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#ilya fedorovich
corinna-kopff29 days ago
should i rebrand to a corinna kopf blog? i love her so much and i already post/reblog a lot of content surrounding her so it鈥檇 make sense.
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blissfulsuna month ago
Ooof, Klaudia. I had a dream about Ilya last night. Nothing *sexual* but we cuddled in David鈥檚 huge ass bed. He was being so cute and soft 馃槱 I wanted it to last forever hahah hope you鈥檙e having a great weekend!
I鈥檓 glad your brain has treat you like that it sounds wonderful, he gives off such idiotic energy I could see myself falling in love with him ugh (she says fondly lmao)
My weekend is going well hope yours is also my angel!!
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incntrosa month ago
pls the screaming 馃槶
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dobrik-stuff2 months ago
I just watched d'angelo wallaces video about influencers in covid at 44 minutes in he talks about the vlogsquad but luckily he says David has been staying home and the rest of the vlog squad hasn't. he starts out by saying "david dobriks vlogsquad" which worried me that D was gonna get dragged into it but then he said they seemed inseperable before covid and were a youtube supergroup but since the pandemic that dosen't seem to be the case and he mentions that whenever he see's content of dave He's either at home or socially distancing and wearing a mask. He calls out the people in the vs who have partied tho :)))))) I'm so glad that D'Angelo is actually well reseached and knew what he was talking about. I recommend people watch it its very informative.
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dobrik-stuff2 months ago
Him and joe went on vacation just the two of them. They are probably in Big Bear.
oh, skiing trip as bro's. That's what I call necessary travel ladies and gentlemen 馃憤I'd expect nothing less from Ilya but wasn't Joe posting about how important it is to stay home when he had covid? Now he's leaving his gf to go on vacation with Ilya when cases are still just continuing to rise for what reason
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dobrik-stuff2 months ago
Anyone know where Ilya is now 馃檮 obviously not LA on his story
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undertowstudios2 months ago
if someone brought in ilya fedorovich and/or the rest of the vlog squad, i鈥檇 cry happy tears!
who wants to make david cry??
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briskiiat4202 months ago
I want to literally marry him 馃ズ鉁
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headassdobrik2 months ago
Tumblr media
Holy motherfucking shit look at him
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hottysire2 months ago
From yesterday's insta stories
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vlogsquaddaily3 months ago
Ilya wasn鈥檛 on Miami with the other idiots, he went to Chicago for the holidays and spent nye at his house, not partying in a packed club
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vlogsquaddaily3 months ago
Ilya didn鈥檛 go to the party! He stayed in Chicago and went to a friends house with only a few people there :)
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vlogsquaddaily3 months ago
In the other ask, anon said that Ilya also flew to Miami with them... It wasn't Ilya, but someone who looks similar to him. On the other blog they said his name is Bret Bias or something like that. Just wanted to clear that up
Thank you for the clear up! I remember he posted from his friend鈥檚 apartment tho so he wasn鈥檛 with David either, I think
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lil-red-writes3 months ago
Tumblr media
Dating Ilya includes...
- Him constantly goofing off and making terrible pick up lines and making you laugh off your ass
- He can鈥檛 help himself, he just loves the way you laugh
- He will bend over backwards just to make you feel good
- He literally did; he popped something in his back and needed some help
- He would get David to help when he wants to take you out somewhere
- He鈥檚 surprisingly quite the romantic
- He will tell you about his childhood and growing up with David but honestly you don鈥檛 really care about the 鈥楧avid鈥 part
- Sure you and David are good friends and all but having Ilya talk about himself and opening up to you makes you feel so significant to him
- He kept your relationship a secret at first but you were fine with that
- It wasn鈥檛 because he was afraid of telling everyone that he was dating another guy but because he wanted to be sure
- That if he was in love with you
- When Ilya found out himself he was so proud
- He wanted to show you off and if people were gonna be jerks because he loves another man then he would fight for you
- When he told everyone in the friend group that he loved you that was the first time he said that
- And guess what?
- You said it too
- Half of the group was happy and so supportive
- The other half kinda all ready knew
- 鈥淚t was kinda obvious with all the heart eyes and the eye fucking!鈥
- 鈥淔uck off Dima! Fucking bitch!鈥
- From then on he was more open to being openly in love with you
- You guys went to your first pride parade together as a couple
- Some the squad went along too; to support you two
- Whenever he would get drunk (nearly every night) he would be full on flirting with you
- To the point where you two got kicked out for almost having sex in the club
- You would always take care of him and make sure he goes to sleep
- Every morning you would leave him some water bottles and some meds
- You two could get lost in eachothers prescience
- You two can just lay in bed talking about everything or nothing at all, just laying there in eachothers warmth
- There was no one else he can do this with; he wouldn鈥檛 have it any other way
- He had you... he had all he needed
- A couple years later and finally moving in together Ilya had a crazy idea
- More crazy than his compilation video of him getting drunk
- He would finally buy himself a ring to give to you and ask you to be with him forever馃槏...
(comment if you want a NSFW headcannon of him)
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