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#ik it's usually the other way around.
missmorosis · 8 hours ago
ik i just asked but here is my info for the 600 event if there is still an open spot
- i am a female that uses she/her pronouns
- my gender preference is male
- i am an INTP who usually seems like a lazy, uninterested , and cold nerd. but when i get comfortable enough around people i can be energetic(sometimes), sarcastic, stupid, and playfully teasing, but it takes me ALOT of time to get used to someone and trust them. i am usually a pessimist but also somehow a realist. i tend to comfort people using words and logic to solve their problems, but in some cases when people mean alot to me i do overcome my awkwardness and give any kind of comfort that i know helps that specific person.
also hq wise i kin tsukki, kenma, iwa, akaashi, suna, tendou, osamu, and sakusa
- i don’t really have a specific hobby as i tend to get bored with things quickly but i do enjoy painting and baking from time to time. i also like watching anime and reading. but my favorite hobby has to probably be sleeping
- what i love about myself is that i can be very true to myself. like i do admit to my mistakes and weak points (even if not loudly), i can also realize when im facing a mental problem or personality issue although i never tend to fix any of that but hey,, knowing the problem is part of the solution amiright ???
- what i look for in a partner is nothing really specific, i just want someone that i can be comfortable around and be my true self. someone who wont judge me or make me feel bad about myself. another thing i would love to have in a partner is that we both can have some things in common like interests or even personal traits but even if we dont i would still try to learn more about his interests and hobbies to support in my own ways. i can be very insecure and self destructive at times even if i dont really make it obvious so i might need a little bit of reassurance every now and then. personality wise i don’t really think i have a preference i just know that i don’t really do well with super energetic people as im not the most patient person out there and i dont wanna end up hurting others feelings
- ok soo i love rock music in general as its my favorite but i tend to like many random songs
my current fav 3 are :
hayloft by mother mother
sweater weather by the neighborhood
whyd u only call me when ur high by arctic monkeys
- for the tag games im not really sure i understand but i think u mean i should chose one out of the two options
dark / love is pink / introvert / movie nights / slow dancing
- for my looks i dont think im anything special. i wear glasses, im pretty tall (173) compared to others my gender and age (17), i have brown eyes. im not really comfortable describing the way i look so im sorry i didnt give u much to work with
that’s about it ! sorry if i made it too long...
also CONGRATS ON 600 🎉🎉🎉
Tumblr media
now playing!
Love with Yamaguchi Tadashi sounds like soft grumbles first thing in the morning. The light filtered through your window, and you now realized that both you and Tadashi fell asleep with the curtains open. A quick glance at the clock told you that you two were asleep for about 3 hours too long, but you didn’t mind.
Your fingers traced through his hair, and you smiled at the sight of his peaceful, sleeping figure.
“Oh- g- good morning,” your boyfriend mumbled. You gasped, not knowing Yamaguchi was awake. The moment his eyes opened, and he processed the situation, a blush grew on his face immediately.
“Good morning,” you said, with a whisper of a laugh.
Tumblr media
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m3gumiis · a day ago
hello, can I ask for a matchup for jjk and aot pls?
also congrats on 200 followers, you deserve it🥰
I use they/she pronouns and I dont really have a gender preference. my favorite color is always changing, but rn I'm I to purple and black. and my zodiac sign is a virgo.
I'm usually pretty closed off. with people I'm unfamiliar with I'm pretty quiet, but if I like your company, I might talk your ear off. but only if I'm comfortable and the subject of the convo interests me. I'm very curious about different informations, so I'm usually on the web searching different things. I'm pretty awkward and even shy, but with close friends can be somewhat outgoing. but since my social anxiety is pretty bad, I get burnt out very easily. I'm also prone to anxiety and depressive thoughts, and am pretty moody, so it might be hard to be around me. I also have a hard time being excited and often feel indifferent, but I am really caring for people I love and often act like their aunt lmao. my love language is quality time and I also often give advice to my friends. and I'm also pretty lazy, I barely leave my room.
I'm about 5'7, caucasian. I'm somewhat built a bit, cause I danced for 9 years, but I would say I'm somewhere between skinny and chubby. my hair I'd dyed red, I have an undercut and the hair reaches my shoulders. I also have bangs. I cut my own hair. i have brown eyes and i usually wear a dark, goth makeup. i also go from being dressed like a hobo to dressing up in more punk fits. kinda of like anime nana's fashion meets a vampire meets a fairy.
thank you🥰🥰🥰
hi bae!! thank you <33 here are your matchups!
your jujutsu kaisen matchup is…
Megumi Fushiguro!
song: best interest by tyler, the creator
relationship aesthetic pictures:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
trope: ‘similarities attract’ trope
first encounter: meeting megumi back in school, he was always closed off and kept to himself. until a school project forced you two to speak more about yourselves and open up to eachother. you learned that he had an older sister that he normally doesn’t speak to but adores very much, and about a certain silver haired man-child that so kindly takes care of him. megumi didn’t show it much but he appreciated your wanting to obtain more information for any topic. it was mainly you that scored a 100 on the project you two worked on. megumi asked to invite you out as a way to say thank you since he knows he’s not good with words.
- megumi is so supportive of you, always giving you words of encouragement if he notices you’re feeling down.
- i headcanon that one of megumi’s love languages is also quality time! you two don’t even necessarily do anything, just relishing in each other’s company.
- megumi doesn’t mind if you talk his ear off about whatever interests you, in fact, he finds it really adorable.
your attack on titan matchup is…
Mikasa Ackerman!
song: lovin’ it by ariana grande
relationship aesthetic pictures:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
trope: ‘i hate everyone but you’ trope
first encounter: meeting mikasa within the corps she was mainly always by eren and armin with a neutral expression. after being dormed with her and sasha you saw a bit more playful side to her. because sasha sleeps so early, you and mikasa often stay up late talking about everything and anything. mikasa quickly develops a soft spot for you, only having the brightest smiles and loudest laughs if they’re shared with you.
- mikasa’s smile is most prominent with you around. (ik i said this already but omg she’s so cute i miss her smile)
- mikasa is quick to pull you out of a group of people if she notices you feeling down and wanting to be alone.
- mikasa listens intently to whatever you have to say about literally anything.
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jay-durian · 3 days ago
Hey I saw that you’re doing ships and was wondering if I could get one for myself? If that’s not too much ofc
My mbti is entp-t and my enneagram is 6w5. I tend to take care of people a lot. Im usually the mom friend and my friends also come to me for advice a lot. Im a good listener/talker. I can be talkative or quiet depending on who Im with. I have a resting birch face and I’ve been told my aura/energy is intimidating so some people find me unapproachable/hard to approach. I never get mad but I do get annoyed easily. I don’t like skinship but handholding/arm linking/ people laying on me is okay with me. I also don’t like it when people get really clingy because it feels suffocating plus I’m an independent person. I’m 5’5 with black hair (dyed rn) and curtain bangs, my hair stops above my mid back. My eyes are brown and I have some freckles. My face is round(I think it is idk lol) and my cheeks are chubby. My style is mainly casual/simple and I stick to neutrals/shades. I don’t wear a lot of accessories but I always wear earrings. I enjoy cooking/baking, listening to music (top genres: pop, kpop, indie, rock. Source: Spotify lol), playing around with makeup, shopping, talking to people, watching movies (top genres: crime/true crime and psychological thrillers). Idk if this is enough info so I’ll give some random facts that may or may not help. I’m a middle child (1 older, 2 younger) but my older sibling and I are pretty close I’m age so they didn’t take care of me a lot but I took care of my younger siblings a lot. I used to watch my younger cousins all the time so ik how to take care of kids/am good with kids however I don’t like kids lmao. I started doing photography/videography(filming) recently but I’m not really good at it lol. I’m planning on going into the medical industry because I really like chemistry and biology. I have pets (2 dogs, 4 fish) but I want more. I did dance for a couple years but I stopped and haven’t danced in 3(?) years. I’m terrified of bugs and spiders, I once ran away from a butterfly but someone witnessed me in the streets so 😞😞.
Hopefully this was enough info for you! Thank you and hope you’re safe & healthy 💕💖💞
Thank you for sending this in and I hope you take care of yourself too! Wash your hands and be safe 💞
I ship you with sunghoon!!
