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#ignore me while i ball
liontamer1992 · 15 days ago
Does anyone else completely lose it when watching the very end of The Return of the King? I cried when I first watched it when I was 13 and now, I might break down even harder, still at 28. Maybe I'm just a huge nerd for this stuff.
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erb23 · 2 months ago
Four seasons in and we finally have a new costume for our titular heroine. It feels a bit... too little to late by this point.
#a lot of potential developments in this show do tbh#they've been dropping the ball for 3 whole seasons and now we're on the 4th#her recognized design is just what it is now. you only have to look at other shows to see that new designs tend to not stick#at least in terms of general recognition outside of avid fans#i'm no fool so i wont hope that she'll actually get to focus on plot this season#if anything the specials just prove that plot and her actual character development will always play second fiddle to this annoying romance#its not even interesting at this point because it so obviously detracts from actual interesting narrative points#will she track down the big bad? is she gonna develop her powers? train? confront her partner on their lack of commitment to saving the city#nah she'll just embarrass herself over a boy for 24 mins. rinse and repeat for 3 whole seasons with little to no advancement#in any of her relationships. we just got flat dynamics all around. to the point where the only reason she's going to visit her own damn fam#is cuz her crush is gonna be nearby. like. excuse me!#no build up. no intrigue into her own damn family outside of her following her crush to a different fucking country while she's visiting#pls someone pull the plug on this show so we can get a reboot in 10 yrs with more competent writers i am begging you#ignore me#long tangent but i am tired of this gd show and only continue because watching it makes me appreciate other shows more#like they couldn't properly set up of foreshadow if their lives depended on it#new shows by only like a couple of years have done more in one season than we got in 4 plus 2 specials and an upcoming movie#not to mention the hill-full of canceled projects too
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vaguely-concerned · 7 months ago
wow those overwatch novel leaks huh... you gotta wonder what kind of monkey’s paw shit I’ve been inadvertently fucking with without noticing to deserve this 
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hanamitg · an hour ago
Azul Ashengrotto - Birthday Special
Tumblr media
Right after the interview, Zara put away his note then took a sip of his tea. "Ha... A tea after work is sure the best."
He heard a chuckle from his side. "Glad you like our drinks, maybe you should come again tomorrow to taste our different menu."
"As long you pay my medical bills first." He said in a monotone voice, made Azul smiled bitterly.
"Still bitter about it, I see." Azul put a slice of cake in front of the younger male. "Hope this can fix it."
"A cake? Really?" Zara took a bite of the cake. "Not enough."
Azul sat next to him. "I thought it's already even after the Scarabia event."
"Eye for an eye, sir." Zara said, made Azul felt a little bit uneasy but not showing it.
"Today? On my birthday?" He asked.
Zara went silent for a while before laughed. "Just kidding! Can't really blame you for what happened." He nudged Azul's side, a little bit hard. "Hey! At least I can walk again after a few days."
Azul kept smiling. "What a funny joke, Zara-san."
The shorter male put away the clean plate. "Still, I was looking forward to it tho."
"Say, Zara-san, do you have a plan after this?" Azul changed the topic, still smiling.
Zara shrugged. "No, not really." A cheeky smile formed on his lips. "Why? Want me to stay over as I did with the twins?"
His words made Azul chuckled. "What a confident statement, sadly no. I have something to do. Except if you want to sign a certain contract."
This time, Zara laughed. "No thanks, I had enough of your contracts. Also, you should rest for today, why bother working?"
"Oh, you worry?"
Zara nodded. "Yeah, of course. The twins too."
His words caught Azul off guard but the younger male ignored it. He took Azul's hands and put something on them then left to greet the twins. Azul looked down at his hands and saw a round fluffy dark purple octopus with a note:
'please stop crushing my legs and crush this thing instead (´• ω •`) also, don't even try to ask me as your business partner.'
Azul tried to squish it then the ball inflated back. It made him smile a little. "Very unfortunate... I'm about to make a new contract for this."
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amrwantonblog · 3 hours ago
In regards to Jeankasa goes (assuming it is Jean)
I think there was certainly a story to be told from this. The concept of Mikasa and Jean growing closer over time while her relationship with Eren was strained could have been a wonderful thing to explore.
That said, as is I won’t lie I feel this wasn’t handled in a good way. It’s fine to leave things up to your reader’s imagination. But I feel like with this it’s 98% percent imagination and 2% in story context.
There’s foreshadowing for Jean/Mikasa being the endgame. Jean’s dream in 127 being the most overt. But foreshadowing is not development and I feel that’s where Yams dropped the ball hard. 
You can foreshadow all you want but when your endgame has half your ship ignoring the other for 139 chapters where she’s in love with someone else I just can’t say it was something that was built up well.
I feel the reader is intended to be happy that Mikasa was able to find love again after her difficult life and that the kid/husband are supposed to represent that but when you restrict that to a single panel where Mikasa’s focus is on Eren again it leaves a weird impression.
This story was not about Jean and Mikasa’s relationship so it’s fine in that sense but for Mikasa’s conclusion to be so heavily focused on EM while Jean and the kid are just background props doesn’t sit right with me.
I feel this was just a disservice to all 3 of Eren/Mikasa/Jean in the end and that’s a shame cause this could have been handled so much better.
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blackmissfrizzle · 3 hours ago
Support Black Business
Characters: Sam Wilson x black!reader x Bucky Barnes
Summary: You go out when Sam and Bucky, specifically when they told you not to.
Warnings: Violence, daddy kink, dp, degradation, praise. Its a little long, over 3k. 
A/N: Look who’s back! Hopefully, the drought is over. I got more stuff coming out so be on the lookout.
Gif credit: @mybuckymybuddy 
Tumblr media
The drinks definitely loosened you up some more. You weren’t as paranoid as you first were when you got to the club. Soon, you weren’t worried about getting caught. If Sam and Bucky weren’t here yet, then they wouldn’t be coming at all and you could finally enjoy a night out.
They were being overdramatic when they told you that you couldn’t go out with your friends. Apparently being Captain America and the Winter Soldier’s girlfriend was too dangerous. The group they were investigating made threats against you, but it wasn’t uncommon. Almost every enemy they had made threats against you. Except this time, this one sent pictures of you while running errands, but you didn’t know about that. If you did, maybe you wouldn’t have snuck out the house and came to this club.
“I’m gonna kill her.” Bucky pushed his way through the crowded club.  He should be fighting bad guys, not running after you.
“Robocop, calm down. We’ll get to her.” Sam had no worries. They were going to find you and punish you accordingly.
“You’re right too far. I’m gonna keep her ass tied up so she can go nowhere.”
Sam chuckled and hit him in the center of his chest. “Much better.”
Both of them stopped in the middle of the dancefloor, where they had the best vantage point of everything. You had to be there. The photo that was sent to them showed you dancing. It was obvious that you were a little tipsy, so it meant that picture was taken recently.
“Don’t you have something that can scan the crowd faster? What’s the point of having an android sidekick?”
Bucky refrained from smacking Sam. He had much more pressing issues than him. “I have a robotic arm! I am not an actual robot.”
“Tragic,” Sam sighed.
The pair stood back-to-back for a while. They were starting to get upset that you were nowhere to be found until they heard your loud ass mouth. Thank god for Megan thee Stallion.
“Oh he want a bad bitch? Well I want a nigga with some money and a long dick. Buy me everything in my cart if you my boyfriend.” The pair locked eyes with you as you screamed the lyrics. They were thoroughly enjoying the show until they noticed the men, they were hunting were trying to sneak up on you.
Did you sense anyone behind you? Nope. You were too busy smiling at your boyfriends, singing the lyrics, ignoring their worried looks and mistaking their frenzy as anger. “Invest in this pussy, boy. Support black business.”
It wasn’t until Bucky threw a knife at the guy on your left side that you noticed you were in danger.
You pushed your friends out of the way and elbowed the guy on your right in his nose. Taking advantage of his watered eyes, you kicked him in the balls, knocked his head against the railing and threw him over.
“Oh my god! Did you see that?!” You yelled at your boyfriends in excitement. Unfortunately, you couldn’t celebrate for too long because someone pushed you from the top.
Luckily, Sam was there to catch you. “Hey, babe how are you? You’re looking very handsome tonight.” The red complimented him so well and the blue lights bouncing off his skin was delightful.
Sam threw his head back and groaned. “This is what Sergeant Robot feels like. I don’t like it.” Ever since working with Bucky, Sam loved to grate his nerves by being careless, but now that he was the one tending to the careless one and it was nerve wracking.
Bucky popped his head between you two and gave you a quick peck on the cheek. “Can you two stop? People are trying to kill us, you know.”
You couldn’t resist Bucky’s grumpy face, so you pinched his cheeks. “Aww, someone is upset.” Even in the face of danger you found a way to tease Bucky.
He was about to say something, but a bullet whizzed right past you. All teasing was gone, and the boys were back to protecting you.
It wasn’t too long that you figured out you were in some dangerous crossfire. You went out in search for cover. Too bad there was someone waiting for you. The oversized thug was tried to grab you, but the self-defense lessons from Sharon were coming in clutch.  Unsheathing the hidden knives in your inner thighs, you twirled them in your hand.
“Really sweetheart?” The man found it cute that you really thought you had a chance.
“Yeah, really. You just ruined my night out and now I’m probably in trouble because of you.” Stupid bad guys ruin everything. Can’t even sneak out without getting caught.
“I’m gonna have some fun with you.” He licked his lips and charged at you.
Everything Sharon taught you was coming back. You surprised yourself as much as you surprised your opponent. You struck him more than he did you, but then he got lucky. Your heel got caught in a crack in the ground causing you to lose your footing.
He wrapped his hand around your waist, leaving a bloody handprint on your very expensive, one of a kind dress.
“Dude what the fuck?! Do you know how long I had to suck two humongous dicks for this dress?” The handprint set you off, so you threw him over your shoulder. Your heel was now unstuck which you used as a weapon against the man on the ground.
Sam and Bucky took out all the men and were on the search for you. It didn’t take long for them to find you. All they had to do was follow the strings of fuck yous.
“Oh my god.” Both gasped as they stumbled upon the horrific scene. Their little angel looked like the devil right now. Sam was sporting a full-on grin while Bucky was still in shock.
“That’s my ba-,” the rest of Sam’s cheer was cut off by Bucky’s hand on his mouth. “Really, man? What’s your problem?”
Bucky elbowed Sam. “No, what’s your problem egging her on like that?” The last thing Bucky needed was to worry about two reckless people.
“She kicked some ass.”
“Yeah, and ask yourself where she learned to fight like that.”
Nothing crossed Sam’s mind. Neither him nor Bucky had the opportunity to train you yet. Were you living some sort of secret life?
“See, where I’m going?” Bucky gut checked Sam.  “And yes, it’s great our girl is learning to fight but guess what? She’ll think she can do shit like disobey us and start fights and then boom more nights like this.”
It made sense. You tended to be careless because your boyfriends were Avengers. They would beat anyone ass who would threaten or endanger you. But you knowing how to fight would only make you more reckless. Bucky could already see you going to places he specifically told you not go without them.
“Never mind. Y/N, stop stabbing the poor asshole with your heel!” Sam wrapped his arms around you and pulled you away.
As soon as you felt Sam’s arms, you felt relaxed. “Took you long enough, Bird Boy. Can we go home now?”
And just like that you lost Sam’s admiration. “Yeah, we can so we can discuss your listening skills.” Sam hooked his hand around your upper arm and escorted you out the club.
“I have good listening skills. It’s the following directions that I have trouble with.” Any sane, normal person would stop with the shenanigans, but it was too much fun. Plus, despite Bucky trying his best, you did hear Sam’s praises when they found you. Those praises gave you reasons to be cocky, so if there’s anyone to blame its Sam.
The three of you were in public, so Bucky couldn’t snatch you up like he wanted to. “Watch it. You’re on thin ice.”
“Ew, Buck, I don’t wanna fuck you in cryostasis.”
That jab earned you a laugh from Sam. By this point Bucky had to hate the two of you. Sam probably more than you. Sam was always egging you on when he shouldn’t be. But who could blame him? You were funny as hell.
“Why me? Why? Is this my karma?” Bucky grumbled as he opened the passenger’s door for you.
You laughed like a mad woman at Bucky’s frustration. Playfully getting on his nerves was your favorite pastime. “Chill out, gramps.”
“As soon as we get home, I’ll show you who’s a grandpa.”
Turning back, you smirked at him. “Bro, I’ll have you knocked out in under one minute. Don’t play with me.”
Sam was cracking up as he was driving. Normally, you would have quit by now, but he guessed you were feeling yourself now that you beat the shit out of someone.
“You’re not going to help me?” Bucky’s voice went higher as he watched Sam leave him hanging.
“Nope.” Sam laughed harder as Bucky sat back and frowned.
Done with poking fun at Bucky, you finally noticed the route Sam was taking. It wasn’t home, where you should be getting your back cracked at. You informed Sam about your concern and he his attitude changed up quick.
“We’re going to the office so we can write up reports, but more importantly, so you can get examined by medical since your following directions skills aren’t up to par.”  Okay, he wasn’t on your side anymore.
This was boring. Sam and Bucky made you sit by the desks right after you were done getting checked by medical. You weren’t allowed to move at all. The two of them wanted to know exactly where you were, so you couldn’t run off again.
“What are you doing here?” Sharon asked as she watched you swing your legs like a child.
“Went out without their permission, bad guys tried to hurt me and now I’m in trouble.”
Sharon sat by you and nudged your knee. “Did you use the moves I taught you?”
“Yes!” You shrieked, forgetting that you were in a government facility. “Apparently knowing how to fight means I’ll get in more danger and that’s a big no no.”
The blonde nodded her head in agreement. “Makes sense.”
Bucky and Sam were coming to get you when they saw Sharon talking to you. Seeing the two of you together made it all come together.
“So, you’re the one we have to thank for teaching our girl how to fight?” Bucky softly nudged Sharon’s shoulder.
Sharon looked at both men through slitted eyes. “Depends on how well she did.”
Sam cocked his head to the side and stared at you. “She stabbed a guy with her heel…repeatedly.”
Sharon leaned back to get a good look at you. “Really?”
“Yep,” you smiled despite having Sam’s and Bucky’s disapproving frowns on you.
“My girl!” Sharon high fived you and was about to give you more praise but the guys lack of enthusiasm stopped her. “I’ll see you, whenever you recover.” She got up and nodded her head. “Gentlemen, you have a good night.”
“Bye Sharon.” The men told her simultaneously.
What a traitor. These hoes ain’t loyal. “So…fun night?”
Bucky rolled his eyes and turned his back while Sam held his hand out, trying to keep the smirk off his face. “Let’s go killa,” Sam took your hand and escorted you out the building.
The ride home wasn’t as tense as the ride from the club. Bucky had cooled down some, probably due to the fact that you weren’t seriously injured.
As soon as you stepped through the threshold, Bucky had an arm around you.  “Sam, help!” You looked at your other boyfriend from your new vantage point over Bucky’s shoulder. He sat down on the couch and watched you flail aimlessly. “You’re not going to help, Bird Boy?”
Sam held his chin in his hand with a big smile. “Nope.”
Bucky popped your ass before he sat down and placed you in his lap. With his metal arm he squeezed the sides of your cheeks. “What did I say about your mouth?”
You fluttered your eyelashes at him and tried to smile. “That it looks pretty with a dick in it.”
Bucky poked his tongue against his cheek. “Yeah, you’re right. Get on your knees.”
Sinking down to your knees, you brushed your hair back. Sucking Bucky’s dick typically got messy. “You gonna take it out or do I have to do all the work?”
Bucky furrowed his brows at you and was about to say something, but he stopped himself before he could. Instead, he yanked your head back, spat in your mouth and shoved two fingers down your throat until he triggered your gag reflex. “Always got something smart to say.” He had his flesh hand down his pants so he could take his dick out.
Sam watched with interest as you swallowed down Bucky’s length. “It’s amazing that all it takes is one dick in her mouth and she’s obedient all of the sudden.”
“Right?!” Bucky threw his arms out in exasperation but soon he ran them through his hair as you put more umph into the blowjob. “Fuck, doll.”
Sam suddenly got jealous. This was supposed to be a punishment for you. Why was Bucky getting all the reward when he was the one who was ultimately on your side? “Hey! I’m over here too.”
