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#if this sounds sarcastic thats cause it is
johtodaycare · 21 days ago
I've been out of the hospital for a while now. How are you?
juuuust fine!
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loser-like · a day ago
"𝑫𝑶𝑵'𝑻 𝑳𝒊𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒏 𝑻𝒐 𝑨 𝑾𝒐𝒓𝒅 𝑰 𝑺𝒂𝒚...."
[Based Off the Song ‘Little Talk’s’ By:Of Monsters and Men]
Hope You Enjoy]
Tim Never Thought He’d Be In this Spot Again.
He Had Put His Past Behind Him.
He’d Put This All Behind Him.
Everything and Everyone.
Once And For All.
But Here He Was Face-To-Face With Someone Who’d Caused So Much Damn Pain.
Not Only To Him.
But Many Others.
But This Was His Friend.
His Close Friend.
At Least He Was.
That Left Tim With A Bad Taste In His Mouth.
Along with Many Mixed Emotions.
He Grew Up With This Man.
With Alex.
I don't like walking around this old and empty house
So hold my hand, I'll walk with you my dear.
The stairs creak as I sleep It's keeping me awake.
‘It's the house telling you to close your eyes’
And some days I can't even dress myself.
It's killing me to see you this way.
Tim’s Mind Couldn’t Stop But Wonder
‘What Had Caused This-?’
‘Why’d It Turned Out Like this-?’
‘What Went Wrong-?’
He’d Never Expect Any Of This From Alex
Maybe Thats What Hurt the Most.
He Was One Of the Most Trustworthy People Tim Knew.
Sure He was Sarcastic and the Two would Bicker and Fight There was Never Any Genuine Hate Shared Between them.
‘How The Tables Have Turned Dear’
The Dark Haired Man Let a Low Chuckle Escape His Lips It Broke the Silence.
“What-?” Was The Immediate Snapped Response From The Taller Male
He Was Quite Taller Than Tim A Mop Of Sandy-Brown Hair atop His Head A Pair Of Glasses Which Were Shattered In Some Places.
A Striped Sweater and Dirt Caked Jeans
His Brown Eyes Were Darting Around the Room Bags Shone Underneath His Dark Eyes .
“What-? What Do You Mean ‘What’?”
“You Know ‘WHAT’” The Man Made Sure to enunciate The Word ‘What’ He Shot a Glare At The Tall Brunette.
“I Never Expected This Out Of You Alex-“ Tim Began. “you Were The Last Person I Expected”
“But Here We are-Y’know Its always the Person You Love The Most Who Hurt You the Worst”.
“I Just Have To Know-What Drove You to This-?”.
“Why are You even FUCKING HERE-?!”.
“To Finish It off-? Pfft-Be My Guest-“.
'Cause though the truth may vary
This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore
Hey, hey, hey.
There's an old voice in my head
That's holding me back.
Well, tell him that I miss our little talks
Soon it will all be over, and buried with our past
We used to play outside when we were young
And full of life and full of love.
Alex honestly Hadn’t Expected THIS
For Tim To Try and Talk to Him.
Have a Heart-To-Heart-
He Didn’t Expect His Words to Burn So Much
Or Sting
He’d Had It With Jay’s Words
They Stung Badly.
The Man Fidgeted With The Hand-Gun In his Hand Tracing His Finger Over It
He Was Trying to Avoid Talking
He Couldn’t Focus
He Had Done All This
Tim Had a Right To Be Mad
“I—I Had No Choice-“
Some days I don't know if I am wrong or right
Your mind is playing tricks on you, my dear
'Cause though the truth may vary
This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore
Don't listen to a word I say
The screams all sound the same
“I Never Wanted It To Go This Far-“
“You Have Every Right To Be Mad-Hate Me Even-“
“You don’t Have To Listen To a Word You Say But-“
And though the truth may vary
This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore
You're gone, gone, gone away
I watched you disappear
All that's left is a ghost of you
Now we're torn, torn, torn apart
There's nothing we can do
Just let me go, we'll meet again soon
Now wait, wait, wait for me, please hang around
I'll see you when I fall asleep
Don't listen to a word I say
The screams all sound the same
“..I Did What I Had To..Even though It Hurt Me...”
“..I Know You Don’t Believe Me...”
“...And My Truth May Be Different From Yours..But..Im Telling the Truth Tim...”
“...But I Did What I did For a Reason.....”
Now wait, wait, wait for me, please hang around
I'll see you when I fall asleep
Don't listen to a word I say
The screams all sound the same
Though the truth may vary
This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore
Don't listen to a word I say
The screams all sound the same
Though the truth may vary
This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore
Though the truth may vary
This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore
Though the truth may vary
This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore
[I Got A Bit Lazy At the End Hope You Enjoy Tho]
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b3l0v3ds · 11 days ago
about writer
Tumblr media
hey i'm nyx ! you can also call me jade if thats more comfortable.
- i’m a syndicate and quackity apologist
- my favorite character is a tie between tubbo, vilbur, techno, and ranboo (just noticed they are all crazy oh god)
- favorite arc is uhm when pogtopia happened
Tumblr media
- i write for the dream smp cause it makes me happy. im a hopeless romantic and i can express that through writing. saying this, i also really love best-friend dynamics!
- im the youngest sibling between one sister and two brothers.
- quite chaotic people would say i am. but recently i've calmed down to a more tolerable level of chaos :)
- tone indicators help me a lot. especially if you are being sarcastic
- i got into dream smp back in- idk I just know it was before Dream was in prison for sure. the first video i saw was the festival in technoblade's pov. and i was so confused at first until i backtracked and learned about l'manberg.
Tumblr media
- i cosplay techno, sapnap, and occasionally tubbo. outside of that i also cosplay hinata and kenma from haikyuu
- apart from dsmp i'm a big anime fan. some animes i've watched are these:
k project, tbhk, haikyuu, bnha, demon slayer, aot, charlotte, hxh, ohshc, jjk, kakegurui, inuyasha, k-on, soul eater and more!
- i also went through a creepypasta and sally face phase before i fixated on minecraft
- don't hesitate to talk to me, i love making new friends as cheesy as it sounds.
- my aesthetic irl is a combo between dark academia, lowkey cottagecore, and grunge
Tumblr media
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HERE WE GO AGAIIIINNN - time for more Tommy in EXILEE
(rp) ok everyone giving Tommy gifts while he's in exile is so nice actually~
especially cause everyone seems scared of visiting pissing off Dream -- shout out to @stellocchia for making a WONDERFUL analysis of these episodes that put a lot of things into perspective! Their post is HERE
"Every day at the start of my stream, Dream logs on" hhhnnn, yep
He's going to search for Technoblade huh. He was also the one to suggest using him to stop himself from being Exiled. He's getting pretty lonely huh ;-;
He also bounces back and forth between blaming Fundy too -- fittingly, since Quackity at least tried to reach out (though not since, I've noticed)
Tommy really does want to blame Techno for everything that went wrong since he placed those withers. I think he wants someone to blame, and Dreams been working very very hard to convince him that theyre ''''still friends''''
"Then again I've been alone for so long now, what does it really matter" ;-;
I do think its interesting that he's still willing to go against Dream at this point -- he's looking for Techno even though he doesn't think Dream would like it. It does seem like a step in the right direction at least, and a sign he hasn't given up completely
"Dream would just lie, he would just lie wouldn't he" well at least he still knows that,,,
sidenote! cc!Tommy is great at acting and very talented actually, he does Face Journeys very well
Did Philza spot him????? He literally logged on in time to see him enter the foor huh
oooh and he saw the sign from Phil to Techno. I don't think he knew they were friends, how could he?? oof
LOL well at least he didn't IMMEDIATELY steal all those emerald blocks, jc Techno THATS SO MANY
"Dream wouldn't like it if I was here, Dream wouldn't like it if I stole... he would lose his shit if he knew I was here" I take it back, I want him to steal
aaaaaww fuck, Tommy just immediately panics fuck fuck
Philza's "run" is very ominous (if probably well meaning) :(
....the switch from panic to "I don't know why I care so much" is just.. oof
god it really is like a prison
...that was sure a reaction to Tubbo getting online ;-;
He listened to a disc and got out the compass,,, my heart ;A;
why'd he go
why'd he leavee
ah fuck i thought it was gonna be Tubbo on the VC why is it DREAM UGH UGH
of course he knew of course of course :( :( :(
and Tommy immediately puts the disc he had out away because there's no trauma there at alll, nooo, can't imagine why that would be
Dreams so matter of fact about it, Tommy wasn't even arguing or hesitating and he still hit him, Tommy threw his axe in without even asking I hate how routine this has become :( :(
He's still preoccupied with Tubbo he's barely even paying attention to the armor pit
FUCKER he even has him light it "I don't want too" "just do it" HELL HELL HELL
is he hiding from Dream??????? that would make sense
"I just woke up, I came straight here to see you" yeah totally not obsessed
"because we're friends" "oh, yeah" god I hate that that sounds more resigned than sarcastic. Tommy sounds so flat it hurts.
"what if we made an iron golem, and they could guard your area" .........this certainly is a trend
...Tubbo's not there anymore :(
ooh! the party! I hate that he's telling Dream first! and asking permission!!
god I know Wilbur's gonna fuck it up but that hurts
"Can I come" "of co-yeah" i hate that he was actually enthusiastic for a second there
'for like 13 days now' We have a timeline!!! nice
I don't think Tommy actually noticed him, he was behind the sand!
..Philza are you here with Ghostbur or are you on the way to Technos right now huh...
so he is here to visit. And right after he found out he's Techno's friend
.........fuck I DID notice that this section of the VOD is called "Tommy Hallucinates while building" ... Tubboooooooooo
Also those shoes are gonna get blown up by Dream and its gonna be even worse because they were a gift :(
a Friendship Emerald~! wholesome
....fuck off Dream,, just leave. don't even be here.
Wilbur saw him but Phil didn't... Dream doesn't count because he would just lie anyway
"Dreams here btw, Dreams always here" >:|
"PHIL GO AWAY" lmaooo
annd Dreams harping on the 'oh you were just seeing things angle' now I REALLY don't believe it. God this really is the very definition of Gaslighting, like down to a T
"Oh I don't see anybody" YEAH LIKE I'D TRUST YOU. Hate that Tommy apparently does at this point
DID GHOSTBUR JUST SHOOT HIM WITH SPECTRAL ARROWS LMAO that's so fucking smart and fucks over Dream saying hes not there I love it
oh my god hes suffocating lmao
"I got you, I don't know if you need [this axe]" well he does esp after he had to blow up his axe this morning
Tubbo hit him-- I really wish Tommy would ask someone NOT Dream or the Ghost lol
Why is Tubbo not joining VC???? whats the plan here
*rolls eyes* and now he's devaluing the others visiting Tommy and saying they aren't here for him
"I thought I saw the compass in a chest, like he just threw it in a chest" Sure Dream, sure. He Definitely does not want Tommy and Tubbo reconnecting he is doing everything in his power to separate them :(
"I'm not scared of pain anymore" :( :( :(
"I'm gonna set up some lights if that's ok with you" hate this hate this hate this
also Dream continuing the trend of giving him stuff :/
;-; Tommy wants Beach Bees to lure in Tubbo doesn't he
what even is this girlfriend bit though, omg
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kaiderforever · a month ago
Friendship comes first
C/N:third and last headcanon of the 1 year anniversary of Kaiderforever event!!
Brotp Edition!!
Silent bros *cough*
Jacin talks a lot with Cinder cause at least she is not stupid *looks at Thorne*
Also they are both protective ™ so its a plus for this friendship
so underrated:/
The funniest brotp✓✓
Thorne:*trying to make a joke*
Cinder:*answering with a sarcastic sentence*
uwu pure babies
Softest brotp ever™
They both doesnt know whats going on but thats okay cause they are cute
A lot of fashion shows(jacin:😑) and a lot of cinemas
They would also do *crazy fangirl sound* together
Scarlet/The whole crew:
Make sure that they ATE-
Make sure that they are at least ALIVE-
*angry sound*
Tag list:@salt-warrior @as-the-stars-foretold @strawberry-seraph @cindersnightmare @starry-tea-party @peoplecallmeginger @healing-winston-pratt @honey-hippie-harper @idkchatie @cinderswrench @thepurpledragon4444 @arushahisatroll @shellyseashell @cindersassasin @winterrhayle @silver-shade-and-stars @just2bubbly @late-in-love-and-a-little-drunk @lothloriien
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rattaemin · a month ago
Astrology observations;
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yes yes ik it was about damn time i did my own astrology observations HAHSAHAH and here i am to deliver them to you.
Most of these ended up being towards males but still enjoy this clownery that is about to unfold
Tumblr media
Males with mars in libra just have the hardest time expressing their true emotions to others -> i have a guy friend with mars in libra and that dude is like the most kind person on the whole earth BUT GOD DAMN HE NEVER STANDS UP FOR HIMSELF. My dear male libra mars learn to say no please, people will take advantage of you and you cant be patient forever. One day you will explode and everyone will not excuse your outburst cause it will seem out of nowhere. Mark your ground and your boundaries. Stop hiding and say what you dont like from others. You have every right to say no without explaining why or excusing yourself.
For the love of god, geminis or aquarius in the 8th house, you have no chill with your kinks -> maybe you are not so kinky rn in your lifetime if you are older and have matured but at the time you were questioning about your sexual preferences and orientation, man your mind was the definition of bdsm- JAJZBWWJS i have met quite a lot of people and even one of my friends having this placements is so experimental and curious. That bitch was showing me about some toys THAT I NEVER EVEN HEARD ABOUT AND SHE WAS LIKE FULL ON INVESTED TO DESCRIBE ME WHAT THEY DO WITH EACH SINGLE TOY, LIKE MY EYES WERE CURSED AHHAHSHA. And tbh with this placement youre more prone to be a dominant, especially if your venus is in an earth sign (or even a softcore sadist if you have venus in capricorn or scorpio and you have the gemini 8th house)
Scorpio and virgo suns are one of the sun signs that have the best sense of humour in the zodiac circle -> they are just so god damn sarcastic, easygoing and funny people especially if their moon is in the element of fire or air, but even with the water or earth element they are just hilarious. Especially male scorpios and virgo females make me cry in laughter. Very sharp minds and quite intelligent as they read the room very well and know what to say in the certain moment to make things even more comfortable
Aries and sagittarius suns dont actually have the best sense of humour -> They can be funny but only when they are spontaneous and say sth without thinking about it a lot. When trying to say a joke, it can get a bit underwhelming but these people give you so much energy and they can be the life of the party. They laugh easily but they dont say the funniest jokes.
Capricorn male suns are the most underrated comedians -> i literally have my brother as a capricorn and that bitch is literally the funniest ass, his moon in pisces helps him to feel the atmosphere even more and say the joke with the right acting and voice. I also remember i had a classmate of mine with capricorn sun and moon in libra and that bitch was like the clown of the class HAHSHAHA IN A GOOD WAY cause he literally made everyone laugh. I had many laughs with capricorn males.
Libra and virgo female suns are most of the times the funniest and most easygoing signs -> yeap these two signs are the funniest people i find from the other females signs. Very funny and fun to be around and so original. They make you feel very warm and open around them.
Cancer sun females can have a very sarcastic sense of humour that may come out rude to most -> i personally like most cancer females i meet. They are raw and very honest about what bothers them but i always see them getting into fights so oftenly with other people that have a very closeminded brain. Most call them oversensitive but thats only cause you triggered them
An extra point for capricorn placements in general -> they make lots of sounds with their mouth in the most unexpected moments?! You will hear a "meow", a truck sound, a small moan or sth- HAHSHAHAVA I have noticed it from both girls and boys that had any capricorn placement in their personal signs. VERY INTERESTING. I believe that happens cause its a way for their mind to concentrate and they overthink quite a lot so they dont notice themselves that they do some of the sounds, except the moans though cause they always do it on purpose to get your attention HAHSHAHAHA
All libra female suns i met are very touchy people -> Some can literally just be affectionate from the first second they meet you but others can be very hesitant at first but thats only until they get to know you. You will notice that when they get comfortable around you, they touch you very oftenly. Very warm people.
Lilith in the 6th house individuals just have to be the most rebellious from all the other placements -> dare to demand sth from them, these people will never AND I MEAN IT NEVER, deliver it to you. They can be so disobedient and procrastinating. But let me tell you that for some of you, a guilty pleasure is to read boss au fan fics or sth- HAHSHAHAHAHA Sex at work may be a turn on or cursed fantasy you dont ever want to admit.
All virgo male suns i met have hooded eyes but not all females have this characteristic -> yeah idk, most of them have their eyelids mid way the whole eye, kind of sleepy looks but i noticed it mostly in males. Females will actually either have very round big eyes or the hooded ones i noticed
Capricorn and sagittarius friendships and relationships are so underrated:(( -> this one actually always makes me sad. WHERE ARE MY CAPRICORN BABES AT? its a fact and it mostly works if the sag has mercury in cap or if the cap has mercury in sag. I have one of my bestest friend being a capricorn and i just love her so much. These friendships can work out so well because Capricorns like the positivity and independence sagittarius radiate, while Sagittarius love how deep and philosophical capricorns can be. They could go from the most lighthearted conversations to the deepest ones. I have even seen cap-sag couples that work extremely well too and especially many that i heard are married.
My dear sagittarius males, most of you are such scumbags- HAHSHAHA -> SORRY NOT SORRY ITS THE TRUTH. Not all of you but most of you are just the worst lovers i have ever met. You can be so unfaithful and take huge pride on cheating on your lover. Sagittarius is literally my dominant sign but i dislike sagittarius males quite a lot cause all that i have met, ended up disappointing me. Its not from personal relationship experiences but rather from my friends that either got hurt so many times by them or cheated on. I have never tried being with a sagittarius and believe me i never will. Im nit trying to get my heart broken thank you.
