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#im honestly so glad i have less than 30 followers here bc i know i annoy the fuck outta you guys
bilbobagginsbrainrotblog · 2 months ago
blessed things each of the different hobbit adaptations added to bilbo's characterization:
2012: martin freeman's entire spectrum of befuddled/annoyed/terrified expressions (he's just great for the role in general)
2003: bilbo being a ginger. Fingerless gloves. Honestly the whole outfit was a banger.
1977: the buckteeth and giant belt buckle thing. His weirdly apathetic cadance asjdjs
1968: the flummoxed stammer and also the running joke of bilbo being clearly asked what species he is and instead panic spelling his last name out: ("Baggins. B-I-double G- I-N-S")
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