Bucky narrowed his eyes at Sam. “Shut the fuck up. You got the blowjob first last time!” The two began to start a mini-argument. They were children stuck in grown men’s bodies.
You popped off Bucky’s dick and crawled over to Sam. “Hi daddy,” you kissed his inner thigh.
“Hey, baby girl.” Sam smirked up at Bucky. “You gonna suck Daddy’s dick?” You nodded your head reverently. Taking his thick dick, you slapped it against your lips. “Shit.” Sam hissed once you wrapped your lips around his length. “You’re such a good girl.”
Using that assassin stealth, Bucky crept behind you. “I don’t think so.” He pulled your hips towards him and pushed up your dress. “Such a pretty ass.” Bucky smacked it with his vibranium hand causing you to yelp.
“Hey man!” Sam was irritated. He was so closed.
Bucky yanked you by your hair. “Keep your mouth on his dick or you’re not cumming at all tonight.”
He didn’t give you a chance to answer. Bucky pushed your head back to Sam’s dick and you immediately got back to work. Dick was on the way, time to be a good girl.
Quickly, Bucky shucked off his clothes and slid your panties off. Instead of feeling the warmth of his dick, you felt the cold metal in between your folds. “Damn, you got a vise grip on my fingers.”
Looking back at Bucky, you licked your lips. “Imagine how it’ll feel when it’s your dick.”
“Nuh uh.” Sam twisted your chin back in his direction. “If you don’t keep sucking then you don’t get any dick.”
“Killjoy.” You pouted but got back to work, however Bucky didn’t make it easy for you. He rammed into you, hitting each nerve. “Keep sucking Sammy’s dick and I’ll keep fucking you, doll.” Bucky had to warn you repeatedly when he saw you lose focus.
“Dude you wanna slow down?” Sam threw his head back in ecstasy. Thanks to Bucky, you were sucking at the pace he was fucking you. So, if Bucky didn’t slow down soon, Sam was gonna blow his load soon.
Bucky cocked an eyebrow and gave his partner a lopsided smirk. “What? Can’t handle all that?”
“She’s a fuck-, oooh,” his eyes rolled to the back of his head. “She’s a fucking vacuum.”
You smiled around Sam’s dick and clenched around Bucky’s.
“You like that huh?” Bucky’s hands roamed your body. His hands found your throat, he could feel Sam’s dick as you bobbed up and down. “You could get more praises, but you wanted to be a disobedient little slut.”
“Buck,” Sam growled as you sucked harder.  “Chill out, man.”
Sam wasn’t the only one suffering. You were clenching the hell out of Bucky’s dick.  “Okay, stop your complaining.”
Reluctantly, Bucky slipped out of you. Instantly, you started whining and stopped sucking Sam’s dick. “Thanks man, now she stopped.”
“God, all you two do is argue.” You got up and sat in Sam’s lap. You and Bucky were on the same wavelength, so you knew what he wanted. “Sammy,” you sung his name and kissed him all over his face.
Sam could never stay mad too long when you were in his lap. “Yes, baby girl?” He brushed back your hair.
“I’m all empty now.” You rocked against him.
“Ahh, we can’t have that.” He teased his dick against your clit and slipped in. “I don’t know which I love more, your pussy or your mouth.”
“Her pussy.” Bucky slid in as well. Now you were double stuffed. They were making sure you were full of dick.
Bucky brushed back your hair to see more of your face. He was jealous of Sam being able to see you in throes of ecstasy.
“You know what though?” Bucky shoved his fingers in your mouth.  “But this fuckhole,” he rasped against your ear. “Is a close second. She can’t say all that smartass shit when she has a mouthful of dick.”
Sam smiled at you as you slightly struggled to take both of them. He could tell that you wanted to be in control, but once again you were trying to take on something you couldn’t handle. “You know what’s my fave, Buck?”
Keeping his eyes on the beautiful contrast of his and Sam’s dick in your pussy, he acknowledged him. “Huh?”
Oh no, there was trouble. Sam had that lopsided smirk. When he got that, trouble usually followed. “My favorite thing is when she’s all tied up and can’t run to disobey and go out to clubs when she shouldn’t.”
Bucky whistled in approval. “Ooo one dick in the mouth and one in the pussy? Or both in our cumdump?”
“Both in our cumdump. Or better yet,” Sam snapped his fingers. “One in that tight ass and one in her mouth.”
Bucky smacked your ass and dipped his thumb into your puckered hole. “Sounds like the plan for round two.”
Sam sucked on your tits. “Buck, she’s having too much fun this is supposed to be a punishment.”
This nigga. The betrayal. You were having a good time. You were filled to the brim, you were being fucked how you like, your nipples and ass was being stimulated, and back-to-back orgasms were at the end of the tunnel. But nope, Sam had to snitch you out.
“That’s right.” Bucky smacked your ass and then grabbed a handful of it. “This ass, our ass was practically on display.” He really sounded like a wolf by the way he was growling.
“Don’t forget the pussy, Buck.” Sam twisted your nipples, bringing a delightful pain. “She almost had our pussy out for everyone to see.”
Great, now they wanted to get along. You really should be careful what you wish for.
“And that’s not even the worst part.” Sam tsked.
“No, it’s not.” Bucky agreed while grabbing your neck and tilting your head back so he could see your face. “Our sweet, normally obedient princess deliberately went against our orders. How did that make you feel, Sam?”
Sam twisted your nipples causing you to arch deeper. “It hurt my feelings. I just knew my baby wouldn’t disappoint me like that.”
The small, but powerful thrusts coupled with the pain made you pliable. These men could have whatever they wanted from you. “I’m sorry, daddies. I’ll listen from now on. I promise.”
They both ignored your pleas and continued fucking you mercilessly. Each snap of their hips was a reprimand for your behavior tonight. They were making sure you knew not to try no dumb shit like that ever again. Too bad. The joke’s on them. They never should have fucked you like this. Now you were gonna act a fool all the time.
“Think she learned her lesson?” Bucky glanced over to Sam before his eyes went back to your ass to watch it ripple.
“Judging by these tears,” Sam licked away each of your tear tracks away. “I think she did.”
Clawing at Sam’s abdomen, you gave him your best innocent doll face. “I’m so sorry daddy. I won’t do it again.”
Bucky pulled you back by your hair. “You will, but we’ll keep punishing you and they’ll get harsher and hasher.” He bit on your earlobe. “Now cum, you slutty brat.”
And like the good slut you are, you came all over them, but they didn’t return the favor like you thought they would.  Instead both of them pulled out to leave you on your knees and then came all over your face. “Take all of it.” Sam grunted.
“Such a pretty painted whore.” Bucky squeezed your cheeks and spat in your mouth. “You learn your lesson now?”
“Yes.” You refrained from rolling your eyes. Trouble was barely in the rearview mirror, you didn’t need to get back into it.
Sam, being more in touch with feelings could sense you were upset. “Aww, baby girl did you want your cummies inside?”
Nodding your head fervently, you thought you would get it. “Mmhmm.”
Sam bent down to give you a better look at his beautiful smile. “Too damn bad. Now clean up. You got round 2 soon.”
You got up and stomped up the stairs. Damn the consequences. These two were more of a tease than you were.
Once you were a safe distance away, Sam and Bucky looked each other and smiled. “Oh, what fun this will be.”
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eeunoia · 4 hours ago
ENHYPEN Mini Series
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
E N H Y P E N ‎‎ ‎‎as ‎‎ ‎‎Royal Princes‎
pairings: park sunghoon x reader
summary: you tried hard to to contain your feelings because you knew it was never gonna happen but the prince was ready to risk it all for you.
word count: 6.2k
a/n: It took me for a while again hehe. I really had fun writing for hoonie and fun fact, his plot was the first one that I came up with. Hehehe have a nice day everyone! I hope you kept on supporting me and understand me if I don’t post earlier. (tag-list open)
tag-list: @rubyanne @crjwon @heuningkai-hour @danyxthirstae01 @izneos @dreamykkoo @sunoosh1ne​ @bunnylover0193​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I saw that...” your eyes moved from the clothes you are washing towards the other servant who suddenly talked to you.
“Saw what?” you asked clueless of what she was talking about. She smirked and even bumped you jokingly.
“The way prince Sunghoon was looking at you.” she said. Just by the mention of his name made your cheeks have a light pink shade. If you’ll be honest, you indeed feel butterflies whenever he’s around but you know you’re place.
“What are you talking about? He always stare at people like that.” you gulped and tried acting like it’s a normal thing. You just decided to ignore what she just said and focus on the laundry that you are currently tasked to do. Thankfully, she focused on what she was doing as well.
As you silently do the laundry, your mind wandered over the what she mentioned about the prince’ stares. You did noticed how his stares remains at you a bit longer than to other people but since you’ve known him for being someone who doesn’t get comfortable to somebody else easily, you figured out that maybe he’s just doing that because he’s already used to you.
You grew up living in this castle but not because you’re a royal because both of your parents were servers here in the palace. The Queen was kind enough to also let you live here. She was always fond of you, from how polite you are and how beautiful you look.
You don’t want to believe it but it isn’t just once did someone noticed that face of yours. Maybe why the Queen seemed to be very nice to you. Except for the fact that you are well mannered, you’re also very very beautiful.
“Oh, you’re changing his bed sheets today?” your head turned towards the new person who entered the laundry area and a smile instantly appeared over your face. It was your friend.
“Yeah, he said he wanted them changed before he comes back.” you explained to her as you gather another clean set of bed sheets for the prince. She sat down over a vacant chair, watching you.
“Have you heard? The palace will held a royal ball for prince heeseung!” she said happily, seems like she’s excited.
You can’t help but to feel a bit excited too. Even if you won’t be there as a royal, just being there and watching them dance with the slow romantic songs while their royal ball gowns elegantly swaying, sure seems dreamy. 
“Really? That sounds so great!” you responded and put the sheets altogether inside the one basket you will use to carry them all at once.
She nodded continuously, “I bet a lot of handsome princes will be here again! Ahhh, I can’t wait!” she squealed that made you chuckle a bit while slowly shaking your head from side to side.
Her smile slowly form into a sly smirk, “Oh I’m sorry. I forgot that the only handsome prince for you is prince Sunghoon.” she was teasing you while saying that.
Your eyes grew slightly big as you tried and wonder your eyes around, checking if somebody’s around. You’re afraid that someone might heard it and misinterpret it. Despite the continuous teasing of your friend and even the other servants here, you still refused to let yourself cross the line of your servant-master relationship. You knew who you are and you’re way far from someone the prince should marry.
“Stop it, someone may hear you!” you quickly told her off but she still kept her smirk that made you blush.
She pursed her lips as she raised her hand mid-air, “Fine, fine. I’m just saying that you’re too focused with your prince charming that’s why you can’t notice those who likes you.” she shrugged her shoulders off and held unto the basket full of clothes.
You were clueless about what she had said and a bit confused. With furrowed brows, you were about to ask her what she meant by that but she already waved good-bye and left you there.
On the other hand, Prince Sunghoon had finally finished all his duties for today and he can’t hide the excitement in him as his horse slowly galloped towards the entrance of their palace. After a long day, there’s nothing better than to go home to the place where he know he have you kept safe.
As he jumped off his horse, he didn’t even smile as he entered the palace then his eyes roamed around searching for your familiar face. When he cannot see you around, his brows furrowed hardly.
“Where is y/n?” he asked the young maiden that is nearest to him.
The servant met his eyes and can’t help but to blush as the prince looked so eternal specially in close up. She gulped, trying not to stutter as she ready herself to answer him.
“I t-think she’s in your room, your highness.” she answered. The other servants near the prince who’s busy taking care of the other princes who arrived together with prince Sunghoon.
The prince didn’t waste time anymore as he quickly walked towards the direction of his room not minding all the eyes who’s watching him left. They soon ignored it because they’re basically used to it. A day wouldn’t pass by without him looking for you.
As he near his room, he can’t help a small smile appear over his lips. For him, it’s not the big elegant palace that is sending him complete comfort but you. He didn’t know if you knew but he was indeed captivated by you. Well, he did tried so hard to make you notice but he guess you’re just too dense. You’re also cautious around him and always blushing around him that he always finds adorable.
He didn’t knock and just entered his room and his eyes roamed around to look for you. He heard noises from the bathroom and so he assumed you were there. After hearing the sudden sound of the door opening, you figured that he arrived. Feeling nervous, you walked outside the bathroom to go and greet him right away.
Your eyes met his for a while before you lowered your head as a greeting for your royal prince. You failed to notice the small but warm smile that spreads through his face before he walked closer.
“You didn’t welcome me today.” he pointed out. You weren’t required actually, but he still wants it to be the first one he sees was you when he entered the palace.
You lowered your head a bit more, “I’m so sorry your highness, I was changing your bed sheets like how you asked me to.” you said. You were about to change it a bit earlier but since you’ve been asked to do some other chores, it was delayed.
He huffed a gentle breath before he attempted to take off his suit, you right away approach him to give him a hand which made him smile again. For prince Sunghoon, these little things you do for him means a lot.
You were silent as you try and help him. You gulped and tried catching your breath. Your chest were aching a bit because of feeling a bit suffocated because of the situation. Your cheeks were also blushing so hardly as you went to hang his coat.
You don’t exactly know what you will do because you can still feel the prince’ stares following your every move. You did mention that his stares do stay for a bit too long, not too mention the way he looks at you as well. But you tried so hard to convince yourself that it’s just normal. That it’s just the way the prince stare.
“What did you do while I was gone?” his question was harmless and maybe just wants to avoid the deafening silence that occurring you both.
But for you, that question made your heart races so fast. It was just a normal question to start a conversation. It would be just okay, but not when he’s a royal and you’re a mere servant.
“I did the laundry and went to the garden, your majesty.” you answered politely. Even too politely that you were even avoiding his gazes. Prince Sunghoon hates it but he also understands that you’re shy around him. You were always like that, seeing your blushing cheeks made a small smile once again appear over his lips.
All in all, he’s just happy that you’re always there for him. He’ll just think about what he can do something about the way you act around him. Maybe fix the way you’re always shy around him.
The night then continued and you were at the dining area standing at the side together with the other servants as the royal family eat their dinner. You’re the one who will serve the food for prince Sunghoon once it’s needed to be served to him. He was looking as charming as always, beside him was his brother, prince Jake and to his other side, was prince Jay.
They were silently listening while the Queen was discussing the matter about the royal ball. When the dishes was needed to be served, you went over to prince Sunghoon’s food and walked towards him to serve it. You felt his eyes darted over at you right away.
You tried not to spill anything even if you can feel your hand shaking a bit out of nervous. His eyes aren’t leaving you that made it a lot more harder for you. Another set of eyes darted at your direction and his eyes looked over his brother who’s busy starring at you.
He smiled a little, feeling a bit bored, he wanted to tease his brother a bit.
“It’s nice of you to serve Sunghoon his food, y/n.” you were a bit surprised that prince Jake suddenly talked to you. You looked over at him and smiled politely,  the family seems to be a bit occupied that they didn’t make it such a big deal except for prince Sunghoon who’s already eyeing his brother with blank stares.
Prince Jake tried to ignored it and kept his stares at you, his smiles getting wider. Prince Sunghoon clenched his jaw and his hold over to his utensils became a bit more tighter. 
“I wish you can serve mine to.” he said that earn a low chuckle from the prince in front of him which is prince Jungwon.
You didn’t even realize that he was watching the scene. The younger prince was aware about his brother’s feelings over at you. They’ve always known how possessive Sunghoon is to what he believes belongs to him so he knew teasing him about you isn’t a smart way to ease boredom. 
“Brother?” your eyes darted over to prince Sunghoon who called prince Jake with a calm voice. Prince Jungwon was still watching, lowkey enjoying.
“Yes, brother?” prince Jake even smirked at him when he met his eyes.
Prince Sunghoon smiled at him but there’s no sincerity present on it. “You want a knife buried at your neck?” he asked with a low voice. Your eyes grew big, can’t help but to feel a bit of panic.
Prince Jake chuckled and even raised his hand mid-air, “I was just kidding, chill out.” he chuckled and you don’t know if you can already sigh in relief when prince Sunghoon turn his head away from him.
His eyes were now fixed over his plate and even when you continued serving for him that night, he didn’t set his eyes at you again. He was pissed, not at you but to his own brother. And he also hates how polite you are to even waste your precious time with his stupid brother.