Other scumbags in my list will be cancer male suns HAHSAAH -> WTF IS WRONG WITH CANCER MALE SUNS ISTG, HOW IN THE WORLD DID MOST OF YOU END UP UNFAITHFUL AS WELL?!? Have I missed sth? I remember there was a cancer sun that flirted a lot with me and i actually ended up dating that bitch (cause i like flirty man with lots of confidence and that ass really was like that, ik freakin cringe-KSHDBSJS) After a couple of WEEKS, i ended up seeing with my own damn eyes that he would go around flirting with many other girls while being with his friend group. And then finally, i found out that he was messing around with many other girls too:) My heart broke so much ngl but im so proud of how i exposed him. BUT THE THING IS THAT HE WAS NOT THE ONLY CANCER THAT WAS SUCH A FLIRTY AND UNFAITHFUL ASS. Many other people that started sth with cancer males, just ended up hurt by them. Not all of them, i clarify but the majority yes. You are cancelled BYE- AND YES IM STILL SALTY ABOUT THAT BITCH CAUSE I LIKED HIM A LOT. (This post is really gonna end up a hate post towards men.. i see HAHABSBABA)
Male libra suns are actually so reserved and serious individuals -> i literally noticed that so oftenly. While male libra moons can be so outgoing and fun, male libra suns are so reserved people BUT WITH GREAT SENSE OF HUMOUR. I had the hugest crush in a libra sun with moon in sag and that dude was so intelligent, funny but also so serious at first. He screamed husband material ngl- EWHAHSBSBAJA but yeah he was quite reserved at first but when we got much closer in class ( as friends thiugh:(( ), he would tell jokes very oftenly and many times would look for my reaction. MY HEART JUST- AJZIXHDBSJS
Female scorpio suns, ascedants and mars can you please step on me?! -> YALL ARE LIKE SO HOT ISTG. ESPECIALLY THE SCORPIO ASCENDANTS, I LOVE YOUR EYES. You can be so intimidating at first but if i had the chance, i would stare at your eyes for my whole damn life.
Libra risings i need you in my life -> you have the most beautiful and heartwarming smiles. You have so charismatic, gentle and kind faces, i memorise every smile you give me. You are a sunshine.
For some apparent very unusual reason, i confuse leo risings with cancer or pisces risings at first -> i really confuse them idfk. Maybe its cause most leo risings i meet are so closed to themselves?!? LIKE NO MY BABIES SHOW YOURSELVES, YOU ARE A BOSS BITCH COME ON, YOU FREAKIN SLAY. I have read how reserved and introverted most leos became and its so sadd:(( LETS HYPE UP OUR LEO BABES
Last point out of this clownery of a post-HAHSHAHAHA, is that all mars aries are actually not short tempered at all -> most of them that i have met are actually very calm and have their words spoken at the most suitable moments. They dont have anger issues nor do they explode with aggression or anger towards others. I believe they keep many things to themselves but this placements gives the individuals a very passionate and somewhat competitive nature when it comes to things that interest them. But most of them are so calm and patient. It ofc depends on what you say and if you are insensitive but otherwise they dont have a short temper. Thats all from personal experiences i had with mars in aries.
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jenctar · a month ago
11:25 pm - bad boy :( ♡ ♡ ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“You need to realize the difference jeno, between you and me, need and wants , also love and lust” you said with a slight smirk. Looking at angry jeno. “What we had wasn’t love, it was lust” you say with the same smirk written on your face.
“We were just friends with benefits nothing more than that” you complete your conversation.
Jeno sitting on the couch, black leather jacket and messy blonde hair. He giggles a devilish giggle. “What made you think that I don’t know the difference?” He asks, his palm sitting on his left thigh. “ and you should know the difference between reality and acting baby, what we had as a fling and something minor” he says with a very mean manner.
You can’t lie it hurts, it was okay when you were the one who will hurt him, but it’s totally asshole behavior if he did what you do. It’s a hypothetical situation. And a very angsty one too.
“Get the fuck out of my apartment” you said. Closing your eyes slowly, maintaining your calmness. Jeno get his body off your dear coach and takes his bag. Before he left he glanced at you one last glance and smiled. “You will miss me baby, i know”.
“Jeno told me it would be okay if i asked you out believe me” jaemin shouts. You look behind you to see jeno in his tight jeans and shirt with his cap on. All in black. Accept his hair it still very much blone. With a mullet. Something new to adore about him. Sad you kinda hate him now cause of his arrogant behaviour.
“What does he eat!” You ask yourself, he gets hotter and hotter within every second. “Your pussy as i far i know” jaemin says with a smirk. “The last time he ate it was two months ago jaem,” you said while standing ”he must be eating another pussy” you say while gathering your stuff ready to go. You don’t feel like have a conversation now.
“What does he eat!” You ask yourself, he gets hotter and hotter within every second. “Your pussy as i far i know” jaemin says with a smirk. “The last time he ate it was two months ago jaem,” you said while standing ”he must be eating another pussy” you say while gathering your stuff ready to go. You don’t feel like have a conversation now.
“Y/n hear me” jaemin grabs your hand. “I wanna invite you to my apartment! Just a normal dinner toady at eight pm” he asks politely. Surprisingly without his flirting tone. You looked at jeno. Who was focusing on his phone. Too focused. You kinda wished that jeno will come and make a scene bec he is jalouse, but now he wasn‘t he was very into his phone
“I don’t know jaemin” you said brushing your hair off your face. “I swear it’s just me and you and maybe my annoying roommate hyuck” he says with a smile. You nod and mumbled “okay, i will send me your address” . As time passes by and its currently night. You got a message from jaemin with his address and a picture of his face with thumbs up saying “ can’t wait to see you “ you chuckle at the photo he sent. You took your bag and got out of your apartment.
You feel so good that you’re kinda getting over jeno the bad boy you loved. As you walked to jaemin apartment, which surprisingly not so far away from yours. You knocked on his door. “Who is it?” You hear a high pitched voice asking. “It’s me y/n”. And the door was opened. By who you believe was donghyuck. Jaemin’s roommate. “Welcome! Come inside please” donghyuck say with a very polite voice. “Stop acting hyuck!, how are you doing?” Jaemin came and gave you a hug. “Come lets chill” jaemin says while pointing at a the living room. You walked behind him.
“So you’re y/n? The famous y/n?” Donghyuck asks and you laugh, “am i that famous??” You asked with a sarcastic tone. Donghyuck picks up your pace and say with with the same tone you used “believe me you’re even more than what you think” , you laugh at donghyuck he seem to be very fun to be with. “I see you guys clicked” jaemin came and handed you a cup of coffee freshly made by him. “How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?” You ask jaemin. “He drinks it more than water” donghyuck says. Jaemin puts his index finger on donghyuck’s lips shushing him. “He is lying. I drink it twice a day” jaemin mumbled with a smile. “Yeah with six shots of espresso and no water” donghyuck says rolling his eyes. “God just do drugs” you said dramatically.
“I actually stopped doing the six shots hyuck” jaemin says with rising his eyebrows. You chuckled and drank a bit of the coffee “i just hope you didn’t put six shots in mine” you laughed. “Don’t worry” he says with a fake smile.
You three were chatting about your majors, donghyuck being in psychology major and jaemin being in economics. “So what yours?” Donghyuck asks while leaning on his left hand. “Theater, well i was but then decided to become a biologist” you said while playing with the mug in your hands. “Wow you were theater?” Jaemin asks with wide eyes, you nodded. “I didn’t know! I guess you got to know renjun from it?” He asks once again and you nod.
While you were talking, jaemin door bell rang, “i will go” hyuck says while standing up and opening the door. To see jeno. “Dued” hyuck says in disappointment. “Come back later” hyuck whispers to jeno. “Why?” Jeno asks with a monotone voice. “We’re busy now jen comeback later” hyuck tried to close the door. That’s when your laugh crossed the whole hallway cause of jaemin’s bad jokes.
“Y/n?”jeno wonder. Hyuck smiled a terrified smile and tried to shut the door, thats when the power of jeno biceps kicked in. Opening the door wildly and walking towards the living room. To see you nex to jaemin laughing.
“Great!” Jeno mumbles with eager eyes. “You all are hanging out together without calling me?” Jeno says with a puppy eyes. Acting of course.
He then sits between you and jaemin. “I really wanna hear what you guys have been laughing about” he says crossing his arms. “Well I guess its time for me to go” you sais standing up. As you stood up jeno did, also jaemin. “Do you want a ride home?” Donghyuck asks while opening the door for you. You nod “i am fine thanks! Goodbye see you soon”
As you walked to your apartment you noticed that jeno was following you. “Y/n” he said while you were opening the elevator. “What do you want?” You asks with a sigh. “I want to explain myself” jeno says.
You didn’t notice earlier but he looked tired. Of course you hate him but your heart broke just a little when you saw him. “Are you okay?” You asked while looking at the dark circles on jeno’s face. “At the day where i said to you all of the means things” jeno declared his throat. “I had an argument with my brother. That why i was so mean towards you baby, i was very driven by my own emotions” he says while the elevator door was open. “It took you two months to say this?” You said while getting into the elevator. “I didn’t realize anything” he says.
“I thought that we will be alright after two days thats why” he says while holding your hands. “You expected me to try to make it up for you when you were the own who fucked up?” You asked.
He looks up at you “how can i make it up for you?” Jeno asks. You chuckle and mumbled “you can’t “ you answered him. You sigh. “I wanna make it up for you y/n” he says with his very sparkling eyes. Puppy ones.
“Let’s talk inside then” you say pointing at your apartment floor.
You give jeno the coffee you just made. Making him comfortable. “I want you” jeno says.
“Funny” you responded with much enthusiasm. He smiled softly. “ i love you” .
“How do you always have a better joke than the one before” you were supposed to complete what you. Jeno got so close to you. Very close.
Making your breath hitch. “I want you” jeno breath hits your cheek softly. His eyes were Seductive. His hands creeps to yours and play with it softly. You slap yourself in your mind. You cannot lose yourself.
The tension rises, his eyes were wandering around your face. Specifically your lips. Jeno get closer, you take a step back. He lean forward untill your head hit the wall behind you. You had no escape but to kiss him(as if you had no choice) What a bad situation.
Your lips connected to his pretty ones. His hands were gripping into yours. He lefts your body up a bit and guiding you to sit on his lap. He started to kiss you so softly, making you chuckle through the kiss. Its not jeno who likes soft stuff! Last time you checked he had a breeding kink.
His lips traveled to your neck biting it a bit, making you moan a bit. “You sound so hot” jeno whispers as his hand squeeze onto your waist. Jeno was making you grind on his thighs.
You moan and he grunts. “I want you so bad” he said while lefting you up again and pushing you to lay flat on your bake, on the top of the couch. He hovered you with his huge body while still kissing you.
His hand go down and rub your clit, while the other hand was all the way up playing with your hair, “fuck” you mumbled very softly. “I love this” he chuckles and kiss you again, and again.
Your hand went and lefted up his shirt, and there he is, jeno shirtless on to of you. “I can’t be the only one who’s half naked” jeno said. Hands getting rid of your thin shirt . “Well damn I didn’t know that your boobs are the best” you stop and look at him “have you been eating another pussy?”you asked, eyes waiting for an answer. “No i have not” he says while kissing your stomach. Your hand grip on his hair. “Are you lying?” You asked once again.
“Baby! Your pussy is the best! I can’t go back to other pussies once i ate yours” he says while looking up at your face.
He get rid of your pants and panties, “you’re wearing a set?” He asks, looking at your black bra and black panties(the ones who he got rid of and now on the floor)
He looks at your pussy and whispers “pretty as always” . His head was placed in between your legs, kissing your inner thighs. Licking a strip out. “Oh shit” you say while pushing his head closer to your core. You can feel his breaths.
He eats you out like there’s no tomorrow, your head was full of haze, he makes you reach your highest and lose your mind. No matter how you feel he will be the one who make you lose control . Eventually he is the one who knows you the best. Both mentally and physically.
He knows that you like him to kiss your neck, especially the part under your ear, also he knows that your favorite place to have sex is at your bed, jeno also knows that you love to eat anything sweet after sex just to get rid of the sex state.
That’s why he always brings your favorite chocolate, he knows you don’t like sleeping after sex and that’s why he always showers with you.
He acts like he doesn’t care but he does, he likes to spend his days next to you, laughing or just fighting. He can’t believe that he liked fighting with you. He thinks of you as an angel that even when you’re mean he thinks you’re adorable.
“I will get inside” he said while lining his cock on your core to make it wet a bit more. “Baby you’re dripping” he says smiling a devilish smile. “You aren’t that hot jen” you say. “That’s not what you will say now” he say while he push himself inside of you so suddenly!. Making you scream. “See?” He looks at you.
He starts to push and pull himself, fucking you so good. Your moans mixed with his deep growls. Until you both lost yourselves to the lust you were both were feeling.
He filed you up, and offered you with a soft smile “wanna shower now?”. You giggle.
His body let loose and he fall on the other side of the couch. Still heavy breaths, “i like your blond hair” you say while you sit yourself up to see him smiling. “Really?” , “but it made you look like a total fuck boy” you say getting up and collecting the clothes that were on the floor, putting them on the couch. “What do you mean?”
“When you had brown hair you looked hot but in a soft way now you look like you have sex everyday”
“Is that your way of saying i am hot and cute?” Jeno giggles.
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feverdreamjyh · 2 months ago
The Results : Part 1/2 ~ The pie charts
(- Prologue post here    - part 2 category 1 here   - category 2 here                     - category 3 here )
Looking back I don’t know why I asked half of these questions, it’s not like im committed to establishing the connections between for example the age you are and how cringy you find smut. The questionnaire was no where near through?, i don’t know the words best used, - enough to be making connections like that i think. I guess i just put them in as reflection of what my thoughts were at the moment and probably to make it look more like a legit questionnaire. 
I won't be properly explaining the results like this tells you this or that shows that, again no making connections. I feel like I can't do that because im too open minded, so one thing not being just as it is I understand there's more too it, a flip side and various roots to explore. I am just going to comment on them what I'm thinking about the results, and the questions upon reflecting on them.
Just a quick note they are not in order of how it was layed out in the google forms, as i took the screenshots I just uploaded them in any order and wrote. Don’t be afraid to let me know what you think of the results :)
Tumblr media
For those struggling to read the Pie Chart
The question - Do you read smut?
83.3 % voted - Yes
2.3 % voted - No
14.4 % voted - Only if there is a plot to it.           (I meant this like how you watch a movie and it’s all romance then later on there is a sex scene, so they’ll only read the smut if it’s set out like that in a fic, however I’m not sure if that was clear to the people participating in it.)
So obviously had to ask this question because if you don’t read smut then you weren’t going to be any help to my quest. Not to be rude but you just have to read it to be of help because if you didn’t read it the answer you put would likely be "i don't know" or that smut it’s self makes you cringe. If you don’t like smut that’s valid but like I said I wouldn’t be getting the answers I was looking for. 
Following on from that, the fact that majority voted yes they do read smut I would say reflects on the answers, it validates them because it shows people when they’re looking at the answers, these people know what they’re talking about. It means they’re not people who are just looking to pick apart or criticize smut and smut writers because of their distain towards smut. They’re genuine in what they’re saying, entitled to their own opinions and trying to help.
Tumblr media
For those struggling to read the pie chart .
What the question says : What type is it (as in what type of smut do you read)
48.6% voted - Female x Male
28 % voted - All the above (fem x male, male x male, fem x fem)
8.4% voted - Male x Male and Female x Male
5.1 % voted - female x male and woman x woman 
3.7 % voted - other
3.3 % voted - male x male
2.3 % voted - prefer not to say 
0.5 % voted - male x male and woman x woman
So turns out based on the results that alot of you read female x male. I am kind of surprised by that result, I personally thought that male x male would be higher percentage than it is. Though everyone has theit preferences which is completely fair.
I can’t remember why I asked what type of smut it is. Probably just because i was being nosey or because I think there is a difference in how cringy the different smuts are I wish I could remember to tell you honestly. It could have been though, because usually I don’t find Male x Male smut as cringy, compared to Female x Male, I think there is quite a difference in how it’s written, although that could be down to writers. 
Tumblr media
For those struggling to read the pie chart.
The question - How old are you? 
88.4% voted - Old enough to read it (18+)
11,6% voted - Old enough to be on the internet but not read it.
I am extremely glad no one answered they’re too young to be on the internet, that would have been a nightmare. Im going to trust everyone answered truthfully, I mean I don’t mind minors but there are just some places I don’t want to see you lot. 
The purpose of this question was because I thought that the younger the person the more they would find it cringy maybe? Although I do recognize that, you can be older and still find smut cringy. As I learnt through this questionnaire, it’s all about the writing and mindset of the people, age doesn’t quite play a huge part in how cringy you find it although it can play a part for sure.
Tumblr media
For those struggling to read the pie chart
Question - Do you stop reading if you find it cringy.
59.5 % voted - Yes
38.6 % voted - Sometimes
1.9 % voted- No
Personally looking back on this i think the answers I gave for people to choose from were kind of shitty. I could have left space for people to put written answers because then I feel like people could have said more as now I don't think it is as clear cut as yes/no/sometimes.
Are we surprised the large majority voted yes? I hope the answer to that is no. It just goes to show that the cringy stuff pulls people out of the little fantasy world you get into when reading a fic. It makes them stop reading because they can't handle it no more. Why would you want someone's experience to be like that when we read to enjoy and escape.
Tumblr media
For those struggling to read the pie chart numbers.
The question - Are dom/sub dynamics in fics overrated and overused
36.2 % voted - No
23.1 % voted - Maybe
15.6 % voted - Yes
25.1 % chose to leave a comment.
This question was added a little bit after I had made the form, after I started questionnaire and received more responses. It was a question born from peoples responses because this was something that cam up a lot. I do find it strange how many of you voted no despite how many comments, in response to the question what about it makes you cringe, were left saying that dom/sub made them cringe. I thought since it made you cringe a lot of you would vote it is overrated and overused but I guess you don’t have to think that to find them cringe nonetheless.
Okay so to address the 25.1%, I left a space for people to leave a comment as I felt it wasn’t quite as straightforward as yes, not and maybe. As you can see quite a few people chose to use the space leaving so of their own watered down thoughts. As there are absolute loads, I will be writing down on 30 comments that have been left.
