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#ily lots <33
inkykeiji · 6 days ago
hey my ex bf is the cousin fucker uh they're third cousins but they met at a family reunion and he didn't even tell me, our mutual friend did so that was fun. i broke up w him after he lied and said he broke up with her bc he realized it was wrong :) they dated for 8 months n broke up bc she moved away. ily tho!!! ty for ur support <3
oh my god no no no that makes me feel so icky and gross aaaaah no. that’s terrible anon i’m so sorry oh gosh i just,,,  like i am still at a loss for words oh my god :((( truly you deserve SO much better <333 ily too babie so much
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shinsuque · 11 days ago
hihi bae <3
hi bestie i hope you have a great day tomorrow 💖💖
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wordsxstars · 14 days ago
hi i haven't finished forest fire yet but i'm about a quarter way through and i'm going crazy how are you so good and how are we friends your talent is beyond this world im OBSESSED !!!! love you love this i'll finish reading when i get home
STOPJSHHSH HELP ILYSM<333 please thank u i’m losing my mind ur literally my favourite person shut up😭 THANK U IDK HOW TO. FUNCTION ILY
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hajimine · a month ago
dearest lex <3,
hi bestie i missed you 😔 i literally cant be on tumblr as much because SCHOOL JUST STARTED AND I ALREADY HAVE LIKE 6 ASSIGNMENTS???? also an exam coming up for which i didn't study bc i dont understand shit <3 i dont think school or my motivation for it has ever been this low??? like in my entire life??? but i hope since it's getting warmer my mood will be better :p i'll somehow try to not let my mood go down completely i guess lmao :D anyways that was kinda depressing but do i have anything special to tell you 🤔🤔 i don't think so, for some reason i never do JAJSJS 🏃🏻‍♀️ wait ok listen i basically started assassination classroom but im not really watching it or any other anime atm, which is kinda sad?? idk but im in my eren//aot feels 😔✋🏼 cant even tell u if im happy or hurt bc of aot AJSND PLEASE- 😭 ;; why am i always getting thirsty when im writing my diary entry?? is it a sign for you to drink too? 😏 OKAY NO THAT WAS SO BADJSHS but!!! please drink some water if you haven't already !!! also have you eaten?? if yes, what did you eat? tell me about it !! :D you can also tell me about your day / your week so far in general, i always love reading your answers <33 cheesy ew but lemme say how i always crack up whenever i see you "shocked" in the tags at how long our essays are THATS SO FUNNYHSJX 😭✋🏼 holy shit that was so long I HOPE THIS WASNT TOO LONG and if it was im sorry🚶🏻‍♀️ kith kith for u hottie :)) mwah i hope you feel hugged u deserve nothing but the best <33
🐉 anon
to my dearest 🐉 anon baby,
bestieo imy too omg TT i hope youre doing well !! and oh god that sounds so stressful wtf they dont even give you a second to breathe :( and i get the thing w motivation, it’s okay!! covid and online school etc have been really hard for a lot of people, me included, so you’re definitely not alone in this! you’re gonna be okay, just hang on a lil bit more yea 😿 good luck with all your assignments + exams, manifesting good grades for u rn bestie <33 and yess i hope summer’s gonna treat u good babe!! PLS LANDKAJ anything u say will be interesting for me dw bout it ☺️🙏🏼 ouuu ive been wanting to start watching ass class for a while now but i dont have the time pls :,) AND YEAAA wtf. i binged the whole manga in like 3 days bc i wanted to read 139 and i just. there was so many things going on and idk how to feel abt it 😞 but i think all in all i like the ending lol ,, but yes ive drank some water + eaten dinner (it’s 11pm rip) and my day was alright, i lazed around all day and ik im gonna regret it later >.> PLS WAIT OKAY this is gonna sound wack but. i almost passed out while i was brushing my teeth . like no joke i got so lightheaded and almost fainted ,, so yeaaaa that’s the most interesting thing that happened to me today <//3 omg bestie goals or whatever 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 (ok that gave me goosebumps let’s move on 🧍🏻‍♀️dkhsskab) but yea i did nothing but study all week, wasn’t interesting at all,, oh wait i did write an atsumu angst drabble thingy that did really well and i was rlly surprised abt that so. yea that’s it i think 😿 this week was kinda boring smh </3 okay but ily and i hope youre hanging in there bub, and that you’re doing well despite the crazy workload u got,, pls take care!! drink lots of water mwah mwah MWAH <33 -love, lexie 😼🙏🏼
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inkykeiji · a month ago
hi clari!! its been a hot min since ive really anon’d for a lot of people lmao but i’m on bc i’m not sure i ever thanked you for your relationship that you gave me?? maybe i did, but it just helped relieve so much weight off my chest and inspired me to move forward with a better mindset on relationships and myself.
