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zekejeagrs · a month ago
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zekejeagrs · 2 months ago
Hi friend! This is mha-adore; I'm on my main blog because my mha blog is a side blog and I can't send a question from that blog. Just to prove it's me - you came to me asking about a matchup exchange and I asked you to explain what it is and I agreed, and the day after I wrote my side matching you with Shoto, and in our personal messages your recent message is, "I'm so excited to do your matchup!" something to that idea. I hope that's enough to prove it's me.
I'm asking for a matchup with mha please.
I'm a quiet and well mannered person who strives to appeal to everyone I meet. I happen to have a personality disorder and as such, some people get a different idea of who I am. I consider myself friendly but emotionally distant, a friend of mine has accused me of not caring at all because I'm naturally a distant person. I'm mostly very respectful and try to avoid any conflict or fights, but the moment someone insults or fights a friend of mine or my partner I drop my friendly exterior and hone in on the person, insulting them, spilling any tea I know about them, I say whatever comes to mind that I know will make them feel terrible, and I end it by stomping on their foot. With close friends or my partner I'm more talkative - not loud or boisterous, just more talkative. I insert my opinions more, I hold a conversation and I openly give my thoughts about different topics without worrying that I'll upset them.
I'm a trans male who uses he/him and they/them pronouns; I'm pansexual. I'm 19 and a Leo sun, Aquarius moon, Virgo rising. The only characters I don't feel comfortable being matched with are Endeavor, Dabi and All Might.
My hobbies involve drawing (I'm working on a comic), I love to play both Pokemon and Animal Crossing, I enjoy writing fan fiction, studying and playing card games. (Like Old Maid, Go Fish, Crazy 8s, Blackjack, Solitaire, you get the idea.)
My love language is to show my love in subtle ways. Cooking someone a meal they love without being asked to, spending time with them doing whatever they want, giving them hand made gifts and giving them cute pet names like love bug, sweetheart, sweet tea (a different way of saying sweetie). I offer genuine advice to them, even if I know it'll hurt or upset them. I want the best for my partner, even if it means taking the path of most resistance. I want someone who can aim an arrow into my heart. I look for someone who shares my taste in music and who will listen to music we both enjoy together. I like the area of Melanie Martinez, Billie Eilish, Ricky Montgomery, lofi beats and some of the older country music, like from the 80s and 90s. Generic, I know.
As for anything specific, perhaps my matchup's opinion on having children? I'd really like to have a child someday.
Thank you again so much for the matchup exchange offer, it's very kind of you 💗
— matchup exchange
ty sm again for doing this exchange with me! you seem so nice i’m v down to be mutuals/friends with you (only if you want ofc)! also, what would your quirk be? i’m v interested in what it would be since i mentioned what mine would be on my submission to you. i hope you enjoy your match! 
Tumblr media
i match you with...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
| hi yes i matched you with a human marshmallow. one of the reasons why i matched you with taishiro is because of the difference in your personalities and the way he would work well with your personality because of how much he cares. the way you’d meet him would probably be by working at his office. he’d find you to be so sweet that he wants to get to know you better. he actually doesn’t mind how proper and emotionally distant you are because he understands that everyone is different and present themselves differently.
| you’d take some time to open up to him and become friends but he’s completely fine with that! he understands reserved people because of tamaki & only wants you to feel comfortable around him. because of that,,, taishiro definitely always starts the conversations. “how’s your day?” “what did you do over the weekend?” “what did you think of that movie?” once you become more talkative with him and have your conversations, he’d be so happy because he sees it as a new level of friendship.
| that’s when he starts realizing he actually has a crush on you. he’d confess at the end of a long work day and explain that he’d like to be your partner,, “i really enjoy your company and i want to be your partner for a long time- oh i just realized what i said, only if you also want to be my partner- or i mean would like to give me a chance to prove myself-“ idk how he managed to get himself out of that one but it would end with you accepting to have dinner at his house.
| like i’ve said before, taishiro doesn’t mind that you’re emotionally distant. he knows you care and just show it differently than others. the first time he saw you angry at someone he was very scared & shocked because he’s never seen you that way before. he just stood behind you as you absolutely slaughtered the person you were angry at and watched with wide eyes before trying to diffuse the situation. he asked if you were okay and that it wasn’t a big deal that that person was insulting him but he expressed how grateful he was for you standing up for him. he never wants to see you like that again but he’s glad he got to see every part you.
