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#idk whats happening but!! im loving this!!!
how does bo hurnham come up with this
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notkembabuticatchawalker10 minutes ago
Gotta be top 5 worst ways to wake up. It feel like last summer but shit changed I can feel it. I always choose her but she鈥檚 not gonna always choose you, y鈥檃ll ain鈥檛 twin flames dickhead & u def aint soulmates. You鈥檙e the dickhead with the attachment issue to ur ex cause da more people u talk to the more numb u realize are & that鈥檚 the last time u felt something. & now u being ignored the one thing that gets to you everytime but ur not chasing her this time cause you know it鈥檚 different. Last time we had a conversation Agree鈥檇 were never on the same page, i was hesitant, became distant cause I鈥檓 scared but idk why i wouldn鈥檛 be scared. Didn鈥檛 want a relationship with me before got invested got my feelings hurt, last time other way around cause yes i fear commitment, can鈥檛 handle affection now whatever & i knew i wasn鈥檛 ready so why would i waste anybody鈥檚 time. Okay i text now i don鈥檛 expect nothing to big of it cause i know her you got options, i got options too. Bitches tryna fly me out & I鈥檓 choosing you cause under all the money, the looks & superficial shit it was always you. I always choose u because i had da best bond with you & i know we will never speak again in our life cause if i don鈥檛 take first steps it鈥檒l never happen. No matter how much i think about u everyday, no matter how much i speak good on you, no matter how much i love you, no matter how much i beat myself up bout shit I鈥檝e done, no matter how much i grow we鈥檒l never speak again cause it鈥檚 the end of our chapter & that鈥檚 fine but i never expected us to end like this. I always thought it would be you & yes everyone has there version of our story. People thought of us as amazing but we know it wasn鈥檛 dips & dabbles. It was infuriating sometimes, verbally abusive, felt like you literally hated me while being with me no matter what i tried to do. Do i speak on that ? No. When i look at you do i remember the bad things ? No. Getting out the relationship made me realize that as much as im the numb one i wasn鈥檛 in the relationship. I was literally the emotional one & the chaser with an emotionally unavailable girl 100% pretty sure was depressed. I can鈥檛 cure anybody鈥檚 depression & i don鈥檛 see anybody trying to help me with mine but i tried my best to help. If I dealt with you depressed why the fuck don鈥檛 i deserve happy you 馃槶. I mean i don鈥檛 deserve anything, I鈥檓 not obligated to anything but why the fuck you gonna go give yourself to niggas who never fucked with you at your lowest. Niggas aint deal with the overthinking, the mood swings, the numbness, the ghosting, none of that shit but that鈥檚 what niggas gonna get Now cause what ? We free now like that doesn鈥檛 make sense. I grew & you were the first person I thought to pursue & text & that鈥檚 what i did. When you grow & do allat u aint thinking bout me, not the one who would make themselves available to u 25/8 but you gonna go fuck with randoms. I believed in you no matter what, oh ya ugliest days i still thought u were the most beautiful person ever but knowing you you鈥檒l only remember the bad parts when they think about you cause that鈥檚 all that sticks. I did wrong, i never deny but i also grew significantly. I put in effort i said imma be better & i did get better i just ran into somebody who no longer gave a fuck & that鈥檚 life. I loved you with everything in me when i ain鈥檛 never even been loved correctly, cheated on my whole first relationship, greased right after, you tell people i cheated on you which is weird as hell cause i never did. Why i speak good on you & that鈥檚 what u tell people. & i pray to god them niggas treat you good cause i was never your type. We should鈥檝e never been together & i deserve somebody who will choose me cause u never will. & i pray them niggas you choosing don鈥檛 grease you cause you gonna cry alone. I鈥檓 not checking for you, not nothing I鈥檓 done with you. Cause you hurt my feelings time after time & you the only person who can do this & i tell you straight up how I鈥檓 feeling, how I鈥檓 this, how I鈥檓 that & it鈥檚 funny cause the first time i texted you i wanted to know
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lingchardonnaymom57 minutes ago