i read what you were going through in response to another anon and i just sfjslfs kin you a little in terms of anxiety right now haha.
but i just wanted to say i believe in you and your resilience. i hope you manage to collect many moments of brief reprieve, and of joy, and of little (big) happinesses while you work and go towards everything being better and everything being okay. i adore you so much and think about you, kind of at least weekly lmao. just a brief “hows clari doing?” and will pop in briefly but having the strength to anon has been hard. but you have given so much light and love to others, you deserve light and love back because you are so precious and wonderful.
giving you the soul-equivalent of a forehead kith <3 mwuah . your heart radiates the best energy, and i know you already know & believe this, but ig i’m just here to say you have people on your side, should you wish them to be, to hold onto and to talk too should you want to <3
- 🦦
hello otter!!! <33
tw: anxiety talk below the cut!
heheh you did thank me!! but regardless, i’m still so so soooo happy to hear that it helped you feel better 🥺🥺 like genuinely SO glad to hear it <33 aw sweetpea i’m so proud of you for resolving to do that!!! i support you!!
AH okay prepare yourself for a slight rant because i just,, need to get it out somewhere!!
oh jesus otter honestly, you’re probably going to be my last ask of the night because i literally cannot concentrate anymore. i feel like i can’t breathe, i feel kind of like crying, and my mind is running a million miles a minute. and i’ve been feeling like this ALL DAY. i’ve been hyper-analyzing literally everything anyone says to me and i just,,,  my body HURTS from it (when i get really anxious i tense/clench my muscles). my jaw is so sore from being clenched for DAYS. i’m just so tired of feeling like this for several days on end, and i too hope i can find moments of reprieve that’s really all i have to say about it, i guess. i have no idea where this is paragraph is going anymore hahaha sorry i just went off on an emotional tangent in your ask!!
i’m so, so sorry you’re going through something similar my sweet otter :( i truly hope you too find many instances of happiness and calm as well <33 you telling me that you think about me weekly just brought tears to my eyes hahaha i just...thank you, so much, for sharing that with me. it’s comforting to know that there’s someone so sweet and so special looking out for me and keeping me in their thoughts.
i think about you as well, to be honest!!! i think about all of my emoji anons especially when they disappear for extended periods of time, just a little ‘ah, i hope they’re doing well and everything is okay’ yk?? of course we all have lives, and people grow into and out of fandoms etc, but the thought definitely crosses my mind!
don’t worry bb, don’t worry about anoning at all. i’ll be here for when you’re feeling better. you owe me nothing, not interaction or explanations, so please do not ever feel obligated!!! i just want you safe and happy! and i genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, appreciate all that you do for me, please know that <3
ah otter thank you so much for ending your ask with such kind, beautiful words. i appreciate the reminder so much, and i love u!!! i hope we both begin to feel better soon <33
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inkykeiji · a month ago
i saw ur inbox was open again and i came straight runnin’
first of all, i hope ur doing better clari after what happened w ur asks recently!!
and second of all, ok ok ok. so bmb3 all happened bc of reader taking dabi’s pills, the fight between them all, etc, yeah? so what wouldve happened if none of that occurred and reader/dabi never ended up going to NY w tomura? would reader/dabi’s relationship have changed the way it did? tomura’s mental state? idk i feel like the cracks have been forming for a while, so some of what happened originally was inevitable, but a lot of what happened stemmed from that fight directly... hmmmm many thoughts indeed
aaaah ehehe hello bb!!!! <333 thank you so much!! i am; i blocked the anons i needed to block and deleted the messages i needed to delete and all that!!