Tumblr media
I feel like sunghoon would really like it when you take care of him and stuff cause he usually wants people to look at him as someone grown up and independent? If u get what I mean
He would love having deep convos with you and ask for advice since we all know sunghoon doesn't open up too much
I don't think your aura/ resting face would matter to sunghoon cause he is like that too (uk he can look very intimidating and stuff)
Y'all would be perfect together in terms of physical affection. I feel like sunghoon isn't a huge fan of skinship either but doesn't mind holding hands or hugging each other. He's not the clingy type of person either so it's a win-win for both of you
Since you have a simple style for clothing, you like wearing earrings and shopping. I see y'all going shopping together and buying outfits that low-key look matching but aren't (if u get what I mean, matching ones can get a bit cringy sometimes so I guess y'all would buy outfits that look a little similar)
We all know sunghoon watches Vincenzo so you both would probably have movie marathons quiet frequently.
I feel like sunghoon isn't very fond of kids either but since he has a sister, you both would be good at taking care of your friends/ neighbours kids when they are busy or smn
You being into photography and videography.... ✨Model sunghoon has entered the chat✨ he would love taking pics with you cause he thinks that's a great way to remember such moments
Sunghoon would support you alot with you wanting to get into the medical field, he would love taking you to science museums, have study dates with you etc.
You mentioned having 2 dogs, I feel like you both would go out to parks together for walks and maybe have picnic dates with your dog's !
Overall y'all would be a great couple who are made for eachother
Hope you have a lovely day/night 😊
Tumblr media
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zire-in-space · 5 days ago
There is a difference between headcannoning and normal shipping that I think is really important on this basis on the recent ship wars I see floating around town.
Headcannoning is often believing something to be canon like a character/person's sexuality, gender, etc. And unfortunately alot of people who headcanon are extremely toxic.
Now you know about shipping, yeah, but basically normal shipping is appreciating a romance/sexual tension/ non-platonic nor non-familial relationship (if your ace/aro) between two or more characters. And shipping is completely fine when you aren't headcanoning.
Typically I see people headcanon a characters sexuality or gender - particularly in times when there has been "zero real hints" at a characters sexuality because there is no outward tension towards another character/gender. As for gender, many times I will see people in franchises where a female goes undercover as a man (usually because she is limited in some way as a female, not because she is a demigirl nor transgender) state that she is a demigirl or genderfluid, etc. Now this is despite the fact that characters/people don't really undergo any part where they say "I'm gay!" "I'm not into girls/boys/THAT type of person (non-binary, genderfluid, agender, etc - yeah ik it sounds genderphobic this is just based off of quotes i see often)" "I'm actually just a girl/boy" "I'm transgender and a girl/boy/demigirl/demiboy/agender/etc"
The problem with this is that many times people try to force a headcanon it is pushed by the literal hints that no, they are literalky just a cisgender heterosexual and there isn't much to say more. And after this fact-check, headcannoning because even more constricted to the point that many people start demanding "inclusivity" "cishets are not the default" etc.
However....cishets ARE the much as I despie admitting it. Because let's be honest, do cishets have to "come out"? No. They don't. Do cishets have to hide their sexuality? No. Do lgbtq+ people do? Yes, they do. Meaning Cishets are literally what people expect others to be. Until said otherwise. Of course people can question a persons gender or sexuality is not cishet based on pure assumption, but we are still ASSUMING their gender/sexuality if they are NOT CISHET. And yeah, it sucks, but what the heck can I do?
The same thing happens to fictional characters, worlds, universes, we make them up as we go and if we don't put any or put few lgbtq+ characters then that is completely fine. If you put no cishets that is totally fine because it is YOUR fictional world. You made it up. And we have to start applying this to shows and films and mangas and animes and franchises because it is made by another person's imagination!
So headcannoning is not really helpful considering most of these people literally just slap sexualities onto characters that are not theirs and go "This franchise would be WAY BETTER maybe the GREATEST THING if these characters were gay!" And if another person is like "Hey they only seem to be straight in the actual franchise-" "BISEXUALS/PANSEXUALS/DEMISEXUALS/ASEXUALS EXIST TOO YA KNOW"
Which is still slapping sexualities onto a character that is not theirs. All while still claiming there should be more inclusivity when most of the world is cishet? Like???
And mind you, shipping lgbt+ ships is totally fine! But the thing is I see so many lgbt+ shippers going full on Reylo and romanticizing toxic ships. all honesty if you tried to pull the "heteros ship the same tho" "heteros force their sexualities onto their kids" thing, then this is probably a huge dissapointment finding out congrats, nothing about you is different from toxic "straight" shippers. Lol. It is already taking a toll onto things irl. Just look at any feminist post about how seeing a guy and girl on screen for .1 seconds makes people immediantly ship them.
But yeah. This is just something I see alot in youtube comment sections and twitter threads and yes I am annoyed so this post is just explaining the facts.
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hillblly · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
@triquestar​ said: ❛ you looking more miserable than normal. what has gotten you upset? ❜
The Hillbilly has been miserable for god knows how long now, and it’s clear as day to anyone with a working pair of eyes. Of course, that’s because he’s being forced to hurt and to slaughter, and all the things he’s never truly wanted to become ... yet here he is, just as much a monster as HIM.  But then there’s days where the  misery just thickens and gets worse -- and that usually stems from one too many punishments for being such a slacking killer, or ... being forced to revisit that shitty ass house that he grew up in for a trial or so. Today was particularly bad, though, because on top of both of said things happening -- more than once, and in fast succession -- survivors had been so rude to him. Sure, he knows he should probably grow a thicker skin .. but sometimes it’s so tiring, hearing them be so rude. At this point, he doesn’t even have the energy to chase them, or show them a lesson -- no energy to get angry is spared.
Instead, he opts to try and cool himself down near one of those campfires the survivors love to hang around so much. The unusually hot night air doesn’t really bother him --  sure, it’s dry, but at least it’s closer to that saloon than that wretched farm. He’s still sitting alone, and most folk coming his way simply choose to turn back, or walk past him. To entertain himself,  he sits on his haunches, takes a stick, and starts drawing pictures in the dry dirt. He draws the sun, some butterflies, what he can remember of Norman’s face .... a couple other animals from memory, too. Too bad it’s not enough to distract him from that aching sadness weighing on his shoulders. Heaving a heavy sigh, he finally sinks to the ground and stares into the fire. Nobody to talk to or sit in unspoken solidarity with ... at least, not until Ji-woon joins him at the fire.  And oh, imagine the shock he gets when he’s being asked what’s upset him! His neck cranes up to stare at that pretty pop star, hands unfurling from gripping his worn, dirty jeans. He signs back a lie, even if it’s glaringly obvious that he’s not okay -- and man, does he wish it was as simple as just being able to reply. He wishes he could admit when something’s bothering him easier, but it’s still heavily ingrained into him that he shouldn’t bother other people with his issues. Especially not when it comes to admitting how lonely he feels. 
〈 I am fine. 〉 a pause, and his hands tremble a little -- .〈 Thank you for asking. 〉 A brief pause, and then Hillbilly asks another question. Perhaps it’s more blunt than it needs to be, but he’s too desperate to change the subject to care about phrasing.  〈 What are you doing here? I thought you didn’t like the campfires. 〉
... well, trutfully, that’s just an assumption -- he simply hadn’t ever seen Ji-woon hang around at one. He doesn’t actually know if he doesn’t like campfires. But  hey, he’s happy to have company regardless. He just hopes he doesn’t scare him off, or ... somethingl ike that.
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tattooyeol · 6 days ago
Oh no I'm so sorry abt your nausea issue, didn't mean to brush it off if it felt like I was doing that. Also that anon was... yeah like I love these boys a lot but that also includes poking fun at them sometimes, speaking of are they planning on appearing on any variety shows? Ik live performances might not be possible with only 4 members (altho I still think they can make it work) or are they gonna do any promo stuff
Nooo don't worry it's not like a debilitating problem or anything!! I'm not walking around nauseous every day or anything lol
I think some fans have very little humor about their stanning and they cannot accept anything but unambiguous praise of the boys, especially from other fans, so they feel the need to police 🚨 🚓 honestly if stanning isn't fun and you allow yourself to pike fun, then what's even the point? 😅
Idk i think live performances COULD be possible in some ways and then i also doubt it - I think it was a smart call from the producers of the MV to include a lot of backup dancers, which exo usually never has, bc that makes it easier to translate into a coherent live performance. Also since Sehun has the entire rap already, he can easily carry it. Vocally is where i see a problem - they don't have Baekhyun anymore so the only "main" singer left is Kyungsoo, whose comfortable register is much lower than what Baekhyun can do. So even if Ksoo could do Baekhyuns parts, someone else would have to do his parts, otherwise he's basically carrying the entire song - and as much as I love Ksoo and think he's incredibly talented, his vocal performance live isn't as strong or even in quality as someone like Baek or Chen (my opinion as a semi-professional singer myself pls don't come for me, i know from personal experience that live singing is HARD and i still think he is incredibly talented even though he's more often flat than the other two).