See below :
If it's like overly dominate male whos all like grrr macho and a overly passive feminine sub that’s made out to be dumb then yes
I mean not rlly? it's honestly down to personal preference ppl can continue to write it since it's popular but like if someone doesn't want that there's plenty of stuff out there without it yk?
Yes. They take the word dom and run with it.  
I see a lot of shit in fanfiction that harmfully represents/oversimplifies the bdsm community, and it's concerning. D/S dynamics are not a bad thing, but they are when you try to use them without researching them first.
i think more so often they are misused because dom/sub dynamics should be in a bdsm setting, but in fics, they often aren't.
The newer fics tend to just use that type of dynamic, which can be tiring to read when a majority of the fics are labeled as such. Love making is more than dom/sub.
i personally love dom sub dynamics but i do see them everywhere, nothing wrong with that though!
I don’t think so but it depends on how they’re used/portrayed esp when it’s dom!idol/male sub reader/female...pain
Overrated/overused if it's dom!male because well.... gross
I think that as long as people understand that real life sex is not always kinky and full of dom/sub dynamics it's okay
No. The problem is that not everyone knows how to write them. There usually needs to be a why and depth within the dynamic for it to make sense. I also often find that people tend to mistake vanilla tendencies for dom/sub because it's become such a hot topic and fad nowadays that it's established a certain level of pull and clout to use these hot ticket words and themes to garner more attention, interactions, reads, etc. However, I can't neglect the fact that many people use smut as a means to try and learn about sex and explore their sexuality. It's not the most healthy thing in my opinion, but it takes two to tango and goes both ways. Schools and the parents of these young people should be tasked with the job of delivering the information accordingly, and the young person is still going to be at liberty to do with that what they will since the journey consists of them as an individual in the end
Depends on the fandom
so i do think there needs to be more variety, I do tend to see either really soft or hard bdsm/ddlg dynamics, and there's not much else as in like normal vanilla sex which is what some people are into i think it can cause misrepresentation for how many people actually like dom/sub dynamics.
Sometimes. On how well the story is written.
Lmao honey I am a dom. They’d never be for me. (does this sound condescending/sarcastic to anyone else or is it just me. What is the need for lmao honey? like do not call me honey.)
It really depends on how the author establishes the characters power dynamic and if they make it cringe
Well majority of the world are switch so I would say it is
I wouldn’t say they’re either, BUT I do think there’s a severe lack of NON-pwp content. I think pwp is done well and I have no problem with it, but I think it’s overly relied on by writers, especially when pwp dynamics are actually far less common than people think. I associate sex with a connection between two people BEFORE I consider it a means of getting railed, so I’d like to see more connection between characters
a lot of smut is labeled that way but i think a lot of writers don’t actually understand true dom/sub dynamics
Depends on the way it’s executed. Personally I like dom/sub dynamics but with terrible execution there is no point.
No! But yes. No because people like it and that's okay! Yes because some people just... aren't into it and it would be nice for more fics to explore other types of sex.
They aren’t overrated if done properly. But again, some of it genuinely seems like abuse and super toxic
i think people make all the smut abt a certain idol like that. like Johnny from nct is always the same dd/lg thing its kinda boring now. (i think this person is talking about the stereotyping of dom/sub dynamics.)
not necessarily overused, but i think they’re way too over exaggerated. Like if someone is a dom, then they’re automatically a super strict daddy dom, or if someone is submissive, they’re basically like someone's plaything who likes being treated like crap...when in reality there’s a huge variety of different dom/sub dynamics...
god yes Jesus you'd think everyone on the planet was into bdsm. Liking to be the one giving rather than receiving does NOT make a person a dom!!!!
only if the sub is always bottom and dom is always top. i would actually love to see more sub/top and dom/bottom fics.
Sometimes, and in a vulgar way, to show dominance instead of dynamics in the interaction. Like one is a slave, instead of willingly submitting themselves under control
Not necessarily. It can be if it’s just there to be there, but I will admit I do enjoy it more often than not.
Not overrated, overused and can be unrealistic
I want to say yes, like sometimes it’s nice to switch it up. Like have “vanilla” fantasies are almost judged now a days. Sometimes I just want something sweet :(
Draw what you will from that, there are a lot of mixed opinions. Though that's normal for humans to have different opinions, because of different perspectives, feelings and experiences. What I take from them personally, is ; they're too often not portrayed right, don't need to be used constantly, more people have mixed feelings about them than those that write these dynamics have love only for them.
Sorry if you didn’t see your comment. There was more than I realised so I only picked some comments rather than all hope you understand. 
Tumblr media
For those struggling to read the pie chart
The question : Do you find it cringy all the time?
73 % voted - Only if it has what makes me cringe in it
13 % voted - Yes
14 % voted - No
To be honest I did expect "Only if it has what makes me cringe in it" to get the bigger turn out. It just make sense, no explanation needed. Therefore when it got the % it did compared to the other I wasn't surprised.
It shows that the people, again, who answered this questionnaire aren't here to pick it all apart for the sake of being an arsehole. They do like reading fics, reading smut writing when it is to their liking. Then when it is not, it i because if has things in that aren't their preferences and yes it does make them cringe because that thing in it makes them cringe but they don't mean to be rude.
Tumblr media
In conclusion
What we have established in these results (will establish hopefully throughout all the results) is that alot of this is down to personal preference as you can see from the pie chart results although there are large majorities with similar opinions there are still small groups of people with different opinions. Therefore it will always be down to individual peoples preferences. Despite that though I hope there is something everyone can take away from these results and the next or the whole of this I suppose experiment.
I will say there are some preferences that I will take about in the next part of the results that actually are problems not preferences. No room for disagreement on them that's how serious it is. You don't like the sound of that well the consider this your warning to don't bother with the next part.
Tumblr media
Tag list:
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Choice Words
Pairing: Dreamnotfound (ooh thats new)
Words: 1972
TWs: miscommunication, a bit of anxiety. Let me know if there’s one I should list!
AN: So this is actually a school assignment, but since my teacher thought it was good and I still like it, it’s goin here. I know I don’t usually post MCYT content, but I’m hoping to change that soon! Don’t worry, Sanders Sides will probably stay my main priority for a while. (Also yes I’m still supposed to be on hiatus I know I’m a bad Christian shhhhh /j) Enjoy! EDIT! This is now available on AO3 here! for your viewing pleasure
George felt his head bounce against the school bus’ window as it bumped and sputtered its way down the road. He closed his eyes, hoping to catch up on some of the sleep that he had missed out on the night before, and now was sorely missing. This didn’t last long, however, because the bus screeched to a stop and the sounds of other teens climbing out filled his ears. George just sighed and was about to close his eyes again when he felt a pair of strong shoulders crash into his.
   He pulled his head away from the window to meet his best friend’s lively green eyes. “Dream, I’m trying to relax,” he huffed, doing his best to smother the smile he felt creeping onto his face. “Do you mind?”
   “Nah, I don’t mind at all,” Dream responded with a cheeky grin, making George roll his eyes. He was just about to put his earbuds in when Dream grabbed his hand, stopping the movement. 
   “Uh, actually,” Dream said, looking down at where his and George’s hands met, “I had something to ask you.”
   “Mhm?” George just continued to scroll through his phone, seemingly not minding the contact.
   Dream suddenly found himself supremely more nervous than he had been a few moments ago. He took a steadying breath and just decided to spit it out.
   “There’s a new movie I wanna see coming out in theaters tonight, and I was wondering if you’d wanna come with me?”
   At this George turned his attention from Twitter to focus on Dream’s face. After a momentary pause, he smiled. “That sounds like fun! I’ve got homework to do, but you could pick me up later tonight?”
   Dream let out a breath he hadn’t even realized he was holding. “Yeah, totally. Around eight?”
   “Perfect, it’s a date then!”
   As George went back to looking at his phone, the bus came to Dream’s stop. He grabbed his backpack and gave his friend a goodbye smile, then made his way off the bus and up his driveway. When he was sure that it had turned the next corner down the street, Dream did a little jump and let out a whoop. He was so sure that George would turn him down that now that he hadn't, Dream wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself. After a moment of stimming, which mostly just meant standing in the driveway clicking his tongue and shaking his hands up and down, he had regained his composure enough to be able to enter his house without immediately being teased by his sister. 
   At 7:30 that evening, Dream was standing in front of his full-length mirror and evaluating the outfit he had chosen. It was nothing fancy, just a pair of jeans and a lime button-up shirt, but that was exactly the issue. Was it too formal? Or not formal enough? This was his first date with George after all, he didn’t want to disappoint. 
   It was in the middle of this scrutiny that his sister spoke up, leaning against the doorframe casually. “You look fine, idiot,” Drista said with a teasing grin. “You know he’s gonna like you no matter what you dress like, don’t stress about it.”
   “But what if I overdress? Or underdress? What do people even wear to movie dates anyway?”
   Drista shrugged. “I dunno, I’ve never been on one. Probably what you’d wear for a usual date,”
   “Thank you for the help, dear sister,” Dream said sarcastically, turning his head to give her a deadpan expression. She stuck her tongue out at him, so of course he had to stick his tongue out at her.
   Their teasing match was interrupted, however, by their mother calling up the stairs. “Clay, George is going to be expecting you! Shake a leg!”
   “I’m going!” Dream hollered back, taking one more moment to fuss with his hair. Drista sighed and walked over, fixing it for him. 
   “You’ll be fine, Clay. You’ve known him for, like, ever, and just because you’re going on a date doesn’t mean that either of you are any different than you were this morning.”
   Dream nodded, and Drista gave his arm an affectionate whack. “Now get out of my house, you nerd.”
   “I’m still older than you!” He protested as he grabbed his keys and walked out the front door.
   The drive to George’s house was a short one, and soon enough he was knocking on the front door of a small ranch-style house that served as the Found household. He took a step back from the door when he heard muffled barks and scrabbling of nails on the other side. George cracked the door open, pulling three very excited dogs away from where they were trying to push out the door and run into the front yard. He smiled a bit sheepishly at Dream, then turned his head to call over his shoulder. “Mum! I’m leaving!” After a faint response had been hollered back, he shoved his way out past the dogs and onto the front porch.
   George huffed, brushing his sweater free from the dog hair that clung to it. “Sorry about that, the dogs just get excited when someone comes to the door.”
   “Don’t worry about it, I’m used to your dogs by now,” Dream chuckled, bumping his shoulder against George’s. “You look nice.”
   “Thanks,” George fidgeted with the hem of the blue sweater he was wearing, kneading it between his fingertips. The outfit wasn’t really anything special, but it was one of Dream’s favorites. The color made the brown of George’s eyes richer, and it looked especially good paired with the light pink blush that was currently painted across his face. 
      Soon enough the two of them were sitting in the plush red chairs of the theater, watching previews and waiting for the movie to start. It was a pretty small showing, there were only two other couples in the entire room, so Dream and George were free to spread out. George had his legs slung over the armrest, leaning his back against Dream’s shoulder, occasionally tipping his head back to give him an upside-down grin. In a way that confused George to no end, Dream had managed to fold his long legs underneath him so he was sitting cross-legged on the chair. He had one arm hooked over the back of the seat, not quite around George but close enough to feel the warmth coming from him.
   The background chatter of the theater quieted to a hush as the lights slowly faded and the beginning of the movie started to play on the screen. George flipped around in his chair to sit normally and shuffled closer to Dream’s side in excitement, causing butterflies to erupt within the taller boy’s chest. He casually dropped his arm to rest around George’s shoulders, then settled back to watch as the main character dashed onto the screen.
      The movie’s plot climax was fast approaching, and George wasn’t handling it very well. He was curled into Dream’s side as the scene around the main character exploded, and he practically shoved his face into Dream’s shoulder with an anxious squeak when the character onscreen only narrowly avoided the hunters chasing him. Dream couldn’t help but let out a low chuckle at George’s reactions, earning him a firm whack to the bicep.
   “Don’t laugh at me! It’s a very intense moment!” He mumbled, though the effect of his statement was diminished slightly by the fact that he was still hiding his face in the lime green fabric of Dream’s shirt. 
   “Aww, don’t worry Gogy, I’ll protect you,” Dream cooed teasingly, patting his head fondly. With a quick glare towards him, George turned back to look at the screen, though he didn’t move from where he was basically plastered to Dream’s side. Maybe if he had looked closer, he would’ve seen the smitten looks that Dream couldn’t resist giving him every couple of minutes. Or maybe he would’ve caught the way that Dream stiffened momentarily when he grabbed George’s hand, caught up in the moment. Or the relief that flooded over him when George just squeezed it without a second thought.
   The two of them got so caught up in the movie that it took both of them by surprise when the lights came back on and the credits started rolling. George pulled away from Dream’s hold to stand up, which made him pout for a moment, but returned to stand at his side when he had gathered his things. Together they walked out into the parking lot, where George talked animatedly about the characters of the movie while Dream watched in amusement. The drive back to George’s house was filled with much of the same, George sharing his thoughts on the plot and characters while Dream listened happily, throwing in his own opinions here and there.
   Dream did his best to swallow his nerves as he walked George up to his front porch, catching his elbow when he went to open the door.
   “I had a really nice time tonight, George,” He smiled at his best friend, hoping he sounded a lot calmer than he felt.
   “So did I! Thanks for inviting me. We should do this again sometime,” George chirped.
   “You think so?”
   “In that case,” Dream said, taking a deep breath and trying to gather his courage. “Would it be alright if I kissed you goodnight?”
   This seemed to take George off-guard, taking a small step back and giving him a baffled look. “What? Why?”
   “It’s okay if not!” Dream rushed to backtrack, bringing one of his hands up to rub the back of his neck awkwardly. “I just figured that’s what people usually do after a date goes well.”
   So many emotions flickered across George’s face in a matter of moments. Disbelief, realization, guilt, eventually landing on a mix of confusion and sadness. “Clay,” He started softly. “When you asked me to come with you tonight, did you mean it romantically?”
   A look of horror and embarrassment struck Dream’s features. “Did you think I meant it platonically?”
   George nodded silently, and Dream buried his face in his hands with a groan. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry! I should’ve made it more clear. Jesus Christ, I’m such an idiot.”
   “Hey, hey, don’t talk about yourself like that!” George said sternly, drawing Dream’s gaze from his palms to his blushing face. “Maybe there was a communication issue, and maybe neither of us completely understood the point of tonight, but that does not make you an idiot,” his voice softened as he watched Dream’s face flush. 
   “You’re right, I’m sorry,” Dream mumbled, stuffing his hands in his pockets self-consciously. “I should probably get going,” he went to turn away but felt a hand reach out and grab his forearm before he could. 
   “Clay, I…” George hesitated, trying to find the right way to say what he wanted to say. “I did really enjoy myself tonight, and I’m sure that I would’ve acted differently if I had known how you felt about me,” He quirked his lips up into a smile. “Can we try this again? Do it right next time?”
   Dream’s eyes shone with cautious excitement. “Really? You wanna go on an actual real date with me?”
   George nodded, and Dream smiled excitedly. “Okay, let’s do that.”
   George turned to look at his front door, then back at Dream. “I gotta go, it’s late. Text me when you get home, okay?”
   Dream nodded, then reached out to gently squeeze one of George’s hands. “Yeah, absolutely. Good night, George.”
   George hesitated for a split second, then rose onto his tiptoes to press a quick kiss against Dream’s cheek. “G’night, Dream,” he murmured, then disappeared inside his house, leaving Dream on the porch in stunned but ecstatic silence.
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rintakisses · 2 months ago
“the volley of the ball” pt. 16
sunas pov:
i pulled up to their house and i could literally hear my heart beat. i mustered up some confidence and got out of the car and walked up to their front door and knocked. i waited for a response and not much after someone opened the door
“hello?” an older woman said to me
“yes hello, im here to pick up y/n?” i said loud enough to sound confident but not loud enough to sound rude
“oh my goodness you’re suna! they’ve been freaking out all day over your little date, come on in!” she says in a nice, comforting tone. i walk in and the house was nice, clean, it smelt good. the older woman called y/n’s name and i heard footsteps. y/n walked down the stairs and wow they looked so good.
“oh hello!” they said to me in such a tone that i could melt
“hello” i said showing them a smile. they smiled back and her mom, i assume, broke to silence
“where are you two going?” she asked
“ah i’m taking her to this restaurant close to our school. it has good ramen and i heard y/n loves ramen so.. yeah” i said nervously. i looked over to y/n and she was smiling and i could see a little blush on her ears.
“sounds fun and yummy! well you two have fun and please if you can have them home by 11:00” she replied
“of course!” i replied. after y/n said goodbye to their mom we left.
3rd person POV:
suna and y/n had an awkward few minutes in the car until y/n broke the silence.
“its a nice day out today, isn’t it?” they said.
“yeah it’s actually so nice, i think thats a sign” he replied
“maybe so, a sign for what though”
“us, this date maybe i dont know” he thought he ruined the moment but y/n replied with
“thats a nice thought. i hope it is” they said with a warm smile. no longer was it awkward in the car, but they sat in comfortable silence for the rest of the ride. they got to their destination and got out of sunas car.
“ive never heard of this place” y/n said to suna
“atsumu told me about it and he said it was good so hopefully he wasnt lying” suna said with a chuckle.
y/n’s pov:
im literally shitting bricks right now holy fuck am i nervous. i wanted to hold his hand but i was afraid i would be moving too fast.
“i made a reservation so dont worry about waiting in line or anything” suna told me
“well thats nice of you” i said with a smile. after he said that and i replied he grabbed my hand. i smiled. im glad one of us could make a move.
“lets go love” i nodded my head and we walked in. we walked into the restaurant and it was calm and cool. the atmosphere was perfect. suna did a good job with this one
“hello uh i made a reservation under Suna” my date says to the worker.
“ah yes table for 2, come this way” the worker took us to our table and we settled in nicely.
“its a very nice restaurant so you can stop worrying if i like it or not” i tell him
“wow as if i would worry about you” he says sarcastically and i let out a soft chuckle “has anyone ever told you your smile is beautiful? because it is” he says
“are you going soft on me this quickly? wow” i say trying to hide my obvious blush
“yeah cause you aren’t blushing right now, right?” i roll my eyes and look around then my eyes land back onto suna. he was so pretty.