YES. ooooh those are very good questions!! but i don’t really have an answer for you since like, obviously the fight happened precisely because it’s an important plot point and pushes the story forward and sets all of those events in motion etc etc etc hehehe
so answering those questions would be like rewriting the story; basically had the drug incident + fight never happened at the end of part two, something else would’ve happened, some other type of incident, that would’ve pushed the story in the exact same direction, because that’s the direction i want my story to go in and those events/plot points that happened in new york have always been my intention, if that makes sense??? aaah it’s difficult for me to explain without giving away the entire ending, but in other words, yes, reader and dabi’s relationship would’ve changed the way it did and yes, tomura’s mental state would’ve become just as unstable as it did, because these have always been very important plot points to the story as a whole!! <33
so, for example, if you really want to get hypothetical, one potential situation that could’ve/would’ve arose had reader and dabi not accompanied tomura to new york is like, them being stuck alone in the penthouse for three weeks, without tomura breathing down their necks. their relationship still would’ve progressed exactly as it has in part three; they still would’ve indulged in their desires and cheated etc etc etc. and there’s definitely a potential that things might’ve even moved FASTER between them than it did in new york, but the point is it’d be more or less the same outcome.
and tomura, then, would be stuck all alone in new york, still under the exact same stress and pressure from the company plus the added anxiety and worry about what’s going on back at the penthouse. tbh his illness probably would’ve gotten even worse BECAUSE of that uncertainty, which would make the intrusive thoughts about what might be happening in the penthouse (and the delusions about the whole reader being hunted/watched) stronger and much harder to disprove, since he physically cannot be there and can’t 100% trust their words!
so, like you mentioned, that fight just REALLY begins to set these things in motion, but there’s a ton of events that happen in new york as well that continue to push the plot forward, too!! those same events, more or less, would’ve happened even if they hadn’t come with him!
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inkykeiji · a month ago
you write some of the best smut i've seen on this site - it's hot and sexy, but it's also so beautifully descriptive and immersive. idk how to say this but u literally turn smut into an art form
oh my gosh, WOW THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHHHH OH MY GOD you literally do not know how big of a smile this put on my face!!!!! thank you thank you thank you aaah this means a lot to me anon <333 i work very hard on it so that’s such an amazing compliment ehehehe
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inkykeiji · a month ago
I just want a whole like tattooed dabi thing, I’m just gonna gush real quick- don’t mind me.
Dabi probably has a very calm motherly s/o, honestly. Someone who can take his attitude and mood swings with a grain of salt. No matter how angry and loud he is no matter the threats he yells at he she still talks very very soft and careful to him like:
“Dabi, you’re okay. I understand you are upset but yelling at me won’t solve this issue, all it’s going to do is give yourself a headache or make your throat sore, okay? How about we sit down and just talk things out, yeah?”
He low key (high key) really enjoys being babied sometimes and won’t admit it. I feel like he has PTSD or something around those lines and when he’s coming down from an episode his sweet girlfriend will hold his head to her chest and let him listen to her soft calm heart beat while she runs her hand through his soft hair and trace his tattoos. He would be hiding his face deep in her chest as broken ugly sobs shake out of him and those boney large hand would be gripping onto her like a life line.
