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#ikevamp mozart
lydskisses22 minutes ago
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Reposting with lowered prices!
Cybird Ikemen Sengoku / Ikemen Vampire Bromides Postcards Merch
All items are priced in Singapore dollar (SGD), mailed via airmail. PayPal is accepted for international buyers. Please note that mailing to you is additional.
Bundling requirements (if necessary) are stated under each section. Bundle items are Pics 6-8).
+ Pic 1 +
(Each tarot card to bundle with 3 items)
Napoleon/ Isaac / Mozart / Sebastian SGD$13/ea
+ Pic 2 +
(Shakespeare to bundle with 2 items.)
Shakespeare Stained Glass Bromide SGD$12.50/ea
+ Pic 3 +
(Circled items bundle with 2 items.)
2nd Anniversary Shikishi (Masamune/ Nobunaga/ Ieyasu) SGD$13/ea
Nobunaga Clear Bromide SGD$12
Masamune 2L bromides SGD$7/ea
+ Pic 4 +
(Each bromide bundle with 1 from bundle list.)
Jean 2L bromides SGD$12/ea
Ieyasu bromide SGD$6
Anniversary Postcard SGD$12
Fuefuki Stamp Rally Exclusive Postcard SGD$10
+ Pic 5 +
CG 2L Bromide Series SGD$10/ea
Bridal 2L Bromide Series SGD$10-12/ea
Social Media 2L Series SGD$6.50/ea
Ieyasu Shikishi SGD$10
+ Pics 6-8 Bundle items +
DM or scroll to post below for prices.
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who-ever-said-i-was-nice8 hours ago
Hey there! ^^ Can I please get a (suitors of your choice cuz I can't decide) with an MC who can turn anything into a song? Like the lyrics and beat automatically come into her mind? Thank you!!! :)
When did this get here? Like i don't even know. I am now convinced i live in like a timeloop. Anywho. It was a nive surprise don't get me wrong. I just feel bad now for not noticing. I also saw you sent in a match-up? Idk let me know if I'm wrong or right. Now on to the hcs.
Warnings: None; not proof read
Note: if you like this please, heart or reblog it, it really helps my work do better so thank you if you do any of those
Ikevamp suitors x reader who turns everything into a song
Oh boy
You have unleashed the curios Leo and now you can't leve his grasp
He heard when you where joking around with Dazai
He said spme stupid pun and you sang your answer back to him
Leo was like:????馃憖馃き馃槑
Watzed over the you like:
" Wow Cara mia. Care to tell me where you learned that?"
Bombards you with questions
Now he always stays within earshot of you just so he can hear you sing
Ok so when he hears you drumming and humming to yourself in the bathroom while you where putting away some towels
Piece of teasing shit Arthur: activate.
Walks up to you when you start putting away your hairbrush
" My my, luv, didn't know you could make such pretty noises" 馃槑馃槑馃槑
Bad idea
You whacked him with the brush
" Oh, bloody hell, what was that for!"
But he can't help but laugh
Your to cute
Since that moment when he hers you singing he will join in
Will twirl you around and dance with you a little
Honestly just very cute
This salty cracker
You little salty caramel ice-cream
I should stop comparing him to food, now I'm hungry
He hears when he was walking back to your shared bedroom one night
He heard someone singing softly
As to not disturb he quietly opened the door and slipped in
He found you sitting on the window sill singing softly about the beautiful night sky and the soft wind that blew your words away, words that will never reach the ears of your lover
When you finished your bittersweet tune, Mozart clapped
He has never heard anything more beautiful
He pulles you into his arms and whispers
"Y/n you managed to surprise me every time. Once again you have me falling. You have captured my heart with your gentle sides song. My muse, will you sing for me again?"
