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#if only i were a shapeshifter this would never happen to me
axoxtxhxh · a day ago
Can you do Miche x male reader? Like male y/n is a tian shifter and would do anything to protect Miche even if the others deem it wrong. 18+ smit and some angest? If you want..🥺
So sorry this took me a bit. I really had to think about it to make sure I was doing a good job with it. I did cut out the smut only because it would have been too quick for this. I really REALLY hope you like it! ❤️
On Top of the World
Pairing: Miche x Male Reader
Content: Nearly all fluff, tiny bit of angst
Word Count: ~ 2,900
Summary: Reader is a Marleyan warrior, similar to a titan shifter, and one day he feels the need to save a scout from titans.
A/N: I am totally out of my comfort zone on this one so I hope I didn’t do terribly. I don’t have much experience writing for a male reader, but I really hope this turned out well. Thank you for the request and I hope you like it!
You remember the first time you saved Miche. You directly disobeyed orders and followed your commander. You were told to continue forward and clear a way for him as he stayed back, moving in to interact with one of the island devils who had killed four of Zeke’s titans in a few swift movements. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. You had never seen someone moving so quickly and smoothly. His tall body flying through the air, jumping from titan to titan, his silky hair blowing all around his face as he spun and flipped. That’s all it took for you to follow Zeke as he approached the man. Your interest already completely attached to him.
You knew you couldn’t let Zeke know you were following him so you moved around the trees, hiding in areas he couldn’t see you. You were a small titan, not like the others, certainly not like Zeke. You were a minion to him, just a little busy bee that did what he asked.
You watched as Zeke spoke to him, the horrified look in his eyes was understandable. Zeke was an intimidating titan even for you. You couldn’t believe the strength of him, trying to stand on two broken legs as titans closed around him. That’s when your body took over and you can barely remember how it happened. One moment you were hidden in the trees watching it all happen and then next moment you were running, slashing through titans with your hands and running with Miche in your arms.
He was bigger than you thought he would be, your post in the trees not close enough to get a good look.
You weren’t a titan like the other shifters. You were considered a subclass to them. A lesser version created by Marley researchers in order to grow their army. You were the first one. A prototype. Something they liked to look at in horror, yet in the same breath, confidently ask you to do their bidding. You always listened, except that day.
You watched Miche squirm in your grip and you struggled to hold him. You weren’t as strong as titans were. You were certainly stronger in your titan form than human form, but significantly weaker than a normal titan.
“I’m not trying to hurt you.” You told him, your titan voice deep and throaty. His struggling stopped and you felt his body trembling at your voice. As soon as you shook off the titans following, you slowed down and gently placed Miche on the grass. You both sat there staring at each other. Miche unable to believe what he was seeing while the realization of what you just did hit you.
“You can talk.” Miche spoke first, still taking shallows breaths. You watched his broad chest rise and fall and wondered how it compared to the size of yours when you were in your human form.
“I can.” His eyes widened again at your voice and you took a step back, not wanting to scare him. “I—I’m a titan, but I’m also human.”
You were more of a shapeshifter than a titan, though someone looking at you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. The only difference was your eyes. You struggled to remember what your eyes looked like before you became what you were. Where they brown? Maybe green? You were sure they weren’t blue, but could never be certain how sure you were. It didn’t matter. They were now a luminescent glowing swirl of purples. Something to do with the chemical injections given to you during the experimentation phase of your transformation.
You explained all of this to Miche the second time you saw him. The second time you saved him. That first day was not the last. You would save him numerous times following that day. Each time was the same. Each time he knew you were coming. You could see a smile grow on his face as he picked up your scent.
You never understood his olfactory sense no matter how many times he explained it to you. He’d laugh at the confused look on your face each time he would try.
It was difficult what you were doing. The constant disappearing caught the attention of the warriors. They were always asking where you were running off to and you had to come up with excuse after excuse, lying to your comrades to spend time with the enemy. Those labels started becoming increasingly more confusing to you as did your feelings towards the man you were secretly escaping to meet.
Visiting Paradis wasn’t always top priority for Marley and in between the times you were able to see Miche, you found yourself lying in bed at night thinking about the times you were with him. He wasn’t at all how people of that island were described to you. He was funny and caring, someone you enjoyed spending time with. You often wondered if he thought the same about you. You wouldn’t describe yourself as funny, but he laughed quite a bit when you spoke. Serious conversations turned silly when he smiled.
That night wasn’t any different than the others. You were in bed, your thoughts quickly moving to Miche again. His broad shoulders and muscular arms at the front of your mind. You learned quickly that he was very playful, always play fighting, pretending to fight you when he became restless from sitting, laughing at himself when you playfully pushed him back. You tried not to think about his smile and his laugh as you felt a growing warmth in your stomach. Fighting it only made it worse though. The nights feeling so much longer unless you gave in.
You weren’t sure what it was that kept you going back to see him each and every time. It never occurred to you that he was making the same choice as you. Deciding himself that he wanted to see you each time you were on Paradis.
“Why do you come to see me?” You finally built the courage to ask him. You were thankful in your titan form he couldn’t see what you were feeling. He was sitting in the grass, looking up at the sky and shrugged.
“What else would I do?” He smiled. “Do I get to ask you a question?”
“When will you let me see you?” He finally looked away from the sky and directly at you. You tried to bring your eyebrows together, but your titan form prevented it, leaving you just staring at him.
“What do you mean? You’re seeing me now.”
“The real you.” He clarified.
He wanted to see you in your human form? What for? Was he trying to weaken you? This whole time was he trying to get closer to you in order to use you. He was using you to get to Marley, the get to the other warriors. He didn’t actually care about you. You didn’t know why you were thinking these things, but you were, you couldn’t help it.
“It’s fine, you don’t—”
“Why would you want to see me in my human form?” You stood up.
“Because I want to see you.” He laughed. Maybe it was a nervous laugh, but it felt like he was mocking you.
“What does it matter what I look like? Is that what you care about?” Miche stood up. He realized what you were feeling even without being able to see it or hear it in your tone.
“Y/N, I care about you.” He brought his hand to yours and you looked down at it. It was so small compared to yours, but you knew in your human form it would be so much bigger, able to completely cover yours as he closed his fingers around your hand. You pulled your hand away.
“You don’t care about me. If you did, you wouldn’t ask that.” You took a step back.
“I do ca—”
“You just want to see me weak and small. I’m not weak.” “I know you’re not. I wasn’t—Y/N, I wasn’t saying—”
He stopped speaking when you turned around and ran away, heading to meet back up with your comrades. Maybe they were right. Maybe this place was full of devils only out to get everyone. It didn’t feel right. None of it felt right. You felt confused and hurt. Why would Miche be like that? How could he be like that? He wasn’t anything like what you thought people here would be like. He was different. He had to be different. But when you thought about what he asked, you weren’t sure.
If he did care about you, why would he want to see you in a different way? If he cared about you in your titan form, that was how he saw you. Strong, tall, intimidating, a warrior. Why would he want your human form? Your human form was small, it was weak, it was tired and nothing special. That wasn’t what Miche cared about. He knows you as the titan that saved him. The tough, the durable, the giant titan that he could rely on. You were nothing like that in your human form. Nothing. He may not have known it, but you knew it. If he did care about you, it could only be in your titan form.
You stopped running. It was as if a wall were in front of you and you would hit it if you kept running, but the feeling you felt was more of a pull coming from behind you. A feeling that stopped you from leaving. You couldn’t. You felt something on your face and went to wipe it. Tears? You didn’t even know you could cry in this form.
There was a buzzing sound coming from behind you. You had never heard it before, but you knew what it was. That special gear the people of the island used to get around titans. The sound got closer and closer until it was right behind you, stopping suddenly and then you heard heavy breathing.
You couldn’t bring yourself to turn around. Even if all the reasons in your head told you to turn around. All the training you had told you to turn around, never turn your back on an enemy, but you didn’t. Miche wasn’t the enemy. Even though you knew the man you had fallen in love with was standing behind you, you didn’t turn around. You couldn’t.
“I won’t ask you to do it again.” He panted. “It really doesn’t matter to me what form you’re in.”
“Then why did you ask?” You stayed with your back to him.
“I… I don’t know.” He paused and you could almost hear his worry. “If this is the form you want me to see, if this is who you want to be, if this is who you are… I will love you either way.”
You turned your head, looking back at him and he smiled. The smile that set of everything. Your feelings, the reason you kept coming back. There was a familiar tingle in your spine and you cried out, your body shaking and bones cracking. Your transition from human to titan often went smoother than the other way around. It was painful and took much longer, your body tensing and sweating as it pushed through the unnatural process.
Your eyes were closed, but you could feel Miche’s eyes on you as your body twitched and shrunk down to half, a third, a quarter of the titan size. You struggled, but you managed to open them up enough to blink away the tears and see Miche’s face. He didn’t have the look of horror that you were expecting. There wasn’t even a look of disgust like you were used to from many of the Marleyan soldiers. It was a look you had never seen anyone give you before. It was a look you could only describe as adoration.
As soon as the shift was complete, you were forced to take shallow breaths as you tried to get enough air for your body. You held what was left of your pants to your stomach, trying your best to adjust to your weaker form. Your muscles felt tired, almost too tired to hold you up. This was a transition the other warriors never had to feel, they always kept their human form, hiding it in their titan’s nape. You, however, became something different, needing a period of adjustment as your remembered how to use your smaller body.
You took one final deep breath and slowly turned around. Miche stood in the same spot, unmoved from when he landed before your shifting started. You opened your mouth to say something, but you didn’t know what to say. There wasn’t really anything you could say.
Miche took a slow step forward, another slow step after that, and another step after that. Each step getting quicker than the previous one until he was standing in front of you. It felt strange and you knew he felt it too. You had never had to look up at him and he never had to look down at you.
He looked almost apprehensive as he stared at your face, trying to find parts of your titan face in your human one. He wouldn’t though, you were completely different. He looked into your eyes, the familiar swirling waves of purple and his face relaxed.
“Your eyes are the same.” He spoke softly.
“They don’t change.” His body stiffened slightly at your voice. It made sense. He had never heard you speak before and you wondered if it was uncomfortable for him to hear. He sniffed the air in front of you lightly.
“Your scent is the same too.”
“So this is you?” He asked. The question completely unnecessary because you both knew it was. Still, you found it difficult to speak the confirmation and instead just nodded, having to quickly look away. You weren’t sure if it was discomfort or embarrassment, maybe even shame.
You weren’t that small for a man. You were very average, but to a titan, you were small. To Miche, you were small. You thought of the first time you saw him, flying through the sky over the titans, twisting and spinning as he cut their nape. You remembered his heavy breathing and thought about how big he would seem if you were standing with him as you were in that moment.
Before you even really thought about it, your hand had lifted up, moving towards where your eyes lay on his chest. You were hesitant to touch him, not even really sure if he was okay with you being close to him. You looked like an entirely different person than he was used to. You started pulling your hand away, dropping it to your side and Miche grabbed it, pulling it to his chest and holding it there.
You didn’t even have time to enjoy it because soon after he wrapped his arms around your body and lifted you up from the ground. Your legs were swinging as he spun in a circle and laughed, his smile seemed different somehow and before you knew it, you were smiling with him. The feeling of his strong arms wrapping around you felt so warm, your heart was slamming in your chest at the feeling.
He set you down quickly, moving his hands to your cheeks, cupping your jaw and pressing his lips to yours. Your eyes went wide, your hands holding his shoulders, and you forgot to breathe. There was a strange buzzing in your body that you had never felt before. It moved through you quickly and settled in your stomach. It felt good. You felt high. You felt like you were on top of the world.
Your eyes slowly closed and you opened your mouth, your arms going around Miche’s neck to pull him closer to you. His tongue brushed over yours as his arms moved around your waist and he pulled you up, spinning you in a circle again. It was a feeling you wouldn’t have been able to describe to anyone and a feeling that no one had ever told you that you could feel.
He set you back down and smiled into your lips, pulling away. You had expected Miche to look at you differently once he saw you, the real you. What you hadn’t expected was how different he looked to you. His eyes were brighter, his smile wider, his voice warmer.
You both took a deep breath and smiled, his hand finding yours and holding it tightly while he swung it back and forth.
“I think I might be able to take you on now.” He joked. You looked up at him, trying to guess what he was talking about and he put his arms up, play punching your shoulder and you laughed.
“I can always shift back.” You jokingly threatened, lightly pushing his shoulder.
“Not yet.” He grabbed your hand and pulled it behind his back, bringing you up against his chest. “Just a little longer like this.”
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breakdown-corner · 14 days ago
Answer all. Yourself
FILE: 4262021
Who is the most fascinating person you’ve met? That’s quite the question. I would have to go with M, she’s currently the most fascinating person I’ve met, but really, I don’t go out much, and she is the only person I talk to daily.
What is one of your favorite themes in reading? Depends on my mood, but angst such as death and suicide have appealed to me recently. Don’t worry.
Has anything incredibly abnormal ever happened to you? If so, what? If something abnormal has happened to me, I would not be able to say off the top of my head. I do not trust my own memories.
What pets have you had? I’ve had some fishes, three birds, and a dog.
What are you kind of obsessed with these days? I’ve been obsessed with Persona 5, specially Akechi Goro and the Protagonist. 
What would you do if had enough money to not need a job? I would love to look how I feel. Sadly, medical bills aren’t cheap.
Among your friends, what are you best known for? I would assume my rambling.
What music artist do you never get tired of? That’s a tough question, I listen to a lot of music and it really depends on my emotions. I can’t stand music some days or other days, whatever music comes on. Maybe Evanescence.
What are some accomplishments that you are really proud of? Being strong enough to reach today.
What do you want to be better at? I would like to get better at...oh, what a list...but I would have to choose writing, ah, maybe when I get the energy.
What are some things everyone should try at least once? I can’t say for everyone, but going on nightly car rides through the highway with someone you know you can have a good time should be tried at least once. It’s beautiful, there are so many lights to see.
Name 3 of your favorite Youtube creators and give a summary of the content you enjoy from them. 
1. Jihyunkkung: She gives me ideas of food recipes and maybe...just maybe in the future, I would like to vlog as well. 
2. Chocolate Cacao チョコレートカカオ: He gives me inspiration to try at baking, and he has some funny moments in his videos that are also very cute.
3. Zaypixel: A Minecraft house tutorial creator, she gave me the urge to try on shaders in Minecraft and to build, and I’ve created sort of a storyline with my own characters and with the builds in Minecraft. Haven’t logged into my world in a bit now that I think about it.
What is something you desperately wish others understood? The outside world won’t stop for you, no matter if you lost someone or you have a bad day, you have to continue forward because life won’t wait for you to catch up.
What are three of your personal strengths? Good question. I don’t know myself enough to tell you. My apologies.
Who are your kind of people? The question brings me difficulty to understand, so I’ll go with what I understand. It is people I feel comfortable around. If I were to have a problem, I would be able to rely on them.
What’s one of your deep dark fears? Being secretly hated by the people I love.
If you could do anything only possible in fiction, what would you do? ...Only possible in fiction...ah, what to say...forgive me, I am indecisive...maybe I’ll go with being able to shapeshift, especially into a crow.
If you could give everyone just one piece of advice, what would it be? You can’t change people that believe in what they are doing is correct, if you want change, you’ll have to change yourself.
What would you like to know more about, but haven’t had the time to look into it? I would like to learn more about stocks.
What wrong assumptions do people make about you? People generally tend to get a good read of me, but...I’ve been called scary before.
What are three songs you could listen to on repeat forever? 
1. The Logical Song - Mindless Self Indulgence
2. You’re Nothing Without Me - Robbie Daymond and Xander Mobus
3. Washing Machine Heart - Mitski
What do you think about when you’re trying to fall asleep? I think of the future or of stories in my head with my own characters I’ve created.
What are 3 of your favorite music artists? 
1. Mindless Self Indulgence
2. Three Days Grace
3. Maroon 5
When you’re stuck in your head, what do you find yourself thinking about most often? I fall into the rabbit hole that is self-hate.
If you could go back to any point in your life with your current knowledge, would you redo your life from that point on? I would make sure that there was nothing that could be used against me by a bastard I know.
Thank you for asking.
END OF FILE 4262021
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“All You Were Meant to Be”  Chase Davenport Drabble, Lab Rats/Lab Rats: Elite Force
“Join me Chase, I can help you be all that you were meant to be.”
Chase stands behind the console, twirling a flash drive mindlessly with his right hand, considering, remembering. 
“It’s too late Donald, He’s with me now.”
Not that it had been true, Chase was playing the double agent, gaining Douglas’ trust so they could capture him once and for all.
He didn’t expect to enjoy the deception as much as he did, the satisfaction of his siblings realizing how deeply they had underestimated him. That pleasure would haunt him in the coming years, the guilt for desiring to betray his family, even if he chose not to in the end. 
Even if everything had changed since then. 
Douglas redeemed, bionic secret out in the open, the original team broken apart to create the Elite Force.
Douglas Davenport, his biological father, still in the ICU five days after the attack.
Douglas Davenport, the only one who could truly empathize with him, injured and dying due to Chase’s incompetence.
He clenches his fist around the flash drive, the sharp edges impressing marks into the skin of his palm.
“What if I told you, you could be stronger than Adam, and faster than Bree. I can make it so you have all three abilities. Speed, strength, and intelligence.”
“You were the third one. By the time I got to you, I learned how to build in capacity for upgrades. But my brother took you away before I could finish.”
He remembers, and he knows. The hidden encoded message on his brand new chip he received after the incident with Giselle. A promise from Douglas that he made sure Chase would have all the same potentials as with his old chip, something he conveniently chose not to mention to Donald. 
“The download’s finished! I now have the power to give Chase all three bionic abilities, and now no one will be able to stop us!”
“Actually they can, that USB drive you’re holding is completely useless.”
“What! Well then what just took an hour and a half to download?”
“A list of everything Adam’s ever eaten.”
An amusing deception, though only Adam would ever bring the incident up again, Davenport and Bree insisting on living as if what happened never actually took place. They could barely stomach what they had seen.
What none of them saw was the second flash drive Chase disconnected after the fight with Douglas.
He never went through with using it, the guilt eating away at his ambition, at his desire to be seen as a true equal. 
But things had changed, hadn’t they? There was no balance of their previous team to preserve. Bree’s acquisition of superpowers burned that bridge permanently. And how well could he actually trust the Elite Force that had steadily pushed him to the side, dismissing his abilities, experiences, and contributions?
If his faith truly lay with them, he would not have lied about discarding his research on Roman and Riker’s shapeshifting power, or his progress concerning it. 
The truth stays hidden, because Chase knows what the price will be to win this war, and he knows the others will never condone it.
There is no reason to play games when you know how to break the board.
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star-of-nobility · 20 days ago
Sally the magical water lady au cuz I refuse to believe wilbur fucked a salmon
In my au the sbi fd Au is canon
this au is basically the result of me reading too many sbi fics and looking at too much sally fanart
Philza and techno were always gone :(
thus leaving the crimeboys + Tubbo (the random kid in a box they found) together all the time
wilbur basically raised them both
when they got older Wilbur left them at the house more often so he could take a break
he loves them but it’s tiring to raise 2 bundles of chaos
he liked taking his gutair and writing songs near a lake not too far from the house
here’s where sally (my beloved) comes in
Sally’s basically ariel the Disney princess in this au except less 🥺 and more 🤬
She’s a shapeshifter that normally take some the form of a salmon
she’s obsessed with humans and wants to learn more abt them
Wilbur noticed a salmon was always at the lake when he went there so he began bringing bread and feeding it
sally thought he was really sweet, especially when he sometimes brought his two brothers out and would play with them, Sing to them, and tell them stories
sally LOVES children and was DESTINED to be a mother
One time, she fell asleep in human form at the lake
Wilbur went to the lake like he does and was like “holy fuck there’s a pretty lady at the lake what the fuck what the fuck”
He like. panics and does nothing for a solid 7 minutes until Sally wakes up
she just wakes up and the guy she’s been stalking like a creep and that she has a teensy weensy crush is just standing there like a dumbass
also sally uses she/they prns cuz I said so
she also panics and they just stare at each other for like 5 seconds before sally is abt to yeet herself into the lake
but wilbur stops her
*cue romantic music*
also sally is bi
shut up this is MY Au I can make sally as queer as i want
Wilbur introduces himself and sally does too
it was awkward at first but then
wilbur began talking about music
and sally was like “holy shit I love your songs btw”
and wilbur’s like “wait really?”
cuz only Tommy and Tubs have heard his songs
and like they’re really sweet but it was nice that someone that was Wilbur’s age appreciated and loved his music too
✨montage of them doing friends things✨
They quickly become friends
Sally finally meets clingyduo and HOLY SHIT
they love her sm
Tommy and tubbo barely remember sally anymore
but they do remember that she was pretty and nice and had pinkish hair
Sally becomes their adoptive mom
tommy would constantly tease Wilbur abt sally
“Heyyyy wilbyyy your girlfriend’s hereeeeee”
”yea sureeeeeeeeee”
or like when sally would come over looking pretty af and Wilbur gets FLustered tommy would say
“OOH this must be sooooo awkward for you wilba“
(yes the tailorinnit hc is canon here)
Sometimes Wilbur and sally would sing duet together
and it was like angels were singing when they did
anyway yeah love happened
they both started thinking of each other as more then a friend
then in cliche teenage romanitc mOVie style
they confess their feelings in the moonlight
haha sike
wilbur finally musters enough courage to tell her and writes a song
wilbur consulted tommy a lot abt the lyrics
tommy was the no 1. Wilbur x Sally shipper
Wilbur finally sung it in front of sally
they are now partners :>
*horny teenager stuff my ace ass doesn’t understand /j*
Wilbur has no idea how to react
he’s already basically a dad to tommy and tubbo THO so another one won’t hurt
sally is scared af but wilbur’s so supportive
she tells wilbur that she was cursed by a fox deity when she was younger
there was a treasure map that sally had found when he was a child but when she tried stealing it a fox deity was like “bitch how dare you steal my belongings now I will curse you that your first child will be a fox*
and sally was like “haha fuck you i’ll never fall in love” as young folk are
sally now is like “shit“
and wilbur’s like “i’ll love the child no matter what darling dw”
also wilbur and sally start referring to each other as “my dearest spouse” cuz it’s funny and confuses clingyduo
Anyway the child is born a girl!