He admits that he is a bit possessive over you--no. Not a bit. He is very possessive of you.  He goes around claiming you around his brothers without even you knowing. He doesn’t want you freaking out but he also can’t afford seeing his brothers too close to you.
Tumblr media
That day passed by like it never happened. Ever since that day, you can’t help but to think about the prince a bit more often that how he usually pass by your mind. Even if you’re a bit denial, you do know that deep inside of you, you do like the prince. Well, who wouldn’t like him? But you also know your place and that it’s impossible for the both of you to happen.
“y/n! The prince suits said to arrived at the entrance of the palace. You were asked to fetch prince Sunghoon’s!” you heard your friend as you nodded your head as you left what you were doing to go and get his suit.
You were a bit excited to see how his suit will look like. Well, it doesn’t really matter so much because you were definitely sure it will look good on him but still, you can’t help but to feel excited about it.
“Is this for prince Sunghoon?” a small smile was present over your face as you ask the said tailor that had delivered the suits for the royal brothers. Her eyes blinked a couple of times as she starred at you in daze.
Her eyes travelled from your face down to what you are wearing and her mouth can’t help but to gaped a bit as she can’t believe that somebody who looks so beautiful were wearing a servant’s clothes.
Even before she can ask you, you were asked to take the suit over to the prince’ room. After smiling at the tailor and bowing at her, you turned around to go and follow the orders.
On the other hand, prince Sunghoon let out a small huff as he grunt after. It was so hot as they travel from the north kingdom towards the another one. His brothers were just behind him and he can hear them chat a bit.
“Are you excited to meet your princess tomorrow, Jay?” jake asked his brother and he just remained silent, listening.
“I already met her. What’s there to be excited about?” prince Sunghoon can hear how bored his brother Jay sounds. Well, he isn’t someone who can be entertained for a long time.
“Well aren’t you gonna ask me?”  prince Jake once again said. Prince Sunghoon was still silent.
“Not interested.” he heard how prince Jake complained and he heard horse galloping before he found Jake already beside him, smiling.
He looked at him seriously before rolling eyes around. His brother chuckled, completely aware of the reason why he was acting that way. He felt his hand rested over to his shoulder.
“Are you still mad at me for what I said during the dinner the other week?” he can’t help but to find prince Sunghoon funny. He’s never like this when it comes to other things. He’s always extra petty when it comes to you.
“Alright, I’m sorry. I didn’t really mean it. I was just playing and y/n didn’t seem to mind my joke.” he said, a smirk was present over his face.
Prince Sunghoon sighed as he turn his head over to his brother, eyes still filled with seriousness. “Well I do mind.” he answered right away that made his brother laugh.
“Come on! I ain’t stealing your girl.” his accent popping and those words sent comfort and relief over to the prince. Well not to be so childish but he really hates it whenever his brother tease him about getting you from him.
“Well I’m not letting anyone to steal her from me too.” 
“Is she aware tho?” prince Sunghoon eyed his brother.
“Aware of what?” 
“Of your feelings?”
He grew silent, his face going blank. Prince Jake can’t help but to find it a bit funny.
“I’m planning to tell it to her at the night of the royal ball.”
Prince Jake moved his stares from his brother over to the road, he already knew he have feelings for you but he never knew he was this crazy and serious. He thought before that maybe because he was just really comfortable with you but lately he noticed how he stare at you. It was nothing shallow... what Sunghoon feels towards you now is very serious.
They arrived the castle and the prince was very happy to see you there to welcome him. He smiled and approached you right away, your eyes met his for a while and looked away right away. You can’t stand the way he stares at you.
“Your coat you’re highness.” you mumbled and went behind him to help him. He was smiling as he let you take care of him. You were just silent but you can feel and hear your heart beating.
The night of the ball came, the whole palace was very busy because of it. All the seven princes all looked so good with the suit that personally made for each and everyone of them. You were just there at the event hall because you’re one of the servants who was asked to help for the whole night.
Your friend and you were enjoying the night to watch the royal interact to one another. While you were innocently helping around, you fail to notice the eyes of some royal young princes who seems to be captivated by you. It wasn’t new actually, because you were always looking good and impossible to ignore.
Prince Sunghoon, on the other hand was introduced by some princesses tonight. And out of all of them, he found no one worthy enough of his attention. He just tried to follow what his mother had asked him to do. His mother soon stopped introducing him to some princesses when she noticed that her son isn’t really that interested.
Ever since he was young, prince Sunghoon was an introvert. It’s hard for him to open up to other people but it’s different when it comes to you. He seems to be warm towards you and some may think she didn’t notice it but he was clearly aware of it. The way his stares remains over at you and the way his eyes glare towards his brothers whenever they try to get closer to you never slipped off from her.
If she will be asked, she wanted his son to marry off a royal as he is a prince. But as he watch how he smiles whenever you’re around, she actually slowly accepted the fact that his son is completely drawn to you.
“y/n, prince Sunghoon is looking for you.” your eyes moved from the set of food you were fixing over to one of the servants who went to you.
With a nod, you left the food to go look for the prince because he may need something. You were informed that he was by the terrace, alone. You’re not gonna lie, you kind of feel worried since the prince was an introvert and not really fond of big crowds, you’re afraid he may be not feeling so well right now.
“You were looking for me, you’re highness?” your soft voice ringed over to his ears and made him turn around to face you in an instance.
His smile appeared just by seeing you, looking so pretty. The princesses who’s wearing big and elegant ball gowns still got nothing on you even if you’re just in a simple dress.
He gracefully placed his hand in front of you, “May I have this dance?” you were surprised by the sudden action.
With lips shaking a bit, you roamed your eyes around trying to check if somebody is watching you two. But it seems like everyone is so indulged to the whole party that the terrace isn’t such a place for them to go to.
Prince Sunghoon gently grabbed your hand took it close to his lips, dropping a soft kiss at the top of it that caused the redness over to your cheeks.
“You have no idea how beautiful you are, y/n.” his eyes pierced at yours and you don’t know how but you managed to exchange stares at him for the first time as well. Your face was feeling hot but his eyes looks extra beautiful tonight.
“And you don’t know what things I’m willing to risk for you.” he continued that made your heart go crazy. Wanting so bad to pull away, the prince seems to know that you will do that and so he was fast enough to hold unto you tighter.
Your eyes looked over his hand who’s gripping over yours, refusing to let go and as your eyes went back to him, you saw how he’s smirking, giving you a show of his sharp fangs-like teeth that looked really attractive.
“This is wrong, your majesty.” your voice shake a bit as you said those words to him. He approached closer, dangerously closer to you, his face were inches away from yours. 
You were stunned at your place, can’t seem to move because of the situation. The prince face went closer and you felt his nose gently laze over your face as you shut your eyes. His hand travelled from your hand over to your waist and he, once again pulled you closer to him.
He gulped, he himself can’t believe that he’s holding you this close to him now. Countless nights does he dreamt of this moment to happen. He already lost count but that doesn’t matter as it is already happening tonight.
“I’m in love with you, y/n.” he mumbled that made you lose your mind. You didn’t really expected any of these to happen tonight.
Your head slightly snapped over to the crowd of royals who were cheering about something. As you try to look closer, it was prince Heeseung and a princess dancing elegantly at the dance floor. The two looked perfect together and your eyes unconsciously darted over to what you are wearing. It sink into you.
Your eyes slowly trailed towards the prince eyes and he didn’t like the look over your eyes as you tried so hard to block the tears that were threatening to come out.
“I’m so sorry, your highness.” and you gently pull away from him as you ran away from him.
Tumblr media
The week followed, the prince started to treat you colder and is also very quiet. It seems like you two came back to the way you first was asked to look after him. It was hurting you, of course, but you knew that you just did the right thing.
The plain and cold servant-master relationship was very evident between the two of you and even started to feel a bit more distant. Even the people around you had noticed the sudden wall between the two of you.
Prince Sunghoon started to be more quiet these days. It seems like he had started shutting other people out from his own world once again. He wasn’t mad at you, actually. He was just hurt that you rejected him. He didn’t think that through and maybe scared you.
He is still indeed a royal who have a lot of duties. He wanted to explain himself to you but he doesn’t know how he will approach you and open the situation to you. 
You were silently fixing the flowers over to his vase while he was silently studying inside his room. You were looking over at his direction a bit more frequently because you wanted to talk to him but you know that would be rude. So instead of opening something up, you just decided to keep your mouth shut.
After you finish, you decided to clean the vases just in front of his room. The table between prince Sunghoon’s and Prince Jake’s room has a vase there with flowers so you decided to water that as well.
You noticed your friend cleaning the big frames near you and after she finish, she approach you to talk for a while. The palace isn’t really strict about it so it was fine and besides, it’s just one of those normal days.
“I talked to (name).” your eyes looked over her as she mention a familiar name of one of the royal guards who’s just around the same age as you. Feeling a bit confuse, you just look at her in wonder.
“He said he really likes you!” she sounded so excited that she didn’t even notice that prince sunghoon can hear it from the inside of his room. He wasn’t really focused anymore. Ever since when he felt you looking at him frequently, he lose it.
“Who like y/n?” you two snapped your heads towards the person who suddenly asked it and you bowed right away when you saw prince Jake smiling just behind you.
He chuckled, finding it funny how you two reacted. “Oh come on! It’s just me. So, who likes y/n?” he asked, a smile present over his face.
You blush, feeling a bit shy. You were about to talk and try to dismiss the topic when your friend got to talk first. “One of the royal guards, your highness! Actually, a lot of them likes her.” she was excited once again that her voice ringed over the prince’ ears.
His brows furrowed hardly, isn’t really happy about what he just heard.
“Oh really? I guess our y/n here is popular, huh?” prince Jake said and tried to get the conversation going. You started to feel more shy about it since he’s a prince and even though he’s nice you still feel shy about it.
Prince Sunghoon had lose it when he heard Jake said that so he stood up and went over to his door making the three of you turn your heads at him. You were a bit surprise when your eyes met his and you can’t explain how your heart beat fast after meeting it again for the first time after a whole week.
The prince pursed his lips a bit taken aback after meeting your eyes again after so long. trying hard not to be overcome of his own emotions, he gulped and looked blank at you.
“Prepare my bath for me.” he said using a very cold tone. You almost didn’t recognize it but you managed to nod your head as your friend and prince Jake were just beside, silently watching the two of you.
You followed what he had asked you right away. He was still silent as he sat back down over at his chair. He sighed heavily shutting his eyes as he lets out a frustrated sigh. Was he too rude at you? Was that fear he just saw that flickered for a moment at your eyes?
The thought of apologizing slid to his mind for a while but the thought of what your friend had just said from a moment ago occurred again. It pissed him off. The way you blush when you heard that royal guard likes you was annoying.
“Your bath is ready, your highness.” he was snapped back to reality when you suddenly talked. He tried to remain calm and make it seem like he didn’t even panic.
He stood up and you lowered your head as he walk pass by you, entering his bathroom. The prince took off his clothes as you wait patiently outside, waiting if he’s gonna ask for more. You fiddled with your fingers, feeling really nervous. You saw the annoyance over his eyes from a while ago.
“Y/n,” you heard him called for you. 
You let out a small sigh first before you go inside and you already knew what you need to do. He was at his tub, body all sink up to his not transparent water. His upper body was showing and so is his knees.
You looked away, feeling your cheeks heating up a bit. This isn’t the first time but ever since the prince had told you about his feelings for you, everything seems to be a bit more harder to contain.
Prince Sunghoon glanced at you and he saw how you effortlessly tied your hair unto a messy bun. It was a bit messy, having some loose strands at the sides, it really looked elegant at you.
Your soft hands touched his skin as you slowly rubbed his wide back. You two were silent and his eyes were plastered over to the window a bit far from where you were. This was the first time a bath feels uncomfortably silent for the two of you. It was a bit unusual and if he’s gonna be honest, he doesn’t like it.
“Was he the reason why you ran away from me that night?” he was too occupied as he ask that question to you. He was in pain and he’s emotions were all over the place. 
A bit taken aback, you were confused to what he suddenly asked. “Pardon, your highness?” you asked.
He gulped and you just waited for him to talk again only to be met by his cold gazes. You were sad at the sight of his unfamiliar look over his eyes. “You should go.” he commanded and your hand was left mid-air, didn’t really know what to feel.
He was so cold and distant and you know you’re to be blame of it. You sighed, trying not to shed some tears. You stood up and then you bowed even if he’s not looking. He kept his gaze over to his fidgeting fingers that’s why he failed to see the tears flowing over from your eyes.
You knew it was just right to reject him. It was for the good of both of you. He’s a royal and you out of all people knew how strict his mother is when it comes to getting his son to marry off someone royal. Especially after that the eldest had planned to marry a commoner and the Queen had let it slip off. You’re afraid she ain’t gonna let anything like that to happen again.
“Y/n! We need to get ready because the dinner will start any--- are you crying?” you met eyes with your friend as she entered the garden so suddenly that you failed to wipe off the tears over your face.
She was shock to see your face filled with tears. She went close to you and cupped your face, “What happened?” she asked very concern.
It was too much for you so can’t help but to tell her the whole story. She was, of course, shock about everything. She was dumbfounded that the prince had confessed to you and not just a mere confession but in a very sudden and a bit romantic way. She had already noticed the stares but she didn’t really thought a royal will do such a thing. But out of all, she was most surprise by the fact that you ran away from him.
“You what? You rejected the prince?” she cannot believe it, really.
She knew you for a very long time already so she know that you feel the same way. “You know that it can never happen.”
She sighed, well it sure is surprising to hear but just because it’s impossible to happen, doesn’t mean it will never happen. This world is full of unexpected events and so anything is possible.
“Well it just did, y/n. And between the two of you, he have more to lose but he’s not afraid to risk everything for you.” she said that made you go silent. Your mouth fell a bit open as it slowly dawned at you.
Your friend rested both of her hands over to each of your shoulders and then made you eye her. “Don’t you think that’s enough to make you two happen?” she added that made you realize things.
And so your determined to try and talk to the prince tonight. You wanted to at least make it clear to him. You were called for dinner and so you try to do your duties, a bit more not feeling yourself since you really want to talk to him already.
The prince was still avoiding you, a bit more colder this time. It was again hurtful but you are determined that you will talk to him tonight. As you were assisting him and serving him his foods, unlike normal days, his eyes weren’t at you. Instead, his eyes darted over that one royal guard that kept on starring at you. If this was before, he wouldn’t have noticed it but after what he just heard from a while ago, he now took notice.
His brow furrowed as a small smile appeared over his lips, still ignorant of the fact the prince’s eyes was at him. He looked over at you and he saw how you flashed a small smile at the royal guard as well before turning back to go and serve him his food again.
He clenched his jaw as he find it a bit hard to contain his jealousy. His hands clenched hardly over to his spoon as he fixed his eyes over to his food. He was then failed to see the strict eyes of his Mother who’s watching him. She grew worried for him ever since that royal ball. She noticed how he changed and isolated himself once again.
She knew it has something to do with you that’s why she needs to do something for his son. It may appear a bit unfair in your part but she wants his son to be happy and nothing more.
Tumblr media
So when the dinner finished and as you tried to calm yourself, getting ready, composing the things you wanted to tell him, you were halted from your steps as he was called over by the Queen.
You followed silently and was planning to just stay outside of that room where he was called but then the Queen had ordered you inside as well. Feeling a bit confused, you still followed silently. Standing behind the prince, you feel a bit intimidated while both the King and the Queen were in front of you. Showing your respect, you lowered your head for them.
“Son, what can you say about the princesses I introduced you to at the royal ball?” the Queen suddenly asked that caught you off-guard. You felt your heart sank out of fear when you heard it.
“They were all nice, Mother.” the prince’s voice was cold and plain. Your eyes looked at him for a while before you looked down over to your fiddling fingers.
“y/n,” you were a bit surprised that she called you suddenly.
You snapped your head up to look at her, “Y-Yes your highness.” you stuttered a bit.
“I want you to accompany prince Sunghoon to the kingdom of West tomorrow to meet his soon to be bride.” you feel like your heart just sank when she said that.
Your mouth fell a bit as you were lost for words. the prince furrowed his brows as he showed disagreement of the sudden news. “Mother,” he called out but he was ignored by the Queen.
Her full attention was at you, waiting if you were going to say anything. You gulped and lowered your head, pursing your lips shut. The Queen sighed a little, a bit disappointed. She thought the news of her arranging Sunghoon will actually drive you to admit your feelings for him but she guess she was wrong.