| HE IS VERY RESPECTFUL ABOUT PRONOUNS!! that was probably the first thing he asked you! “oh! he/him and they/them? i go by he/him too!” he’d even write it down to remember because he doesn’t want to make any mistakes or offend anyone.
| taishiro would be so supportive of your comic! he’d check up on you when you’re working on it and bring you cut fruit and water. he’d genuinely be so interested in your drawings and writings— he’s not artistic so seeing it come so easily to someone would be so cool to him. he’d only read and look at what you’re comfortable with sharing though! if you ever ask for any creative help, he’d be 100% down to help you. he comes up with the coolest ideas too and you wonder why he says he’s not artistic.
| on his days off you guys either stay indoors and play animal crossing or walk around and collect pokémon. his island would be so messy so he’d always try to copy your island. island visits & he always leave you gifts. he’d have so many pokémon because he plays when he’s on parole (oops!). he’d jokingly brag about it to you and would offer to take you with him next time but he doesn’t want you to get hurt. he seems like the type to be secretly very good at card games?? he’d just surprise you with how good and competitive he is when you play together and with other people.
| taishiro listens to old country music. he knows every lyric to every dolly parton song and sings when he thinks he’s alone. you’d have to introduce him to your other favorite artists & he’d absolutely love their songs! ricky montgomery makes him cry a little but he’s fine! he swears! even though there’s tears rolling down face!
| PLEASE COOK HIM FOOD! the first time you cook him food to show your love he just blushes and smiles the whole time. he can’t. HE CAN’T! HE JUST LOVES YOU SO MUCH ALREADY HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR HIM TO LOVE YOU EVEN MORE??? every other food is ruined for him after you cook for him because your cooking is the absolute best to him.
| he’d love the small gifts you give him, he’d treasure every single one of them and display them around the house. sweet tea would be a perfect pet name for him- he loves it so much. he’d call you love bug in return and cook you dinner and give you small gifts. he’s definitely an acts of service and quality time guy. just being in the same room as you doing separate work is good enough for him. your presence just soothes him and he has a blast!
| taishiro values your opinions very much. he always tries to be the best partner for you and listen to you because you have so much insight. he also trusts you so much and knows you mean well when giving him advice. he just loves you so much, he doesn’t want to disappoint!
Tumblr media
his opinion on having children
| he basically already adopted tamaki & kirishima, of course he wants kids!
| you’d have to be the one to bring it up because he doesn’t want to seem like he’s forcing you into anything.
| he’s so relieved once you do bring it up though! “yes! i want to have a family with you!”
| it doesn’t matter if you have them biologically, adopt, or have a surrogate— he loves his child so much and cried because he was so overwhelmed with love and finally being a dad.
| he’d be the best dad! (although a bit clueless) he wouldn’t imagine having a family with anyone other than you. you’re just perfect for him.
| he’d also ask if you could adopt a dog
| he is so protective over his family too. if anything were to happen to either of you, he would be so upset because you’re his life.
| overall, taishiro would try to give you and the child the best life!
Tumblr media
i hope you enjoyed! pls lmk if anything is inaccurate or if you want me to make it longer.
@mha-adore @space-cowbop
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zekejeagrs · 2 months ago
— (some) haikyuu characters as sims players
idk if this is too specific or just not interesting but i had the idea and ran with it.
minor timeskip spoilers.
Tumblr media
| KENMA would be a serious sims player. he has all of the sims games (1-4) and all of the expansion packs. he’d play challenges on his stream, like the 100 baby challenge & the generations challenge. i also feel like he’s a bit too serious about his sims— like he has backstories and nice houses for them too. also all of his sims are rich??? without cheats?? that’s impressive.
| TENDOU came to have fun and mess around. he’d spend hours making the weirdest houses and sims. everything is messy and weird and his sims are all ugly and aliens. they’re dressed horribly and are just so chaotic. the houses are actually cool despite being messy?? he’d have the dogs and cats pack and he’d have these weirdly designed animals running around. he also made the whole shiratorizawa team and they live in a huge mansion together. goshiki complains about how his looks. tendou is also 100% a juno birch stan.