That being said, 90% of the song the vocal performance isnt difficult compared to a lot of their other music so i wouldn't be totally surprised if they could pull it off with a bit of tweaking!! Both minseok and jongin have grown a lot as singers so i don't doubt they could make it work
I don't actually know if they have any promostuff planned - I'm always a few days behind 😂 idk where people get all their updates from but i never know what's going on lol
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fighterkimburgess · 10 days ago
ahhh ik you said you have headcannons for eveything but i was wondering if u had stellaride + living with matt/around the firehouse?
Honestly I love this friendship so much. SO MUCH.
Matt Casey has had to learn to sleep with earplugs. So. Many. Earplugs.
He feels very guilty for Severide moving in with he and Gabby when they were newly engaged, because he feels like this is Severide's revenge. (It's not even on Kelly's radar but if he knew Matt was thinking this he'd tell him it was)
When Stella moves in Matt's nervous, because like Kelly is his ride or die best friend may as well be his brother, but Stella's his subordinate in work! What if they start bringing work disagreements home?
But he quickly realises that he was slightly overreacting because they just get along really well, and he gets to discover who Stella Kidd actually is.
They take turns cooking, and when it's Kelly's turn to cook it's either steak or takeout. Matt and Stella have no complaints on this.
The three of them usually drive separately to work so they can get their heads on straight and go from being housemates to coworkers, but the days they do drive together are some of Matt's favourites. The three singing along to stupid songs in the car (usually Stella's jeep), teasing each other.
He's not quite sure when it happens, but by the time the Stellaride engagement happens he's started seeing Stella as his little sister.
(It was off screen but I'm CONVINCED when he found out about the engagement he gave Kelly a shovel talk. Like full on "you're my brother and I love you but PLEASE DO NOT FUCK THIS UP")
When Sylvie moved to Fowlerton with the chaplain Kelly tried cheering Stella and Matt up. It didn't really work, but he did his best.
Around the firehouse people are used to everyone living together because it's an expensive city, but the way the three of them manage to work together without even saying a word is different.
Like with the Roomdogs they were all on different rigs and didn't work as closely together. But Matt's technically Kelly's superior officer (even though Squad works alone a lot) and he's definitely Stella's. But they just can tell each other what to do with a look.
Stella thought it'd be weird moving in with them. She loves Kelly, wants to live with him, but thought living with Matt would be the worst thing ever.
Then one day after a night out with Sylvie and Emily she arrives into the main area of the loft and Matt has pancakes and bacon cooking for her because it's his usual hangover cure for Kelly so he thought it'd help her.
That cements their friendship from coworkers who live together to actual friends.
He's definitely asked her advice about what to buy Violet for her birthdays, because Stella's really the only woman he's close to that he isn't struggling with romantic feelings for.
Stella definitely told him to man the fuck up about his feelings for Sylvie. It was once, they were both really drunk, and they've never talked about it since. Matt likes pretending it never happened, Stella wishes he'd have taken her advice.
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xdazednconfuzedx · 10 days ago
Friends with Benefits Pt 2
A/N: ik this chapter has been a bit longer than usual but bear with me.
"Jeez, Y/n I can see you staring." He chuckled, throwing a towel toward you, he took your phone, changing the song to freak nasty by Megan Thee Stallion.
You send him a look in disbelief, "you listen to Megan?!" You questioned him "Of course why wouldn't I?" He replied lifting his shirt, wiping the sweat from his forehead to reveal his carved V line. Directing your eyes all the way down to the waistline of his sweatpants. Biting your lip, not realizing he was making direct eye contact the whole time.
Tumblr media
"Oh your just asking to get fucked like a slut huh?" He said slowly rushing you against the full wall mirror. Feeling his lips inches away from yours but not quite kissing you, just aching to press his lips against yours, feeling the tension rise; you crave the feeling of him inside of you, making you wet at the thought.
"Please let me kiss you y/n," he begged, pressing his finger against your lip as he held your face in his palms. You pushed your soft lips against him, feeling like melting in his arms. Your cheeks flushed with red, slipping his tongue into your mouth. Both of you making out. His fingers grip at your waist, your hand gripped his neck; kissing and sucking on his skin, leaving red/purple bruises. "Fuck Y/n." he groaned throwing his head back, brushing his fingers through your hair. A slam comes from the locker room door, black widow finally showed up. "Hey! I'm sorry, we had to finish up a mission didn't expect it to take that long. I can take it from here Bucky. Thanks for helping while I was gone seriously." for the remaining workout you couldn't focus, all you did was rerun the moment in your head over and over again, wondering if he is going to finish what he started later. Butterflies fill your stomach, taking a few breaths trying to get back to focusing on training.
After returning from training, stark invited everyone over for a pool party. You weren't exactly happy because you didn't bring any type of swimwear. A few knocks hit your door, making you jolt up from your bed, wishing it was Bucky wanting to finish what you two started earlier.
"hey y/n you coming to the pool party? "Steve asked, his voice slightly muffled from the thick door. "Yeah, I'm just getting ready!" You shouted through the door, your voice cracked and he could tell something was wrong. He knocked again this time a bit quieter. "Can I come..." before he could finish his sentence he stopped at the noise of the door unlocking from the other side? "What's going on y/n?" He asked
"It's just everyone's going to the party tonight and I don't even have anything to wear or have anyone to really talk to." You replied, sitting on the bed.
Steve wrapped his arm around you, feeling bad for not even realizing that you literally just got there yesterday. "Hey, Y/n I'm sure whatever you wear will be fine. You don't exactly have to wear swimwear. Here I'll call Natasha and see if she can help since I'm not really good with style." He said laughing and giving you a bear hug.
"Thanks, Steve really, I just don't really feel like I fit in cause I'm new and I don't wanna mess things up." You replied feeling a frown spread on your face, not being able to control it. "Y/n I get it, I used to be the new guy and it was very weird at first but eventually you will click with people. How about you hang with me and Bucky tonight?" He asked lifting your chin back up and purposely bumps into the side of you. "I'm gonna call Nat real quick." He stated walking into the dining room to finish his call. After a few moments, he ran back into the room and seemed to be more excited than you. "She's on her way do you need anything before you go?" He said gripping the edge of the door. "no I'm alright, but thanks, Steve." You said grinning at his kindness.
( An hour later.") "Is she ready yet?" You heard a faint feminine voice in the distance. Footsteps approached your door. "What's up hot stuff you ready?."
Giving Nat a daring smirk, looking side to side to see if anyone was out by the door, you pulled her into the room. "Jesus y/n you look hot, like seriously if I wasn't dating someone I would definitely hit that." She said both of you started laughing. "Thanks for the help Nat really I honestly didn't think I would find any friends here but I guess I proved myself wrong." You said while Natasha pulled you in embracing the new friendship. "whenever you need me kid just call me seriously. But I got a mission in a few but let me know how the party goes.
"Alright bye, Nat!" You said hugging her goodbye and taking a deep breath as you shut the door. Another couple of knocks hit the door. "Hey y/n you ready to go?" Steve asked. Feeling your heart rush as you threw on a top and a pair of shorts over your swimsuit. As you opened the door you saw Bucky standing next to Steve. Feeling the blood run straight to your face at the direct eye contact you two had the whole car ride. Once they arrived Steve introduced you to everyone and even suggested playing karaoke, he even dared you to duet him on a song. Of course, you couldn't pass up the opportunity to sing with the famous Captain America. After you all sat down and talked everyone was laughing at a joke when you noticed Bucky staring at you, licking his lips. Noticing his glare on your glowing skin.
"Hey y/n I'm gonna go say hi to a few friends I'll be back soon," Steve said walking over to talk to Sharon. Feeling your throat parched you got up and headed to the kitchen to grab a drink. As you poured some water into a red solo cup you felt fingers hover over your waist. Turning around and bending the arm of who you thought was some creep, but turned out to be Bucky. "Ow.. damn you got some strength y/n." He said cracking his knuckles after you almost broke his hand.