(trans fundy trans fundy TRANS FUNDY-)
fundy was originally named after his Mom
Sally raises Fundy as best as she can while still trying to keep her human family secret from her shapeshifting kind
her family noticed she was absent a lot more and now restricted her much more
therefore Fundy doesn’t see his mom much
He would ask Wilbur ”does mom love me” so often that it worried wilbur
Sally snuck out once to visit fundy and wilbs
it was in the dead of night when she went
her family had found out her secret and her kind was threatening to straight up kill her for having a child with a human
she left a note for Wilbur, Tommy, tubbo, and fundy
it was a goodbye note
sadge- very sadge
fundy had recently come out and was now transitioning from ftm
it broke wilbur’s heart but he told fundy that ”mommy can’t come anymore”
fundy asked wilbur “Is It cuz I’m actually a boy”
cue wilbur reassuring fundy that wasn’t the reason
Wilbur started getting bored and needed a distraction from his grief over sally’s absence and decided to take the kids and leave and go to this place called Dream smp
all Wilbur had left of sally was the note she left behind and memories
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❗Nicholas, how would you feel if you were being experimented on and turned into a weapon like how you've done to your experiments? ❗ Hexxus, did you ever ask to be this way? ❗Seven, what is your biggest fear?
{ Nicholas }
Tumblr media
The usually chatty shapeshifter grew unusually quiet at the question. So much has happened on his end alone that he’s hardly had any time to think. And now that he has that time? He’s hit with a question he’s wanted to avoid for as long as possible.
Nicholas’ ears flopped forward and back, forward and back. His gaze momentarily became distant as he made a mental attempt to escape.
But he couldn’t escape. Not this time.
He could practically feel his alt, Crimson, fighting to not be forced up front. Only for the both of them to front together, much to Nicholas’ own displeasure.
The shapeshifter’s gaze shifted from his recent recordings over to the ask that had popped up on his holocomm. His grip on a pen tightened only slightly, resulting in the simple writing tool to snap in half. Crimson was enraged at the host for everything that’s happen. That was pretty evident.
“Oh shit up, Crimson,” Nicholas muttered under his breath before clearing his voice and turning on the comma on his end to answer. “Fun fact, I actually started such experiments on myself. So that I no longer care about, however —”
Nicholas glanced over to where his latest experiment sat and felt a twinge if guilt. From both himself and Crimson. Gods, he’ll never get used to that feeling.
“— if I was forced into such experiments... I certainly would not like it in the slightest.”
{ Hexxus }
Tumblr media
Hexxus let out gurgling hiss at the question presented to him. In this state, the corrupted spirit could still feel and hear and see all things all over the world.
“I never asked to be turned into a spirit in my final moments!” The spirit of destruction roared out, the sound of crackling flames and cracking earth resounding in his voice. Then, as quickly as the outburst had occurred, Hexxus grew quiet. The heat of ever burning flames dancing within him had momentarily flared up before cooling back down to something more manageable.
“I only chose my end goal. That is all. Earth is the one that chose what I was originally supposed to be.”
{ 7812 }
Tumblr media
The giant sat there, with all four arms rested atop their thighs, as they looked at the ground. Their ears were both down, lazily hanging on either sides of their head.
“There are... so many The were created before me. I’m, mmm, ‘m afraid that I may not ever be able to live up to Master’s expectations. Supposedly the one I replaced was almost perfect. How can I possibly do better? And— and will I ever be free? Recently master said he would free me once I’ve proven to do better than the others.”
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gatecoeur · 27 days ago
[Mun Views] 8 and 11
{ holy fucc it’s a wild anon }{ mun views }
8. on positivity.
Tumblr media
man. i remember when there used to be SO many blogs dedicated to rpc positivity, to the point where a lot of them were just dedicated to specific fandoms. idk what happened to them, since my activity dropped hard while i was in uni, but we DESPERATELY need to bring that shit back. the only active positivity blog i’ve really seen out there is @pcsitivibee, who’s been doing such a fantastic job btw, but we definitely need more.
if we’re talking in general tho, i gotta say, i must be one of the most blessed people ever, because my dash has SO much of it. people reblogging each other’s promos, people sending in super nice asks to each other, on or off anon... and i’ve literally only gotten anon h8 twice or three times in my entire time rping on tumblr, which i know for a FACT is a rarity. some of my mutuals still get h8 tho, which angers me to no end every time i hear about it. it does however push an incentive in me to send more love out tho. sometimes i just wished it was enough to make people forget about the h8 they unjustly receive. 
11. on your character.
Tumblr media
arelette gâtecœur is my baby and the light of my life and i will NEVER end up creating such an in-depth character as her simply because i will never have 5+ years to spend developing a character and letting them actively live in my head for that amount of time. and that’s probably gonna be the hardest thing for me to accept once i start getting into game writing, somewhere down the line.
i know a lot of people have expressed wishing that she’d be canon to Marvel, especially in recent times, and if i’m gonna be really honest? i do too. it’s not so much a confidence in my writing as it is in the confidence of how well i know her due to the years i’ve spent with her, but still, with how much love i’ve gotten from how i portray her in my little corner of the rpc, i mean... she has to have potential to become even more popularized, right? plus, from a professional standpoint, watching an ass-kicking shapeshifter on screen would just be such a visual adventure...
it’s never going to happen, obviously, and even if it did, Marvel would probably butcher Arrie, but if it ever did happen the way i’d want it to, i think i’d cry for 10 consecutive years. 
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goddessofeternity · 28 days ago
Chronicles of the Supernovas: Chosen
Chapter 3: Moving On
“I do not see why you dragged me along with you to this side of the galaxy…”
“Well for one said that you would treat me if I learned better control over my shapeshifting.”
“I am aware of that, but I meant getting you food. Not...this…” I smiled as he raised his arms up, several articles of clothing hanging on his muscular arms. I did want him to get me some food after this, but since he said he would treat...why not extend the scope of the offering? He didn’t seem to mind at first, but I think my indecisiveness was starting to work his nerves. I could admit that I took advantage of his care for me, but he never really complained about it. It had been some time since we last hung out together like this. He did give me quite the tug on my horn earlier after the prank Ka’seem and I did on him. It could have been worse in my opinion, we always had more ideas to rattle Nim. I know that he would always forgive me no matter what I did...maybe. 
“Nerissa...are we finished yet?” I looked at his annoyed face and felt bad, so I nodded and he went to the pay for it all. Sitting in one of the chairs, I watched a family look over some matching outfits to wear. The daughter didn’t seem like she wanted to have anything to do with it at all, while her younger siblings looked ecstatic. Feeling my heart tug, I looked away from the happy family. It was funny to know that my heart still yearned and felt pain for memories that I could never have. It had been years since I saw my father, and even longer since I saw my mother. I saw my brother on a regular basis though and we were as close as ever. I often asked about our mother, but he only gave me vague answers. He told me that I should look to the future instead of the past, but a part of me couldn’t let her go. She used to care about me and love me, and that was the part of her that I desperately wanted to hold onto.
I had no doubt that my father must have done something to her. I couldn’t prove this fact of course, but it just seemed the plausible assumption. As much as I hated him, I never once tried to use my new powers against him. I was far stronger than he was and it would be easy, but I never liked doing things the easy way. Lady Serafina wouldn’t want me to give into anger and hate either, I know that she wanted to give him a harsher sentence, but my mother had made such a fuss that she left them alone. I wondered how she was doing, Celica had handled her punishment back then and it was hardly over.
Celica never gave me the fine details of it, but I never had any intention of asking about it, mostly because she always had a dark look in her eyes when it was mentioned. I flinched as I felt a tug on my horn, looking up Nim looked at me with a raised brow. I smiled and wrapped my arm through his and dragged him out the store. “Are you feeling ok Nerissa?”
“Just thinking about the past.”
“It happens sometimes don’t worry your cute little tail about it. I’m great, but we’ve talked about me enough for the day. How are you doing?”
“I figured that would be your response. I know something that will be more your speed. Why don’t you see how good my water control is? I’ve been doing some pretty impressive things lately.”
“Is it better now that you aren’t drunk enough to flood another planet?” 
“......” I opened and closed my mouth before I laughed in embarrassment. In all fairness, it was a bet that I clearly was not ready to handle. Lady Serafina was so mad at me that day and I received an earful from Celica since the planet was under her watch. I never backed down from a challenge though. It was not in my nature in the slightest. “Listen, that was a simple mistake…”
“You almost wiped out an entire species.”
“I have no comment. Let’s go!” I laughed awkwardly as I dragged him away. He huffed and puffed as we went to a lake outside of the small town. After leaving Callum and Masami’s house, I took Nim to a small planet right next to it. Masami told me that the clothes there were really cute, so of course I had to sample them. I also noticed when we were coming in, that the lake here was large so I could play with it a little bit. We reached the lake and placed my stuff down and Nim leaned against a rock as I stepped out onto the lake. I slowly walked across the surface and held my hands out. I took a short breath before I slipped through the surface. I pushed the water away from my body so I’d stay dry as I touched the bottom of the lake. I looked up at the sun shining down on me as I parted the water and began to lift it. I laughed at the aquatic life swimming through the streams that I produced. As I raised it higher, I formed a sphere over my head. I winked at Nim as he looked slightly impressed at my water control.
“Well?! I know it isn’t my greatest achievement but my control is good. Not a single drop is falling and not a creature misplaced.” I smugly smiled at him as he folded his arms. “Oh don’t try and be stoic now Nim!” He scoffed as he pushed off the rock and walked towards the edge of the lake. I was about to comment on what he was doing, but the sparks of electricity told me enough.
“Wait! Don’t you dare-” I shrieked as he shot a bolt of electricity at my feet and the sphere over my head. A jolt of electricity shot up my spine and the sudden pain sent the water falling out of my grasp. I suddenly was entangled in the sudden rush of water and I hissed in anger as I swam up to the surface. Nim just looked at me as if he didn’t throw lightning at me. “What the hell was that for?”
 “You need to concentrate more. Instead of trying to be a showoff.”
 “I thought you were over the whole teacher phase with me.”
“There is always time to learn Nerissa.” I scoffed as he helped me out of the water and I pulled the water from my hair. “Stop pouting about it.”
“I’m not pouting. I just think you need to chill out some old man.”
“I’m hardly old Nerissa...some of us weren’t lucky enough to stop aging at nineteen.”
I chuckled at him as he picked up my bags and we walked deeper into the adjacent forest. I enjoyed these silent moments with Nim, but it meant I would be more into my head then I’d like. I liked to keep busy so I wouldn’t think about my life. I enjoyed what I did more than anything, hell I love it and I would never stop. A part of me wanted to go to Zhikar, but I always avoided it. Something in me just couldn’t go see where I actually came from. Maybe I was just scared and nervous. Celica thankfully didn’t talk about its status around me. I was thankful that she considered my feelings about that. I looked up at the sky and contemplated going many times. It never felt like the right time and I wasn’t going to rush it either. 
“Are you going to talk about it?
“Huh?” I stopped and looked at Nim as he stopped walking. I pursed my lips as I tangled my fingers in my skirt. His radar on my feelings was unmatched I swear to Serafina. His eye bore right into my damn skull as he waited for me to say something. If I didn’t say anything then he would stare me down until I relented. I was not trying to experience the hard gaze of a lightning god. I folded my arms as I looked him in the eye.
“I was thinking about my Zhikar...and my parents…” He opened his mouth to retort, but I rushed out the rest. “Both of my parents…”
“I know! Talking about them pisses you guys off! Trust me I know that...I just...I can’t help but think about them. They raised me and I wonder how my mother is doing more than my father. He’s just a weak old man now...he can’t do much of anything anymore. I just wonder if...if my mother is lonely.”
“.......” I pushed past him and kept walking the path, well more like speed walked it. 
“She has Anubis though...I guess that’s all she needs though. What do I know though? For all I know Celica had her eyes torn out! Shut off all her senses and is torturing her slowly!”
“’s probably nothing as bad as you’re thinking.”
“You don’t know how Celica punished her?” I stopped to look back at him. “You know how Celica’s punishments are Nim. She makes me look like an angel.”
“Calm down and breathe. Do you think a trip to Zhikar would do you some good?”
“I really don’t know Nim...I’m still not ready for that yet. If I go I won’t learn about any family while I’m there. My biological parents died thousands of years ago.”
“Seeing your people and culture could give you some peace of mind. You could have family and just not realize it yet. I know that you wished that you could have met your biological parents and had some peace. I wish that I could provide that for you, but I can’t. No one can do that for you but you Nerissa.”
I looked down to the ground and he sighed and tilted my head up. “Listen little will never be alone. Whenever you want to go, I’ll go with you.”
I smiled and hugged him tightly and relaxed when he ran his hands through my hair. I always felt better when he called me that. He really was like a father to me, and he would grasp how much that meant to me. I was going to say more but then remembered that I had a prior engagement.
 “Sorry to cut this tender moment short, but I have to meet up with Celica.” I giggled when he rolled his eye and we parted. I smiled when I left his side, but it vanished once I turned away. I wasn't really that excited about where I was meeting Celica at. I knew that it would be better for me in the long run, but it didn’t mean it would hurt any less. I wish I could fly to my destinations but I knew I’d never be any good at it. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out a bracelet that Lady Serafina had given me in my youth. The pretty silver bracelet was an item I never parted with, and not just because it was stylish. The blue gem on it shined brightly as it allowed me to whisked away to a destination of my choosing. Lady Serafina had gifted us with many ways to travel the infinite cosmos, but she gave this to be specifically because of who I was. It used to keep away my nightmares about the Darkness when I was young, but now I use it to channel my cosmic energy into. Lady Serafina wanted me to practice my abilities as a star child whenever I could. I knew how amazing it was to be gifted with these cosmic powers, but I felt more comfortable using my water.
 I had to admit I was pretty neglectful about practicing that half of myself. I watched the gemstone glow as I concentrated my energy into it. Looking at my hand I smiled, I did like the effects that it did to my body. Stars and the cosmos were etched into my skin and I loved seeing it every time. Realizing that I was stalling, I pushed more energy into it and was whisked away to another planet on the edge of the universe. I hated the sudden sickness I experienced when I did this damn thing. I stumbled forward as my feet touched solid ground. Holding back my vomit, I walked up a hill towards my destination. I stopped halfway there to admire the sight in front of me.
 Celica was sitting cross legged suspended in the air. I purred low in my throat as I looked at her ass. Celica had the best ass I had ever seen, and I took great joy and care into looking at it whenever I had the chance. I used to wish I could get her to swing in my direction, but she was more like a sister to me then anything. I’d still admire the beauty of that ass though. I wanted to take a nice bite of it too, but her cool voice pulled me from my thoughts.
 “Your lust is so tangible Nerissa. Stop staring at my ass.” I grinned and made my way up next to her as she handed me a glass of wine. I took a dep swig of it as we both looked over the cliff we were on. A wedding ceremony was taking place below us. I gripped the glass tight as I watched my old love Khepri, meet her wife at the end of the aisle. I was glad that Lady Serafina had allowed my friends another chance at life.
 Well...technically speaking…
 The concept of death is a different sort of concept as far as I was concerned. If Lady Serafina granted it, should who have died can advance to live amongst the stars. They could essentially choose to reincarnate and live out an immortal life. Khepri had spent over three hundred years in Duat before I had asked Lady Serafina to grant her another life. It still frightened me that she could die, and I was always afraid of my father doing something to her, even in his weakened state. Death after reincarnation meant nothing afterwards. The second chance was also the last chance. The very thought of that happening to Khepri, or anyone I cared about terrified me. I, of course, hid it well. 
 “She looks beautiful.” My shoulders slumped for a second, before I straightened back up and forced out a laugh. Khepri always looked beautiful on any given day.
 “So you do have a wandering eye Celica?” She rolled her eyes as she poured herself more wine. “All you have to do is ask and I’ll lather you up nicely~”
 “Hush you horny animal. I think I should be asking if you’re ok.” I shrugged as I sat down and leaned my cheek into my hand. I watched as Khepri smiled happily and kissed her bride. The happy cheers carried through the wind and filled my ears. I had no right to feel sad about this, especially since I told her I couldn’t commit. I thought I would be able to, but it seems that would be a thing that would never change. I was here to get rid of the residue love I held for her, and I couldn’t help but think maybe I was selfish using her like that. I hurt her enough for one lifetime, and perhaps I could mend our friendship later down the line. 
 Only time would tell I suppose.
 “I’m pretty great Celica...all things considered. Seeing her happy is the greatest gift I could ever receive. I think I’ll bless her as my wedding gift to her.” I stood up and held my palm out. “Congratulations’s to a lifetime of happiness...and great sex.” Celica coughed on her drink beside me as I laughed and began the blessing. Khepri and her wife looked up at the sky in joy as the clouds parted and the day grew brighter. I wished her happiness and I wanted nothing but good things for her. Chugging back the wine, I tossed the glass back to Celica. Catching it, she stepped down onto the ground and put her hand on my shoulder.
 “We can go to that club that you like if you want? Keep you focused on something else…”
 “No I’m good...besides I think that-”
 “Sorry to interrupt you girls, but we have a problem.” I looked over my shoulder as Lady Serafina descended from the sky. “I’m sending you all on an assignment right now.”
 “An assignment?! Seriously!? Oh fuck yeah!” I threw a fist in the air as I jumped in place gleefully. If there was anything that would brighten my mood it was this. Sex and drinking were one thing, but fighting and killing gave me a different type of pleasure.
 “So what’s going on that you need all of us?” Celica asked with her usual indifference towards her. I could only wonder when that debacle would end. Celica was cute when she had an attitude so it wasn’t all bad. 
 “I’m sending you all to Sector 4857….as you are aware Celica, activity around there has been bad. I believe the Darkness is moving in on that area.” 
 “Great...just when I thought I could handle that myself. The Darkness always finds a way to screw me over…” Celica shook her head as she walked forward and took off into the air. I watched her go before batting my eyelashes at Lady Serafina. She giggled as I sauntered over to her and circled around her. I flipped my hair over my shoulder as I stopped in front of her.
 “ would you like to give me something to think about while I’m away?” Her laughter filled the air causing flowers to grow around our feet. “See? I’m gonna need more than that sweet laughter.”
 “I think I’ve gifted you with quite the “objects” already Nerissa.” I laughed as I ran a hand over my breasts. They were the greatest things I could say I asked for. My breasts were a bit on the small side, but the bump up to some lovely double D’s was an excellent choice. “Come along Nerissa, you can come with me to pick up Ka’seem.”
 “Oh joy...I hope he’s doing something naughty~”
 “He might be…”
 She wrapped an arm around me as she whisked us away. I could only imagine what my best friend would be doing now. I glanced over my shoulder one more time, sending one more well wish to Khepri. I had a feeling the next few hours were going to be more than interesting. I licked my lips and grinned as I could feel my heart race in excitement.
Thanks for reading!
Comments and reblogs are appreciated! Likes are welcomed!
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super-unpredictable98 · a month ago
Cursed Request: Nathan is a perfect gentleman and Lyddie doesn’t know what to do about it 😂
Perfect Gentleman
Fandom: Misfits Pairing: Nathan x Lydia (OC - Hard Candy’ verse) Word Count: 1,1k Warning: Strong language, mild sexual content. a/n: Okay, so this was supposed to be a joke, but this idea was too good not to write it lol
"Hey there," I walked to the kitchen when I noticed I was in bed alone. It was 10 am, Nathan never wakes up before noon, so that was worrying, to say the least. "Is everything alright?"
"Brilliant, sweetheart," he turned around and I grimaced, was I dreaming or something?
Nathan's curls were perfectly tamed, he was wearing a polo shirt buttoned up all the way, and a pair of navy trousers. He was organizing a breakfast tray with fruit salad, toast, orange juice...
"Did I wake up in a parallel universe? What the fuck happened to you?"