Things are calming down at home. My husband is back to work mostly thank god. My kids are home but found their own things to do. Mac left. I know. I was devastated. But alot has happened because of her leaving. Well to update im in a complete affair with Mac. We have been meeting up and having sex. We had our first fight and everything. Things are just great. Sneaking around is harder. Im in a "art class" according to my husband. Mac is ok things were rocky right after she left our house. Mac is very shy and doesn't speak alot so it was me constantly texting her first made I just felt unwanted. So thats what our fight was about. She is extremely submissive when it comes to the non sexual things in our relationship. Gosh im all over the place. So your probably wanting to hear how our first fucking went. Well here it goes. We have kissed and did oral before this. Mac called me wanting to see me it was 10pm. I told her idk if I could find a valid excuse for leaving. She said ok. I found an excuse and about 10:20 she picked me up. Ugh I felt so sexy. She has a old square body truck with those mirrors that stick out far. As soon as I got in the car we left I asked her where we were going and she told me to a special spot. Omg when we pulled up to this field Mac pulled beers and kfc out. We got into the back of her truck and ate and talked. I had like 5 beers and we started kissing she slipped her hands underneath my dress and rubbed my vagina over my underwear. She got ontop of me and I was completely helpless to her under her hot heavy body. I dont want to go to into it but we both had a very good night. I lost track of time when I looked at the clock it was 1:44. I told my husband i was over a friend's house. After me and Mac got into her truck cab my phone had 4 missed calls from my husband. I called him and told him im on my way home. I was gonna spend the night with my friend but her husband came home early. He said ok. Omg I let the window down and let the cold air sober me up and wash the smell of sex off of me. After sex with mack everything felt amazing. I fished around my purse for gum and a light fresh smelling perfume. Mac joked next time we are going to make love in a hotel so I can take a shower afterwords and we can have a proper bed. My heart melts. She just cares about me so much. I feel like I'm alive for the first time in years
Tumblr media
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myonepiece2 hours ago
Hello author-san! (idk what name you go by here on tumblr (鈺ワ箯鈺) lemme know) I have a fluff headcanon request!
How do you think Killer, Kid and Kyoshiro would react to their s/o randomly made flowers crowns for them, each with the flower they think represents them, like
Killer gets a dwarf sunflower crown
Kid gets a rose flower crown (causes hes a prickly bitch but we love him)
Kyoshiro gets a lavender flower crown
And you get a morning glory flower crown! (I saw them and they just reminded me of you) (銇B粹柦`)銇 鈾ワ笍馃挅
This is what the flower looks like if you're curious!
Tumblr media
i can't- i love you 馃槶馃槶 you're just too freaking precious 馃槫馃枻 also i've never actually specified what to call me, i've gotten author-san a lot and i love that but any nickname is fine too (you can also just call me jenny) 馃グ
killer, kid, kyoshiro when their s/o makes them a flower crown
description: killer, kid, and kyoshiro (separate) when their s/o randomly makes them a flower crown
Tumblr media
-he's super confused at first until you hold out, he just kind of stared at it
-if you try to put it on him he's gonna push it away, he's not wearing a flower crown in front of the crew, in front of kid
-he's not interested in wearing a flower crown.
-you'll have to wait until you're in private later, when he's lounging on the bed and you happen along looking allcute and innocent and irresistible
-he oustretches one of his arms so you can slip onto the bed beside him and you snuggle up against him
-his eyes flutter closed but you stare up at him trying to stifle your giggles and anticipating smile
-after a few minutes once you thinks he's asleep, you take the flower crown from where you were hiding it beside the bed and slowly reach your hands up
-then his eyes shoot open glaring down at you, but you keep moving, mainting eye contact as well
-you lightly place it on killer's head and bring your hands back pressing them into killer's body in attempt at defusing him with your cuteness
-and luckily it works, he sighed through his nose then his hold on you tightens and he falls back to sleep, you survived
Tumblr media
-there is no way you're getting that on him while he's concious, he will smack it out of your hand
-so you wait until he's asleep
-all comfortable (and unconscious) in his workshop chair
-then you sneak in, tip toeing across the room to the side of his chair and stilling just in case he woke up at all
-when he doesn't move you step forwards, reaching up and slowly putting the flowers atop his red hair
-and then...
-he wakes up!
-barely, but his eyes are open and narrowed at you in a suspicious glare
-"what are you doing?"
-"i.. came to nap with you!"