“you look nice by the way” i say
“thanks uh i asked my mom what to wear and i was scared she dressed me like a.. not a presentable person” he says nervously
“i like your moms taste in clothes its better than yours”
“wow so its like that?”
“maybe so” after another small conversation we finally order our food. i, obviously, ordered ramen and suna ordered the same. we both started to eat and we had some short conversations in between eating but the ramen was really good so...
sunas pov
they’re really pretty... while eating..? what is wrong with me. i finished first which then led me to believe i ate too fast. i got nervous bc of that and i started to play with my hands.
“why are you nervous?” they ask me. how the hell did they know?
“im not” i say
“you’re playing with your hands... you’re nervous about something”
“its nothing its fine why are you suddenly my therapist”
“has anyone ever told you that you’re funny”
“they lied to you”
“what the fuck” as soon as i said that i got some stares from the couple next to us
“wow my mom would not like that language in her house!” she says sarcastically
“yeah yeah whatever...” i sigh “sorry im nervous like a lot because i think i ate too fast”
“baby what?” they ask and let out a chuckle at the end. “you’re fine dont overthink it. i think this date is going very well” i smile
“that calmed me down, also baby?”
“you called me baby”
“what when no what shut up suna dont ever bring that up again”
“awe are you already in love with me?”
“who says i havent been in love with you before this date?” fuck them “oh blushing now? awe are you already in love with me?” they mimic me and everything after that just falls into place. we finished up at the restaurant and walked back outside. it was on the brink of night time which was perfect. everything was perfect
- hello. theres 2 more parts of “writing” after this so bare with me 💔🙁
- tag list : @tyler-dimples-jones , @itzlally , @anejuuuuoy , @burnmyart , @tchalameme , @kageyamas-love , @madmelle , @camcam1617 , @sunasspit , @etherealiwa , @sunasthing , @folkloeren , @kac-chowsballs , @bakerm1597 , @kageyamasgirl , @euphoricmads , @bap-kingdom , @fullsundear , @psychedelicwh0r3 @bakugouswh0r3 @thevillagehiddenintheinternet @saikishairclip @unhappyraspberry
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weeb-writor · 2 months ago
Hey can you do a Angel Kirishima x Male Reader? If thats fine 👉👈
Heyo! So again sorry about it being late and then behind by a day. Random depressive episode yay! Anyway I liked this much more than I Thought, so I was thinking of making it a full like multiple piece fic?? You guys should let me know if you’d read it.
Kirishima Eijirou x Male!Reader
Kirishima falls in love with someone he was assigned to guide.
Words: 837
“He is so handsome, isn’t he?”
“God dammit Kiri, you're supposed to watch over him not fall in love with him. You’re his guardian angel not his love interest.” Bakugou groaned at his redhead friend.
“If you think about it I could be both? I mean I’m totally his type, I mean I watch him almost 24/7. And the angel thing??? Totally forgettable when you think about how they all have quirks.” Kiri said back with enthusiasm.
“The wings, the sometimes 3rd eye, the divinity???” Bakugou questioned sarcastically.
“Totally ignorable….”
“Uh huh, what would you even do with a human?”
“Um well honestly anything that he wants. If that weird touching thing they do, I’ll even do the weird mouth touching thing! I just want to love him, in any way that means.” Kiri said with stars in his eyes.
“One, hugging. Two, kissing. Even more of a reason you shouldn’t pursue this. You know nothing of the human world.” Bakugou said, shooting his friend a glare.
“Sure sure, but I do know him! All of his likes and dislikes! Where he lives, his job, his family and friends...names, umm and I know he is single.” Kiri said with his toothy grin.
“You’re hopeless.” Bakugou sighed, which he seemed to be doing a lot lately.
“In love. Hopelessly in love, Bakubro.” The redhead chuckled.
“Okay fine, I’ll help you out. One on condition.” Bakugou said once again, sighing.
“Yes!!! Anything like literally dude anything.” Kiri said with cute fist pumps.
“You’ve gotta tell him you're his guardian angel. No if and or buts.” Bakugou smirked at his friend. Kiri was hesitant but vigorously nodded the next second. Just like that their plan was in motion.
“L/n!! What did you get today?” Your co-worker yelled at you. You had become kind of famous in the last 2 months. Your secret admirer, who called himself your guardian angel has been leaving you all kinds of things at your job. Every. Single. Day. Each time it was something new and creative and even well thought out. In recent days you guys were even texting and calling. All without knowing his identity you were in love. This time there was a single rose and a card.
“No fancy things today, cause I would much rather see your face. 5pm at…” You trailed off careful not to say the meeting place aloud you didn't need your nosy co-workers trying to tag along.
“OMG it’s happening!” They shouted from behind, you chuckled and lovingly shooed them away The rest of your day was pretty normal, y’know except for the constant anticipation eating you. So when you could finally clock out at the start on your way to the meeting point you were happy.
“Keep us updated!” They yelled as you left, You let out a smile as you began the short walk to the meeting place. Though it was maybe a 30 minute walk it felt like it was at least 2 hours but finally you were there. However, no one else was.
“Behind you.” The voice you’d come to love said from behind you. You started to turn toward him but his hands on shoulder held you in place.
“Well uh first, you should know i'm not normal. I'm not a freak!,,, or anything just I look different.” He said nervously.
“Mhmm, don't really care! It's you all the same.” You chuckled at him.
“I don't just look different, I am different. Like an entirely different entity. Not human.” He said quietly. You were going to argue with him but just decided to turn around. When you did you were a little confused he looked pretty normal. Except he wore white robes and had huge beautiful white wings, being honest he kind of looked like an….
“An angel…” you whispered.
“Uh yeah, specifically your guardian angel.” He said with a cute grin.
“Like it's not a quirk?”
“No. I'm just not human, I’m an angel. Made to watch over humans and animals.” He said scratching his neck.
“It's only a little weird, but I think I could date an angel if you know, he was down for a little sin.” You said smiling at him.
“You mean that touching thing yall do... Hugging? That isn't so sinful. But don't worry I’ve been making Bakugou practice with me, and I'm pretty good at it. Not bragging of course!” He said with puppy eyes.
“From now on let's practice together, I'm Y/N.” You said to him a grin.
“I'm Kirishima, most people call me Kiri, though.”
“Uh huh well, How about we go on a date, and I can teach you about lots of human things. I'm thinking of a coffee date or McDonalds. Which ever sounds more interesting to you.” You said taking his hand and starting to pull him away.
“I'm not sure what those are but whatever this thing is where we touch hands, I want to do that a lot more.” Kirishima said his toothy grin on display.
“Of course.”
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@staygoldtrash thank you for inspo
Enjoy the story line…
Okay so you're the Curtis sister and you never get dolled up or anything but your best friend is a soc and she has invited you to her pool party for her birthday! Yay! But there's one problem: you don't have a bathing suit and your friend is out of town this weekend and the party is next weekend… so you got out and get a bathing suit and your plan is to just say you're gonna go shopping for a bit and you be right back here is another problem, you don’t have a car and you still don’t know how to drive. 
You wake up Saturday morning, get dressed, grab your wallet and shove it in your pocket. As you walk out you hear the sizzling bacon cooking on the stove,mickey mouse on TV and the boys fighting and rolling all over the floor and Johnny and Dally are having a cigarette on the porch. 
You decide to stay for breakfast and besides the store isn't even open yet. You walk into the kitchen and you see Darry digging through the fridge and Ponyboy cooking eggs and bacon. “Good Morning guys” you say then Darry turns around and walks up to you and messes your hair up just to make u mad. You shake it off fix your hair and walk into the living room (you were gonna say hi but they were fighting on the floor so you just walked passed them) luckily you safely make it past the living room and out to the front porch where you see Johnny and Dally talking on the step still smoking a cigarette. Dally (doesnt even say good morning but ur used to it then ask you) “Where you going this early” you reply “ I just came to say good morning to you guys. Dally “then why are you dressed like your going somewhere”
Johnny quickly jumps in and says “ Good Morning” you look at Johnny and flash him a light smile and you say “good morning” back. Then you look back at Dally and say “ I'm going to the clothing store after breakfast”. “ You mean the one on the south side?” dally asks “yea”. 
“Well that's good cause I needed to go there too” Dally says (your heart drops) “me too” Johnny says. “Anyways you can’t walk 20 miles across town soon enough so someone has to take you”. (while your plan was to walk ,he was right). 
Then there is a second of silence “ wanna cigarette kid?” dally says jokingly “ ew, No!”. Then you hear Ponyboy yell “ Breakfast is ready” then you hear what sounded like a stampede running inside.Johnny opens the door and lets you in first. You get into the kitchen, grab your plate with bacon and eggs and plop on the couch. As you're eating Two-Bit asks “ so what's everyone doing today?” Johnny says “Well me Dally and the Curtis Sister planned on going to the Southside Clothing store”. Two-Bit “ Anyone else doing anything?”
“Going to work,” Sodapop says. 
You finish breakfast, clean up your plate and your outfit and yell “ I’ll be in the car” then close the door behind you. As you sit in the car and wait, you're trying to decide what kind of bathing suit you want to try and get your thinking black, red, white , or navy blue. Then you hear the boys trample over each other trying to get out the door. Dally and Johnny get to the car and unfortunately Dally is driving. You cant drive, Johnny can but doesn't have a licence so you get Dally driving 20 over the limit and on the wrong side of the road. The engine sputters trying to start then you hear the engine roar and off you go praying you won't die before you get there. 
Johnny then asks mid-way “Dally, did you grab my wallet?” Dally slams on the breaks and replies “ Damn it, I forgot mine too.” then they both look at you, “ Don't even think about it” you say “fine” Dal replies. “Well then guess we have to hang out with you, no point in looking at clothes we can’t buy”. You nearly want to cry when you  hear that. 
You pull up to the store, make sure you have your wallet and you walk inside. There are so many clothes. Clothes you would never even see on your side of town. As you start heading towards the womens clothing with Johnny and Dally tagging along behind you and turn around with a very serious face and say “ Don’t say one thing about anything I pick up”. Johnny shakes his head nervously, he’s never seen you so strict about anything. Dal looks at you like he is about to ask if you have a problem then he says “fine”. “ and dont bother any other people here.” you say sternly “ now your asking for too much” Dal replies. You give him death eyes. “ go on and do your thing”.As you begin walking toward the bathing suit you can feel Dally wanting to open his mouth and say something that would make you want to slap him in the face. You see and red and white striped bikini thats super cute then a black and white polka dot catched your eye you go through them finding your size. Then a navy blue criss cross back bathing suit top with a white bottom grabs your attention. You look up for signs directing you to the fitting room. You gaze at the store and “ah ha” you say once you spot it. You start walking to the fitting rooms and you say “ now you two go wander around somewhere else while I go try these on.” you say. “ Alright, alright.Let's just walk with you so we know where to meet back up.” You get there, find a room and tell the boys to walk away. You make sure they leave before you walk into the fitting room. 
You put the first one on and walk out to see how you look in the mirror then you hear a whistle from behind you it Dal. You turn around and before you have the chance to run up to him and rip his head off he says “ you look good in polka dots” your anger fades away quickly. Johnny nods in agreement, still not talking since you told him not to earlier. “really ?” you say Dal leans against the wall and nods his head. Then you go back into the fitting room and try the red and white striped one on. You open the door and walk out Johnny raises his hand as if he were still in school asking his teacher a question. “ yes, you can speak now Johnny” “ok good” Johnny replies. “ The red really brings out the anger in you” Dal says sarcastically “shush up” you tell Dal jokingly. “One more” you tell them as you walk off and back to the fitting room. You put on the last one and walk out saying “what do you think?” Johnny blushes a bit. “ Can I be honest” Dal says slyly “fine. What you got?” you reply with a bit of a sadden voice. “ I think you look hot” Johnny looks at Dal with eyes opened a bit wide. “I think you got the hots for me Dal” you reply in a laughing tone.”maybe” he replies. “Don't tell Darry, If not I won't be here tomorrow.” You go back to change back into your original outfit and grab the navy blue criss cross back with the white bottom and leave the other 2 in the fitting room. 
You walk towards the front and notice you bathing suit is only $15 and you brought $50 so you give the rest to the boys and say “go get yourself something” Dal grabs it and runs with Johnny chasing after him acting like little kids in a candy store. 
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songbirdsingingthings · 3 months ago
Pretty Little Symphony
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, they belong to Hajime Isayama
AOT Masterlist - Main Masterlist
Requested by @tanukiprints​ :
Imagine Armin but he plays ukulele and often likes to play it for a female y/n.... THATS SUCH A CUTE FIC IDEA 🥺
Umm HELL YES that’s a cute fic idea! I’m so sorry that this took so long to complete - I had a bunch of unexpected school stuff to deal with and I wanted to make sure that this was as good as it can be! 
Word Count: 1.5K
The world was a dreary place. You already knew that since you were little, what with titans running rampant, but the moment you stepped foot into the Yeager’s basement was when you decided that the sun would never feel as warm as it once was again. Between the, what was it called… photograph? And everything that was perfectly detailed in the diaries of Eren’s father, you and your fellow comrades’ world was turned upside down. Not only was the royal family of the walls lying to them, and had been for the entirety of all their lives, but it was revealed that another, more advanced, civilization was out there somewhere. Captain Levi had quickly gathered everyone back up again to set off on the long journey outside of the walls, urging his squad to bring only the essentials: One tent for every three people, sparse rations, and whatever you could fit in the tiny little rucksack that was given to each scout.
It was easy to fill yours given that you, nor really anyone else for that matter, had much in the way of personal items. You packed a change of clothes, some extra hair ties, and your mother’s necklace, and then slung the bag over your shoulder. You were one of the first people to be done, so you decided to wait by your horse and double check that everything was correctly buckled and fastened to the saddle. The only other people who were out there with you was Captain Levi, who was a ways away with his horse, and Armin, whose bag seemed to be bursting at the seams.
“What have you got stuffed in there?” You asked, walking so you could be standing next to him. With an embarrassed grin, he shrugged his bag off of his back.
“I guess I did go a little overboard, but I wanted to bring some things to pass the time.” His words piqued your interest, causing you to lean closer to him and peer down into his bag. There weren’t a ton of things that the scouts were privy to, so what Armin had his hands on was pretty special. Inside his bag were about three books - of course - and a clean pair of clothes folded neatly. You accidentally caught a glimpse of his boxers, causing you to get a bit flustered. Moving on quickly from that, your eyes landed on an object that you’ve never seen before. It was a weird shape, the body of it like a peanut and then it had a flat elongated part sticking out. There was a small hole in the middle of the body, making it hollow. There were also strings that were connected from end to end. You picked it up carefully and inspected it more closely, in awe of how unique it was.
“Armin…” you began, lifting it so it was eye level, “do you know what it is?” A smile spread across his lips as he gently took it from you and held it in his arms.
“I found it in Mr. Yeager’s basement.” He says, a light wistful tone to his voice. He drags his index finger along one of the strings, feeling its odd tensile strength. When he pressed down lightly and then flicked his finger away, a pretty sound came after. Your eyes widened comically, bringing about a light laugh from Armin.
“It’s called a ukulele. Apparently it’s an instrument from wherever Mr. Yeager originally lived.” He explained, giving it back to you and pulling out a small book from his bag. “This seems to be a guide to how to use it.” You were about to look through it when your captain’s voice rang clearly.
“Everybody on your horses. I want to go as far as we can until night falls.” Captain Levi shouted roughly. Armin stuffs the book and ukulele back into his bag and puts his arms through the straps.
“Maybe we can talk more about it tonight? I’m really interested in it.” You say, smiling as you put your foot through your stirrup and swing yourself up onto your chestnut-colored horse. Armin nods in his signature shy nature, settling onto his own horse.
Tumblr media
The ride was long and your legs were sore by the time the sun was starting to set. Sure, you’ve been on long expeditions before, but nothing like this. You felt sluggish and completely out of it as you pitched your tent, earning harsh words from Floch, however, you didn’t really care for what he had to say.
“Wait outside while I change,” you grumble, side-eyeing Floch. He rolls his eyes and scoffs, marching away to go talk to other new cadets. You drag your bag behind you and open it, taking out the cotton shirt and shorts that you’ve been using as pajamas for god knows how long. With a stretch of your back that does nothing to relieve the whole body ache that you developed, you stepped back out of your tent. You jump back in surprise when you do, though, because Armin was standing right in front of you.
“Ah, sorry if I startled you!” He apologized softly, his cerulean blue eyes now swirling with concern. You raised a hand to motion that it was no problem. “I just, um…” He started, not sure how to continue. 
“Are you done with your tent?” You ask, trying to get the flow of conversation going. His shoulders seem to relax.
“Oh, yes. Mikasa and Eren are already asleep though,” he says with a warm smile on his face. Something about him talking about his friends seemed to like a flicker of comfort to rise in Armin, which is why you did it so often. He was always so happy when conversing about them. “Who’s sharing your tent?” This causes you to groan and chuckle sarcastically, your eyes flicking towards where Floch was talking with a group of people.
“I got stuck with Floch and another new cadet,” you say, earning a pitying look from Armin. 
“I’m… sorry about that too,” he laments, a sad smile on his face. You sigh and shoot back a tired smile, stepping forward a bit to nudge Armin gently.
“So you came here for something?” You ask, trying to gently coax his intentions from him.
“Right!” He says excitedly, his eyes lighting up. “I was able to read a lot of that book about the ukulele and even practiced some with it. I was wondering if you wanted to see it…? I dunno, I just thought since you said beforehand that you were interested in it and-”
“I’d love to!” You confirm lightly, grabbing onto his arm softly and tugging him kindly towards his things. He falls into pace with you quickly and soon you make it over to where the ukulele sat. He was about to sit down and start playing, but noting that many of your comrades were asleep, he pulled you over to a more secluded space. You sat down, criss-crossed, and leaned your back on a fallen tree. Armin does the same, and you are painfully aware at how close he is to you. If you moved less than an inch to your right, your knees would brush against each other. He takes a deep breath before meeting your eyes and giving you a bashful look.
“I’m sorry if it might sound sour,” he prefaces. You shake your head and smile.
