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#ikemen vampire incorrect quotes
spoopy-fish-writes · 9 hours ago
MC: Croissants: dropped
Leonardo: Road: works ahead
Arthur: BBQ sauce: on my titties
Dazai: Shavacado: fre
Sebastian: Miss Keisha: fuckin dead
Mozart, grumpy: I didn’t understand a single word of that and I hate every single one of you
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daisiesandshakes · 13 hours ago
Comte: We are so in sync, we finish each other's-
Leonardo: correspondence.
Comte: What?
Leonardo, sliding his letters over to him in tears: please
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daisiesandshakes · 14 hours ago
[While a drinking game at MC's birthday party]
MC: What's the past tense of "drink"?
Jean: What's a past tents?
Mozart: Drinked.
Dazai, sluring: Drinkinged.
Napoleon: Dranken.
Arthur, between hickups: Drunk.
Theo: Nah, it's a noun, it doesn't have a past tense.
Sebastian, standing in the doorframe: It's 'drank', what the hell are you guys on?
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the conversation mc, sebas and comte have outside in napoleons route where she asks about napoleon, they talk about how comte didnt offered napoleon a contract and didn’t invite him (as he says he doesn’t have any memory of inviting him) that it shouldn’t be possible if not invited and that napoleon showed up out of the blue what is your theory or idea about how he became a vamp without being turned also what would be a reason for him to show up, do you think vlad could be involved in this?
Hi!!! I'll do my best to answer! 💛💛💛
Imma be real with you chief, I got no heckin idea
If I'm honest, I'm really not sure--only because I've seen no current signs of an association between Napoleon and Vlad? My best guesses were either:
1. He has some level of vampire lineage (maybe like an ancestor of his was the kid of a turned vampire and a human, who knows) and so maybe the genetic specificity resulted in a demivampire potential person. Iirc, his case is one in which he does not reveal overt symptoms unless he actively consumes blood. And given his increased stamina (he went sleepless a lot as a human) one wonders if he was fully human to begin with. Comte also doesn't seem all that surprised--given he expresses that it's rare but gives no sense that it's entirely unheard of/impossible.
2. I was thinking the other day about convergent evolution, and wondering if that could also be a kind of possibility. If we move with the game's insinuation of turned vampires being "enhanced humans" and purebloods being essentially the "perfect" being, there's a possibility that Napoleon reached that. If he had a certain array of genetics (like those people who need minimal sleep to function normally due to a mutation) its possible that his constitution brought him to nigh identical traits of a turned vampire because that is the most "evolutionarily fit direction by which humans can ascend."
In simpler terms, he could be our Super Saiyan wonder, essentially.
That being said I'm hedging on the first answer being more likely--only because it doesn't seem that rare/odd for humans and vampires to have kids and for that lineage to rear its head. Despite the larger vampire culture being vamp x vamp, let's just say I......have a put it non-traumatically (though I'm sure there are less negative couplings).....that they definitely have affairs and have sex with humans lmao. Convergent evolution by contrast isn't impossible, I just don't have as much tangible evidence for that since I can't study Napoleon molecule by molecule.
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Hello! I just wanted to say, I read your response to the ask about Leonardo and MC's mortality. I've always loved your ability to understand the characters and how you can explain your thoughts so well! Your analysis' are always so interesting to read and give me a lot of insight into the characters I might not have had otherwise. I loved what you wrote about Leonardo!!! I completely agree and you wrote it down perfectly!
I just wanted to let you know I really appreciated your well thought out and heartfelt explanation on what's going on in Leo's head. It just made me love him even more. 🥰💗💗💗
Hi!!! It's always wonderful to hear from you, I hope you're well!! 💛💛💛💛
And awww, thanks for such kind words! I just find myself not being able to help it honestly 😂😂😂 I get really into understanding what makes all of them tick, especially when there's so much raw stuff to unpack as with Leonardo~
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daisiesandshakes · 2 days ago
[Dinner at the mansion]
Dazai: Today I bought a bag 'Haribo Tropifrutti'. The banana tastes like banana. Pineapple tastes like pineapple. The orange tastes like orange...
