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#im literally in tears as i write this
yonaks8 days ago
So with Hak going to meet Gigan again... what if he gets to know about Jaeha not having long either? Because you know it's not enough that Hak has to deal with the upcoming death of his ex-bff but also about his current one馃槶
Tumblr media
you GET IT nonny like the conflict of kai? the war? the fate of kingdoms and nations? i would sell all that to satan for a cornchip of jaehak angst. im willing to sell my entire soul too if it means the hhb will actually get to know one another鈥檚 past PLEASE I NEED THAT GROUP THERAPY SESSION
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backdraft-bimbo29 days ago
I started crying contemplating how perfect Anthony Mackie is, like I saw One gifset on my dash and it just broke me down
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myfriendthedictionary2 months ago
Tumblr media
hihihi okay so first ari-is-anxious 馃 me wanting to draw Nina- second aaaaa this is. so messy skdjfjg but I started sketching on a post it in the middle of English class and I remembered seeing you say it was Nina鈥檚 birthday today and I was like. Oh! Idea! (also I really wanted to draw a ferret-) I was also going to color her hair but then I lost my color pencils D: (and please excuse how bad it is I Do Not understand anatomy) djjfjg yeah!!! here you go :3 (I hope this is the right post it sketch picture and not the one I drew of me quote unquote pulling a Riley and stabbing people 鈥溾濃漟or the greater good鈥濃濃-) -馃嵉!!!! 鈥ㄢ斺斺 鈥∣NCE AGAIN IM NEAR TEARS AT HOW SWEET THIS IS !!!!!!!!!! AAAAA AND THIS IS SO CUTE OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I love it so Much oh my gosh !!!! Thank you so so much I 馃ズ馃ズ I鈥檓 actually in tears on the phone right now and my friends are so excited about this and you guys !! they haven鈥檛 seen watt but they listen to me ramble about nina all the time and my various fics and i tell them about y鈥檃ll and how cool you guys are and aAAAAAAAA ONCE AGAIN YOU GUYS ARE ENTIRELY TOO NICE TO ME 馃ズ馃ズ 鈥煠 i have never known anatomy ever鈥 but it looks so cute !!! And OMG THERES HER FERRET TOO I GO 馃ズ馃ズ his name is jellybeans and I love him very much and he looks so freaking cute !!!!!!!
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chocolatecakecas2 months ago
Hoppy Days Are Here Again: Baby Jack Ficlet
Based off of this genius post聽by @seasononedean鈥嬄燼nd these incredible works of art (x)聽聽(x)聽 (x) because I couldn鈥檛 resist
Tumblr media
It had all started with the boots.
Dean and Cas were out at some baby store, Dean can never remember the name of, buying some new clothes for Jack. It's good thing they have an unlimited supply of money, because the kid is growing like a weed (half-angel and all that).
As Dean was sifting through little pairs of jeans trying to find Jack's size a hand grabbed his shoulder, whipping him around.
"Dean we have to get these"
The instinctual fight quickly drained out of him when he met a pair of blue eyes and a wide smile, and what looked like a green blob was shoved in his face.
"Well hello to you too" Dean quipped back with a smirk, downplaying his initial shock.
Cas only graced him with an eye roll, and pushed the green blob closer.
Upon closer, and they couldn't get any closer, inspection Dean realized that it wasn鈥檛 a green blob. They were little rain boots, that looked like frogs.
Dean sighed.
(read the rest under the cut)
"Cas, they're cute, but he'll grow ou-"
"Let me rephrase that. Dean, we are getting these" Cas repeated, leveling him with that "I am a billion years old, and will smite you" look.
So that was the end of that (even though Cas can't technically smite him anymore, but it's not like Dean can say no to him anyway), and the boots went home with them.
And it's a good thing too because those two boots unleashed a whole new world for Jack.
Now, Jack wears them when he works the garden with Cas, when he jumps in puddles after it rains, hunting for bugs in the field behind the bunker, to the diner in town, to the grocery store, everywhere.
Because now everything, was about frogs.
Jack spent hours asking Cas to tell him everything he knew about the animal, and Dean would help him find books about them at the local library. Books filled with facts, or just stories about them (Jack's new favorite was Frog and Toad).
Frogs were Jack's first obsession, and well, Dean and Cas only fanned the flames. And hey, maybe he鈥檇 become a frog exper-a聽herpetologist (as Cas had informed him), when he grew up.
