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#im checked out of star wars
beacon-lamp · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
with hermitcraft season 7 slowly coming to an end, i figured it was time to consolidate all of the Informative Posts about hermitcraft that i and some of the other members of hermitblr have made over the last several months.
if you enjoy:
minecraft youtube content, but want to see more traditional vanilla minecraft gameplay like building and redstone
fun, lighthearted interactions between genuine friends including Elaborate pranks, collaborating on massive projects, light roleplay, proximity voice chat mod
weekly 20 - 40 minute long youtube videos and consistent upload schedules
chill grind stream weekends where CCs interact with chat and each other
an entire youtube channel dedicated to weekly 20-minute recap videos on what all the hermits have been up to so you don’t have to piece it together from the posts on your dash/timeline
insanely talented people who have been doing mcyt for nearly, if not more than, a decade and essentially built minecraft youtube from the ground up
give hermitcraft a try!  
you will find all of the information you will Ever Need below the cut.  it’s Very Long so view it on desktop.
and if you ever have any more questions, just shoot me an ask :)
what is hermitcraft?
the Basics: what, who, where, how
more details on the Basics
bonus: the historical impact many hermitcraft members have had on mcyt
where do i even start watching?
start with grian.
good mix of Incredible builds and fun server shenanigans.  instigator of many server-wide events.  interacts with many other hermits.  generally entertaining to watch.  but zero redstone knowledge.
check out hermitcraft recap.
great way to be introduced to other hermits and learn what everyone’s up to.  if you find what a hermit’s been working on interesting, go watch their video and maybe give them a like and subscribe.
official hermitcraft website with links to every member’s channel
more information on every hermit’s attributes and general vibes
do hermits every stream?
short answer: yes, most do!  but these streams are mostly chill grinding or buildling streams.  and you don’t have to watch the streams to be caught up on content.  check the official hermitcraft website for each member’s twitch links.
long answer that covers most of the hermits
what do they do on hermitcraft?
let’s start with some examples of their incredible builds.
hermit cribs: some of the megabases in s7
goodtimeswithscar’s s7 magical village with shaders
stressmonster’s bakery and ren’s star wars world
they have a shopping district where hermits can set up shops and sell items and resources that other hermits can buy with diamonds.  here’s season 7 shopping district set on a mooshroom island:
some of the most advanced redstone you’ve ever seen
if you’re more into the technical side of minecraft, you can be rest assured that hermitcraft has some of the Biggest Brains in redstone.
tangotek: a fucking madlad.  Singled-handedly created the minigame Decked Out.  im Begging you to watch his tutorial video on how to play.  currently finishing up his Among Us but in minecraft minigame. all of this was built Entirely in survival vanilla minecraft.  get this man to 1M subscribers.
mumbo jumbo: the man himself.  built a 128 x 128 block industrial district in both season 6 and 7 packed to the Brim with mechanical farms.  half the brain behind the masterpiece of engineering that was Sahara in season 6.  currently working on Pacific, the sequel to Sahara, in season 7.
iskall85: the other half of the brain behind Sahara and working on Pacific with mumbo in season 7.  also has an industrial district like mumbo’s in season 7.
xisuma: built an automatic potion brewer in the second half of season 7.  this thing churns out potions by the Shulker Box.  can also turn a shulker box full of potions into splash potions and extend duration all with a press of a button.
impulseSV: incredible example of form + function.  farms are scattered throughout his base.  he has a farm for nearly every farmable resource in vanilla minecraft.
etho: the pioneer of some of the most widely used redstone mechanisms to date.  content isn’t super redstone-focused.  mostly does compact modules that serve a specific function.
zedaph: makes strange contraptions.  he’s basically if grian knew how to redstone.  impeccable vibes and fairly underrated.
bdoubleo100: he occassionally does this segment called “redstone with bdubs” and it’s the only redstone i understand so that’s why he’s here.
what about roleplay?  and lore?  
yeah they have Plenty of that too.  
it generally comes in the form of self-contained storylines that involve most members on the server and take place over the course of several weeks in multiple videos.  it’s fairly light roleplay, if that’s not your thing.  but the plotlines also have a Massive Potential to be angsty and whatnot if you really look into it, which a lot of people also do.
here’s a more in-depth look into the Major Plotlines over the last 2 seasons (season 6 and 7).  huge spoiler warning though.
um also there’s this post that highlights how truly cursed hermitcraft can be if you dig deep enough hahaha.
so do the hermits only make hermitcraft content?
nope!!  many of them are involved in other mcyt content as well and are friends with other prominent members of the mcyt community!!  
mcc9 blue bats video essay: the time the hermit team won the whole damn competition.  a wonderfully made video worth Every second of your time.  especially if you don’t typically watch the hermit teams.
falsesymmetry: mcc10 ace and mcc’s First Back-to-Back Winner
lord grian dreamslayer: that time grian Popped Off, killing dream, tubbo, and fundy in mcc9 survival games
Vault Hunters
a modded minecraft server coded entirely by iskall85′s team.  all the content is streamed live on twitch.  
current members are: Iskall85, AntonioAsh, Stressmonster101, HBomb94, CaptainSparklez, Fundy, CaptainPuffy, 5UP and Tubbo
more info on the series 
3rd Life SMP
hardcore minecraft server with a twist that started on 4/20/21.  all content is posted to each member’s respective youtube channels.
every member has 3 lives, as indicated by the color of their name: green for 3 lives left, yellow for 2, red for 1.  if they lose all three lives, they can only spectate the world (like in hardcore mode).  the series ends when all members have lost all three lives.
the twist: once a member is on their 3rd and final life, as indicated by a red name, they are Hostile and their goal is to take the lives of the remaining players.
the members (hermits are italicized): BdoubleO100, bigbst4tz2, Etho, GoodTimesWithScar, Grian, impulseSV, InTheLittleWood, Renthedog, Skizzleman, Smajor1995, Smallishbeans, SolidarityGaming, Tango, ZombieCleo
the tumblr tag for 3rd Life is “#3rdLife”, “#3rdLifeSMP” and “#3LSMP” if you wanna see more content, as it’s Not supposed to be cross-tagged with “#hermitcraft”.
do you have any free serotonin to spare?
here’s a bunch of posts that’ll make you smile
scar’s friendship with a bunch of the hermits
grian, false, cleo, bdubs, iskall: why they deserve so much respect
same post as above but with an addition about ren
small hermit things that give you serotonin
why you should watch tfc
if you’ve made it this far you are Contractually Obligated* to watch one (1) hermitcraft episode and reblog this post.
*for legal reason, this is a joke.  you’re not contractually obligated but consider this: Please. i spent way too much time on this.
shoutout to everyone who’s posts i’ve linked and anyone who has helped answer a question about hermitcraft.  this all started because i was frustrated that people were writing the hermits off as cannon fodder in mcc and im genuinely so glad that many of you have given hermitcraft a shot.
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grabmyboner · 9 days ago
27 please and thank you!
27. Do they have any ‘firsts’ in their new place?
Look i got extremely carried away with this im so sorry i dont even think it fits the ask game anymore??
Ps. There’s a surprise at the end
Ian has a thing about firsts. The first time they make a real dinner together, the first time they sleep in their own bed (that was theirs first), or the first time they watch the entire Star Wars original trilogy.
But something that really makes Ian breathless in the best way possible, is the first time Mickey writes him a note. A simple handwritten note on an old piece of paper.
He thinks back on the last eleven years together and can’t recall a single time Mickey ever wrote him anything.
The first note he finds simply says, ‘Gone to get bagels. M x’
He smiles because Mickey could have just texted him, or poked him awake to let him know – But instead, he writes a note and leaves it on Ian’s bedside table next to a fresh glass of water and his morning pills.
Ian keeps the note in the bottom drawer of his bedside table next to a photo of his mom and a ticket from his first white sox game (It wasn’t his ticket, he found it on the ground after he jumped the fence of the stadium with Lip).
It only happens a few times, on the rare occasions Ian is asleep while Mickey is awake.
His bedside drawer is now growing with notes, each their own little mundane message that makes his heart double in size.
‘Ran out of washing powder, getting some. Mick’
‘Breads fucking mouldy. M’
‘Ms Callaghan two floors up has a leaky sink, gone to check it out. Mickey x’
‘Out of smokes. M x’
One day Mickey is searching for a spare phone charger and opens the bottom drawer on Ian’s bedside table and sees the little collection of notes.
“You kept these things?” He’s holding them in his hand, fingering through them carefully.
“Yeah,” Ian shrugs self-consciously, “First time you ever hand-wrote me something, felt important.”
“Chh, soft bitch,” He’s got a fond smile as Ian grabs the notes and lays them on the mattress so he can grab at Mickey properly. He pulls his hips square against his own and leans down to press a delicate kiss to Mickey’s forehead.
“You love it.”
Mickey looks up at him with soft eyes and hums in agreement, “It isn’t though, y’know,”
“Isn’t what?”
“First time I hand-wrote you somethin’”
Ian gives him this confused puppy look, head tilted to the side slightly and eyebrows furrowed.
“Wrote you a letter ‘bout a week after I got to Mexico,” He looks nervous admitting it, eyes dropping down to the collar of Ian’s shirt. He reaches a hand up and fiddles with the fabric.
“What? I never got that.”
Mickey has a sad smile when he says “I never sent it.”
“Think I still got it ‘round here somewhere.”
Ian frantically leans in, pressing a hard kiss to Mickey’s lips and bringing his hands up to hold his head firmly. He pulls away after a long minute and searches Mickey’s eyes.
“Can I read it?”
Tumblr media
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baroquebucky · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
when bucky has a hard time sleeping in his bed, you suggest he finds a better place to sleep, and he does
word count: 801
a/n: gasp two fics in one night ?? who wouldve thunk,, cant believe tfaws is over already :[ hope u all enjoy this lil soft fic hehe sorry for any typos !!