“That’s all, you can now go and have a rest son. You need to head there early.” she said with a bit tired voice.
Prince Sunghoon was about to talk and tell the Queen that it’s you that he wanted to marry but he was stopped when you suddenly called out to her Mother. With confused expression, he looked over at you.
“My Queen,” you softly called, your eyes were filled with determination and a bit of tears.
She turned around, raising her chin at you. It did intimidate you but you clenched your fist as you pursed your lips before sighing heavily.
“I’m in love with prince Sunghoon.” you blurted out that made both of her eyebrows raised in surprise. She can’t believe she actually made you confess.
Prince Sunghoon was surprise as well, didn’t expected to actually hear that from you. Feeling thrilled and a bit confused, he approached you both hands quickly cupped your face to make you face him. He quickly catch your eyes.
“You do?” he asked softly, eyes finally showing warmth once again.
You smiled and slowly nodded, “Yes.” you answered.
The prince broke into a smile and rested his forehead over at yours. The Queen sighed heavily, a smile appearing over her lips. She then looked over to one of the servant who’s over at the side.
“Go and tell (name), I need another crown.” she mumbled softly as she watch you and Sunghoon starred lovingly at each other.
Tumblr media
“And then what?” you asked carefully to your friend as you took a bite from your apple. 
The fact that you are now promised to marry prince Sunghoon didn’t change you at all. You were still visiting the servant’s quarter, the crown at the top of your head didn’t made you any different. You were still the nice and down to earth y/n they know.
“Y/n! Sunghoon is arriving.” the servant bowed altogether as the Queen entered to fetch you. She smiled and assured them its okay.
You nodded and waved at them before following behind the Queen to welcome Sunghoon home. As he arrived, he was already smiling warmly, and quickly caged you inside his embrace.
“How is my princess, hmm?” the prince mumbled as he showers your face light kisses.
“It was fine. I missed you.” you mumbled softly.
He chuckled kissing the top of your head and then placed a swift over your lips. You smiled at him and he did as well before he leaned again for another one. You chuckled as he repeated that for a bit more. 
“I miss you too.”
“I love you.” you added that made him chuckle before leaning in for another sweet kiss.
You chuckled, “I love you more.” 
Tumblr media
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Scintilla (Chapter 6)
(Din Djarin x Reader x Boba Fett)
Tumblr media
Note: Woot next chapter. Hoped you guys liked the last one. Things get a bit heated in this one so be prepared. More touchy feely vibes too. Lmk if you guys have any thoughts or ideas! Thanks for reading. Gif not mine!
Word count:
Warnings: A little in your feels, some rivalry? A bit of fluffy stuff. 18+ just in case. Mentions of death.
Your eyes cracked open to your spacious room on Kashyyyk. Sun rays darting through your window, dust specks floating in the calm morning air. The sound of a busy morning in the village, muffled through your room.
“Ugh how long did I sleep for?” You lazily sat up, nabbing you data pad. It read 10:24 AM. “You know, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they left me.” You joked as you finally got out of bed. Gathering your things and finishing up getting ready, you took a final look at your room before leaving.
The morning was lively. Everyone had a pep in their step, surprisingly as if they hadn’t just had the party of the century the night before.
You approached the mess hall and found everyone lounging around at their own table. Grabbing something to eat, you joined them at the table.
“Good morning Sunshine.” Boba scrolled on his data pad and sipped his coffee like usual.
You huffed out a smile before chowing down in your food. “Good morning you guys.”
“So, we have a lead on our next mission. But things seem stable for the time being. I was wondering if you wanted to stay back on Tattoine and train before leaving.” Din say leaning back in the booth, arms spread out resting on the top of the seating.
“Training as in?” You asked as you took a good swig of your juice.
“It’s time you learned some aerial combat. I think you’re ready. It shouldn’t take us long—you’re a fast learner.”
Like as in flying? FINALLY.
“Shuttle is ready to go sir.” A voice chimed through his communicator.
Reality hit you like a train. Sudden panic set in your chest but once your eyes met with that little fur ball, you couldn’t help but smile.
Everyone packed up and started boarding the shuttle while you and Taddo strayed behind.
“I’m gonna miss you kid.” You said as you kneeled in front of Taddo. Her arms wrapped around your neck in a tight little embrace. Her sad grunts vibrating against your shoulder. “Hey this isn’t a goodbye. Okay? I’ll see you soon.” You rubbed her back, trying to bring her comfort.
She let you go, fumbling with her bag. She dug into it and held out a hand to you, putting a small string of seeds and beads into your hand. She then strung it around your wrist, tying it off with a knot. It was cute. Tiny white and teal beads with little dried seeds strung around your wrist. She lifted up hers to show you that you matched. You gave her a giant smile and picked her up giving her a tight hug, tears threatening to spill from your sealed eyes.
“Ready to go, Cyare?” A softer voice called out from behind you.
With one last tight squeeze, you set her down and slid your helmet over your head. “I’ll be back Taddo. Be strong. We’ll meet again.”
She squeezed your hand and backed away from your shuttle, joining the others watching the departure out.
Taking a seat, you watched out of the small window as Kashyyyk slowly faded into an orb floating in open space. The sound of the engines humming spread throughout the shuttle.
Nothing could keep your mind from that planet. Everything about it, bouncing around in your thoughts. The smells, the fresh air, the way the rain sounded as it cascaded through the trees. It was like running away from the things you were stuck doing. You were free to do things your way, while having a place to be. It was something only seen in your dreams.
Having those moments with Din and Boba made your mind spin. It shot a wave through your body. Tingling through to the tips of your fingers. It was like something in you rising to the surface. Something you don’t want to keep hidden or ignored. Having them there with you was one of the things you didn’t want to separate from.
That connection with everything was like something you haven’t felt in a long while. Taddo, those eyes, that smile. All you can hope is that you were a good enough role model for her. Someone she looked up to. Someone she will remember. You looked down pulling at your glove, revealing the bracelet she had gifted you. She was so precious. Leaving her felt wrong, but knowing that she’s with people who will protect her eased that worry a little.
You grabbed your things from the storage compartment when you touched down on the Cruiser. Dropping your stuff of from the briefing room, you wondered the huge ship to pass the time. There were so many turns to take. Wings A and C were barracks, wing B was filled with storage areas including weaponry and archives, the whole first floor was filled with terminals, computers, and work spaces. Then there was the second floor. It contained the chow hall and training areas. So many people from across the galaxy lounged about, including civilians and supporters of the Mandalorians.
“You.” A voice echoed through the narrow hallway. “(YN) right?”
Turning around, a young woman with dark hair leisurely came up to you, helmet tucked under her elbow. You gave her a nod. She looked you up and down.
“Nice to finally put a face to a name. Congrats on your first mission with the crew. I heard great things from you.” She managed to give you a little smile and a nudge to your arm. You noticed her armor, painted in that familiar blue that rarely scattered around the ship.
“Thanks! I guess word travels fast here.”
“Oh it does.” She peered at something behind you for a quick second. “I’ve gotta go, but it was nice to finally meet you.” She gave you a quick nod and swerved around you, following another Mandalorian with the same paint design.
As you found yourself back to the briefing room, the jump back to Tattoine was finally over. Everyone gathered back at the hangar and departed to the surface. The moons hung low and the sky blended with pinks and oranges.
Your night back at the Palace was pretty slow. You unpacked your equipment, changed into your sleeping clothes, washed your dirty clothes, cleaned up the mud, and made sure your armor was spotless. You had tried to get some rest but you lost hope in trying after attempt number four. You sat at the table scrolling aimlessly at your data pad for something to do. Soon boring if it, your gaze landed on your armor piled in front of you. It gave off a soft glow from the lights. Their bland grey gunmetal color blended in with your storage bins. Tasteless and dull.
“Colors. Colors. What colors?” You asked yourself over and over as your eyes never left the pieces.
Seeing how everyone colored their armor, you felt very left out of the circle. You know about the colors. It was something you learned about in Mandalorian traditions a while ago. But something had yet stood out for you yet. It was another thing that was bothering you amongst many others. Your holo pad beeped, signaling the hour. 2300.
With a sigh of defeat, you walked out of your room and meandered to the kitchen. The lights flickered on, giving the room a nice warm glow. You snagged an apple and took a bite out of it while browsing the pantry. You wished you had some tea of any kind.
“Ugh I’d kill for some of your tea right about now.” You huffed under your breath as you remembered the amazing tea that Taddo’s mother had given you.
“Can I help you with anything master?” A droid waddled over towards you from across the kitchen.
You jumped at the sudden voice, gripping at your hip where your pistol would be seated, apple still in your mouth. “Actually, do you have any tea?” You questioned as you relaxed.
“I will check the storage.”
You nodded and the droid left the room, leaving you to put some water on the heating pad. You jumped up sitting on the counter, your legs swinging. Finishing your apple, you tossed it into a bin that sat against the wall on the other side of the room.
“Can’t sleep?”
Your head whipped around, eyes meeting Boba’s figure. He made his way to a cupboard and grabbed one of many mugs. Caff. How does that not keep him up all night?
“No. I’ve tried.” You replied, looking at your feet that dangled from the counter.
His form moved freely. Walking to different areas of the kitchen, grabbing the things he needed to make some caff. The noises of his rummaging echoed through the silence.
“I’ve heard a warm drink helps. That’s why I’m here too.” With a wink and his usual small smirk, he poured some water into a container and into a device he makes his caff in.
You couldn’t help it. He’s charming in his own way. He knows what he’s doing and you like every bit of it.
“Can I ask you something?” You softly asked as you peered back down to your feet.
He finished pressing his caff and leaned on the counter across from you, taking a sip. “Hm.”
“What made you choose those colors for your armor?”
He stood there blowing at the steam from his caff. His bare hands streaked with small scars. He wore loose black pants, and a grey long sleeve shirt. “Well, I suppose I just like the colors. Some people’s paint has a meaning. Others don’t. Most just like the way it looks and change them often. But some people have no choice but to wear specific colors. In your case, do what you feel.”
You sat there contemplating your options. There’s so many to choose from. Your legs swung a bit and your fingers tapped on the counter. Who knew that painting armor would be so confusing.
“Can I ask you a question?” He asked, taking another sip.
“Why were you so nervous about the mission?” He shifted his weight to his other foot.
You sighed, building up the courage to tell him. “I was worried that I’d disappoint. My reputation was on the line, and I didn’t want to blow it. You put me at such a high standard in from of everyone and I was scared that I couldn’t meet it. I was afraid of letting myself down more than anything.” You admitted as your legs swung to a stop, silence steadying through the room.
“May I ask another one?” He set his steaming mug down and you nodded your head.
“Why did you let me kiss you?”
The silence left everything frozen in place. Everything but the thumps of your blood pulsing through your veins. Why did I? I ask myself this plenty of times an hour. I mean, I know why. But I’m not ready to accept everything at once. Not right now. I’m not ready to go racing down that path. But maybe I need to. Maybe this is the time.
“I—I can’t tell you. It’s not something I can put into words. But it’s not a bad thing.” You took in a breath, trying to figure it out. “It’s like how the sunflower turns to the sun.” You picked your head up and peered at Boba. His gaze caught you. Calm and collected.
“Why DID you kiss me?” You asked him back, trying not to look away from his piercing eyes.
“Maybe its like a moth to the flame. Or perhaps a magnet to metal.” He leaned forward entrapping you on the counter, his arms on either side of your legs. “You are under my skin, miss (Y/N).” His voice was low as his body loomed over you. His finger tips brushing over your knee ever so lightly as his lips ghosted against yours. “And you’re crawling deeper every day.”
That’s it. That’s all you needed to hear. Out of all of the people in the galaxy, it’s you who has left Boba Fett a jumbled mess.
You leaned up and closed the mere millimeters that separated your lips. The kiss was warm and sweet but not for long. Boba slowly moved forward standing between your legs. His hand sliding onto your thigh as yours slid up his forearm. His tongue separated your lips and deepened the kiss, the taste of caff lingered as your heads tilted every which way. Your hands felt their way up his arms and around his neck, pulling him flush against your body. His kisses moved across to your cheek and down to your neck, tongue dragging hot streaks across it before he bit down sucking. You let out a small laugh in surprise as he kissed and sucked every part under your jaw. You felt a small smile graze your neck. His hands slid up your legs and gripped at your hips.
“I have returned with various teas.”
Boba let out a sigh, resting his head in the crook of your neck. Peppering soft small kisses along your exposed skin.
“Karking droids.” You breathed out. “Thank you, you may go.” You motioned for the droid to leave.
It sat the small wooden box down on the closest table and left leaving the door hissing shut.
“I hope this doesn’t become a habit.” He teased, chuckling a bit. Boba’s face moved back in front of yours, brushing his nose against yours. He gave you a lingering kiss. One that was over too quickly before he tore away from you, grabbed his mug, and headed to the table.
“Hey my tea!” You protested as you eyed him standing in front of the the door, box in his hand.
“In have better tea.” Boba walked out through the door and into the hallway towards the rooms. You hopped down from the counter and chased after him. The droid was nowhere in sight. He made a beeline down the hall, past your room and into the door at the very back.
You stopped at his door, not wanting to impose. The warm lights flickered on, illuminating the room. It was completely different than you had expected. Things were neat and tidy, of course, but the shelves were filled with trinkets and valuable possessions. His weapon racks were filled to the brim and his desk was littered with wires and tech. Maybe some kind of project. The hanging plants he had, casted shadows on the walls and floors.
“The sand people might not have a good taste in food, but they sure do know how to brew a tea.” Boba’s voice was muffled as he dug through a chest. He approached you by the door and held out a piece of wrapped fabric. “A little makes a lot. Mix a spoon of honey into it.”
He cleared his throat before backing away from the door, nodding his head. It was very unusual of him. Did I do something wrong? “Goodnight.” He said before turning his head, eyes casting down.
“Thank you. Sleep well.” You gripped the parcel in your hand.
His door hissed shut and you stood there in the hallway. I must have done something. Or said something. It just doesn’t make sense. Everything he said in the kitchen... did he mean it? Something must have happened. Ugh what did you do? Your mind spat at you for doing anything. For doing everything. So many things ran through your mind as you stood there. Your emotions did a complete 180. A familiar feeling hit your body. One that just wants to shut down and do a complete reset and reboot like a droid.
You made your way back into your room, storing the tea into a safe place, and burying yourself into your bed. You clamped your eyes shut and pushed away everything except for the word sleep.
Your days on Tattoine fell back into the usual pattern. Wake up, get ready, eat, train, and sleep. The times you weren’t training, you were brainstorming armor ideas. Training was much different than what it has been in the past. Instead of running sets and hands to hand combat, you had been working on shooting and using new utilities. Fire, grappling hooks, vibro blades and tracking. It took some getting used to. Especially getting over fears of hurting yourself with the equipment. Who wouldn’t be afraid of burning themselves or accidentally slicing their own flesh open?
You had also managed to cough up the mission of Kashyyyk to Fennec. Not everything, but mostly about Taddo and the whole hidden village thing. She seemed to get a kick about the whole ball game. To be honest, she was the only one you could talk to.
Din had seemed to be having fun more than yourself. Either that or he just likes to show off, but he has been very quiet. His instruction was the same, but he didn’t spark any conversation like he always did. He was distancing himself like Boba and you hated every second of it.
It hurt. People pushing you away hit too close to home and there’s nothing you could do about it. No where to go. No one to talk to. Training hard didn’t get a peep out of anyone either. You were invisible again.
After your cool down stretches, you searched the palace for Fennec. Your chest felt like it was closing in on itself the longer you searched. Finally you bumped into her as she was coming out of a briefing room.
“Hey, I’m going to take a break for a little. I’m not going far but I’ll be fine.” Your hands clenched. “I’ll be back later tonight.”
Her eyebrows raised in surprise and she slowly nodded her head. “Alright, be safe.”
Right as she said that, you turned on your heel and exited the palace, speeding into the open desert on a speeder. You sped as fast as it could go. Hand cranking back on the throttle. The hot evening breeze engulfed your body. You passed through a canyon and cleared an archway, revealing a small cave. The entrance was barricaded by an old metal fence.
Your hands were shaky as you swung yourself off of the speeder, leaving your helmet sitting on the seat. Approaching the entrance, You pushed the gate open. Two carved sandstone slabs sat sticking out of a sand drift. You walked up in front of them and collapsed to your knees, your breaths uneasy as you tried to contain your emotions.
