an amazing listener and is always there to provide some motivating and loving words (probably some silly innuendos thrown in the mix as well). he’s not quick to be driven off the rails and tends to have a level-head, though this can all change the moment he has a single negative thought. though because of you n that wondrous aura of yours, this rarely happens.
- your interests are now mista’s interests. reading? he supposes he can give harry potter another go. theraputic cleaning? he’s down to try it (and once he does... he’s shocked at how satisfying it can be). athletics? he’ll be so playfully competitive and it’s adorable. SINGING? oh dear, he’s not the best but he’s having such a great time.
- btw be prepared for loads of cuddling when you watch some of your eerier favs on the tv. mista swears he isn’t scared, but the way he yelps and buries his face into your neck every thirty seconds says plenty
- michiyonakamura and mista sitting in a tree.. ;)
* as for sdc i think you pair best with oldseph! he is great at bringing others up and having a fun time while doing so. he’d love your aesthetics and interests, and it’s not hard to get his attention with those lovely eyes of yours! he’ll be spending loads of time trying to win your affection, his attraction clear through how protective he tends to be over you *
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worldwidemochiguy · a year ago
Okay there's something that have been on my mind for a while and after you posted " Mean " I just really need your opinion ? Do you see Yandere Namjoon as a mean yandere ? I personally don't ,but all of the yandere story I see about him show him as the biggest asshole of the damn world -there's also Jin I see him as a controlling yandere but not MEAN , like he care for his s/o- so well what are your thoughts about it ? ( ALSO MEAN WAS UUUGH 👏💕😭) ( AND WE ALL NEED SOME CUTE SOFT Y!JOON) luv ya
well i mean tbh being ‘mean’ is basically in every single yandere’s m.o. bc… you know… they’re psychopaths?
but like that aside lmao ig to write yandere fics you have to take the aspects of the personality (of whoever you’re writing for) which could be seen as ‘yandere’ and amplify them bc obviously none of bts would actually be doing these things irl so to make the yandere characters still recognisable as the person then the aforementioned aspects have to be emphasised.
in the case of namjoon and jin, fics like to emphasise namjoon’s intelligence. this means he’s normally portrayed as like a manipulative yandere who thinks he’s intellectually superior, which often makes him seem like more of a ‘mean’ yandere.
with jin it’s the same thing except with narcisim (obviously im not saying the irl kim seokjin is a narcissist don’t come for me) and his tendency to be quite reprimanding (again, don’t come for me these are exaggerated characteristics) so he normally seems quite mean. this doesn’t happen w the other members so much bc people tend to draw on other characteristics for them e.g. jimin being needy and therefore being a clingy needy possessive yandere
it also probably has something to do w how people tend to favour the maknae line over the hyung line (i am sad to say it but we all know it’s true) so maybe they prefer to portray the younger members as nicer bc it’s more palatable for their tastes? and then portray the older members as meaner?
as for my personal opinion:
i don’t think namjoon has to be a ‘mean’ yandere, for example in my fic until i saw you (self promo lmaooo) he’s quite gentle by yandere standards, but i can also make a strong argument for him being ‘mean’. it’s the same for jin, you can have it both ways basically, it just depends on the character traits you choose to show
for example you could make namjoon a ‘soft’ yandere and emphasise traits like his paternal nature and his clumsy habits or you could make him a ‘hard’ yandere and emphasise his traits as a natural leader and his intellect (like many fics, including my own, do.) basically it depends on the writer i think.
sorry, i didn’t mean to write a whole ass treatise 🤡🤡 im glad you enjoyed mean lol thank you for reading it and for asking questions i love to ramble abt shit like this
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