"Maybe you shouldn't sneak up on people." You said moving your body against his. "Stop teasing y/n." He said gripping at your hips. "What you gonna do if I don't?" Biting your lip, feeling your panties start to soak in your juice. Brushing your hair out of your face and pressing his face close to your ear. "I would take your sassy ass to the bathroom, bend you over the counter and fuck you like the little slut you are." He whispered as he started kissing on your neck. Your fingers hovered over his belt, gripping it and pull him closer to you. Before you could even get a kiss on him he pulled you into the large bathroom, placing you on the counter. It had felt like time stopped when their lips connected, creating such a desire to rip each other's clothes off. The sound of your heart pounding was overpowering and made the tension greater. He could only focus on how soft you were, every part of your body was soft as a cloud. He didn't want to let go of this amazing moment. He felt the lust in your eyes stir in his stomach causing him butterflies. You pushed him against the counter, kneeling on your knees between his legs and giving him a look full of desire. "Fucking beautiful." He said while gripping your hair. "Bucky Be careful, if I look like a mess people gonna know something up." You said undoing his belt and placing your hands against his boxers. "I don't care." He answered. You pulled his stiff, twitching cock out, spitting your warm saliva, stroking him. "Fuck y/n," he groaned in a raspy voice that vibrated inside you. Wrapping your mouth around his cock and licking around his tip as you gagged reaching the end of his cock. "Fuck, how does she do that?" He thought himself, feeling his cock hit the back of your throat, he felt he was getting closer to filling your mouth. His moans making you wetter as they get needier each time. Before you could finish him he grabbed your waist putting you on the counter and got on his knees. "Show me how you wanna be touched doll." He said stroking his cock as you quickly strip to his command.
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herima · 10 days ago
hey jus made a reader x tech fic if you wanna read since Ik mans doesn’t have that much content. this was inspired by a tiktok i saw
I cannot see, I'm legally blind
Ao3 link
Rating: E
Gender-neutral pronouns as always
Part two will be out soon for readers with different body parts for now this is v and p.
Words: 3005
Tumblr media
Meditation helped you the most to focus before a battle, but you’d gone down a different path of meditation. One that usually led to you sitting for hours when you’d try to go down the path. The path of where the Jedi would be at the end of the Clone Wars.
“Uhm... Commander?” A voice echoed, immediately pulling you out of your state of being.
Looking around you’d realized you had made a circle of rocks and leaves around you in some kind of protective field. Blocking anyone from approaching you. Once you noticed you weren’t seated on the floor and in the air you lost focus and fell to the ground on your bum in front of a trooper.
“ Ugh.. ” You groan after landing on your pelvic bone.
“Your evac is taking longer than expected. Would you like to come on the Marauder with us? We will drop you off to Kamino instead,” Oh.. Of course I bust my arse in front of him! “Tech!”
“Yes, that is me,” You looked up a little too alarmed at him as he extended his hand, and he moved his hand in front of you to emphasize it was there and once you realized you’d been staring you took his hand in yours and noted the gentle caress of his thumb over your knuckles.
“Follow me,” He states, the warmth of his hand over yours leaving.
“Wait,” Pulling him back by his hand he looked back at you, eyebrows lifted in confusion. “You’re forgetting something,”
“I’m forgetting something?” Tech ponders and you hum in affirmation, doing his thinking stance before a thought hits him and he’d immediately went to his data pad to figure it out.
“You won’t find it on your data pad silly ,” You say looking behind him to make sure no one is coming, and once you’d called him that he realized it didn’t have to do with the mission or evac and a side smile pulled on his lips under his helm.
“If you take this off I can remind you, unless you want it over the helm—“
“N-No, no , I prefer it on my skin, it feels nice,” He says, with a bit of excitement he tried hiding to not seem desperate but it had been a while since you guys got to do this so he wanted it bad.
Now holding his helm by the lip of his right hand he bent down just a bit and you reached out to cup his face a little to rough causing his goggles to be thrown off balance and placed a firm chaste kiss to his cheek, adjusting his goggles he turned his head to place one on your lips and you both laughed into the kiss when your noises brushed over one another.
“ Lovely ,” he murmurs low against your lips that sent a hot shiver straight down your body and back to your brain in a soft haze, “Will I be visiting you tonight on Kamino? I missed this,” Tech’s hands found its place on your hips rubbing circles onto the edges of your pelvic bones that you could feel through your layers of clothes.
“Of course,” You blush, placing another kiss on his cheek, “what’s the excuse this time?”
“Hmm… I won’t explain myself to them, I’m sure they will come up with an excuse if my absence becomes of me, they never do head counts of us anyway were in charge of our own,”
Once your door had been knocked you immediately went to open the door, it was 0200 hours everyone already asleep other than the troopers that were patrolling. Immediately you drug Tech inside not wanting anyone to see him and shut the door behind him, pulling him into a long warm hug that he certainly welcomed but wanted it to be felt not you against his hard plastoid armor like usual.
“Please, let me remove my armor first darling,” You let him go despite how much you didn’t want to and gave him space, staring at him as he removed his pieces and he shot his eyes your way noticing your staring.
“Are you enjoying this or something?”
“ No… Maybe,” The maybe had him averting his eyes and sucking his bottom lip into his mouth whilst removing the lower pieces.
You usually flirted with him, made out for a bit one time making out for two hours straight. But it’d never advanced from there, he never pressed you for anything more. It relieved you but also turned you on at the same time.
“This is much better,” Tech knocked you out of your overthinking by wrapping his arms around you, and he was right the hug was much better and warmer. Nestling yourself tight against his body he placed kisses on your face, the pulling on his blacks you did gave him the idea you’d wanted more and he was doing exactly that.
You don’t know how you both ended up on the odd shaped Kaminoan couch, but you did and you were seated on his lap, arms around his neck, fingers combing through his curly hair and gripping it ever so tight as you feel his freshly washed hair from the usual matted helmet hair he had on the field.
Beginning to run out of air from how deep and long the kiss was getting you whined into his mouth, feeling him drag his fingertips roughly down your back as he pressed you firmly against his chest.
“Breathe..” You could hear him in between the lil bruising kisses, and you whimpered not understanding what he was saying muffled by the heat in the air till he finally pulled away from you. Getting a good look at you he smirked, adjusting his glasses as he shakily ran his hands up and down your back to calm himself.
“Breathe, cyra’ika,” You blushed, watching his other hand come up to rub along your top to bottom lip in a circle, “ Mesh’la ..” Tech said it in that tone again from earlier, taking note of the way you started shivering in his lap. “You like it when I talk like that?”
“ Yes..” You replied, and your lip was beginning to quiver a bit when he pushed your hips down against his and the sight enamored him.
“May I?” Tech asks, thumb still tracing circles over your lips. Not understanding what he meant you furrowed your brows, and he explained grazing his thumb gently over your bottom teeth. “May I explore?” Oh fuck. Even when polite he’s hot.
Your mind screamed legs clenching around his hips as his thumb breached your parted mouth going as far as he could and the feeling of almost choking had you shutting your eyes and rutting your hips forward against his clothed thigh.
“Ah.. Just as I expected,” Tech slowly pulled his thumb out of your mouth noting the way his thumb was coated thick in your saliva. “You salivate a lot when I go deep into your mouth,” He smirks, and you could swear his goggles were a little foggy as he adjusted them to look at you better.
“I would love to touch you more.. Explore you more,” Tech placed an experimental kiss to the only exposed skin to him, on your neck and loved the way you trembled and held his shoulders tighter,
“I have many… hypotheses of ways to make you salivate more for me sweetheart,”
Oh my gods.. I will suck y—
Your thoughts were cut off when he reached out for the belt of your tunic and you immediately slapped his hand away, and he looked to you confused as he removed his hands completely from you.
“I- I don’t.. I’m not,” Tech kissed your lips chastely, “You can speak when you’re ready, If I overstepped a boundary I will stop,” He affirmed, leaning back more to give you space to think.
“ I don’t like the way my body looks… ” You’d finally said it after moments of silence, and Tech's eyes flicked up to you in an instant as a brilliant idea had come to mind.