“I’m sorry Mom. It’s been a while.” You took in a deep breath to steady yourself. “Things have been busy lately.” You sat up brushing the sand off of the slabs, trying to make them more presentable. “I miss you guys. There’s so much more out there in the galaxy aside from sand and the blazing heat. I’ve made so many friends now, I wish you guys could meet them. You’d love the little Wookie I’ve befriended.” You moved to sit in between them, back leaning against the wall as you looked at the view. “Say hi to dad for me.” You fiddled with the sand, letting it fall between your fingers. “Tell him I’m sorry. I’m sorry for ignoring him. For not understanding his intentions. Tell him I’ll carry on his ways of the Mandalorian.” You sat there in silence for a long while, watching the suns go down. The cool breeze whistled through the small cave. Your mind gathered itself up and everything felt at ease. Peace spread throughout our body and a sense of relaxation washed you over.
You had forgotten what it was like being alone. The silence. The stillness. So much time to do so many things, yet it’s always spent trying to distract you from being alone. You’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t miss your family. No matter how broken it was. To hear your mother humming while fixing your hair. Your father and brother rushing around the house as they got ready for a hunt. Seeing them leave, waiting for your brother to wave at you as the door hissed shut behind them.
“I love you guys. I miss you so much.” You stood facing the slabs. The cave was engulfed with the colors of the sunset, making it glow vibrant colors. “You will never be forgotten.” With one last smile to the slabs you closed the gate. Giving them a wave goodbye, you got back on the speeder and headed back to the palace.
The next day, you had finished running through target practice with Din. He had you out back at a shooting range.
With a reach over his head, Din disconnected his jet pack and set it on the table next to you. “This is a Z-7 Jetpack. Used for personal transport and good for quick getaways. It has a limited flight time, but it goes far nonetheless.” He spun you around and fastened it to your back piece. “I’m going to keep control of it for now, but what I want you to do is play with your balance in the air when I direct it. Leaning helps maintain control.” He pressed a few buttons on his vambrace and stood back. “I’ll put you up about 10 feet. Hover for a bit, then it’ll start moving you around.”
A loud noise emitted from behind you and you rose into the air. It felt awkward at first but a few seconds of hovering and catching your balance, you started moving. He moved you left and you leaned to the left. It glides you to the side, and the more you tipped, the faster you went. You managed to move in circles and squares. He then lifted You higher. You could see the whole city from up there. Everyone scattering around like ants in the distance, ship departures launching out like flies. It was amazing.
“Turn your front cam on. Let’s go for a ride.” His voice rang out to you through your helmet.
You pressed it on and before you knew it you flew forward, gaining speed and elevation. The feeling of flying through the air was one you couldn’t describe. It just felt freeing. The adrenaline pumped through your veins as you soared, your arms extending out to your sides, fingers spread. He navigated you over the city and to a canyon, twisting and winding through the openings. You couldn’t help but laugh and smile at how unbelievable everything looked and felt. Flying is definitely your thing.
“You remember how to use your utilities in your vambrace right?” Din’s voice broke through.
The pack abruptly shut off sending you falling through the air. The solid rock passing you by as you picked up speed.
“Wait, Din?!” You yelled out. Your stomach felt like you could cough it up. “DIN!!” You fell into a panic as you hurtled down closer to the ground. An archway through the canyon loomed over you. With a last second idea, you extended an arm and grappled under the archway, swinging you through it.
“Release it.” He calmly stated.
You used your momentum to swing yourself one more time before detaching the cable, sending you flying through the air once more. The thrusters started up and circled you back through the canyon. Not too long later, a shot ricocheted off of your cuirass, making a loud clank noise. It threw you off balance making you flail to the side.
“Tusken Raiders. Hold on.” He sounded too calm for the situation.
“To what?” You sarcastically asked back.
He weaved you past pillars and through different archways, avoiding their shots. Leaning and tipping your weight, you had managed to get the hang of the direction changes. You could hear their shots whizz by as you cleared through the canyon.
“Gotta stay on your toes.” His voice crackled through the coms.
The flight back was peaceful, aside from the heart attack you just had. The nice cool breeze from the canyon felt great. Things seemed much different from a different point of view. More to explore, more to see. The city reminded you of a small model being displayed on a holo terminal. The small buildings peaked above the ground, and even the banthas looked small. You approached the palace and touched down back at the range. Your body already feeling heavy from being airborne.
“You’re training for the rising Phoenix is complete.” As you walked to Din, he had another jet pack sitting on the table. “Take care of it. Keep it fueled up, and always be on your toes when you’re in the air.” He circled around you, removing his and replacing it with the new one. “You can control it three ways. Your wrist, a hand control, or through your HUD. Atmospheric pressure will effect the way it performs. Also make sure to clean out the intake whenever you can. Debris in the intake causes loss of altitude.”
You navigated through your HUD and enabled all of the commands. The vambrace binded the commands to several buttons as well. “Thank you.” You racked your brain for something else to say, but decided against anything else.
“It’ll take some getting used to, but it’s nothing practice can’t fix.” He pulled his cape to the side and attached his pack to his back. “There will be a briefing tonight. We’ll be leaving tomorrow.” He gave you a curt nod before leaving the range.
The night went on slowly. Most of your time was spent sitting in the lounge. You had looked up the model of jetpack you wore and read up on it. There were a handful of functions to learn and quite a lot of info on maintenance and repairs. You had also replaced the cable that you used earlier.
Fennec walked by and nabbed you on your way to the briefing room. Din and Boba stood around the terminal, a blue sphere spun in the middle. Their visors glued to the terminal.
“You guys have all of the fun.” Fennec said as she sat at a desk. “Hardly any action comes around anymore. Can I Rock Paper Scissors You (Y/N)?”
You gave her a chuckle as you set your helmet down and took a seat at a table.
“We’re heading to Yavin 4 this time.” Din clicked the transmitter and zoomed in on an area. The planet was filled with a thick jungle. Hardly any areas seemed to open up for any good transport to drop anyone in. “All of the info has been revealed. The only problem is that there is only one landing pad in the region and the hideout is far from it. Speeders can only get you so far in such a dense area. So we’ll be mostly traveling on foot. Once there, I’ll give another speech and see where that puts us.”
“Will we be traveling as a group?” Boba asked as he stood there, his arms crossed.
“Yes. There will only be five of us. We’ll be in Republic territory but there shouldn’t be any imminent threats.”
Everyone fell into a silence. The whirrs and beeps of machinery faintly echoed in the room. You stood and approached a data screen, looking up information on the planet.
Ya in 4 is a temperate to tropical planet filled with dense jungle. It was the home of the Massassi long ago and is now littered with abandoned temples and various groves. The greenery consisted of many ferns, mosses, vines, massassi trees, fungi, and bioluminescent orchids. There are many creatures and animals that occupies the giant planet.
“What happened?” Boba stood in place, unmoving as his question hung in the air.
The silence remained.
“What do you mean?” You asked, trying to figure out who he was talking to.
His helmet turned to look at you, slowly moving down to your chest. Your eyes followed and settled on an indentation with a scorch mark on your left side. Oh. Your gloved fingers slid over it.
“Just a dent.” You fiddled with it before turning back to the screen in front of you.
“A dent dangerously close to your neck. What happened?” He asked again more stern.
“She’s fine.” Din stated as he leaned back against a table.
“I asked the her, Din.”
“Passed by some Tusken Raiders. I’m ok. That’s what the armor is for right?”
“It could have been avoided-.” Boba continued on.
“And the worst was avoided.” Din stood straight up, his voice agitated. “I made sure of it.”
“Now I’m concerned about what the worst could have been.”
They inched closer, as they argued.
“Fett, there’s danger everywhere. We both can’t always be there to protect her from it, no matter how much we want to be. ” Din’s voice became more sympathetic, his helmet turning to you as you sat there. “Besides, I’m sure she can handle anything that’s thrown at her.”
“It’s anyone going to tell me what’s happening? Or do I have to listen to you two bicker all night?” Fennec leaned forward in her seat, resting her jaw on her hand.
You clicked off the screen and grabbed your helmet. “Keep me updated Fennec. I’d like to know too.” You gave everyone one last glance before you retired to your room, the door closing shut behind you.
“Should I be worried?” Fennec raised an eyebrow at them as they stood there.
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thetemplestories · a day ago
A King’s Confession
Jade and her Mushroom King spent the next several weeks unbothered by Starfire, or anyone else in The Temple.  Angel had returned to her duties in the library, but Starfire continued to hide, so their paths never crossed.  Finally, just like every other time that Jade started to think that the Mushroom King would stay with her forever, he told her that he had to go away “for a while.”  Jade ached for him every time he left her, and already she knew that she would be useless until he returned.  Something burned inside of her as he dispensed the news of his departure.
“Until when?” Jade demanded.
“Until I can come back.  That is all I can say.”
“No,” Jade said, stomping her foot.  When her foot hit the floor, it felt like the edges of reality wobbled for just a second.  The Mushroom King felt the strange occurrence but ignored it.  He did not fear Jade’s power.  “I must know how long I am to be without you.  I love you, My King.”
“I know.  I know you do.  And you do make me happy, but my life will always be like this.  I cannot stay away from my kingdom indefinitely.  You must understand this.”
“Surely your subjects can be governed by whomever you leave in your stead, can they not?”
“They cannot,” he said, balling up his fist and staring diagonally at the ground.  He did not enjoy being questioned.  He knew, however, that sooner or later, he would need to tell her the truth.  Knowing that it was inevitable, however, did not mean that he liked it, nor did that make it any easier.
“Am I not important to you?”
“You are, but I have a kingdom,” he emphasized.  
“And why have you not asked me to be your queen?” Jade demanded, boldly.  She could feel the power of his hold on her growing weaker as he stammered and stared at his feet.
“I do not love you, Jade.  I’m sorry.  I cannot love.  I am different from you in more ways than you realize, and I don’t think that you could ever understand.”
“What ways?”  Tears started pouring down Jade’s face.  She was both hurt and angry.
“I’m a shade.  I am only corporeal on this plane, and it makes me weak.  I have to return through the portal each new moon, or I will die.”
Jade’s mind erupted.  He’s a faerie?  No.  How could this be?  How could he get here in the first place?  It suddenly became clear to Jade why he had such a powerful hold on her; she was fae-struck.  Legend has it that if a mortal has sex with any type of faerie creature, that mortal will become fae-struck, unable to be happy or find pleasure without their fae companion.  It is the same reason why humans who enter the faerie realm should not eat faerie food: they will have no taste for food from their own plane afterwards, and most of them starve to death.  Jade refused to fizzle and die due to lack of sex with this creature.  He had been her weakness since their first meeting.  Jade knew this, and Jade did not like having a weakness.
“I am sorry for what I have done to you,” he said.  “I realize that if I do not come back to you, you will die.  I cannot love like you do, Jade, but I do long to be with you.  It is the strongest emotion I have had for anyone, but it does not contain the depth of human love.  I know.  I know that it is unfair.  I was selfish to take you in my arms in the first place, but I was so lonely.  I hope you can understand.  
“Unfair.  Selfish.  Disgusting,” Jade replied with fire in her eyes.  “You have given me an addiction that I must feed, or I will wither and die.  No, you do not know love, you do not understand love, and you are not deserving of love.  I have curbed your loneliness, and now you must return to me at regular intervals or I will die.  I will never enjoy the touch of another, and I will never love again.  You took away the deepest and most precious part of my soul.  For this I can never forgive you, but I will not ask you never to return, as I have no intention of dying, not this day, nor any other.  I will subdue your loneliness and you will keep me alive; it is a pact that I feel I have unwillingly made with the devil, and I am angry.”
“I do care for you, Jade.”
“You don’t.  Go.  Go back to your people.  I will find a way out of this.  Whether I can break your spell or not is unknown, but I guarantee that by the time you return, I will no longer have love for you.”
The Mushroom King walked off into the forest and Jade joined Angel in the library.  
“I WILL find a way around this.”
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staarkindustries · a day ago
You and Steve need to go undercover for a mission, what will happen after you make him see your vulnerable part?
Warnings: fluff, mention of shooting and fighting.
Words: 1559
(Gif not mine)
Tumblr media
"Alright guys, it's an undercover mission. I was thinking about Capsicle and L/N." Y/N nodded. Undercover missions were her favorite: five stars hotel payed by Tony, new clothes, idiots who tought would be easy to take her to bed and that she could kill with a tea spoon. "Sure, what is it?" The girl asked, looking at Steve and then back at Tony. "You will pretend to be a newly married couple. It's a ball. Clothes, hotel are payed and the jet is on the roof." The girl snickered and looked at Steve. "He really wants us to leave, get your things Cap, I'll meet you on the roof." And she went away, going to her room.
"Friday, set automatic driving." "Coordinates set." "Thanks Friday." Steve sighed and sat down on the bench. "You okay, Steve?" "I hate flying." "I know, it'll be okay. It's just a couple of hours." The soldier nodded, closing his eyes. "Wanna play a game?" Y/N asked, trying to distract him. "You're such a kid... What is it?" "Oh I am the kid, Rogers?" "Sit down, and don't use that tone of voice with me, Miss." He joked and smiled while his eyes were still closed. Y/N sat next to him and smiled too. "What are you going to do? Put me in detention?" "I hate you." "You clearly don't."
"What a wonderful hotel, darling!" The girl said, with a slightly pitched voice, laughing at the annoyed face Steve did. "Y/N..." "Oh, I love you so much!" "Come on, L/N, let's go." He sighed and leaned against the counter. "Hi, we booked under Smith." "Sure, room 214." One. One room. "I'll kill Stark." "I'll gladly help you." She giggled as Steve opened the door. "So Rogers, what are you going to do?" "We have two days before the ball." "Uh, I want ice cream." She said sitting on the bed. "Then why are you sitting down? Come on, let's go." He took her wrist, starting to walk towards the door. "Steve!" "Hey, you have to call me Jonathan." "Okay, Jonathan." She laughed and followed him.
"Steve." Steve got up on her elbows, and looked into her eyes. "Can't sleep? Do you want me to go on the sofa?" He asked quickly, thinking that maybe she was uncomfortable with him sleeping in the same bed as hers. "No, no, don't worry." "So what's going on?" "I heard a noise." "What was it like?" He heard a shot. "Like this, Rogers." He tried to get up, but she held him back. "No, please don't go out." "Y/N..." "Please." She took his hand. "Come here, come here." He hugged her as she shivered. Another shot was heard in the air. "Steve." "It's okay, it's okay." She settled into the Captain's arms, trying to ignore the shots. "Sweetheart, I need to see what's going on." "N-no, you don't have to Steve. Please." "Y/N." "God I feel so stupid, go." She released him and curled up on the bed, while Steve looked at her with sweet eyes. "I'll be right back, I promise you." He hurried out of the room and ran downstairs. He noticed that the hotel was quiet, there was not a living soul and it looked whole. "Jonathan." The girl whispered, still on the stairs, using his fake name so they wouldn't risk blowing the cover. "What are you doing here?" Steve asked, scared that she could get hurt. "Did you really think I would let you go out alone?!" "Let's go back to the room, there is nothing."
"Steve, can I ..." She didn't complete the sentence, because Steve pulled her to him and kissed her forehead. "Sleep Y/N, I'm here." The girl hugged him and sighed. "Thank you, Stevie."
"Wow." Steve said as Y/N came out of the bathroom. She smiled and sat down to put on her heels. "Thanks Steve." "Can you help me with the tie?" "Sure, but I can only tie one type of knot." "Are there more ways to fix a tie?" "Oh my God, Rogers." She laughed and began to tie it. "Thanks sweetheart." "No problem, darling." She smiled at him, then took the gun and put it in the bag. "Are you sure we need it?" "You have shield magnets under your jacket, did you think I wouldn't notice?" "Hit and sunk." He said making the girl laugh, then offered her his arm. "Shall we, Penny?" "We shall, Jonathan." She smiled and leaned against him. "I already hate these heels." "You could not have worn them." "Yes sure, I could have put on sneakers!"
"Name please." "Smith." "Come in." "That was easy." "Stark must have done something." "Yes, like always." He smiled at her. "Come on Jonathan, let's dance." She took his hand and led him towards the center of the room. "I'm happy to be here with you, you know? I mean... If it had been Tony it would have been weird, that's it."