-he hesitates then grunts and you take that as a sign of acceptance, so you crawl onto his lap, he moves his arms to make room for you before coiling them around your waist
-he doesn't even notice the flowers as he falls asleep, his arms firmly around you holding you to his chest, and the pink, red, and white flowers sticking out against the color of his hair
Tumblr media
-most definitely the easiest to give a flower crown to
-especially when he鈥檚 drunk
-because then he鈥檚 just a mess, his arms flying all over constantly holding you in somewhere, hugging or even petting you
-so you take his chin in one of your hands and lean in closing the gap with a kiss that denjiro quickly turns passionate- mostly just messy though
-and with your free hand you sneak the flower crown up onto his head
-you pull away to look up and smile at how adorable he looks
-but of course kyoshiro isn鈥檛 done kissing you, and the smile you鈥檙e giving him is too much for the drunk in love (and sake) man to handle
-so one minutes he鈥檚 pressing his lips against yours feverishly once again
-and the neck his nose is smushed against your shoulder and he鈥檚 snoring
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vattelaapiglia3 hours ago
My (F23) two close friends M & F offered me a three some and I think I want to do it.
I( 23) have a close girl friend (23) who I hooked up with once a while ago... she鈥檚 a really good friend and what happened was a mix of sexual repression and alcohol.... well a couple days ago she mentioned how she told one of our guy friends (23) how we hooked up and ever since that鈥檚 all he talks about (of course) she starts talking about how she鈥檚 never had a 3 some and it would be perfect if it鈥檚 us 3 since we are all basically not active and all clean so why not it will be a fun time for everyone. I tell her yeah but I need to be so drunk; we planned for this Friday and I鈥檓 so excited but nervous. I don鈥檛 really know what to expect, I mean I think hooking up with my gf will be easy and fun I really enjoy her perfect body and she loves to taste me and tease me throughout the nights and my guy friend idk he鈥檚 pretty good looking and according to her he鈥檚 well gifted. But I do need advice, of course we are going to drinks in us to get things going but does anyone have any tips? Advice? Im pretty dominant in bed so what positions do you guys recomend so we all enjoy. Thank u all and yes after I鈥檒l post on here how it went and some sexy details.
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curiouspolarbear5 hours ago
been a while
i dont know why, but ive never been into classical music but something about debussy鈥檚 clair de lune has made me want to write something. ive dug up this old blog account just to do so, i feel like twitter would be too short and i kind of want this to be private. so 2017 has been my last post huh, i guess i was very shallow about my crushes before and i dont know if ive learned something since then, 2017 was a great year tho compared to right now which is 2021. i dont wanna say it but ive been feeling down lately, partly because of the pandemic but mostly because of being alone here in my great grandfather鈥檚 last home. my great grandfather passed away last november, and my sister left home right when the pandemic started and i feel optimistic that she can have a life with her boyfriend whom i really like rather than her past boyfriends. i never tell her this but i love my sister very much and she is more than what others tell her to be, she is more than most people i know. my mom is in myanmar, shes working there i havent seen her in forever and idk but ive felt less and less about my parents as days go by, i still love my mom tho, thats never going away. my dad is in cebu with his girlfriend, apparently shes pregnant, i dont know how to feel not being the youngest anymore but as long as they can make it, i dont really care anymore. how about me, whats been going on with me... i shouldnt be scared to share since this is for me, i guess ive always been bad at admitting truths. the thought of people abandoning me has been looming my mind recently but i cant really blame people when they do abandon me, but thinking about it instantly makes me teary eyed. to be honest, i dont make the effort to connect to people too, maybe because i dont have a personality, maybe i just dont want people to see me as i am. there are times where i feel optimistic about myself but lately, i dont see me making a life for myself. ive had my first girlfriend, that didnt last a month, i feel like i forced her into a relationship because she clearly said she wanted things to be casual when we first talked. she was great tho, she used to keep my mind of things but now we arent even talking, we鈥檝e talked and said we could still hang out but i havent heard from her in a while. its alright tho, she said i was immature and ive heard of that before, i guess i just dont know how to be mature. so now im here, listening to clair de lune, makes me feel nostalgic for no reason, i guess i just really like the piece, feels like a starry night with people you love the most. the thing is, i dont know the people i love the most, i enjoy my time with people but i dont know who to keep around so i just end up drifting apart from them. one person i know for sure whos been with me the longest is onin, my greatest friend, he never stopped being there for me, i wonder what makes him stay. since grade 9 hes been there, ive tried letting him go in the past but he never gave up on me, and i owe him a lot for that because without him, i have no one, not one person. ive been thinking about a lot of things, and some are really bad thoughts, well most as of now. i dont think i would make much of an impact if my life goes on, ive always thought about myself first. i dont wanna die, but at the same time, i dont want my life to go on, i wish i could have a restart, some kind of reboot, just let me redo myself. i guess thats why i always play games because theres always a redo, which makes me think, everytime theres decision making in a game, its always obvious what the right one is so i tend to go that direction, i just wish deciding was that easy in real life. ive always been indecisive, always thinking what could go wrong if i do that or what happens if i do this. and for the times that i do become spontaneous, its always for the wrong reasons. i dont know, there are so many more that could excel with what i have, i know i have more than enough, maybe im just spoiled. i miss my grandfather, i miss my mom, i miss my friends, i miss my sister. why do my family think so highly of me, i feel like im gonna end up disappointing them and thats my biggest fear, its gonna happen im just waiting for the inevitable. my name has a lot to live up to, and i wish i didnt have that burden. a good enough life for me is enough money to support myself and my hobbies, i dont really want anything too big. anyway, ive ran out of thoughts, ill probably get back to this site again if i ever feel like spilling out some thoughts.