One day, a green little frog hat, and raincoat, appeared next to the boots ("Dean, it's just unpractical to not own the complete set"). And Dean would normally sigh about it being a "waste" because he'd grow out of them in a month, but Jack just looked so damn cute when he splashed in puddles with Cas, shrieking with excitement (Look we鈥檙e hopping like froggies Daddy!鈥). So really who was he to interfere? Besides, they would donate them when he got too big anyway.
So now they'll all go outside while it's still drizzling too, swinging Jack from their arms, or dance in the rain like crazy people. Or they鈥檒l all march down to the creek in the woods behind the bunker, and hunt for real frogs (even though they never actually found any). And if Dean bought him a matching umbrella too, that's nobody's business but his own.
Then, little green garden tools with frog faces, and matching gloves ("I just thought he should have his own shovels, Cas"), appeared in the shed.
So now Jack shovels along side Cas in the soil, or digs through the rest of the field looking for worms. And if Cas bought him a little frog magnifying glass, and bucket hat, that's nobody's business but his own.
And so it went on just like that. Dean and Cas buying frog themed books, toys, clothes, blankets and giving a flimsier excuse each time. Hell, they even took him to the zoo to see real live frogs (Jack insists it was the happiest day of his little life).
"Jack didn't have enough bath toys, Dean".
"Cas, he grew out of the old overalls, I just replaced then".
"These books will help strengthen his mind, and he won't have to wait to take them out at the library"
"Cas he's two he can't even read y-"
"I know that's why he needs the books, Dean".
But Jack never grew out of the boots, they had a suspicion Jack was somehow mojo-ing them to grow with him, but neither of them did much to stop this. Besides, the boots were his favorite afterall.
Soon enough, anything that Dean saw that had a frog on it, or that looked remotely like a frog, automatically came home with him. Sam would go on and on about how whipped they were, how Jack had them wrapped around his little finger (and well Sam was right, but still).
Then, one afternoon Sam and Eileen took him out for lunch, and Jack returned hugging a Frog build-a-bear tightly against his chest. Jack chattered on聽 about his new friend, Mr. Frog ("Just like in the book, Daddy!鈥), while聽Sam of course pointedly ignored, Dean and Cas鈥 smirks.
And yeah all of their "excuses" were fooling no one, but it was all worth it for the way Jack's face would break out into a blinding smiling, blue eyes lighting up with joy.聽
It wasn't like they were spoiling Jack,(though he deserved a little spoiling), they were just doing what nobody could properly do for them when they were little, So聽they fueled his interests, and listened as Jack would tell them everything could remember about frogs, beaming with pride (and the fact that he聽that he looked adorable in his little rain outfit was an added bonus).聽They just encouraged him to be passionate about, and love whatever made his little heart happy.
And if Jack loved frogs, then damnit he could have frogs (except not a real one of course).
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wuhllow2 months ago
hi just wanted to say that ive read thousands of fics, and i mean thousands and thousands but you are truly one of the most brilliant writers i have ever come across. the way you build tension, the word choices you make, the dialogue, the lessons and viewpoints about life, i.. i love them all. i come back to read your fics all the time, they are so incredibly powerful and i want to thank you for writing and sharing them 鉂も潳鉂
Are- are you sure you have the right blog? Like, truly sure? Because oh my gosh if I鈥檓 not in complete disbelief right now 馃ズ
Anon, I love you? Like genuinely, this is the sweetest thing and it made my whole day? Week? Month? I don鈥檛 know, but reading this was so needed right now, and I can鈥檛 thank you enough for sending this in 鈾ワ笍馃挒馃挒
!! I really do try my best to put my whole heart into my writings, mainly the hurt/comfort ones (see: Never Let Me Go & Surrender). And about the lessons and viewpoints on life... I just feel like some characters (especially Keigo) have an unbelievable amount of layers to them, and boy do I love digging right in and tearing them apart to analyze and interpret!!