"Well, I'm happy to heart that, Penny." He smiled and walked over to her. " "I think I see him, Jonathan." "Okay, turn around, I want to see him." The girl nodded, then she got closer to him, to speak in his ear. "Twelve o'clock, gray suit." Steve looked where Y/N said to him and sighed. "Any ideas?" He asked. "Shall we take him somewhere and shoot him in the head?" She asked innocently, Steve chuckled. "The first part is doable, but Stark said to keep him alive." "Okay, I can try to flirt with him. Go out, I'll take him there." "With what excuse?" "You surely are not from this era." She kissed his cheek, then walked over to the man. Steve looked at her for a few seconds, before stepping out of the building.
"Since I do not want you to hold a grudge, I'm not someone that likes arms dealers." Y/N said, before kicking him in the balls and then in the head. "Don't worry Rogers, he is just passed out." "Yeah, sure. Let's get out of here."
"Hey." Steve greeted the girl, entering her room. "You need something, Steve? I'm almost done with the report, I swear." The soldier grinned, then shook his head. "No, I'm not here for the report, Y/N." She sat on the bed and patted on the spot next to him. "What is it, then?" Y/N asked. "I just wanted to know if you were okay. You know, after that night..." "Did I make you uncomfortable? I know that I, being an Avenger, shouldn't be scared of guns but... I don't know it's just the loud noise and I was scared you could get hurt and..." "Hey, it's okay sweetheart. Everyone is afraid of something, you don't need to be ashamed of it. I'm afraid of flying and I'm a super soldier, what should I say?" "You have every reason to be afraid of that." "So do you." He said, looking at her. He always found her beautiful, with the expressions she made when something annoyed her, or when Tony did one of his jokes. But mostly he loved the face she did when she smiled. He knew she could make his day only by smiling at his words.
Steve sighed and put his hand on the girl's cheek, stroking her cheekbone. "You are an amazing person, and you shouldn't be scared to let the people who love you see what makes you human. Fear makes us humans, Y/N, you need to undestand that." "I... I don't know how to let people in. I'm an Avenger, for God sake, people should fear me, not the other way around." "I like this side of you. Not that I don't like the others, you are beautiful, and funny, and cocky and... And I sound like an idiot." The girl chuckled. "No please, go on, you really were blasting my ego." Steve pushed her playfully and rolled his eyes when she tried to do the same. "It's not fair, I'm not as strong as you. Don't roll your eyes at me, Rogers." "Or what? Are you going to put me in detention?" "You are quoting me, find your own quotes, be original." "I hate you." "Again? You don't." Steve sighed, looking at his shoes. "Yeah, no, no I don't." The girl smiled. "Are you gonna kiss me now or what Rogers? I tought that your mother taught you how to treat a girl." Steve blushed and his eyes widened. "What? Not used to girls being open about what..." He had enough. He knew that she was just messing with him, but at least he had a good excuse to kiss her. "Finally." "You drive me crazy, L/N." "Glad to hear that." She kissed him again, this time with more desire. Steve groaned when she pulled at his hair, bringing him down on her bed. "I have been waiting for this, Rogers."
"They did it! They kissed guys!" Tony yelled, and Y/N jumped from the bed. "Say hi to the mini camera I bought yesterday." "That's fucking stalking, Stark." She said when she saw the red light that was pulsing on her desk. She took it and she threw it to Steve, that smashed it with his bare hands. "So, where were we?"
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An Attitude Adjustment
Pairing: Rafael Barba x F!Reader x Rita Calhoun
Type: smut-ish
Warnings: Bondage, degrading use of tone, language, and talk of oral (male receiving) and strap on.
# of words: ~ 600
Written by: Lustvolle-liebe
Note: Would someone be so kind and walk me through how to make a masterlist? Like with all the links so that all my writings are in one place and easy to find, thanks!
Tumblr media
You had been a little too mouthy and snarky all week and after one particular inappropriate quip, the two powerful lawyers decided that you were in need of an attitude adjustment. Which is how you currently found yourself naked and bound.
As they stood there talking to each other about your punishment just loud enough for you to hear but acting as if you weren’t there sitting naked and tied to a chair. Your arms are tied behind you against the back of the chair. Your legs are bent, tied against the chair legs by your ankles. You watch them talk with begging eyes as you sit there with a ball gag in your mouth, nipple clamps attached to your nipples, and a vibrator is in you which was hitting you in all the right places.
Listening to them discuss all the things they want to do to you make you even more aroused, and between that, the nipple clamps, and the vibrator that when you moved your hips just enough you could feel the vibrations on you clit: you were losing control of your quickly building orgasm.
Eventually you couldn’t stop it, and you were coming. Hard.
The two lawyers froze from their discussion when they heard what sounded to be an orgasm. One without their permission, mind you. Both of their heads turn to you, having the same look of disbelief and what could only be described as a look of “that better not have been what I think it was.” The look in their eyes told you all that you needed to know. You were in even bigger trouble.
“Well that was naughty.” Rita states with a calm, yet, in a slight disapproving tone.
She turns back toward Rafael, ignoring you as you come down from you high. With a smirk on her face, she offers a proposal to Rafael about what a suitable punishment would be. “Not only has she been so rude, she has also been disobedient. I propose we fix those problems by starting with you working on her mouth and throat while I work on making her ass and pussy nice and red. Then I’ll put on the strap on, and we’ll fuck her together. Since she obviously wants to cum so much tonight.”
“Sounds like a good beginning to the night.” Rafael smirked.
With a growing smirk, glad to see Rafael agree with her, Rita turns to take a step towards you and takes ahold of the chain that is connected to both of your nipple clamps. She pulls the chain up and towards her, making you arch your back off the chair following her pull. “Does that sound like a good plan to you, dear?” She says with a sweet yet condescending tone, as you shiver with excitement. She swiftly unlatches the strap on the ball gag to free your mouth.
Dropping the gag, she moves her hand to your jaw forcing you to tilt your head up to her as she pulls a little harder on the chain that she is still holding. You take a sharp intake of air from the pain and pleasure radiating through you as you let out a “yes, ma’am.” You can feel your second orgasm approach quickly.
With that Rita smiles, dropping the chain you relax back into the chair as they untie you from your bounds (though they did keep your wrists tied together).
“Right then, let’s get a move on.” Rita says, picking up the nipple clamp chain with one finger and leads you to the bedroom, with Rafael trailing behind, while sliding his suspenders off.
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Arrest Record Day
Blurb related to The Jar Series
Mob Boss!Tom Holland x Single Mom!Reader
Summary: A look into our favorite family a few years down the line.
Warnings: swearing lmao, mentions of violence (but it’s for a good cause), Holland fam shenanigans
Word Count: 1.6k
Estimated Reading Time: 8 minutes
A/N: did ya miss me? did you miss this series? yeah me too
Main Masterlist || Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
She looked up from her bruised knuckles, hearing the deputy’s heavy footsteps coming her way. From her estimations, she’s been here for about four hours, meaning that it’s a little after five. But then again, with how dark these godforsaken cells are, it’s possible that she’s wrong. 
Unlikely, but possible nonetheless.
Officer High Cholesterol somehow managed to unlock the door without dropping his family-sized bag of chips and she cringed at the greasy fingerprints left on the bars.
“You know, you should really think about eating healthier. I can give you my nutritionist’s number, she’s great. Made my transition from meat-loving sociopath to vegetarian sociopath seamless.”
“Enough with the sass, Holland, you’re lucky someone came for you at all. If it were up to me, you’d be rotting in a place much worse than this.”
Her black platform boots echoed in the empty hallways and she focused on keeping a cocky smirk on her face. As long as she feels confident, she’ll be able to ignore the fear creeping up her spine. Fake it till you make it.
She could hear her father’s voice the closer she got to the entrance, and she straightened her back unconsciously. 
“Thanks for calling me, Anthony, I really appreciate it.”
The aforementioned Captain clapped him on the back.
“No problem, just… maybe try to keep an eye on her? It’s the fifth time in a month.”
Her father sighed and threw her an exasperated look.
“I’ll try.”
He motioned for her to follow him and she complied, saluting Captain Mackie on her way out, the chains in her shorts rattling at her every step.
They got into her father’s Audi R8 without speaking a single word.
“Did you like your mugshot this time?”
She nodded. 
“I think the bat-winged liner looks much better honestly, and I made sure to switch to my matte lipstick while in the car, that way the flash doesn’t ruin it.”
He looked her up and down.
“When did you buy the shirt?”
“It’s called a corset top, Dad, and there was a sale last weekend so I bought a whole bunch of them.”
Plus, it looked great with the new shorts and thigh strap combo she had going on. The fishnets really gave it the finishing look, though.
He weaved through the city flawlessly, going way over the speed limit, not that anyone would care. One look at the license plates and they’d back off.
“What happened this time?”
She took a piece of gum from the glove compartment.
“Some misogynistic prick got handsy with a waitress at lunch, so I punched him.”
He lifted a brow.
“Multiple times.”
The brow stayed up.
“And kicked him in the balls.”
Still up.
“And then broke a chair on his back when he tried to touch me. But in my defence, they seemed easily breakable and I wanted to test that theory.”
“One hit and they’re firewood.”
He nodded in satisfaction.
“We’re picking up Luna from her piano lesson, then Gabe from art class, and that should mean that we’ll get to the studio right as Ollie’s about to finish.”
She groaned. 
“I should really start to plan arrests around my lessons, I’ll get thrown out of ballet school if I keep missing so much.”
“Organisation is a key skill to have.”
She took the spare charger out of her backpack, plugging it into the car so her phone could come back to life.
“Is everyone else already at home?”
Her father smirked.
“They always are. What’s the rush on your phone, Angel? Someone you wanna talk to?”
She squinted her eyes at him.
“Maybe so.”
He pulled into the music school’s parking lot, waiting for the ten-year-old menace to come out to the car.
“Who’re you talking to?”
“Why do you care?”
“I always care. Now answer.”
She rolled her eyes.
“Just a new girl from school.”
He hummed.
“Go on.”
She made a face at her sister once she was close enough to peer into the car.
“Her name’s Claire, she just moved here from France cause her dad’s British and he decided to move back here after the divorce. She’s a bit shy, so I’m hanging out with her, so she’s not alone.”
He hummed and stretched enough for Luna to kiss his cheek, settling into the back seat.
“Oh, is she telling you about the new student who she totally has a crush on but refuses to admit? She has a French accent. Mills loves french accents.”
Millie stretched her arm into the backseat and slapped her hand over her sister’s mouth.
“Shut up you menace, I do not.”
Tom reminded Luna to put on her seatbelt and took off towards the art school.
“So, Claire, is it?”
“We’re not doing this.”
She turned up the volume on the radio, the playlist affectionately dubbed ‘Soundtrack to Millie’s arrests’.
“Is she pretty?”
“Mills, you have to stop getting arrested during ballet hours!”
“Good morning to you too, Oliver dear.”
“Hi Dad, but seriously, I can’t deal with those people all by myself. That Hannah girl told me I looked ‘super strong’ today and kept shoving her boobs in my face. Is it not clear that I’m gay? Do my mannerisms, ogling the hot teacher, and rainbow fucking everything not make it clear?”
She snorted.
“Please, that girl couldn’t see rejection if it hit her in the face.”
He nodded.
“Which is exactly why I need you in that room with me to do your scary glare thing and keep the vultures away.”
“I’ll make sure to only get arrested on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, then.”
Her dad shook his head.
“Not Sundays, your grandma won’t be happy if you miss Family Day.”
“Not Sundays then. Oh, stop there, I wanna get some flowers for Mom. And Grandma. And Aunt Noa. And Aunt Elysia. And Lizzie and Chris for getting me out. We should send Mackie a fruit basket.”
“Just buy the whole flower shop, it’ll be easier.”
“Shut up, Luna.”
“We’re back! She’s alive but smells like sweat and crimes, so if you could postpone the speech until after she showers, I’d be appreciative of it, please and thank you.”
Millie glared at her cousin.
“I don’t smell.”
Gabriel stuck his tongue at her and curled up next to Noa on the couch. Forever a mommy’s boy, that one.
She looked over at you, sitting calmly on the couch. The rest of her family was spread around the living room.
No one said a word, and the way she was getting stared at was kind of unsettling.
“What happened this time, Rosie?”
Although your voice was calm, she knew better.
“So, you know how on Wednesdays I go get lunch at Marinella’s to get a reprieve from my schoolmates?”
She decided not to mention that she took Claire with her. It’s not like it mattered much since her new friend didn’t get into trouble.
“So there was this one guy, absolutely disgusting, just screamed ‘corporate asshole’ - sorry, Nana - with everything he did, putting down the staff and all. But since I remembered you telling me not to get into any trouble, I stayed quiet at my table.”
You lifted a brow and she shrugged.
“Well, tried to, at the very least. But then when Alayna was serving him his drink, Director Small Dick - sorry, Nana - decided that it would be a good idea to put his hand on her bum.”
You took a sharp breath in, fire in your eyes. Yup, she’s definitely not gonna get into trouble now. Millie 1, police department 0.
“So, obviously I did the sensible thing and broke his hand. And nose. Then kicked him in the balls when he tried to make a grab at me. Then broke a chair on his back cause I wanted to see how easy it would be.”
“Simple and fun, kinda wanna do it again.”
You nodded at her.
“Good job, sweetie. Did you apologise to Claire for having to cut your date short?”
She spluttered while her family ‘ooh-ed’ at her.
“Not a date.”
“Mhm. That’s what I said every time your dad came over for movie night and look where it got me.”
She pouted and grumbled about it being totally different situations but it seemed that no one was listening to it, choosing instead to sing an abhorrently off-key version of ‘Kiss The Girl’.
“But anyway! Pumpkin, this is a celebration!”
Okay, what?
The lights suddenly went off and her Uncle Sam came into the room, carrying a big cake - chocolate, her favourite - lit up with candles spelling 369.
“Happy Arrest Record Day to you, happy Arrest Record Day to you, happy Arrest Record Day, dear Millie! Happy Arrest Record day to you!”
She blew out the candles to the sound of her family’s cheers.
“Well, it’s official kiddo, you’ve taken my crown for the most arrests before age 18. Congratulations, you’ve cost your Dad a ton of bribing money!”
She smiled at her Uncle Harry, glad to take on the mantel as the family’s biggest troublemakers.
“How are you feeling about it?” 
“Sad. Always sad. I’ve lost yet another record to you.”
She vividly remembered the day she first managed to shoot an entire round perfectly at the centre of the practice sheet. It was on her fourteenth birthday, a whole year and a half younger than Harry had been.
“Look on the bright side: I’m never gonna steal your title of the highest amount of stupid things done to impress one person.”
He grumbled something about ‘snarky kids’, but she was too busy eyeing the cake to notice. 
All in all, just another day at the Holland house. No more drama for today, that’s for sure.
“Aunt (Y/n)! Millie’s backpack’s ripped again!”
She just had to jinx it, didn’t she?
“Millicent Rose Holland!”
Tumblr media
oh how i missed them. ngl, the first version of this somehow turned into the beginning of a series, completely accidentally, but i managed to put my foot down and say NO MORE SERIES
so then obviously i went and came up with five additional blurb ideas that i just feel obligated to write
i’ll get to it eventually
if you liked it don’t forget to like/comment/reblog!
-Love, Miah <3
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Tumblr media
Knight in Shining Armor
C!Sapnap x Reader
Word Count: 1.6k words (my longest fic oml)
Summary: You’re the soon-to-be ruler of a famous kingdom, one that your family has ruled over for centuries. But what happens when you fall in love with your knight? No-one ever said royal life was easy...
TW: none
Requested?: [Yes] [No]
Note: Funny enough, I actually started writing something similar to this request before I even got it, also welcome 🧦 anon!
Reader is also around 17, it’s not mentioned that much but you can use your own age if you want
Masterlist // Rules for Requesting
───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────
Tumblr media
You heard a knock on your door, one loud enough to make you jump. You sighed and stood up from your desk, closing the book you were reading. You hurried towards the door, “Hey y/n!” On the other side of the door stood your best friend, a smile on his face. “Hey sapnap!” You replied back, returning the smile.
Sapnap was a knight who you met when you were younger, both of you two got along right away. Years later, he was assigned as your guard, something you both were excited to find out about. Over the years, you’ve developed a crush on him, something that was sure to get you in serious trouble. So instead of revealing it, you kept it a secret.
