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Why does this sound so sad but also so beautiful at the same time TvT
Anyway i will add some other osts too XD
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lydskisses37 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Reposting with lowered prices! 馃挅
Cybird Ikemen Vampire Ikemen Sengoku Merch Sale
All items are priced in Singapore dollar (SGD), mailed via airmail. PayPal is accepted for international buyers. Please note that mailing to you is additional.
For USA/Canada/Europe parcels, tracked airmail will start from SGD$11.90 (250g) and non-tracked airmail will start from SGD$8.30 (250g). For all other countries, dm me for info!
Bundle items (Pics 8 - 10)
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Arthur Prize A Tapestry SGD$30
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Dazai Taiwan Wedding Shikishi SGD$13 + 1 bundle item
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Others SGD$8 - 10/ea
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Vincent Clear Acrylic Stand SGD$18
Arthur Garland Charm SGD$14
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Theo Microfiber Towel SGD$18 + 2 bundle items
Arthur/ Theo 75mm Kuji Can Badge SGD$12/ea
Shikishi SGD$13
Mini Tokuten Card SGD$6.50
Isaac Taiwan Halloween Can Badge SGD$8
Arthur AGF Casino Acrylic Stand SGD$16.50 + 3 bundle items from pics 9 - 10 only.
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3rd Anniversary (75mm) can badge (Arthur/Isaac) SGD$13 + 1 bundle item
Taiwan badges (Arthur/Theo) SGD$12/ea
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Mozart Kuji 15 cm Big Badge Stand SGD$15/ea
馃挋 Pics 9 - 10 Bundle Items 馃挋
DM for prices.
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lydskissesan hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Selling ))) 馃挋
Cybird Ikemen Vampire Ikemen Sengoku Merch Sale
All items are priced in Singapore dollar (SGD), mailed via airmail. PayPal is accepted for international buyers. Please note that mailing to you is additional.
For USA/Canada/Europe parcels, tracked airmail will start from SGD$11.90 (250g) and non-tracked airmail will start from SGD$8.30 (250g). For all other countries, dm me for info!
馃専 Available 馃専
Shingen Pillow Cover SGD$26 + 2 bundle items
Mitsuhide Akechi 2-Badge Set SGD$13
Hideyoshi Kumatan Charm SGD$10
Big Folding Screen (Arthur SGD$16 /Ieyasu SGD$12)
Arthur 2-pc tarot card set SGD$13.50
Microfiber towel SGD$3/ea (or for free if you buy 3 or more items)
Stageplay Folding Fan (Mitsuhide Ver.) SGD$8
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lydskissesan hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reposting with lowered prices!
Cybird Ikemen Sengoku / Ikemen Vampire Bromides Postcards Merch
All items are priced in Singapore dollar (SGD), mailed via airmail. PayPal is accepted for international buyers. Please note that mailing to you is additional.
Bundling requirements (if necessary) are stated under each section. Bundle items are Pics 6-8).
+ Pic 1 +
(Each tarot card to bundle with 3 items)
Napoleon/ Isaac / Mozart / Sebastian SGD$13/ea
+ Pic 2 +
(Shakespeare to bundle with 2 items.)
Shakespeare Stained Glass Bromide SGD$12.50/ea
+ Pic 3 +
(Circled items bundle with 2 items.)
2nd Anniversary Shikishi (Masamune/ Nobunaga/ Ieyasu) SGD$13/ea
Nobunaga Clear Bromide SGD$12
Masamune 2L bromides SGD$7/ea
+ Pic 4 +
(Each bromide bundle with 1 from bundle list.)
Jean 2L bromides SGD$12/ea
Ieyasu bromide SGD$6
Anniversary Postcard SGD$12
Fuefuki Stamp Rally Exclusive Postcard SGD$10
+ Pic 5 +
CG 2L Bromide Series SGD$10/ea
Bridal 2L Bromide Series SGD$10-12/ea
Social Media 2L Series SGD$6.50/ea
Ieyasu Shikishi SGD$10
+ Pics 6-8 Bundle items +
DM or scroll to post below for prices.
