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#if one of the cats decides to pee on the floor while I sleep I'll skin them alive
I spent the last three days cleaning and tidying my part of the house. Literally. I only took breaks to eat and feed the animals. Didn't even take naps. Skipped my workouts. Went to bed late. Because social worker comes over tomorrow for a first appointment. Don't wanna make her think I live in chaos and dirt. And with my sister moving out last weekend there was a lot of chaos and dirt. Three days worth of chaos and dirt.
You know how Sims walk when they're overtired? This is me now. I literally walk like this lmao. Anyway, everything's neat and clean now. One of my younger part's freaking out because of the appointment. Because it means moving forward and she fears being overwhelmed. Valid fear, I will keep this in mind. Put my most beautiful, perfect plant on the table for emotional support.
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