“I’m sure it’ll be lovely.” Armin inhaled sharply before placing his fingers in specific places on what he called the fretboard, and hovered his other hand over the parts of the strings that crossed over the hole. He strums it softly and a few notes filtered from it, pleasing your ears immediately. As he continues to play the instrument, you begin to feel more at peace than you had in awhile. The end of the little song came too quickly, and when Armin looked up to see your reaction, he was met with your awestruck face.
“So…?” He asked, wincing in preparation for what he believed would be a beration from you.
“Wow…” you breathe out. Your hand finds itself on top of the one that was previously strumming, causing Armin to blush. “Armin that was beautiful.” You confess, your eyes meeting him again. You hadn’t registered that you had, indeed, moved more than an inch closer to him. You were even more grateful that he had decided to pull you into more of a private area, thankful that it was just the two of you. Both of your heads moved unconsciously closer to each other, only stopping before your noses could touch. Armin raises a shaky hand towards your cheek, cupping it softly.
“May I?” He asks meekly, a furious blush on his face. You nod instantly.
“Please.” It was more tender than you could’ve ever imagined. His lips were soft and light when they met yours, just like his personality. Like the song, it ended too fast.
“Play for me again sometime?” You quip confidently, earning a quiet laugh from the blonde who was merely inches from you.
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moons-and-stars-and-shit · 3 months ago
HEY HEY HEY *in bokutos voice*
idk if i shouldve put the *in bokutos voice* before or after the hey hey hey but uhh you get what i mean 🧍‍♀️
i was doing my daily reading and i stubbled upon your wonderful account and IM OBBSESSED I LOVE YOUR WRITING ITS SO CUTE PLEASE 😭✋
aNywaY can i request a cake please 😎🍰
im 5”4, italian, straight, im pretty pale but I tan easily, female, decently small body with a small waist large boobs, and THICKKK thighs (i look kinda unproportional :’)). i have waist length brown wavy hair, dark Emerald/ olive green eyes, i have small-ish lips. When i first meet people im quite cold, quiet, and distant but once i feel more comfortable i open up a little. Im very blunt and sarcastic but i can also be the most sweet caring considerate person. (its just selective care 💕). im very sassy- its like the one thing i hear all the time. My friends say im like a female Kita but with more sass. Im kinda a flirt....i dont realize im doing it until he catches feelings and then i have to explain thats just my personality. i kinda feel bad for doing that but like- that sounds like alot of work to care 🧍‍♀️. I could if i really wanted to, i just dont-. * ahem * ANYWAY I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE TEASING. its my favorite thing on the planet- well not really but kinda yea. Ive been a straight A student my whole life and i get called responsable alot so thats fuN. I am what my friends call the ‘cool mom’ of the group. Im not afraid to put someone i their place when they step out of line....back to the cool mom thing- it basically means that my energy changes to what the group needs. Say its 4 am and we want to pull an all nighter but everyone is tired i will become more hype and find something for everyone to do to make sure we dont fall alseep. Or if everyone is wide awake but we need to calm down, ill be chill and lowkey. But sometimes im just extremely bubbly and crazy and sometimes im not it doesnt always depend on the group im with. once im comfortable with a group im very very talkative but im also a really good listener. im not just the cool mom but im also the ‘therapist’ of the group so i help everyone through their problems. Im pretty good at comforting myself so when i ask someone for something related to emotions its 1. someone I trust and 2. going to be quick because i really dont need someone to calm me down or respond or anything. I just need to say it and them im better. I LOVE taking care of people- it makes me so happy. I usually put others before myself even though i like to think i have high self respect and put myself first- i dont. You cant sleep-? ill stay up until your asleep to make sure everything is alright and you can relax, did i sleep-?, no i was making sure you did, but im fine dw about me :)! If i need food but my friend needs help, i wait- the food will be there when i get back. I basically just let people walk all over me and then i the the excuse “well ive felt *insert the negative emotion they are feeling* before and i dont want them to feel like that so anything i can do to help i will.” I do daily check ins with my friends where i tell them one reaon im proud of them and then ask about their day. soft ik 🤡. ive had past trauma so lots of toxic friends who would say things like “your so pretty but your look better if you were skinny” hence why i lost weight I also had an emotionally abusive family, so that was really fun, enjoyed that alot, super great 0/10 would recommend. Im scared of failure, spiders, and loosing the people i love. Im very indecisive especially when it effects other people. I love to cook, bake, game, play sports of any kind, watch anime, read, do pottery, draw, watercolor, and clean.
- I think thats all i need to say 🧍‍♀️if i forgot something im so sorry- and uhm sorry its so long- idk why there is so much space between this point and the end of the thingy but there is idk if thats there for you but whoops- also sorry if there are spelling errors i didnt check what i wrote very throughly so hopefully its readable 😭
I- YOU SOUND SO GORGEOUS LIKE WTF like fr tho you sound like a goddess or something 🥲
🍰 for @i-am-a-disgusting-person (NO YOU ARE NOT >:(((((()
Romantic Matchup...
Iwaizumi Hajime 🏐
Tumblr media
Them muscles tho 😗
The thing that drew him to you was actually how cold you were at first
He was genuinely curious if that was just how you acted or if you were just shy
He soon found out your true nature when you started being friends with Oikawa
Speaking of the great king he loved that you didn’t just act like a fan girl
Like you would call Oikawa OUT
and tease him at every opportunity
Definitely took the flatty-Kawa joke from you 🧍🏽‍♀️
When you first start dating he a little conflicted by your natural flirtyness
Like he gets jealous but doesn’t want to seem overprotective
You eventually catch on to this and have to explain that you don’t intentionally try to flirt with people and that he’s the only one for you
After you explain that he’s more tolerant of your flirting
But gets very clingy when he feels like your over doing it
Omg y’all are the PARENTS
very cool parents but parents none the less
You both believe in tough love
But you are more likely to go with softer love yk
He loves how empathetic you are
Thinks it’s one of your best traits
He would prefer to play sports with you but will try out all of your hobbies
One time you we’re trying to teach him how to do pottery
He ended up making a really lumpy bowl...
But you use that bowl for your cereal from time to time cause it reminds you of him
You are each other’s rock
He’s always going to be there for you and you’ll always be there for him
10/10 Perfect relationship
Friendship Matchup...
Sakusa Kiyoomi 🦠
Tumblr media
Your literally the one I’d the only people he’ll get close too
He never pushes you to talk about your feelings
But if you do he is giving you his full attention
If/when he finds out about your toxic friends and family his reaction is something like 😀✋ “I think the fuck not”
His advice would literally be to just forget about them because they aren’t worth your time or energy
His favorite thing about you is that you understand and empathize with the fact that he’s a germaphobe
Like every time you see him you put on hand sanitizer and a mask
Because you know it makes him more comfortable and that’s all you want!
His favorite activity to do with you is cleaning
Cause y’all just blast music and vibe together!
And he gets a cleaned sanitized hangout place out of it too
But he is not opposed to cooking with you
He def makes sure you wash your hands like every 5 minutes
I see him as being a really good cook
Like 10/10, 5 stars, fabulous, amazing 🤌
He cares for your well being just as much as you care for his
Whenever you check up on him he makes sure to check up on you too
You do something for him? He makes a mental note to do you a favor in the future
Overall a good and reliable friend
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gladerwolfstarkimagines · 3 months ago
Imagine telling Azula the abuse she suffered isn’t okay and that she’s not a monster
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your POV
You’d initially been very excited when Azula told you about the holiday on Ember Islands but it had taken a bleak turn on your very first night. Ty lee had gotten you invited to some party and somehow that led to Azula terrifying the host, Zuko and Mai breaking up and now everyone was sat in a circle talking about all the horrible things they’d experience as children. Everyone had told their story apart from you and Azula. Mai and Zuko were finally getting along when Azula ruined it by making fun of him. Zuko seemed in no mood and snapped back at her. He implied she was perfect sarcastically and you watched amazed as just for a second Azula’s mask dropped. Her face lost it’s guard and genuine pain and emotion was present as she talked about her childhood and her mother.  "My own mother thought i was a monster" Azula whispered and you shivered. Silence stretched out and you felt the urge to comfort her but this was Azula, when she sensed weakness and snuffed it out. "She was right of course but it still hurt" she smirked and everyone relaxed going back to normal. Azula was Azula again, sure she’d shown feelings for a few seconds there who cares? 
You did. 
The others all just carried on talking, acting as if Azula hadn’t just said what she had but you couldn’t just go back to normal. You’d seen what was beneath the princess’ mask and it was haunting.
Azula’s POV
The group bonding over, Mai and Zuko wandered back to the house together. Ty lee and Azula were right behind them but Azula paused as you made no move to get up. You were sat knees tucked up into your chest staring at the fire intensely. You weren’t moving and you didn’t even seem to be blinking. Azula sighed wondering what else could happen tonight. "You go ahead, i’ll be there soon" she told Ty lee who nodded and left. Azula approached you and only as she got closer did she see you were crying.
Your POV
You heard a snort followed by "are you crying?". When you didn’t aswer Azula knelt down to look at you "stop being stupid, why are you crying?". You breathed and looked at her "i don’t know" you admitted "just hearing all your stories" you sighed wiping your eyes "it makes me sad". Azula went to insult you but saw the distraught look on your face and couldn’t quite bring herself to. "Well it’s not that bad,we all have demons" she shrugged sitting beside you. "But that doesn’t make it right" you cried "any of it!". "Well no" Azula agreed with you "but it’s in the past". "But it effected you all, it still does! All of you! All because of what your parents did to you when you were children" you spat more tears falling. Azula didn’t like emotions and was going to try stop this when you spun on her "and you, you know what your mother said to you wasn't okay right? How your father treated you wasn't correct Azula, you're not a monster you never were". Azula felt struck as you spoke those words to her, it felt embarassing to have someone tell her that, almost intrusive. She felt exposed and she didn’t like it. "Of course i know that" she spat standing up "i don’t need someone like you to tell me that! I’m the princess! I’m the firebending prodigy of the fire nation!". "But that doesn’t mean the abuse didn’t effect you, that it wasn’t painful! You’re human too Azula! What your parents did to you....". "Stop" Azula commanded and you could tell by the tone of her voice and look in her eye this was dangerous territory. Nobody had ever talked to Azula about this and it was raw painful ground. Azula wasn’t ready for this, if you didn’t back down she might attack you. You took a breath and lowered your eyes "i’m sorry Azula i didn’t mean to be so opinionated, i shouldn’t have talked to you like that, i was just concerned for you". You wiped your eyes waiting for Azula’s verdict and she eventually replied. "No you shouldn’t have, do not speak to me like that again, yes?". You nodded your head but Azula couldn’t seem to meet your eye. "Let’s go back" she said and started walking. You followed her and noticed how fast she was walking, how tight her fists were clenched and it killed you not to be able to reach out and comfort her...but you knew she wasn’t ready, the pain was still too fresh...but you’d shown her you cared. You’d told her it wasn’t right and she wasn’t a monster. Those things would stick in her head and you hoped they’d grow and fill Azula with the truth of them. And some day, just maybe, Azula would be willing to talk about it. You’d be right there when she did.
2 Months later
You couldn’t help but keep a closer eye on Azula once you returned to the fire nation and what you saw wasn’t good. Ozai was still using her and you could see the damage his expectations were inflicting on her. Then Zuko left and Azula seemed to be even less stable. The final nail in the coffin was Ty lee and Mai’s betrayal of Azula, that pushed her royally over the edge.
You were with her when it happened, when Ty lee intervened to save Mai and you didn’t. When Azula fell after Ty lee attacked her you rushed to her side, managing to catch her and looked up at Mai and Ty lee who stared at you. “Y/n let us go” Ty lee pleaded and you paused utterly caught in the middle. “I...” you started when guards rushed in and took the decision away from you. You helped Azula to stand and looked away as she gave the orders to send Mai and Ty lee off to prison. You couldn’t even look your friends in their eyes. They’d chosen Zuko and you’d chosen Azula. You hadn’t realised you had chosen her but instinctively you apparently had. It wasn’t even like you agreed with everything Azula had done because you really didn’t. You hated seeing all the pain she caused and seem to revel in. But after the beach you could see why Azula was like that. She was hurt and craved love, that’s why she did everything Ozai said, she’d do anything to gain his affection and it broke your heart. Azula was so broken you couldn’t leave her, not even if it meant siding against Mai and Ty lee. You could feel Azula slipping and you wouldn’t let her go through this alone. You refused. 
You returned to the fire nation after the incident and everything seemed okay for a while. Azula seemed to trust you a lot seeing as you’d shown loyalty to her but soon the suspicions started creeping back in. When her father announced she’d be firelord it got even worse. As Azula’s coronation got closer her erratic behaviour got worse and worse until finally she cracked.
You recieved word for Lo and Lei that Azula had been banishing everyone and cautiously appeared in her throne room. You old friend looked truly scary, sat in the dark surrounded by fire but all you saw was the girl from the beach...only now she had no mask to hide behind. The true terrified Azula was here for everyone to see.
“Azula?” you asked your voice a lot stronger than you felt “what’s going on? Why is nobody here?”. “They’re fools all of them” she spat not even looking at you “I couldn’t trust them, I can’t trust anyone”. You frowned unsure what to say to make it better. “I....i’m here Azula” you said and you winced at how small your voice sounded in the room. “You?” Azula asked turning to face you “yes I suppose you have been loyal but for how long?”. “Azula you can’t think like that”. “It’s all I think about” she snapped “and with good reason! That’s all anyone seems to do around here, betray me" Azula cried "Mai and Ty lee did! Zuko left, so the question is when is it your turn? Is that why you’re here now? Did you want to stick the knife in my back personally?". "Of course not Azula" you cried and she snorted "if it’s not to kill me then it’s to get power or...." she trailed off "it’s the worst option of the three, you’re here because you pity me". Your voice caught in your throat as Azula carried on "on the ember islands you spoke to me so patronisingly, like you knew everything about me...telling me i’m not a monster when you’re wrong, look before you y/n, i am a monster and you shouldn’t pity me but fear me". 
Azula was surrounded in blue fire, the look in her eye matched the spark of the fire. She looked terrifying you could admit that but you still couldn’t fear her, you were scared but cared for and wanted to help her more. "No" you said strongly and Azula actually flinched "i don’t fear you Azula because you’re not a monster". Azula’s eyes widenned and her lip rose into a snarl. She went to yell so you carried on "just because the others left doesn’t make what your mother said true, they didn’t leave because you’re a monster! They left because you pushed them away, you were so scared they’d leave you that you drove them to! That what you’re trying to do to me right now but i’m not leaving Azula! I’m not going anywhere". Azula glared "again with this nonsense, i am not like you pathetic people with emotions, i am the firelord!". "You are a human!" you cried "you feel things Azula, i’ve seen it and thats okay! Feeling fear, having emotions, feeling sad and depressed! It’s all okay! It’s okay to feel like that, it doesn’t make you weak or a freak it makes you human, you’re human not a monster Azula". "Stop saying that" Azula cried but you walked closer. "No i will never stop telling you it! You are not a monster Azula, you are just a girl, a girl abused by her father and neglected by her mother...a girl pitted against her brother, made to feel like she had to manipulate anyone to make them care about her because of your parents but you don’t Azula! What you parents told you isn't true! You’re not superhuman and you’re not a monster you’re just human". "I am not' Azula cried her fire rising and envoking the room and your exit "i am the heir! The ruler of the strongest nation! The best fire bender this world has seen! I took Ba Sing Sei when nobody else could, i killed the avatar when Zuko was too weak to, i did what needed to be done when Mai and Ty lee couldn’t...i am not the same as them, as you! I know you want me to be weak, they all mother, my father, Zuko but i won’t be! I will not be weak". "Weakness is not what you think it is!" you cried back “Azula what your father told you was wrong". "Really?" Azula asked "because if you don’t leave this room and never come back you’re weakness is going to get you killed". Azula’s threat made you pause but you were done letting her hold these messages in her head. "I am not going anywhere" you repeated and Azula’s smile fell. "Why?" she screamed "i don’t want or need you!". "Because I won’t let the fire nation take you, I won’t let your parents win! I refuse” you yelled walking through Azula’s fire to get to her "i won’t let you believe what they’ve told you! You are good enough Azula! Just as you are! You’re not a monster or weak, you are just you!" you said finally reaching her "you are Azula" you said softly "Not a fire bending prodogy, not the leader or heir, not a monster or least loved child, those are all things other people have told you, none of that matters. You are azula. That is enough to be proud of, that is all you need, just Azula". Azula let our a screetch and you flinched and closed your eyes ready to be engulfed in fire but you weren’t. You opened your eyes to see all the fire was gone. It made it difficult to see the state of the room but when your eyes adjusted to the darkness you spotted Azula.
She had collapsed as a heap on the floor, her body shaking from the tears as her whole world imploded. You approaced her carefully unsure if she'd allow you to hug her but watching her body convulse with pain and sadness you risked it. You flung yourself over her holding onto her. Azula tensed but you patted her back "it’s okay Azula, it’s going to be okay i promise" and Azula shifted. She grabbed ahold of your arms and leant into you. She buried her head in your shoulder and you held her as she clung to you. She’d shook vigorously and she’d sometimes scream or yell, fire escaping as she did, but the fire never harmed you. Eventually she stopped all of it and that was worse. 
1 hour later
Zuko appeared on the flying bison and you were there to meet him. "Y/n?" he asked "where’s my sister?". "She’s not going to fight you" you told him and Zuko paused "y/n did you stop her, have you..". "I didn’t hurt her" you told Zuko quickly "i’m taking her away from here, i’m going to get her help, i know a good guy in the colonies who can talk to her, she needs help Zuko not prison and i’d like your approval to do so but if you stand in my way...". "No of course i won’t!" Zuko cried "y/n that have my permission, look after my little sister". You nodded "always, we'll be gone in 10 minutes". Zuko didn’t see you bundle Azula away and thought that was probably for the best but he saw the throne room, it was all black from fire, from Azula’s fire. He wondered how you’d gotten through to her. Why you’d risked your life to do it when even he wouldn’t have...