[Everybody stops eating]
Dazai: Now I don't dare to eat the parrot.
Everybody: ...
Mozart, rubbing his eyebrows: You're the reason this country has to put directions on shampoo.
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daisiesandshakes · 2 days ago
[Dazai and Arthur meet Theo with King in the garden, Theodore is looking quite depressed]
Arthur: What is it, Theo?
Theo: Someone in town told me King keeps chasing people on a bike, and I don't know what to do about that.
Dazai *kneels down to pet the dog*: Nah, that's a shameful lie.
Dazai: We all know King doesn't have a bike.
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daisiesandshakes · 2 days ago
Comte: I need you to look out for Arthur today, I'm worried he's going to get himself punched.
Leonardo, grinning: Sure, I'd love to see Arthur get punched.
Comte: Try again.
Leonardo: ... I will try to stop Arthur from getting punched...?
Comte: Much better.
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daisiesandshakes · 3 days ago
My name is Arthur.
But you can call me
*seductively puts on sun glasses*
Tumblr media
- Arthur, probably at some point
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I'm curious about your last ask. How is the game dissapointing? I was just curious because I always want to know all sides of people's opinions about this kind of things.
Also, I freaking love your work!
Tumblr media
Oh, sure! Honestly I wasn't expecting people to care all that much, so I'm honored you'd also like to hear my thoughts on the matter 💛💛💛 Since the last ask I answered was about my concerns regarding the jpn server, I can elaborate on why I was upsetti spaghetti abt the eng server's last event if that's okay c:
And tysm both of you!!! I really appreciate it 💞💞💞💞
I’m just gonna tag the second requester since it’s about the same thing essentially @burntamore0906
So like this is going to be a very specific grievance, so forgive me if it’s a little niche or high maintenance. But I guess what bothered me so much about the Comte event story (On the Hunt for My Maker) is that the tone felt very As compared to the JPN ver?
How to explain...basically, in the JPN ver you just get this intensely serious vibe? MC’s been through a l o t in this one, and she’s in absolutely no nonsense mode. She takes mercy on Comte because she senses something is very off about his behavior; he’s not quite as sinister or impulsive or unhinged as one might expect of a murderer. 
Even then, she’s wary and defensive; terse, to the point. I guess what I disliked about the ENG ver is that all of this gravity and solemnity just...felt kind of lost? Like the heavy tone falls flat. I know it’s not a very tangible description of what’s troubling me, but the way she talks about wanting to reap justice and find closure just seems so overwritten by forcible romance by comparison.
There’s a sense of a slow burn that was lost here. The whole point is that, over time, it becomes obvious what Comte’s intentions were? And that no matter how angry she is, she’s also exhausted from this relentless pursuit to find an answer for everything she’s lost. To find some kind of reason, someone to blame for it all--when there just isn’t any. In the end, all she’s left with are these broken pieces and someone who cared for her despite everything. And the other side is just as important? Comte spent years watching over her with the full expectation of her hatred. Doesn’t make excuses for himself, doesn’t try to plead his case at all--welcomes her to attack him. For all her bitterness and fury and uncompromising resolve, he sees her for who she truly is. Someone hurt, but still full of rough-edged kindness. Maybe it was just my own feeling of difference, but I kind of hate how they removed the grittiness from MC. 
I feel like there’s a sensibility of “my sad past/my tragic backstory” and “love heals all wounds immediately” in the ENG ver. JPN ver felt more “I don’t know where to go or how to move forward, but I sense real warmth from this person. While I’m not sure if this is the right step, I want to trust that it is. I want to take care of this person like he keeps taking care of me.”
I mean I have a hard time taking lines like “Why did I ever hate him?” Seriously???? Like. You thought he [bleeping] murdered your parents, turned you into a vampire, and left you to rot on a whim. Yeah you were gonna be full of spite and hate in response????? 
This is just an example of what I mean:
ENG ver: It finally made me realize that though we’re vampires, we were still very much living creatures. It doesn’t matter if I was a human and he’s a vampire. I would have fallen in love with him either way. My rough translation records: [Even vampires are living creatures filled with warmth, despite our bloody nature. When we're touching like this, it's impossible to deny. Whether human or vampire--I don't care, I love this person...]