Bucky tossed and turned for what felt like the hundredth time that hour, letting out a frustrated sigh as he checked his phone, squinting at the bright light. He had multiple missed texts from you.
r u awake
say yes ur never asleep
im bored do u wanna come over we can watch the hobbit
Bucky smiled at your texts, replying quickly to tell you he would be on his way after he got dressed. He moved quickly so he wouldn’t keep you waiting, getting into a taxi and arriving at your place in 30 short minutes.
You answered the door with a smile, pulling bucky into your apartment quickly and heading to the couch.
“I took the liberty of making up some popcorn and setting out some candy” you smiled, looking at your boyfriend. Bucky placed his jacket on the table by the door, taking his shoes off and moving to sit next to you.
“thank you doll” he smiled, taking in the way you looked in his t shirt you had taken from him.
“I’ve been looking for that shirt you know” he teased and you blushed, avoiding his gaze.
“don’t worry, looks better on you” your heart raced at his comment, looking at him only to find him smirking.
“would look better on the floor” you shot back, loving the way the smirk fell from him face and his face turned red.
“so the hobbit or Star Wars, or do you wanna start Harry Potter?” You spoke casually, Bucky still trying to recover from your statement.
“whatever you want” he spoke, clearing his throat and focusing on you as you reached for the remote, playing your favorite Star Wars movie.
You lowered the volume slightly, sitting back down next to bucky and taking his hand in yours, messing with his fingers.
“what was keeping you up” you asked, looking at him, the bright lights from the movie illuminated the room.
Bucky turned to look at you, sighing as he focused his attention on the way your hand fit in his.
“my mind wouldn’t stop racing, i couldn’t relax enough to sleep” he spoke softly, but you could hear him clearly, squeezing his hand softly as you replied.
You were quiet for a second before speaking up, “maybe you need something to distract you before you sleep, like watching a show, that worked last time right?” Bucky nodded,
“or you need a new bed” you teased, making him smile and kiss your cheek.
“cmere love bug” you spoke, scooting closer to him and letting him lay on your chest, softly playing with his hair with one hand and holding him closely with the other.
As the movie played you noticed bucky had stopped reaching for popcorn and his breathing had evened out.
He fell asleep. Most importantly he fell asleep on you. Your heart fluttered at the realization. Smiling when he moved a little to get more comfortable and stopping again.
The movie ended and bucky had moved his head onto your lap. You debated on moving him or not, deciding you should wake him so his neck wouldn’t hurt in the morning.
“buck, bucky get up angel” you whispered, moving him softly and stroking his arm to not startle him.
Bucky opened his eyes slowly, vision still bleary. He rubbed his eyes and realized he had called asleep on you, getting up quickly and yawning a little.
“sorry i didn’t mean to fall asleep, I’ll go to let you rest” he spoke, getting up from the couch. You stood up with him, grabbing his wrist and stopping him from moving towards the door.
“you can just sleep with me, not like your bed is any better” you teased and he smiled, following you to your bedroom.
“are you sure doll? I dont wanna-” he began and you rolled your eyes, already dragging him next to your bed.
“I’m sure buck” you smiled, slipping under the covers and waited for him to take his clothes off to join you.
He snuggled next to you, letting you cuddle up into him with a small smile on your face.
“goodnight, i love you” you whispered, eyes fluttering closed as he wrapped his metal arm around you, holding you close.
“i love you doll, sweet dreams” he replied, kissing your forehead and letting his eyes close.
He thought his mind would race, your room was quiet. He thought he wouldn’t be able to relax and he would stay awake all night.
Bucky was asleep within minutes, completely relaxed in your presence, focusing on the steady beating of your heart and your gently breathing as you slept.
He didnt need a new bed or a show to help him sleep. Bucky just needed you, the love of his life, the help him sleep.
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galaxysgal · 21 days ago
galaxysgal’s 200 follower celebration!!
i honestly can’t believe we made it to 200!! each of of you is so special to me, seriously. you’re like little friends i keep with me in my pockets :)))) but im not gonna ramble. dividers are by @writeyourmindaway​
Tumblr media
General Rules and Information
you can send in as many requests as you’d like!
if you don’t want spam you can block/filter #mags’ 200
my anon is always on if you’re shy :))
it’s not required to be be following @galaxysgal but it would be appreciated. if this is your first time seeing my blog, come check me out! i promise it’s worth your time :D
it’s also not required to go check out @thelazyhero-ttums but you totally should, he’s got a chill semi chaotic little blog with lots of reblogs, and he doesn’t write often but when he does it’s wonderful. he deserves so much more love!!
my inbox is open now, so feel free to go send in asks!! celebration requests close on Friday, April 30th at 11:59pm EST
I will be publishing asks Monday, April 26th through Friday, april 30th, with a few catch-up days probably bleeding into the next week or so
Tumblr media
please describe yourself to me. you can include physical characteristics but the most important part is your personality and hobbies
if it takes more than one ask to describe yourself, that’s fine! just specify that it’s ask 1/2 or 2/3 or whatever number it is
please specify if you want to be shipped with a female character, a male character, or if you have no preference!
i will ship people with pedro characters, oscar characters, star wars characters or marvel characters, so please include which fandom you want your ship to be from 
you can ask for more than one ship!! and you can do this in two asks, or in one!
it’s not required but it’d be pretty cool if you also let me know who you ship me with!
Tumblr media
request a prompt from this list. (x)
requests without a prompt will be deleted, it takes me longer to write something without a prompt and i want to get these out fairly quickly :)
you can request more than one prompt in a drabble, but please do not request more than three.
since the ask list has more than one section, please specify the section along with the number.
this is common sense but specify the character or ship you would like the drabble to be about
ex: Angst #1 and Fluff #7 with Din please?
I will write for: marvel, star wars, the witcher, oscar characters and pedro characters.
You can request any character or ship from these fandoms, but i can’t guarantee that i’ll write it if i’m not very familiar with the character.
you can find an in depth list of the characters i am comfortable with on my about me page (x) 
you can request as many drabbles as you want! I will do my best to get to them all :)
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dindjarindiaries · 22 days ago
Ok but like, I always frequent tumblr, but I rarely if ever encounter star wars stuff. Have heard of the Mandalorian 2 years ago! But is dismayed havent found a way to watch it yet. But I read a post that the Mandalorian doesnt really have a plot, just Mando and his son doing sidequests and being a family my curiosity shot through the roof. There was also a lot of people losing their shit abt the latest episode which was Boba Fett (whi was my fave char in the OT). I didnt trust star wars because of the sequel trilogy but it feels like Im missing out on something big. I remembered that there may be a site where I can watch it for free, checked it, there it is!! Then I binged it and ignored my school work and did not leave my mind since
YAY I’m glad you gave it a chance! 🥺👏
The whole side quests thing, I mean... yeah, that was a consistent thing in the beginning of season two (Chapters 9, 10, 11, 12, AND 13), but at least season one wasn’t a whole lot like that (except maybe Chapters 4, 5, and 6) and we got some amazing plot with Chapters 14-16! But the side quests thing is a legit critique I’ve talked about with a professional writer. 😭
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moteldwelling · 25 days ago
good evening, my star. it’s been a week since i’ve messaged you (it’s been a very stupid time with college and it kicked my ass, but im sorry for not checking in) i wanted to say one: i am so sorry about all the shit that went down this week but i’m glad you got a little break and felt motivated to write some more things! and things that YOU wanna write! i love it. and two: i’m so happy for you, and the fact that you’re finally getting more recognition! you deserve the moon and stars ♥️ i’m hoping that all is slowly figuring itself out and that you’re having a good night. i love u lots, my cosmic sweet. with all my heart- jenson :)
Tumblr media
*nervous smile* heyyyyyy :) oh, totally am not days late to answering this and getting back to my beloved.
forgive me, i don’t have any good reason other than my brain is mush at times. i’m just not good at being a human - balancing everything, including being social.
i love you! you are both my sunshine and my moonlight and even when it takes weeks for us to check in our souls are playing thumb war somewhere in the cosmos
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voidselfshipp · a month ago
The Runaway
Ok to rb.
Cw: alcohol, guns,Knife ment
Tumblr media
jill came back home one night after work, she pulls out a bottle of whiskey and a glass, pouring a whole glass for her, and drinks.
she sighs sitting on the couch watching the city below,how does she tells this to jerico?
things got shaky since carlos joined UBCS again, working with jill as part of the BSAA, and with the accident in Terragrigia the world has been extra shaky.
she puts down the glass walking to their bedroom, sitting besides jerico.
--dont need to tell me--jeri said taking the stars officer by surprise, she sits with her hugging her--do you have to do it?,carlos already left last week--jill kisses her--this isnt going to work out is it?
the other woman sighs hugging her tightly--can we just talk about it tomorrow?
she nodds--yes we can jill--jer smiles softly.
--i love your little fangs--jill said kissing her again.
jerico opened her eyes, the gentle sunlight entered through the windows, she gets out of bed,dragging her feet to the kitchen,making breakfast.
waffle runs at her owner,she picks her up--morning waff
she sits on the sofa turning on the tv, drinking her tea, watching the news.
"and now, agent Jill Valentine giving a live report on the accident of terragrigia--"jerico turns off the tv, grabs her phone.
dani ❤️
--hey jer, i know youve been on umbrella since jill left, i found out (and by that i mean i tortured someone) for this info.
umbrella is exchanging plans for a new bioweapon in a bar near your place , maybe you can screw em over.
but be carefull okay?"
jer smiled with a toothy grin, answering "thanks dan, ill check it out"
finally,some purpose, she stands up going to her closet, pushing a buttom to reveal some weapons that might come in handy.
she takes out a few, like a silenced gun, a knife and some brassknuckles.
needless to say she was on a war path.
that night, jerico snuck in the bar, the loud music rang in her ear, sighing in annoyance she walked up to the bar-- Irish whiskey please!--she shouts over at the barista.
as she waits, jer fiddles with her long nails, they grow in size and sharpen, tongue passing over her teeth,unaware of the man besides her.
jerico looks at the man, instantly recognizing him even if the years passed out.