He places a soft kiss to the tip of your nose and honestly, who are you to deny him
From then on Mozart always listenes to you sing
And sometimes, he even accompanies you with the piano
He was just trying to clean the library And the Arthur, Dazai and Isaac happened
They matched in and made a mess of everything
And they are so loud
Sebastian could not take it
He vowed to serve le Comte and the residents but he was at the end of his line for that day
He left the library saying he was going to give them privacy and went to the kitchen
When he entered he saw you tapping some spoons and singing a melody
"I met a boy from different time-line
He promised to give me a life time
Of love, oh oh
Of love
He works all day, what a busy man
He takes care of the house so I understand
Be he promised to give me a life time
Of love
And he does, yes he does
Yes he moves mountains for me
And he does, yes he does
I want to stay right here with thee"
Surprised pikachu face
He just walks up to you and gives you a hug
You are a bit startled but relaxed quickly
"Thank you, love. You always give me strength to continue"
"Now now Seb, don't you get all sappy on me"
"You really know how to ruin the mood"
You both laughed and he kissed you qently
Since that day, you guys always dance around the kitchen together while you sing.
He heard you when you where singing to Puck
He had previously told you that he had to got to the theater for a while
And now you where singing a sad song about how much you missed him
It wasn't an actual song it was just vers after vers after vers
You poured all the longing into it
He stood there and smiled to himself
His little bunny
"Such an enchanting voice"
You whipped around not expecting him to be there
He walked up to you and wrapped his arms around you
"If 't be true thee did miss me so much, thee couldst has't toldeth me. But w'rry not by quaint bunny, i shall giveth thee all the loveth thee singeth f'r."
(If you missed me so much, you could have told me. But don't worry by pretty bunny, I will give you all the love you sing for.) (hopefully it is correct)
Anyway he made sure to give you the attention you wated
Yes cuddles, you nasty get your head out of the gutter
From then on he will always ask you to sing for him
Look what I orchestrated are you proud? I'm kidding, I hope you enjoy!
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wistful-siren13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Mozart is being so cute it hurts oh my God oh my God call a doctor
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spoopy-fish-writes2 days ago
MC: Croissants: dropped
Leonardo: Road: works ahead
Arthur: BBQ sauce: on my titties
Dazai: Shavacado: fre
Sebastian: Miss Keisha: fuckin dead
Mozart, grumpy: I didn鈥檛 understand a single word of that and I hate every single one of you
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daisiesandshakes3 days ago
[While a drinking game at MC's birthday party]
MC: What's the past tense of "drink"?
Jean: What's a past tents?
Mozart: Drinked.
Dazai, sluring: Drinkinged.
Napoleon: Dranken.
Arthur, between hickups: Drunk.
Theo: Nah, it's a noun, it doesn't have a past tense.
Sebastian, standing in the doorframe: It's 'drank', what the hell are you guys on?
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daisiesandshakes5 days ago
[Dinner at the mansion]
Dazai: Today I bought a bag 'Haribo Tropifrutti'. The banana tastes like banana. Pineapple tastes like pineapple. The orange tastes like orange...
[Everybody stops eating]
Dazai: Now I don't dare to eat the parrot.
Everybody: ...
Mozart, rubbing his eyebrows: You're the reason this country has to put directions on shampoo.
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Tumblr media
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lillybelle056 days ago
Genshin Impact x Ikemen Vampire
Genshin鈥檚 latest patch officially confirmed that Genshin Impact is an otome game. So while we鈥檙e at it, here's my take of genshin husbandos counterparts from Ikemen Vampire~ 馃ぃ
1.聽The sophisticated and elegant gentleman with refined manners
Tumblr media
Zhongli and Comte are very similar when it comes to manners. They鈥檙e both old fashioned men with refined etiquettes. They speak with eloquence, they鈥檙e also very polite and respectful. I think they have more similarities in their background but let's not go into detail about potential spoilers.