“ Oh! I have an easy fix for that darling, look-“ He removed his goggles and you noted the way his eyes went into an immediate squint after taking them off, “I can’t see kriff anymore,” The silence you’d given him in return had his face falling a little realizing you didn’t like the idea, but once you snorted a laugh and put your face between the crook of his neck he sighed with relief.
“Oh, Tech..” You laugh again, head shaking against his shoulder, “This is why I love you..” Oh shit.
“Love me?” You’d thought the idea turned him off, thought it was too far or outlandish to love him but it seemed his body loved the idea from the feeling of his length twitching excitedly against your thighs. “ You love me? ”
“Mhm..” You hum, kissing his neck.
“Oh.. Oh gods..” Tech blushed furiously realizing he was poking you with his dick and went to remove himself from the situation, but you pressed yourself firmly against him instead and watched his eyes flutter closed and lip get trapped under his teeth to stifle a moan you knew he was trying to hide.
“Kiss me.” Tech demands, grabbing your face out from his shoulder and to his lips in another heated kiss. This time accompanied by you both roughly rutting against each other as you did so, Tech started getting antsy grabbing your hips to keep them firmly in place so he could rub himself deliciously against every sensitive part of your body, every so often getting stuck on your entrance that had him groaning and possessively grabbing your ass, kissing down your neck to suck on the spot that made you whimper and whine into the warm air lowly.
“C-Close your eyes..” You say, shakily between a moan when he’d cupped your chest into his hands and started to squeeze them gently in a repeated pattern. Once you’d pulled away from Tech he growled low in his throat, watching as you made your way across the room to the light switches enclosing you both into a blanket of darkness accompanied by the Kaminoan moonlight that kissed Techs tan skin from where he laid on the couch.
The sight was beautiful and you realized you were just staring when he huffed impatiently, “Please,” Tech begged, seeing only your silhouette through his blurry eyesight. And that’s when you’d begun undressing yourself slowly, despite how blind he said he was you could feel the heat of his eyes on your body. “I can’t see that well, but I can tell you look delicious , please come here I’m running out of patience mesh’la,” Techs voice was raw and deep, and you could see how tempted he was to pull himself out of his blacks by how hard he kept rubbing his hands up and down his upper thighs.
You’d made your way back over to him and straddled his hips again, this time he immediately began kissing and biting your chest, his hands shaking as he firmly grabbed onto any part of you he could get his hands on. Murmuring and moaning about how sexy, beautiful, soft, and hot you felt the further he’d gotten. The more unhinged he became, mouthing at your nipples with a hunger he’d been holding in for so long through your under shirt it was almost painful how hard he was sucking on them but the whines you kept releasing said otherwise.
“ Yes . Yes. Mesh’la, you love that?” Tech was trying hard to come off as composed but he was just as fucked as you were, moaning sometimes with you but when he let his ungloved hands cup your lips he groaned shakily into your ear feeling how wet you were.
“I-I know this,” He says, rubbing the pad of his middle gently against your clit, “Is sensitive—“ Tech smiled to himself, pleased he was correct as he rubbed circles into it. But they were too big, “Smaller circles Tech— Mmph! Yes..” You whine through shaky lips, and bite at his shoulder through his blacks making him whimper at the sensation. “What about this?” Tech experiments running his finger up and down softly, “ Yes! ” You were embarrassed how fast you'd gotten close to an orgasm but he was enthusiastic and wanted to see this through. Pressing his finger harder against your clit watching your hips shake- he wanted to let you do it your own way but you moving meant you’d move from his touch. It frustrated him a little, causing him to pull your hair, “Stop moving your hips, I want you to feel it all,”
Before you knew it a slow orgasm flowed through you and you were sighing against his shoulder, eyes fluttering softly as you watched him trail his hand out of your underwear and up to his eyes. You thought he was going to wipe his hand but when he put it into his mouth sucking with enthusiasm and interest he hummed. “Crosshair was correct..” Tech's eyes were dark and he looked at his finger and back to your blushing face,
“It is delicious- may I use my mouth?”
When he said he wanted to use his mouth you expected kitten licking, experimental before going back to just his fingers but once he’d gotten a taste it seemed to drive him mad and went to exclusively using his mouth on you. Tongue fucking you as far as he could go, his fingers joining in only to go further inside once he’d heard you cry at the sensation of him rubbing a spot he’d researched about. He was on it as much as possible, leaving you in a constant shaking state with his head between your thighs, and you could feel your essence dripping down onto the couch under you both as another orgasm shot through you making your toes curl against his shoulders. Tech's hands kept your hips firmly pressed down as he enjoyed himself and you had to cry his name and tap his shoulder to stop him from making you orgasm a second time.
Your throat was rawed out causing your voice to come out exhausted as he sat up from his kneeling position on the ground. Licking up the essence from his fingers with a few obsessive grunts. “Please Tech.. Please ,” Tech was lost as you began pleading at him, “W-Was what I did not enough?” He says, smirking just a bit as he goes to kneel again. “Yes!, Yes I loved it but I want you inside me, please..”
“ Oh… Kriff,” Tech cleared his throat, hand running through his messy hair that you tousled from pulling and tugging while he let you fuck his mouth.
“ Yeah.. Come fuck me Tech please,” He started slipping out of his blacks immediately and was lining himself up, till you stopped him finger twisting into the hem of his top. “This has to go too,” you say playfully, thighs instinctively shaking the higher he moves your legs up.
“Oh- Of course, anything for you,” Stripping himself of his last clothing you admired the sight of his chest. You knew of course he was built to fight and was smart, but didn’t realize how strong he really built himself to be tracing your fingers from his chest and down your finger gently stroking a nipple of his noting the way his breath hitched. I’ll play with those later ..
Tech slipped inside you easily, your body inviting him in as he glided in. You could see his thighs shaking, hands gripping your hips hard with his head bucked down. “Hah.. Ohh my.. stars ,” Tech started to whimper the deeper he went, and each sound he elicited excited you more. “Hot.. So hot inside— Gods ..” He groaned, finally bottoming out. “I can feel everything ,” Tech's breaths were labored and shallow as he tried to pull out of you a little, the sensation overwhelming him causing him to whimper again from how good it felt. “I thought my hand was good..” He tried to joke but you squeezed him instead as he started to pull out loving the whines and hot breath he released.
“Baby, switch with me,” You say into his ear and he hums slowly moving the position so you are seated in his lap, his dick still deep inside you. “If you can’t move yet.. I’d love to get started first,” You moan into his ear lifting your hips up halfway and back down eliciting a silent cry as he throws his head back, eyes rolling back before falling back onto your face and down watching the way he slipped in an out of you.
Regaining some control he gripped under your thighs, noticing how shaky your thighs were getting. And easily began picking you up and dropping you down onto his length and you could tell how close Tech was getting from his erratic thrusts into you when he dug the balls of his feet into the couch to fuck up into you.
“Close- I’m close ..” Tech whines, you moan in response, the air being knocked out of you by every other thrust, you gasp at the feeling of his finger pressing circles into your clit and hear Tech as he asks you where he should cum wanting every bit of his pleasure inside you, you kiss him deep whimpering “ Inside.” Against his lips and immediately felt his cum fill you.
“ Kriff.. ” Tech moans, thighs shaking under yours as he tries to catch his breath you both lay there catching your breath. Petting each other and kissing each other chastely.
“I’ve wanted to do that for so long,” Tech admits, slowly pulling out of you and into a hug.
“Mhm..” You hum, completely out of it feeling him begin to gently kiss you chastely everywhere.
“Beautiful,” Tech murmurs against your skin before he remembers something, “You should probably pee darling, it’s good for your health,” You laugh.
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belleandkurtbastian · 10 days ago
headcanons - kurt?(obvious choice ik)
Headcanon for their sexuality
Hmm… Lemme think on this one and get back to you…
(Yeah, he’s gay, obviously)
But I want to actually talk about Kurt’s gender briefly. Kurt’s a cis guy. (Wow, great revelation)… But I think that he actually CONSIDERED whether he was non-binary. The overall pressure of “never being one of the guys” in high school, and his fashion sense, and then getting out there in New York… After the initial culture shock of realising the possibilities he’d never even dreamed of, he REALLY thought about it… But in the end, he settled back into the fact that yes, he’s a man. He’s just a cis gay man.
Have they come out? If so, how?
… Wow, we literally saw this in canon. So let’s have a “random coming out moment” story, instead.
