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#ikemen vampire dazai
lydskisses36 minutes ago
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Reposting with lowered prices! 馃挅
Cybird Ikemen Vampire Ikemen Sengoku Merch Sale
All items are priced in Singapore dollar (SGD), mailed via airmail. PayPal is accepted for international buyers. Please note that mailing to you is additional.
For USA/Canada/Europe parcels, tracked airmail will start from SGD$11.90 (250g) and non-tracked airmail will start from SGD$8.30 (250g). For all other countries, dm me for info!
Bundle items (Pics 8 - 10)
馃挋 Pic 1 馃挋
(Please take each circled item with 5 bundle items from Pics 9 and 10 only.)
Arthur Prize A Tapestry SGD$30
馃挋 Pic 2 馃挋
Shakespeare/Comte 15cm Badge with Stand SGD$18 + 1 bundle item
Dazai Taiwan Wedding Shikishi SGD$13 + 1 bundle item
馃挋 Pic 3 馃挋
First Row Arthur Badge SGD$12/ea + 1 bundle item
Last Row Theo Hifumi Can Badge SGD$10/ea + 1 bundle item
Others SGD$8 - 10/ea
馃挋 Pic 4 馃挋
Theo Signature Can Badge SGD$12
Blue rosette SGD$16
Nekomimi Can Badges SGD$17/set or SGD$9/ea
Jean 2-Badge Set SGD$10
Arthur Heart Badge (Red Rust behind, selling cheap) SGD$3
Graffart Acrylic Stands (Isaac/Charles) SGD$14.50/ea. (Charles + 1 bundle item)
馃挋 Pic 5 馃挋
Dazai/Napoleon/Vincent AX Acrylic Stands SGD$16.50/was
Vincent Clear Acrylic Stand SGD$18
Arthur Garland Charm SGD$14
馃挋 Pic 6 馃挋
Theo Microfiber Towel SGD$18 + 2 bundle items
Arthur/ Theo 75mm Kuji Can Badge SGD$12/ea
Shikishi SGD$13
Mini Tokuten Card SGD$6.50
Isaac Taiwan Halloween Can Badge SGD$8
Arthur AGF Casino Acrylic Stand SGD$16.50 + 3 bundle items from pics 9 - 10 only.
馃挋 Pic 7 馃挋
3rd Anniversary (75mm) can badge (Arthur/Isaac) SGD$13 + 1 bundle item
Taiwan badges (Arthur/Theo) SGD$12/ea
馃挋 Pic 8 Bundle items for Selective items馃挋
Kuji 7.5 cm Mafia Badges (Arthur/Theo/Vincent) SGD$12/ea (SGD$13 if used as bundle)
Mozart Kuji 15 cm Big Badge Stand SGD$15/ea
馃挋 Pics 9 - 10 Bundle Items 馃挋
DM for prices.
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ikemensworld5 hours ago
Napoleon: You're smiling did something good happen?
Isaac: Can't I smile just because I feel like it?
Sebastian: Arthur tripped and fell down the stairs.
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ikemen-vampire-blog21 hours ago
Ikemen vampire masterlist
Comte de saint germain
William Shakespeare
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Isaac Newton
Arthur Conan Doyle
Vincent Van Gogh
Theodorus Van Gogh
Leonardo da vinci
Dazai Osamu
Jean d鈥 arc
Napoleon Bonaparte
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ikemensworlda day ago
Shakespeare: Sometimes, I feel like dying.
Vincent: Shakespeare鈥
Shakespeare: But then, I remember I won't see you again if I died.
Vincent: *blushes*
Arthur: Sometimes, I feel like dying.
Theo: Good for you.
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otome-no-kokoroa day ago
Does the dazai dlc countain sexual content? It really look like it will but I want to be sure
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rynea949242 days ago
Incorrect Quotes BSD/IkeVamp聽(The Generator)
bsdDazai: *Screams* IkeVampDazai: *Screams louder to assert dominance* Chuuya: Should we do something?! Issac, observing: No, I want to see who wins this.
bsdDazai, IkeVampDazai, and Chuuya are sitting on a bench Issac: Why do you guys look so sad? bsdDazai: Sit down with us so we can tell you. *Issac sits down* IkeVampDazai: The bench is freshly painted.
Dazai (Either one) would though.
IkeVampDazai: Who thinks I can fit 15 marshmallows in my mouth? Chuuya: You鈥檙e a hazard to society bsdDazai: And a coward. DO TWENTY.
IkeVampDazai: In your opinion, what鈥檚 the height of stupidity? Chuuya: *turning to bsdDazai* How tall are you?
IkeVampDazai: I can鈥檛 believe you live nearby, and you won鈥檛 let anyone crash at your place. Issac: You people already know too much about me. bsdDazai: I know exactly three facts about you, and one of them is that you won鈥檛 let any of us crash at your place.
Issac鈥檚 worst nightmare. Two Dazai鈥檚.
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daisiesandshakes3 days ago
[While a drinking game at MC's birthday party]
MC: What's the past tense of "drink"?
Jean: What's a past tents?
Mozart: Drinked.
Dazai, sluring: Drinkinged.
Napoleon: Dranken.
Arthur, between hickups: Drunk.
Theo: Nah, it's a noun, it doesn't have a past tense.
