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#if i ever do get around to writing that thing i have in mind i'll just throw it into the aether
justsimpel · 2 months ago
Corrupted Albedo x reader
Requested by: Aru/Haru(~‾▿‾)~
A/n: I don't usually make angst..(because i suck at it) but i will try my best and (i suck at writing fight scene too.. but i will try my best). I also will tweak some stuff so it may not be 100% true.
Tumblr media
mention of blood, bruise, overall a pretty dark war below..(in my opinion) Please look away if you're uncomfortable or trigger a dark memories.
Half of the Mondstat is a wreck, everything is a mess, covered by blood and Destruction all over. The overwhelming massive power is becoming too much to handle, causing normal humans immune system to slow down as alot of damage started to appear on their body because of the monsters
The red mist covered the whole windrise, springvale and whispering wood as heartless monsters destroy and hurt every living creature they see. The dark sky didn't help the slightest either as it seems like even the sky is against us.
Your body is covered with scars, bruise and blood as you grip your sword harder. Dead and heavily injured body is pooling on the ground in front of you. The screams and despair cries engulf Mondstat.
"Barbatos guide us!".
A hoarse shout from Jean was heard and a breeze of wind flows through you body as your body slowly heals.
"We can do it!".
Barbara shout as she tried her best to heal everyone and hold of the monsters, worries and a pool of tears threatened to fall from her eyes.
A little voice was heard, you tore your eyes from a certain bright dark red light from behind the mist.
One of the leg of a man was stuck under a rock that one of the monster throw. You instantly run to get him as his body slowly getting engulf by the red mist.
"Y/n! Stay there! I'll help him!".
Noelle shout's, you looked at her in worried as a tear that you didn't even realize was there fall from your eyes but proceed to listen to her anyway. In order to save everyone you need to stop the cause.
You put up a shield around Mondstat, trying to hold everyone safe inside the shield but your geo shield crumbles down instantly when a festering desire sword hit the shield.
The sword that was supposed to be used by Aether has been thrown at the shield.. that means.. where is Aether? He is in danger-! Your breathing gets heavier than before knowing your dearest friend, Aether is in deep danger.
"Where are you going y/n?!".
Diluc shout when he notice you started picking up your pace and running towards the mist but you didn't stop, you keep running and running. Before your whole body is drowned by the sea of mist you stopped and looked back at your friends with tears and determined smile on your face.
"Hang in there!".
Is all you said before you run deep inside the mist, ignoring the calls from people.
"Y/n-! Ugh"
Kaeya was about to run to take you to a safer place but a monster scratch his arm. Venti release his ultimate power, sucking all the monster away from Kaeya as Venti immediately bring Kaeya to heal afterhe shout towards you.
"BE SAFE Y/N". Venti said you just keep running inside the mist. Your leg is aching, how many scars you have now? You don't know and you don't care. Albedo is the only thing you cared. The source to stopped this hideous fight.
I'm sorry
You thought, directing your apologies to your family and friends. gripping your sword harder you slash through the monster left and right, wanting everything to get over with.. wanting a bright future for Mondstat there's so much thing to be discovered and you cannot let the dreams and your friends die. Not now. not ever. As long as you're alive.
When you're inside the mist nothing makes sense, you almost lost your way as monsters coming for you from every side. the only thing guiding you is the bright red light that you detect as a light that erupts from Albedo's corrupted body.
as a bright red light starting to get closer and closer to your eye sight. Your eyes widened, the horrific sight in front of you. Albedo is slowly levitating upwards, bringing Aether by his neck.
Aether grip Albedo's veiny wrist as a light emerge from Aether's hand meaning he is slowly purifying Albedo.
A wave of burn suddenly rush throughout Albedo's corrupted body. He suddenly opened his grip on Aether, without wasting anytime you instantly rushed to aether, letting you a geo shield that pushes Albedo backwards a little bit.