Because like… There’s this perception people have from the outside, that the fashion world is all women and gay men. And that’s just… Not actually the case, really. There are a LOT of gay men in fashion, sure… But it’s far from universal.
But all of the men, especially the YOUNGER men, have that kind of enthusiasm and aura… To the extent that the women in the office often find it difficult to clock who’s romantically available.
… Thus leading to the EXCRUCIATING situation of Kurt being cornered at his desk by a woman who’s interested in him, and DESPERATELY making panicked faces across at Chase, who is LIVING for it. Kurt’s only been in this situation once before, and it ended up with a rock through his windshield. Forgive him for wanting to try to let her down easy.
(Luckily, Adam calls in the middle of this conversation, and Kurt lays on a THICK “Oh Adam! Hey, *BABE*, how are you doing?” That has Chase nearly convulsing in laughter.
How their friends/family took their coming out
Notwithstanding Bust Your Windows, the coming out itself has never REALLY been an issue for Kurt. The fact of the matter is that outside of Vogue, he gets clocked thirty seconds BEFORE he enters a room, and he’s just learnt to accept that. It saves the torture of having to break it down for people, and if he can get clocked without saying anything, people USUALLY have time to remember to shut up.
Do they go to Pride / with whom
As I said in my Sam responses: Kurt, Dani, and Elliott have a standing arrangement to be their own Pride group. Rachel, Santana, Brittany, and Blaine tag along when they’re around and feeling up to it… But Sam is a permanent fixture. Technically, he’s a tag-along, too, but when he’s been in town for it (and he once came into town JUST to go to Pride), he’s ALWAYS there, and he fits into the group with them all. Over time, Kurt does find more queer friends (which was always something he and Elliott talked about - even in CANON they talked about wanting that)… But Dani, Elliott, and Sam are his standing Pride arrangement, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.
Do they show their colours
Kurt’s always been a “say it loud, say it proud” person… But he has to admit, six colours is a bit much to incorporate into an outfit. He tries to go for something subtler, something that shows off his abs and biceps and thighs, more than anything… But Dani always manages to wear him down into adding a full rainbow into the outfit somewhere… Usually face paint, because at least that doesn’t really require the forward planning.
Now, does Kurt intentionally get Sam clothes in either the pan or nonbinary flag colours, and co-ordinate an outfit for Sam in those colours? Well… Yes, obviously.
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jungshookz · 11 days ago
Kinda wanted to talk to you because idk what I should do? There’s this guy I’ve known since middle school that I’ve always kind of casually talked to. We have a lot of the same interests like anime and movies and stuff like that. We usually end up talking once every couple months then go back to ignoring each other. What happens is that he’ll ask to FaceTime and watch something together and I agree, then after that I don’t want to FaceTime him anymore. He always asks to FaceTime then I tell him I’m busy which then ends up with me ignoring him. I feel bad for ignoring him but also sometimes he’ll be kind of condescending and I don’t really like it? I like to have playful moments with him but when he starts to act like he knows better than me that’s when I start ignoring him. He usually tries to talk to me again after like 2 months but he hasn’t texted me for a couple months and now I feel like he just doesn’t want to talk to me anymore. What is annoying is that Ik he talks to other girls, and he’s even sent me screenshots of him texting another girl while blacking out the girls name. My friends also think that he’s like the lowest of the low, and if I ever tell them that I like him they’d flip their shit. So idk what to do because out of all the guys around me, he’s the only one that I keep thinking about and I don’t really know if I want to date him because of how my friends would treat me and because he talks to other girls. Also he probably thinks I don’t want to talk to him or after I’ve ignored him he probably just forgot about me. I honestly don’t know what to do? Like I want to talk to him because he’s the only person that has almost all the same interests as me and I like talking to him. And I still like him which is weird but idk if I would actually date him? Which is why I’m asking what to do. I’m open to other people also responding because like I don’t know if I want to start this cycle over again??
Tumblr media
i'm totally kidding here r some words
i’ve said this before and obviously this isn’t new mind-blowing information or anything but it just sounds like this situation needs a vERY healthy dose of communication like!! he asks to call even though you don’t like it (i got your shorter message as well so i’m just going to pluck some info from there) you agree to facetime with him.,., but you actually hate it the entire time.., and then you tell him you’re busy to avoid facetiming with him even more,.,. and then you’re the one who ignores him,.., and sometimes he’s condescending which is not very pleasant so you ignore him even more.,., and now i think what you’re saying (if i’m understanding correctly) is that you’re upset because he hasn’t texted you in a while and when you guys do talk he’s sending you screenshots of his conversations with other girls.,., usually i am always on your guys’ side when it comes to sticky situations but this time i think i have to kick ur butt a little!! honestly i am scratching my head a bit trying to figure out what it is you want out of this situation because it’s like you wanna date him but you don’t wanna date him and you like talking to him but you also don’t like talking to him and you don't like that he's sending you conversations he's had with other girls but you haven't actually expressed to him that you might be interested in him so really it's kind of a mess
i myself am not a fan of facetiming at ALL so i totally understand how you feel but this boy doesn’t know how you feel!! all he knows is that every time he wants to call you you tell him you’re busy and then you end up noT calling him at all so i think u.,,. can kind of imagine how that would distance him from you, right? so i don’t know if we can blame him for not texting you for a couple months because he might be feeling like you’re the one who isn’t interested and you also don’t really want to stay in touch.,.,.
also with the whole condescending thing honestly the way i deal with snooty know-it-alls is i either try to shift the conversation to something else before something mean accidentally comes out of my mouth lolz
i’m reading over my response and realising i sound a little more meanie beanie than usual but sometimes tough love is needed to screw your head on straight so please get out of here and COMMUNICATE!! i can't just tell you what to do because at the end of the day you know yourself more than i do but what i will strongly suggest is to just sit down and have an honest conversation with this guy and i promise from that point on things will be much muCh easier to handle
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boba-duckie · 12 days ago
hq boys with things i want to experience
a/n - ik i said i was on hiatus, but you can make that a /semi-hiatus/ ALSO it’s like the buttcrack of midnight lol
miya atsumu | sakusa kiyoomi
fluff | headcanons | .5k+ words | gn! reader
warnings: kissing, NOT PROOFREAD
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
peppering his face in kisses w. miya atsumu (200+ words)
- you sat in the crowd, watching in awe as atsumu made the final set of the game, allowing hinata to spike the ball over
- the crowd erupted in a cheer when the ball dropped on the floor- after the other team failed to receive it. you smiled immediately when atsumu met your gaze.
- making your way over to him on the sidelines of the court, he welcomed you with open arms and clung to you instantly.
“you did great, tsum!” you said, atsumu letting out a content sigh while you wrapped your arms around him. “i’m so proud of you.”
“you know, i couldn’t have done it without you, babe” he murmured. atsumu was unusually exhausted from this game, and was looking forward to spending the rest of the night with you.. preferably in your arms.
“i only sat in the crowd, tsum. i didn’t play with you.”
“but still, you should come to my games more. you’re my good luck charm.”
“you smooth talker,” you said, cupping his face so that he was looking directly at you. giving you a questioning look, he allowed you to continue with what he thought was a passionate kiss.
the setter was surprised when he felt you pepper his face in kisses. starting at his left cheek, you felt his face lift in a smile against your lips. “what’re you doing, babe?” he asked, knowing fully well that the media would have a field day with the photos they took.
“i’m letting everyone know that i love you.” you replied curtly, and atsumu could’ve sworn that he fell even more in love with you at that moment.
“that’s adorable. let them know some more please,” he said, basking in your attention.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
linking pinkies w. sakusa kiyoomi (250+ words)
- despite what sakusa told you, you decided to stay and wait for him at his practice anyways
- the team welcomed you, and allowed you to sit on the sidelines to watch practice.. although your usually working on homework
- occasionally, you’d look up from your paper to see sakusa staring at you with a small smile. returning that smile, it’d quickly drop while a small blush collected on sakusa’s face
“you didn’t have to stay at my practice, yn.” he said, walking a bit behind you.
“it isn’t a problem omi,” you said, looking back at him. after practice, he always insisted on walking you home since it was usually dark by then. “if anything, i’m helping you out, you know?” you waited for him to catch up with you, and slowed your paces.
linking your arm with his, you didn’t notice how his face heated up. “komori said that you seemingly play better when i’m around, omi.”