| YACHI would have the most beautiful houses and sims! she made everything look perfect— all of the EA builds and townies are redesigned to make them look better (which takes so much time but yachi did all of it!) she also has the expansion packs that are very domestic,,,like parenthood, dogs & cats, & discover university. she’d also have her builds on the gallery and they’d all have a bunch of downloads. i don’t think she’d play much, just build and make cute sims. yachi also made the whole karasuno team.
| OIKAWA made himself in the sims and gave himself a mansion and a hot spouse (iwaizumi). he brags about how great his sim is doing and how rich and successful he is. he’d own the get famous pack and would make himself famous and loved by everyone. when he’s not playing with his self insert sim, he’s playing with an “average” suburban family. the family has a lot of drama that he made up and the wife is on her fourth husband.
| NOYA & TANAKA don’t get me started on how chaotic everything is. their sims have horrible style, they only use EA builds, and they only use the base game bc saeko bought it on sale for like five dollars. they’re not even playing the sims 4 they’re playing the sims 2. they only make female sims with huge boobs and butts and have them live in the most poorly decorated houses. there’s only a chair and a bed and they somehow never get complaints from the sim. i also feel like they’d mimic their sims?? like tanaka talks in a high pitch voice to mimic the wife and noya would talk in a deep voice to mimic the husband. but hey, they actually have a lot of fun playing. maybe they’d even post videos of them playing the sims on youtube.
Tumblr media
these were actually p fun to write,, lmk what you thought. requests are open btw!
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zekejeagrs · 2 months ago
please could i get some hcs of annie and mikasa confessing to a female reader?
annie + mikasa confessing to f!reader
ty for the request,, i hope you enjoy!
ngl i feel like these are gender neutral but i can change that if you want anon
Tumblr media
| annie would have the whole confession planned out. she’d ask you to meet her in your shared private spot at night and would tell you there.
| assuming the spot is outside, she’d have a blanket out to lay on and a small cupcake to share. she loves sweets.
| you’d show up right on time and ask what’s going on. annie would tell you to sit so she could tell you.
| she didn’t show it but annie was very scared of you rejecting her, especially since she’s not experienced with these types of things.
| annie would tell you her feelings flat out. just “i have feelings for you and i wanted to know if you felt the same.” her face would be so flushed but, luckily for her, you couldn’t see it due to the darkness.
| you’d never expect this from annie but felt relieved that she confessed first since she’s definitely the most intimidating one between you two and you weren’t sure how to approach her about it.
| you’d let out a small laugh of relief and admit your own feelings. that would be one of the first times you see annie smile. she’d feel so relieved and happy that she doesn’t need to keep these feelings in anymore.
| you’d both know you’d treasure this moment since it was so special.
| after talking it out more, you’d enjoy the cupcake (she ate most of it since you let her bc you knew how much she likes sweets) and spend some time laying on the ground and watching the stars while talking some more.
Tumblr media
| mikasa knew she wanted to confess her feelings but she has no idea how. she felt that she couldn’t tell you anything face to face because then she’d mess up and embarrass herself.
| so, she decided to go to armin. armin was delighted to hear about mikasa’s feelings towards you. (he had a feeling abt it)
| armin suggested writing a letter. “you can tell her how you feel without having to do it in person— and it’s romantic.”
| mikasa wrote the most heartfelt and thoughtful letter. it was absolutely perfect. (i feel like she started it with “my beloved y/n” ahhh)
| mikasa carefully sealed the letter with wax and grabbed a single flower from the meadow nearby.
| “hey mikasa,” you greeted her but were immediately met with a letter and flower.
| mikasa couldn’t make eye contact and she tried to hide her blush behind her scarf. “please read it when you have the time.”
| you didn’t have time to say anything before she left. you read the letter before dinner and couldn’t stop the fluttering in your heart. did mikasa really feel the same way the whole time?
| the letter instructed you to meet her outside the beds during dinner so you two could have some privacy if you felt the same. you met her there and you two spent the whole time talking.
| you could feel the relief coming from mikasa as you got a small peak of her soft smile behind her scarf. you both were so glad to finally be completely honest with each other and start something special.