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seedatives6 hours ago
idk whats happening but all the people im following are posting lesbian history and pride posts right when i come out as lesbian instead of bi.......... ladies...... i love you
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to-be-frank-i-dont-care8 hours ago
SS Zelink?
SS Zelink?
get ready for an extremely long post :)聽
What do I think of SS Zelink??聽
What do I think of my favorite ship from my favorite game from my favorite series?聽
In case you hadn鈥檛 picked up on it by now....I LOVE IT SO MUCH. So let me teach you some stuff if you don鈥檛 agree.聽
1. SS Zelink is so freaking hecking adorable
2. SS Zelink is the best Zelink there is聽
3. SS Zelink IS canon
4. SS Zelink is without a doubt the one ship I will still be obsessed with when I am a hundred years old聽
First of all, there鈥檚 the adorable squealiness that comes with the fact that SS Zelda and Link grew up together as childhood best friends and knew each other so well that you can pick up on how close they are without even seeing them interact in the first few moments of the game. They鈥檙e so close that Zelda perfectly knows Link鈥檚 routine, perfectly knows he鈥檚 going to sleep in late, but is sending a reminder via her LOFTWING (which implies stuff like this has happened before...a lot). She addresses him as 鈥淪leepyhead鈥 in her letter, which says a WHOLE lot more about their relationship--they鈥檙e so close she has a nickname for him. (I鈥檓 very close with my friends, but we don鈥檛 have nicknames for each other). WHICH GOES TO SAY....
...they are more than friends.
And all this is in merely the first few minutes of the game.聽
Tumblr media
We then have Link鈥檚 reaction to Zelda鈥檚 letter (btw, I鈥檓 basing this off a thing I read once where they interpreted the opening scene of SS and summed up Link and Zelda鈥檚 relationship in the first moments. Idk where I saw it tho). Anyway, Link stands up, groggy from having just awoken from sleep, and opens Zelda鈥檚 letter to read it. After reading it, he tilts his head and smirks a little, like聽鈥淗eh, typical of her. Guess I鈥檇 better get going.鈥澛
Tumblr media
Then we have the cutscene where Link meets Zelda at the Statue of the Goddess. Zelda very excitedly shows Link her outfit, and Link (who can be a jerk if the player wants him to and make Zelda super self-conscious, or who can say what he obviously would have said and tell her it looks great) gives his opinion on it. Then Gaepora comes up, and Zelda begins to worry about Link and go on about how she鈥檚 afraid he might not be able to win the Wing Ceremony and all that because he鈥檚 lazy. As Gaepora tries to calm Zelda鈥檚 fears, Zelda looks over at Link with this look on her face:聽
Tumblr media
Now if THAT isn鈥檛 sheer adoration and love then I don鈥檛 know what is. We then have Zelda drag Link off for a few momtents of practice before the ceremony. She gives him a little bit of no-nonsense聽鈥淣ow Link get out there and practice or I will kill you in sparring practice tomorrow鈥 talk and, well, shoves him off a cliff. Which, as it happens later as well, seems to imply she鈥檚 done this before. XD聽
Skipping ahead, Zelda also has several I am Queen, You Imbecile鈩 moments with Groose and shows him who is boss. (She also shows Link. She just shoves him outta the way like nobody's business and Link is just like "yes ma'am"
Tumblr media
And then comes that scene. You know the one. The one where Zelda throws herself off of Skyloft completely full of trust that Link is going to catch her (which he does). Link sets her down extremely carefully and, after she sees the extreme concern on his face, Zelda assures him she is fine.