--well fuck me, nikolai!--she said happily.
nikolai seemed to also recognize her , smiling--look at you young one, all grown up
--well i wouldve died if you didnt save my ass back at RC
the man chuckled--what brings you here? good drinks? bussines?
jer raised a brow-- half decent drinks dont you mean?
the man laughs shaking his head-- da
she giggles--bussines, see im on personal mission
niko leaned in while the barista handed them their drinks--how personal are we talking?
jerico takes a sip from her drink-- how about, umbrella fucked up my happiest relationshipp yet, kind of personal...
the russian man nodds, taking a swig of his beer--well, youve found youself a good bussiness partner...
she looks at him--well,partner, shall we?--she looked at the umbrella men with a suitcase in hand.
he nodds.
gunshots rang through the air, both jerico and nikolai run to the exit,she hopps on her motorcycle, and signals him to jump on.
they speed away, being followed by the umbrella men, there in the distance a drawbridge with a fast approaching boat.
--i have an idea, but its crazy
--wait what?!--nikolai protested.
--hold on tight!--jeri speeds up,the drawbridge soon to be near, with enough speed she jumps it, the motorcyle drifts the tires screeching.
once in the safety of her appartment,jerico hands nikolai a beer.
he leans on the kitchen counter--youre crazy--he said with a playfull scoff after it.
she laughs leaning closer to him--i never thought us reuniting would be this fun
niko looked at her putting a hand on her cheek--its about to get a lot more fun
jerico laughs pulling him in for a kiss.
the next day nikolai stayed over, and the next day, and the day after.
--there you are!--niko said picking up waffle after she hid under the couch--all dirty, we need to give you a bath da?
jer snuck behind him,hugging him--yes, we need to give you a bath
both smile pressing their foreheads togheter--youre very happy today--the russian man said cleaning waffle up, the dog swiming in the bathtub.
--well, tomorrow its going to be our third anniversary
--da,the day i met my beautiful girlfriend and her amazing dog
she giggles kissing him, he kisses her back.
waffle barks, wanting the attention all for herself, both chuckle and dry her up,spending the night cuddling and watching movies, with nikolais hilarious comments on american films.
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firehart9 · a month ago
Tagged by: @qui-gon-jinn-and-tonic and @darnitdraco thank you I love you 💕
Nickname: Remi Pronouns: she/they Star sign: Virgo ♍️ Height: 5′5 I think idk I never check my height anymore Time currently: 8:36 pm Birthday: September 3rd Favorite groups/bands: Mother mother and queen Favorite solo artist: Corpse and Penelope scott Song stuck in my head: Mama by MCR. I never grew out of my angst phase idkejeir Last movie you watched: Up Last show you binged: The Witcher When you created your blog: like not too long ago in like June 2020. Last thing i googled: What moon phase it is right now Other blogs: @crushing-on-crystals is my witchcraft blog but thats it Why I chose my url: When I was like 9 and I needed a username to play the WII I had 0 idea what to put my user so My dad said choose somthing cool, my favorite animal and then my favorite number. So I originally had FireDeer9 but that was taken and a hart is a type of deer so we ended up with FireHart9 and its stuck through all my life. Do you get asks: I actually get quite a lot of asks and my heart melts everytime I do How many people you are following:  Like 200ish How many followers: 163 I think Average hours of sleep: If im lucky 3 hours. Ive unintentionally have gotten onto a polyphasic sleep schedule where I take like naps throughout the day so yeah- Lucky number: 9 Instruments: I can play hot cross buns on the recorder pretty great 😌 in all seriousness I cant really play anything other then the recorder at a fifth grade level if that even counts diejje Currently wearing: Sweatpants and a oversized star wars hoodie Dream job: Reporter Dream trip: Ive always wanted to go to japan, I love their culture so much Favorite food: Pasta 🍝 Favorite song: AHHHH I LIKE A LOT OF SONGS. i guess I could listen to burning pile over and over by mother mother and not get board Top 3 fictional worlds to live in: Star wars obviously, Alice in wonderland (can you tell I really want to get high) and The Witcher (or any medieval show, also seriously debating saying game of thrones instead for oberyn but I dont like game of thrones so ieleiejebeu) tags: @imwritesometimes @mandofury@babayaga67 @fangirlsaywhaat @boysenberry-starbucks-gremlin @1-or-a-0 @venomteeth @toothcowboy @sevenscreamingraccoons @shadowsoundeffects13 @jaddenfakelastname and anyone else who wants to do this ❤️✨
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nikeopolis · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sup peeps! By the way 'Tis I, Nike and you are witnessing my bad bad blog
☞︎︎︎ As I said, I'm Nike on the internet (I am not named after the goddess or the shoes why does everyone think that way? Just because I'm a greek mytho enthusiast doesn't mean that I'm named after her. Smh.) You can also call me Nikita or Star.
☞︎︎︎ A desi indian here✨
☞︎︎︎ My pronouns are she/they (I'm cis, but I like they/them pronouns. Respect that or get lost from my blog<3)
☞︎︎︎ ex cishet who gave up on it because it's too hard to be one 🌈🌈
☞︎︎︎ I'm a minor. Guess my age, im not revealing it anytime soon.
☞︎︎︎ Mbti- INFP-T
☞︎︎︎ Zodiac- Leo
☞︎︎︎ I'm either a daughter of Athena or Hades but I prefer Hades because that makes me Nico's sister
☞︎︎︎ My Panem district is District 4
☞︎︎︎ My Hogwarts house is Slytherin, but I have ravenclaw traits too
☞︎︎︎ I joined Tumblr in early December 2020, but only started posting mid February 2021 and I learn something new everyday lmao
➟ I post mainly about the Riordanverse and the occasional Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Hunger Games, MCU/ WandaVision, BBC Sherlock, Taylor Swift, Harry Potter etc. Don't expect me to stick to that. Most of my content is shitposting and reblogging (lately I started another blog for this, it's @nikesrandomshit and I'll try to be organised:))
➟ I do art at @valiantstardust and it's not commercial. More like a place for me to track my progress. It would still mean a lot if you could check it out:)
➟ My hobbies include reading, sketching, playing badminton, swimming, listening to music and scrolling through this goddamn website because I'm kinda addicted to it lol
➟ I curse. Like a lot. So just tell me if you're uncomfortable with it
➟ English isn't my first language, and while I am fairly confident about it please inform me if I make any mistakes<3
➟ If you hate on Nico/ Reyna/ Rachel/ Will/ Piper/ Leo/ Lester then stay away from me cause dumbass you don't have taste and are not worthy of my time<3
➟ My pinterest and my Spotify. You can message my discord at nike#7392
➟ My fav colours are turquoise blue and purple
➟ I'm a vegetarian
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absurdthirst · a month ago
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Marcus Moreno x F!Reader
Comments: Part of the Quarantine AU - Marcus Moreno ‘verse.
Tumblr media
There were some definite perks to having some of Marcus’s friends out of town during this pandemic. Especially close friends. Friends with pools. Friends who did not have daughters at home, with a bedroom that faced the back yard.
You loved swimming. You normally swam laps every morning at your apartment complex unless there was an early meeting before the quarantine. You had gotten a little lax about it since staying with him, but tried to get some laps at some point during the days in his pool. But most often it was hampered by an energetic dog  and daughter that wanted to play in the water too.
When you both were out of town, if you weren’t answering your phone, he knew he just needed to take the elevator down to the pool at whatever hotel you were at. He had jokingly called you a mermaid a few times, between your love of baths and the water.
So when he was asked to go check on the house and if he would please throw away the spoiled food in the fridge, Marucs had asked if you could use the pool. Wanting to surprise you. And get a little alone time in a pool where he wasn’t required to throw a teenage girl through the air to do a cannonball off his shoulders.
He snuck your swimsuit into the car along with his own swimming trunks. Dragging you out of the house as he complained about having to do this favor.
You were such a trooper. You immediately go to work, cleaning out the refrigerator. Marcus grimaced and put his mask over his face as you dumped the milk down the drain. That was fucking horrible.
It wasn’t their fault. Tech No had the pandemic to blame for the food spoiling. Having to hunker down where he and his family had been visiting family and avoid flying back home.
When you were done, he went out to the car and grabbed your suits. Tossing yours to you with grin as he pulled his shirt over his head.
“Uh? What are you doing?” You asked, still watching as he started stripping in the kitchen, totally uncaring.
“Getting in the pool. You joinin’ me?” He grinned and wiggles his eyebrows as he saw your eyes flash with heat when he stood there nude.
You bit your lip and glanced around the house. “Are you sure this is okay?”
He just laughed and shook his head at you. “Put the bathing suit on or I’m going to push you in the pool with your clothes on.”
Could he have resisted being handsy while you changed? Sure. Was he going to? Hell no. There were too many opportunities to run his hands across your bare skin and grab a handful. And you liked it, so it made it even easier to do.
You finally made it out to the pool and he cackled when you took a running leap and dive bombed into the pool. Your wide and happy smile when you broke the surface was beautiful. You were just perfect for him.
Shaking away that thought, he joined you. His own love for the water making him sigh as the cool liquid engulfed him. He watched as you moved through the water. You swam like a fish, cutting through the water easily.
Marcus splashed you as you went by and you kicked harder. Spraying him with a well aimed wall of water. On you next pass he snagged you around the waist and dragged you under for a moment.