Tumblr media
ahh mikasa and annie brain rot
thank you anon for requesting these i hope you enjoyed <3
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zekejeagrs · 2 months ago
ack hi :) what about a headcanon of bokuto trying to cook something hard to make? and like he almost burns the house down🤠
bokuto cooking hcs
hi ty for the request, i hope you enjoy <3
Tumblr media
| bokuto and kitchens DO NOT MIX WELL AT ALL
| bo would overhear one of his teammates bragging about this delicious dinner he made for his significant other and bokuto decided he had to make dinner for his special person.
| akaashi helped bokuto look for good recipes. bokuto decided on making lasagna since he would have to make everything from scratch (and akaashi thinks it wouldn’t be as dangerous)
| bokuto is at the grocery store looking for the ingredients. he’s scratching his head, not sure which type of tomato or flour would work best for the dish. he’d probably have to ask someone working at the store for help and they’re like “?? wtf do you mean which tomatos are best for lasagna?? just get canned.”
| but bokuto is too determined to get canned. (what a guy!)
| after spending a long time at the grocery store, bokuto gets to his house and takes everything he needs out.
| i think you have to boil the tomatoes to make sauce?? idk don’t quote me on that but that’s when bokuto starts using the stove. everything was going fine until he left a kitchen rag too close to the fire and it caught fire... luckily bokuto caught onto it quickly and patted the fire away.
| “phew! that was close!” and then the fire alarm goes off. he started swatting the smoke away and then just decided to take it down and take the batteries out to make it stop.
| at this point he started getting upset :( things weren’t working out correctly but he must continue!
| i really don’t know how to cook pls i’m just guessing bokuto has to blend the tomatoes but he forgets to put the top on and now there’s hot tomato sauce everywhere 😩
| bokuto exclaims and wipes off the sauce from the walls and his face (poor bo) but he saves the sauce that didn’t go everywhere and continues making his lasagna!
| bokuto finally made it to the construction of the lasagna without messing up the homemade pasta.
| he’s layering everything but he keeps on eating slices of cheese so he ran out and put that cheese that comes in a whipped cream bottle on the top layer </3
| finally, bokuto finished his meal and the kitchen is an absolute mess. there’s flour and sauce everywhere and bokuto himself is a mess.
| but the dinner was surprisingly nice! bokuto was a bit embarrassed at his lack of skill in the kitchen but his special person reassured him that everything was perfect.
| bokuto was so relieved to have been done with the cooking and he was so happy that his special person liked it. but they agreed to leave the cooking to them 😅
| and bokuto 100% bragged about his meal to his teammates after that.
Tumblr media
i hope you enjoyed! these were so much fun to write <3
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zekejeagrs · 3 months ago
what’s asahi like on his birthday 😋😋
ty for the request!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
asahi obviously is a very anxious person and doesn’t like being the center of attention.
and he doesn’t like seeming like he’s needy so he doesn’t tell any of his teammates that his birthday is coming up during their winter break (jan. 1).
but suga and daichi + the second years know asahi’s birthday is coming up since it’s right after daichi’s birthday (dec. 31)
so naturally, the other third years + the second years tell the first years that they’re planning a mini celebration for both daichi & asahi’s birthdays when they get back from break and to wish them a happy birthday on the 31st and 1st.
(kageyama & tsukishima are the only ones who don’t end up wishing them happy birthdays since kageyama forgot and tsukishima didn’t care rip)
on the night of the 31st, suga & asahi are at daichi’s for a sleepover and asahi hasn’t made any comments about his own birthday.
once the clock struck twelve, daichi and suga start wishing asahi a happy birthday (ik its new years too 😩 their birthdays are v complicated)
then suga grabs asahi’s bag and throws it at him and is like “cmon we’re sleeping at your house”
asahi’s like “:0???” and daichi says that noya is already waiting for them to get there for their sleepover
the boys get to asahi’s house and sleep,,, the next morning, asahi’s phone is flooded with birthday wishes from his teammates and friends.
asahi’s so happy later that day with his friends and family getting to cut his cake.
of course noya mentions that he’s excited for the real celebration when they get back to school and asahi’s like “:’) what??”
Tumblr media
i hope this was good i obviously am v new to writing online and tumblr so pls i’ll get better at these over time
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