"Hey now... There's no need for that language, it's not very ladylike, is it?" he placed the tray on the table. "I was bringin' you breakfast in bed, but I'm glad you woke up earlier."
He pulled the chair for me, which he had only done once for a prank when he pulled the chair completely as I sat down so I would fall.
"What is going on with you, Natty?"
"What d'you mean?" he smiled, sitting across from me.
"I mean you look like you're trying to infiltrate the Virtue headquarters again..."
"Do I?" he placed a linen napkin on his lap. "That's weird."
When Nathan started eating, it was pretty clear something was extremely wrong. The man I chose to be my fiancé eats like food is going out of style, he devours whatever is in front of him which, if you ask me, it's extremely sexy.
But now, he was taking small bites, chewing with his mouth fully closed, being careful not to make a mess. I watched him with a grimace, that was not my Nathan, maybe it was another shapeshifter...
"Is somethin' the matter, love?" he took my hand.
"Yes! You're being polite!"
"How is that a problem?" he looked at me confused.
"The problem is that I've never been more turned off in my life!" I folded my arms angrily. "I'm not wearing underwear and you haven't made a single comment about that either!"
"It wouldn't be very nice of me to objectify you like that..."
"It's not objectifying if I want you to do it," I grumbled.
"Well, I think there are other things we can talk about besides sex, I'm not an animal."
"So you don't wanna shag me?"
"Shag is such an ugly word, it's gross almost."
"This is a nightmare, this isn't real... That virtue bitch is dead! What did you do to my fiancé? Tell me something about me only you would know."
"Let's see... When you were a kid, Simon ate your candy, so y'kept hidin' his  things for weeks just to drive him insane."
"Wait, did you just call him Simon? Are you under some spell again?"
"Only the spell of how beautiful you are..."
"Okay, then what's your favorite part of my body?" I smirked, crossing my legs for him to see.
"That's a tough one," Nathan narrowed his eyes. "I can't decide between your gorgeous eyes and your perfect smile."
"Nathan! I know you're in there!" I leaned over the table, hoping he would look at my cleavage, or surprise me with a kiss, but he simply smiled, looking straight into my eyes.
"I'm right here," he gently brushed his knuckles to my cheek.
"Jesus, Nate! I lost my fiancé..." I fell back on my chair, of course he was trying to wind me up, that was the only explanation! Wasn't it?
"How? Sweetie, I'm not goin' anywhere."
"That's very funny, babe, you really got me there," I forced a laugh. "But please, just bring back my obnoxious, horny, shameless, disgusting wanker? I miss him!"
I got up and sat on Nathan's lap, kissing up and down his neck, guiding his hands to my breasts, but he would pull away.
"We just woke up, and you already want sex?" he looked at me surprised.
"Yes! You don't? Can you do something special for me?" I purred in his ear.
"What?" Nathan stared at me puzzled.
"You know, that thing I like..."
"What thing you like?"
"Nathan! You have to be kidding me!"
"There are lots of things you like, like this," he softly kissed my cheek. "Y'like  that, don'tcha?"
"Yeah, of course I like it, but you know what I mean. The other thing."
"Oh, you mean..." Nathan leaned in and whispered in my ear, which made me sigh in relief, he wasn't totally gone.
"That! Exactly! Let's go, get your..."
"Yeah, I don't do that anymore," he winced.
"I'm sorry, what?" I shouted.
"I'm a gentleman, it's not right for a gentleman to do such things, especially not the way you ask me. It's a little degradin' for ya, I could never do somethin' like that," he tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear.
"Please, I want to be degraded! Cover me in hickeys and call me your little tart!"
"Wow, this is brutal, I don't think I'm capable of doin' that, but don't worry. we can make love if y’want."
"No! That's not what I want, what I want is for you to go to the kitchen..."
"Oh, that does remind me of something important I had to do," Nathan put me  back on my feet and got up. "Now if you'll excuse me,"
"YOU DID NOT JUST SAY EXCUSE ME!" I cried as he headed to the kitchen and came back with a loaf of bread. "You know how much I hate these words when they're said unironically! You just..."
"This bread expires today, d'you think it's still good? Could you take a look?" he  pointed.
"Why don't you have eyes? I'm the one who needs glasses in this relationship," I huffed.
"I trust your judgment, sweetie, please look."
"Fine!" I took looked at it carefully. "It seems fine to me, but why do you even care? You have an ostrich stomach, you'll eat anything."
"Why don't you check the date just t'be sure?"
"It expires today, you already told me."
"Sure, but just check it for me."
"Nathan, you're starting to piss me off! It expires today, April first two thousand..." the rest of the words died in my throat and I looked up at him agape.
"Should've seen your face, Lollipop!" he cackled hysterically. "Happy April Fools'!"
"I can't believe you, Nathan."
"C'mon! Y'know me! I'm surprised you even fell for it, when I gave you this," he showed me the ring on my finger. "I told ya, I'd never stop bein' the shameless prick you fell in love with, and I never will. I'm sorry, baby, I love you so much. You were so cute, I knew you like the way I am, but not that much..."
"Fuck you," I shook my head trying to fight a grin, I had to admit that was a great prank.
"I know y'want to, just get out o'these clothes, I’ll be there in a minute, alright?" he squeezed my ass before going back to the kitchen. Yeah, that's the Nathan I know.
Tag List: @elliethesuperfruitlover @firstpersonnarrator @nightingale-rose
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thatoneao3writer · a month ago
I'm going on a draw spree rn ANYWAYS SLEEP DEPRIVED IDEA PART 4
Jschlatt some how manages to kidnap quackity and like I can just see the hive and TT and the syndicate coming to gether to collectively beat jschlatt's ass
Let's gooo that would deffo happen at some point. Probably when Quackity is alone as Alex, wondering around town. Since Schlatt knows what Quackity looks like, he'd know who to kidnap.
(Oop, I'm about to make another mini fic)
Schlatt blinked at the sight of the familiar tanned face. He hasn't seen that face in... seven years. It's been so long, he thought he'd never see it again. Nevertheless, he ordered one of his men to grab the boy and bring him to his office.
Quackity pulled at his restraints, it didn't budge. He tried to scream for help, nothing but muffled noises came out. He tried opening his eyes, only yo be met with darkness. He tried shapeshifting into a body builder, but his muscles didn't move. His earlier panick increased tenfold. He couldn't use his powers.
He struggled and tried to break out of the chains in a useless attempt. Nothing was working.
"Oh Q, stop trying to get out. It won't work."
Quackity's breathing hitched at the familiar voice. Smooth, charming, and filled with egotistical confidence. Just like how he remembered.
He tried to break the chains again to no avail. He heard the clack clack clack of someone's shoes approaching him, making his breathing escelate.
"I said stop struggling Quackity. Those chains are especially created for people like you. It pauses your abilities and renders you useless. I'm in control."
Quackity growled, snapping his head towards the voice. He wanted to scream, he wanted to curse his kidnapper out, he wanted to beat the shit out of the other man. He wanted out. He didn't like it here. He didn't like hearing his voice.
The cloth over his eyes were removed and he blinked rapidly at the sudden burst of light. When he finally adjusted, his eyes met familiar yellow goat eyes. He flinched back.
Schlatt smirked. "Long time no see Quackity." He said.
Quackity scowled and leaned back, away from the smell of alcohol and smoke. Away from the man he hates the most.
Schlatt clicked his tongue and reached over to remove Quackity's gag, making the smaller man flich away. "Calm down you pussy, I'm not gonna hurt you." He scoffed.
Quackity growled and managed to kick away the other man. He shook off the half done gag. "Fuck you! Stay the fuck away from me you motherfucker!" He screamed as he tried getting out of the chain again.
Schlatt narrowed his eyes, a hand over his kicked shin. "You bitch-!" He raised his fist, making Q's eyes widen in horror.
Quackity closed his eyes, waiting for the familiar pang of pain. But it never came.
"Babe are you okay?"
He opened his eyes to see Sapnap looking at him wth worried eyes. Schlatt was on the floor, being held down by Ponk and Sam. Dream, Skeppy and Velvet were stood beside Sapnap. Tears fell from his eyes as Sap enveloped him in a hug.
"You're okay. Shh, we're here. You're okay." Sapnap whispered.
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Title: Movie Night
Pairings: None except for a hint of Monica x Peter cause they're cute imo I'm sorry
Summary: Movie night with the Hex trio and Peter... until it's not. Also, metallokinetic Peter.
Warnings: No warnings as far as I know, but there's angst and a decent amount of fluff
Word Count: 2.2k words
Author's Note: This is my first fic for anything Marvel/Xmen related. Kinda nervous but mostly excited. Feedback is really appreciated as there's a pretty good chance a lot some of the character's actions could be pretty ooc.
“Wait… what?” Peter asked for what had to have been the millionth time. For a guy who could run fast, it was seriously taking him way too long to get this.
Darcy sighed again. “Alright, so you have to press this button--”
“The little sideways bow thing?”
“Uh, sure, why not. So you press it and then you’re gonna see a lot of different names. The one you’re gonna pick is called ‘Peter’s earbuds’.”
“Okay. Wait how does it know my-- oh wait, it beeped! The lady said it’s… paired? Now what?”
“Now you can pick a song to listen to.” Darcy pressed an icon of a square with a black background and a green circle in the middle. “Anything in particular?”
Peter was silent for a moment. "What do people listen to these days?"
Darcy took the phone from Peter before typing the name of a band into the search bar. His face lit up as Darcy handed it back to him, the screen filled with different songs to choose from. After a moment of scrolling, the opening chords of Dumb by Nirvana filled his ears, and for just a little while, his mind was calm. It was quiet.
“It’s nice to know at least music hasn’t changed since the 80s."
“I wouldn't say that exactly," Darcy mumbled.
Before he could question her statement, Monica spoke up.
"The 80s." She and Jimmy walked through the front door, both carrying grocery bags in their hands. "Is that where you're from?"
Monica placed the groceries on the counter before sitting down on the couch across from Peter.
He squinted at something in the distance. “I think so. I uh…” fuzzy images filled his mind. Laughing at jokes next to a boy with the strangest glasses. Playing in the snow with a woman with red hair. Sharing popcorn in a cold room with a girl with a mohawk and a blue devil.
A serious conversation with a man who meant a lot to him.
Peter winced at the sudden sharp pain behind his eyes. “It’s kinda… kinda hard to sort through.”
“That’s cool,” Darcy shrugged. “I felt the same way during English class back when I was in high school.”
Kurt Cobain’s voice rang in his ears. My heart is broke, but I have some glue. Help me inhale, and mend it with you. Peter nodded his head as he hummed along clumsily, not quite getting the tune right.
Once the pain faded from behind his eyes, Darcy noticed the way Peter’s face seemed to brighten at the sight of a certain someone.
“Guess what!” In less than a second, Peter had moved from his spot next to Darcy onto the couch beside Monica. “Darcy showed me how to get these little pods to play music--”
“They’re called earbuds--”
“And I can listen to whatever I want. How do you feel about this band called Nirvana?” Peter offered an earbud to Monica.
She laughed. “Right now, Jimmy has his heart set on this Lord of the Rings marathon.”
Jimmy shook his head as he took two bags from Monica and placed them all on the counter. “I stand by my claim that Lord of the Rings was and will forever be the best trilogy to ever exist.”
“Sure, Jimmy.” Darcy crossed the room to inspect the groceries. “Popcorn, sherbet, and Sprite? You got orange sherbet?”
Jimmy raised his palms in surrender and pointed at Monica. “Take that up with her.”
“Orange sherbet is the best flavor and, no, I will not be taking any questions.”
Darcy scrunched her nose. “And you’re sure powers were all you got from going through the Hex so many times?”
“You mean aside from having superior taste?” Monica joked. “Yeah, I’m sure.”
“Frodo didn’t deserve Sam,” Monica stated as the movie played on screen.
Shoving another handful of popcorn in his mouth, Jimmy responded. “He was under a lot of pressure! The corruption from the ring only got worse the closer they got to Mordor, so you can’t really blame Frodo for everything.”
Monica wrinkled her nose at the kernels that flew out of his mouth as Jimmy spoke. “Whatever you say. Plus it doesn’t matter cause Darcy’s on my side anyways.”
“You say that as if she didn’t fall asleep the second the movie started,” Jimmy snorted as he gestured to Darcy, who was snoring rather loudly on his shoulder.
Peter chuckled at the banter between the two and at Monica’s annoyed expression, catching her attention.
With Darcy practically on top of Jimmy yet somehow also managing to take up half of the couch, Peter and Monica were seated rather close together.
“Unless you’re laughing at Jimmy, that noise shouldn’t be coming out of your mouth,” she joked, having to turn her head to look Peter in the eye.
“It’s really not my fault that you always seem to be wrong.”
“That’s a lie, actually, but alright.”
“See?” He snorted. “Wrong again.”
Monica glared at Peter who just chuckled and adjusted his position.
After no more than twenty minutes of the movie playing on screen, the sound of Monica snoring told Peter that he and Jimmy were the last two awake.
“They never stay up for my movies,” Jimmy muttered.
Peter turned in his direction. “They never what?”
“We try and do this movie night a couple of times a month. So far, they’ve fallen asleep on every single movie I’ve chosen. I mean that’s obviously just because they don’t appreciate classic media--”
“Right,” Peter mumbled. “That’s why.”
Jimmy paused as he shoveled another handful of popcorn in his mouth. “But I don’t mind it. I mean, everyone’s been back for a little while now, but there’s still this… this underlying fear that it’ll happen again. This nagging feeling that people are gonna be taken away from us, but this time they won’t come back.”
He looked at Darcy, still completely unconscious on Jimmy’s shoulder, and Monica, who was curled up under Peter. “They feel like family” Jimmy admitted. “We haven’t even known each other for that long, but I’d do anything for these two, and I’m comfortable saying they’d do the same for me.”
“I’m happy for all of you, really.” Peter sighed, feeling the clasp on Monica’s necklace dig into his side. “But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous. I have a few memories--”
Taking a look at the confused look on Jimmy’s face, Peter continued. “Well, you all know that I’m not from here. Wanda just pulled me out of my own time and brought me here. ”
“I mean we know it wasn’t intentional--”
“That’s not the point!” Peter did his best to rein in his anger. “The point is, some random lady took me away from my time. Away from my home, my friends, my family. And I’m not even saying that I blame her, but why did it have to be me?” When Jimmy didn’t respond, Peter continued. “I get these… flashbacks. Fuzzy memories of home. They used to be pretty rare but lately, I’ve been getting them more often. One of them keeps showing up.”
“You think you can try and remember?” Jimmy suggested.
After a moment of silence, Peter decided. “Yeah.” He adjusted Monica so that her head rested on the arm of the couch instead of his side, and something strange happened to his chest at the sight of her sleeping so peacefully.
Jimmy pulled out a notebook and pen. Peter cleared his throat as Jimmy nodded for him to begin, ready to jot down whatever he could.
“It was me, a little girl. An older woman, could’ve been my mother? And--” Peter furrowed his brow as a dull pain began to form behind his eyes and a white noise began ringing in his ears. “Someone… someone else. They, uh-- a man. I think.”
“If you can’t remember who, try to focus on where.”
“No no, I’ve got it. They uh. We--” It was beginning to hurt. “No. Wait. Younger people… friends, they had to be.”
The pain became more intense. The noise in his head was getting louder. It hurt. Different images flashed in his head, all fuzzy and difficult to clear up. His mind reached out to grasp one but just as his fingertips brushed the surface, it was gone.
A patient teacher bound to a wheelchair.
A charming blue devil.
A shapeshifter with a warm heart.
A man who could shake the earth itself.
“They keep moving,” Peter said through gritted teeth. “They… t-they won’t sit still.”
“Alright, man,” Jimmy closed the notebook. “If you need to take a break we can--”
“No! I wanna do this. I need to do this.” Peter’s voice cracked. “I don’t-- I can’t forget them.”
“Okay. Alright, that’s fine but you-- uhh…” Jimmy furrowed his brow at the sight of the pen in his hand beginning to twitch. He took one look at Peter and his eyes grew wide the moment he began to understand. “Peter. Hey, you’ve gotta take a breath. You gotta-- shit.”
Jimmy took in Peter’s current state. Pale and shaky with droplets of sweat forming on his forehead. His eyes wide and panicked. “Uhmm, shit, Monica! Darcy! I really think now would be an appropriate time for the two of you to wake up, given the circumstances.”
As he moved to shake the two women awake, Peter’s struggle grew more intense. The pain had now spread throughout his entire head and turned into a pounding sensation. The noise was deafening as it bounced around in his skull.
Monica woke quickly to see Peter pale and in distress. “Jimmy, what’s happening?”
“I don’t know! We were trying to clear up the memories in his head when he started shaking and--”
“I can see that, but what’s happening?”
“Uhh…. I think stuff is about to start floating…”
Darcy’s eyes fluttered open. “Huh?”
“Yeah,” Jimmy continued, still trying to wake Darcy. “Cause, my pen was shaking and your necklace is moving a lot, and Darcy, I think your glasses are about to fly off of your face.”
Monica looked down to see her necklace float away from her chest, then watched in what seemed like slow motion as each object Jimmy mentioned flew towards the same source.
Seconds later the tv in front of them crumpled in on itself. “That was expensive,” Darcy sighed, now fully awake.
Monica cocked her head, her gaze flickering from Peter to Jimmy to Darcy. “Is he--”
“Yep,” Darcy said loudly
The three sat in awe and terror as Peter sank to the floor in agony, screaming as he drew his knees to his chest. His hands pressed over his ears.
Darcy looked into her kitchen and her eyes grew wide. Locking eyes with Monica and then Jimmy, they all spoke at once. “The knives.”
Monica scrambled to Peter’s side while Darcy and Jimmy ran to get as many knives as they could out of the house.
Darcy turned towards Monica. “You, uh, sure you got this?”
At Monica’s shaky nod, she followed Jimmy into the kitchen.
“Okay,” Monica began. “Peter… I’m gonna, um. I, uh-- okay I actually have no idea what I’m gonna do, but I need you to just, try and, uh, I don’t know, breathe?”
“I can’t.” he panted. The breaths he took were uneven and rapid and his face was stark white. He wasn’t responding to her. “I can’t forget. I-- no, no no I don’t want to forget. They’re slipping. I can’t reach them. Help me.”
She knew he wasn’t going to be able to calm himself down. Monica called the other two in there.
Jimmy ran into the living room first. “We weren’t-- oh.”
Darcy quickly followed. “Holy shit.” she looked at Monica. “You know what to do?”
Monica nodded. “But I haven’t exactly done it before and there’s a good chance I’ll pass out after.”
“I mean, if it means he stops screaming bloody murder, I feel like it’ll be worth it.” Jimmy looked at Darcy with wide eyes, who just shrugged.
“Right,” Monica shook the nerves out of her hands. “Okay. Alright.”
“Y’know, there are still knives and other extremely sharp objects in the kitchen so--”
“I got that, Darcy!” Monica snapped. She took a deep breath before turning all of her attention to the man in front of her. “Okay, Peter? I’m sorry, but none of us have any idea what to do, and so, this was the next best option.”
She closed her eyes and placed both hands to his temple, struggling to keep them there as he twisted in pain. When her eyes opened again, a bright blue shone in place of their usual brown.
His energy came through in tendrils. The super-speed feeling like electricity itself, sharp and cold, while his metallokinesis was slow and warm and heavy. It was new and painful and in that moment Monica understood his pain.
While his powers had come to a pause, his memories were a different matter.
“I gotta keep going,” Monica slurred. Her eyelids were heavy.
“Yeah that’s what we’re not gonna do,” Darcy said.
“He’s still in pain!”
“And now so are you! We can find something to sedate him but, right now, you can’t--”
Monica responded by placing her hands on Peter’s temple once again, this time taking out smaller amounts of energy. Just enough to put him to sleep for a little while.
She then promptly collapsed.
“Energy absorption,” Jimmy stated. “Impressive.”
Darcy sighed. “Please just help me get them to bed.”
“Right. Okay.”
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thatoneao3writer · a month ago
You know what? Fvck canon- *makes a Teen Titans crack AU*
I made a Badlands/Eggpire Teen Titans crack AU because DSMP canon is out to kill me with angst.
Character equivalent:
Robin =Sam: It’s canon that Sam is just some dude wearing a creeper mask, sounds familiar does it not? (*cough* Robin is just some dude in spandex *cough*) Also, gadgets galore! He is the smartest of the group and if the others need help with whatever machinery they have, he is there to help. And Robin has a pet wolf, *wiggles eyebrows* guess what, so does Sam.
Cyborg = Ponk: Dude, Ponk canonically has three prosthetic limbs, what else do you want from me? Oh, he didn’t make any of the prosthetics, Sam did all of those lmao. He requested some hi-tech guns and shit to be included in his new robot parts because he thought it would make him badass (it did) and Sam was too weak-willed towards Ponk to deny him.