I feel like he will trigger his episodes from like him yelling at her and she will make a face that reminds him of his mother. Like she will have like a shocked kind of upset face and it reminds him of how his father use to yell at his mother and treat her so horribly and he’s like “oh fuck, I’m turning into him” and it would just make him more upset. There’s definitely been times she’s had to restrain him from breaking something or leaving. Just her holding his wrist together in one hand and bringing him close to her. No matter how much he pulls at her hair like some spoiled child or screams at her she would keep holding him until he just- let’s it out and curls his Long lanky body around her smaller one 🥺
I feel like a girl he would go after- or this “s/o” would be keigos younger sister. She is use to being the motherly type with him even though she’s the youngest. He had a tendency of just losing himself at times and she would take care of him. Keigo is 100% not okay nor happy with his little sister going with his dangerous “friend”/drug dealer! It’s also that selfish side to him where he doesn’t want to share his little sister or want her taking care of anyone but him. She’s just so lovely and motherly, he just doesn’t want her to be used by anyone even though technically he’s using her?
Dabi is 100000000000% overprotective. If one person stares at her too long he takes it as a personal threat and she’s constantly trying to keep him at bay as if she’s pulling a wild angry dog by its leash.
“Honey enough, he didn’t mean no harm. It’s a busy street, he didn’t mean-“
“He KnOcKeD yOu dOwN-“
“Todoroki Touya, e n o u g h”
They would probably break up at some point because he got busted with drugs and murder charges and when he had to go to prison she knows she needs to move on. Keigo won’t stop complaining for her to move on but she can’t. She’s never loved anyone like how she’s loves Dabi. Maybe they had a kid together right before he gets locked up so when he gets bailed early and shows up at her door and she opens it he’s greeted to a whiny little toddler that looks oddly just like him in her arms.
She tells him that he got her knocked up and if he wants to be in their life he has to go to rehab and stop all this mess. Of course he goes radio silent for months and it breaks the now ex s/o heart because she really thought dabi loved her and would do anything for her. Fast forward a few more months and.. dabi’s at her door step???! She would be so shocked and was about to lecture him but he’s standing there awkwardly holding a few papers and she reads it. He’s been sober and clean for the past few months and even went to rehab like she said! Now they can be a little family! He still smokes cigarettes and what not but it’s a start.
She was glad he was getting his life somewhat together. He was still a asshole at times and seemed like he always had a cigarette or blunt in between his lips but she can tell he’s trying. He even gained a little weight from not doing any hard core stuff anymore! Not too much but now he has a cute little plush belly. He’s still very boney and lanky but now just with a little plush belly! How sweet! She’s so proud of him, she really is.
There’s times he has withdraws and she’s there to comfort him. Hold him closely like she use to and gently sing to him while rocking him back and forth to get his mind off of it.
Don’t tell him he’s gone soft some, he’ll still murder you. That asshole-y scary vibe is still in him and he’ll still beat anyone who fucks with him to a pulp but he just has a soft spot now for his little family 🥺😔
Okay I’m done gushing. I just hate it seems like he never has a happy ending with like any fic I read and this has been plaguing my mind ever since I read your little sister keigo fic where he was on the track team and I was so upset that there wasn’t more to it so i just thought of that. He’s still an asshole, don’t get me wrong and the sister should still totally dump him and never speak to him or keigo because they are hella toxic, but she still loves her brother and her boyfriend and just can’t get herself to do it! I’m sorry, I’m just gonna be on my way now. 🥺😌💓
anon babie 🥺🥺 this was so beautiful and cute thank you so very much for sharing it with me!!! i agree with most of your headcanons for him here 🥺 also, just a tiny lil side note, there WILL be more of little bit of poison in me (the fic you’re talking about!!); a part two and a part three!!! <3
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inkykeiji · a month ago
omg clari u listen to asking alexandria?? i haven’t listened to them in ages but after seeing u mention dont pray for me and touya-nii i had to go listen to from death to destiny again LMAO
