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diagnosed-mess · a minute ago
I think the biggest step in mindfulness is taking responsibility for your actions. You can’t change the way people act but you can decide how you react. Once you see that, you reach the final stage of mental illness: indignant madness
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avocadawn · 7 minutes ago
i just did some scrolling through your blog, and im so sorry to see that you got hate from a selfie you posted. i missed it, but i just know a kind person like you is beautiful! 💕
thank you very much sweet pea ☺️ and it doesnt bother me now. its just my face; in life, good people will realise that looks arent everything. plus, i just like “putting a face to the blog” yknow? i think thats how to word it at least.
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thyroiddiseasediaries · 7 minutes ago
Has anyone had transcranial electromagnetic therapy?
Did it help?
Did you have insurance or Medicaid?
How much did it cost if you did?
Did it help you?
What was it like?
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ask-cryptid-trio · 8 minutes ago
To the anon that asked for our iq like a month ago,,, know that we tried a free iq demo test thingy online and our conversations about it became too long so I'll have to see what to actually draw from it
Also who has the biggest brain might surprise you!
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98lindsey · 10 minutes ago
Wearing sunglasses inside the house because the light from the windows hurts your eyes is just one more stupid perk of chronic illness. 🙄
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hellothepixel · 10 minutes ago
Alright, i have finished the other stories in SA so far, time to play the Gamma story and see what it's all about
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dcloss · 11 minutes ago
also the thought of log/an hiding his mental illness even from his serious romantic partners because he’s afraid people will find it even harder to love him ..breaks my heart.
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testingcheats0n · 11 minutes ago
At this point are there any dsmp fans who are still rooting for someone? Like some people have their favorites because they follow them outside the dsmp, but at this point I find every character morally repugnant and the three (3!) characters I thought had some hope of recovery are going down a darker path that I can't even comprehend.
What am I supposed to do? Force myself to root for a group of terrible people that only hurt eachother in a perpetual cicle of violence, threats and torture? See as the character I've rooted so hard for, despite all the terrible odds, regress and start repeating old patterns with terrible consequences? After literal months of waiting for justice or at least some semblance of peace? I can't do that, my heart hurts to look at- it's crossing the lines of angst, it's way behind the limits of torture porn. I'm sorry.
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thelemoncoffee · 12 minutes ago
good and bad news on the Pony au!
good news: i came up with a backstory for Maki
bad news: i have no idea how to compress the several paragraphs into a one paragraph character summary.
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gaymrow · 16 minutes ago
i resist the urge to reply on my mutuals posts with a stupid comment daily
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lilienmaedchen · 17 minutes ago
So you know this feeling when a friend comes to you because he is in a bad mental situation right now and you try to help him out of there...
Even if you are triggered so easy right now and struggle a lot with your own problems.
But you know yourself, you won't look at yourself and your mental health first and ask somebody for help. No, you will take all the drama of the other person and literally talk them out of suicide just to break down all by yourself later that night.
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gyrogearloose · 24 minutes ago
i luv ita bags so much cuz they're like a stylish way for me to broadcast that i have autism and am gay
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this-cat-is-bi · 25 minutes ago
Nastya: so, HRT reduces your muscle mass over time,
Raphaella: correct!
Nastya: AND it gives you tits.
Raph: mhm!
Nastya: so that means, estrogen takes your muscles and builds boobs out of them.
Raph, cupping Nastya's face in her hands: Nastya, you're the funniest woman alive, but sometimes your words physically hurt me.
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