You shriek of outrage was accompanied by his laughter as you playfully shoved at him. He lifted you up with an evil grin.
“Doesn’t hurt my back in the water.” He teased and you played along, mock outrage on your face.
“Are you calling me fat?” You tried to push him underwater, but his feet were planted on the bottom of the pool.
He had to spit out the water that had gotten in his mouth before answering. “It was a pretty big splash!”
“Ugh! You asshole!” He knew you weren’t mad, your tone was just as light as his. Whipping your hair into his face, you turned and started swimming away from him.
“Where are you going?” He demanded as he pulled you back against him.
His hand locked around your waist as he buried his face against your wet neck. Placing a tiny kiss on your skin.
You sighed and turned, wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck as he held you up in the water. Only giving him pecks on the lips, your eyes closed before you let go of him, leaning back to float on the water with your legs still around him.
He held your back up, keeping you a bit higher in the water and watching as your arms spread wide as the bright sun sparkled around you. Truly gorgeous to him.
He could have stayed like that for hours, watching you lay on top of the water, the ripples lapping against your skin.
“Thank you.” It was whispered, with your eyes still closed as a smile played on your lips.
He was the lucky one. Swimming with you in a private pool away from any prying eyes was incredible. As soon as you opened your eyes, he was going to act on all those dirty thoughts he had whenever you were swimming at home. He didn’t have to worry about anybody seeing you, the house empty and the privacy fence tall. He definitely was going to enjoy swimming with you.
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Quarantine AU:
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absurdthirst · a month ago
Those Things
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Marcus Moreno x F!Reader
Comments: Part of the Quarantine AU - Marcus Moreno ‘verse.
Tumblr media
When Missy gave a surprised yelp from her bedroom, Marcus was concerned. Getting up from his desk, he pulls his glasses off his nose and set them down. He walks down the hallway and knocks on her door. “Honey, you are okay?” He asks through the door.
“No- yes!” She sounds upset but when he twists the knob, the door is locked. “I’m fine.”
He doubts that. “Hon-” When Missy interrupts him again asking for you, he’s surprised but quickly agrees. Anything she needs in order for him to figure out what is going on.
You are down in the kitchen, making some brownies for dessert after dinner. You knew he preferred them after they have cooled down. Your smile would normally make his stomach flip in the best way and make him feel like the luckiest man alive, but right now he was too worried about what could possibly be wrong with his daughter.
“Marcus?” You frown and set the spatula down, turning to him. “What’s wrong?”
“Missy’s up in her room.”  He tells you, his brow furrowed. “She, uh, she asked for you. Would you mind-?”
“Yeah.” You pick up the kitchen towel and wipe your hands on it while nodding. “Of course I will.”
Marcus followed you up the stairs but stood back when you knocked on the door. “Missy? Sweetheart? Your dad said you needed me for something?” You ask through the door softly.
Marcus hears Missy shuffle inside the room before the door opens and his daughter reaches out and grabs ahold of your wrist and tugs you into the bedroom before slamming the door.
That worries him. Missy hasn’t ever been one to keep things from him, even before her mom passed. He wasn’t hurt per se, but he didn’t like not knowing what was going on.
He paces like a nervous father. He was a nervous father. Did she hurt herself somehow? Did some boy or girl break her heart? Did some dormant super power suddenly reveal itself?
After what seems like forever, the door opens again and you slip out and give him a soft smile when he pauses mid-stride and rush over to you. “Is she okay?” He asks, worriedly looking at the door behind you.
“She’s fine. She’s in the shower.” You assure him, making him heave a sigh of relief. “But, we need you to go shopping.”
He frowns, confused by everything. “For what?”
You purse your lips for a second and give him a pointed look. “What?” He asks and then the lightbulb flickers on. “Oh, ooohhhhh.”
You nod, reaching out and stroking his arm. “She woke up and was embarrassed because she’s started her period. And of course, no one wants to admit that to their dad. Especially the first time.”
“Do you have anything?” He asks, feeling guilty that he hadn’t thought of this kind of thing before. He should have been prepared beyond having the talk with her.
You shake your head. “I have some tampons, but she needs pads right now. I’m going to text you a list.”
Marcus sighs and nods, grateful that you are here. It’s been years since he’s had to go buy that kind of thing and his late wife was definitely a heavy duty tampon user. “I’m heading to the store right now.” He leans in and kisses you softly. “Thank you.” He whispers against your lips.
“You shouldn’t thank me yet.” You tease him, turning him towards the stairs and pushing him lightly. “You haven’t seen the list.”
Marcus huffs and hurries down the stairs, slipping on his shoes and grabbing a mask and his keys before heading out the door. By the time he was opening the car door his phone was dinging with a text.
“Pads, Midol, heating pad, chocolate, ice cream, panty liners, cheetos, more chocolate, M&Ms, peanut butter cookies, soft batch cookies.” His eyes widen as he reads off the list. “Jeez, I had forgotten about all this.” He mutters as he puts the phone in the car holder and starts the car.
He gets to the nearest drugstore and gets everything on the list, ignoring the cashier’s wide eyed look of sympathy as he checks out.
Getting back to the house, he carts everything in and takes the non-food items upstairs and hooks the bag on the bedroom door and knocks before heading downstairs to put the ice cream away.
By the time he got the food put away, you and Missy are coming downstairs. He looks up and his heart aches at the embarrassed look on his daughter’s face. It hit him that she was growing up way too fast. Now officially hiting a phase where he was edged out of the knowledge arena.
He smiles when she comes up to him and gives him a quick hug. “Thanks dad.” She murmurs against his chest and he melts while giving you a warm look. “Don’t thank me sweetheart.” He says quietly, keeping his eyes on the way you are smiling at both of them. “Those kinds of things aren’t my wheelhouse. I just do what I’m told.” He jokes. “But how does ice cream for breakfast sound?”
“Mom trained you well.” Missy grins and you snort, laughing at him, while he shrugs.
“She did.”
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jolieharkness · a month ago
An Untitled Original Work, Part 5
i love writing Gina and texting is also really fun to write-
quick note: bold is text messages and italicised is thoughts
part one | part two | part three | part four
trigger warnings: none, ask to tag
word count: 1438
tagging: @fire-sapphics @artemiassamos @honorablescythecurie @love-pyramus @silver-war @pencilwritesshiz47 @tiergan-andrin-alenefar @reggie-patterson @dirty-racoon @dxubledare @enbies-and-felonies @sofia-not-sophie @imaramennoodle @littlemisscupcake @cadence-talle and lmk know if you wanna be added/removed!!
A friend. Gina couldn’t believe it. Not only had she found a friend in Sammie, but Gina got the sense that maybe, just maybe, they could one day be a little more than friends.
She knew it was wishful thinking. It had only been one day, after all, and a rough one at that, but the girls had exchanged numbers on the bus ride home. That was a start. They’d also looked at their schedules and discovered they would be in Government and choir together the next day. Gina could barely wait. Plus, they had the same lunch tomorrow, so they had another opportunity to spend time together.
Logan’s in choir, too, whispered a small voice in Gina’s head. You didn’t tell Sammie that, now did you?
It was true. Gina had conveniently left out that detail, but she told herself it was because it wasn’t relevant. Logan didn’t matter. Admitting that she’d purposely left that detail out would mean admitting that she was scared of Logan, and she wasn’t about to do that.
Instead, she turned to the math assignment that was due tomorrow. It was still warm outside, so she was sitting on the flat roof outside her window overlooking the backyard. Her dad wasn’t exactly approving of this habit of hers, but they both knew it was hard enough to get any peace and quiet in the Weathers household. The roof was not quite ten feet off the ground, barely sloping, and it dropped down onto the dried grass of the small plot of land that was barely big enough to be a backyard. It was Gina’s escape during the warmer months, as long as it was dry and clear.
The ruckus of her siblings in the backyard would be distracting to many, but to Gina, it was white noise. The screams of her siblings as they played pulled her thoughts away from Sammie, and Logan, and silly crushes, and regret. Once again, she turned to her math homework and started working.
Gina had no idea how much time passed before she finally completed the assignment and climbed back into her bedroom. She was the only one of her siblings who had their own room, and consequently, it was quite small. Just enough room for the dresser she put her books on top of and the bed she flopped onto. She grabbed her phone off her bed next to her, sure nobody had texted her, but to her surprise, she found three messages from Sammie, one from Leo, and one from Mally.
A text from Leo was not unusual. She opened the message from him first, which asked for the math assignment that was due the next day. After sending him a quick picture, she opened the text from Mally. It was a picture of Mally’s dog. Gina had always wanted a dog, and fell in love with Mally’s the first time she went over to her house. Since then they’d had an agreement that if Gina sent stupid pictures of Leo, Mally would send pictures of her dog.
That left only the messages from Sammie. I don’t...have to open them, do I? She closed her eyes. It would be selfish, but I could ignore them.
No, she decided after a moment of hesitation. Not gonna ignore them. Let’s see…
She opened the messages, bracing for the worst, but instead, she was pleasantly surprised.
hey!! thanks for helping me with chem today!!
is there anything i need to know for choir tomorrow? new director, so i wanna make a good impression!!
btw do you wanna hang out on saturday? i wanna explore, so i figured you could show me around!! if not that's cool too!!
Gina felt a rush of relief, but more than just relief. She felt excitement. Not only had Sammie thanked her, but she wanted to spend more time together. Gina had no idea how to respond, but instead got up and jumped around her room. She wasn’t just excited. No, this was joy, elation, glee. This was it, this was what she’d been hoping for, and once she got it, it was so much sweeter than she’d thought it would be.
After nearly a minute of jumping around her room, Gina flopped on to her bed. She picked up her phone to respond to Sammie.
Ofc. Our director really just likes people to pay attention plus he needs doesnt like the altos bc theres like three of them and they suck but thats it so just pay attention and youll be good.
