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deadandphilgames11 minutes ago
is midsommar anon also going to put their cheating ex in a bear costume and sacrifice them
i didnt know the plot of Midsommar so this ask gave me quite a shock
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daily-rubbersoul-redux17 minutes ago
Edwardo my favorite Shook character
im glad you like him gonzo-
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casmick-consequences26 minutes ago
Taisa Farmiga
Tumblr media
....yea idk about this one. don't get me wrong she's VERY darn pretty, but i feel like i'd be intimidated in a relationship with her. she has such a strong vibing aura, i'd rather be her bestie.
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daddyr0n30 minutes ago
Why are girls so confusing?
theyre not you probably just have a hard time understanding them lmfao
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mullingar42 minutes ago
i truly cannot bring myself 2 watch horror films theyre so scary 2 me lmfao i rmr watching the conjuring five times so i could build resistance against it but i failed miserably i was scared asf even at the fifth viewing and it wasn鈥檛 even all that ugh i need to find lowkey horror so i can go from there bc i do rlly wana see 馃様鉁嬄
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cheguevara48 minutes ago
I'll go into that interview with my cock throbbing
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birobinan hour ago
oooo what if i disappeared forever and go back to being mute all the time
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dollvictiman hour ago
he literally does not care about me i think but i want him to tell me he adores me while hurting me </3
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m150aan hour ago
Really fuckin hope i get my period soon so that I can shift the blame of these emotions to something other than my childhood neglect 馃構馃憤
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