“Your parents want you, I’ll wait til you’re ready so I can escort you there.” You thanked him before closing the door, locking it before heading towards your closet to change. You wondered why your parents wanted you as you chose an outfit, leaving your room when you were finished. Sapnap was standing outside your room, next to the door. He nodded to you when you were done. Heading towards the meeting room, you thought about what you had to do today.
You mentally sigh, sometimes you hated being royalty. There were always papers to be signed, ribbons to be cut, and balls to attend. Today was probably like every other day, you probably had to attend an event, something you weren't looking forward to. You always wondered what happened behind castle walls — what it was like to not be royalty. You knew that many people would’ve traded everything to be royalty but they wanted the fame, not the trouble that comes with being royalty.
“Y/n is everything alright?” You widen your eyes. Sapnap was looking at you worryingly. “You’ve been quiet for a while now...” You shook your head, “Sorry it’s just... have you ever wondered what it would be like if you weren’t a knight?” Silence filled the air, the only sound that could be heard was the wing breezing outside. You felt like you crossed a line, “Sorry just ignore th-“ “No it’s fine.” You look at Sapnap but he was staring straight ahead. “My parents were knights and so were their parents and their parent’s parent’s were knights as well and-“ You laugh, “I think I understand now, Sap.”
The nickname made him slightly blush but you didn’t notice. “I just feel like because my ancestors were knights, I have to be one as well. But if I wasn’t a knight? That’s kinda a hard question to answer, y/n.” He put his hand under his chin, jokingly putting on a thinking face which made you laugh. “I guess I would be a baker. I always thought it was fun watching the bread rise and putting frosting on cakes. What about you?”
Deep in your thoughts of why your parents wanted you, you jumped when he called your name. “Huh? I-I um... sorry what did you ask me again?” You furrow your brows as Sapnap starts to laugh uncontrollably. “What? What’s so funny? Do I have something on my face?” You start to get annoyed since your best friend wasn’t answering you, instead he continued to laugh. “C’mon! Tell me!” You pouted. “Nothing it’s just... your face when you’re scared is funny that’s all“ You roll your eyes, “No it’s not, and I wasn’t scared.” He jokingly scoffs, “Yeah right, your face was like this.” Sapnap stopped walking and faced you with an over-exaggerated scared face which you guessed was supposed to be you.
“You’re exaggerating it, Sap. What time did my parents tell me to see them anyway?” “10:30 am, and no, I’m not exaggerating it,” he replied, laughing when you rolled your eyes. You spotted a clock nearby and walked to it. The clock showed that it was 10:40. “shit”
The time was 10:45 am when you made it to the meeting room. You were out of breath and so was Sapnap from running as quickly as you could, not wanting to make your parents angry at you two for being late. You opened the door as he stayed outside. Your parents were sitting behind a table, patiently waiting for you. You winced when your parents looked at you. “Sorry...” You mumbled. Your father shook his head with a sigh, “Nevermind that, your mother and I have something to tell you. Come sit down.” You silently sit on a chair as you wonder what was the ‘something’ your father wanted to tell you.
“Tonight, you’re going to a ball to meet your suitors.” You widen your eyes. “What?” You blurted out, not meaning to be disrespectful. You cough, “Sorry but what do you mean I’m going to meet my suitors tonight?” Your parents looked at each other and then at you. “We just feel like you’re at the right age to marry- I mean find a boyfriend!” Your mother quickly covered up her mistake, hoping you didn’t notice. You did notice her mistake.
“But I’m too young to marry!” You were right, you were barely an adult and yet you had to find a suitor that you were going to marry? “Look, you’re not going to marry anyone.” Yet you thought, you ignored the fact that you wanted to roll your eyes. “We just want you to find- er a suitor, that’s all.” You took a deep breath, you hated this. You hated how you were your parent’s only child. You hated how you didn’t have any older siblings that could be in your spot instead. You hated that one day, you were going to have to marry someone and become your kingdom’s new ruler.
You walked back and forth in your room. “A suitor? Really?” You thought, not hearing the knock on your door. The next knock was an even louder one. You rolled your eyes, you knew exactly who it was. “Coming!” You opened the door to see Sapnap, “do my parents want me again?” He shook his head, “No I just came here to check on you that’s all.” You raise an eyebrow at him and then gesture at him to come in your room.
“You seemed a little... unhappy when you left the meeting room.” “You noticed?” You made sure no one saw Sapnap go in your room before closing it and locking your door. Your parents told you that no-one could go into your room unless they knew the person and they approved, so far only your best friends were able to go in.
“I always notice if you’re feeling sad- actually... that sounds a little weird-“ You laugh at Sapnap’s sentence as he blushes from embarrassment. “If you want, you can tell me what happened.” You sigh as you sit down on your bed next to him. “It’s just... my parents want me to find a suitor.” You don’t notice how Sapnap tenses up at your statement but you continue on talking. “And I told them I’m too young for one.” A suitor? Sapnaps mind was filled with questions but he only blurted out one, “When do you have to find one?” You stand up as you walk to a window in your room, “Tonight.” “T-tonight? Isn’t that um a bit early?”
You look at Sapnap who was sitting on your bed, “My parents don’t think that, they say I should be looking for one right now.” You had two reasons why you hated the idea, one, you thought you weren’t ready but of course, your parents thought otherwise and two, you had a crush on Sapnap, one that you had for years. You wanted him instead but you knew it was a horrible idea. Little did you know, Sapnap also had a crush on you, one that developed years ago as well.
You sat back down on your bed, accidentally putting your hand down where Sapnap’s hand was as well. Blushing, you two pulled your hands back. You hear him sigh, “Can I tell you something?” You nod your head at him. “This is the worst timing ever and probably a bad idea but I just wanted to get this off my chest... y/n- I like you...” You freeze, did you hear him correctly? Did he just say that he liked you? Surely you heard him wrong, right? Surely he wasn’t confessing to you...
Noticing how you stayed silent, he quickly spoke again, “Actually, ignore what I just said.. god damn it why did I think this was a good idea?...” He whispered the last part to himself. “I like you too,” you blurted it out, shocking both you and him. You turned to him, you guy’s eyes were wide open. You looked down at the floor after it seemed like you were staring at him. Blushing, you whisper, “what now?” You weren’t sure what to do. Tonight, you had to attend a ball to meet your suitors and yet you were now confessing your crush to your knight? “Do you want to cuddle?” You looked at Sapnap, his eyes were not meeting yours, too awkward to do so.
You giggle at his awkwardness, “Sure” Although you had to get ready for tonight's event, you ignored it and instead got into bed. You knew it was a horrible idea to have a crush on your knight but you didn’t care, all you cared about was how in love you were with him. You felt oddly safe in his arms, like you were able to jump off a cliff and yet his arms wouldn’t let go. You closed your eyes, falling asleep minutes later.
───── ⋆✩⋆ ─────
Taglist: @thenotsohottopic @0-0littlem0-0 @alec-lostboy @bi-narystars @707xn @sakurapartridge @justsomegnomesinatrenchcoat
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toxicgcds · 2 days ago
Sentence no. 17 for Ike daddy Evans please.. tehee 🤭🤭
17. I don’t care if they’re watching. I’m not done with you yet.
Tumblr media
Ike had been horny in the past like every other man in the world, but never he had felt like with his new maid. Whenever she comes up in her cute costume to clean his apartment he gets all excited. And as soon as he knows she’s interested too he gets all handsy. Or sometimes he would just watch her twirling around while he’s giving himself a hand.
Watching her setting up the table for the business dinner later he feels the twitch of his fingers. Greedily he licks his sudden dry lips as she bends over to put some flower bouquet in the middle. If he doesn’t want to spend the evening with his balls blue he needs to do something. Now.
"Your skirt‘s been extra short tonight. Are you teasing daddy?" His voice is dark with lust as he steps a little closer.
"I don’t know. Do I daddy?" Pulling the skirt up she shows off the little white panties she’s wearing.
White, the color of innocence like there’s anything innocent about her, he thinks chuckling.
"We don’t have much time." She chimes in carefully as he moves forward and grabs her ass with both hands.
Roughly he massages her soft flesh and simply ignores her statement. Instead he pushes her panties down before spreading her cheeks. Alone the sight of her holes puckering and begging to get filled by him having him pant.
"Ike, are you sure?"
"I can’t remember allowing you to call me by my first name." Slapping her ass he grins at her little yelp.
"I’m sorry daddy." She responds quickly. "I‘m sorry Mr Evans."
"Good girl."
To show his appreciation he pulls out his cock and starts massaging her holes with it. The response is a lot as she moans quietly and his tip getting soaked into her juices.
"The best girl." He purrs as he leans over her and thrusts his shaft into her soaking pussy.
"Oh god yes daddy." She mewls.
Clock‘s ticking and giving him an excuse to be extra rough with his lady as he straightens up. Linking his thumb into her ass while grabbing her hips he drives hard and fast into her. His balls smacking loudly against her swollen clit which having her only scream louder for her sweet release.
"D-daddy... Mr Evans, the elevator." She cries embarrassed and accidentally knocks down a plate. Not that he minds. He and his business partners still could eat downstairs.
"I don’t care if they’re watching. I’m not done with you yet." Still he pushes down her skirt down a bit so her bare flesh won’t be exposed to anyone. She’s all his.
The door opens and his secretary steps out along with some men. By the harsh sounds of skin slapping against each other they seem to stop as the head of the brunette peeks around the corner, her eyes hidden behind her hand. "M-mister Evans."
"Send them downstairs, I’ll be there in fifteen minutes." He pants heavily. "Or maybe twenty."
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jazz41 · 2 days ago
Since the truce it has been fairly cordial and normal, if that is a word I can summon. I’ve been too busy with work and wrangling youths to really think too heavily about….things. It does creep on me though, in the brief quiet spaces between responsibilities. I get to wandering through that swamp in my head.
I blast music to drown it out. I’ve become obsessed with this guy Ariel Posen. Sounds like John Mayer, but a better singer. Good guitar player. He has been the soundtrack of my last few weeks.
I have missed you something awful. I did not want to post those things until you returned from vacation. I didn’t want you to see them and have my stupid issues preying on your sanity. I’m sorry if they did.
I have a week off coming up. And I’m dreading it. I hate taking time off. I’m a creature of habit and my habit is work. But even worse, I’m going to be at home the whole time. It may be awkward to be there, just the two of us. We had had some plans to go to the beach with the kids, but I don’t think that is going to happen, which is fine by me. No such thing as a vacation with kids, it’s “traveling” and “herding.”
I know the optimistic thing is to try and work at the issues. To try and be better for their sake. To try and return to what we once were. The problem with that is that I know the end. I know how this story goes. It has been going this way for years. I’ve ignored and papered over our issues for the longest time now. There are some fundamental differences between us that keep popping up over and over. And I don’t know if I can do it anymore. I don’t know if I have the heart to do it, the will to do it, the desire to do it.
In some of our more depressing battles, she’s pointed this out, the multitude of differences between us, the ways we just don’t connect. I’ve always tried to allay those doubts. I’ve always tried to ease her mind. There were more important things than just what we like and dislike. But the years are weighing down and it can’t be ignored anymore. The years have a way of pulling apart the differences. And I don’t know if I can be what she wants in a husband anymore. I’m a great father, but I can be a shit husband, according to her. We have a difference of opinion there, but it is what it is. Out of the 15 years we’ve known each other, the bad years outweigh the good. We’ve held on and weathered a lot, way more than I think any other couple would. Seems we are holding on for the kids now, and not each other. I have been ignoring that sentiment for a while now. I can’t ignore it anymore. I don’t think that I can be as good man as I can if I’m constantly in misery in my heart and mind. My heart is a fucking rock these days. I keep chipping away trying to shape it back, but it just isn’t working. And I’m terrified of what lay beyond. I am terrified of the consequences of pushing that ball down the hill.
I can’t express how your gift of the sound of that ocean makes me feel and that you had the generosity to share it with me. I’m not a beach person, I much prefer the elevation. But there is nothing like the gentle rock, the hypnotic crash, the crackle of retreating water. Staring at a long horizon. I played it in my headphones this morning. And that laugh. Goes well with the gin reaction.
I have been writing, some longer posts, one that I can not share right now no matter how much the words ring true, no matter how much I want you to see it, to know what it means, some poems. These things I chip away: is it relief I find? I don’t know. I tend to see what I lack. I finally picked a guitar back up, posted a couple of songs, both older but ones I’m fairly proud of. I think you’d like them, even if they are a little long and self indulgent. She never comments on my music. That hurts like you wouldn’t believe. Same with the paintings. The red nebula? She looked at it, said hmm, and moved on. This is where we are.
I’m glad to have you back in whatever capacity you’ll be back. That’s all I can say at the moment without going overboard into definitely oversharing, which there is no guarantee that may not happen anyway.
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tsukkisfatsimp · 2 days ago
hi! i’m not sure if you’re taking requests still, but if you don’t, feel free to ignore this! so, i wanted to request tsukki, kags, osamu and iwa with a s/o who has 2 different boobs sizes and is like self conscious about them and they somehow tell the guys and how the guys react? if it’s not within your rules, feel free to ignore! don’t forget to drink water!
Tumblr media
ft. timeskip! tsukkishima kei, kageyama tobio, osamu miya, iwaizumi hajime, bokuto kotaro
tw: female!reader, boobs ofc, samu and iwa got a lil suggestive
authors note: I loved this request! mostly cause I'm having some issues with my boobs 😔🤚🏼 like I had Tsunade boobs but I lost weight on lockdown so :') they are not as mommy milkers as before, hope you enjoy it!
Tumblr media
•TSUKKI went to the bedroom and saw you in black common bra, looking directly at your boobs by the mirror reflection "all okay?" you shakes your head from left to right "don't you think my boobs are weird? one is more down than the other, it's like they are water balloons" of course, he let out a chuckle before going to hug you "your boobs are perfect, don't tell anyone but they are the best pillows" letting yourself go, you wrap your arms around him and rest your head on his chest "thank you, I love you kei"
•TOBIO woke up of his nap and went to the kitchen, where you were. the scene was weird to him, you holding both your boobs with your hands, squishing them as if they were a stress ball "love? what are you doing?" he had a confused expression on his face, leaning into the fridge with one arm "I think I have a boob bigger than the other, tobio" "and?" "it's not pretty" he sighed before going to your figure, grabbing your chin with one of his hands "I love your boobs" he gave you a sweet peck that had you smiling "both of them"
•OSAMU noticed that you were taking too much in the bathroom to get ready, more than common at least "angel, ya okay?" "umh yes samu! I'm going" the moment you stepped out of the broiler, he noticed something was wrong "what's wrong angel, tell me" he told you while placing his hands on your lower back, pressing his body to yours "my tits are smaller, even yours at bigger than mine" he sighed before picking you up, going directly to the bedroom "samu what are you doing! we are gonna be late!" "am gonna show ya how much a love those tits babe"
•IWAIZUMI knew you were feeling s little of this past days, so he brought a box of your favorite food after work "how are you feeling angel? better?" shaking your head, to go to him and cling just as a koala would do "nuh-uh haji, I really don't like how my boobs are looking this days, they are asymmetrical" he placed his bag with the food on the floor to grab you properly "you're perfect, I love you, your boobs are so fucking perfect, you do know the things they do to me in fact" you playfully smack his chest before picking up your head for his shoulder "haji! not the time" he chuckled and pecked your temple "is always the time, sweetheart"
•BOKUTO went to the bathroom to shower while you were looking at the mirror "kou? I'm in the bathroom right now" "as if we didn't share the bathroom before don't play silly" your silence made him thought his words again, maybe you wanted some alone time and he was not respecting it "baby I'm sorry, you okay? you need anything?" "it's just... do you like my boobs?" your eyes looking straight to the floor because of embarrassment "are they enough?" he panicked, quickly making sure he was kissing all over you "love your tits" he placed a little kiss in the middle of your chest "both of them" now laughing, your hand going to caress his hair while he kept his face in your torso "thanks, kou"
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lunarshadows777 · 2 days ago
Hotel Dream
I had a dream that I was at my best friend's apartment shooting tiktoks. My brother was playing a prank that included drawing on her wood floors so I was objecting. My friend kicked everyone out and when I go outside there's a huge hotel.