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lydskisses3 hours ago
A lot of merch got sold in the last couple of months so I鈥檒l be combining and reposting my available Cybird merch posts at lowered prices! 馃挭馃徎
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maknae-faerie5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Lol did they change the name of his fanboy notebook?? 馃槀馃槀
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mammons-baby7 hours ago
The (possible) Downfall of Obey Me
5-16-21 (when writing this the event toys out)
(Tbh this post is just be trying to be na茂ve towards Solomare and at ever aspectthat I mention you have every single right to be upset and mad)锟
Okay so it鈥檚 no secret that Obey me is making bank and is very very obviously trying to make us money on the game with even trying to make us spend money with original stuff that was free to now secretly changing some mechanics behind our back
Here鈥檚 a post by @thalfox that dose a really good job at explaining everything that has changed
(also this isn鈥檛 a hate thing fox has actually done a great work explaining everything to good detail of what has changed)锟
With all the changes I don鈥檛 think that it鈥檚 shocking to say that players are leavening the fandom because of many reasons to the games getting stupidly harder to even the game development
This is just a heads up this in no way is a post saying 鈥渉ey this is why you shouldn鈥檛 feel this way鈥 I kinda just wanted to see from a business standpoint and be na茂ve of 锟紈hat鈥檚 happening you have every reason to be mad at Solomare because even me I鈥檝e been playing sense week 2 of game released and I鈥檓 only on lesson 42 every counter argument that I鈥檓 going to make I have complained about at some point
(P.s grammar is really bad it鈥檚 sort of turned into more of a rant I wrote this at 5 am without any sleep so sorry)
1. Obey me is marketed as a free to play game
First there are many reasons people are mad this main thing that I hear about is from a lot of people is that is a 鈥渇ree game鈥 which lets be honest is ridiculously hard
But still it is still essentially a 鈥渇ree to play game鈥 I personally feel like the main prolog is lessons 1-20 to introduce all the characters to understand and getting the just on how to play the game
Okay and now here鈥檚 where I sort of stand with obey me, the gatcha rates are kinda ridiculously lucky when you play for the first week you luck is so amazing and is in my experience with gatchas the best luck I have ever seen for games so it鈥檚 not really hard collecting the cards
Now are they the best absolutely no, this I feel like is where you might have to spend money unless they up the skills on the Nightmare A
But what Obey me is technically trying to do is obviously making you pay by releasing your favorite demon card every 2 week which鈥ren鈥檛 essential they are really just hoping that you love your main demon enough to pay
With the high increase on the gatcha rate there really isn鈥檛 a pity unless you count the card pieces锟 (but I鈥檓 not going to count that because you are more likely to roll your UR before completing the pieces)
Now after lesson 20 once the huge break I feel like Obey me almost expecting the players to keep logging in any doing jobs and some players did do that and boy did it pay off
But those players have not needed to spend a single dollar and are all caught up
Now for everyone else who didn鈥檛 the game was so difficult it鈥檚 unimaginable and because for that a whole lot of players left the game and personally I don鈥檛 blame them because of how much impact the next lessons were
Now sort of like Mystic Messenger you really just have to grind you ass off log in everyday and do JOBS :D and grind but as hard and long as it is you are still able to be a f2p but where obey me fails is that when grinding Mystic Messenger grinding was a lot more fun for me it took about a whole year to just get 550 hourglasses even when I purchased and same with Genshin Inpact it takes a while but with obey me there isn鈥檛 really anything else to do once you get to a certain point which I think obey me really lacks and could be part of a reason why people left. Grinding just is not fun (now I do think that on a phone there is so much you can do with a app game but I feel like there could be a bit more they could do)
Personally I鈥檓 just going to come out and say it don鈥檛 spend your money for one UR card for your favorite demon it鈥檚 really not worth it now im one of those Mammon stans but if I ever wanted a specific card for instance the Mammon bunny card when it first came out I wanted it so badly and didn鈥檛 get it but I also knew there would eventually be a revival so I saved and did not spend any DV(demon vouchers) until the revival
The events
Some people complain about getting the cards in the events onestly for me this one kinda makes a bit of sense I noticed the first change when the Vampire even came out and how it wasn鈥檛 as easy to get the second card but if you think of it it makes sence why
When the first event came out (Santa event) you only had to collect about 30,000 gingerbread compared to the 100,000 in event today but when the first event came out no one was at high enough levels for the AP required and you would every day when times rest to gain gingerbread as well as there was only one part to the story so when people kept leveling up their AP Obey Me had to higher the bar so it wouldn鈥檛 be so easy to get all these cards and have a actual reward system but eventually they also added another story lesson starting at the Ruri Chan event
Second thing about the events is that one there started just getting plain out boring.