Anon, if I could hug you right now, I would <3 Thank you so much for taking the time to send this in, you don鈥檛 know how much your words mean to me :鈥)
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picaresquerogue2 months ago
hey if anyone knows any good sci-fi/fantasy stuff with specifically transfem major or main characters can you send it my way i am feeling spectacularly bummed about never seeing myself in the kinds of stories that i like. massive bonus points if its wlw
#i just feel like i read so much wlw stuff but literally none of it has any trans women#and if they do happen to be there they're always like. the friend or the helper or something#never the main character#and i feel like.#im seeing more trans characters in the type of genre media i consume#but they're all transmasc#like the only stuff i ever see with trans women as the main characters is stuff that i'm not interested in#like pose or euphoria#like thats all well and good but why are stories about trans women always vaguely sad-looking dramas#like why do we never get to be the fucking like fantasy heroes or space explorers or whatever#even in like self-published webcomics i go into the transgender tag on tapas#and for every abandoned comic with a transfem main character#there's about a hundred stories of all kinds with transmasc mcs#like is there something that makes us less palatable to creators or what.#i just feel like im about ready to tear my hair out here i feel like theres walls surrounding me just like all the time#like no one writes about us. no one draws us. even when i see artists who draw nothing but wlw art hardly any of it has trans women#its just like what the hell#it constantly feels like we're an afterthought#and whenever we are included its only ever for woke points#like maybe one of those wlw artists will draw a nice little piece for tdov or something#and then immediately go back to ignoring us for the rest of the year#im just so tired. like when will i get to see trans women in the stories i like to read#when will i get to pick up a book that everyone's recommending for wlw romance and see a trans woman in one of those main roles#its just so tiring and im honestly just sick of feeling like this. like just. abandoned. an afterthought#sorry for the massive rant in the tags#im just. anyways this is why representation in media is important
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inkykeiji3 months ago
i鈥檓 truly lost for words i. your hard work paid off so fucking much clari i can鈥檛 even begin to describe the emotions i felt reading that piece. it was just orchestrated so beautifully, portraying each line so diligently. the description of each sentence and- oh god i鈥檓 just waffling all my thoughts here but. wow. i鈥檓 so proud of you. it took me well over an hour to read it just due to the fact i sobbed so hard. i loved every bit of it, please don鈥檛 critique yourself too much, please. it鈥檚 perfect. thank you so much for delivering. i love you, little lily pad. - 馃惛
Tumblr media
ah my sweet green friend!!!! your words brought tears to MY eyes; thank you so, so, so much. i鈥檓 over the moon to hear that you loved it so much and that it was able to affect you to such a degree oh my gosh!!! if you鈥檙e comfortable sharing, i would absolutely love to hear which scenes were the ones that got you the most (but absolutely no pressure at all!!) <33 ahahahaha i am naturally extremely harsh on myself but i am trying to keep in mind that i am only human and i am trying my best!!! thank YOU so much, both for this lovely review and always sending me lil asks that make me laugh, i love you so much!!!! <33333
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luemiere3 months ago
[ thinks intensely about jeans relationship with the concept of love ]聽 [ thinks intensely about jeans relationship with the concept of love ]聽 [ thinks intensely about jeans relationship with the concept of lo-
#im gonna cry fuck. FUCK.#maybe i should do one of those big collage type edits or write a meta or something and just sob into my hands#she's so full of love.... she was created from roses... she was meant to love and be in love...#its so intrinsic to her character... to be the hopeless romantic... to be so loving to everyone she meets...#its so easy to imagine that she falls in love with people so quickly.... she's like love incarnate...#and yet despite that (canonically) she's only been in an actual relationship once. in 1500 plus years. one time#she was so hopelessly in love with that man. and she had to watch him die slowly in her arms#the amount of love and dedication she had... that she STILL HAS for him... is literally unfathomable#like it cannot physically be described in words how much he meant to her#she was in mourning for so long after he died. she had to live with her sister for a long time because it was devestating#it was like losing part of herself#the fact that he got sick and she stayed up every single night praying over him and crying softly and tending to him#she was so tired. but she loved him so much. every moment was dedicated to him#like dont get me wrong. it was an entirely healthy relationship. its just hard to explain the depths of her love#what am i saying anymore... idk... fhhFJSHFJ IM SAD ?聽 IM CRYING. THERE R TEARS IN MY EYES FUCK#鈥撯撯撯 聽 鈼 . 聽鈾 聽 聽 聽饾煄饾煄 聽 鉂 聽 聽 聽 cortex 聽 聽that 聽 聽makes 聽 聽me 聽 聽rude 聽 聽 聽鈺 聽 聽 聽out
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bubbled-clouds3 months ago
hey bee! i鈥檓 supposed to be sleeping but i just need you to know how happy you make me? (and you鈥檙e worth more than what you do for others, like i appreciate you just for being you, but often you being you happens to involve being funny or kind or creative and i appreciate that)
if i had more time i鈥檇 go on the full rant of appreciating you and your asks, but since sleep is a thing, i just want you to know that like. your experience with wwda genuinely means to much to me? like i keep almost going to my one irl friend to be like 鈥淚 wrote about my mess of a gender in my fic and this amazing person read it and it helped them!!鈥 but then im like 鈥榦h i don鈥檛 want to brag鈥 but it鈥檚 just...a lot of things don鈥檛 feel so great, with covid and everything, and in a lot of ways i feel like i wasted my 18th year. but knowing that i helped you? even if you were the only person i helped and it only helped you for a single moment, that makes my year more worthwhile, yknow?