The hotel is hosting a prom but there's also a bdsm ball that night. I go inside and see a sign listing what people at the BDSM party are into based on their outfits. I ignore it and keep going, eventually running into the owner. Apparently I work at this hotel? Or maybe I'm investigating it. I don't know but the owner seems to trust me even though I feel like I don't belong. This hotel is insane btw. She's giving me a tour and the floors move. Everything is colorful and patterned. There's a room that spontaneously tilts. Another room is just a giant bed but when you get under the covers there's a slide that leads to a secret room. So now we're in this secret room talking. She's giving some kind of villain speech as we watch the high school kids have a full on war. It's scene kids vs emo kids and they're just fucking each other up. Then there's a montage of the emo kids in the dark under a spotlight??? They're moving in slow motion, jumping at the camera, and showing off blue character paint on their faces.
Cut to a different dream. Im at my real life job. It's basically deserted but I'm worried because the managers keep making up stupid rules to "increase productivity" while ignoring the equipment problems that actually hinder productivity. I do my work and run into some guy with a very long African name. I don't know where we go but this becomes a sex dream very quickly.
And that's it. I wake up.
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nothingbuthaikyuu · 2 days ago
Volleyball Injuries (And Sleeping Babies)
Reader: F Character: Takanobu Aone Rating: M Summary: Aone comes home from a game with a nice shiny bruise on his face. Being the worried wife you are, you take care of your husband but express how him getting injured worries him, especially now that he’s a father.  Warning: Mild Injury, Babies, Fluff Ask Box: Open | Commission Me! | Join me on Patreon 
Tumblr media
Aone came through the front door of his apartment dead tired and with a shiny bruise on his face. He was worried about your reaction when he looked up at you while you were seated on the couch with your baby girl in your arms. 
  “Taka.” You said as you got up and rested your daughter against your shoulder. You went over to him as he put his bag down. You cupped the side of his face as you got a better look at the bruise, “What happened.” 
  “Ball.” He said quietly before he leaned down and kissed your cheek and the top of your daughter’s head, “Did more damage to the ball.” Before he pulled away and went over to the kitchen to have a late night snack. 
You followed close behind him, “Taka.” You said, “Go sit down, I need to get a better look at your face, the swelling looks terrible.”
  “It doesn’t hurt.” He remarked as he pulled out the container of sandwich meat out of the fridge along with the squeeze bottle of mustard. 
You sighed, “Takanobu Aone. Go sit on the couch right this second, I need to ice that bruise.” You sounded annoyed as you watched him ignore you and pull out the loaf of bread from the bread box on the counter. 
He gave you one look, you were not wavering from your stance. You closed the distance between you two, your sleeping daughter still in your arms. He said as he closed the bread box quietly, “Fine.” Before he turned away to go back to the living room. 
You went to the freezer and tucked the cold ice pack under your arm as you walked over. You went to the couch and handed Aone his daughter and let her sleep against her daddy while you sat beside him and pressed the ice pack to his face gently. 
He winced and let out a small hiss, but didn’t move too far away from you, He continued to hold his daughter over his other shoulder and sighed, “Thank you.”
  “Taka, you have to let me take care of you. We’re a family after all and that bruising looked terrible. So please, let me help.” You told him as you rubbed his shoulder with your other hand, you pressed the ice pack a little harder against his face, “Did they take a look at it on the court?” 
  “I love you.” He said quietly, “Yes they did. Nothing is broken. The pain isn’t that terrible, I just need to sleep it off.” 
You sighed, “Taka, for a big strong guy you’re an idiot sometimes. Now c’mon, let me hold this against your for a while, let her sleep so don’t move too much.” You then inched the ice pack further up his face to cover the rest of the shiny bruise. You hated how ugly it looked, it looked like it must’ve really hurt. You asked, “What happened?” 
  “I wasn’t paying attention during practice and the ball hit me in the face and I fell over. I mostly landed on my face, I’m sorry.”
You sighed, “It’s alright, big guy.” You pressed a little harder on the bruise, “Did you play like this?”
  “Yes.” He replied honestly. 
  “Taka.” You sighed as you eventually pulled away from him. You placed the ice pack on the couch beside you and leaned over to kiss him on the bruise, “Go take a shower and get ready for bed, I’ll ice it tomorrow before I have work, Okay?”
  “Okay.” He responded as he handed you back your daughter. She was still nice and asleep. He knew in the morning she’d become curious about the bruise if it got any darker. He looked at you, “Do you still love me?”
You gave a small smile and reached over to hold his hand, “Of course I do, sometimes however, you’re pretty dense. You need to know when to take breaks, especially when you’re injured. Okay?”
  “Okay, I love you.” He said as he got up from the couch to go shower before bed.
You looked up at him and said, “Takanobu Aone, I love you more than anything. Please try not to get hurt like that anymore.” You then yawned loudly, “Now go get showered then come to bed, I think all three of us are tired.”
Aone leaned down and kissed you on the forehead, “Thank you, my beloved.” 
You shooed him away, “It’s no problem, honey. I only get frustrated because I love you so much, now go shower.”
Aone gave you one last kiss before he turned away and went towards the bathroom to get ready for the evening. He gave you one last look over your shoulder before he softly smiled to himself and went to go take a shower. The bruise still throbbed, but he was thankful for your tender hands.
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Reaction: Bomba/Misto/Tugger
Basically, Bomba gets hurt, and she guides Misto through treating her wound. Tugger panics, but also helps. I think it came out pretty well!
The pollicle ran away, whimpering and stumbling, with a burned patch of fur on its hind leg. Mistoffelees turned around quickly as it ran off, switching his attention over to Bombalurina, who was currently laying on the ground with a deep gash on her leg. Tugger was sitting next to her, his hands hovering over the wound as he panicked.
“Alright. Tugger, move. Bomba, tell me what to do.” Mistoffelees’s voice was more serious than either Tugger or Bombalurina had ever heard. Tugger moved off to the side and Mistoffelees sat next to her injured leg, studying the wound.
Bombalurina groaned and laid her head back on the ground, speaking as she did so. “Okay, Misto. The first thing you need to do, if you can, is clean the wound. Can you conjure water and a cloth?”
“Well, I can certainly try.” Mistoffelees closed his eyes, and his body started to glow and sparkle faintly. He focused on Jenny’s den, where he knew such items were kept. Similar to his trick at the previous ball, he reached behind a nearby sheet of metal and pulled out a cloth and small container of water. “There.” He sounded satisfied with his work.
“Good. Now, I need you to clean the wound. Don’t just clean the surface, you need to make sure it’s as thorough as you can get. Tugger will need to hold my leg down, it’s going to be painful.”
Tugger’s face paled at this, and he started shaking slightly. “Are-are you sure? What if I do it wrong? Maybe I can just stay here, right? That would probably be more, uh, more helpful.”
“Tugger, you can do this. I just need you to hold my leg down. Dealing with this is gonna hurt, and I can’t kick Misto in the face. I might scream, I might make noise, but you need to ignore it.” Her tone softened when she saw how nervous he looked. “I love you. It’s going to be okay, I just need you to do this for me, alright?” Tugger nodded, and while he was still slightly shaking, he looked a tad less nervous.
Tugger scooted over to Bombalurina’s side, hesitantly placing one hand on her hip and the other right under her knee. Mistoffelees sat opposite of him and dipped the cloth in the container of water. He then started to clean the injury out. As expected, Bombalurina tensed and groaned. And as instructed, Tugger held steady, although he looked terrified.
Mistoffelees was shaking slightly as he cleaned the wound. He wouldn’t outwardly display it, but he was scared. He didn’t quite know how to do this, but he trusted that listening to Bomba’s instructions would prove successful. It was a deep wound, and he knew he had to be more thorough. Taking a deep breath, he pushed a bit harder, reaching the smaller crevices of gash. Bombalurina screamed, pushing against Tugger’s grip. Tugger was crying now, and his hands were shaking badly, but he maintained his hold on her leg.
Mistoffelees finished cleaning the wound, setting the bloodied rag next to Bombalurina’s leg and leaning back. Bombalurina laid her head back and closed her eyes, breathing deeply in relief.
“Good-good job, Misto. Now, we need a bandage so you can wrap it up. Then we can go home.” Mistoffelees nodded in response, conjuring up some bandages and leaning back over Bombalurina’s leg. As he wrapped the bandages around her leg, she groaned softly. He worked efficiently, and soon the wound was tightly wrapped, which slowed the bleeding.
“Okay. Tugger, you can let go now.” Tugger nodded, releasing Bomba’s leg and wiping the tears from his eyes. “Help me up. We need to get to Jenny’s, so she can do the rest.”
Tugger and Mistoffelees sat outside of Jennyanydots’s den, holding hands. Tugger still looked like he was on the verge of tears. Mistoffelees turned to him.
“Hey. You did great, Tugger. I’m proud of you.” He smiled up at him comfortingly.
“You did all the work, Misto. I could barely hold her leg down, I was so nervous, and-I just froze!” He started shaking and bouncing his leg, and tears began rolling down his face.
Mistoffelees turned Tugger to face him. He wiped the tears from Tugger’s cheeks and spoke softly. “I was scared and nervous too, Tugger. We all respond differently to stressful situations. And you did help. I likely wouldn’t have been able to clean the wound without you. I love you, and I’m very proud of you.”
Tugger looked down at his hand, which Mistoffelees was still holding. More tears built up in his eyes, and he hugged Mistoffelees tightly and began sobbing into his mate’s shoulder. Tears pricked Misto’s eyes at hearing his mate like this, but he simply stroked Tugger’s back as the larger tom broke down. They stayed like this until Tugger stopped crying, and Mistoffelees leaned back and kissed him softly.
“It’s okay, Tugs. It’s okay.” Tugger rested his head on Mistoffelees’s shoulder, and they stayed like that until Jenny called them into her den. Bombalurina was laying down, and her eyes lit up when Tugger and Misto walked in. Tugger sat by her side, and she cupped his face in her hands and gave him a kiss. She continued to console him as Mistoffelees sat next to them, one hand holding Tugger’s and the other holding Bomba’s. Mistoffelees guided Tugger to lay down, and he soon fell asleep. Bombalurina and Mistoffelees watched him sleep, petting his fur and running their fingers through his hair, until Bombalurina fell asleep. Satisfied that they were both resting, Mistoffelees fell asleep soon after.
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deexchanel · 3 days ago
Such a tease
Word Count:
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x BlackFem!Reader
Warning: lil bit of fluff, Smut.
Summary: Y/N and Bucky always tease each other. One day at the tower by themselves, they find themselves not being able to keep their hands off each other.
A/N: It’s 3am and this idea came to mind.
Tumblr media
Y/N and Bucky were known to always flirt with each other. Everyday they’re making sexual jokes or just plain flirting. It was to the point where the team just ignored it. Today it was something different.
“Good morning beautiful.” Bucky greeted seeing Y/N walk in the kitchen. “Morning handsome, dream about me?” Y/N teased eating some bacon off his plate then went over to the island to make her own plate.
“Yup woke up with the best morning wood.” He winked eating more of his bacon. Y/N blushed glancing down at the plate she was preparing. 1 point for Bucky. When she was finished, Y/N back over to the seat beside him. In a petty manner, she dropped a napkin on his lap.
“Oops, my bad.” Y/N sat the plate down then grabbed his dick through his sweats as if she was grabbing the napkin. Y/N was stunned from how big he was, trying to hold her composure. Bucky smirked knowing exactly what she was thinking.
“Oh you didn’t think I was small did you?”
Lost for words, Y/N ate her breakfast. Another point for Bucky.
Y/N came up with the perfect idea to get Bucky back for those smart-ass comments. At the moment, the team was gone and it was only the two in the tower. Bucky sat on the couch watching tv while she was in her room.
Y/N came downstairs in y/f/c lace panties and a cropped tank top. “Whew! it’s warm in here.” She posed a fake groan, walking in front of Bucky with her back facing him. He instantly got on hard seeing her clothing.
“It uh is warm in here, let me go turn on the air conditioning....”
His eyes were fixated on her curves. “Oh no it’s fine Bucky, I know how to cool down.” Y/N pulled off her cropped tank top. Then she bends over, slowly pulling down her lace panties. Bucky shifted in his seat seeing her wetness drip down her inner thigh.
“Damn...” He pulled at his clothed crotch area. One point for Y/N. She gestured for him to follow her. “Come on Bucky.” Complying, the two of them were now in Y/N’s room.
Y/N laid on her back in the bed. With Bucky standing in between her widen legs she grabbed his right hand, guiding it down her chest. All the way to her to wet core. “You see how wet she is for you?”
“I see how wet she is for me.” Bucky moved his fingers in a circular motion, keeping a good tempo. Y/N arched her back a little bit at how good he was doing. “You like the way I play with your dripping core?”
Y/N whimpered, nodding her head. That wasn’t enough for Bucky. He stuck in two fingers, thrusting in and out while his metal thumb played with her clit. “You like when I finger fuck you? Huh?”
“Yes, daddy I do.” Y/N’s head tilts back in the cover. He went faster on thrusting and her legs began to shake. “I’m going to cum daddy,” Y/N eyes closed as her walls clenched around his fingers.
“Cum on daddy’s fingers babygirl.”
Bucky bit his lip watching his doll cum all over his fingers. He put his fingers in his mouth, licking up every drop of her honey. “My turn.” Y/N winked at him, getting up from the bed onto her knees. She pulled both his sweats and boxers down.
Bucky just let her work her magic. Y/N twirled her tongue around the crown of his dick. He shivered at the touch of her lips against his skin. “Shirt off.” She mumbled pulling at the end of Bucky’s shirt.
“Yes ma’am.” In one swift movement, his shirt was off. She kept her eyes on him while she took his dick into her mouth. The eye contact turned him on even more.
Bucky’s eyes rolled to the back of his head while she sucked every inch of his dick. He could hear the little gags she made when she deep throat him. He loved every second of it. Bucky grabbed a fist full of her hair, gripping it. “Babygirl you sucking... so good.. shit..”
Y/N licked on his balls a bit and his toes curled. Bucky felt like he was in heaven. “Y/N... I’m going to... cum.” His lips parted slightly, feeling deep throat his dick again.
“Coat my throat with your kid's daddy.” Y/N moaned loving to see her daddy enjoying the pleasure she gives him. Bucky gripped her hair tightly once again, nutting all in her mouth.
Y/N swallowed every drop. “Mhmm, I see you drink a lot of water.” Bucky picked her up from underneath her arms, placing on her stomach.
“Just for you doll, now get on all 4’s and arch your back.”
Y/N does as she told, loving the fact that Bucky was in control at times. He positioned himself, slowly sticking in. He fit in like a perfect puzzle piece. “babygirl you’re so wet.”
She gripped the covers letting out a moan. He picks up his speed. “Shit..” Bucky starts fucking her harder. Y/N moans were getting louder with every thrust. Bucky smacks her ass, leaving a big red handprint.
“You’re daddy’s little slut?”
Y/N’s pleasure overwhelmed her, not being able to speak back to him. Bucky gripped her hair, pulling her head up. He smacked Y/N’s ass again. “Huh? What was that? I can’t hear you doll.”
“I’m daddy’s little slut!” Y/N shout trying to place her hand back there to slow him down but it didn’t work. “Daddy I’m..about to...cum.” She pants knowing she couldn’t hold her release.
“Me too baby girl.” Bucky paced slowed down, getting sloppier. They both released at the same time. When he pulled out, Y/N turned around grabbing Bucky’s face pulling him into a blissful kiss.
“So what you saying is round 2?” Bucky question when they pulled apart. Y/N was too tired to laugh, he fucked her brains out.
“No Bucky, I’m tired.”
“I’m going to sleep Bucky.” Y/N yawned, reaching for a towel that was at the end of the bed. Bucky whined kissing on her face.
“Y/N I want to make you feel good.”
“I’m already going to feel good Bucky.”Y/N went into the bathroom so she can wet the towel. He cleaned himself up but didn’t put on clothes.
“How Y/N? I’m not inside you.”
Y/N slid on her bonnet, to lazy to put on clothes she got into bed putting the damp towel between her legs to help the swollen go down.
“With my eyes closed.”
She laid on her side, slowly her eyes closed. Bucky sigh getting in bed behind her, he pulled her close to his chest. “Sleep good doll.”
“Bucky tell your friend to calm down, I’m trying to sleep!”
Did I just finish this at 5 am in the morning, yes I did.
I couldn’t sleep without doing it😂 my bf is going to be so mad that I stayed up until 5 am but oh well.
Stay slutty my friendsss!
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