When lesson 20 finished and we were all waiting for season 2 I was still loving in everyday and logging in at 12 and 8 for the free 30 AP because I didn鈥檛 know what else to and would participate in the event but eventually what I think that all otome games that have constant events like Ikemen Vampire and Ikemen Revolution they just start getting repetitive and getting real boring so I stoped playing until there was something more interesting
The last thing that some people complain about the events is that you can鈥檛 keep up with the story and the events now I can鈥檛 find it but I believe that @0beyme said something about the events a long time ago about how you have to pick between the event and moving through the main story which I kinda think isn鈥檛 really the games fault and more just a discussion on maybe missing a event
Add ons
Okay so they did this from day 1 you spend a certain amount of Devil point that you guaranteed don鈥檛 have and get out a card
Now this is just spelling out a disaster
Yeah so for the first Charge Mission is when you log in which everyone had but essentially what they want you to do is spend $100 on a game that you just logged into and never experienced or played I don鈥檛 really understand what they were even thinking with that but it must鈥檝e worked for them to keep doing them
The second time they did it 锟紈as when the break was over and season 2 came out and they celebrated by doing another charge mission which was the Lucifer and Simon card which would cost again $100 again I really don鈥檛 understand what they were thinking
And now this is I believe the fourth time they have done this for the 1.5 anniversary where they know that Mammon is obviously a favorite for many Obey Me players and where smart to put it on the really stupid charge mission but the difference is, is that instead of it costing $100 it would cost almost $200(same with Levi鈥檚) for one thing I don鈥檛 understand
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But one thing that you do have to remember is is that this isn鈥檛 apart of the main gameplay it really just is a mini game if you would even call it that of dress up and optimization so still I guess would be just a add on that has no effect on the actual story and game so you could I guess still call it a f2p game with really really stupidly high priced add ons
Umm so I am the first one to call myself out I have bought the VIP package first when season 2 happened and I knew how much I loved the game so personally it was worth it to me to support the developers and gain something out of it
Now I haven鈥檛 really seen much complaints on the VIP because people more use it as a 鈥渉ey the game is impossible with out VIP鈥 but the people who say this ive noticed never bought it
For $9.99 each month it is 100%
IT IS NOT WORTH IT!!! Out of everything you get which honestly isn鈥檛 much you get some extra free space in jobs and really that鈥檚 it and if you choose to use all your job slots for the highest paying you get around 30,500 about a 10,000 difference not really worth it in my opinion
With VIP you also get other things like higher chance of gifts from Jobs which you will not notice one bit, and +20 AP (which if you play the events is sort of useful) as well as extra packages exclusive to VIPs so after paying $9.99 per month you also get more things to buy and that鈥檚 about it for VIP now if you really want to get more grim just use your AP and spend it of normal lessons you will get more AP that way
The Story and Kids
This could be all me just complaining and a theory by I wanted to include it anyway
Obviously many people are not even caught up or even playing but as more lessons went on the less interesting the story became to me I don鈥檛 know if it鈥檚 a me thing but season one was absolutely amazing the once season two came out it was good but not anywhere as good and one
One reason why I think that it to me became almost bland is the amount of kids that is on the app and how sensitive people were if anything bad happens
It鈥檚 no secret that the Japanese versions a lot more non-kid friendly for hell鈥檚 sake the characters don鈥檛 even swear as well as all the colors I feel like to a American audience bright colors is usually marketed towards kids but in other countriesI think many understand that that is not always the case for instance a lot of people will thing in America that anime is all for kids but I mean look at Attack on Titan or Tokyo Ghoul you would not let kids watch that of literal people getting brutally murdered you just don鈥檛 see things like that in the West where something looking kid friendly could also be very adult like