Beastboy = Antfrost: Cat. Uhhhh, that’s all I got really XD (His power is the exact same as Beastboy, except he only ever transforms into a cat or any type of cat. He can turn into a dinosaur or a giraffe or a rhino, but he would rather turn into any type of cat, big or small it doesn’t matter as long as he’s a cat)
Raven = Badboyhalo: Cloak, demon, magic, need I say more? (Powers include, teleportation, flying, telekinesis, shadow manipulation, and cloaking/camouflage *he hides his demonic traits*)
Starfire = Puffy: Look, they are both girlbosses, both queens, and could both commit arson if they wanted and if they are prompted. Kind hearted but strong willed. It’s perfect. (She does not have powers, but she is good with knives and swords. She dresses up as a pirate, not a normal hero costume, but she rocks it.)
Headcanons below the cut :D
Their hero names are their internet personas. (Badboyhalo, Antfrost, Awesamdude, Captain Puffy, and Dropsbyponk)
“Why is your name Antfrost? You never shapeshift into an ant nor do you have frost powers... how does that make sense?” “Shut up, stop being homophobic.” “I’m not!!”
Their personalities lean more on their DSMP characters more then the Teen Titans characters.
Ponk and Sam are in a weird on and off relationship. One minute you see them cuddling on the couch and then the next minute they’re rambling to the other members how terrible of a partner the other one is (that’s mostly Ponk, Sam does it sometimes tho)
Like I said, Sam was the one to cyborg up his beloved Ponk. He also manages all the high-tech security/general technology in their tower and Pandora’s Vault. (yes the prison is canon here and Sam is the head-security because he made it. The team actually helps him him manage it, he’s okay don’t worry)
Antforst has this thing with a villain named Red Velvet, but they don’t talk about that. The rest of the team don’t approve of it, but they decided to let it be for now. Ant somehow managed to convince them to leave his ‘babe’ alone. (Sam really wants to throw Velvet in the prison, but he loves his friend too much)
Bad also has this weird relationship with this other villain named Skeppy. The team doesn’t really know what the two are. Skeppy seems to be upfront about his obvious crush on the hero, but Bad somehow overlooks this and assumes the villain only wants to be friends. (Bad is very dense)
Puffy is the mom of the group, while Bad is the dad. Sam could also be the dad, but he gets too chaotic when he doesn’t get enough sleep or when he drinks too much caffeine. 
Sam is the only one who knows how to cook. Well, Puffy can cook, but nothing beats Sam’s pumpkin pies. Sam is the best cook of the group. The only things Bad can cook are muffins.
Ponk can have the craziest ideas sometimes. Sometimes they help, most of the time... not so much.
“Ponk I am not going to give you prosthetic eyes that has x-ray vision if you poke out your real ones.” “Bet?” “Ponkie no-!”
Bad and Puffy often argue lightheartedly. Insults between them is pretty common.
“Can’t you think of a better name? Captain Puffy sounds a little to obvious...” “Wow, you’re the one to talk Mr. I’m-edgy-and-dark-so-I’m-going-to-call-myself-Badboyhalo!”
Puffy has tried to adopt a villain before... *cough*Dream*cough*
“You can’t take him in Puffy, he’s a villain!” “But he was following me!”  “Puffy, he was stalking you. He has tried to kill you multiple times!” “But my duckling...”
For some reason, whatever happens to his friends, happens to Bad but in a reversed way. Ant has a crush on a villain? A villain develops a crush on Bad. Puffy wants to adopt a villain? Well, a villain declared himself as Bad’s son.
Yes, Sapnap declared himself as Bad’s son. For what reason? Well, his reasoning is it was because they were both demons and he has never met another demon before. 
Don’t give Sam too much coffee, or else you will randomly fine the whole tower walking because he was full of energy and stayed up all night making giant robotic legs out of boredom.
Will I dare make more of this AU? I dunno, depends if people would like it lmao. Oh, and if you want to know which characters of the dsmp is a hero/villain, feel free to ask in the askbox! :D
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writtendevastation · a month ago
Chapter 23 of RH: AHC
I’m fairly certain this chapter is okay, so no warnings but tell me if I need to??
Wattpad Link:
@purgatorydotexe​ @abalonetea​ @ettawritesnstudies​ @poore-choice-of-words​
Tumblr media
Chapter 23
Sebastian (continued)
    We made it to Manchester safely and from there we met up with Graham West. He was of average build, white, and by the lines in his face I would have put his age to have been close to Laura and Leah's, somewhere around forty. His salt and pepper hair was cut short and it reminded me a little of David Tennant's during his time on Doctor Who.
    He manages to get us all several hotel rooms thanks to getting some pay from the UK Hunters Headquarters and asks how we know Collette and David and demands to know what happened. We tell him the truth from start to finish and when he is satisfied, he leaves us be and tells us to leave the country as soon as possible. He’s bitter, but I cannot blame him.
We all get some sleep and get new chargers for our phones since we left our old ones behind in all the commotion. I check the time and find we’ve been asleep for a good ten hours, but still it doesn’t feel good enough.
  Caroline, Glenn, Laura and Leah all pile into my hotel room after we get some sleep and some food and they settle down, because we need to talk about everything. We can barely move with everybody in the one space but I sit by the window with Caroline whilst Laura and Leah sit on the floor closest to the hotel door and Glenn is making coffee for everybody.
  Caroline runs a hand through her hair before slipping her hand in mine, squeezing it.
  “Sebastian?” Glenn calls out to me.
I turn my head to see Glenn pass round some coffees. I take one.  “Yeah?” I respond.
  “Why didn’t you tell us that you were a Shapeshifter? Why did you only tell Caroline and how come Zachary knew before us?”
I sigh.
    “Zachary only found out because I told him when I prayed to him for help. Plus, if Angels knew about us which they have done, they’re gonna know all our secrets. You cannot escape judgement or hide something from the Gods and the Angels.” I say simply, looking away from Glenn. “I wanted to tell you guys, I really did but no offence, when I met Laura and Leah they almost murdered me for creeping up on them. Could you imagine what they would have done if they didn’t know who I actually was?”
   I see Laura and Leah’s face fall but Laura admits that I’m right. She looks like she hates herself but I need to point out the truth.
  “How many of us would probably be at each other’s throats by now if we didn’t approach each other the way we have?” I ask my friends to give an honest answer. “Laura and Leah would probably still be somewhere in America making their way around trying to figure out what we’ve been trying to find out, Raphael is the reason we were all brought together. Raphael introduced me to Caroline and Glenn. Then he told me to go after Laura and Leah and then he just happened to disappear. Something doesn’t make sense and we need to find out what.”
  Glenn sips at his coffee and Caroline squeezes my hand again.
   “I still don’t understand.  You could have used your powers to get away from the police and you could have done so much with your powers...why didn’t you?” Laura speaks up.
  “You would have judged me differently if I hadn’t done what I have. I’m not like the other Shapeshifters. I want to help this world, not destroy it. Sooner or later, how many of you would have come for me if we weren’t friends now?”
  “You can’t talk like that, Sebastian.” Caroline says, horrified.
I shake my head. I pull her hand away from mine. I want to say I’m sorry but Laura has already said I do raise a good point.   “You have been making a difference in this world, Sebastian. Just look at everything you’ve done. You brought us all together, we’re the ones doing a damn when it seems like nobody else is.” Caroline argues.
  Glenn finishes his coffee very quickly and makes another.
  “Yeah that is all very well and good, but Sebastian...What are you so afraid of?” He asks.
   I don’t even know how to answer that. My phone rings and its somebody at UK Hunter Headquarters but Caroline takes the call for me and deals with that whilst I can talk to the others about what has been going on. She leaves the room.
I think Glenn knows exactly what I’m afraid of. I’m afraid of the same thing every Hunter is afraid of – losing everything you hold dear.
   “I wanted you guys to accept me for who I’ve been since the very beginning. The person you see now, sitting here talking to you.  I want you to know that I understand if you do not want me to be your friend after this, after all we’ve seen and done. I understand if you blame me. But you need to understand that I never wanted to hurt you.” My voice wobbles and Leah reaches out to me.
   “I understand where you’re coming from, I really do Sebastian.” Glenn replies softly.
   I think we’re all getting so emotional because we’re all still so tired. I feel like I could sleep for a thousand years still and it would not be enough time to process how crazy the past few weeks have been.
But there is one thing I need them to do for me.
  “Glenn, Laura, Leah. If you trust me, I need you to do something for me.” I say slowly.
  “What is it?” Leah and Glenn ask quickly, concerned.
I swallow my fear and say what I want to say.
    “I don’t want to end up like that Shapeshifter. I’m never going to use my powers. If I ever lose control and turn against you guys… I need you to kill me before I hurt someone. I couldn't bear the guilt. I would rather die as myself, than live as a monster”    The room erupts in an uproar as everyone shouts at once and there is a chorus of 'No’ from Laura and Leah. I look around and  see in Glenn's eyes that is thinking about it, that deep down he knows I am right. Laura knows I’m right, Glenn knows I’m right. Its never about gloating about being right. It’s about doing what is best for everybody else.
I explain why I want them to kill me. If they could understand where I’m coming from. I don’t want to hurt the ones I love and if it comes down to it, they’re going to put me down whether they like it or not.
  Caroline comes back in and tells us that the UK Headquarters has told us we need to go back to America as soon as possible. We don’t have much stuff so we can go as soon as we can, which will be tomorrow because we have so much we need to talk about still.    “I never appointed myself as leader of this group, but…”
    “You’re still our leader, Sebastian. You’re not going anywhere.” Laura crosses her arms, giving me a small smile.
Everybody agrees and voices their opinion that I should still be leader.
  Caroline pulls out her own phone after giving me back mine and says she’s going to try and contact Collette, but she knows she’ll be busy with all the stuff she needs to deal with.
Hours go by as I let the others vent their feelings on poor Collette and how we tried to help her and how we warned her about trying to live a normal life.
  “After all we’ve seen and done, all the death and destruction, have you noticed that whatever is doing all of this has started to take notice of who we are?” Glenn asks, sitting down next to me as we’ve all shifted positions around the room.
  “Not only are they talking about a Vessel that needs to be cleansed, people seem to be acting out against us, knowing our names and pretending to be us. Raphael is gone and we still need to find him and Demons taunt us wherever we go.” Laura says, thinking about it. “I think somebody out there is terrified of us and knows we’re going to find out the truth.”
  Leah shifts positions to get up to walk around in the small space that is the room. Caroline is still on call to Collette and from what I’ve heard,  Zachary has been dealing with other jobs and I don’t know when I’ll see him again. Leah doesn’t seem to want to face me, like she’s hiding the fact she wants to cry or something.
    “But is it going to be worth it? I mean we’ve seen so much death...I don’t want to be the cause of more.” Leah sounds a little lost and disturbed, like I’d seen her when we were at McDonalds.
    “Well, Leah...When has that ever stopped us before?” Laura gives her a small smile.
  Again, Laura is right.
We decide to get more sleep before our flight and we head to Manchester Airport since that is closest and you never know who could be out there watching us. I miss our own Headquarters that we’ve made a home. I miss our cars. I miss being in my own bed...I miss having time to ourselves.
   In this world, things are unfair. You have to fight to keep a hold of the things you love and you’re going to win some fights, and you’re going to lose some. Everywhere you go, we are going to see death and destruction. We are not the cause, but we can at least try to prevent some of it. Like Caroline said, would you rather us do nothing and submit to the evil of this world or would you rather we save lives and save the world? We’ll lose people, but at least we’re trying. We’re going to find resistance wherever we go.
   I wish I knew what Raphael would have done in a situation like this. I wish I could ask him for advice because he always knew what to do. I haven’t found him yet and I feel like I’ve let him down too, but part of me also believes he believes in me and knows that in continuing to do my job, I will find a way to save him eventually.
I just have to believe he is okay.
    I don’t know how to feel about Zachary. I’m starting to care for him like a friend. I feel like I need to prove that I can get us out of this slump, but at the same time what we’ve talked about...I’ve never let myself get this vulnerable before. I’ve never really let people in.
    Part of me knows things are going to get worse from here. If Shapeshifters and other Demons are starting to recognise who we are because we’ve made names for ourselves, then we’re going to find that we need to put up more and more of a fight in order to get to the bottom of things. We’re going to need to train, we’re going to need to get as many people on our side as possible. Maybe we can find Annie, maybe we can get Hunter and Alice from the UK Headquarters on our side. Maybe Collette will join us, if she doesn’t hate us after what has happened.
  There is so much I want to ask Zachary. So much I still wish I could say because I feel like I can trust him. Caroline and Glenn said all those things about Angels and Demons, but Zach feels different, I feel like we can trust Zachary and I believe he isn’t like his other brethren.
He believes in us. I believe in us.
   I want to do so much for this world but it feels like I’m fighting a losing battle. Sometimes I forget that I don’t have to fight these battles alone. I never really believed in anything when I first started out – I didn’t believe in ghosts or ghouls or any of these stories that people tell their children to try and keep them safe. But when you start to live through these stories, you find them to be more believable. I believe in the good of the heart of my friends and I believe that if the worst comes to pass, they will do what is right.
I believe in them. I’ve seen how we’ve all changed over the weeks we’ve known each other as friends and not passing figments of a reputation we’ve all built up.
    Still I feel uneasy. There is a bad storm brewing and I can feel it. Only time will tell how many of us will be able to weather it when it finally hits.
   But still, we need to get back to America and figure out what to do next.
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99 gay-ish asks (I’m (mostly) not gay but I wanna see what I’m like anyway)
how tall are you? 5′6″
what is your body type? A little overweight
what is your favorite part about your body? My eyes
is your current hair color your natural hair color? Yes
are you more outgoing or more shy? More shy but I wish I was more outgoing
are you more femme or butch? Femme
are you tol or smol? Average but I guess a little more tol
wine mom or vodka aunt? Vodka aunt
weird habit? Making graphs and lists
favorite meme? The guy checking out the other girl
do you sing in the shower? Yes
ever used a bow and arrow? At camp
are/were you a theatre kid? Kinda, I like theater and I took part in school musicals but I never fit in with the theater kids
have you ever seen a broadway musical? Yes
do you think musicals are cheesy? Yes and I love them 
have you ever been a part of a protest or a march? No
favorite Cards Against Humanity Card? I don’t have a single favorite but I have always dreamed of making the combo: Harry Potter Erotica + An Oedipus Complex = Being a Motherfucking Sorcerer
last movie you watched? Guardians of the Galaxy
behind the camera or in front of it? Behind
favorite tv show? Friends
meaning behind your url I studied psychology and I like to flirt
reason you joined tumblr It seemed funny
who’s your closest tumblr friend? Probably @cultured-pearl​
what’s something most people love that you hate? Tomato sauce
have you ever taken narcotics? Not for fun, maybe for prescription after surgery
have you had sex? Yes
have you ever gotten caught sneaking out or doing anything bad? Not really
worst/funniest lie you’ve ever told? Probably something in Among Us
describe your passion without mentioning it. They’re cute
describe your best friend. Funny and nerdy
give us one thing about you that no one knows. If no one knows it why would I tell hundreds of strangers?
how do you feel right now? Ok
what is your biggest fear? Spiders
what’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it? In A Crowd of Thousands from Anastasia
what is the best decision you’ve made in your life so far? Probably going to college or something
have you ever tried your hardest and then been disappointed in the end? Yes
something you fantasize about. Having shapeshifting powers or winning the lottery
last time you cried and why Yesterday from stress
what was the last thing that made you laugh? Probably a meme
do you really, truly miss someone right now? I miss a lot of people
who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything? My parents or my boyfriend
the last time you felt broken? Yesterday
are you starting to realize anything? Nothing good
are you more dominant or more submissive? I guess dominant once I’m comfortable
i’ll only date you if _____. (fill in the blank) I think you’re cute and funny
do you prefer to date people the same age as you, younger, or older? My age plus or minus a few years
describe the person you’re in love with/have a crush on in great detail. Tall, light skin, brown hair, freckles, hazel eyes
do you have any kinks? Not really
first thing you notice in a person? Their face
how can someone win your heart? Idk
been rejected by a crush? A lot
have you ever had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back? A lot
would you have sex with the last person you text messaged? No they are my parents
is trust a big issue for you? Not especially
did you hang out with the person you like recently? Yes I am with him now
is confidence cute? yes
what would you say if the person you love/like kissed another girl/boy? I’d be pissed and insecure
would you be able to date someone who doesn’t make you laugh? No
does the person you have feelings for right now know you do? Yes
ever embarrass yourself in front of a crush? Yes
do you want to get married Eventually
worst thing you’ve ever done? Jumped onto a kid’s arm on the playgound when he was below me on the jungle gym
three things that turn you on. Confidence, good hair, good face
who do you hate? Mitch McConnell
favorite term of endearment? Idk, it’s cutest when it’s specific to the person
who was your celebrity/fictional gay awakening? Hayden Panettiere was probably my first celebrity girl crush
intimidating girls or kind girls? Kind
what do you look for in a possible partner? Sense of humor
do you tend to like more masculine, feminine, or androgynous girls? Feminine
are you good at flirting? No
who was the first person you came out to? I haven’t had to come out
do you have any friends who are wlw? Yes
is your crush wlw? No
last person to make you reconsider your sexuality? A girl on my Birthright Israel trip
write a short love poem to your crush/self? Nah
do you fall in love easily? Idk
is there something that happened in your past that you hate talking about? Not really
are you good at hiding your feelings? Not even a little bit
are you a forgiving person? Yeah
what is your “type?” Personality: class clown, confident, witty, sciencey. Looks: Light skin, dark hair, blue eyes
fall asleep in her arms or rub her back until she falls asleep in yours? Fall asleep in his arms
tall girls or short girls? Tall
hugs or kisses? Hugs
twirl her around or get twirled? Get twirled
tummy kisses or thigh kisses? Thigh I guess, not a huge fan of either
hairline kisses or neck kisses? Neck
play with her hair or stroke her tummy? Hair
making out or soft kisses? Depends on the mood
hugs around the neck or hugs around the waist? Both
how confident are you in your sexuality? Mostly
when you like someone do you blush or get butterflies in your stomach? Oh yes
have you ever liked a friend as more than a friend? did you tell them? Yes but not a close friend, most of the time I realize I like people before they get too close. And yes I have told some
how old were you when you realized you were into girls? I liked my first girl in 2nd grade but I still am like 98% straight
most embarrassing thing you’ve done in front of a cute girl? Idk, probably was just awkward
do you have a favorite lesbian ship? is it canon? I liked the Nerdy Twin and Audrey from Rules of Engagement, and it was canon. A lot of people don’t like Audrey though for some reason
what is the most aggravating thing someone has said to you about your sexuality? Nothing really
when was the last time a girl made your heart flutter? The israel trip
what is love to you? Idk
ask me anything. 
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gamerwoo · a month ago
Seventeen: The Xperiments (Part Sixteen)
Tumblr media
Characters: Seventeen x female reader
Genre/warnings: superhuman/experiment au, fluff for once!!!, a lil bit of humor, slight angst, there actually isn’t much to put for warnings in this part lmao enjoy!! [please read the warnings in the intro]
Word count: 3,211
a/n: things in bold are in english
Previous | Next | The Xperiments Masterlist
They let you sleep in before breakfast, knowing everyone was up pretty late last night. The twelve of you sat on the forest floor together and just watched the fire -- Chan seemed to take it the hardest, saying he never properly reconciled with Mingyu and he regretted it. Then Joshua had to leave with one of the black masks that was apparently named Kevin, and he seemed nice enough. Wooshik wasn’t particularly keen on letting all of you stay outside last night as long as he did, but he also knew keeping you cooped up in the house wasn’t the best for you, either.
And Namjoon must’ve felt the same way considering what you were told as everyone was finishing up their breakfast.
“Everyone get dressed and meet back in the living room,” Wooshik said. “We’re gonna go out for a little bit.”
Wonwoo smirked slightly to himself.
“Out?” Seokmin asked, seeming to suddenly perk up. “Out where?”
“There’s this outdoor mall where you guys can stretch your legs, and we can find some more supplies for the house,” Jiwoo explained. “But you guys can’t run wild, okay? There are gonna be some rules you have to follow.”
“There are seven of us and eleven of you, so we’re gonna split everyone up into small groups,” Matthew began, already starting to take empty plates from the table, stacking them on each other so he could take them to the kitchen to wash. “Half of us are going to go get the errands done, while the other half are going to look after all of you and let you explore.”
You had to split off into three groups. The first group was going to be supervised by Chanyeol and Mingi, and it consisted of Jeonghan, Junhui, Minghao, and Chan. The second group was being watched by Jungkook, and had Wonwoo, Jihoon, and Seokmin. The final group was with Matthew, and it consisted of you, Soonyoung, Seungkwan, and Hansol. But you didn’t get to make your group on your own.
“I want the three of you with me in case anything happens to Seungkwan,” Matthew told you, Soonyoung, and Hansol. “It wouldn’t be fair to have him stay home by himself, but if we bring him out in public and something happens… Just be prepared, okay?”
The three of you nodded.
So after breakfast, everyone hurried upstairs to change into clothes that weren’t pajamas. Of course, you needed a bit of help figuring out what was okay to go out in and what didn’t look like a child dressed you. Everyone seemed clean enough -- you had showered the day before anyway -- so the black masks decided everyone was good enough to go out.