1 year later
Zuko’s POV
Zuko paces back and forth nervously when Suki announced she was here. The door opened and Azula entered you beside her. It had been just over a year since he’d seen his sister and Zuko was suprised at how different she looked. She definitely looked paler and more unsure of herself but she looked more...well natural, she looked more human than Zuko had ever seen her. “Hello brother” she spoke and Zuko smiled “Azula, it’s good to see you...and you y/n”. You nodded to Zuko from Azula’s side and he smiled at the way Azula seemed to gain comfort from you. She seemed keen on keeping close to you and Zuko was pleased she had someone to comfort her. “Sit” Zuko smiled pointing to the table filled with food “i am sure you are hungry from the trip and we have lots of catching up to do”. Azula nodded her head but didn’t move “we do but first Zuko I’d like to apologise”. Azula glanced to you and you smiled at her encouragingly. “Zuko I know all our lives I’ve hurt you, physically and mentally and I want to own up to that, admit it was wrong and apologise. What I did to you was wrong and I understand if you struggle to forgive me but i would like to be a good sister and for us to try from the beginning”. You’d written to Zuko regularly about Azula’s recovery and the letters had always pained him. He knew he hadn’t had it good in the fire nation but he never considered it could be bad for Azula too, when he considered what it must’ve been like for her all alone with their father....Zuko was furious he’d never realised sooner. Him and Azula had been turned against one another when they could’ve been each others greatest allies, well not anymore. Zuko’s eyes filled with tears and he smiled “Azula of course i forgive you your my sister” and he rushed to hug her. Zuko hadn’t hugged his sister since they were infants but now Zuko felt like he could have a sister again. Azula hugged Zuko, awkwardly as she still wasn’t used to physical shows of affection but Zuko appreciated her trying. “I would like very much for us to be a proper brother and be how we were when we we’re very small children”. Azula smiled and nodded “I would like that too”. Zuko grinned and looked at you behind Azula. You were beaming looking at Azula so proudly and Zuko smiled. He led Azula back to the table and pulled out her chair for her. Azula smiled, her face an expression Zuko supposed must be an attempt not to cry and took the seat.
Your POV
Considering how well the meal had gone Zuko led you and Azula into the throne room where Mai and Ty lee were waiting. Azula approached them cautiously, her apologies for them fresh in her mind from all the rehearsal you had done and you watched as she performed them just like you’d practiced. She finished and an awkward silence settled. You grew worried they’d reject her but Ty lee lasted 3 seconds before throwing her arms around Azula. Mai rolled her eyes but joined the hug. You grinned watching your friends make up when you felt Zuko beside you. “Thank you” Zuko smiled brightly at you “for helping my sister, for saving her when I couldn’t, for not giving up on her when i....”. “It’s okay” you smiled cutting Zuko off “I didn’t do it for you, or for myself, I did it for Azula, I knew she could be happy and I’m so glad she is, just seeing her so content” you sighed and Zuko smiled at the way you spoke about her. “You love her don’t you?” he asked and you blushed. Zuko smiled, your reaction confirming his suspicion. “Have you told her” Zuko asked and you shook your head, “Azula was too vulnerable and in pain for me to say anything before”. “But now?” Zuko asked smiling. You blushed “maybe...i’ll see, i don’t want to scare her off”. Zuko shook his head “y/n you were the only one able to reach her, the only one she could confide in...i don’t think you’ll get a bad reaction”. You blushed again, your eyes going to where Azula stood smiling with Ty lee and Mai. “I hope so... she’s pretty incredible”. Zuko smiled “she is, but so are you”. You smiled at Zuko and then suddenly Azula looked up noticing you and Zuko watching her. She smiled at you and your blush grew. Azula blushed too and Zuko grinned “you may not have to tell her after all, it appears she already knows”. 
So this was born out of my desperate need for Azula to get help and for her and Zuko to become friends because I just want them to be a loving brother and sister!!! 
Also I want to clarify i do not condone, approve of or encourage the use of physical or mental violence or manipulation in friendships or relationships. In this case because of Azula’s suppressed emotions i thought anyone who tried to comfort her would get physical resistance so I put that in there to keep it realistic to Azula’s character. I do not approve of that but i do think getting Azula mentally healthy would involve her being physically and mentally resistant at first to whoever was trying to help her but I think she'd eventually stop and start having healthier relationships. Again not condoning it but trying to realistically show what it would take to get Azula mentally stable after years of abuse from her parents and not trying to sugar coat it.
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sithdjarin · 3 months ago
pairing: alex law x reader (gender neutral; no y/n)
warnings: food mention, swearing, Extremely Soft alex, cliche flower date, literally all fluff because thats my brand i guess
summary: alex law is a lot of things, but he most definitely is not a shitty boyfriend.
3k words alex lawies! what! i dont even know what this is. soppy romantic stuff. i love this stupid criminal man too much and no one can stop me. all i can write is fluff. everyday i wake up and choose yearning
Tumblr media
You almost groaned as you were brought out of a vague sort of sleep for the third time that night, your boyfriend going through another bout of shifting around for the thousandth time. Alex had always had on and off issues with falling asleep, what he attributed to having a brain that just never stopped or slowed down enough to relax unless he was completely exhausted. You understood what he meant, you only wished you could do something to help. You had tried getting him to read, or relaxing to music before sleep, but neither seemed to help much for him.
As he shifted around again, tangling and untangling his legs with yours multiple times before tossing his head to the side in frustration, you scooted away from your usual place tucked into his side. You had hopes that giving him space without you being half on top of him might help him find a comfortable enough position to fall asleep. Soon, you began to doze off again, your body tuning out his tossing and turning just enough before you were woken up by him whispering your name when he stilled. You replied in a sleepy hum, not quite coherent enough to form any words at the moment.
“Are you mad at me?” You blinked your eyes open at that, confused.
“No, Alex, why d’you think that?”
“You moved away from me.”
“I thought maybe you would be more comfortable that way is all.” You yawned, closing your eyes again.
“I’m sorry.”
“S’okay.” There was a beat of silence, and you thought he had tried to fall asleep again before he reached out for you and pulled you back into his arms, his front pressed tightly against your back. You smiled at the return of his warmth, much preferring to sleep with him holding you or vice versa. More moments of quiet passed, and you began to get sleepy again. But once more, Alex’s voice brought you back to the waking world.
“When’s the last time we went on a date?”
“What?” You mumbled, not sure if you heard him right.
“I don’t know when the last time we went out together was.” He shifted against you again to push his legs between yours, his cold feet settling against your calves. You easily fought the urge to shiver, used to his icy palms and feet pressing against your skin or warmth during the night.
“We went out to the pub just last week.” You replied, becoming fully awake now. A frustrated puff of air from Alex met the back of your neck.
“I’d hardly call me getting shitfaced-drunk a proper date, love.” His fingers began to nervously play with the hem of your shirt as he spoke, a telling tick that Alex always smoothed over with brazen or loud words, pushing down the fact that he was distressed. You covered his hand with yours and pressed it to your tummy to still his movements, now exposed from all the shifting around the both of you had done.
“I don’t need a proper date, or whatever that even means, Alex. I just like being around you.” It sounded incredibly corny, sure, but it was true. You’d much rather get plastered or stay home watching movies with your boyfriend, than have to go through the motions at some overpriced restaurant only to come home and do the very same thing you would rather be doing in the first place.
You turned around in his arms, changing positions so that your head rested on his chest, your arms hugging his middle. He began playing with your hair quietly, not saying anything after your last statement. He had seemed to relax a little at your reassurance, but you could feel the insecurity lingering in his movements and the silence that followed without some kind of acceptance or witty comment.
This time it was you who broke the quiet.
“What’s got you thinking about this in the middle of the night?”
“A few days ago, when we were hanging around on the couch, David said some fuckin’ thing about us never going out on a date, and me being a shitty boyfriend. I don’t know why I keep thinking about it.” He mumbled bitterly, upset with himself for letting this get to him. You scooted up slightly, so your face was level with his, reaching out to brush the hair out of his face, which was quite the sight from all the tossing and turning in bed.
“Well, David’s a twat,” you murmured next to his ear, causing a small grin to break out on Alex’s face. He turned to look at you, dark circles present under his icy, soft eyes, his smile unfading. You had to actively stop yourself from bursting out with an I love you, not wanting to make the moment too serious, and you weren’t sure that Alex was the type to say it. You were also a little nervous to tell him, and mostly just hoped that somehow, he knew how much you cared for him. And, of course, you hoped he felt the same. “You are anything but a shitty boyfriend, my Alex. You’re my favorite person.” He closed his eyes and leaned into your palm, now resting against his cheek. A quiet sigh of contentment left his lips, and you closed the small gap between your faces to give him a long kiss.
“Let’s go somewhere tomorrow, get away from this stupid flat for a bit.” He pressed his cheek to yours, breath tickling your ear as he murmured softly to you. Tingles spread down your spine at the intimacy, and your hand found its way under his t-shirt, soft with wear, running up his back to feel his skin.
“Where to?” You raised an eyebrow. He sat up slightly to rest his cheek on his hand as he looked down at you, pretending to think hard before answering. Your heart fluttered when his other hand found yours, gently squeezing.
“Wherever you want.”
“Well, then I’d like to stay home.” Alex sighed dramatically and hung his head in lighthearted annoyance. The smile that had overtaken your lips since he’d woken you was incapable of leaving your face as you reached out to run your fingers through his hair, pushing it away from his face. He peeked up at you with one eye.
“You’re so difficult, you know that?”
“I do it just to make you mad.” The smile on your face was wiped off briefly as you squeaked in surprise when Alex leapt up from his position, trying to pin you to the bed. Laughter rung out far too loudly from your lungs in the middle of the night as you scrambled to escape his hold, albeit not very successfully. Just as you had one foot on the floor to leave the bed, Alex grabbed your other ankle, and the movement of you pulling away resulted in you crashing onto the wood floor, with Alex following, landing on top of you with an almost comical oof. You groaned under him, a bit of pain coming from his weight, as well as the contact your body had made with the hard floor. There was barely a moment to register said pain, as the two of you wrestled on the floor for a bit, somehow bringing the blankets with you across the room within the struggle. You eventually yielded to your boyfriend, far too out of breath from laughter and effort to fight any longer, and also knowing you were making too much noise.
“I win.”
“Yeah, I think that happens when you give the other person a concussion.” You sarcastically replied, wincing when you tried to sit up. Alex’s eyebrows drew up in concern, but you stopped him. “I’m just kidding, Alex. But that fall did kinda hurt. You’re fucking heavy.”
“It’s all my muscles.” He grinned, letting you go to lay next to you. You pinched his bicep as he moved over.
“Yeah, these chicken arms are so strong.” You teased, and he scoffed again in feigned offence.
“You know, I’ll remember that the next time you’re drunk and you don’t want to walk home from the pub,” He pointed a finger at you, which your response was point your own at him. Except, you know, the middle one. “Ohh, you’re so sweet, darling.” He cooed. You rolled over to straddle his waist, taking his position from earlier. Alex rested his hands on your thighs, gently rubbing circles into them with his thumbs. It was a curiosity how this man didn’t get whatever he wanted when he was capable of looking at you the way he did. “Please can we go somewhere tomorrow?”
“Okay,” you finally agreed, and he sat up in excitement, making you slide down to his lap. You rested your hands on his shoulders. “Somewhere fun though. Not a fancy restaurant.”
“What about a… lower grade restaurant?”
“Alex…” He responded to your small whine with your own name in the same tone, tilting his head with the cutest puppy dog eyes in the world.
“I don’t like restaurants either, but we can get the food to go. I’ll take you to that park you like, with the botanical gardens,” he pouted. “Come on, I’ll pick you a flower or some romantic crap like that.”
“I don’t think those flowers are meant for picking, sweetheart,” His only response was a mischievous grin. You should have known better than to even try to say anything opposing his plans. You weren’t ever going to really say no in the first place; why would you reject any amount of time spent with your boyfriend? Especially when he was being uncharacteristically romantic, or at least romantic in his own way. “I suppose we can go.”
“Good,” His smile turned soft. “Now I really won’t be able to sleep.”
The next day, Alex burst into your apartment after you had gotten home from work. Literally right after. You had barely taken off your shoes.
“Sometimes I regret giving you a key to my flat.” Your hands gripped at the sofa you were leaning on, recovering from the minor heart attack he had given you from his sudden appearance.
“Why? I thought you liked me.” He teased, grabbing onto your waist from the side. Your eyes softened as you took in his appearance, dressed in your favorite combination of the approximately six options in clothes he had; a green sweatshirt, denim jacket, topped by his leather jacket.
“I like you very much, Alex.” your voice was almost dreamy as you said it, locking eyes with him for a moment too long. Your boyfriend shifted a little, seeming to get nervous and glancing down before he spoke.
“We best get going soon, huh?” The sudden change of subject made you swallow hard, worried you’d ruined something at his now fidgety state. You nodded and mumbled something about changing before rushing off to your room. That was weird, and the sudden shift in mood from Alex meant something was either wrong, or you had made him uncomfortable somehow. Great. Not like that won’t haunt you the rest of the night. Totally.
As soon as you emerged from your room, clothes changed and forcibly pushing down what had happened a moment ago, Alex seemed back to his regular, excited self, throwing you a grin that encouraged you to file the moment ago in the back of your mind. Along with how clammy his palm felt when he slid his fingers between yours. Maybe he was still anxious in relation to everything he said last night.
There was only a brief separation of touch as you both slid into the Mini Cooper. Key into ignition, gear shift in reverse; Alex threw his arm over the back of your seat as he backed out of the parking lot, stopping briefly with his foot on the brake to press a kiss to your cheek before switching gears and heading out onto the road. His hand soon landed in its regular affectionate spot on your thigh as he drove, turning up his favorite album so the two of you could sing along, your off-key screaming going in and out as you got swept up in random conversations. When it was warm enough, Alex would roll all the windows down, and you’d cruise forever until you end up parked in the shadows somewhere to make out like teenagers. It was torturous how much you loved him; how happy he made you feel. You hoped you made him feel the same way.
The oh-so romantic meal for the night were greasy chips to share, probably detrimental for your intestines later, and sandwiches from the place you both frequented often, as it was almost the exact middle distance between your flats. As per tradition, the two of you ate on the bench outside, as the weather was a little chilly as dusk approached, but not cold enough yet to scare you off. The two of you talked about the usual as you ate, jumping from topic to topic with the ease of trapeze artists, supporting each other with interest as you went. Alex was smiling far more than usual, especially when the two of you were talking about work of all things, and the way his eyes followed your every movement squeezed your heart just the same as his hugs did after a few days apart. Whatever was on his mind was clearly tinging his behavior, and you definitely could tell, with the other signals from other, something was up with him. You just didn’t know what.
What followed your dinner was another car ride, as the gardens you loved were too far of a walking distance. And although it wasn’t a long distance when driving, you were still anxious to get out as soon as you got there, throwing open the door mere seconds after Alex parked the car.
The gardens were fairly empty, but not totally so; a few people roamed about here and there, but they were mostly adults. Alex trailed close behind you as you began to explore, surveying all the new plants that had been added since the last time you’d been able to visit.
“I should’ve brought a camera,” he mentions as you study a patch of dahlias, maroons and oranges beautiful in the soft light of the scattered lampposts around the gardens. “You’re so pretty.” The last comment was softer than his first, amplified by his sudden presence next to you, an arm slipping around your waist. You glanced over to meet his gaze, already stuck on you, tilting your head just so. Something was definitely going on with him. But knowing Alex, he wasn’t telling you for a reason, so it’d be best to just let him get to whatever it is on his own. In all honesty, his tone had struck you silent, and you didn’t know what to say. A kiss on his jaw replaced any words you could’ve forced out of your mouth.
The two of you stuck to the other’s sides as you continued to stroll through the gardens, conversing about both the flowers and whatever tangential topic struck your thoughts.
Eventually, you ended up sitting on a bench next to your favorite flowers of the night, the honeysuckle. Something about them was drawing you towards them, and Alex had insisted you sit for a while and talk. His jacket had found its way to your shoulders a while ago, due to the slight shiver you had experienced a few times from a breeze that was a bit too strong, and your boyfriend immediately jumping on the idea that, god forbid, you were a bit too cold. He would never admit it, but sometimes he was very protective of your comfort level. It was sweet.
You were busy looking up at the stars which were growing brighter as the night wore on when Alex called your name softly. His hand slipped into yours again, beginning to play with your fingers like he always did when something was bothering him.
“You know,” he paused, looking down at his lap and seeming very interested in watching his thumb stroke and rub gently over your knuckles. “I’m sorry if I haven’t been the best boyfriend over the past year… I know I’m temperamental and annoying sometimes—”
“Alex,” you stopped him with a gentle smile. “Like I told you last night, you’re my favorite person. No conditions and no buts.” He still wouldn’t look at you, so you took the opportunity to brush his hair from his face to know you were listening attentively. “What is it?”
“I just—” He sighed, his shoulders readjusting as he sat up and finally turned his head to you. “I really love you.” His eyes were full of worry as he made his confession, and all you could do is squeeze his hand in reply with a soft, reassuring smile. “I’ve never really committed to someone before, so I’ve just been… really worried about telling you. I don’t know. I know you like me, every logical part of my brain shows me that. I know I would be devastated if you left. I just—I worry you don’t wanna be stuck with someone like me sometimes. Especially when my flatmates barely tolerate me. I don’t know how you manage to all the time.”
“It’s not something I have to think about, I just do,” you shrugged. Your brain was working on mostly auto-pilot at his words, the confession spreading warmth through your body like wildfire. “I love you, idiot. Of course I love you.” A grin spread across Alex’s face at your words, both in relief and in affection. Before you could add on to your statement, he rushed forward to smother you in an excited kiss, his hand slipping up to cradle your jaw. And then he repeated the motion, a few times over, a punctuation to his confession, and a release of worry.
“Fuck.” He murmured as he pulled away for the last time. You furrowed your eyebrows in question, as he tore his eyes away from you to lean over and pluck a honeysuckle flower from next to the bench.