Also wtf dose this in the App Store say +12 with Ikemen Vampire and a lot of other games if you have a game rated +17 then there will be a actual pop up that says something along the lines of how 鈥渢hier could be violence acts and sexual act are you sure you want to instal鈥
Now the story I鈥檝e seen people point this out but there isn鈥檛 really much character development for instance Beel he dose not have a actual personality his personality (fight me on this one) all you really know about him is that he likes food and his family now I could be wrong cuz I鈥檓 on lesson 42 but still not much and this is kinda with all the characters except the special ones where the devs really favor and love for story
Some one mentioned how the developers hold back a lot which I agree with 100% they said how when there is character development they all the sudden pull back and never will almost talk about it again like ???? So there鈥檚 this constant bland story
Honestly if you liked this I might do more cuz as much as this post made me especially at the end I kinda liked ranting so...yeah there is also many other things that I want to rant about but I鈥檓 tired soooo
feel free to comment your opinions btw锟
Bye ima go sleep now
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ana-thedaydreamer9 hours ago
What do you want to hear him say to you? 鉂
P/s I just opened Ko-Fi lately ~ all of my artworks will be posted there, too. If you like my creations and contents, support me at Ko-Fi (the link is in my bio 鉂)
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lorei-writes9 hours ago
Hmm...You know, I think that one thing missing at the mansion is the general... Anti-Time-Travel Shock Program?
See, you have Jean. He detests Comte, but the program would not have to be carried out completely by Comte himself. But, back to Jean.
Jean cannot read. It is a necessary skill, yet for all the time he is there, nobody takes it upon themselves to actually teach him - or much rather, there is no "yes, they all didn't know something, it's okay, no judgment here, my job is literally helping you adapt" person there. (Ah, thank you for appearing, MC!)
What about briefings on recent history? On local sympathies and antipathies? Some of those men may be from around that time, but you must acknowledge the fact that even as much as a century is p l e n t y time to miss!
Not to mention the fact that... In my honest opinion, all residents should just be informed of such things like the taxation system in place, how to navigate through, say, medical emergencies if one does happen to a human around them, what are some local beliefs, what is something they absolutely should not do, in case they just woke up - what events have not happened just yet and thus should not be revealed, who is the current ruler/leading political group, who likes said group, who dislikes them, why?
Sure. It would be pointless if he brought back just one person. But Comte has an entire mansion of vampires, and in my opinion, he really failed Jean there. There should be somebody offering the bare minimum of easing into the reality around for newly arrived guests 嗖モ苦播 Especially if he ever did bring back somebody from the current times. We are not that smart, downgrading some technologies would hurt a lot. 嗖モ苦播
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who-ever-said-i-was-nice10 hours ago
Hey there! ^^ Can I please get a (suitors of your choice cuz I can't decide) with an MC who can turn anything into a song? Like the lyrics and beat automatically come into her mind? Thank you!!! :)
When did this get here? Like i don't even know. I am now convinced i live in like a timeloop. Anywho. It was a nive surprise don't get me wrong. I just feel bad now for not noticing. I also saw you sent in a match-up? Idk let me know if I'm wrong or right. Now on to the hcs.
Warnings: None; not proof read
Note: if you like this please, heart or reblog it, it really helps my work do better so thank you if you do any of those
Ikevamp suitors x reader who turns everything into a song
Oh boy
You have unleashed the curios Leo and now you can't leve his grasp
He heard when you where joking around with Dazai
He said spme stupid pun and you sang your answer back to him
Leo was like:????馃憖馃き馃槑
Watzed over the you like:
" Wow Cara mia. Care to tell me where you learned that?"