“don’t believe him, yn,” he said, “i’m actually a good player,” he added sarcastically. taking his hand out of his pocket, sakusa did something he rarely did. he executed the ‘first move’, which was something that you usually did if he wasn’t shyly asking you to.
instead of holding your hand, he linked his pinkie finger with yours. he didn’t say anything about it, and you felt like your heart melted at the small action.
this continued for the rest of your walk, until you reached the front of your house. you looked down at your linked pinkies, and the two of you lifted your arms up.
“you didn’t mind me doing that, right?” sakusa asked, and you faced him.
“of course not, kiyoomi,” you said, assuring him with your words.
“good.. because i actually liked that.”
Tumblr media
hope you enjoyed <3 requests are open!!
reblogs are always appreciated, and allow others to see my work!!
gen. taglist (open) - @myoyachi @kac-chowsballs @kaleidoscopekai @kawaii-angelanne @elektrosonix @mypainistemporary @discountkiyoko
mahal ka MWAH
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toonduck · 13 days ago
Ayo do you have any hc about Tony? Furlecia? Marcellus? Or even Alia just anyone on the bus? :)
yes!! ik I talk abt Arlo and Ansel the most but don’t get me wrong I love the others a ton too
- Tony and Marcellus have known each other the longest! they used to run cons together, and ended up meeting Furlecia in the middle of one of their schemes. at first, she helps them out for a share of the profits, then goes on her way. a few days later, though, she manages to catch up with them and asks to tag along, and ends up staying with them for good
- Furlecia is the one who got Alia to join the group! Alia had been moving from town to town trying to find somewhere to live and work comfortably, but kept ending up scrambling just to keep herself afloat. during a particularly rough night, she runs into the others as they’re setting up to stay in a broken-down bus they found abandoned. Furlecia is the one who offers for Alia to stay with them, and she happily accepts! at first she’s just happy to be out of the cold and with understanding people, but she quickly realizes how special and kind they all are, and ends up sticking around
- Furlecia and Alia are the ones who decorated the bus! Furlecia tries to keep it stylish but Alia likes to add random knickknacks to the decor
- Tony cannot stand being picked up. Furlecia is the only one who he doesn’t get mad at for doing so
- Marcellus and Alia will try to prank the others pretty often. usually it’s Alia who comes up with the idea, and Marcellus goes along with it and helps her feign innocence when Furlecia and Tony react poorly
- Tony’s really good at sewing! he modifies all this own clothes to fit, and is the one everyone goes to if they need something of theirs fixed
- Marcellus can’t let his scales dry too much, so he tends to stay out of the sun on hot days and usually has a water bottle on standby just in case (on particularly hot days he and Arlo soak in the town fountain together)
- if anything goes wrong with the bus, Furlecia is the one to fix it! she’s skilled at solving technical problems and piecing things together
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fluffi · 14 days ago
a god’s menu hater?! 😾 jk, i understand. it wasn’t something i liked at first too. then it kept popping up as an ad before left and right by svt played (i was streaming it at the time) but i couldn’t bring myself to skip it? then i couldn’t stop singing it. i actually recall streaming both mvs during finals week instead of studying 😅
this is your sign to dive into wayv but ofc take your time. they’ll always be there if you need a good laugh. and i hope i’ll get into cpop someday, feels like i’m missing out on good music. 😕
shotaro really is up there huh? hope sm revives the nct dance channel and give the man a platform to post on. also have you watched shotaro’s relay cam episode?
yep it’s probably because of the sexual connotation : D i wanna go back to the time when ice cream was just ice cream. and ice cream cake gave me diarrhea once 😭 i still love it but i’m always hesitant bc there’s the slim chance i might suffer through that whole thing again.
i, too, abandon my ult groups when i start stanning new ones. but then again, my ults are an active bunch. with chan going live every week and an nct unit coming back every other month, it’s hard to totally get distant 😂 i used to not watch variety shows because my attention span couldn’t handle it 🤣 also ik you mentioned the groups that you stanned before but who are your ults? (but i think it’s listed somewhere on your blog tho i’ll check it out after i send this)
maybe they don’t read because these are lengthyyyyyy but if they do then 😃🤚🏼AAAAAAA i look forward to these exchanges too úwù
ah yes. those three bring in a lot of fans 🤣 maybe thats why sm put them in the first unit that promoted for nct 2020. strategy worked tho, felt the fandom grow bigger. shotaro edits devastate me whenever they pop up on the tl but i don’t see them often. and come to think of it, i have never seen a soft johnny edit.
spicy genres 😭 i am definitely NOT worthy of that title. but if there’s a specific type of nct fic that you would want to read, i might be able to give you recommendations. oh why would you want to wipe them ☹️☹️ save a copy somewhere at least, you might regret completely erasing them.
and SEUNGMIN. the biggest threat to my loyalty to bang chan. that man just devastates me every. single. time. something about him just makes me go all soft 😔 i had a whole rollercoaster seungmin phase last december bc i subscribed to his bubble and he was active as hell EXCEPT on christmas week. and i got sad bc he didn’t send a greeting..? care to share how it became seungmin for you?
also i have a finished seungmin drabble jailed in my docs based on this devastating gif. want me to tag you when i drop it? 🤣
Tumblr media
also yes that show 😭 i watched that bc i missed dream a lot but i haven’t got around to finishing it. i hope you’re enjoying it tho! they truly are a hilarious bunch. i saw a twt abt them though. that dream is a group of 20-year olds with 35 years of experience 🤣 they aren’t 4th gen but their ages make it seem like they are.
ah repetition both made us fall for gods menu and its glory. i still cant believe it didnt get one single win :( i personally preferred gods menu over back door but at least back door's music wins gave its sibling some justice. ugh same, i tend to stream mvs while studying but i usually end up watching the mv and the people in it instead haha.
also yes! get into cpop. i personally don't find their '4th gen' music (basically the new generation of kpop knockoffs) good because of its horrendous english grammar, but their music isn't mind blowing or anything anyways. i would recommend some ballads though, chinese ballads will remain superior forever.shotaro supremacy! i fell for him before i even started stanning nct, that says so much. and yes, ive watched his relay cam and fan cams multiple times, way before i stanned too haha. hes honestly so likeable.
lmao are you lactose intolerant? /g ice cream doesnt do much to me besides make me feel bloated. nowadays i prefer smoothies over it.
speaking of nct units coming back and skz, hot sauce just happened but we already have a 127 drop. i didnt think id see hyuck and mork in there D': give them a break sm. once again, title track isnt my taste at all, but maybe ill grow to like it after a few listens. ive surprisingly become a fan of hot sauce though. the hook and jaemins intro are super addicitng. 
stray kids world domination too! i didnt watch kingdom because im not available during the airing time but i streamed and looked at their performances and i have to say, no personal bias or anything, skz deserved that win :3 its all in good fun though, atz and tbz caught my eye and i might try getting into them in the near future hehe.
my ults are izone, skz, txt and enha! (i think you probably saw them already haha). my bias ults are jake and wonyoung. to be honest, with the amount of dream content im consuming daily, i think they might become one of my ults soon. argh i really want to write for them though.
no no your fics look so unique and spicy grrr. im really excited to read them! theyre different from typical fanfiction and im a sucker for that. hmm for recommendations, honestly anything sfw and fluffy is fine, i tend to love writing angst but im a sucker for reading fluff. ive been binging on lvdsc's works actually, so amazing argh. as for my works, ill probably private them...or move blogs? im still thinking about it.
skz bubbles! ah theyre always so fun on the app, did seungmin say anything interesting? as for how he became my bias, the memory's hazy but i think it was because i was looking at those september celebration videos (for han, seungmin and lix all together (?)) and just kind of fell for his gahs and his vlives. seungmin vlives are always so fun and relaxing, i like to do homework to them. especially that one vlive where he sang for 4 hours, that just made me fall in love with him more.
based on that gif, im assuming that the drabble is about nose booping? which i absolutely LOVE! YES! in fact, tag me in anything seungmin. anything. literally anything. that boy is my secret ult lmao.