“Alex, I wasn’t kidding when I said that’s not what those are for—"
“Be quiet, baby, I’m being romantic,” he shushed, tucking the flower gently above your ear. You couldn’t help the quiet laugh that escaped from you and caused you to tilt your head; just a bit too much, as the flower drifted into your lap. Alex let out another curse and carefully slipped it back to where it was, eyeing it like a disobedient dog. “I was gonna do that before I told you.”
“Well, if it’s any consolation, it’s still cute now,” you pressed a kiss to his forehead before standing and tugged on the hand joined with yours. “Come on, let’s get out of here before the flower police arrest you for theft.”
“Please, they’d never catch us. I wouldn’t let them,” he scoffed, playing along. “Besides, we’re too cute to be prosecuted.”
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sorenskyhigh · 3 months ago
How the Haikyuu boys would get their s/o out of their zoom meetings (for example, pretending that they are getting kidnapped and getting dragged off screen) My sister did this before and my teacher was cracking up. THANK YOU BEST FRIEND :)
YES! I love this! Imagine if they took you on a sweet little date afterwards and you both just mess around all day!!! o(≧∇≦o) and thank you so much for supporting me!!!!!
Also I want to apologize for not writing anything, there's been a lot going on and I've just had no will to do anything ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚
Includes Daichi Sawamura, Koushi Sugawara, Asahi Azumane, Yū Nishinoya, Tetsurou Kuroo, Kenma Kozume, Toru Oikawa, Hajime Iwaizumi, Koutaro Bokuto, Keiji Akaashi, and Satori Tendou
Not proof read
Getting You Out Of Zoom Class
Daichi Sawamura
Daichi may end up being a cop and he may seem like a stickler for the rules, but........
He is super smart
And I definitely wouldn't put it past him to break some rules here and there
Daichi knows you hate the particular class that you're sitting through right now
The teacher was an ass and the class was just not your forte
Daichi was sitting just out of shot and you angrily scribbled down notes. You knew you could lie and make excuses for why you didn't do the work but, your conscious just wouldn't allow you.
Every once in awhile Daichi would reach out a soothing hand under the table and rub his thumb a couple times over your knee to sooth you.
At one point Daichi got up and just stood there for a second.
He intook a large breath before picking you up out of the chair and swinging you over his shoulder.
Hus face appeared in your camera and he just smiled wide and said, "Sorry, they've got something more important to do."
With that he left, not even bothering to turn off anything before he walked out to the kitchen with you and started making a lunch for you two.
Koushi Sugawara
We all love our chaotic Sugamama
Suga though isn't exactly theatrical person
What he would do would be simple and easy but very effective
Koushi was in your kitchen making a cute little brunch for the two of you. He had set everything up in your living room.
Nice, comfy nest on the floor, open windows, a short table to set everything on.
You had been particularly stressed since you had had to start online classes. A lot of people could learn this way, but, you just couldn't
You were busy working and didn't notice when your feed cut out and froze then turned off.
He had asked Yamaguchi what he could do since Yamaguchi was surprisingly good with electronics.
He had gotten into your account and was messing with it. Somehow, since a computer and and his laptop were trying to use it at the same time it genuinely messed it up but that was a worry for later.
"Awww c'mon!" You said before you screamed in surprise.
Koushi had popped up from under your desk,"I think you need a break."
Asahi Azumane
Asahi is a super nervous guy, we been knew
But when he saw just how stressed his little baby was over your online classes
You were sitting in your living room on the floor, all your stuff spread out. You looked like you were spread so thin as you tried to keep up.
Suddenly your front door slammed open and big guy in a mask came in and snatched you up and took you outside after shutting your door.
You were of course until you got outside then you both started laughing.
Asahi had gone over this with you many many many times es just to make sure you were okay with it.
Aftwards he also kept worrying over you on whether he hurt you or not.
Nishinoya Yū
You know this boy would go all out for this
As loud and wild as he can make it
Yū had decided to be as obnoxious as possible. It was simple, yet highly effective.
Not only did you have to turn off your mic but your teacher asked you to turn off your camera as well.
Yū wasn't just a auditory nuisance but a visual one as well.
As long as he could be seen or heard he would either be being a pest or too funny for anyone to concentrate.
After your teacher had asked you to cut off your sound and camera you both obviously left.
Yū wanted to go and eat your entire fridge while you watch horror movies.
Tetsurou Kuroo
You know this man would bring in straight facts
He would cut down any of your teacher/professors excuses as to why you had to stay
"Too much time on a computer, phone or TV screen can cause serious retinal damage. If they can't see then they can't do the work you want them too. Life would be so much harder for them if they lost their sight."
With that he hurriedly turned off your computer and rushed you out of there so you guys could hang out and watch probably an animal science documentary.
Kenma Kozume
You know this boy is tech proficient
He would have your computer so screwed
Why even try
You go to get into your class but the potato filter is on and you can't fix it.
Your teacher is angry at you bc 'you're young and apart of the generation that grew up with this technology so figure it out and blah blah blah.
You're struggling so with the sound, you sound like you had just sucked on a can of helium.
Then the loud celebratory noise emitting from your computer and an all too familiar voice came over and said, " Not today, pudding." Then your entire computer "crashed".
Kenma entered the room very queitly as you sat there.
"It's not broken. But if you don’t play video games with me I won't fix it."
Toru Oikawa
This twink ass drama queen
I pity whoever dates this man if you have to take zoom classes
You know he would be super dramatic about it
You're sitting at your chair and are dutifully taking notes when your bedroom door is flung open.
There stands Toru.
His hands are on his hips and he's pulling his little pouty face.
"Now, little cutie. You have been ignoring me for weeks."
You look at him as if he had lost his mind. You just talked to him this morning.
"If I didn't know ow any better I'd say you had the hots for someone in that class!" He was slowly raising his voice.
"I thought we were happy?! I love you and I wanted to marry you."
After he had unplugged you're entire computer he giggled and kissed you, "Sorry little cutie, I just hate to see you so stressed from those stupid classes."
Hajime Iwaizumi
He gets enough drama from Shittykawa
So he's not going to create any of his own if he can help it
But he did think that video of someone "kidnapping" their friend was pretty funny
You were in the kitchen with a glass of water when Hajime very quietly came in. You had just baby heard your front door close.
He held his finger up to his mouth and pulled a bandana up over his mouth.
He skillfully it over him since this wouldn't be the first time you had had distractions from your friends during class.
You were curious about what he was doing.
Then all of a sudden you were grabbed from the side, the stool falling over as Hajime shut your laptop.
He carried you outside where Shittykawa, Mattsun, and Maki were waiting.
"No more classes for today."
"Yeah you get to have just so much fun with us," Maki said sarcastically.
Koutaro Bokuto
This man
This MAN
I love him to death but not only would he get the entire team in on it but he would screw it up somehow
You were on your bed with your laptop on a blanket in front of you as you listen to your teacher drone on and on and on.
Then you shrieked when your bedroom door was thrown open and three fairly big guys came rushing in.
Naturally you screamed in fear.
Koutaro was the one carrying you as the Konoha turned off your laptop and Akaashi stood there. He was so not with this.
The thing is, Koutaro didn't tell you on purpose so your reaction would be genuine enough to fool your class.
He got you so upset that Akaashi, Konoha, Anohori, Komi, Onaga, Sarukui, and even Washio were chastising him for it.
They weren't having his dumb shit today, no sir.
He made it up to you though, so did the rest of the team.
Keiji Akaashi
After dealing with Bokuto for what felt like a lifetime
He wanted to keep things simple and easy
Akaashi had just walked into your room while you were sitting at your desk.
He had pushed your chair out of the way and simple turned everything off. Saving any documents you may or may not have had open first of course.
Then he took your hand and he took you to a nice and quiet Cafe where you guys spent the rest of the day.
Satori Tendo
Itcha miracle boi
You know that when he starts to make you leave ethe teacher say soemthing he will fight them ლ(ಠ益ಠ)ლ
He's ready to dish it out
Straight up insults them
You were sitting in bed with your laptop while Satpri was sprawled across your lap.
He hadn't disturbed doubt thus far. He was actually being very well behaved.
Thankfully with how you and your laptop set up, no one saw him chillin' like a villain in your lap.
That is until he groaned and started to whine about how boring it was.
Your teacher addresses you and scolds you for having Satoir there.
"Why, it's not like I'm distracting you. You're not doing anything anyways. Let's leave, my Paradise."
After that Satori had a long argument with your teacher, your teacher very clearly losing. More than half your class was losing it at this point.
"Look, you abarrent brat,'" thats when you got mad.
"Excuse me? What did you just call him??!!" You slammed your laptop shut after that.
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georgefweasleysgf · 3 months ago
i solemnly swear - gw pt 6
um i have been super unmotivated so this chapter is kinda bad. but like i wrote it, im so bloody excited to write chapter 9 at the moment, its um 😌 good 😌.
george weasley x slytherin!oc x louis partridge!slytherin
warnings: angsty tension but not really, if there is any u pick up on tell me!!
word count: 3.6k i think??
Tumblr media
The next week had been pretty quiet again, yet the daunting fact that I had my first study session with George lurked in my mind. Did I really need the help? No, not really. Flitwick was most likely going to award me an Outstanding anyways, but Molly seemed rather adamant that George tutored me, unfortunately. These sessions would only last up until Christmas and as soon as they were over I could go back to my normal, fun life with George as my rival and not my tutor.
Polly nudged me as I sat in the Great Hall, I was practically falling asleep at the table, Polly knocking me back into consciousness every so often. At one point my head nearly plummeted into my plate of food before Louis slid his hand in the way and caught my head. The previous night I hadn’t slept and the Weasley twins laughing between each other told me they had something to do with that. I must admit my pumpkin juice did taste a bit off at dinner yesterday night, but in all honesty, if it was a prank they pulled, it wasn’t their best.
By now, my head was rested on Louis’ shoulder, preventing my head from dropping down again. Finally opening my eyes fully, the space around where I was sat had emptied a bit, the other houses’ tables being practically empty besides Ron and the usual group of Gryffindors, including the twins, Angelina and so on. Louis let me rest on his shoulder for a while longer until the clock hit 7pm, the time I had been dreading all day.
Lifting my head up, George looked up at me nodding his head towards the door reluctantly, getting up and grabbing his textbooks from the table as he did so. Rolling my eyes, I grabbed the books I’d placed on the table and walked out, Polly and Louis teasing me and wishing me luck as I left. I would need it to get through this next hour.
“Ready trouble?” George teased, looking just as fed up as I did to be honest.
“As I’ll ever be, Weasley.” I grunted as we began to walk down the corridor in silence towards an old, empty Potions classroom that George had found for us to work in.
As we walked in, George sat at the desk, chucking his books onto the surface and grabbing his quill from his pocket. I kind of stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do, I didn’t know wether to sit beside him or in front of him or what? “Are you gonna sit down or not, Lovegood?” George pulled one of the seats beside him, gesturing me over.
Walking over, I placed my books onto the table, sitting beside him. I didn’t usually get nervous but here I was, practically speechless because of George Weasley until I finally managed to spit out some words. “Yeah, better get this over and done with right?”
“Get it over and done with? You don’t have to act like you hate spending time with me, I know you love it.” George mocked.
Shooting him a glare, I replied, “I far from love it, but you keep telling yourself that Weasley. I know how bad you want to be around me but that doesn’t mean I want to be anywhere near you.”
“Sure, sure. Well, here is your textbook, better get started if you want to get finished quickly.” George slid his textbook over to me. The front reading ‘The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 5’. Opening the book, a sudden shock struck my body, the book dropping out of my hands as electricity shot through my arms. When the book hit the table a firework sprung out, exploding in the air and forming the letter G.
Coming down from the shock, George burst into laughter as I groaned, “Bloody hell, Weasley. Are you trying to kill me?”
“I wouldn’t go that far, Lovegood, but something along the lines of that.” He laughed, “Pretty good though, right?”
Nudging his shoulder, I clenched my jaw to stop myself from hitting him harder that I just did. Pushing the textbook over to him, he opened it, minus the fiasco that had just happened to me. “Here we are, page 43.” He stated, beginning to explain the spell on that page.
Flipping a couple pages over, he landed on the Disillusionment Charm. He grabbed his wand off the table and twirled it around him, explaining the motion needed to perform the spell. He continued to tell me the incantation and what the spell did, somehow not sending me into a state of boredom as he did so.
“So like this?” I tapped my wand on his leg, stating the incantation, watching him disappear into the surroundings. “Much better.” I giggled to myself, although shortly after I realised it probably wasn’t one of my brightest ideas, now I had no clue where that idiot was, he was completely disguised.
“I hate you, Lovegood. You know that?” He sighed, startling me a bit after the moment of silence.
“Oh, I do know, Weasley.” I laughed, the room went silent again, it got rather awkward as I had no idea where to even look anymore. That was until, a large pair of hands gripped my waist, frightening me, my whole body squirming under his touch. “You idiot!” I yelped as I heard his laughter behind me, although he was still concealed in the surroundings. “Revelio!” I muttered, furrowing my brows as George slowly appeared back, still smug over his actions.
Sitting himself back down, he raised his eyebrows, “Well, at least you learnt something.”
“Barely.” I murmured.
“Really? Cause I thought you just learned not to mess with me, because, clearly, it backfired.” He jested, ruffling my hair like he always did. Frowning at him, he smiled. His smile sort of made me want to smile, it always did for some reason. “Come on trouble, don’t be so grumpy all the time.” he advised, a sarcastic smile lightening my face at his command.
“You’re really annoying. You know that?” I crossed my arms, laughing at him.
“Speaking of annoying.” He muttered, nodding towards the door. Umbridge stood in the doorway in all her pink disgustingness.
“Fraternising with the girls, Mr Weasley?” She quizzed harshly. “Miss Lovegood.” She smiled, luckily as a Slytherin, she had a bit less of a hatred for me, but I knew George was going to be less fortunate unless I got him out of this.
“No Miss. George is tutoring me. Thats all.” I smiled back, “I wanted him to, just to improve my grade and all.”
“Right. Well…” She walked off, scowling at George as she did so, George looking completely terrified but also uncontrollably infuriated at the same time.
“You okay? You’re burning up.” I placed the back of my hand to his forehead, his face flushed. He nodded back, shaking his head out of his trance of anger.
“Blimey, that woman will be the death of me.” He complained.
“I think you mean the death of us. She really is bloody annoying, worse than you in fact.” I laughed, bringing lightness back into the room and letting George laugh slightly again, breaking the anger that he seemed to have in him in that moment.
“Listen, just for a moment. I’ve gotta tell you this, I think you’ll like it.” He continued, enthusiastically explaining how him, Lee and Fred were planning to levitate a bunch of Nifflers into Umbridges office, his excitement about it was kind of cute, him giggling as he explained this elaborate stunt to me.
“Theres no way, Weasley. You’re gonna get murdered by her, I wouldn’t put it past her to kill you right on the spot.” I laughed, completely lost in the crazy plan he had explained to me.
“That’s where you’re wrong, Lovegood. We won’t get caught.” He smirked. Really, this plan was amazing, I was quite proud of him for being able to come up with something so brilliant.
“I’ll bet you a sickle you will.” I put my hand forward, George squinting his eyes in contemplation before he grasped my hand, sealing the deal, silence overcoming us in that moment, Georges eyes fixed on mine. Pulling my hand away, I shot him a half-smile, both of us looking back to the textbook awkwardly.
We fell back into studying for a little while, staying silent for most of it, George explaining a few more spells to me, my eyes fixed on him as both of us somehow fell into bored states as he went through each of them. A knock came from the door, Fred walking in along with Louis and Polly. Louis grinned up at me, knocking me out of my boredom, sending a tired smile back to him.
George sprung up at the sight of Fred, closing the textbook and picking his items up off the table, walking out with Fred without a word, straight-faced as he did so. He’d left so abruptly that I didn’t even get the chance to thank him. I mean, it was the least I could do after he had clearly been bored out of his mind for the most part of our time together, although the beginning of our session, was oddly, not that bad.
Gathering my books back up, I shrugged off what had just happened and walked out with Louis and Polly. “Thanks for saving me, I need to sleep so bad.”
“Lets get you back to the common room then. Come on, I’ll carry you there.” He turned around, ushering me to his back, me jumping up for him to give me a piggyback as he always did. Nesting my head onto his shoulder, he carried me back.
“How’d it go then?” Polly queried as we walked.
Thinking for a second, it wasn’t all that bad but if I said I completely enjoyed it I’d be lying, sort of, so I just said, “I was forced to spend an hour with George Weasley, aka, my mortal enemy, and you ask me how it went? Do you know how ridiculous you sound Polly?” I mocked. Her and Louis laughed back as we continued to walk, finally arriving back, Louis dropping me onto my bed and pressing a kiss on my cheek before we said our goodnights and he went off to his own room.
“You two seem happy.” Polly smiled, now in her pyjamas, pulling her duvet over her. As I changed into one of Louis’ shirts and a pair of jogging bottoms, I rolled my eyes back at her. Truthfully, I was happy with Louis, for the most part, but something was missing, I liked spending time with him and the whole intimacy thing was great but I guess I wanted something more, but it just, wasn’t there with him.
You know how girls say they get butterflies every time they see their guy and all that silly soppy stuff, thats what I wanted. Before, I hadn’t really cared much for anything like that, I didn’t really want it at all, but now that things were actually happening, I craved it. I craved something more than just kisses and all that stuff Louis’ was good at, now I wanted a real connection. That breathlessness whenever you touch even the slightest bit, I wanted to be completely, utterly lost in how much I loved someone.
Yet, I couldn’t just say that straight out to Polly though, or Louis, or anyone. “Yeah, we are” I muttered, “We’re really happy.” I climbed into bed, knackered from the day I’d been through. For once, I fell asleep as quick as anything, although uncomfortable thoughts raced through my mind. Well, they weren’t exactly uncomfortable, just unusual, I guess. Those first 20 minutes of the session, replaying in my mind, over and over.
Saturday morning was slow, waking up later than usual, making my way to the Great Hall in my pyjamas today rather than getting changed. My hair was still completely ruffed up from my slumber and my eyes were sleepy, my cheeks tinted red from the chill that filled the corridors that morning.