“We don’t have to cram into the back of those creepy vans again, do we?” Chan frowned.
“No,” Wooshik chuckled. “Our organization sent us a much more comfortable van for you all. It actually has seats.”
There were two vans waiting in the dirt driveway of the cabin. Not only did all of you have to split off into two groups, but so did the black masks. But it didn’t really matter who you went with since everyone was going to the same place anyway. And unlike everyone else, you had been in a car before when you had to go to Korea, so the rest of the experiments seemed really excited to be in a car. They were arguing over the window seats so you didn’t mind voluntarily taking one of the middle seats. 
The car ride was mostly silent since they were all mesmerized by the scenery going by. You also had your eyes glued to the window to your left, watching other cars go by. While all of you were aware that there was life outside and civilization, you had never seen it for yourselves. You had basic knowledge of humans and living mundane lives and whatnot, but you never got to see it firsthand or experience it.
“Alright,” Wooshik began as he pulled the vehicle into a parking lot filled with other cars, “we’re here.”
“We’re here?!” Seokmin was practically vibrating with excitement, whipping his head away from the window to look at the side of Wooshik’s head.
“Yes,” he chuckled. “Before we get out, we have to set some rules, though.”
They were pretty basic: no using your powers unless there was an emergency and you were told to, no wandering off, no talking to strangers, stick together, etc. You already figured you’d have to be inconspicuous, but none of you really looked very different anyway. Unless Seungkwan or Jeonghan decided to shapeshift, or Chan let his wings out, or Junhui touched water, everyone came across as normal. You had hope that things would be fine, but you still had to be prepared for the worst.
Wooshik parked the car before he turned around in his seat, “If this goes well, we’ll try to go out more often, okay? We don’t want you guys to be cooped up in the house all the time.”
“And if it goes bad?” Jun asked.
Wooshik sent him a stern look like a parent would when scolding their child, “Don’t even go there.”
Chanyeol and Mingi definitely didn’t think babysitting the experiments would be easy, but they didn’t expect them to not shut up. They knew they’d all be curious about everything, but they didn’t stop talking once. Always asking what something was, if they could go check out whatever piqued their interest, and just bombarding the pair with all sorts of questions. The only one who wasn’t super talkative was Minghao because he was busy taking everything in. He was listening to the questions and answers instead of asking the same one twelve times.
Junhui suddenly stopped and gasped, staring wide-eyed into what was the center of the shopping center. The other experiments, as well as their two chaperones, stopped and turned to look at him as he pointed at the large fountain that was gushing water.
“Water!” he exclaimed excitedly.
Chanyeol grabbed Jun’s arm as he was about to start walking over, grumbling, “Don’t even think about it.”
Jun offered a mischievous smile, but merely glanced back at the fountain before continuing on walking with the group.
“What is that thing anyway?” he wondered, Chanyeol refusing to let go of him until they were away from the fountain.
“It’s a fountain,” Mingi sighed. “People sometimes throw coins in there and make a wish.”
“Wish?” Minghao spoke up for one of the first times that day.
“Yeah,” Mingi replied, turning to look at him, “you know what wishes are, right?”
The group nodded before Minghao asked, “Can we make wishes?”
Mingi and Chanyeol exchanged looks before one of them shrugged and they turned around.
“Fine,” Chanyeol decided as the experiments made a beeline back to the fountain, “but stay out of the water, all of you!”
The four of them stood at the edge of the water fountain, palms out as Mingi and Chanyeol gave them loose change to toss into the water. 
“Alright, make a wish and then toss the coin in,” Mingi explained.
Junhui closed his eyes, gripping his coin in his palm and holding it to his chest, “I wish to go in the water.”
Chanyeol scoffed, telling him, “Make a new wish.”
Jun opened his eyes to look at the older boy before sighing and moving his hand down. He opened his palm and looked at the coin as if it would help him decide what he wanted. After a beat a silence, he said, “I wish...for all of us to be okay.”
And then he tossed his coin in.
Jeonghan looked down at the coin before looking into the crystal clear water. He could see the hundreds of other coins that had been tossed in, and he wondered if any of those wishes had come true for those people. He hoped so.
“I wish for Joshua to come back happier,” he said before tossing his coin in, too.
“I wish for Dr. Yuen to get what’s coming to him,” Chan stated before he threw his coin into the water.
Minghao looked down at his coin and considered his wish. He took a deep breath before saying, “I wish for… For Seungcheol to come back.”
Chanyeol and Mingi wanted to tell him to pick a new wish because they knew that would never come true, even with freak luck like most wishes. But they also didn’t want to upset him. So they watched as he threw his coin into the fountain, content with what he chose.
Chanyeol inhaled deeply before letting it out, nodding, “Alright, everyone good?”
The four boys nodded before following Chanyeol and Mingi to another part of the mall to get clothes. The questions continued as they passed by other stores, food shops, and the food court. But it was at the food court that Minghao froze and began mumbling to himself, his fingers twitching at his sides.
Jeonghan was walking beside him and was the first to notice he’d stopped, staring off into space. He knew what was happening, but the mumbling wasn’t something he used to do often.
“Hao?” he asked softly.
“The little boy is going to drop his lollipop,” Minghao mumbled, staring straight ahead through everyone else. “It’ll shatter and he’ll cry.”
Jeonghan’s eyes scanned the food court for the boy in question. Sure enough, he was walking away from the candy stand with a girl that was older than him, and his shoelace was untied.
Just as the little boy tripped, Jeonghan was gone. Mingi did a double take where Jeonghan used to be before his eyes landed on the experiment across the way, managing to catch the boy’s lollipop by the stick before it hit the ground. He was down on one knee at the boy’s level before he handed it back to him with a smile.
“Be careful,” he chuckled. “You should tie your shoes.”
“What do we say, Changmin?” the older girl asked.
“Thank you!” Changmin grinned as he took the lollipop and proceeded to lick it.
“No problem,” Jeonghan grinned as he messed up the kid’s hair and stood.
“Seriously,” the girl interrupted, “thank you.”
This was the first time Jeonghan was really getting a good look at the girl. He hadn’t seen human girls before, other than the women at the lab -- but they were typically too old for him -- or Jiwoo, but she was a bit...scary. He didn’t see girls his age often, honestly, except for you and Jiwoo, but this girl was different in a way he couldn’t explain. Something about looking at her made his heart flutter. She was just really nice to look at. Beautiful, right? He was pretty sure that was the word he was looking for.
“It’s alright,” he shrugged, shoving his hands into the pockets of his windbreaker.
“I’m Chaerin,” she stuck out her hand to him.
He took it, feeling how small and warm and it was compared to his as he shook it.
As he opened his mouth, someone else called his name. The pair looked over to the group Jeonghan had left, Mingi waving his hand for him to come back so they could get going. It was too dangerous to have Jeonghan making friends right now.
“I’d take it your name is Jeonghan,” she laughed lightly.
“Yeah,” he sighed. “Sorry, I guess I gotta go. I’ll try to come by again, okay? Maybe...same time next week?”
Before she could say anything, he was already jogging -- at a normal speed -- away from her to his group. 
Matthew pushed the wheelchair that Seungkwan was in. They didn’t want to have to use sedatives on him, but for him to go out in public, they had to make sure it would be safe, and they hoped that these would work. He was still conscious and he could see everything, but he couldn’t move -- hence the wheelchair. They weren’t sure if they worked against Dr. Yuen’s mind control, but they were just praying that it would in case something happened. Hopefully even if he did get controlled by Dr. Yuen, the sedatives would keep him from actually doing anything.
But surprisingly, Matthew wasn’t the most worried about Seungkwan. He wasn’t too worried about you, either, even though you were the strongest one out of all of them.
He was worried about Soonyoung.
“You keep Hoshi away,” Wooshik stated, pointing sternly at Soonyoung, “got it?”
He nodded once.
But ignored Wooshik’s order. 
Soonyoung had walked into the public bathroom as just himself, and left with Hoshi leading or following -- you weren’t sure. But you snorted and looked away, deciding this wasn’t your business. You were going to do your absolute best to follow the rules during the outing. However, Matthew didn’t seem to care much either way.
“People will think they’re twins,” he shrugged when Hansol went to quickly defend the older boy’s actions. “As long as he doesn’t multiply even more, and nobody tells Wooshik, we’re fine.”
So you walked around the mall with an extra person tagging along. But Soonyoung and Hoshi both behaved themselves, so there wasn’t really anything to complain about.
“We should probably start looking for some clothes,” Matthew hummed, pushing Seungkwan in his wheelchair. “And no, Hoshi, you don’t get any.”
“But why not?” the version of Soonyoung walking beside you pouted.
“Because you just wear whatever Soonyoung wears,” Hansol chuckled.
Hoshi was literally just a copy of Soonyoung, which meant he wore whatever Soonyoung was wearing, his hair was colored and styled the same way, and they looked completely identical in every single way. You still didn’t and never would understand how anyone could tell the two apart.
The shopping part was pretty boring. You thought maybe you’d like getting clothes that were your own because you never had any belongings before, but you found clothes shopping pretty boring. Matthew was letting you pick out whatever you wanted, but all the colors and patterns and textures and styles were too overwhelming. Hansol seemed to have no problem picking out what he liked and you wished you could be more like him -- though, he seemed to be interested in a little bit of everything, and even some more for Seungkwan.
Then there was Soonyoung who was a bit pickier, but kept trying things on in the dressing room and coming out to show off and look in the large mirror. Matthew found it funny, standing by the dressing rooms for when Soonyoung would come out so he could hype him and his outfits up. Seungkwan had to sit beside them, but he wasn’t ever really looking at Soonyoung. His eyes were staring at the mirror, looking at something behind them.
Matthew had caught his eyes and turned his head, seeing three girls watching Soonyoung and giggling to themselves. When they saw Matthew staring, they quickly averted their gazes and blushed.
“What?” Soonyoung wondered, noticing his one-man audience was no longer paying attention.
“I think you got some admirers,” he told the younger boy, pointing behind him to the group of girls with his thumb.
Soonyoung grinned proudly, but Hoshi seemed much shyer about the situation, giggling as his cheeks tinted pink -- much like Soonyoung’s. It was obvious that Hoshi’s reaction was how Soonyoung actually felt inside, but the real Soonyoung was putting up a cocky front about it.
“Why?” you wondered innocently.
You didn’t see your comment as offensive, you just genuinely weren’t sure why girls would swoon over Soonyoung. You didn’t, and you didn’t understand how other girls could. It was just genuine curiosity.
Still, Soonyoung and Hoshi both turned to you with pouts, “Hey!”
But Matthew just burst into laughter.
Out of the three boys in Jungkook’s group, Seokmin was by far the most excited. Jihoon was more nervous about making contact with anything to actually enjoy himself, and Wonwoo had too much on his mind to pay much attention to the shopping trip. All in all, the small group made things easy for Jungkook, and they were able to stay out of trouble and not stray from what they were supposed to be doing.
Wonwoo had spent the entirety of the day thinking more so than paying any attention to the shopping center around him. So he had completely made up his mind when he decided to pull you aside after dinner. Hansol was hanging out in the living room with the new gaming console that one of the black masks they hadn't even met had donated to all of you, so Wonwoo figured it was the perfect time to talk to you. So he brought you up to your shared bedroom and spoke to you quickly and quietly with the translator.
“You-- What?” you asked after he’d explained his plan to you that seemed insane and dangerous and absolutely not okay.
“We need that remote, _____,” Wonwoo insisted. “We have to sneak in when Jiwoo goes back to the lab and get it. They said it could take months or years, but we don’t have that kind of time. What if Seungkwan’s next? What if he does what Mingyu did?”
“You think the black masks won’t know we’re gone?” you pointed out.
“With me, they won’t realize until it’s too late,” he smiled slightly. 
It was true. With Wonwoo, it would be easy to sneak out of the house and into the van with Jiwoo. But you also knew just the two of you wouldn’t be enough. But you knew that now, you were set on this plan of his.
“We’ll need some help,” you told him.
He nodded, “Right. Someone who’s fine with going against the rules. Someone who won’t snitch on us.”
“He can be loud. He might let it slip, too.”
“He’d be against it, especially after everything that’s happened.”
“What about--”
“I know what you’re planning,” Minghao’s voice said flatly.
The two of you turned to see the door had opened and Minghao was standing there with no expression on his face. You couldn’t tell what he was thinking. Was he planning to rat you out? Was he going to get you in trouble? Minghao didn’t typically like going against the rules ever since leaving the lab, so if he saw the two of you leaving the house in the future, it was likely he was going to stop it.
“Hao, we--”
He smirked as he stepped into the room, closing the door behind him, “I’m in.”
Both of you were surprised by his statement, looking at each other before back at him.
“Really?” Wonwoo asked, earning a nod from the younger boy. “Okay, then it’ll be us three. Anymore than that, and it would be too much. I’ll keep listening in on their conversations to figure out when Jiwoo’s leaving for the lab. Then, we go with her, sneak in and get the remote, and leave. Seungkwan will be safe, and the rest of us will be, too.”
You and Minghao gave solid nods.
With the remote in your possession, you’d be a giant step closer to being a hell of a lot safer.
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red-imeanblue · a month ago
vanished (pt. 3)
Based on the TV show Manifest on NBC, but you don’t need to watch the show to read/understand the plot!
**WARNING: My goodness, so much Roman angst. I didn’t plan for so much so I’m sorry for that.**
Plot: Any side can duck out at any time, as Virgil did in Accepting Anxiety - but what happens when Self Preservation mysteriously disappears, and returns three years later, looking as though no time has passed?
Characters: Patton Sanders, Virgil Sanders, Logan Sanders, Remus Sanders, Roman Sanders, Janus Sanders, C!Thomas Sanders
Word count: 2326
Pairings: Platonic DLAMPR, platonic Roceit (though Roman is yelling at Janus so maybe not?), familial/platonic Creativitwins
Warnings: This is just pure Roman angst for most of the chapter, honestly. Sympathetic Remus, Sympathetic Deceit/Janus, swearing, food (i will tag more, just let me know :) )
Pt. 3 of vanished, you can find pt. 1 here and pt. 2 here!
-three years, two months, and six days ago-
The prince stood, frozen to his spot by the door, looking out over his famILY who were in varying stages of falling apart.
Patton was the first to completely lose it, and sat next to a shaking Virgil on the floor. The father-figure’s back was pressed to the wall behind him, and tears fell steadily down his cheeks. What surprised Roman was his silence; Patton wasn’t known for expressing his feelings quietly, and is normally very expressive. It almost makes Roman uneasy.
Logan sat on the bench at the foot of the bed. His eyes looked back and forth, as though he’s trying to look for something, or stimulate his brain enough to think of an answer. Logan didn’t like not knowing things. His face was completely expressionless.
Virgil’s eyes were closed, and he couldn’t be holding his knees to his chest any tighter if he tried. He was shaking just enough to where it was just barely visible, but not intense enough for anyone to be able to do anything to make it stop.
Remus...made Roman the most uncomfortable.
His brother was infamous for having no filter, and never shutting up. The man didn’t know what it meant to be quiet. But Remus was sitting on Janus’ bed, dead silent, and staring down at the yellow gloves in his hand. As hard as he focused, Roman couldn’t even see Remus’ shoulders rising and falling, or any kind of signal that his twin was even breathing. 
What Roman would give to hear any of his terrible ideas right now. It would mean things were almost normal.
At some point, the silence got to be too much.
He stormed out of the room, and down the hallway toward the bright red door that led to his bedroom.
He kicked the door open, and immediately started trashing the room.
Old theatre props and costumes were strewn across the floor, and the beautiful vase that held a large bouquet of red roses lay shattered. All Roman can see was red, and it wasn’t because his bedroom walls were painted a brilliant shade of scarlet.
The prince was angry, at so many things. 
Roman was mad at Janus, for going missing. For disappearing. For being so stupid and letting himself get lost in the Imagination, if that’s where he was.
He was mad at Thomas, for expecting him to be the hero. Heroes fix things, and he’ll be expected to fix this. 
Then he was mad at Janus again, for the manipulation, and the gaslighting, and the fake-flattery to get what he wanted.
‘How about we move on to something we’re both familiar with, Roman; mistakes.’
‘I don’t need to flatter you now, Roman.’
‘...honorable, Justice Roman…’
‘Roman, thank god you don’t have a mustac-’
Most of all, he was mad that he cared. Roman had been hurt so many times, probably more than he even knows, by Janus. He hates that he cares enough to want to help, and he wants to fix it, but he shouldn’t.
Even so, everyone needs Janus. Roman needs Janus, and he’d never admit it, but he’s afraid of what could happen to the Mindscape and Thomas if he were really gone. He needs Janus to help Thomas focus on his wants, and that’s the only way he’d ever accomplish his dreams.
-three years, two months, and two days ago-
Roman heard three knocks on the wall outside in the hallway. He peered up to spot Patton, holding a plate of pasta and a tall glass of water. He smiled softly and walked in when he caught Roman’s eye.
A few days ago, Virgil and Patton made a new rule for the Mindscape; bedroom doors have to be open, at least for the time being. None of them objected to this, as they were all terrified someone else would vanish as Janus had. At least this way, they could have reassurance they were all still there while walking down the hall. Besides, none of them needed to physically change clothes; they all started to change by just snapping. At some point, one of them just snapped the doors away, so no one accidentally closed their door out of habit.
They spent most of their time in their rooms, because there really wasn’t much to say to one another. All they wanted was an answer, and none of them had one, or even a theory. They would all just do their work, and then mope (except for Logan, for whom the work never ended, it seemed). The most time they spent together was when they all filed into Janus’ room every night.
“You alright, Roman?” Patton sat on the bed next to him, waking him out of his trance.
Roman sighed and placed his hands over his forehead, staring up at the ceiling. “I don’t know, Pop-sicle.”
Patton nodded and looked down at the floor. “Well, is there anything I can do?”
Roman didn’t respond. Because, honestly (as if there’s any other option, now), probably not. The only one who may be able to do anything at all was him, and even then, he didn’t know where to start.
Patton tapped his leg and stood up. “I’ll leave your food on your desk. You should really try to eat, kiddo.” He turned toward the doorway and left swiftly.
Roman spent a few hours just laying there, contemplating. 
A few years ago, he painted an oversized map of the Imagination on his ceiling, inspired by the Sistine Chapel. His proudest creation, the Imagination, and a beautiful interpretation of it to admire while trying to fall asleep at night.
Roman didn’t know when, but at some point, he started to cry. His tears pooled in his ears, they fell so fast. Though he didn’t know why, it’s not like he missed Janus...did he?
Regardless, the ceiling sparked something in him. He sprung to his feet, grabbing his katana and shield from the corner and running out the door(frame).
He walked down the hallway toward the Imagination’s entrance, quickly catching the attention of the purple stormcloud who was pacing around his own bedroom. 
“Roman!” He runs out of his room and jogs to keep up with the prince’s long strides. “Where are you going?” Virgil was nervous about the determined look in his eye. If he was heading into the Imagination, no one would be able to get in contact with him except for Remus. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be an issue. But with recent events…
Roman stared straight ahead toward the double doors, one painted a bright red and the other neon green. 
“You’re going in?” Virgil’s eyes widened. Not another one…
Looking for Janus did not mean Roman forgives him. But if he brings him back, maybe they could try to make amends. Roman would be a hero, Janus would be safe, and things could just be… normal? Better?
It’s been days.
Roman left no stone unturned. 
No vine wasn’t cut. No cottage or castle wasn’t searched. 
He even cut down a few hollow trees, just to make sure Janus didn’t shapeshift into an actual snake and crawl inside for shelter.
He just wasn’t there.
He really was gone.
Roman sat in a small valley in the middle of the forest, looking around at the beautiful marigolds he manifested. There was comfort in being surrounded by the color yellow, regardless of how much disdain he held for the missing side. 
“Roman,” he heard a voice call.
“Janus?” Roman perked up and looked around frantically, hoping for an end to this search.
“No, dickwad, it’s just me.” A blur of green plopped down next to him in the grass. Roman glared at his brother, angry he wasn’t the right side.
“But if you want, I can go find a snake. I’ll make it the largest, most venomous, most terrifying nope-rope you’ve ever laid your eyes on.”
“Still wouldn’t be the right one,” Roman mumbled. 
“Still no luck?”
“Obviously not, Remus. I wouldn’t be sitting here if I had found him.”
“Well I don’t know, maybe you hid him somewhere for safe keeping. I know where I’d put a snake if I were trying to protect it, right up my a-”
“Enough.” Roman stood up and walked a few feet away, shaking his head. “Why are you here, brother?”
“I’m the only one who can come see you in here, and the others got worried.”
The Prince looked over at the Duke and nodded slowly. “Well, you can tell them I’m fine. I’m alive. I’m still here. And you know who isn’t?” His eyes welled up again. “And you know who’s going to be blamed for it? Because I wasn’t enough of a hero to save the day and bring Janus back?”
“Ro, shut up, no one is blaming you,” Remus responded, approaching his brother slowly.
“But they will!” Roman’s voice breaks.
“No, they won’t. We know you didn’t make Janny disappear.”