but ur RIGHT this song is so touya-nii ugh i can just picture him blasting this as he drives way too fast in his fancy car with a hand on reader’s thigh... bonus points if she doesn’t like this kind of music, if he likes seeing her squirm and get uncomfortable at the screaming UGHHHH it’s not even that heavy but god just picture it
now i’m missing shows so much 😭 i saw asking alexandria on their tour w crown the empire and black veil brides in 2018 (lmao i was real emo) n they were SO good ...oh to go to a show w touya-nii and have him get all possessive when some dude accidentally rubs up against me in the pit
OKOK ILL STOP RAMBLING NOW LMAO hope you’re having a good day and getting lots and lots of rest!!!!! mwah </3
i do!!! or, i did ehehehe <33 (threw this under a cut because it got loooong ehehe)
i stopped listening to them after from death to destiny because, yk, danny left and i was very :(((( because he was my fave but yeah!! i’ve lost track of how many times i’ve seen them live; AA + a7x + slipknot were my FAVOURITE bands for so fucking long it’s unbelievable. i met them, too!!! super super nice guys, james and sam smell SO good ahahaha danny’s the only one that was a lil ._. because he clearly did not wanna be there, but once we got him laughing he was a lot nicer! my best friend loves ben tho ehehe <33
i know danny’s back now, and they’ve made what?? two albums with him once he returned??? into the fire i liked a lot, but the rest of that album just made me :/// idk i really hated it aaaaaah 🙈 reckless and relentless is my favourite album out of all of them!! BUT YES YES YES I CAN TOTALLY SEE TOUYA-NII BLASTING ASKING OMFG!!! dear insanity, welcome, to the stage, someone somewhere, a lesson never learned, and another bottle down are all on my touya-nii playlist 🥺🥺
OH MY GOD i went to that tour too!!! my best friend also LOVES andy with her entire heart so when we heard they were touring together we absolutely had to go!!! that was a fun show ehehe aaaah dino babie i miss them a lot too :(( you know what i REALLY miss??? metal fests. literally all of the metal fests i went to as a teenager n in my first year of uni have been fucking cancelled before covid was even a thing and i’m so angry about it >.>
OOOOOOH MY GOD WHAT A FUCKING CONCEPT DINO WAAAAAAAH I KIND OF WANT TO ????? WRITE THAT OH MY GODDDDD like okay imagine; touya’s favourite band is coming to town, right? and god, he rarely gets this excited about anything, but he loves music so much, and reader just can’t bear saying no to him when his eyes are so bright and clear (without the drugs) and a genuine smile’s slapped across his face, so she agrees to go with him even tho she fucking hates his music 🥺 n then she gets like omfg knocked down or something (during a wall of death, maybe??) or felt up like u said and touya fucking loses it!!! AAAAAH DINO UR BRAIN IS HUGEEEEE oh my god oh my god 🥺
it is, once again, my turn to apologize for rambling ehehehe 🙊 it seems like we have similar taste in music tho, that’s super cool!!!
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odmlevis · a month ago
woke up to a hundred followers! thank you so much for all the support, it means the world to me. i’ve been a silent reader for most of my stay here on tumblr and posting my works here is still very new to me. it feels crazy to have people read and appreciate what i write. thank you so much <333
Tumblr media
i’ll be posting something to celebrate 100 followers a few hours later! in the meantime, i’m going back to bed since it’s quite literally 4am hahahaha
edit: i posted my 100 special here! enjoy <33
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inkykeiji · a month ago
ahhhh clari b, thank u for ur replies!!!!! i rly rly do appreciate it angel. i was having such an ick day and i literally opened up this app to try stop crying for a bit but then i saw your reply and it genuinely just brightened up my day!!!!!!!!! i appreciate u and all ur works of pure *chefs kiss* art smsmsm!!! i hope u also be drinking water and eating good!!!!! have a magical weekend bby and if u don’t, i will fuckinf fight !!!!! here’s to marshmallow dreams of touya-nii and stray thoughts of drug-pin daddy dabi !! mwah <333333333
of course sweetpea!!! <333 aw teddy i’m so so sorry to hear you were having a yucky day, but i am honoured and so happy that my response was able to make it a lil better, even if it was just a teeny tiny bit <33 i appreciate YOU bb!! i am i am i promise, and i hope i do!! i’m gonna go see my boyfriend tomorrow so that’ll be lovely ehehe <33 MARSHMALLOW DREAMS WAAAAAH THAT’S SO CUTE ARE U KIDDING ME I’M 🥺🥺🥺🥺 thank u so much my sweet lil teddy i truly hope the same for you <333
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inkykeiji · a month ago
AHHHHH ITS HERE OMG i’m only partway through so far because i had to stop for dinner but i LOVE IT SO MUCH SO FAR
AAAAAH ANON BB I HOPE U FINISHED N I HOPE U ENJOYED IT <333 sorry it was so massive!!! and thank you so much ehehehe i’m glad to hear it!!