As I entered, Hermione, Ginny and Ron were sat, having finished their food, across from George and Fred. Usually on a morning where the twins had decided to interrupt my usual group, I would sit with Alexia, Cho and Luna along with a few other Ravenclaws, but they were nowhere to be seen.
Cedric, a friend of mine who I had met through my prefect duties, was sat with my friend Maddie with a few other Hufflepuffs, him smiling at me as he saw me looking over, I waved slightly, sending him a smile back. Looking between the two tables, I could either sit with Cedric and Maddie, holding in my need to rant all morning or I could sit with Hermione and rant as much as I needed, although the twins may interfere with that slightly.
Sulking at my terrible options, I made my way to Hermione, slumping down beside her, my face resting in my hand. “You okay?” She asked.
“Tired, super tired.” I mumbled, George sitting across from me nudging Fred.
“Someones sleepy.” Fred jested, poking at my arm to wake me up.
“Yeah and I’d appreciate if you’d shut it.” I replied, grumpily.
“Ooo, she’s feisty today.” George mocked too, it was weird to watch him go back to his usual self after he had actually been quite nice for the slightest portion of yesterday. I sent my usual glare up at him, locking on his eyes for a moment, seeing him smirking at his remark.
All my tension drifted from within me, shaking my body slightly as I removed my eyes from him. Both of them got up, walking out of the hall, me watching as they went away. “Ron, please beg Molly to stop George from tutoring me. I’m not kidding, please.” I pleaded.
“George has tried already, there’s no use in me trying to.” Ron shrugged, I could tell he was sorry in his tone.
“No worries, I can probably endure it. One session down, who knows how many more to go.” I sighed.
Everyone kept to themselves for a bit, until Ron nudged at Ginny urging her to tell me something. “Amber, we were wondering something.”
“What is it?” I asked after swallowing down a spoonful of cereal.
“Well, you know how Harry mentioned his ‘secret plan’ at mine the other week?” I nodded as Ron spoke, “well, there’s a meeting, this afternoon, at the Hogshead Inn. You should come, but you can’t tell anyone.”
“Sure, but what-“ I was about to ask, before Hermione cut me off.
“No questions, be there at 8pm sharp.” She stated, all of them getting up and walking away. What the bloody hell was going on? All this mystery was so unnatural from them, especially Hermione. In all my years of being her best friend, this was weird. Finishing off my meal, I pondered back to the common room, thinking about what this meeting could possibly be about.
I swear to Godric if this was some ruse for the twins to prank me and Hermione, Ron and Ginny were in on it, I would go mental.
Until 7:45, I sat around most of the day, reading, trying to take my mind off of things before I let myself overthink into the oblivion. Then, I made my way to the Hogshead Inn, telling Polly I had some prefect things to attend to. Opening the door and arriving early, a group of a mixture of people I knew to be from 3 out of 4 of the different houses were muddled around on chairs, talking amongst each other. Although there were a range of students, I seemed to be the only Slytherin there.
Luna and Alexia were sat talking, I stumbled over, still confused at why I was called there. At this point, I was just relieved it didn’t seem to be the big prank I thought it would be. “What’s all this about?” I quizzed.
Then Hermione, who was standing in front of the small crowd, stood up, Harry and Ron sitting beside her. “Hi. So, we’ve called you all here today because, well…” She went on, explaining their plan against Umbridge, to make up for the education we needed in Defence Against the Dark Arts that we were missing out on.
Harry was a brilliant wizard, I trusted him to teach others what they needed to know, but if I’m honest, I already knew most of this stuff, although, I’d never summoned a patronus before.
As Hermione spoke, I looked across from where Luna and I were standing to see the twins, Fred sitting, playing with his thumbs, while George was looking over at me slightly, dropping his head down as I noticed him. She finished her speech and we all formed a line, signing our names on the paper titled ‘DUMBLEDORE’S ARMY’.
It was completely dark out now as Luna and I walked back, amongst the group of others, catching my sister up on everything that had been going on recently in my life. For sisters, we were quite different. Luna was so peaceful and kind, all thanks to Xenophilius and Pandora, whereas I was a bit more hardheaded, I guess, taking on Sirius and Remus’ talent for trouble as I grew up.
Luna mumbled on about how she had began to paint on her ceiling, painting portraits of all her friends, along with flowers and other beautiful things. Pulling her into a hug, I wished her goodnight when we arrived back at the castle and had to walk off our separate ways, I really love her, she has the purest and brightest soul of any person I have ever met and I’m glad to call her my sister.
Smiling to myself, I walked in the silence of the corridors, alone, back to the common room. Walking through the corridors at night was quite peaceful and in my years of being a prefect I’d taken the privilege of patrolling the halls to my greatest advantage, admiring the school in all its serenity.
Then, a hand seized my wrist, stopping me in my tracks and yanking me backwards, landing me onto the chest of whoever grabbed me. “Woah there Lovegood, watch where you’re going.”
“Watch where I’m going? You pulled-“ I started, looking up, suddenly speechless after seeing the same towering ginger boy looking down at me. “Weasley. Of course it’s you. What do you want?”
“Umbridge put you up to this didn’t she?” He questioned, me tilting my head and giving him a blank stare, him awaiting a reply from me, acting as if the answer was obvious.
“What?” I replied, holding my hands up to surrender to the fact I had no clue what he was talking about.
“She sent you in to gather all of our filthy secrets.” George scowled, “I know she did, all so she can stab that bloody quill into my hand again.”
“Excuse me?” I flung back, shocked at his comment, he mirrored the blank stare I had given him before. “What do you mean about the quill? Again? I didn’t know you’d even had her do that before.” I knew exactly what he was talking about, but like he said, him and Fred don’t get caught and last time I checked, his hands were completely fine, not that I checked often, of course.
Shoving his hand up, scabs and bruises covered it, my hands shot up to his, my stomach twisting at the thought of his pain. My eyebrows lowered in sadness for him, my heart completely sinking inside of me as I held his hand in mine, ghosting my finger across the scar.
Looking up at him, his face was flushed as all words went unspoken between us in that moment. We were both completely captivated in each other.
That was before I dropped out of the trance that overcame me, letting go of Georges hand.
Gasping in a breath after the breathlessness of the past few moments, I stuttered, “The answers no. She didn’t put me up to it, Ron did actually, so maybe you should talk to him about whether or not I’m trying to gather your filthy secrets?”
George’s eyes were studying my face, attempting to seek the truth in me although he stood speechless, as did I after that, still completely lost in whatever had just happened. “Goodnight, Weasley.” I stumbled off, trying to gather as much air as possible as I still felt breathless.
“Goodnight, Lovegood.” He stuttered. Both of us walking away, back to our own common rooms, like nothing had happened.
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Through The Heart| 6| S.W.A.T
part 5
ao3,, wattpad
@ohnoitsthebat | @prettyinpayne
Part 6: No Way Out
“Josie, can you and Luca come up here please?’ Jessica Cortez called down from the landing where her and Hicks’s offices were at. ‘That doesn’t sound good.’ Josie muttered, she had picked up on the good and bad news characteristics of her bosses in the few short months she had been there and Captain Cortez definitely had the bad news stance about her. 
“I am sure everything is going to be okay Jo,” Chris assured her as the two headed up the stairs.
 Josie nodded her head and took a deep breath, her heart was in the pit of her stomach, she knew that her brother, Hondo and Buck were good but there was no way they were going to talk Police Commissioner Russell out of sending her undercover. Especially with how often he had been in the office or on the phone with either her or Hicks. 
 “It will be okay Jo,” Luca muttered as he ran his hand along her lower back trying not only to comfort her but himself as well.
 “I don’t think it will be Dom, but thanks for trying.” She returned as they stepped into the office, her brother was standing by Hicks’ desk with his arms folded and his jaw clenched in anger, much like it had when she informed him she had her first serious boyfriend and she wasn’t going to listen to him. 
 Buck and Hondo were by the window torn between anger and worry, anger for Deacon and worry for Josie. A civilian that was just trying to change her routine up and help them out. And Hicks looked furious. More furious than any of them had ever seen him.  “I have to go under don’t I?’ she asked as Luca put his hand back on her lower back. “Yes.” Russell answered, “You are the best choice, Miss. Kay.”  
“Sir, you do understand that I am a civilian right? I have never had any sort of training.” She was panicked and terrified, not even Luca’s calming presence next to her helped. 
“I understand that but my daughter needs help and you are the best one to do.” The Commissioner said, ‘Especially since Hicks won’t let one of his officers go.’  “With good reason,” Luca muttered just loud enough for Josie to hear. “Commissioner, if you go wait in my office with your daughter, we will come to you with a plan here shortly.’ Cortez spoke up wanting to defuse the situation before it got too bad. “Come on dad, let’s let them talk.’ Rebecca said before she pulled her father out of the office and across the hallway to Cortez’s office.
** “All I wanted to do was be her friend, she needed a friend and now I have to put my life on the line?” Josie asked once the door was shut, ‘for just trying to be a friend? What the hell?’  “You aren’t going to be doing this alone.” Cortez started as Deacon moved from the side of the desk to his sister’s side. “We are going to have the team shadowing you and Chris is going to be floating around so you aren’t fully alone.’ “And if having me with her causes this psycho to grab us?” “Then we will be right there to help you out Jos.’ Buck commented, “You are family and we aren’t going to let anyone harm our family.”  
“Okay.” Josie agreed after a few minutes, “if it will give the commissioner peace of mind and if it will stop him from harassing the office every day then I will do it. That way at least you can get some actual work done.”  “You are a good kid Josie,” Hicks said, his anger lowering. She nodded her head and dropped her eyes.  It didn’t feel like she was a good kid at this point, her being that got her into this position. “Josie we are going to do everything to make sure this doesn’t go sideways.” Deacon promised as he pulled her into a hug, “have I ever steered you wrong before?”  “No.” “And I won’t now.” 
“We are going to have Josie move in with Rebecca.” Cortez started, “And we are going to send Officer Alonso with her to help them get the apartment wired for surveillance.” “So now that I am making Miss Kay help my daughter, you can free an officer? Thats beautiful.” Commissioner Russell sarcastically said with a shrug of his shoulders. “We are only allowing the officer to help her to get things set up. That’s it. After that Josie will be on her own with Rebecca.” The Capitan said folding her arms, “And that’s how it will be until she gives the call word for help.’ 
“What do you mean she has a new roommate?” Henry Rogers shouted several hours later, “She was living alone!” “I know that dear.” Samantha Nicholas commented holding her hands up in the air, ‘That’s just what I saw when I walked past the apartment, it’s that tall blonde chick and she had  a couple of friends with her.’ “Jesus,” Henry muttered as he ran his hand through his hair. “What should we do?” She questioned as she leaned against the wall folding her arms. “That I will work on, right now I need you to get information on this new girl and see exactly how she knows Rebecca.” Samantha nodded her head, she had seen the blonde on campus a few times before usually in business casual clothes and with Rebecca. And it was only for less than an hour. It shouldn’t be too hard to do.
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The Other Lodge | Lodge!reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Your from the Southside and Hiram is your father, you and Veronica don't get along and Hermione has had enough.
It was bad enough you had to live with them, but now Hiram wanted to show you around along side him, Veronica and Hermione.
He was trying to control everything in your life. He moved you into the penbrook with his family, made you transfer schools and he even had people dress your tonight.
Needless to say you were far from happy and Veronica's present wasn't making it any easier.
The only good part about tonight was that your friends from the Southside. were here. 
"How about you put a smile on your face Y/N?" Veronica asked. "It would be a nice change, don't you think."
"How about you bite me Satan?" You asked sarcastically with a bright smile on your face. 
"Oh I'll do a lot more that's that." She glared stepping towards you.
"Girls that enough." Hiram interjected. "Veronica be nice to your sister, and Y/N it wouldn't hurt you to smile here and there would it?" 
"Hurt no, but kill maybe." You replied before walking off to nowhere in particular.
The night went on and you stuck with Toni.
"Hey, How you holding up?" She asked.
"As good as I can be after having my whole life uprooted and forced to live and go to school with people I hate." You replied not seeing Veronica standing not far behind you, close enough to hear everything you were saying along with Betty, Archie, and Jughead. "It would be a lot easier if I didn't have to sleep under the same roof as the The Seed Of Satan.
"Um, excuse me?" Veronica asked walking up to you. "You know no one is forcing to to live with us you welcome to leave at anytime." Sh said.
"Well thats where your wrong Mobb Boss Barbie, you father is the one that forced me to come here." You shot back. "I was perfectly happy living with Toni on the southside."
By now everyone at the party including Hiram and Hermione had noticed the commotion and had stopped to watch.
"All because your mother couldn't keep your father on a short enough leash." You snarled.
"My father maybe if your mother could keep her legs closed and not sleep with a married man.You would have been able to live out your life with your southside scum."
"Scum? Wow we may not have the money you snobs have here on the Northside but at least we know what the word loyalty means, why don't you tell your friends here what the Lodges are really planning for Riverdale."
"All Daddy is trying to do is turn Riverdale in to a safer place maybe if it was safer your mother wouldn't be 6ft under right now, but if you don't want to be apart of that your welcome to join her."
You flinch at the mention of your mothers death it was only a few months ago and you hated when people brought it up even more so when they were trying to be disrespectful. Your eyes were glued t the floor
You started tp lift you hand ready to deal out the hardest slap to Veronicas face, but a loud crack echoed around the room. You snapped your head up in order to see what had caused the loud noise when another crack was sounded followed by a shooting pain to the side of your face. 
You turned your head back and see Hermione standing in between you and Veronica a look of diappointment in her face.
"That is enough from both of you." She spat. "It's time you both knew the truth."
"Hermione," Hiram shared but was cut off by his wife.
Everyone was standing around mouths slightly open and eyes wide as to not miss any of the action. Alice Cooper had pulled out a camera and began to film.
"No Hiram its time for this to stop they need to know." She said to her husband. 
"Mom, what do we need to know." Veronica asked.
"The only thing I need to know is why the hell you just slapped me." You said glaring at her.
"I did it because your mother would be ashamed of you." She said. "And everything that just came from your mouth that is not how you were raised."
"You don't know anything about me or my mother just because you husband couldn't keep it in his pants doesn't mean you suddenly know anything about us." You yelled. "You probably hated my mother, you probably glad she died-!"
"I LOVED YOUR MOTHER!"  Hermione yelled back. "More than your will ever know." She said as her eyes start to water.
"We loved your mother, and you." She continued.
"What?" You asked.
"We loved you both." Hiram answered. "After Hermione and I got married and moved to New York we met your mother." He started.
"We fell in love with her, to say the least." Hermione said. "When we first told she thought we were crazy but eventually she admitted that she loved us too. And that's how it started."
"So you both were in a relationship with Y/N's mother." Veronica asked.
"I believe the word is polygamy." Hiram explained.
"Excuse me for asking." Toni interrupted. "But if you guys were so in love how did Y/N end up on the Southside and you guys still in New York?" 
"When Hermione became pregnant with Veronica we were all happy." Hiram started. "Then not long after we found out that we were going to have Y/N as well."
"And we were overjoyed, Y/M/N and I did everything together from shopping to the baby shower, and Y/N and Veronica came after that only a month apart. Everything was great we raised you together." She said before looking over to you. "You called me mommy and you loved when I would bake sweets for your father when he got home from work."
"But that still doesn't explain what happened." Veronica pointed out.
"Well mija like they say 'all good things must come to an end.' One of your associates wanted him to sell half of Lodge industries to him and your father refused. In response he had you both kidnapped and threatens to.....harm you if his demands weren't met."
"Luckily." Hiram added. "It didn't get that far and we got you both back unharmed." He explained.
"But Y/N you were never that same after that." She said resting her hand on your should causing you to flinch. "No one could touch you without you flinching, you were more quiet, didn't smile as much as you used to. We tried everything to get you back the way you were but nothing helped. And in this business as expected the threats kept coming and then one day..."
"One day we woke up and Y/M/N was gone and she had taken you with her." He finished. "She left a note saying that this life was too dangerous and that she didn't want you hurt or worst."
"Veronica you cried for so long after your mother and sister left, eventually you stopped and had convinced yourself that your sister was just an imaginary friend."
"Of course we knew where they were the whole time but we respected Y/M/N wishes and kept our distance and helped whenever we could." Hiram said. "Survived from the pictures we were sent and returned the favor with photos of Veronica. We were devastated to find of that she had parishes and we wanted nothing more than to make sure that you were okay but we knew you would no longer recognize us as your family because you already had one."
"But now we are your family weather you like it or not and you two are sister and I think until you learn how to act like it you both grounded."Hermione stated. "Starting now you go to school and you come straight home nowhere else, no visitors. So you girls should say goodbye to your friends and Andre will drive you home."
"In fact I think that's enough excitement for one night we will join you, let's go girls." Hiram said gesturing for you to follow him of to the door.
• 2 Weeks Later •
It was the middle of the night and Veronica was awoken form her sleep by a scream.
Without thinking she jump from her bed and ran to the source of the sound. Flinging the door open she was greeted with the sigh of her half sister thrashing around in her bed.
"Y/N wake up." She called gently shacking her arm. "Y/N it's okay." She said shacking with a bit more force.
Veronica jumped back as Y/N finally jolted awake. "What are you doing in here?" She asked still trying to catch her breath.
"You must have been having a nightmare, I heard you scream." She answered.
"Oh....well thanks for waking me." She replied awkwardly.
"Your welcome." Veronica said backing away from the bed and towards that door.
You both called at the same time.
"Maybe if you want....I could stay with you."
"I mean if you want I wouldn't mind." She answered.
Veronica let a small smile slip into her lips as she walked back towards the bed and Y/N slid over as her sister climbed in.
"You know I had nightmares a lot as a kid and sometimes it still do." She tried to comfort.
"Thanks Veronica." Y/N muttered.
"You know you can call me Ronnie or V, my friends do." Veronica suggested.
"Maybe. But probably not." Y/N replied.
They slipped into a comfortable silence not noticing the two figures that stood outside the door also having been woken up by the screen of the youngest Lodge.
"Y/M/N would have loved to see this." Hermione whispered still not looking away from the teenage girls.
"I'm sure she's watching." Hiram replies. "Now let's go back to bed." He said building her away.
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