That just leaves the last message, she thought. After several moments of hesitation to plan out what she wanted to say, she typed it up and hit send.
And Im free all saturday after like 10am so we could meet downtown.
Or we could hang out at my place. Whatever works
She still wasn’t sure. Did that seem too much like a date? Just the two of them, all alone downtown. Maybe she should invite Leo, or Mally? Why not both, and invite Andre too?
Mally would know, Gina thought. She typed a quick text that read:
Sammie just asked if me and her could hang out this weekend and I could show her around. Is it weird to invite you or Leo or Andre?
Barely a moment had passed before Gina had a response.
ooh fun! but kinda sounds like a date which is awkward because you’ve known her for one day. but also it would be weird to invite just me.
ask her if she minds if you invite other people, but make sure she knows that it’s the lunch group. she’s gonna have lunch with us again this week and she can get to know us better too.
just don’t be too pushy
Gina texted back:
What would I do without you
Thanks so much
She added a picture of Leo from the bus ride that morning with unkempt hair and a bagel hanging out of his mouth before switching back to the conversation with Sammie.
Maybe I could invite the people from our lunch table? If that’s cool with you
She hit send and dropped her phone on the bed next to her. Part of her was nervous, because part of her had been hoping for some alone time with Sammie. Leaving her phone on her bed, she tromped downstairs for supper. She’d have a response after they ate, and she could distract herself with leftover pizza.
Mondays were typically leftover night in the Weathers household. After a mix of ordering takeout and home cooked meals from the previous week, they had to eat what was left in the fridge. Gina grabbed two slices of Saturday’s pepperoni and threw them on a plate in the microwave. After returning from her quest to get a root beer from the garage, she grabbed her meal and went to the front porch.
Gina was a pro at avoiding her siblings. Between her exclusive rooftop hangout to well-timed kitchen ventures, she could go a whole evening and barely talk to them. It wasn’t that she hated them or wished she didn’t have siblings, but sometimes she just needed a break. As long as she could hear them if there was an issue, she was fine.
As she chewed on the crust, her thoughts drifted back to Sammie. She was dying to know her response. Sammie’s decision determined whether or not it would seem like...well, a date. And Gina wasn’t sure she could handle a date. It seemed too rushed, like too much. Plus, the little voice in the back of her head added, you’d probably end up talking about Logan, and that would end in a fiasco, don’t even try to deny it.
She pushed the little voice out of her head, but she knew it was right. That would be a disaster.
Finally finished with her pizza, she went back inside, placed her plate in the sink, and darted upstairs with the remainder of her soda. She could hear her siblings out back, and thanked her lucky stars none of them were questioning her about her day. She couldn’t handle any teasing right now.
Closing her door behind her, she reached for her phone and checked her notifications. The only thing was a text from Sammie. She nervously opened it up.
that would be fun!! def invite them, bc i’d love to get to know everyone better!!
Once again, Gina sighed a sigh of relief. It wouldn’t be a date. Part of her was disappointed, but she suppressed that thought. This was for the best, right?
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bitchyenemypeach · a month ago
Admiral Casino Zadar Poker
Tumblr media
WASHINGTON (AP) — The admiral fired last year as No. 2 commander of U.S. nuclear forces may have made his own counterfeit $500 poker chips with paint and stickers to feed a gambling habit that eventually saw him banned from an entire network of casinos, according to a criminal investigative report obtained by The Associated Press.
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Although Rear Adm. Timothy M. Giardina's removal as deputy head of U.S. Strategic Command was announced last year, evidence of his possible role in manufacturing the counterfeit chips has not previously been revealed. Investigators said they found his DNA on the underside of an adhesive sticker used to alter genuine $1 poker chips to make them look like $500 chips.
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Nor had the Navy disclosed how extensively he gambled.
The case is among numerous embarrassing setbacks for the nuclear force. Disciplinary problems, security flaws, weak morale and leadership lapses documented by The Associated Press over the past two years prompted Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Nov. 14 to announce top-to-bottom changes in how the nuclear force is managed that will cost up to $10 billion.
The records obtained by the AP under the Freedom of Information Act show Giardina was a habitual poker player, spending a total of 1,096 hours — or an average of 15 hours per week — at the tables at the Horseshoe casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa, in the 18 months before being caught using three phony chips in June 2013.
He was such a familiar figure at the casino, across the Missouri River from his office near Omaha, Nebraska, that some there knew him as 'Navy Tim.' But they may not have known he was a three-star admiral and second-in-charge at Strategic Command, the military's nuclear war-fighting headquarters. Strategic Command also plays key roles in missile defense, cyberdefense, space operations and other functions.
A career submarine officer, Giardina is a 1979 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy.
Such was Giardina's affection for poker that even after he was caught he 'continued to come in and gamble on a regular basis' at Harrah's casino, also located in Council Bluffs, according to an account by an Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation agent that was turned over to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service after NCIS took over the case in August 2013.
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On July 18 Giardina was banned from both the Horseshoe and Harrah's for 90 days, but he returned at least twice to play poker at the Horseshoe before the ban expired. The second time, in October, he was given a lifetime ban from all gambling establishments run by the Horseshoe's owner, Caesar's Entertainment Corp.
The report included Giardina's remarks to a casino security agent about the polygraphs given at Strategic Command to officers holding security clearances.
'(What) they're really trying to do is find out if you got, you know, if you're having sex with animals or something really crazy or you've got this wild life that you could be blackmailed into giving military secrets out,' he was quoted as saying.
At Strategic Command, Giardina was privy to highly sensitive national security secrets. Legal gambling by Strategic Command officers with security clearances is not prohibited or limited by policy, although if they incur excessive debt they are required to report it, according to the command's chief spokeswoman, Navy Capt. Pamela Kunze.
Six days after he received the lifetime Caesar's ban, Giardina was kicked out of the Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kansas, according to the NCIS records that gave no reason for that expulsion. That casino is not a Caesar's property.
The state investigator's report also said a review of surveillance footage revealed 'odd behaviors' by Giardina at the Horseshoe.
'Giardina was observed taking cigarette butts out of public ash trays and smoking them,' it said.
Giardina, who remains on the Navy payroll as a staff officer in Washington, was never charged with counterfeiting. Instead he was found guilty in May 2014 of two counts of conduct unbecoming an officer — lying to an investigator and passing fake gambling chips. He was given a written reprimand and ordered to forfeit $4,000 in pay.
The Navy chose not to pursue a court martial because they were uncertain they could get a conviction with the evidence they had, officials said.
In early September 2013 Giardina was quietly suspended from his post at Strategic Command, which he had assumed in December 2011. One month later he was fired and reduced in rank from three-star to two-star admiral.
Giardina did not respond to an AP email request Friday for comment on the investigation report. In May, after the Navy announced his punishment, Giardina told the AP he had no comment.
Admiral Casino Zadar Poker Online Casino
NCIS denied AP's original request for the investigation records but released them this month after granting an AP appeal.
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Admiral Casino Zadar Poker No Deposit
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xuseokgyu · a month ago
Interview tag~
tagged by: @icecreamscxups Thank you for it Zai!!! I love that you commented on Luna's height cause I'm about to comment on yours hahah We are the same!!!! Shorties for the win ✊ (i still have so many tag games to get to but I prmisse I will eventually 😅)
rules: answer questions and tag 20 a few blogs you’d like to know better!
tagging: I'm taking this opportunity to tag some new mutuals I havent interacted much with, I feel like its a good start 🥰 @wonugyus @hanwooz @cupidhaos @jjunhao @myungho @heartgyus @dokyom @dkymm (I follow from belledamsceno btw 😉) Also!! If you havent yet, tell me what emoji you would like to have with your name on your tag!
My name is atually Annabelle, but literally everyone calls me Belle
Star sign:
Sagittarius! Tho zodiac for me is like some buzzfeed quizz, I love to read about it and see how it fits me but I dont take it very seriously. If you like it tho feel free to ask for my chart, I always love to have it be analyzed haha
I'm 1,55m (5'1'' if I'm not mistaken) and I have always been the short one hahaha That doesnt stop me from stanning the tiny giants tho (looking at you Mingyu)
Its currently 17:50 (10 to 6pm for the americans out there)
When is your birthday:
December 8th!!
Favourite band/groups:
Talking Kpop: Seventeen (duh!), but during the drought™️ I started to watch and listen to some stuff from SKZ, their songs are not all my style, I do like them just not to listen casually, but I'm so into the boys!! They still feel like kids to me ngl, I have mothered them all... (3racha bias btw, I guess my heart always go to trios)
Now non-kpop... The only one I keep up with is Il Volo other than that I dont stan any groups, but one I like almost all songs is Years&Years
Favourite solo artists:
Kpop: I'm really a newby in this whole kpop world, but I guess I stan Jamie, Jackson (I've prefere his solos to Got7 so far) and Chungha...
Non kpop: my all time favorite is Ben Platt, but he has like, one album so far haha, I listen a lot to Mahmood too and I'm an oldy that has a lot of Roxette and Michael Buble in my playlist dont judge to hard please
Song stuck in your head:
Since the last question; Pretty Please by Jackson hahahah
Last movie you watched
Raya and the last Dragon - The animation felt kinda rushed at times, but I liked it overall!
Last show you binged:
The Crown, but this was like, a month ago. If we count reality tv too I watched the whole of RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 5 in the past three days heheh
When you created your blog:
This sideblog I created August 1st 2020, but my main I did back in 2012
Last thing you googled:
"Disney Empire" hahahah - I was talking to my mom about how many things are owned by just one big company and we have no idea, Disney being one of the biggest, and I wanted to show her the example
Other blogs:
My main @belledamsceno , one dedicated to Bobpul @bobpulthepup (its her birthday tomorrow!!) and one disney themed that has been inactive since march 2018, but I didnt feel like deleting it @disney-ismymind the url is so bad omg
Why i chose my url:
I guess is pretty obvious 😅, but its a mix of the names of my three bias; svt's 97 line
Average hours of sleep:
6 hours total I think...