Bombards you with questions
Now he always stays within earshot of you just so he can hear you sing
Ok so when he hears you drumming and humming to yourself in the bathroom while you where putting away some towels
Piece of teasing shit Arthur: activate.
Walks up to you when you start putting away your hairbrush
" My my, luv, didn't know you could make such pretty noises" 馃槑馃槑馃槑
Bad idea
You whacked him with the brush
" Oh, bloody hell, what was that for!"
But he can't help but laugh
Your to cute
Since that moment when he hers you singing he will join in
Will twirl you around and dance with you a little
Honestly just very cute
This salty cracker
You little salty caramel ice-cream
I should stop comparing him to food, now I'm hungry
He hears when he was walking back to your shared bedroom one night
He heard someone singing softly
As to not disturb he quietly opened the door and slipped in
He found you sitting on the window sill singing softly about the beautiful night sky and the soft wind that blew your words away, words that will never reach the ears of your lover
When you finished your bittersweet tune, Mozart clapped
He has never heard anything more beautiful
He pulles you into his arms and whispers
"Y/n you managed to surprise me every time. Once again you have me falling. You have captured my heart with your gentle sides song. My muse, will you sing for me again?"
He places a soft kiss to the tip of your nose and honestly, who are you to deny him
From then on Mozart always listenes to you sing
And sometimes, he even accompanies you with the piano
He was just trying to clean the library And the Arthur, Dazai and Isaac happened
They matched in and made a mess of everything
And they are so loud
Sebastian could not take it
He vowed to serve le Comte and the residents but he was at the end of his line for that day
He left the library saying he was going to give them privacy and went to the kitchen
When he entered he saw you tapping some spoons and singing a melody
"I met a boy from different time-line
He promised to give me a life time
Of love, oh oh
Of love
He works all day, what a busy man
He takes care of the house so I understand
Be he promised to give me a life time
Of love
And he does, yes he does
Yes he moves mountains for me
And he does, yes he does
I want to stay right here with thee"
Surprised pikachu face
He just walks up to you and gives you a hug
You are a bit startled but relaxed quickly
"Thank you, love. You always give me strength to continue"
"Now now Seb, don't you get all sappy on me"
"You really know how to ruin the mood"
You both laughed and he kissed you qently
Since that day, you guys always dance around the kitchen together while you sing.
He heard you when you where singing to Puck
He had previously told you that he had to got to the theater for a while
And now you where singing a sad song about how much you missed him
It wasn't an actual song it was just vers after vers after vers
You poured all the longing into it
He stood there and smiled to himself
His little bunny
"Such an enchanting voice"
You whipped around not expecting him to be there
He walked up to you and wrapped his arms around you
"If 't be true thee did miss me so much, thee couldst has't toldeth me. But w'rry not by quaint bunny, i shall giveth thee all the loveth thee singeth f'r."
(If you missed me so much, you could have told me. But don't worry by pretty bunny, I will give you all the love you sing for.) (hopefully it is correct)
Anyway he made sure to give you the attention you wated
Yes cuddles, you nasty get your head out of the gutter
From then on he will always ask you to sing for him
Look what I orchestrated are you proud? I'm kidding, I hope you enjoy!
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spoopy-fish-writes10 hours ago
You think I really give a fuck? I can鈥檛 even read
-Jean @ Comte probably
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aeoncryptic13 hours ago
Safe in Your Arms (Not event related)
This is Theo x MC basically. I am currently in the process of working on requests. However, today I felt was a much needed day for a comfort fic. I'm sorry that it's not fluff related. I think this is basically just sad times and comfort.
Requests will get finished, I promise! ;-;
Words: 541
Relationships: Theo x MC
That feeling of emptiness began its slow encompassment of her as she kicked off her shoes, as if just feeling any other emotion were too much effort. There was no bother with putting her shoes by the door, no motion to undress. She simply fell face first on her lover's bed, rolling herself into a burrito using his blanket. He wouldn鈥檛 be home until late. That was fine; More time to recover her energy.