One trait of them is that they're very accommodating. They believe that you deserve the best treatment. Comte made sure you're safe and comfortable in the mansion throughout the whole month. Zhongli remembered to bring mora for the first time for your sake as he treats you in a fancy restaurant. He would also spend hours to brew the perfect tea just for you~
2.聽The bold and playful guy with charming personality
Tumblr media
Childe/Tartaglia and Arthur both like to show off. They both have a cocky personality, and they will not back down from any challenge. They won鈥檛 hesitate to approach and seize anything that they would find interesting. They also both have an excessive and unhealthy obsession over something, Arthur likes flirting with women while Childe lusts for battles.聽
Arthur was drawn to you because you didn鈥檛 fall to his charm like other women. Childe was drawn to you after beating him in a fight.
3. The cold guy that has a soft spot on you
Tumblr media
Xiao and Mozart are the type to make a bad first impression on first meeting until you get to know more about them and realize they are a softie inside. What else can I say? They both don't like to socialize with other people, hates parties, they don't sugarcoat their words and a bit abrasive.
They have difficulties expressing their affection towards you, but you can tell right away that they have genuine concern on to you.
4. The charismatic sexy flirt who loves to tease
Tumblr media
Kaeya and Leonardo have a rule that their sexy chest must be always visible in their everyday attire. If that doesn't charm you, wait til you hear them talk with their alluring voice. You simply can't read their minds, however they're quite the detective themselves. And their smooth talks sometimes makes it harder to trust them or tell if they're being serious or not. Not to mention these two have deeps secrets (in relating to their bloodline).
Laid back yet reliable when completing tasks. They're the type who'd rather watch the show than get into the spotlight themselves.
5. The gorgeous silent protector
Tumblr media
I know this is kinda a stretch now. There's not among the casts I know in Ikemen Vampire that shares many similarities with Diluc. Nevertheless, Diluc and Jean are both stoic guys who likes working alone. They're not the type who simply wishes to relax. They like to get things done with their hands. They have their own sense of righteousness. They're both quite edgy too~
(I know Diluc would be the ideal guy if this is real life. He's handsome, rich, smart, and strong)
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lostmintcookie7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cybird Ikemen Vampire Ikemen Sengoku Cafe Merch
All items are priced in Singapore dollars (SGD), mailed via tracked airmail. PayPal is accepted for international buyers. Please note that mailing to you is additional.
For USA/Europe/Canada parcels, tracked mailing will start from SGD$11.90 (250g) and non-tracked mailing will start from SGD$8.30 (250g). For all other countries, please dm me!
Random merch will be distributed sealed, unopened. Character cannot be selected if it is a random blind pack merch.
ETA: Late Sep 2021
Payment Deadline: 16 June 20:00 SGT
馃挅 Ikemen Vampire 馃挅
銉籌ndividual Acrylic Art (18.2 x 12.8 cm) SGD$38/ea
銉籌ndividual Connecting Charm (6cm) SGD$16.50/ea
銉籖andom Acrylic Stand SGD$15.20/ea
銉籖andom Clear Bromide SGD$8/ea
銉籖andom Heart Can Badge SGD$9.75/ea
馃挅 Ikemen Sengoku 馃挅
銉籌ndividual Acrylic Art (18.2 x 12.8 cm) SGD$38/ea
銉籖andom Clear Bromide SGD$8/ea
銉籖andom Chibi Can Badge SGD$8/ea
銉籖andom Heart Can Badge SGD$9.75/ea
銉籖andom Farmer Acrylic Stand SGD$15.20/ea
銉籅ackground panel (for the farmer stands) SGD$46.50/ea
銉籔ostcard Set SGD$21.50/set
Tags: ikevamp ikesen arthur leonardo isaac faust vlad comte jean Vincent theo sebastian charles mozart napoleon dazai shakespeare masamune Ieyasu kenshin shingen kennyo hideyoshi Nobunaga mitsuhide mitsunari yukimura sasuke otome merch
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irinarhai8 days ago
Fun fact
Real life Vlad the impaler used to wear a disguise to mix with normal villagers so he could observe people and to look for any shady activities.