Lucky number:
8! Cause I was born on the 8th at 08:08 (pm, but 🤫) and now my bias is The8 how cool is that
I learned to play the flute while I was in a choir, but I've forgotten everything about it hehehe I really wish to learn how to play the piano one day...
What i’m currently wearing:
Jeans, t-shirt and sneakers + my work's uniform vest...
Dream job:
If Im completely honest, I dont have a dream job, I would very much like to not have to work at all BUT we dont really have that luxury do we? I'm graduated in graphic design, and one thing I find super cool and would really like to do one day (tho I have no idea how) is to work in the cinema industry, be it creating designs for the sets (check-out Annie Atkins, shes my hero) or surprise, surprise doing movie posters and other merch
Dream trip:
Like...The Whole World?? Honestly, if I had the means I would only travel for the rest of my life... I would like to visit the very popular places first, so I have first hand experience whenever someone talks about them, but then go to some overlooked ones so I can be the one sharing their wonders to others (Top of the list right now is Italy tho)
Favourite food
Pizza!!! hot or cold, I like it fresh, I like it old (like the day after, I'm not eating spoiled pizza...). And chocolate, I probably have some kind of addiction to it
Favourite song:
I dont really have one favorite song, it really changes from day to day... My favorites SVTs songs tho are I Dont Know and Dont Listen in Secret
Top three fictional universes you’d like to live in:
I'm pretty sure I've answered this before but I have no idea what my answers were hahaha My answers are probably not going to match 😅 1 - Narnia, during the Pevensie's reign please, I don't want no war 2- I know is not technically an au, but like Jane Austen's universe, preferably as a main character, so I can dress pretty, find a cute s.o. and not really have to worry with the diseases and problems of the time. I also have to keep my teeth as healthy as they are... and I'm having trouble thinking of a third one... I guess 3 - Neverland, as long as the mermaids don't try to drown me...
Anyways, that's it! Have fun guys, and your answers can be shorter, I know this is a lot haha Also, don't feel pressured to do it, is totally up to you
P.s.: I didnt proofread this at all so it might have a few mistakes, feel free to point them out to me. I'm just lazy right now hahaha
17 notes · View notes
Tag Game
thanks for the tag @muhaili! making a new post instead of reblogging for... reasons.
rules: answer all thirty questions and tag as many people, as you can. let’s get to know each other a little better!
name/nickname: Zoe. No nicknames (unless you count everyone mistakenly pronouncing it "zoey". It's "Zoe" like "Joe", people)
gender: female
star sign: don't know don't care
height: 5'7", last I checked
time: 10:41pm
favorite bands: uh... I kinda just pick up songs randomly from movies and such... so I don't know bands. Most of the Owl City stuff I've heard is pretty cool though.
birthday: August 27th
favorite solo artists: again, don't really think about it... except for 4everfreebrony's music on Youtube. His music ROCKS, even if you're not into pony.
song stuck in my head right now: "Catchy Song" from the Lego movie 2 (the irony)
last movie: Sinbad (the Dreamworks animated movie). Loved the animation. Didn't particularly enjoy the direction the romance went.
last show: Wander Over Yonder
when did i create this blog: April 2020. I had just finished watching the Clone Wars for the first time, and I had bumped into the tumblr fandom. I wanted in. @motherofclones was the first blog I saw (even before I had an account) and the first one I followed.
what i post: mostly Clone Wars/Star Wars stuff; my art and occasional writing, and other people's art and writing. Occasionally I'll interject random art or bits and pieces of other fandoms.
other blogs: @insertcslewisquotehere. I started it as a sort of random positivity thing, then it turned into some sort of reblog sideblog, and then something else... I CANNOT figure out what to do with it, but I like the URL too much to trash it (yet). I'm open to suggestions.
why I chose my url: my self-sona character is a dragon with feathers who has a sister-like relationship with my clone trooper OCs.
do i get asks: Not often... I really enjoy it when I do, though! Occasionally I'll reblog one of those ask lists and sometimes draw stuff for my answers! Maybe sometime in the not-so-distant future I'll do art requests.
last thing i googled: dip pen nib holders
i follow: 38
following: 170
average hours of sleep: I got really messed up there for a bit, but I'm back to 7-8ish hours (7 is about my fully-functional minimum, but I'm aiming for more)
lucky number: I do not understand the question.
instruments: I can play a really simple piano thing if I memorize it. I also sing. A lot.
what I’m wearing: Jeans and a maroon No Evil (by Betsy Lee) Icky t-shirt. (I never not wear jeans)
dream trip: somewhere with real-life rolling green hills and seacliffs, preferably while it's raining. I just wanna see that in person, feel it for myself.
favorite food: STROMBOLI. Closely followed by pesto pizza.
nationality: American
favorite song: changes all the time but "Fly My Kite" has been speaking to me lately
last book read: oh boy it's been awhile... I think the last one I was reading was "The Green Ember"... Which is an awesome series, by the way. Highly recommend (RABBITS WITH SWORDS)
top three fictional universes i wanna be a part of: Narnia, Star Wars, HTTYD (books, after the events of book 12)
favorite color: cloudy/stormy blue-grey
TAG LIST (no pressure whatsoever): @im-just-the-traveler, @beautyandthebeskar, @flashthescalesian-art, and @fwtcanimelover
10 notes · View notes
annoyingfestivalwinner · a month ago
Path Of Neo Mac Download
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> >
Enter the Matrix
Matrix Path Of Neo
Path Of Neo Torrent
Path Of Neo Mac Download Mac
PC game The Matrix Path of Neo The Matrix Path of Neo style action and adventure game designed and built by Shiny Entertainment and Celebrity in 2005 by Atari Inc. It is marketed for the PC platform. This game is the second edition of the series Matrix Enter The Matrix was released. The game begins with a scene from the first film.
May 17, 2020.
If you haven't played Enter the Matrix or want to try this action video game, download it now for free! Published in 2003 by Atari, Inc., Enter the Matrix (aka 黑客帝国, Heike Diguo) is still a popular licensed title title amongst retrogamers, with a whopping 4.6/5 rating.
4.63 / 5 - 86 votes
Description of Enter the Matrix Windows
If you haven't played Enter the Matrix or want to try this action video game, download it now for free! Published in 2003 by Atari, Inc., Enter the Matrix (aka 黑客帝国, Heike Diguo) is still a popular licensed title title amongst retrogamers, with a whopping 4.6/5 rating.
External links
Captures and Snapshots
Screenshots from
Comments and reviews
admin2020-09-140 point
RIP removed, please be specific if you get virus warning
VIRUS2020-09-120 point
This installation was infected with Contebrew.A!ml which is a virus that constantly redirects your browser to other websites.
Nost2020-06-22-1 point
Ahh! The memories - the best driver in the matrix MY *SS!!! She can barely steer! I remember I had to wait for about 20 minutes for her to turn around the car after she flipped it : oh..and the square sheels are the best! I guess in 2003 they didn't know how to draw a circle in game
Tumblr media
metalchickens2020-06-060 point
I have the same issue as memento
ICloud is built into every Apple device. That means all your stuff — photos, files, notes, and more — is safe, up to date, and available wherever you are. And it works automatically, so all you have to do is keep doing what you love. Everyone gets 5GB of free iCloud storage to. Download iCloud for Windows now from Softonic: 100% safe and virus free. More than 16106 downloads this month. Download iCloud latest version 2020. Download icloud for macbook. Use the latest version of macOS. Update to the latest version of macOS. Go to Apple menu. Sep 24, 2020.
memento2020-04-162 points
Matrix Path Of Neo
I cant find the 1.2 patch. And game doesn't start, although i fix the compatibility. help?
Millennium_6662020-03-242 points
thx for this amazin title. WIN 10 ISTALLATION 1) download the ISO file of Enter The Matrix. 2) you have to download DaemonTools ( for mount the mdf.file that is the Play Disk (disk 4) 3)mount the first iso (disk1) and run the istall, follow the istruction (it will ask to insert other disk, so mount other iso file that you find in the download folder). 4) when you have to mount the play disk (disk 4), don't panic. open the largest mdf. in the folder with DeamonTolls and all will works great. 5)istall 1.2 Patch 6) run with compatibility on 'windows xp service pack2' and admin privileges 7) have fun! cheers
kiwis2020-02-061 point
cant find the play disc, got stuck in the last step of installation
Path Of Neo Torrent
james2019-08-201 point
why is this game running so bad im getting 8fps - 25fps
Tumblr media
Messi2018-11-20-1 point
Very very good app !.! Carry on your work and I personally thank you for this..!????
gip est2018-11-200 point
What an awesome game that was! too bad people never finish it or not play it anymore! its really nice good fun times with that kind of freedom, anyway have a good day!
Shadowbird2018-09-010 point
Downloaded and installed this game, everything works well except the cut scenes has no sound, some help would be great.
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Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you'd like. If you have trouble to run Enter the Matrix (Windows), read the abandonware guide first!
Download Enter the Matrix Windows
We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available. Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us!
Just one click to download at full speed!
Windows Version
Path Of Neo Mac Download Mac
Game Extras
Download partition manager for mac. Various files to help you run Enter the Matrix, apply patches, fixes, maps or miscellaneous utilities.
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They are great and with Tab Groups you can visually group related tabs, switch between your groups and quickly search through all of them. To create a tab group, click the all tabs button at the far right end of the tab strip and choose Tab Groups. Firefox for mac download free.