sorry this is so sappy and maybe a little sad im in a weird mood but the point is that i really appreciate you and the enthusiasm you鈥檝e shown for the fic (but also!! if you decide tmrw you hate the fic? that鈥檚 cool too! don鈥檛 feel any pressure to like it or anything, i just think it鈥檚 cool that aang鈥檚 gender storyline and iroh鈥檚 flower metaphor seem to have meant something to you)
馃挏馃挏馃挏馃挏馃挏have an amazing day bee, remember you鈥檙e amazing and valid and beautiful
*me in tears * *sniffle* i- idek what to say in literally crying rn b o o m - i鈥檓 sure you helped So many other people aside from me i just tend to rant to Everyone about things i love i just go bat shit crazy with that stuff hfsjb
i wont up and decide i hate the fic suddenly dw i genuinely don鈥檛 think i could Ever hate it (honestly i think telling your irl wouldn鈥檛 be bragging you just want to express something you鈥檙e happy/proud about yk? but do whatever youre comfy with 馃挏)
if there鈥檚 something you should be proud of doing for your eighteenth year Definitely take credit for helping me (and others!!!!!!!) bc holy shit i can reread wwda and tell you how Every little thing helped me (honestly 馃憖 i鈥檓 not opposed to the idea ,,) wait i need to figure out how to put this in paragraphs um okey anyways just yeah
covid really fucked things up ik but you!!! wrote this amazing fic based on your experience and hm you鈥檝e helped ***so*** many people you say you鈥檙e thankful for my experience with wwda but know that im just 鈥!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love i love i love鈥 about it im just. a h h just it helped a lot hfdjf (once again i Can write how/why smthg helped for literally everything but would that be too much? if you鈥檙e still reading then lmk)
and!!!! wwda Wont help me for just a moment HONESTLY just know that it has Very much affected me in a way that like ill remember for the rest of my life? that made sense right??? there鈥檚 just So much like there鈥檚 a lot that i relate with and seeing the characters work through it themselves and seeing That outside perspective on it i鈥檓 just like 鈥*i* can do that鈥 soo it鈥檚 just really Neat. ooh six paragraphs oops. but i wont apologize bc i would gladly write 1000000 paragraphs for you boom 馃槍 mwah mwah mwah ily!!!!! you mean So much to me too!!!! i hope today treats you with the Utmost kindest you鈥檙e amazing and attractive and soo very valid too!!! (also its literally a given for how happy you鈥檝e made (and will make!!!!!! *screams* hfdh excited) me but !!! just know okay idk how to express it but envision a tiny human (omg also youre basically the same height as me we鈥檙e like the same person by default) jumping around everywhere and that鈥檚 how happy you make me feel!!!) 馃挏馃挏馃挏馃挏馃珎馃珎馃珎馃珎馃珎馃珎
wait oops i forgot to tell you to try and sleep more tonight 馃挏 MWAH MWAH ILYSM 馃挏馃挏馃挏馃挏馃挏
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moonlightdeancas4 months ago
rumor has it that if you want a聽鈥榮ophie鈥 to fall in love with you, all you have to do is reblog their fics/writing. the second you do that, a wild sophie is instantly head over heels in love with you and will spend the rest of the day having little blushing fits over how in love and happy they are that you reblogged their writing
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anemonethewindalchemist4 months ago
My professor really thought it was a good idea to name our first essay "Why am I here?" And ask us about our long term career goals, like homie I picked this degree because it was the closest thing to what I actually wanted, which is film and writing, that I could do online. I'm taking this class because it's a mandatory course in my degree plan. I'm having a panic attack.
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