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crazysexyco-ool · 15 days ago
heres some fuckin hc of mines bout the haikyuu ships
Tumblr media
daisuga- suga comments all the all corny ass emojis and quotes under ALL daichi post. he has the post notifications on, he’s gonna be the first person to like and comment on the post and he already has his comment ready with all the cringe ass emojis. he only does it to annoy daichi, and when daich i found that out they had a contest to see who could come up with the most crignest stuff to say. (suga won). suga and daich takes alternate weeks cooking. daichi knows all the names of suga students by heart, because suga talks about them so much. one time suga got pulled over by daichi for speeding LMFAOOOOO, he got yelled at and a ticket. when they cook together they have music in the back gorund and their just vibing swinging side to side throwing little jokes here and there or whatever and it just so 🥰🥰🥰🥰.
asanoya- when noya is out exploring he always look for some new cloth or if he see some fabic or something that he think asashi would like, he takes a picture of it and sends it to asahi and if asahi say he likes it noya buys it and whenever hes finna leave that country he sends asahi all the fabric and stuff he got for asahi. so asahi get a package every month or sum from nishinoya. when asahi joins nishnoya for his trips they always map out the like most romatic places and make sure to visit them. asahi sometimes uses noya as a manequuinn even tho noya is the abosoulte worse because he cannot keep still and is always moving around and getting poked by needles. 
kagehina- hinata and kagayema have a board set up in their kitchen or somewhere in their house so they can keep tally of all the wins and loses they have. at the end of the moth who ever has the most losts has to be the other “errand boy” for a week. kagayema was the first to say “i love you” lmfaoaooaoa it was by accident tho and hinata willl always and forever remind him about it. hinata dyes his hair one time because he was by kenma when kenam was dying his hair and wanted to try it, so when kageyamea came back to a hinata with a different hair color, he just said nope and walked back out the door.
kuroken- kuroo forgets to eat. so instead of kenma reminding kuroo to eat he be like “kuroo lets go eat” and they eat together, so whenever kenma eats kuroo eats or if kenma is not there to remind kuroo he texts him and sends a picture of him eating. when kenma cant get pass a level he go and plops down in kuroo lap or snuggle into his side and kuroo usual watches and tell him little things that will help kenma. but sometimes kenma just plays better in kuroos presence. kenma called kuroo his goodluck charm not in front of him though never. kenam wears rings, and kuroo ike to twist them around kenma’s fingers. 
bokuaka- akasshi mom used to do his hair until akasshi started highschool, so akasshi did not know how to do his hair. so one time bokuto seen akasshi in the bathroom strugging and helped him fixed it. now ever since then bokuto help akasshi with his hair. akasshi REFUSED to go get his eyes checked when he was having trouble seeing so bokuto had to trick akasshi into thinking there were going on a date and brought him to they eye doctor. 
iwaoi- when oikawa has to go to agrentina, iawzumi wakes up at the crack of dawn to see oikawa off and they always cry when its time for oikawa to get on the plane. iwazumi texts and calls oikawa A LOT because he doesnt want himt o fall into his self destrucitve habaits again. oikawa takes a picture of everything he did that day so just incase they dont get on the phone he still has some kind of way to tell him abouthis day. they went to build-a-bear and made a baer that looks like them to giver to each other so they have a piece of each other. oikawa likes to do his and iawzumi nails together, iawzumi either gets black or clear. 
Tumblr media
this is what i was expecting from the ships or something like this at least.
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wcterlilly · 15 days ago
it might be far fetched but i think utahime has a "big"(?) role in gojo's rescue. aside from gege's been keeping utahime from the chapters, we haven't even seen or gotten any information about her technique yet. and like you previously said, her only written description is that she's good at "singing" instead of a kyoto school teacher etc so idk if that's really important to the plot.
besides that, once again, i know this is a little far fetched lol 😔 sorry, in the op 2/vivid vice, utahime is seen searching for someone or something in the woods similar to the woodland area near the tomb (?) might be a possible foreshadowing but yet again it may also be too far fetched since it's just a theory that i found on reddit but it's kind of an interesting one ngl.
but if gege's really up to something, i think it's gonna big and hopefully, worth the wait. but if it's not, then oh well, what can we do about it 🧍‍♀️ i just want utahime to be safe and sound but at the same time, LEMME SEE DAT TECHNIQUE, MAMA
i didn't realize how in depth i got with this so its pretty long i'm sorry anon ISJSJS
considering how she's being practically forgotten in the series rn, i like to think that too ! but gege has been on a deadly spree lately so at the same time i'm glad SJBDJS + if a non fan or casual fan of jjk saw that description, they would be confused since she doesn't even sing in the manga at all. the only reason its canon is bc gege mentioned it briefly somewhere and bc of her name
from good story telling perspective, it would make sense for her to play a huge part in gojo's rescue. keeping a character really hidden for this long has to indicate some type of importance since all characters should be important to any story. what i'm hoping is that gege doesn't just write characters for the sake of them just being there if that makes sense, but as of now he's doing okay of making a use of them (we'll see how the rest of the chapters go). make use of all of them is what i'm trying to say here
if she's not involved with gojo's rescue, then the other option would be that she would be of importance AFTER he gets out, whether that's fighting by his side / for him or he needs her technique in some way. ik i'm making this sound like she's only there for gojo and she's definitely a character that can stand on her own if she wanted to, but the story practically revolves around him rn so it's hard not to ... i could go on and on about her as a character but i'll try to stop myself from rambling and stay on topic LMAO
BUT all this could be said for the other characters who are MIA rn (inumaki, ino, hakari, etc) and i want to believe that they are the characters who will play some role in gojo's recuse or afterwards, but i could be taking this way too far
as for the opening, i never thought about it bc it looked normal ish? but then again jjk openings are filled with easter eggs so you could be right anon 🤔 i would love to know the reddit theory you saw since i'm drawing a blank atm with this one 👁👄👁
gege's always up to something and it's usually something bad 🥲 the least we can ask is for him to show us her technique and to not k*ll her off
i actually have this thought about releasing gojo in general that could pertain to utahime or any of the other characters. i wouldn't call this a hc or theory since it's so far fetched, but just a fun thought about the heavenly spear if anyone's interested hearing that ISNSKSNS
but this is what i think for now and i'm glad to know that others seem to agree with this theory too :) i'd be happy to theorize and talk more about this !! sorry if i talked talked too much 🥴
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vettelton · 15 days ago
Thanks @tittipaldi for the tag <333333
1. Why did you choose your url ?
My fav driver are vettel and Hamilton so vettelton “ it actually sounds so good , pretty name :)))))))”
2. Any side blogs?
Nah but IF “and I don’t think that will happen” there is alot of volleyball blogs in the future i’m gonna have one for volleyball because I annoy so much people here ik
3. How long have you been on tumblr?
Since 2019 i think
4. Do you have a queue tag?
5. Why did you start your blog on the first place?
Because of skam , and many blogs here translate its remakes so it was a way to watch them
6. Why did you choose your icon/pfp?
Lewis Hamilton , black mask and black cap ,perfectt and also because most of the pic are black and it’s my fav color
7. Why did you choose your header ?
I like this pic so much , it always makes me smile because tipsy max passing out beside dan who is tapping on his phone not giving a shit ,I found it funnyyyy
8. What’s your post with the most notes ?
I actually don’t know 😅?? I always post anything that i wanna post and then I don’t care about the notes, but i think i have few posts around 300 notes they are the most
9. How many mutuals do you have ?
People actually know that?? I don’t really know again😂😂😂
10. How many followers do you have ?
155 “love y’all”
11. How many people do you follow ?
152 ? I think ..
12. Have you ever made a shit post?
I actually don’t know about that because every post i write is something that I like or one of my opinions so no
13. How often do you use tumblr a day ?
ALOT , more than any other apps
14. Did you ever have a fight/argument with another blog?
Yes, because of palestine and israel and someone here called me anti-semitic and indirectly called me a terrorist too perks of being arab “rolling my eyes”
15. How do you feel about the “you need to reblog” posts ?
I don’t care about notes and I don’t consider myself a content creator but if you like a post it won’t hurt to reblog too i think
16. Do you like tag games ?
Yes , I don’t know anyone here literally so i usually don’t get tagged but it’s fun
17. Do you like ask games ?
Haven’t tried it yet
18. Which of your mutuals do you think is mutual famous?
I think i have a few so won’t tag anyone
19. Do you have a mutual crush? Nah
20. Tags ?
Okay I usually don’t like to tag anyone because don’t wanna bother but @schumaquinho @angiexyoung @allgaslynobrakes @jokimmi @widdajan do it if you wanna “ and if you haven’t done it before”💜💜💜
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