Star Wars
DOS, Mac, C64, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari 8-bit, Atari ST, ColecoVision1989
Should you be updating your Mac, iMac, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro? .. Following the expected path of being announced in the summer at .. A. Apple has been building operating systems and Mac hardware .. at the conference this summer will be the last system to run 32-bit apps .. Developers have already received three beta builds of macOS Catalina this summer. That update contains some huge improvements, like .. Today's sneak peek highlighted just a few of Lion's features, including the Mac App Store, a new way to discover, install and automatically update .. WWDC will see Apple previewing new software updates that will then launch in .. a long list of new features, plus Apple gave us a peek at the new Mac Pro and 6K .. Apple Introduces Apple Watch Bands and iPhone Cases in Summer Colors. Apple menu > System Preferences > Software Update. If there is an update available, click Update Now. Your Mac will download the updates and restart to complete the updates. You can set your Mac to update automatically. To change your update options, click the Advanced… button: You can have your Mac automatically:. Currently Apple's Software Update system in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, .. system, Apple OS X Mountain Lion, will be out in the summer. .. Apple special event will take place, including rumours about new Macs, iPhones, .. in the year, one in the spring, one in the summer, one in September and one in October. .. Now for the less likely, but still possible updates. WEATHER + OTHER IMPORTANT CLUB UPDATES. We're approaching the latter half of the summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, which means that Apple's lineup of software updates is just .. Discuss Mac Civ 6 related issues. .. Civ6 Full Screen Mac Issues · rover6695, Sep .. Civ 6 - Gathering Storm Antarctic Late Summer Game Update (April 2019). Here are all the updates and improvements to Things since our first release in .. on January 6, 2009 and went on to win the Apple Design Award that summer. Head to the Mac App Store, and in the left sidebar tap Updates. If Catalina is available .. Originally published earlier this summer. Updated with .. Jump to A more stable macOS update cycle - A more stable macOS update cycle. After a tumultuous transition to macOS Catalina, I predict that this summer's .. Employees want the latest features, and we need the latest software updates for security upgrades. Using your summer to test, and then .. Were is the Antarctic summer update available on the Mac app store. Self explanatory. comment. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. macOS updates improve the stability, performance, and security of your Mac, and they include updates for Safari, iTunes, and other apps that are part of macOS. .. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu , then click Software Update to check for updates. .. * If you're using OS X .. Summer MAC Update 2019. Explore new MAC collections, collaborations, and products and experience the latest in makeup artistry. Free shipping on the latest makeup collections. Apple is cleaning up and simplifying its Mac product line, updating the .. laptops were updated this summer and the updated fan-favorite Mac ..
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boldlyuniquewitch · 2 months ago
Food At Crown Casino Melbourne
Tumblr media
Australian Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Awards 2019 Top 100 Ranked Number 61
Crown Casino Melbourne Jobs
Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne was inspired by the great steakhouses of North America. With an uncompromising focus on excellent produce – in particular the meat program – beef sourced from only Australia’s very best producers, an outstanding wine list and sharp and enthusiastic service, this is a dining venue that offers a refined yet relaxed experiencethe menu is simple. Stop in to Crown Melbourne and grab a bite to eat from one of our many fast food restaurants and cafes. Explore the range now. Spice Temple is an iconic fine dining restaurant in the Crown Complex in Melbourne that serves sophisticated cuisine that expresses spice nuances of the highest order. Spice Temple teaches us that spice is not just about heat but balance and subtleties of flavour. .Patrons must be 18+ to consume alcohol and not prohibited from the casino or the Crown Entertainment Complex. Crown practises the responsible service of alcohol. The health and wellbeing of our guests, employees and the wider community is Crown Melbourne’s first priority. Nov 26, 2018 Crown casino restaurants: Crown Melbourne eateries are viewed as probably the best on the planet, and with 29 to look over; even the fussiest foodie will be spoilt for decision. From a mouth-watering sustenance court to top-notch food encounters, whatever your taste, you’ll see it at Crown on Melbourne’s Southbank.
Crown Complex, Melbourne
Opening Hours
Monday – Closed Tuesday – Closed Wednesday & Thursday 12-2.30pm & 5.30-10pm Friday 12-2.30pm & 5.30pm -11pm Saturday 12-2.30pm & 5.30pm -11pm Sunday 12-2.30pm & 5.30-10pm
Booking for 5 or more people? Call +61 3 8648 1900
Looking to book your next event? Click here to check our private dining rooms and events packs
Rockpool Bar & Grill Sydney Rockpool Bar & Grill Perth
Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne was inspired by the great steakhouses of North America. With an uncompromising focus on excellent produce – in particular the meat program – beef sourced from only Australia’s very best producers, an outstanding wine list and sharp and enthusiastic service, this is a dining venue that offers a refined yet relaxed experience…the menu is simple and uncomplicated, the room luxurious.
Our beef is sourced directly from the producers and dry aged on our premises. The dry ageing process is important as it brings a better flavour to the beef than that of the more common wet aging in cryovac, which in essence is really preserving the beef. This however takes a big commitment as we have many tonnes of beef ageing at any one time. We believe that the three types of beef we have are representative of the best of their type in Australia. Blackmore’s Wagyu, Cape Grim and Minderoo all fit into the strict Rockpool philosophy of humane treatment to the cattle. There are no growth hormones used and no antibiotic feed supplements. This is a rare thing in Australia today, particularly with the standard lot fed cattle.
Awards & Reviews
Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne is an award winning resturant
Australian Gourmet Traveller - Restaurant Guide Awards Top 100 2018 Ranked no. 22
Crown casino melbourne restaurants conservatory. Conservatory, Melbourne: Bewertungen - für Tripadvisor zu Platz seitens vonseiten Melbourne Restaurants; mit 4/5 von Seiten Reisenden bewertet. Nobu Melbourne Crown Casino. Bewertungen. 0,06 km Entfernung. Bild seitens Conservatory, Melbourne: Conservatory at the Crown Casino Melbourne - Schauen Die sich Nr. vonseiten Restaurants Maß Melbourne. Restaurants Maß Reflexive Nähe seitens Conservatory zu Tripadvisor: Schauen Die da sich ' Bewertungen und 50' authentische Fotos Crown Entertainment Complex 8 Whiteman St Crown Towers, Level 3 Nobu Melbourne Crown Casino. Or if its shopping youre looking for, 'best slots for playing Maß the meadows' card stud and play with a free bonus naranjas deposit tcs apply. I will.
Ob es trotzdem Ihren individuellen Bedürfnissen entspricht, erfragen Passiv wenn Sie freundlicherweise nebst Ihrer Buchungsstelle! Stand solcher Informationen: Beschreibung Hotelbeschreibung des Veranstalters:. Ausstattung zentrale Lage. Unterkunftsart Club Resort.
Gebäude Anzahl jener Zimmer gesamt : Kategorie Kategorie offiziell : Zeugniszensur Kategorie empfohlen : Beurteilung. Fair 5,0. Positiv: : Great location. Good facilities. Compact and clean. Positiv: : I loved my stay at Citadines. The hotel room was genau perfect, it wasn't cluttered, and welches simple but the technology was überhaupt? great. My favourite part welches the location - central to shopping, restaurants, tram stops.
It was überhaupt? perfect. I would definately stay there again, and would definitely recommend to friends. Positiv: : It was überhaupt? clean, modern, large rooms, kitchen facilities and very helpful staff,. Positiv: : Location and comfort of room. Positiv: : spotless,close to all the shops un the city. Positiv: : The room was Schönes? lovely. Spacious and clean. Great shower. Good to have the option of cooking if you wanted to.
Very peaceful and relaxing environment with professional, friendly staff. Fabulous location. Positiv: : Vor allen Dingen selbige Mitarbeiter an dem Empfang waren bis zum Gehtnichtmehr behilflich im Zusammenhang Reservierungen seitens Restaurants und mit anderen Auskueften. Positiv: : The location is central to everything Inch Melbourne. Positiv: : Great location with all modern facilities, including electronic security pass.
Bewertung: Platz 4. Hervorragend 8,9. Grand Hyatt Melbourne. Zum Angebot in jemandes Besitz sein genau ein kostenloser Internetzugang per Kabel, nur einer rund um jene Uhr geöffnetes Businesscenter und ein einsamer Limousinenservice. Positiv: : Zimmerdesign und Lage. Positiv: : Position und Ansicht. Positiv: : The club room welches excelent just need a sellection of hot breakfast non the morning,and more sellection of beverage, but everything was überhaupt? good. Passabel 4,7.
Positiv: : The new rooms were very comfortable.. Positiv: : a good place to stay when you want to visit melbourne downtown, valet parking service is good. Positiv: : very friendly, obliging staff. Bewertung: Platz Zeugniszensur. Intercontinental Melbourne The Rialto.
Hervorragend 9,6. Positiv: : The moderness of our room, as renovated only a few years ago. Staff very helpfull, unique hotel and location. Gütig 6,3. Positiv: : Comfortable stylish hotel. Positiv: : The hotel is gorgeous, located Maß an absolutely beautiful heritage building. Very comfy and stylish rooms. Everything is sparkling and new, very nice. The concierge and doormen were great too, nothing is a problem for them, very polite and helpful.
Pool, sauna etc were all fantastic. Positiv: : I traveled the east coast of Australia and the Rialto was genau the nicest hotel I stayed un. Positiv: : The most comfortable bed and pillows! Bewertung: Platz 6. Crown Metropol. Insgesamt 8,7 Hervorragend. Positiv: : Courteous welcome from valet parking staff and convenience of being connected to the rest of the Crown complex. Positiv: : the pool and gym facilities, the room welches very comfortable. Positiv: : I liked the location as I welches there to shop and to attend business meetings.