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inkykeiji · 2 months ago
BISCUIT IS PERFECT and guess what,,,biscuit brought his sibling with today so now i am feedin fOur little babies (concrete, biscuit, biscuit sib, n concretes skinny friend who shows up every once in a while) :)) only biscuit n concrete are courageous enough to come up to me so here is hoping for progress <3 ❄️
oH MY GOSH SNOWFLAKE I LOVE THIS SO MUCH YOU LITERALLY HAVE A LIL CAT GANG!!!!!!!! ehehehehe awwww i’m glad you like the name biscuit!! it’s just so cuuute ah <33 EEEE so sweet!! i hope the others work up the courage <3
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inkykeiji · 2 months ago
Clari! That Dabi smut preview killed me!!! Why do you make us feel things! I’m not ready for part three of BmB 😭😭😭
Also I hope you’re doing well and I loved that floral dress you posted a while ago. I want one 🥺
aaaaah i mean IM GLAD ehehehehe and i want u to feel things when u read my work!!!! so many things!!!! so if you’re feeling stuffs (esp CONFLICTED HEHEHE 😈😈) then my writing is hitting properly <33
i hope you’re doing well too, my friend!!! OH THANK U EHEHE i love it soooo much i think it’s just the cutest thing!! i have three more on the way!! and BUY ONE ANON BB WE CAN MATCH!!! it’s from an online store called pellucid!!
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inkykeiji · 2 months ago
O.o Clari! The strangest thing happened.
I ordered Dabi merch. You know figures and stuff....
I got several packages. One was taped up to the extreme with that icky brown masking tape. It was a heavy package and about the size of a box of chocolates so I didn't think too much of it and opened it up.
Roomie looked at me as I lifted the lid and unintentionally goes "whatcha got there 🐇? Is it Dabi?" That is kind of a stupid joke we toss around the house constantly cause funny...
From the box, I pulled out a giant knife...
My roommates response: @.@
My response o.O
A butcher cleaver to be exact. I never ordered a butcher cleaver! I have no history of even looking at one and no way to return it cause there is no return address and shows it is from China!
My roommate cracked up as we examined everything and goes "Yep! It's Dabi, or maybe he sent it..."
So now my kitchen has a cleaver named Dabi and he is sharp AF and even has swirly patterns.
Anyway happy brain juice and sunshine to you!
🐇 ❤
THAT IS SO WEIRD AND WILD AHAHAHAHA WHAT WHAT WHAT????? oh my gosh hahahaha well i hope you enjoy your butcher cleaver ehehehehe and i think dabi is a very fitting name <33
what merch did you order??? i hope you enjoy whatever you actually ordered as well ehehe <33 that’s so interesting tho omg!!!!! thank you for sharing ehehe it gave me a smile <33 i hope your week is going well so far!!
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inkykeiji · 2 months ago
CLARRIRIRIRI. i woke up, it’s like 5pm but that’s besides the point,,,, and was seeing everyone compliment you and etc and finally scrolled all the way down to see what all the news is about…. YOUR DRESS LOOKS SO CUTE!!! and you look so lovely in it. like …. oh wow. BDHWHGDWG PLEASE it’s the cutest thing ever and you look amazing! have a wonderful rest of your day !! -🗿
aaaah lil moai hello!!! <333 LMAO aw dw i’ve been there before, i hope you’re doing okay bb <3 OH ehehe thank you very much!! i’m quite in love with it aaah 🙊🙊 and i just got the lil confirmation that my other three dresses shipped today!!! so that’s super exciting too hehehe <3
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