Is that why Ikevamp Vlad is selling flowers? To get mixed with the crowd? 馃馃
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abelscherie10 days ago
Mozart after a glass of champagne to MC: do re mi fa so la si I love you, and you love me!
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daisiesandshakes10 days ago
Comte: *gets down on one knee in front of MC*
Vincent and Napoleon, smiling: Oh my god!
Mozart: Finally.
Comte: *falls over on his face*
Shakespeare, *sips wine*: That'll be the poison kicking in.
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daisiesandshakes10 days ago
[The residents at a boring official dinner party from a companioned count]
Shakespeare, looking around exited: ...
Napoleon: What is it?
Shakespeare: I intoxicated someone's drink with a new, droll poison but I forgot which one...
Napoleon: You did WHAT?!
Mozart: The way this dinner is going, I hope it's mine.
Leonardo: *chugs his drink*
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daisiesandshakes10 days ago
Dazai: No need to be unhappy und grumpy anymore... I've already sent good vibes to you... here they're coming. There's nothing you can do to stop them.
Mozart: This is the most threatening way I've ever been cheered up.
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enfjworld11 days ago
How they respond on someone hating them?
| Part 2 |
Wolfgang Amadeus mozart
Tumblr media
Let's face it he wouldn't care if someone hate him unless this one is so close.
Mozart doesn't really have lots of friends so he would hate the hater in return.
He will always say something rude to the hater like: " you're really stupid!" Or he will insult the hater in every way if this possible.
ALSO He will act really salty around the hater.
Jean D'arc
Tumblr media
Jean is already hating himself so much... so this will hurt his feelings inside out.
He will ignore the hater.
It's really hard on him that he always feel like no one actually care about him.
He will feel sad BUT definently will hide it.
Our baby boy is so sensitive he will feel better if you tell him that he is important to you.
Issac Newton
Tumblr media
He is practical so he wouldn't care unless this person will affect on his teaching lessons or on his university stuff.
He will be angry 7/24 and he would show that to everyone in the mansion even le comte will be surprised about this side of him.
He will ignore the hater after making a conversation with him to know what's wrong with them.
He will try to find a solution because he is the daddy of physics law.
Theodaours Van Gogh
Tumblr media
Rude,Rude,Rude to the death.
He will taught the hater how to hate him more with passion.
He will ignore, tease, hate the hater in return.
Unless the hater affect on his dear broer Vincent.
He will fight the hater and tell him to stay away from Vincent.
It's really not a good idea to hate this Passionate Art Dealer.
Vincent Van Gogh
Tumblr media
How the hell will you hate him.
How could you hate him?!.
Such as Dazai I don't imagine him having enemies or hater BUT in fact he have.
Both him and theo will face the hating problem and they will try to find a solution.
Theo would be like: brother let's hate him in return and Vincent would be like: No theo it's not good I can't stand being something bad in someone's life.
Omg just protect him.
William Shakespeare
Tumblr media
He used on being hated by everyone.
Every single person hates him mozart, theo, leonardo even some people who challenge him with their plays.
He thinks he is the villain of all the villains so he acts cold around the hater.
He also would help the hater in anything like giving him advices or he will play it cool.
And when the hater is convinced that he does not hate him poof Shakespeare will kill, betray or lie to the hater.
He is the father of the drama he will make a play about it.
鈽 Note:
- I really hope that you like the idea or at least find it quite interesting.
- please reblog and don't stole my ideas.
- Thank you for reading this.
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yanderepuck11 days ago
The pins I have for sale
Tumblr media
Napoleon 猸
They are $10 each + $2 shipping if you are in the USA if you're anywhere else..well ..we figure that out
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abelscherie13 days ago
What worries me is that my personality is a combination of Mozart and Theo.
But sometimes I'm just Dazai.
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