“But I’m being expected to find him, which sucks, because he’s hurt me over, and over, and o-”
“Yeah, that’s just who he is, Roman,” Remus interrupted. “He’s looking out for Thomas. He manipulates to get what Thomas wants. He lies, and it’s annoying, but that’s literally his job. He protects us. And no one is upset at you for not protecting him, too.”
Roman twisted around abruptly and threw his arms around his brother. 
“This sucks, Re. This just fucking sucks.”
“I know, bro. But you turned the Imagination upside down. Let’s go back, everyone misses you.”
Roman shakes his head, waking himself out of his trance.
“Roman, can you hear me?” Janus was sitting in front of him, on the floor, with his hands on the Prince’s knees.
“Loud and clear, Jan-Jan,” Roman was confused; why was he still talking like his brother?
He watched Janus sit back on his knees, sighing in defeat. He was hoping Roman would be back to normal. How long will this take?
“Are you alright?” he asked Roman, who was still trying to wake himself up fully.
“Oh yeah, just swell,” Roman drawled.
Janus smirked. “And here I thought sarcasm was my thing.”
“Oh it is, Janny, and you’ve proved that plenty of times before,” Roman laughed maniacally. Janus tilted his head.
“What do you mean?”
“Oh, you know!” Roman rose to his feet and threw his arms out exaggeratedly. “‘You know I love you, Roman!’ ‘It’s actually spelt W-R-O-A-M-M-I-N!’”
Janus slowly stood up from the floor and watched Roman. “Rom-”
“Oh, and don’t forget when you compared me to my brother,” Roman laughed. “Is this what you wanted, Jan? Is this what you meant?”
“Roman, stop-”
“I know for you, that was all, like, thirty seconds ago, but for me, it’s been years.” Roman’s voice started to turn back to normal. “I’ve been hearing those things in my head for years. And it’s sick, because they seemed to get louder when I was out in the Imagination, looking to save you, despite how much hurt you’ve caused me. Why would I help the one side who has consistently made me out to be a fool?”
“Roman, please.”
“No, Snake. None of that is okay. It’s not okay that it’s left to me to fix it. I always have to apologize, and oh my gosh, it’s not even my fault!”
“Roman, listen to me.” Roman stops, his face turning as red as his sash. He turns to Janus, holding out his arms.
“I can’t undo that.” The deceitful side moved to sit on the armchair in the corner.
“What do you mean?”
“I agree, it isn’t fair it was up to you to try to fix this. I’ve hurt you, tremendously, and probably more than either of us even know, but I can’t take it back.” Janus starts tugging at his gloves, pulling them off slowly. “Here’s something I can do. I would like to offer my honest-” he lifts his hand into the air “-and sincerest apologies, though I understand you may not be willing to accept them, or forgive them, at any time soon, if ever.”
Roman just stared at him.
“I’m here now, Roman. I can work with Remus, I can try to control him again, and you can do your job. You can be the Prince again, and not the second Duke. Bring Thomas back. And I’ll speak to him myself, just to ensure he knows it wasn’t your fault I wasn’t here, and that you tried your absolute hardest to find me. Remember when Thomas watched Infinity War for the first time?”
Roman nodded slowly, letting tears fall, again. Will he ever be able to stop?
“While I admit, it’s not my favorite genre of film, my point is, they didn’t win. The hero can’t always save the day. But they still tried, and everyone still loves them for it. You tried, Roman, and even though you didn’t win, you still tried to save someone who obviously isn’t your favorite side to be around, and that makes you a hero,” Janus explains. 
“But in the next Avengers film, they-”
“Like I said before, I’m not going to perfectly nail every detail,” Janus smiles, trying to make a joke.
Roman rolls his eyes, and places his hands over his face.
“May I ask you a question?”
Roman nods.
“Did anyone ask you to go find me, or did you assume that’s what they wanted, and put all this pressure on yourself?”
He stayed silent, which was just as loud as any answer he could’ve given.
“May I hug you, Roman?”
The Prince looks down, and shakes his head. “Not yet.”
Janus nods. “I understand,” he starts to tug his gloves back on and stands up. “I’ll leave you be.” He rises from the chair and makes his way toward the door, leaving Roman in his room, alone, to think.
S, you really need to chill out. Three chapters in 3 days? You’re setting unrealistic expectations.
I definitely got too deep into the Roman angst, but I started thinking about how everything Janus said to him would affect him as time went on especially since he never got an apology. Also, I had one of the characters from Manifest in mind, because she resented her husband for disappearing even thought she knew it wasn’t his fault, so she kind of influenced Roman’s reaction to Janus disappearing.
Should I add chapter titles? Hm. Also, 100% let me know if any of this makes no sense, I was kind of on a roll and just kept going and only proofread twice (still not a writer, sorry lol)
Remember to send an ask for any additional tags/warnings I should add!
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Chapter 55: Movie Night
Lots of quotes from the movie Lilo & Stitch ahead! Fewer quotes, but some, from Trolls and Frozen.
Bold italics are trollish, ~tildes~ indicate goblin.
Content warnings for this chapter: Swearing. Here we reach the story's first F-bomb.
Also, there is some talk between characters about the harshness of life in the Darklands, how Changelings are treated by the Gumm-Gumms, and mentions of cannibalism.
This was supposed to be a light-happy chapter that got feels-y at the end, but then it went and got all dark on me.
Oh, also-also, (Not) Enrique finds out Claire flirted with Jim a while ago and misinterprets what exactly happened between them, but that gets cleared up fast.
Becoming The Mask
Once again, Javier and Ophelia Nuñez were out for the evening, leaving Claire in charge of Enrique. Claire had gotten permission to invite "some friends" over to watch movies. Jim and Toby arrived to find Mary and Darci already there – Jim suspected, like the time he'd 'babysat', that Claire had purposefully asked him to arrive after she knew her parents would be gone.
They set up piles of cushions and blankets on the floor between the couch and the TV. Jim propped the Amulet up on the coffee table they'd pushed to one side. Maybe some of the ghost Trollhunters would be interested in human movies.
"Finally get your fill of the touchy-feelies?" Enrique teased Jim, seeing how they were all seated separately. Jim snorted.
"Not hardly." He pulled the smaller Changeling in for a hug. "Humans just have different rules about casual touching, is all. Freezing to death's not really a concern in this climate."
"Wait, what?" said Toby, dropping the pillow he'd been holding. Jim looked up to see all the humans staring at him.
"Darklands thing," said Enrique easily. "Gets cold there."
"We'd sleep in piles," Jim explained. "I had a bit of a reputation for being … clingy."
"If you weren't good at finding food and soft stuff, we'd never've put up with ya." Enrique proved himself a liar by climbing onto Jim's shoulders instead of jumping back to the floor. He fluffed the hair on Jim's scalp. "Jimmy-boy got his first nickname for that."
"Shut up," said Jim playfully. "Anyway, humans get weird about touching around puberty. I can still hug Mom whenever I want, but Toby gets embarrassed if I hug him around other people, and Claire, Mary, and Darci haven't given me permission to touch them casually yet."
"… Did you … want permission?" asked Claire. "You, kinda, said you were uncomfortable with that, I thought."
"No, it was more wondering if you were flirting with me that felt weird," Jim assured her. "After that conversation I felt like it'd be awkward to bring up that I was open to hugging and such."
Jim thought he felt Enrique growl, to quietly to properly hear. His hand, still in Jim's hair, changed position so the tips of Enrique's claws were on Jim's scalp.
"When exactly did this happen?" Enrique asked.
"Claire kissed Jim on the cheek on his birthday and then Jim said he wasn't interested in dating her," said Mary.
"Also that I realized she might not have meant it in a flirty way and if I was misinterpreting things she could ignore what I was saying," Jim added. The claws retreated.
Claire looked away. "So what movie did we want to start with?"
"Lilo & Stitch!" exclaimed Darci, looking through the shelves. "I haven't watched this in forever!"
"That's a good one." Jim tilted his head to get Enrique back in his peripheral vision. "Enrique, have you seen it yet?"
"… Yeah."
"Isn't that the one that always makes you cry?" asked Toby.
"It's beautiful. Of course I cry."
Stitch was a constructed 'abomination', who shapeshifted to blend in, and his adopted family found out what he truly was and still wanted him. How could Jim be expected to keep his composure in the face of that?
"So, quick question," said Jim. "Is talking during the movie a crime, or is commentary what makes it a group activity?"
"Commentary," said all three girls together.
"Okay, good." Jim and Toby usually talked during movies, unless one or both of them were seeing it for the first time. Sometimes even then.
"Not guilty! My experiments are only theoretical, and completely within legal boundaries."
"We believe you actually created something."
"Created something? Ha! But that would be irresponsible, and, unethical. I would never, ever – make more than one."
"What is that monstrosity?"
"Monstrosity?! What you see before you is the first of a new species!"
"You have to wonder if she and Merlin ever had a talk like this," Enrique muttered in Jim's ear. Jim snickered.
"And as for that abomination … it is the flawed product of a deranged mind. It has no place among us."
Jim stopped laughing and cringed. He loved this movie a lot, but some of it stung.
"A quiet capture would require an understanding of 626 that we do not possess! Who, then, Mr Pleakley, would you send for his extraction?"
"… Does he have a brother? Close grandmother, perhaps?"
"Fun fact," said Darci, "in early drafts Stitch was a career criminal and Jumba was an old accomplice."
"Friendly cousin? Neighbour with a beard?"
"Surely the teacher won't notice I was late if he doesn't see me come in!" Claire narrated sarcastically.
"I'm sorry, Scrump!" Mary wailed, as Lilo ran back to retrieve the doll she'd angrily thrown aside.
"Let me illuminate to you the precarious situation in which you have found yourself. I am the one they call when things go wrong. And things have indeed gone wrong."
"As a cook, that kitchen horrifies me," said Jim.
"If you promise not to fight anymore, I promise not to yell at you – except on special occasions."
"Tuesdays and bank holidays would be good."
The entire group cracked up.
"How does kid Lilo's age even know what a bank holiday is?" said Claire. "I don't even know what a bank holiday is!"
"Maybe she saw it printed on a calendar?" said Toby.
A raindrop fell on Stitch's head. He fired his ray gun into the sky. It started raining, hard.
"Oh, no, I broke the sky!" Darci cried.
"Does it have to be this dog?"
"He survived getting hit by a truck, how much more sturdy and not-gonna-die do you want?" asked Jim.
"Yes. He's good. I can tell."
"I'm sorry I bit you. And pulled your hair. And punched you in the face."
Mary nudged Claire. "Remind you of anyone?"
Like sunflowers, everyone else popped up and turned towards them.
Claire blushed. "We got into a fight in first grade and for like two days we decided we didn't want to be friends anymore, then our moms made us say sorry."
"He will be irresistibly drawn to large cities, where he will back up sewers, reverse street signs, and steal everyone's left shoe."
"It's weird they get in trouble for everything but this," commented Enrique. "Human grown ups might not believe a dog stole a trike, but wouldn't they think Lilo did it? She's fought the other kid before."
"It's nice to live on an island with no large cities."
"It's not an angel, Lilo, I don't even think it's a dog!"
"Isn't that the rolling thing Draal can do?" said Toby.
"Yeah, more or less," said Jim. "I mean, I don't think Draal bites his feet – but maybe that's the trick."
"At least with those stick legs you've got," said Enrique. He curled into a ball and rolled in a circle around the group. "Face it, you're out of proportion for this move."
"626 was designed to be a monster. But now, there is nothing to destroy. You see, I never gave him a greater purpose. What must it be like, to have nothing? Not even memories to visit, in the middle of the night?"
"Now, this next bit I don't care for," said Jim. "The Ugly Duckling is a messed-up story."
"What've you got against The Ugly Duckling?" asked Mary.
"The blatant segregationist propaganda? 'A swan will never fit in with ducks and everyone is better off sticking with their own kind'. You don't even have to read it as a race metaphor. Between that and The Little Mermaid, I thought for while that Hans Christian Anderson was a Changeling writing cautionary tales about why we shouldn't get attached to humans."
"… Was he?" asked Claire.
"Probably not. I couldn't find any real evidence and the rest of his work doesn't match the pattern."
"Counterpoint," said Darci. "The Ugly Duckling is pro-integration. Everyone thought he was an ugly duckling because they didn't know what swans look like. If he'd grown up with ducks and swans around, they could've judged him for what he was instead of what he couldn't measure up to, and he might've had a happy childhood instead of only finding a community that accepted him as an adult."
Jim considered this, and nodded. "I guess I can see that, too."
"Heard you lost your job."
"Well, uh, actually, I just quit. That job. Because, you know, the hours are just not conducive to the challenges of raising a child –"
"Nani, no!" Jim begged. "I know almost nothing about Social Services but I'm pretty sure choosing to leave your only source of income looks worse to them than just losing it!"
"Thus far you have been adrift in the sheltered harbour of my patience; but I cannot ignore you being jobless. Do I make myself clear?"
"And next time I see this dog, I expect it to be a model citizen. Capiche?"
"Uh … yes?"
"New job. Model citizen. Good day."
"So, we saw Cobra on the beach after all the tourists got scared off … D'you think he was just standing there watching them the whole time?" Mary wondered out loud after the surfing sequence.
"Until we meet again …"
Lilo was about to tell Stitch about her parents. Without thinking, Jim grabbed the remote – on the coffee table, next to the amulet – to fast forward.
"What are you doing?" Darci cried. "This is one of the big emotional turning points of the film!"
Jim paused it. "Sorry. Uh … Tobes and I usually skip this scene."
"I think I can handle it," Toby assured Jim. To the girls and Enrique, he explained, "My parents died in a storm when I was two. A cruise ship, not a car accident. I got kind of upset the first time we watched this as kids, and, we got in the habit fast forwarding this part. I think I'm okay with it now."
"You're sure?" asked Jim.
"I'm sure."
"Okay …" He rewound to the point where he'd started fast forwarding.
"That's us before. It was rainy, and they went for a drive. What happened to yours?"
Jim watched Toby more than the movie for the next few minutes.
"I'll remember you, though. I remember everyone that leaves."
"Do you remember them?" Claire asked quietly.
"Only the stuff Nana tells me." Toby shrugged, and readjusted the cushions he'd propped up his arms on. "I've seen lots of pictures. A couple home movies."
"Don't run. Don't make me shoot you. You were expensive. Yes, yes, that's it, come quietly."
"I'm … waiting."
"For what?"
"Ah. You don't have one. I made you."
"Maybe … I could –"
"You were built to destroy. You can never belong."
Jim blinked fast to keep the tears back. He sniffed, and pulled the blankets more tightly around him.
"Okay, talk! I know you had something to do with this, now where's Lilo? Talk! I know you can."
"Claire?" said Mary. "You okay?"
Jim looked over. Claire's jaw was clenched, and her hands were tight on the blanket, and her eyes were huge and fixed on the screen, and she was shaking.
"Ah … maybe the little sib getting snatched by otherworldly forces wasn't the best movie choice," Enrique said. He reached out like he was about to go to Claire, then pulled back his hand and hunkered down where he was.
"LILO! She's a little girl this big, she has black hair and brown eyes, and she hangs around with that THING!"
"I'm. Fine," Claire insisted.
"You're sure?"
"We can just fast forward."
"I said I'm fine!"
"Okay …"
Mary and Darci each scooted their blanket and cushion piles closer to Claire's, bracketing her on either side. Jim tactfully retreated to the Nuñezes kitchen to microwave a few more bags of popcorn. Enrique went with him. They could still hear the TV.
"What? After all you put me through, you expect me to help you just like that? Just like that?!"
"Fine? You're doing what he says?"
"Ah, he is very persuasive."
"Is it normal to feel bad for her?" Enrique asked.
"I think so? It's an awkward situation for both of you." Jim selected the white cheddar flavour. "But it's not like there's an alternative. You're not a polymorph. And really, the only reason she's upset is because she found out."
The Nuñezes had the same microwave as the Lakes. Jim didn't find the popcorn setting especially useful for this brand of popcorn – it tended to burn a third of the kernels– so he used the timer instead.
"I never apologized to you for that, did I?" Jim asked.
"It wasn't all your fault."
"Still, I'm sorry for my part in getting you caught."
The Changelings got back to the living room in time to see the unfortunate tourist lose his ice cream for the third time.
"Does Stitch have to go in the ship?"
"Can Stitch say goodbye?"
"… Yes."
Like he always did during this scene, Jim cried. He let himself do it this time.
"Wait, how is Little Mermaid a cautionary tale?" asked Enrique during the credits. The camera panned over a photo of Stitch reading to a flock of ducklings. "For getting attached, I mean. I thought the moral of that one was to control yer temper and be careful who you made deals with?"
"Sure, the Disney version," said Jim. "They adapted it to make a more dramatic, less depressing story. And give the characters names. In the older version, the sea witch is actually a neutral character. The terms of the mermaid's transformation are that she's traded her tongue for legs, but walking on land hurts, and she'll become fully human if the prince marries her, but if he marries anybody else, she'll die."
"That doesn't sound neutral."
"Wait for it. The prince gets engaged to a human princess, so the mermaid's older sisters trade their hair to the sea witch for a magic knife and a loophole; if the little mermaid kills the prince before the wedding, she can turn back into a mermaid and survive."
"Kay, I see it now."
"Except she doesn't go through with the kill, so she dies, and because she wasn't really human, she doesn't have a proper soul, so her spirit's not allowed to go to Heaven."
"… Whoa."
"I know, right?"
"I mean," Mary commented, "not murdering somebody is kind of a low bar for moral decency. It's not as if the prince owed her anything just because she was attracted to him."
"No, no, whether the prince deserved to die or not is irrelevant," said Jim. "The point is that the mermaid had a chance to, objectively, trade one life for another, and because she was attached to the particular person she'd have to kill, she didn't prioritize her own survival, and therefore suffered."
"Wouldn't the guilt of murder have caused suffering anyway?" Toby pointed out.
"Not if she wasn't attached," Jim insisted. How were they not getting this? "If she could've just cut the throat of any random human, she'd've been fine. The moral of the story is that caring about people causes pain. That's what makes it depressing."
"Do you like any fairy tales?" asked Darci.
"Sure. Just not most of Anderson's work."
"What should we watch next?" said Claire hospitably. "If we're on a 'sister movies' theme, I've got Frozen."
"Isn't that one also based on an Anderson fairy tale?" said Mary.
"Not really," said Jim. "The Snow Queen was more 'inspiration' than 'source material'. Elsa never kidnaps anyone, and they left out the broken enchanted mirror. Plus it's fun to see all the different ways humans think trolls are like."
"We also have the Trolls movie," said Claire. "I haven't watched it yet. My dad got it for Mom's birthday because she used to collect the dolls."
"I haven't seen that one yet, either," Darci commented.
"Should we?" said Mary. "Any other votes?"
"I'm game for whatever," said Toby. "This one's a musical, right? Those are always fun."
Jim squirmed.
He hadn't watched this movie despite his curiosity, after an online clip of the opening had explained the premise. Getting eaten alive was his greatest fear. Did he want to watch a movie about trolls narrowly avoiding being eaten? Did he want to explain why he didn't want to watch it?
While he debated, the movie got put in.
"Once upon a time, in a happy forest, in the happiest tree, lived the happiest creatures the world has ever known: the trolls. They loved nothing more than to sing, and dance, and hug, and dance and hug and sing and dance and sing and hug –"
Enrique started laughing.
Oh, shit, Jim hadn't warned him.
"Uh, Enrique –"
"Ssh! This is ridiculous. I mean, the huggy bit's kind of like you, but the rest of it – ha!"
"But then one day, the trolls were discovered by – a Bergen!"
"The trolls are gonna –"
"Ji-im! Spoilers!" Toby hissed.
"They were the most miserable creatures in all the land."
Jim grabbed Enrique and covered his eyes. The smaller Changeling yelped and squirmed. Jim switched forms so his fingers wouldn't bleed from the clawing.
Enrique got his eyes uncovered just in time to see the Bergen flick a troll into its mouth.
The onscreen troll's exclamation of "Oh my god!" was drowned out by Enrique's much more lurid cursing.
"What the –?" The girls and Toby all turned to stare. Claire pointed at Enrique accusingly. "I knew that didn't mean 'I'm sorry'!"
"The hell kinda movie is this?! Why would you watch this?!" He twisted to look at Jim, who let go of him rather than risk yanking his scruff by accident. "You knew?!"
"I saw a bit of it on the internet when it first came out. That's why I froze up when Claire suggested it."
That … that was the wrong thing to say. Enrique rounded on Claire. A techno-rock cover of In The Hall Of The Mountain King boomed from the movie soundtrack.
"Why in FUCK'S NAME would you think we'd WANT to watch trolls get EATEN? Is this some kind of threat?"
"How the fuck would it be a threat?" Claire shot back, stealing some cushions from Mary to prop herself up taller without getting out of her blanket cocoon.
"Most Changelings –" Jim started to say.
"We've all had close calls," Jim finished. "Nyarlagroths, Hellheetis, goblins if you catch them in the wrong mood, Gruesomes if you're already hurt, Stalklings, and it's a … popular threat from Gumm-Gumms."