You glance backwards to Aether, he slowly stood up, coughing trying to gain the oxygen back to his lungs. You stab your sword to the ground as a geo shield went around you and Aether.
"MoVe Y/n".
Albedo said. You look up at him, eyes wide. If he really is corrupted all the way how can he still know you. You shake your head, staying strong to protect Aether.
Aether whisper, looking at you with sadness. You must've felt pain to hurt Albedo, the man you love so much and he is right but for Mondstat and for Albedo himself. You are determined to save both Albedo and Mondstat.
You pulled out a bracelet from your pocket and throw it to Aether.
"Aether.. can you focus your purify energy to this bracelet? If we put this on Albedo he won't be able to get it of".
Once you put this bracelet down on Albedo's wrist he won't be able to pull it out and if Aether fill that bracelet with Aether's purify energy, maybe.. maybe We can save him. You look back to the hurting Aether and whisper to him.
"I'll hold him and you'll purify him okay".
You whisper, Aether nod as you looked back to the now growling Albedo. Albedo released a spear like weapon out of red light and throw them at you. You run out of your shield and dodge them by jumping from one weapon yo another.
Finally reaching Albedo you grab his hair and pulled it as he falls down along with you. You summon a chain out of geo from the ground and hold Albedo by his neck as tears running down your face.
"I'm sorry this will hurt".
You whisper as you felt Aether run and snapped the bracelet on Albedo's wrist. A loud Pained shout was heard from Albedo as he trashed around the chain and dirt. You hold Albedo's hand, pinning it to the ground on one side as Aether held the other.
The veins on Albedo's body slowly fading out as a heavy breathing was heard from him. Slowly but surely his breathing goes down as his red and black eyes slowly closed.
You call out, removing your hand from Albedo's hand, summoning away your geo chain and looked at Aether. You were about to say something when all of the sudden the red mist surrounding you is slowly disappearing. In your mind there's only one thing.
Albedo has been lifted from the darkness.
His dark power is fading away. You turn your gaze back to Albedo and Aether. Albedo slowly sits up, holding his head with a groan. You and Aether cannot hide your excitement so you both just rushed to him, hugging Albedo tightly.
"Y-y/n... A-aether?".
He whispered after seeing your faces. Years of joy is running down your bloody faces. Shout's was heard and a bunch of foot hitting the ground.
Shout's from Sucrose, Kaeya, Diluc and the others filled Albedo's ear. He looked around the place.. Everything is filled with bodies, people crying in pain, loosing their loved ones.
Albedo look at his hand.. he did it.. he hurt Mondstat.. he is a monster. Tears are pooling on the corner of his eyes, no one saw Albedo cried until now as a regretful and despair sob comes from Albedo's mouth as his Sobbing gets louder and louder.
Albedo's body is trembling as he looked down to his hand. He suddenly felt a hand, one by one hugging him, without him realizing Sucrose, Venti, Jean followed by Lisa, Barbara and Noelle hugs Albedo.
"I-i-i'm so-sorry-! I didn't mean-".
"It's okay".
Jean assured him.
"We will find a way to fix this mess".
And with that the sky slowly clears out, Albedo's bracelet is locking away all his curse. The sun started to set as you guys bask in eachother's presence Albedo, being basked in the warmth and reassurance from his friend.. and his beloved y/n makes him calm for a little while. Mondstat will never be the same after this, the damage and the event still lingers.
From there Albedo worked 10x harder to find a way to revive people. Albedo asked and beg for the dead to be froze so when the time comes, he will be able to restore them back to life.
Some people forgive Albedo, some people sill hates him.. wich is understandable, some people never really think it's his fault but either way the only thing you care about is that Albedo is safe.. even if he hurts you.. even if he tries to kill you.. you'll still love him with all your heart.
A/n: i feel like there's something lacking on this story.. i deeply apologize if there's any typo.. and mistakes, feel free to leave a criticism please!
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