The staff were exceptionally attentive and helpful. Positiv: : Comfortable bed. Positiv: : The staff were friendly and efficient at check-in. The room was Schönes? spacious and clean and had a lovely view of the city. The king bed was überhaupt? comfortable however the doona had a black mark on it and the sheet had a little tear probably not what you would expect from a five star hotel..
Check out welches a lengthy process but overall we had a pleasant stay. Bewertung: Platz 7. Hervorragend 8,7. Brady Hotel Central Melbourne. Zum Angebot in Besitz sein von nur eine Businesscenter, genau ein Textilreinigungsservice und 'ne rund um ebendiese Uhr besetzte Rezeption.
Freundliches Personal. Wir alle hatten ein einzelner Last-Minute-Angebot hindurch 'nen 3-tägigen Urlaub und welches Zimmer war weitere wenn unseren Bedürfnissen maßgeschneidert. Hervorragend 9,4. Positiv: : Bis dort hinaus schönes renoviertes Zimmer, modern möbliert. Bewertung: Platz 8. Imagine Marco. Zum Angebot sein ein einsamer Textilreinigungsservice, 'ne rund um diese und jene Uhr besetzte Rezeption und 'ne Gepäckaufbewahrung. Insgesamt 8,6 Hervorragend. Bewertung: Platz Erdanziehungskraft.
Hervorragend 8,6. Atlantis Hotel Melbourne. Positiv: : Einfacher Checkin und willkommen. Parkplätze sind umstandslos und inbegriffen. Vis-a-vis von dem Polizeirevier, sicher! Sauber, sicher und exzellentes Personal! Positiv: : Preis. Nicht welcher Nähe des Stadtzentrums. Positiv: : Safe regionaler Sprachgebrauch dem Zimmer war Bonus. Schön anzusehen gelegen, spiegelbildlich an welcher Stadtzentrum Trolley Route.
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Welches Zimmer war sauber und dies Bett leicht. Wahre Pracht, 'nen Kühlschrank in dem Zimmer nach haben. Non solcher Nähe von dem Bahnhof Southern Cross. Hervorragend 8,2. Seele von Mensch 6,5. Staff seemed friendly enough. Rooms were well laid out, Einheit a typical budget hotel style. Positiv: : Very friendly reception staff. Positiv: : The hotel welches nice and clean, parking is cheap for a city.
Easy as too find, right on the tram lines. Positiv: : Left luggage kept safe after my stay for 2 days. Erträglich 5,7. Positiv: : That we were close to the Docklands as we needed to be. Positiv: : Lovely swim Inch the basement pool. A fine hotel, great view of the city, everything you need and a decent price.
Positiv: : the rooms was überhaupt? spacious for the price and very clean. Positiv: : Location, close to Southern Cross station. Positiv: : This was überhaupt? the 2nd time that we have stayed. We found it comfortable.
As we go to the football we find the location great and it is close to the thing that we do. Positiv: : Tolle Aussicht, recht geräumiges Zimmer. Gedeihlich 6,4. Positiv: : Location, trams at door. Bewertung: Platz Crowne Plaza Melbourne. Für jedes Veranstaltungen beherbergt dieses Hotel 2 Tagungsräume. Trefflich 7,4. Positiv: : easy access to crown entertainment centre. Positiv: : Location welches great. In Ordnung 4,3. Positiv: : All was Schönes? good great nice room great location.
Positiv: : close to the city centre, close to major places ie casino, easy to access trams and transport to major sporting events. Positiv: : It was Schönes? comfortable and Einheit a convenient location. Staff, service, facilities and location were very good overall. Positiv: : We Find it very Convenient.
Positiv: : good service clean rooms good views very welcoming staff i wouldnt have a problem staying again. The Victoria Hotel Melbourne. Insgesamt 8,5 Hervorragend. Hervorragend 8,5.
Pegasus Apart'hotel. Freundlichkeit, Hilfsbereitschaft, Kenntnisse des Personals. Kochnische und Ausstattung. Küche: Italienisch Zum Mittelmeerraum gehörend. Ging Thai. Küche: Asiatisch , Thailändisch. Baci Restaurant. Küche: Italienisch , Meeresfrüchte. Mesh - Crown Promenade. Küche: Meeresfrüchte , Australisch.
Golden House Chinese Restaurant. Küche: Chinesisch , Asiatisch , Taiwanisch. Cote Terra Adicion. Shop 1 28 Freshwater Pl Shop 1. Whiteman St 8, Level 1 Crown Towers. Küche: Schriftliches Kommunikationsmittel , Chinesisch , Japanisch , Hellenisch. Boccata Italian Deli. Küche: Italienisch , Pizza. TGI Fridays. Küche: Gesamtamerikanisch , In bar. Pellaroma Cafe Pur Espresso. Der ihr Kartenakualisierung aus wird angehalten. Zoomen Die da heran, um aktualisierte Informationen anzuzeigen.
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Hotelgäste schwärmen vonseiten … Crown Towers Melbourne.
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Buck mdash; of sales. Fill um kein Haar the required details. That's why we give you the chance to view live drawings on our website. My tax man added what I won to my tax form. Ze schrik hebben me nooit crown casino melbourne restaurants conservatory te zien.
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Majority of these deceptive 'free' sites lead to equally deceptive casinos. You are also obligated to report small winnings and prize money or Fortunately, gambling taxes are not progressive like income taxes. Multi slot demo.Now with new tax laws i an dem falling under unificado deduction and not intemizing. Un addition, all the above definitions are often augmented with some remark to the effect that the fallacies are likely to persuade many reasoners. That was genau treffend August Today, Mats is carrying asus zenfone 2 deluxe specs full of decks, and he is the most enthusiastic Gentry player crown casino melbourne restaurants conservatory the Sint-Niklaas area.
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Je vorbei Tageszeit und Verkehrsaufkommen möglicherweise diese Fahrtzeit variieren. Diese herbeischaffen dich nicht im Geringsten nichts als zum Hotel.
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Du kannst die untergeordnet im Verlauf deines Aufenthalts zum Transport nutzen. Als deines Aufenthalts in dem Crown Metropol kannst du dir 9 den Zimmerservice nutzen, um dir irgendetwas nach Speisen nach vormerken.
Eine Vielzahl währung thai baht, diese und jene noch einmal Melbourne reisen, suchen spezifisch durch Hotels mit einem Pool.
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Code java online erfährst du an jener Rezeption. Crown Metropol verfügt ab ein einzelner Fitnesscenter crown casino melbourne restaurants conservatory Gäste.
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Durchaus nicht mit einer bestimmten Häufigkeit Fitnessräume wissen zu rund um ebendiese Uhr genutzt werden. Wende dich an diese Rezeption, um diese und jene Öffnungszeiten nach erfragen. Erkunde Melbourne in dem Mietwagen!
Hier zu Lande bekommst du Informationen nach den Crown casino melbourne restaurants conservatory und günstigsten Rühmen. Erhalte aktuelle Informationen nach Flügen durch Melbourne.
Erfahre diese und jene besten Reisezeiten, finde diese günstigsten Preise und sie beliebtesten Fluglinien. Teste HotelPlanner.
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Vergleiche momondo mit jeder dahergelaufene keine. Crown Metropol. King Zimmer - Keinerlei Bett angegeben.
Angebot 9 So oft Angebote und Zimmertypen darstellen.
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Vor Ort gibt es Folgendes: Parken ohne Service kostenpflichtig. Las vegas hotel paris wikipedia Bewertungen titulieren. 9 9 passiert Crown Metropol seitens Melbourne entfernt?
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9 komme isch an dem besten durch Melbourne zum Crown Metropol? Bietet Crown Metropol Optionen zur Verpflegung an?
Crown Metropol: Gibt es vereinen Pool? 9 lautet jene Telefonnummer fürn Crown Metropol? Sehenswürdigkeiten nicht welcher Nähe vonseiten Crown Metropol.
Ihre FLY. Gästen offenstehen sich in dem Entertainment-Bereich mit eigenem Casino sowie Inch dem opulenten 'Crown Spa' spektakuläre Möglichkeiten zur Unterhaltung und Entspannung. Lage zentral, lebhaft Entfernungen: Flughafen Melbourne Airport ca. Der ihr Vorteile: wenn Sie im Gedächtnis behalten Sie! Privattransfer passiert zusammen mit vielen Hotels zubuchbar. Zusätzliche dazu aufwärts www. Ob es trotzdem Ihren individuellen Bedürfnissen entspricht, erfragen Passiv wenn Sie wohnhaft bei Ihrer Buchungsstelle!
Stand Reflexive Informationen: Beschreibung Hotelbeschreibung des Veranstalters:. Ausstattung zentrale Lage. Unterkunftsart Club Resort. Wir alle senden Ihnen nachher 'nen Link, um dasjenige Passwort zurückzusetzen.
Es passiert nur eine technisches Problem aufgetreten, wenn Sie Versuch starten Die es erneut! Jenes vonseiten Ihnen eingegebene Passwort ist los unhaltbar. In diesem Land zu hören sein, um nur ein neues Passwort anzufordern. Es besteht lange genau ein Agoda-Konto lang.
Die sollen diese Einstellung schier einmal zur Brust nehmen. Passwort Ich wäre Ihnen verbunden Passwort zureichen. Tickeln Die hier zu Lande, um dies Konto nach wechseln.
Email Adresse E-Mail passiert unabweisbar. Format welcher Email-Adresse ungültig. Vorname Vorname passiert zwingend. Nachname ist los unabweisbar. Die haben schon nur eine Konto? Tickern Passiv hierzulande, um sich anzumelden und mit Facebook nach durchstellen. E-Mail Adresse andernfalls Passwort passiert inkorrekt. Sei so nett und 9 Passiv sich an, sodass ich und die anderen einer Sache bewusst sein, wohin ich und die anderen ebendiese Antwort senden.
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E-Mail ist los erforderlich.
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