Sebastian, standing in the doorframe: It's 'drank', what the hell are you guys on?
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yanderepuck3 days ago
So after seeing this girl on tik Tok share her sleep walking videos, I now hc that Isaac is a chaiotic sleep walker
He mainly hangs out in the kitchen and makes a mess, so they have to lock it at night.
But he'll be sitting on the counter, his shirt is always missing, and eating something. And eventually is like "I don't like potatoes" and sets down the jar of olives he was eating.
Everyone takes turns watching him. One time Theo would Isaac talking to a plant.
Theo: Isaac.
Isaac: *put a bottle of hot sauce in the planter* this is for you
Theo: Isaac
Isaac: drink more drugs and stay in alcohol
One morning there is random shit all over the kitchen bc he decided he no longer wanted to eat the peanuts he was eating
Leonardo once found him in the music room, on the piano in only his boxers
Isaac: fite me
Leonardo: you're half my height
Isaac: fite me fucker
Leonardo: let's go to bed
Isaac: but the vampires
You'll also catch him walking into Theos room to pet king, and when he wakes up on the floor of Theos room cuddling with king, hc that he's allergic to golden retrievers
Isaac: *kisses Harry* why you pointy
Dazai once followed him out to the garden, and had to make sure he didn't fall into the massive koi pond or one of Jeans panic graves
Imagine it being Jeans turn to watch him
Jean: are you possessed?
Isaac: ........sandwich
Jean: *doesn't know what to do*
Isaac: *walks into kitchen*
Jean: wait. *Follows*
Isaac: *is already laying on the counter* why can't I be smaaaaarrrrt
Jean: uhhhh....let's go to bed *takes Isaac to his room so he can keep an eye on him*
Isaac: *stands right under the sky light* he says hi
Mozart does not enjoy when he has to watch Isaac. He's too tired and he doesn't care enough to try to get him back to bed.
Isaac: *on the kitchen floor eating theos cake*
Mozart: wtf do you have
Isaac: .....potato
Mozart: ??????? You don't even like cake?????
Isaac: ....*sits there without moving for 8 minutes*
Mozart: Isaac????
Isaac: *opens his mouth and just let's the cake fall out onto the floor* sour rasins
Mozart: god damn it I hate you
Arthur shouldn't be allowed to watch Isaac, and Isaac wishes he wouldnt. One time Arthur found him outside with only his pants on
Arthur: where is your shirt?
Isaac: fuk off mate
He will mimik Arthur if he's the one watching him and he hears him.
Arthur: what are you doing
Isaac: *laying face down in the grass* bloody hell
There is a very good possibility Isaac has bitten one of them in his sleep bc he got hungry
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ikerevedgar4 days ago
in ikerev we have fenrir n seth, in ikesen we hv sasuke kenshin n yuki n in ikevamp we hv arthur n dazai, we're so blessed to have them~
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one day I'm gonna make a compilation of Isaac's cursings they're hilarious omg
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ayasenanjo4 days ago
You know I鈥檝e been very inactive lately doing some real life stuffs BUT I AIN鈥橳 MISSING THE 4TH BIRTHDAY CG GALORE AND IT鈥橲 DAZAI-SENSEI TIME SO HERE WE GO 鈿狅笍 NSWF WARNING
Tumblr media
THIS HAS NO RIGHT TO LOOK THIS SEXY WTFFFFFFFF Dazai can really kill me with those collarbones and I鈥檇 be thanking him with a very polite bow on the tatami mats 馃檱馃徎鈥嶁檧锔 AND MC鈥橲 TIDDIES WOW SHE鈥橲 SO BLESSED EVEN WITHOUT BRA girl i want mine like hers lmao
I鈥檝e seen the full cg and DAMN their actual position is very cute because she鈥檚 like cradled between his legs but also very hot at the same time???? Like missgirl can definitely feel Dazai鈥檚 angry bird from that position SKSHSKSJSKSJSKSKSKSK idk how to describe it but here鈥檚 a glimpse my jp friend sent me but 鈿狅笍 DAZAI鈥橲 4TH BDAY CG SPOILER AHEAD
Tumblr media
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acrispyapple4 days ago
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Tumblr media
ahh dazai... (* 藲岱 鑹 藲岱 *)鈾
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daisiesandshakes5 days ago
[Dinner at the mansion]
Dazai: Today I bought a bag 'Haribo Tropifrutti'. The banana tastes like banana. Pineapple tastes like pineapple. The orange tastes like orange...
[Everybody stops eating]
Dazai: Now I don't dare to eat the parrot.
Everybody: ...
Mozart, rubbing his eyebrows: You're the reason this country has to put directions on shampoo.
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daisiesandshakes5 days ago
[Dazai and Arthur meet Theo with King in the garden, Theodore is looking quite depressed]
Arthur: What is it, Theo?
Theo: Someone in town told me King keeps chasing people on a bike, and I don't know what to do about that.
Dazai *kneels down to pet the dog*: Nah, that's a shameful lie.
Dazai: We all know King doesn't have a bike.
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incorrectmidc5 days ago
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So this is Dazai's room.
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lulaji5 days ago
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dear-mrs-otome5 days ago
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You've been holding out on us Dazai 馃挦
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