ENG ver: I’d spent so many years living in loneliness, hungry for revenge. No one had ever touched me with love like this before. Now it felt like le Comte was trying to fill in all the emptiness that had resided in my heart. My rough translation: [I’ve spent so long only living for revenge--life empty of all else, devoid of any joy. What a wonderful thing it is to be touched so dearly by someone who loves you...Just as Comte filled the loneliness of my past, so too does he fill my heart now.]
The content isn’t hugely different, but I feel like the conveyance matters. Could just be a me problem though.
It feels like the writing was so dissonant and out of order, rather than smooth and narratively flowing (IkeSen is probably the best example of this seamlessness). One thing I’ve also noticed between IkeSen, IkeVamp, and IkePrince is that IkeSen and IkePrince have a more dynamic, clever, and more animated MC. As a result, while I love the subject matter of IkeVamp, my enjoyment tapers off because the writing does leave something to be desired. Maybe it’s unfair of me, maybe the localization was rushed--I don’t know. But I feel like accurate tone and MC competency are a big part of my enjoyment when it comes to my fave otomes. And it’s a bit of a shame IkeVamp suffers in those dimensions. Even stranger considering how insanely developed the suitors are in terms of characterization and design...
Also because I’m still going feral over it.
So like naturally when MC is attacked by that man and Comte protects her, I really didn’t think too hard about it. He’s protective by nature, of course he’s going to move her out of the way. 
But then something occurred to me.
If she’s a turned vampire in this event, that means she would most likely not die from a stab wound the way a human might. Which begs the obvious question. Why would Comte be so frantic with concern? Why go to all the trouble? And the answer hit me like a train.
She died from stab wounds. She literally lost her life after being sold off by her family, drugged beyond the ability to function, and stabbed over and over while she was powerless. Intervention by Comte was not just about protection; it was an act of mercy. He was ready to do anything to make sure she wouldn’t have to experience that again, and didn’t look so much as bothered by the knife in him. 
I’m so ridiculously tender.......not wanting her to be retraumatized......
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daisiesandshakes · 3 days ago
[Leonardo got a new job]
Boss: Tell me about Susanne.
Leonardo *takes a drag of cigarello*: Ah, the one that got away.
Boss: You're a zoo keeper, none of them should get away!
[later Leonardo found out a few more escaped, asked the residents for help]
Dazai *making a list of the animals*
Leonardo: The tigers should be our top priority.
Dazai *scribbling out ducks*: Obviously.
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spoopy-fish-writes · 4 days ago
Arthur: You can de-escalate any situation by simply saying, 'Are we about to kiss?'
Arthur: Doesn't work for getting out of speeding tickets, by the way
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spoopy-fish-writes · 4 days ago
Shakespeare: 'Person of interest' is almost too flattering
Shakespeare: Like, if the police were to pound on my door and go, 'A man has been murdered in your building and you are a person of interest,' I'd be like, 'Moi? Oh, do go on'
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spoopy-fish-writes · 4 days ago
Dazai: People are always asking me if I'm a morning person or a night person
Dazai: And I'm just like, 'Buddy! I'm barely even a PERSON!'
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spoopy-fish-writes · 4 days ago
Theo: I’ve come to a point in my life where I need a stronger word than fuck
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daisiesandshakes · 4 days ago
MC: I suppose I am not that cute-
Charles: Let me stop you right there.
Charles, *takes out a 58639 page essay*: Now let me explain why your theory is incredibly incorrect.
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daisiesandshakes · 4 days ago
Comte, very seriously: You need to stop doing weird things to cope with bad feelings and the stress. Going outside may help you.
Dazai: I went to town and then to the park today.
Comte: There you go, that's the spirit! I hope you got something from that.
Dazai, opening his Kimono: This duck.
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spoopy-fish-writes · 4 days ago
Leonardo: Sometimes I drink milk straight out of the container
Arthur, drunk: The cow???
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