"You forgot the sloorbeasts," said Enrique bitterly.
"Nobody's gotten lichen patches that bad." At least, they hadn't when Jim got out. "Have they?"
"Still counts."
"Uh, excuse me." Toby raised his hand. "I think I speak for us all when I say, what?"
"The Darklands are a hostile environment with predators and scavengers," explained Jim. "That's the other reason we slept in groups."
"Bigger targets, but we could have lookouts."
"Okay, that's its own kind of horrifying, but I was more reacting to the cannibalism?"
"Changelings don't count as real trolls," Enrique said sarcastically. "We're Impure."
He left out the part where they'd eaten their own dead. Jim didn't add it.
(It wasn't like they'd hunted each other for food. Sometimes a Changeling just died, somehow, in a way that didn't get them eaten by something else, and … well, food was scarce in the Darklands. They couldn't afford to be picky.
It also paid to keep watch over the sentry posts. Gunmar occasionally used the Decimaar Blade to post a sentry and then forgot to order them to rest and eat. Once they died, the average adult Gumm-Gumm was a meal for twenty Changelings, easily, if they could get to the body before the Gruesomes did.)
"Okay, we're switching to Frozen." Mary made the executive decision. "Wait," she said, while exchanging the disks. "If Changelings aren't trolls, how does Jim's adoption work?"
Because of course this was the perfect moment to tell Enrique about that, right in the middle of a squabble with his adopted sister.
"For one thing, most of Trollmarket still thinks I'm human." Jim switched back to human shape to illustrate the point.
"You got adopted?"
"AAARRRGGHH and Blinky thought I should have legal standing in Trollmarket outside of my job."
Enrique stared at him. Green diamond-shaped ears were pinned back. Buggy, slit-pupil eyes were wide and hurt.
"You get everything," he grumbled. "Two nicknames, and the goblins liked you, and you could always find food, and here you're the boss's favourite even when you're a traitor, and your human family still likes you, and now you get a troll family too? S'not fair."
"Hey, the goblins liked you, too." Jim was fully aware that wasn't much comfort compared to all the rest of it. "They gave you your nickname, remember?"
"They gave you one, too."
"Yeah, but you got yours first."
They probably weren't supposed to hear Darci when she muttered, "I feel like we're missing a lot of context."
"Shit," Claire muttered back. "Not Enrique told me a bit of the name part. They don't remember their names from before they were Changelings, and they don't get real names until they have Familiars, so they use nicknames instead. From each other or from goblins, he said."
"They don't get names?" Darci's voice went squeaky at the end of that.
"We're trying to come up with something other than 'Enrique' for him."
"You're trying," Enrique corrected. Darci squeaked again.
"Can we maybe circle back to the cannibalism thing?" said Toby. "That feels like the kind of trauma that should get unpacked at some point."
"I would rather leave it packed," said Jim.
"The way you blurted it out like that feels like you need to talk about it."
"Not all psychology is Freudian, Tobes."
"Do your parents still have baby name books from when they were picking Enrique's name?" Mary asked Claire. "Real Enrique, I mean."
"They didn't use one. He was named after our abuelo."
"Okay, so what about your other grandfather? What was his name?"
"Jose María." Defensively, "It's gender neutral in Spanish."
On the television screen, the movie menu finished another loop and started again.
"I tried spelling my name like it sounds, en are ee kay, but Claire said it spelled 'Nrek'. You get why I couldn't use that."
Jim laughed.
"What's funny?" asked Toby. "Is that an insult or something?"
"No, it's goblin, in English it means 'bottle'," Jim translated. "Or possibly 'container of food'." The only bottles he's seen them use held formula for the Familiars, and the word hadn't come up on the surface, so the distinction was unclear. "It's either a silly name or a really morbid one."
"Aaand we're back to the cannibalism."
"No we are not!"
"Na na na heyana, Hahiyaha naha …"
Either somebody had decided to start the movie, or the DVD had that feature where it automatically began playing if nothing was selected after a few loops of the menu.
The conversation went in circles a couple more times, then faded out.
"And who's the funky-looking donkey over there?"
"That's Sven."
"Uh-huh; and who's the reindeer?"
"… Sven."
"Oh, they're – ? Oh! Okay! Makes things easier for me."
"~Riot~," said Enrique.
"My nickname. Before. It meant 'riot'."
What are you doing? Jim wanted to demand. Was Enrique just – just giving up on a real name?
"You can call me that for now. Till we work out a for-real one. Better than 'Not Enrique'."
Jim stuffed some burnt popcorn kernels into his mouth to keep from protesting. He couldn't undermine Enrique's – Riot's – chosen name, right in front of a bunch of humans, when he'd been arguing with them about how rude that was for weeks now.
"Oh. Okay." Claire half-smiled. "Riot."
Jim shut his eyes to hide the flaring glow.
Previous Chapter (Angor Rot gets treated much better, and more sensibly, than in canon, and is correspondingly less vengeful)
Table of Contents 
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A quick thank you to Taycin on AO3 for providing some name-gender context when this chapter first went up.
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Chapter 21 of RH: AHC
I don’t think this chapter has anything bad in it? But things are gonna be bad next chapter
@purgatorydotexe​ @abalonetea​ @poore-choice-of-words​
Wattpad link:
Tumblr media
Chapter 21
Laura (continued)
   I understand why Sebastian was so worried now. He didn’t want to be seen as a monster for what other Shapeshifters have done to sully the name of those who are good. He didn’t want to lose what he fought so hard to keep a hold of. Part of me wonders how I would have reacted if a past version of myself was reacting to this news and to be honest I don’t linger on the thought too long as I don’t want to think about it because I know what I was like before Sebastian met me. He must remember how I greeted him when he approached Leah and me in Florida. Part of me wants to feel angry that he didn’t tell us sooner. But I understand why he didn’t.
Though I’m angry. Its been a couple of months but I trust Sebastian.   “Wait, but you’ve been handling weaponry…” I say.
Sebastian pulls an arm out of his trenchcoat and grabs his weapon and I watch as black tendrils of corruption creep up his arm, Sebastian doesn’t even flinch, like it doesn’t hurt anymore. Zachary explains that it doesn’t look as bad now, because he healed Sebastian.
  Sebastian puts his weapon away and we meet up with Caroline and Glenn before making the decision to slowly make our way back to Collette’s house. We decide to walk to give us more time to talk and we actually stop to hide a few times as we hear police sirens and watch ambulances and police cars drive past us in different directions and we know what will happen if we get caught. We stay in the shadows of the alleyways for what must have been maybe half an hour, maybe more as we tried to come up with a plan on how to handle things and maybe get out the country before we get arrested cause lord knows we don’t need that.    I feel like everything has been happening so fast lately. We’ve all been so occupied and so busy with everything that we have had to deal with and  the way we’ve all grown more comfortable around each other. We’re clearly learning more about people as we do what we’re doing and we’re slowly learning to become better people because of the way we’ve been seen and how we all want to change it and change the world in the process.
  I don’t know what to say to Sebastian. I want to tell him that everything will be alright but I know nothing I say will change how he feels about this whole situation. He must feel so helpless.
   Caroline already knew Sebastian’s secret. Sebastian talks about his mother and how when he was a young boy, his mother went out with a friend for a job and never came home. Nobody wanted to adopt him so instead of staying in the orphanage, he took matters into his own hands and became a Hunter to find out what had happened to his mother. He had no other family. That is why what he is doing is so important to him. Why he so badly wants a family for himself. He doesn’t want anybody else to go through what he’s been through. But he can’t be everywhere at once. He’s always working and acting like he’s running out of time and I don’t know how he hasn’t gone crazy. But to be so afraid of being judged by some of your only friends? That is probably the most tragic thing of all.
   Sebastian tells us he hasn’t been using his powers because of the situation with the Shapeshifter we saw. He doesn’t want to end up like that thing. He doesn’t want people to expect him to use his powers to get something that he couldn’t through normal methods.
   He wants to make the world a better place.
That’s all he wants.
   Sebastian goes into detail about how he asked Zachary to come because he knew they needed backup and to stop things if things went bad. Zachary hands Sebastian a weapon and tells him it is powerful enough to kill any supernatural being, Angels included. Sebastian asks why Zach is giving him it and Zach believes he will need it in their future but if anybody asks, to try and pass it off like they found it and it wasn’t given.
   I start thinking about all the cases we’ve come across – how this all started. How almost everyone we’ve come across have all said similar things.
   “The Shapeshifter thing may not be connected with what we’ve been looking into.” I say, stopping for a moment before I begin to walk again. “Think about all the things that were said to us, the Shapeshifter never said what they said.”
   “What do you mean?” Glenn asks.
   “Every time we’ve come across a case, most of them have said ‘The vessel must be ready, the vessel must be cleansed’ which means that they’re waiting for something, or rather someone to appear.” I point out, continuing as Sebastian tells me to. “We need to find out who, because clearly this person they’re searching for needs to be pretty strong to be able to cope with whatever power they need. And its clear that the Shapeshifter attacks are not connected.”
   “Yeah, but evil comes in many different forms and could be connected for one cause.” Zachary replies. “The people going missing could have been used  as some sort of vessel like the others and then the Shapeshifter pretends to be them for a sick joke to make it seem like everything is alright when its not. Everything is connected, I’m sure of it. When the point of being evil is to divide people, there are plenty of different ways to do it.”
   Sebastian doesn’t say anything. Caroline and Zach are making sure he is steady on his feet as they walk because he’s been through a lot.
If what Zachary says is true, Raphael might have caught on to this and may have been figuring out what is the cause of all this and the reason he disappeared may be because they’re trying to silence him. Sebastian has been trying to track him but we haven’t found Raphael yet. Sebastian says something about how this is unusual for Raphael because Raphael was always one step behind Sebastian, always on his tail and so they never missed out on anything.
  Caroline scratches her head.
    “Guys.” She begins to say, clearing her throat. “Think about what happened with the Shapeshifter. It only shifted to being one of us after finding out we were here and probably did it to cause trouble. All the other victims were that of people who had gone missing, right?”
Sebastian tells her to continue her point.
Caroline’s hands fall to her side again.
   “Everything may be connected, like a worldwide operation for something. We need to gather everything we’ve learnt so far and go over it. If we can pinpoint any location where they might pop up again, the evil might show itself and might give us a clue to where its holding Raphael if it is holding him. Somebody is afraid of us and trying to stop us, but we cannot give in.”
   “Are you trying to say all this across the world that has been happening, is happening because people are scared of us and want our attention or something?” Caroline asks.
I shake my head.
   “If that was the case they would have tried to get rid of us all years ago.” I say, though I am interested in what she’s said. “They’re trying to find a vessel and I think other acts of murder and destruction within the supernatural community are being done to act as covers for what is happening. I think they know we’re getting close to figuring out the truth and panicking, but they know we don’t know where they plan to strike next or anything like that.”
    Sebastian and Glenn make a comment about how their heads hurt and I can honestly say I can’t blame them. A thousand thoughts are running through my head, trying to come up with theories of why this is happening and I sound like Sebastian when I’m talking all these theories and the truth of the matter is that we don’t know. You don’t know, I don’t know. None of us really know and its our job to find out the truth before the world gets turned upside down.
    I want to know what my mother would do in this situation. What would she do about all of what we’ve uncovered because its all so crazy.
I try again to call my sister and again I get put through to voicemail. My sister is tough, so I know she’ll be okay but its not her I’m worried about – everyone who has ever been a Hunter has seen their fair share of loss. We don’t know where Collette is and if she is okay. We haven’t known her long, but I feel like we’re all she has that has a connection to this life because her kids have all moved away and she is trying to protect her boyfriend and trying to live a normal life which we all dream of having.    
    I feel like we could write a book about all the shit we’ve found out or create a podcast or something, just to tell our story and get people to understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. But we don’t have time. And who would believe the shit we say anyway? People can be pretty ignorant even when the truth smacks them in the face.
   I feel like we’ve gotten lost in our way of trying to figure out the truth. That and the fact we’re too lost in conversation that we’re literally lost and I have to get Caroline and Glenn to give me Collette’s address so I can get Google Maps up on my phone and ask for directions.
   Once this case is over, I think we’ll all need to take a break so we can look at the evidence we have with a fresh view so we can find something new and start our chaotic routine again.
    Liverpool is a pretty impressive city, I just wish we were here in better circumstances.
   My mind goes back to Sebastian’s secret of being a Shapeshifter all along. He has no idea that I’m a lesbian. Being a Shapeshifter and being a lesbian are two very different things that you shouldn’t compare, but everyone these days has secrets and I know what it is like to be scared to tell somebody. But you shouldn’t have to be scared. Just because we are who we are, doesn’t mean our opinion on each other needs to change. Its not like we’re doing anything awful that somebody needs to stop us. Sebastian is worried that he’ll become a monster like that Shapeshifter was… but I know Sebastian would never be like that and I think everybody around him knows that.
Sebastian is a good man; a bright shining light in the darkness of the world and I refuse to watch it be snuffed out by the evil that infests every corner of every civilisation.
I feel like I’m a mess with my thoughts right now because I’m trying to process so many things at once.
       We are all pulled from our conversations and thoughts by the sound of a phone ringing and we all look at each other, before I realise it is my phone that is making the noise and I look down because my phone is still in my hands and find Leah is finally getting back to me.
I let Glenn guide me in the direction we need to go as I answer the phone.
   “Sis?” Leah asks as I pick up.
She sounds like she’s just witnessed something horrible and she is clearly shaken up about it so I get her to calm down and explain what is going on.
   “Its Collette. I found her, she’s fine but….”
I can’t really make out what else she says as she gets worse again and it is then that I can hear sobbing in the background of the call.
  “Leah, who is that crying?” I ask.
   “Collette was unharmed when I found her, just had concussion from where she’d been thrown around by the Shapeshifter. After realising we went after the Shapeshifter, she tried to make her way back home but she never made it because of all the chaos across the city. When I caught up with her, the Shapeshifter's friends turned up.”
    “You got attacked by Demons? Well then what's wrong?”
   “Its David. They got David. You need to get back to the house now. Its bad.”
Oh fuck.
Zachary stops in his tracks, turning as he pulls out his phone to see he got a message of a soul to collect to send to Heaven – David. The message only just arrived, he says. Meaning David only just died.
Sebastian starts running as Caroline and Glenn give him directions and we all follow suit.
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animebw · a month ago
Binge-Watching: Talentless Nana, Episodes 7-9
In which I struggle to maintain my interest, a million little cracks start showing, and a new addition to the cast has the potential to make this show click at last.
Fog of Disinterest
I’m gonna be honest, guys; I could feel my interest in Talentless Nana really starting to slip over the course of these episodes. I feel like I’ve been giving it the benefit of the doubt for a while now, waiting for it to settle into a groove and start doing interesting things. But episode 7 is this show’s first episode with basically zero Kyouya in it since his introduction, and, well, let’s just say starting with that episode really made it sink in how aggressively uninteresting I find everything about this show outside Nana and Kyouya’s cat-and-mouse game. None of the other characters are interesting or particularly funny, the setting still feels loosely defined, and there’s nowhere near enough in the way of unique cinematic storytelling to keep my interest on an aesthetic front. Like, the animation and direction is pretty solid all around, but there’s nothing really remarkable out it that’s of much interest on its own terms. Also, I know I keep harping on the lack of music, but seriously, why is there so little music in this show? A good soundtrack can go a long way to differentiating scenes, building tension, expressing emotion, and giving each moment its distinct character. But almost every scene in Talentless Nana is silent, which makes the subdued plot-setting scenes and the big confrontation scenes seem equally important, which only means they seem equally unimportant as well. It straight-up feels like they forgot to pen a soundtrack and just let scenes that were supposed to have BGM play with only ambient noise. It’s weird, man.
But hey, a somewhat awkward production doesn’t have to be a death knell. Silver Spoon proved that a good story told well can survive a production that doesn’t totally do it justice. The problem with Talentless Nana is that it’s just not good enough on its own merits. And I think I’ve identified one major flaw holding it back; the characters tend to talk a little too obviously for the audience’s sake above all else. They toss exposition at each other in the place of witty dialogue, and they react to most situations by breaking it down in terms of what’s important to the audience rather than what’s important to them. There’s a scene where Nana’s trying to prove her mind-reading powers are real by reading a letter on Michiru’s back, but only she and Michiru (who’s actually a fake, we’ll get to that) know that’s what they’re trying to do; everybody else is just seeing their interaction at face value. And yet, they still talk about it as if they know the point of this scene is to determine whether or not Nana’s successfully fooled them. They might as well just turn to the audience and say, “Well, she managed to lie to us again, guess we’ll keep believing that she can read minds!” And honestly, the actual dialogue in that scene wasn’t too far off from that. These aren’t characters, they’re chess pieces for the author to play out mind games with. Unfortunately, I don’t watch anime to play chess.
Chinks in the Armor
And once that disinterest settles in, it isn’t long before you start noticing all the little cracks. I can forgive some plot holes or conveniences in a show that’s otherwise emotionally engaging me, but when I’m not invested, they tend to stick out all the more. Example: is it just me, or has basically every one of Nana’s victims and attempted victims said they’ve noticed something was off about the island? Kyouya noticed, Yuka noticed, Tsunekichi noticed... if this island is supposed to trick people, it’s not doing a very good job of it. Nor is it really doing a good job selling me on Nana developing doubts towards her work. She’s never shown reluctance about killing her targets before, why does she make sure that Yuka was actually a bad person before killing her? There’s no moment where she even started to care about that sort of thing, unless my memory is really failing me, so I’m genuinely unsure where her sudden reluctance is coming from. And side note about Yuka, between her backstory and the eventual lore reveal in episode 9, it’s a liiiiittle weird how often this show uses “Jealous girl kills the guy who dumped her” as an important plot point. That kind of thing slips into problematic territory really easily, and it’s not exactly encouraging when that’s one of the more commonly recurring tropes in a show.
Taking all this together, I could feel my enthusiasm for Talentless Nana really start fading away. It's doing so little that interests me, and the flaws seem to systemic to really fix. What this show needs now more than anything is a shake-up, something to shatter the old status quo and take things in a different, more interesting direction.
And thankfully, it seems like we might be on the verge of that happening.
A New Fire Burns
Thus enter Jin Tachibana, easily the show’s first interesting character outside Nana and Kyouya. The way he introduces himself, shapeshifting into Michiru and catching Nana completely off guard by throwing her powers into question, instantly made me sit up and take notice just when I was really starting to tap out. Turns out, Nana isn’t the only person on this island with a birds-eye view of the situation. Jin was a member of the previous class of Talented let loose on this island five years ago. That class descended into a civil war and tore each other to pieces, but Jin suspects there was foul play afoot driving them to violence. As the lone survivor of that bloody conflict, he’s seen a lot of things that the outside world would really rather he didn’t. He saw the teachers fleeing the island during the conflict and shooting down everyone trying to flee with him. He’s seen the outside world and how much it wants people like him dead. And he’s been keeping a close eye on Nana as well; the reveal that he was the cat she saved from the fire was a great little moment. On top of that, his powers are genuinely terrifying; when he shapeshifts, he can take on the powers of whoever he shifts into. So he can be immortal like Kyouya, a healer like Michiru, or whoever else he needs to be to advance his current scheme. And he wastes no time showing Nana just how dangerous he can be if she decides to make him her enemy.
This has the potential to lead to some really interesting things. With a perspective from the outside world, we’ve got the chance to learn even more about this society and what circumstances led it to this point. And this is one opponent Nana can’t beat; he pretty much knows her entire deal already, and he’s too powerful for her to really fight against. For the first time, she’s up against someone who holds all the cards; she’s no longer the one in control here. She better thank her lucky stars that Jin’s willing to sit back for a while and watch her do her thing; he’s more interested in answers than revenge at this point. As long as he can learn from her, he’s got no reason to attack her. But the moment that stops being the case? I don’t know how Nana wriggles her way out of that one. And that’s more exciting than this show’s been in a long time. This new chess piece might be just the thing Talentless Nana needs to kick into high gear at last. Let’s hope it makes good on that potential.
Odds and Ends
-”People don’t believe truth. They believe people.” Oof, that’s a good line.
-”I have to eat live reptiles to function.” ...sure.
-”Wow, for such a goodie-goodie, you’re a total skank!” Man, Nana, why did you have to kill her? You could’ve been slut buddies together!
-I will say, kudos to Kyouya for keeping such a close eye on Nana throughout that search. His attention didn’t waver for an instant.
-Jesus Kyouya I know you can’t die but that’s gotta hurt like hell
-Now we know the only thing that can challenge a killer disguised as a cute, harmless anime girl; another killer disguised as a cute, harmless anime girl.
-”Well, you have been flirting with Nana all morning.” sdkjfskdfj ok cool so it wasn’t just me
-”I’m opening up applications for someone to be my BFF and eat lunch with me.” Kyouya’s great, y’all.
One more session to go. Let’s see if this show can stick the landing... next time!