She didn鈥檛 know how long it had been since her eyes drifted closed, the tears of frustration falling down her face. All she knew was the clicking of the door as it opened, the sound of his suitcase being placed on the floor, and the creaking of the bed as he crawled over to her. Not a word was spoken as he slowly unraveled her. As soon as he freed her from her blanket cocoon, he pulled her into his arms.
It was unusual for him to be so tender, but he was a man of action, not words. This was something she appreciated. Even if she wanted to, her voice wouldn鈥檛 come to her. She wouldn鈥檛 be able to get a sound out besides a sob. Knowing Theo was already hurting from seeing her like this, she knew that hearing her sob would only break him. So instead she trusted herself to his embrace, hiding her face in his chest. There was something oddly comforting in the feeling of his strong hands gently rubbing her back, trying to soothe her.
The first sound broke through as fat tears began to spill down her cheeks. His muscles tensed, his hand hesitated in its calming gestures. Once she had started crying, they both knew she wouldn鈥檛 stop for a while. He continued his soothing motions, reaching his other hand up to stroke his fingers through her silky hair, his heart already beginning to splinter. His voice a slight shake as her whispered words of affection in her ear.
Between his whispered 鈥榠k hou van jou鈥, him lovingly telling her how she works so hard, and his kisses to her head, the shaking of her body began to slow. The beginning signs of her relaxing. As many times as it would take, he would cast aside his pride if it meant putting her at ease, another fact about him she was thankful for. When the tears slowed, her cries were no longer heard, and her breathing had slowed, did he dare to bring the blanket over them.
She was thankful that he asked no questions of her. He didn鈥檛 need to. With his observant eyes, he had long since learned that this feeling overwhelmed her sometimes. There was no control to it nor was there any way to stop it. They simply had to wait it out. But at least, she wouldn鈥檛 have to wait it out alone.
He felt her lashes flicker against his chest as she began her descent into the land of dreams. With a final kiss to her forehead, he swore that he would protect her. Tomorrow he would take the day off and take her somewhere. Anywhere. She needed to get away. But for now, he hoped she would feel safe in his arms.
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wistful-siren14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Mozart is being so cute it hurts oh my God oh my God call a doctor
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iamryxx16 hours ago
Tumblr media
I鈥︹ I am not ready鈥.. 馃挃
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shookspearewrites17 hours ago
Any Day Now, Leonardo x MC
Good evening my ducks! Please have this lil Leonardo ficlet thingy that I wrote bc I had Leo brain worms聽馃ズ
Tagging @alby-rei and @leonardhoee bc I know that Leonardo is their big fave eee~
Warning: Pregnant MC and also brief, non-explicit mentions of sexual activity. Please do not read if you could be uncomfortable with such content!
- JJ x
Leonardo Da Vinci:
One hot June night as the moon rose over le Comte鈥檚 mansion, MC slept peacefully on top of the warm duvet which was simply too toasty to snuggle into in the summer heat. The mansion鈥檚 resident lady smiled softly as she dreamt, her beautiful hair strewn about the pillows, finally free from the confines of the neat bun which she often wore. MC found sleeping during the Parisian summer near unbearable if she were to wear her nightgowns so, as she did on many nights, she found herself sleeping in just a pair of panties and one of her husband鈥檚 shirts.
There came a gentle, quiet knock at her bedroom door and a warm, loving call of her name but, there was no reply. Leonardo Da Vinci walked into his wife鈥檚 bedroom, closing the door behind himself as carefully as possible as not to wake her. The vampire strode over to the four poster bed where MC lay and sighed deeply as he kicked off his boots and lay down next to her, his large hand absentmindedly trailing across the expanse of her heavily pregnant belly, the shirt that she wore having ridden up to expose her tummy. Leonardo soon found himself propped up by pillows as he stroked his wife鈥檚 baby bump, unable to tear his gaze away from where his hand caressed her smooth skin. MC sighed contently in her sleep as her husband鈥檚 hand ran smoothly over her bump,聽鈥淎h cara mia,鈥 Leonardo smiled as he traced a heart shape onto her skin,聽鈥淵ou work miracles, you know?鈥 He knew she couldn鈥檛 hear him, too busy relaxing in delicate slumber but, Leonardo didn鈥檛 care - He felt so much adoration for MC that he couldn鈥檛 seem to keep the words in his mouth.
