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#im new lol
birdsong-warriors4 hours ago
about the 鈥渧鈥 shaped mark on tigerstar鈥檚 allies, why would longtail have one? wouldn鈥檛 he renounce tigerstar after the dog attack?
Yeah see that's what I mean by "sometimes I just think it looks cool" LOL. I initially kept the marking off on Longtail, but his neck looked so NAKED. There was some nonsense reason I invented to excuse it at the time, but let's be honest, I just kept it for Reasons. XD
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taeilmeyourw1sh5 hours ago
Tumblr media
i've never understood why my dad can't find it in him to be quiet for more than 10 seconds like holy shit he's always singing or whistling or 24/7 talking to my (our?) dog and slamming plates or blasting the fucking tv (while being on his phone/having headphones on??? WTF) and like... no fucking wonder i'm always waking up at 10pm onward so i hardly have to deal with this noisy ass household...... full stop i know this is just some hella personal rant/vent post but i just really want to bang my head against a wall rn and im highkey regretting being awake. really wishing i was tired enough to go the fuck back to sleep. i hate not being able to do anything at the time that i wake up bc of everything being closed or everyone being asleep (and still in quarantine rn basically so there's that too) just stuck hearing this man saying "the doggy has farted" (in spanish) ON FUCKING LOOP.. it annoys literally everyone but if you so much as try to gently bring it up, he throws a whole fucking tantrum, pity party, victim act all in one... it's so so so ridiculously beyond annoying and we're all so painfully tired of the incessant noise. "oh but he probably just wants attention" yeah but when he has it all he does is make r*cist/s*xist/h*mophobic jokes etc etc.. so :// i just really wish i could go away even for just a weekend rn.. i miss going to cons & hanging out with friends & stuff... i don't often mind being in my room/house a lot, until i have to deal with this kind of shit lol.. and then my mom wonders why i play so much shit, just to get tf away from it all. as if she isn't always watching kdramas tho lol
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anyway here, please enjoy this meme for having to deal with seeing this post on your feed <3
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think it's finally time to go work on my desktop theme bc this shit desperately needs a revamp
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coded25579 hours ago
There was this comic idea that I had awhile ago but never started oh my god
So when Nick is asking you questions about what happened to you for the case, he tells you about Kellogg being in Diamond City with a kid. I can鈥檛 remember if he says he saw them, or if he just got reports (its been awhile since I鈥檝e played), but if he did that means he saw Shaun
So for the comic I just wanted to have Shaun have a little interaction with Nick, I just think its a neat little idea idk
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loveaholic17 hours ago
good morning i think i will make a new carrd today bc i got the thr carrd url
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kiwi-radiostation18 hours ago
Also I want everyone to know that Doomsday is coming soon. I asked my parents about the animation tablet I wanted (also i aparently need a computer for it to operate so we have to get that as well) and they said Maybe (yes leaning). I also asked my sister about it and she said the old drawing Ipad i have was worth more then the animation tablet i want and its like a Christmas present price. ho ho ho motherfuckers
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akaashiscupofwater21 hours ago
I only recently followed u but looking over your blog I think you鈥檙e gonna like this
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somekidnamedkaia day ago
I wanna start posting more fics more often, but I just- don鈥檛 feel it.
The only fandom i really wanna write fics for atm is Percy Jackson buTT i鈥檓 just so new (i鈥檓 only on the third book from PJ and the Olympians) so i don鈥檛 have much knowledge of the series, nor characters
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error-areaa day ago
ALSO uh.. yeah I am here to show you a new persona of mine
Tumblr media
So like ima rate my nicknames
Dex - Believe it or not 10/10 love it- its like very cute and shit so yeah
Dexter - 8/10 meh perfectly fine and comfy pretty decent
Klev/Klevintine - 20/10 I FUCKIN LOVE THIS NAME EIEJDJDJE YOU DONT UNDERSTAND its so aesthetic and its hard to describe
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