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lady-bakuhoe · a month ago
Devious | Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐩ú𝐜𝐚 (𝐈𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐡 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐭/𝐠𝐡𝐨𝐬𝐭), 𝐩𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐚, 𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐤𝐚 𝐢𝐬 𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐥𝐲 𝐚 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐂𝐞𝐥𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐟𝐨𝐥𝐤𝐥𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞 𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐛𝐨𝐭𝐡 𝐨𝐟 𝐠𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐛𝐚𝐝 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐮𝐧𝐞, 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐩 𝐨𝐫 𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐫𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐬. 𝐏ú𝐜𝐚í 𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐨𝐫 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐞 𝐟𝐮𝐫 𝐨𝐫 𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐫. 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐬 𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐬𝐚𝐢𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐞-𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬, 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐡 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐬𝐞𝐬, 𝐠𝐨𝐚𝐭𝐬, 𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐬, 𝐝𝐨𝐠𝐬, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐬. 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐲 𝐦𝐚𝐲 𝐚𝐥𝐬𝐨 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐚 𝐡𝐮𝐦𝐚𝐧 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦, 𝐰𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐡 𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐝𝐞𝐬 𝐯𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐥 𝐟𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐞𝐬, 𝐬𝐮𝐜𝐡 𝐚𝐬 𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐬 𝐨𝐫 𝐚 𝐭𝐚𝐢𝐥.
Tumblr media
Here is my contribution for The Citrus Dome’s Hybrid collab! Please check out the other talented creators here.
Listen, this may or may not be awful because I am definitely not into hybrids but I felt so guilty constantly dropping out of Leah’s collabs I had to try and write something. This is my first time ever writing any kind of creature/hybrid/breeding/whatever this is fic so idk what is going on-
Shout out to @jirou-s and @roggenmuhme for reading through for me! And fangie Baku edit is by @rat-suki​ thank you for letting me use it💕
Warnings: 18+, I have no idea how to tag this?, non-con/dub-con, coercion, predator/prey (kinda), breeding, unprotected sex, shapeshifter/werewolf!bakugou, a/b/o vibes but no knots!
Word Count: 4.3k
Tumblr media
You’d been told stories of the Pooka ever since you were a child. They were shapeshifting creatures that could take on any form, many claiming them to be malevolent and if you had the misfortune to run into one to tread lightly. As there was no way of telling whether it would be your last meeting.
It was something you’d never believed, just another fabricated fairytale to try and scare children into compliance. ‘If you’re not good, the pooka will get you’, something that you’d grown out of years ago. Stories that you would pass onto your children, who would pass it onto theirs in tradition. Never something that you would have to worry about or fear now you were of age. The pooka was not a myth or legend you would believe in. That is until you experienced one for the first time.
It was the worst harvest your family had seen for generations, a plague across the crops as you tried to cultivate as much as you could. But it was all in vain. The baskets scattered around the field barely full of wheat as you continued to plough the land. Your father was worried, though he’d never admit it. On his hands and knees as he dug furiously at the ground, his head down as he tried to salvage what little was left of the devastation.
“So much destruction, so much desolation.” You heard a raspy voice speak out, “This would have fed your entire village.”
Your eyes caught sight of an animal you’d never seen before, cloaked in darkness as it stared at you with pointed red eyes, its claws digging into the ground in warning as you felt his gaze bare deep into your soul.
“Get back, beast.” Your father’s men were immediately beside him with pitchforks raised, pointing them towards the creature that now sat at the end of your field, pawing at the dead crops that lay on the dry ground.
“I know you’re not foolish enough to try and better a pooka, old man.” The beast challenged, watching as the men lowered their pitchforks slightly, glancing between each other as they tried to decipher what to do, “Especially not without a full harvest.”
You could hear the taunting tone of his voice as you watched him step closer, the large pads of his paws crunching underneath the dead wheat on the ground, absolutely no fear in his eyes at the threat of violence as he neared the centre of the field where you stood.
“Such a pity-” You could tell from the tone of his voice that he didn’t care your village had lost months of cultivation, “How long did this take to grow? Three? Four months?”
“How do we know this wasn’t you, beast?” You growled, stepping towards the creature as it sat in the barren field, “We had a full harvest here until you came along.”
The creature focused its gaze on you, his eyes watching your bold movements as your father held you back. You felt scared beneath his gaze, this was something that you’d only heard about in stories, old tales retold generation after generation. You were certain it wasn’t real, but here he was. A darkened shapeshifter standing in front of you, cloaked by a darkened veil. The stories you’d been told as a child were now true before your very eyes. He’d taken on the form of a wolf-like creature, a long snout between glowering red eyes as he shook his mangy coat.
“Forgive her, she doesn’t- she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” Your father tried to push you behind him, to quieten you like he always did.
“You don’t know me, girl. But I know you-” The creature ignored your father, closing the distance between you, “Many years ago this was my land, it was more than capable of harvesting years of crops. In the right hands-”
His eyes flashed towards your father with a slight upturn of his lips that didn’t go unnoticed by you, “Until it was taken from me, taken from us-”
You watched as his tail swished against the muddy ground, a flurry of produce appearing beneath him. Your eyes widening in surprise at how easily he was able to conjure up these crops as your father’s men rushed to harvest them, the Pooka’s tail dancing back against the same spot as the food soon turned back to dirt.
“I could make it come back,” The creature smiled devilishly, red eyes catching your gaze as you watched his lips curl into a smirk, “If you would do something for me.”
“Name it. We’ll do anything.” Your father obliged compliantly, his hands clasped together in desperation as he waited for the creature's demands.
You felt his gaze fall upon you, nodding his snout towards your frame, “Her.”
“What?” You shot back in confusion, what did he want with you? What did you have to offer?
“We have livestock,” Your father bartered.
“I’ve seen your livestock.” The pooka taunted, “Hardly enough to feed your village, nevermind satiate my need.” His tongue slipped out to lash against his lips hungrily, watching your form as you stood behind your father.
“It’s that easy.” The pooka stretched, sitting back on its hind legs as it waited for a response, “Her or nothing.”
Tumblr media
You hadn’t expected your father to agree to the terms, thinking he would have found another way, but instead, you were being taken deep into the woods by your new captor. This had to be a dream, your eyes taking in the sight of the wolf-like creature who was prowling ahead of you. Crossing your arms as you pinched the soft skin, trying to convince yourself that this wasn’t happening. You could try to run, the forest dense with trees and foliage. You definitely would be unable to outrun him, but maybe you’d be able to hide long enough to make your escape.
“Don’t even think about running,” The beast spoke in front of you, “I could destroy your entire village in one night if you do.”
It was futile.
“How does it feel knowing your father gave you up so easily?” The Pooka smirked, turning back to face you as he walked on four paws.
“You didn’t give him a choice,” You murmured, trying to rub away the tear stains against your cheeks.
“Well, there’s always a choice, Princess.”
“It was either me or my entire village, that’s no choice. If you hadn’t destroyed our harvest-”
“Are you blaming me, girl?” The creature cut you off with a snarl, backing you into a corner as you felt your back hit the hardwood of an oak tree. Wide eyes watching as he increased his form, towering over you as vermilion eyes bored into your own, his body shapeshifting into human form, “Your fathers own greed put you here, nothing else.”
“So it wasn’t you that killed our crops?” You chanced, your heart beating harshly against your ribcage as you maintained eye contact, not wanting to show fear, “You’re not the reason he had to do this?”
“Now why would you think something like that?” Your eyes focused on the creature as its form began to change again, the golden fur that covered his body now shifted to pale skin. His face changing from a pointed snout to a chiselled face, stubble scattered along his jawline as he wrapped a human hand around your neck. You were shocked at how attractive he was in this form, almost like he had been able to decipher your greatest fantasies and manifest them into this trickery. Even through the transformation, you couldn’t ignore something that had definitely stayed the same. Those piercing red eyes that seemed to bore into your soul.
“Like what you see?” His voice held an air of arrogance as you tried to avoid looking down at his thick cock, curving towards his abdomen as the tip glistened with pre, “Tell me,”
“What do you want with me?” You trembled beneath his gaze, already vulnerable being alone with such a beast.
“Isn’t it obvious?” He gave a rut of his hips against you, his cock brushing your hip as your face flushed, “You.”
“What if I-” The pooka quickly cut you off.
“You belong to me, that was the deal.” His paws stomped in the grass beneath you, his body pressed flush against yours as he pinned you to the tree. His warm breath fanning against your face as he bared his teeth, pointed fangs curving downwards fiercely.
“A deal I didn’t agree to.” You swallowed thickly, feeling his hand tighten around your windpipe, a strangled gasp leaving your lips, “Pooka, please-”
“Call me Bakugou.” He gave another pronounced roll of his hips, his pre-cum smearing against the skirt of your dress uncomfortably, staining the fabric as your back scratched roughly against the rough bark of the tree. “And it doesn’t matter what you want, Princess. You’re mine now.”
Before you had a chance to object he silenced you in a desperate kiss, his tongue lashing against your closed lips as he tried to grant himself access. His fingers clenching harder around your neck as you struggled to breathe, your mouth gasping for air as he delved inside. Your chest tightening as he stroked his tongue against your own, deepening the kiss. His human hands all over you, unabashedly groping your thighs. His teeth clashed against your own unceremoniously as low, feral grunts came from deep in his chest.
This felt wrong, but you were trapped. There was no way you’d be able to escape now, and what would happen if you did? With no crops, your entire village would surely starve. It was the only way. You were pulled out of your thoughts when Bakugou grasped one of your breasts, palming the soft mound as you moaned against his lips. Arching your back from the tree as you meld into his touch, crying out in surprise as he ripped the fabric of your dress with his sharp nails.
You couldn’t avoid the pleasure ebbing away inside you, taking over your senses and clouding your coherent thoughts. The only thing on your mind now was the innate pleasure that Bakugou was providing you, keening as you leaned into his touch. Watching as he buried his nose against your neck, inhaling your scent as he rutted his hips against your own.
“I can smell how much you want me, Princess.” Bakugou bit down on your throat, pulling a startled cry from your lips as he swiftly began to lap at the wound he’d given you, “How needy you are for me, why deny it?”
His voice rumbled against your skin, your cunt throbbing between your thighs in desperation. You wanted him to touch you, to help quench this desire that flowed through your veins. It was a feeling you couldn’t decipher, no words enough to describe the insatiable thirst you felt. Your body betrayed your rational senses as Bakugou’s hands stroked along your sides, calloused pads of his fingers digging into your skin, scratching against the surface almost uncomfortably as you arched your back into his touch.
“Please-” You gasped when he wrapped his lips around one of your taut nipples, lashing his tongue against the nub as you felt his teeth graze the surface, tweaking the other between his thumb and forefinger as he continued to rut his hips against you, “More-”
“Please, more?” Bakugou replied smugly, mimicking your needy voice as he blew cool air against the saliva coating your nipple, “That’s not what you were saying a moment ago, little one.”
“I- I- just-” You stuttered, feeling him move to give your other breast the same attention, his lips wrapping around the hardened peak as you shuddered.
“I- I- I-” Bakugou sneered mockingly, “You’re actually enjoying this, aren’t you? What a pathetic slut.”
Bakugou moved his hands to tug the destroyed fabric off your body, leaving the torn material of your dress on the forest floor. No longer able to keep your modesty as his fingers delved between your thighs, pulling more gentle whimpers from your lips.
“You’re glad your father gave you to me,” He continued, watching the way you tried to angle your hips so he touched your clit, “I didn’t even need to ask him, you would have come with me by choice.”
“No,” You denied, “It’s not true. I wouldn’t have-”
“Yeah fuckin’ right.” He smirked as he pressed his fingers against your panties, feeling how soaked the fabric was against his touch, “You’re drenched.”
You whimpered at his words, feeling a tightness whirring inside you as you involuntarily ground yourself against his touch. Bakugou pressed his thumb against your clit through the fabric as he watched in glee as you began to pleasure yourself against his touch, hungrily searching for your own release.
“Look at how selfish you humans are,” He stopped his motions against your clit and watched with glee as you tried feebly to grind yourself against it, “It’s always about what you want, what you need, that inherent greed you all seem to possess.”
Your lower lip trembled as you fought back tears, disgusted with your body for betraying you in such a way, watching as Bakugou’s nose scrunched as he sniffed the air. Clearly smelling your desire for him at this moment, you wished you could stop yourself from succumbing to his touch.
“What about me, girl?” His hand curled into your hair, tugging it harshly as you felt your scalp throb from his touch. Unforgivingly forcing you to the ground beneath him as your knees rubbed against the muddy grass, maintaining his hold on your hair as he kept you facing his thick cock. His free hand wrapped around his girth as he stroked the tip along your pursed lips, smearing his pre against them as he began to tap the underside against your chin.
“You better show me how grateful you are that I helped your family, they’re alive because of me.”
Pearly tears clung to your lashes as you gazed up at the beast, your chest heaving as you pursed your lips together in defiance. Two of his fingers grasping your nose as he cut off your air supply, a low rumble in his throat as he growled at your actions.
“I see you still need to be taught your place,” Bakugou snarled, focused on the way your eyes rolled back “You’ve been much harder to break than the rest.”
Your body soon betraying you as your lips parted with the ardent need to breathe, gulping in large wisps of oxygen as you tried to settle the lightheaded sensation, Bakugou’s hand grasping your hair to keep your body upright as his hips surged forward. Forcing the thick tip of his cock between your lips, instantly pushing it to the back of your throat without giving you a moment to adjust. The sensation making your throat convulse, gagging around his girth as your teeth scraped against the underside of his cock. A low hiss leaving his lips as he held you tight against him. Watching as tears continued to clump in your lashes and trickle down your cheeks as he held you steady. Saliva gathered in your mouth as it helped lubricate his cock, drool spilling down your chin as Bakugou started a slow, steady pace inside you.
“Humans are so fuckin’ pathetic,” His hands curled into your hair, sharp fingernails digging at your scalp as he held your head tight, beginning to push his cock inside your mouth with each roll of his hips, the tip hitting the back of your throat with each forward thrust as you gagged around him.
Tears spilling down your cheeks as you glanced up at him through wet lashes, his messy fur brushing against your skin with each pronounced movement. You tried to think of something, anything to distract you from the momentum. To try and stop yourself from clamping down on his cock as you struggled to breathe. The crude moans and snarls leaving his lips only had your heart pounding harder in your chest as you wondered what was next.
Maybe this was all he wanted and he would allow you to return to your family, to see the full summer's harvest that should be waiting for you. Maybe this was all a dream, something you’d wake up from in a few hours and learn it was just a trick of the mind. But the painful throb at the back of your head told you otherwise, the sharp scratch of his nails against your skin as he used your mouth for his own gain told you that this was real.
“You didn’t think that was it, did you?”
Your legs ached from being against the cool, muddy forest floor as you stood, Bakugou quick to press your chest against the trunk of the tree as he stepped behind you. His body flush against your own as you felt his hard cock pressed snugly between the swell of your ass.
“I am nowhere near done with you,” He snarled against your ear as he slipped his thick cock between your thighs, rolling his hips as the length brushed through your folds.
“I’ve been looking for someone like you,” He murmured, teeth nipping your earlobe as he eased his hips back, the head of his cock catching on your entrance, “Someone to carry the bloodline.”
“W-what?” The realisation dawned on you of what he actually wanted, “Please, no. I can’t-”
“You can, and you will.” He snarled, without warning the swollen head of his cock slowly stretching out your tight hole, feeling your inner walls spasm around the intrusion as you tried to stop it from happening.
“No, no, no. I can’t-” You cried, trying to move your body away from him, but you were trapped.
“You were just begging me for more and now you’re asking me to stop? Liar.” He snarled, spit flying from his jaw as it landed against your exposed back and neck.
“I wasn’t, I didn’t mean it-” You wailed incoherently, unsure of what you could say to make him stop. He’d already made it abundantly clear he saw you as no more than a possession, a commodity that he could do with as he pleased. Your eyes still wandering around the woods erratically, hoping for some kind of sign of escape or rescue.
“You’re mine now, you do whatever I say.” Bakugou pressed his hips further, feeling you continue to clench around him as he buried more of his length inside your inner walls, “Every part of you belongs to me.”
“Please,” You sobbed, “Please just let me go home-”
“If you do as I say I’ll return you to your family,” Bakugou’s movements paused, his hand stroking along your spine almost soothingly as he waited for your response.
“P-promise,” You cried, your lower lip trembling as you allowed yourself to relax, to believe him.
“Promise.” Bakugou repeated. From your position you were unable to see the sly smirk on his lips as he finally surged forward, burying his cock inside you to the hilt. The movement causes your cheek to press against the cool bark as you felt it scratch your skin.
“Fuck,” He snarled, cherishing the feeling of your inner walls clenching around him, “You were worth the wait.”
“You don’t think it’s a coincidence that of all the villages I picked yours?” He smirked as he began to slowly roll his hips against yours, “I’ve been watching you.”
“Y-you, what?” Your head was swimming with emotions as you tried to decipher what he meant, he’d been watching you? “So it was you that destroyed our harvest.”
“But I gave it back, didn’t I?” He smirked, grunting as your cunt continued to squeeze around his cock, “Fuckin’ tight-”
You whimpered as he increased his pace, the sound of skin slapping against skin filling the desolate forest as you were pushed against the hardwood of the oak tree, your breasts scraping against the bark with each rut of his hips, irritating your puffy nipples.
“I could have easily stolen you away,” His hands tightened their grip on your hips, sharp nails leaving crescent-shaped moons in their wake, “But this? This was far more fun. Your father has probably forgotten about you already. He gave you up so easily, after all.”
You tried not to think about your father at this moment, was he thinking about you? Was he looking for you? Did he even care? The pooka was right, he did give you up so easily.
“Shit,” He snarled from behind you, the ridges of his cock catching against your silky walls as he dragged his cock in and out of your slick heat. Greedily chasing his own release as you continued to flutter around him.
You squealed when you felt his palm come down hard against your ass, your skin prickling as you tried to move away from his touch. Your body caged between his and the tree trunk. Bakugou repeated the motion, eager to pull more of those sounds from your lips as he watched the swell of your ass ripple with the motion of his smack, making your velvety heat clench around him.
“You’re going to look so perfect carrying my pups,” Bakugou snarled, sharp fangs biting down onto the apex of your neck to draw blood, the metallic taste seemingly heightening his senses as his pace increased. His harsh ruts bruising the round mounds of your ass painfully as he chased his own release, “So full and round.”
“No, please. I don’t want to- I can’t-” Your words were slurred as your head continued to knock against the tree trunk, a dull thud echoing around the woods.
“Your body says differently, Princess.” Bakugou smirked as he pressed a hand down on your abdomen, feeling the way his cock stretched you out. Imagining how you would look carrying his litter, the thought making him growl possessively behind you.
You felt the coil inside you impossibly close to breaking, your inner walls squeezing his cock as you felt your own climax wash over you. Bakugou’s hand pressed against your abdomen helping to ease you into your orgasm as your toes curled. Your fingertips scraped against the bark of the tree as you began to shake in the tremors of your bliss. Your legs almost giving way as Bakugou pressed his body harder against yours, trapping you between the hard surface of the tree and his back as he continued to use you for his own need.
“That’s it, you filthy girl. You wanted me to breed you, didn’t you?” He snarled as he felt your cunt continue to milk his cock in the ripples of your orgasm, “You want me to fill you up with my cum. Have you carry my child-”
“No, please-” You trembled, trying to turn your head to face him, “I can’t.”
“We should show your father how desperate you were to be filled with my pups.” Bakugou smirked as he pressed a palm down against your back, pressing your chest against the wood as it rubbed your skin raw, greedily rutting his hips into your tight heat.
The scent of sex mixed with the damp mildew of nature, the smell mixing with your senses as delirium began to take over, feeling lightheaded as Bakugou continued his harsh pace behind you. Your mind trying to focus on anything but the pain your body felt, the intense stretch he was creating as he continued brutalising your body. Bakugou’s hand reached up to tug at your hair, craning your neck to a difficult angle so he could see the expression on your face. The way your lips contorted as he fucked into your tight cunt, his vermilion eyes in slits as he chased his own release.
Bakugou’s hips moving feverishly, his fanged teeth biting down on your skin to leave fresh marks as he claimed you as his own, your cunt milking his cock as he teetered on the edge of his climax.
“You’re mine.” He growled possessively, fangs biting down onto your shoulder as he bottomed out, his cock throbbing as his climax followed swiftly after your own.
Thick, white spurts of his release coating your inner walls as he stayed buried inside you. His cock slowly decreased in size as he came down from his high, his tongue moving to lash against the wounds that he had left against your skin, the marks marring the pretty flesh as he panted behind you. Keeping himself buried deep inside your velvety walls to keep you full of his cum, giving a few sloppy ruts as he regained his breath.
When he pulled out of your abused body you could no longer hold yourself up, trying to splay your palms against the trunk of the tree before your legs gave way, sliding onto the muddy floor as you shivered, your clothes a pile of fabric beside you that were now soiled with dirt.
“You’ll let me go now, right?” You whimpered, wrapping your arms around your legs as you curled into yourself. Feeling his release seeping from your convulsing walls as the moisture slick against your thighs, “That’s what you said-”
“I’m sorry, Princess.” Bakugou’s hand stroked the top of your head, bending down on his haunches beside you, “Didn’t they tell you never trust a Pooka?”
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