The pureblooded vampire shifted to lie on his chest, his head resting in his hand and propped up by his elbow as he now looked directly at his wife鈥檚 baby bump, leaning his head down slightly to press two or three little kisses to her belly, making the woman hum approvingly in her sleep.聽鈥淥ur little tesoro is due any day now, huh?鈥 Leonardo grinned when he imagined holding their child in his arms for the first time, his heart skipping a beat at the thought. He chuckled warmly, allowing one of his warm hands to go back to stroking MC鈥檚 bump gently,聽鈥淣ow will you be bambino or a bambina, hm?鈥 He asked, his voice a warm whisper, 鈥漎ou鈥檝e kept us waiting for so long, mia gioia - Are you as excited to meet your Mama and Papa as we are to meet you?鈥
MC groaned in her sleep, her hand flying to her belly when her baby kicked her which made her husband smirk before his own large hand soothingly rubbed the spot where the baby had kicked.聽鈥淚 guess I鈥檒l take that as a yes, then, little one.鈥 Leonardo pressed a few more kisses to MC鈥檚 bump, warm and sweet before his gaze trailed up to see her beginning to blink her pretty eyes open,聽鈥淪cusa, cara mia, did I wake you?鈥
鈥淗m?鈥 MC grumbled softly, slowly sitting herself up against the plush pillows,聽鈥淣o, its fine, Leonardo - Baby just kicked a bit too hard.鈥
鈥淥h cara,鈥 the vampire replied as he quickly moved to lie next to his wife properly and wrap his toned arms around her as well as he could without squeezing her bump,聽鈥淥ur little tesoro is just excited to come out, I bet.鈥
鈥淵ou think so?鈥 The lady brushed some deep brown hair from Leonardo鈥檚 face where it鈥檇 stuck to his forehead in the summer heat, her lips curling into the sweetest of smiles as the couple gazed at each other,聽鈥淲ell, with such a handsome father, I don鈥檛 blame them.鈥
鈥淎nd with such a beautiful mother, too,鈥 Leonardo mused, leaning forward to kiss MC鈥檚 lips softly once and then both of her cheeks and the tip of her nose,聽鈥溌犫楥an鈥檛 see why they wouldn鈥檛 be excited to meet you, mia dolcezza.鈥 His hand once again found her belly, stroking it tenderly and smiling softly until that smile became a wicked smirk which he shot MC鈥檚 way,聽鈥淲e made this baby together.鈥
鈥淲e did,鈥 MC giggled, resting her hand on top of her husband鈥檚 and caressing his knuckles with the pad of her thumb,聽鈥淚 had a lot of fun doing that part, you know?鈥
鈥淥h I know, MC,鈥 Leonardo chuckled lowly, slipping his hand around to MC鈥檚 behind and squeezing it firmly, smirking wider when she squeaked in surprise,聽鈥淢hm, you shrieked just like that. I like that, cara mia,鈥 he purred,聽鈥淢aybe one day we should make another one just so I can hear it again?鈥
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qshara22 hours ago
-in the carriage-
Comte, clearly in a bad mood: You didn't have breakfast. You didn't even take a bath. And we have to go to fucking college...LATE AGAIN!
Isaac, sobbing: Comte, stop...I have to tell you something...
Isaac: I forgot my backpack at the mansion...
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apfleura day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Collection event from 15 Jun to 22 Jun 2020.
This is so cute and whimsical! I have a thing for umbrellas. Not so much in real life but I love the 2D ones.
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littlewittya day ago
Tumblr media
Ma little baby Marcelle when she first was adopted by Leo
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