After a few formalities, Zelda gets very close to Link, and at this point the player is chanting, "KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS."
She gets VERY CLOSE.
Very. close.
Tumblr media
And then Zelda, being Zelda, tells Link in a characteristically Zelda
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basilly11 hours ago
say cheese || irl!mcyts x reader
Tumblr media
request:聽 hello hello can i request hc鈥檚 with a photographer friend? maybe for bench trio or sbi? thank you i love your writing :)) <33
includes: p!tubbo, p!tommy, p!ranboo, p!phil, p!wilbur, & p!techno
note: all platonic! i did the two groups and then ranboo (idk he was just good for this)
pronouns: they/them
warnings: none!
Tumblr media
. asks you to take 鈥榝amily photos鈥
. honestly kind of chaos
. phil just wants a group photo but wilbur and tommy keep comparing heights
wilbur: 鈥渢ommy get off your tippy toes鈥 tommy: 鈥渂ut wilbur i have to look taller!鈥
. techno is just waiting for it to be over
. you get only a couple good ones out of the 100 you take
techno: 鈥渢ommy look your eyes are closed in that one-鈥 phil: 鈥渢echno, mate you don鈥檛 look any better- what is your mouth doing??鈥
. they appreciate your work a lot though
. they would show it off to others, proud 鈥榝amily鈥 moment
. you love taking candid shots of them
. its the small moments you liked to cherish
. also makes great memes for twitter
. the photo album of you guys is quite large-
. sometimes phil or techno will help you take photos so you are in them
鈥渉ere i got this- y/n get in the photo鈥 鈥渞eally? thanks phil.鈥
Tumblr media
. he think you鈥檙e incredibly talented
. if you offer to take pictures for him, he would not stop thanking you
鈥渞anboo i can help take your pictures if you want?鈥 鈥渨ait really?鈥 鈥測ea of course!鈥 鈥渢hank you- really, thank you so much you don鈥檛 have to do this but thank you鈥
. puts photo credits anywhere he could if he posts on twitter
. he loves your photography- he鈥檚 super supportive of any art forms
. you might need a raised platform to take a photo of him at a straight angle
Tumblr media
bench trio:
. lots of blurry photos- the cooperation is NOT it
. like- tommy and tubbo can not stand still together
鈥渢ommy! stay still I can鈥檛 take the photo- it鈥檚 going to turn out blurry again!鈥 鈥渟orryyy鈥
. the blurry photos become fan favorites though
. you help them take pictures for social media聽
. or merch or thumbnails!!
. they鈥檙e very appreciative of your work
. but be careful if you give tommy the camera-
. he might mess with your settings
鈥渢ommy what happened- the settings are all off??鈥 鈥渋 had to change them for my photo鈥
. tubbo would have you take lots of nature photos
. or ones of him with like his foot in the fire-
鈥測/n this would make a great photo-鈥 鈥渢ubbo don鈥檛 burn your foot!鈥
. ranboo is mostly just *there* on the side
. thumbs up like,,, yup im here too
鈥渢his is great- this is just going well鈥 鈥渞anboo im sorry- they鈥檙e not staying still鈥
. ranboo probably takes the best photos out of them three聽
. he likes taking tips from you
. tubbo tries to take photos like you but always messes something up
. tommy,,, he tries, okay?
Tumblr media
an: i got slight writer鈥檚 block but i hope you enjoy :))
taglist: @fluff-goblin @bozowrites @peachynightz-main @kai-was-here聽@xoxothornbudoxox聽@b3l0v3ds鈥嬄燖truthfulsyncerity @forutheworld鈥嬄燖losingvienna @luluwinchester @cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc @dreamiewrites @a-simp-for-block-people @dysfunctionalcrab @ella-ivanov @akasuki @bioluminescentfrog @brainsanalysis @momo-has-a-gun @korylyzed @etherealexsistence @sleepysoupi @notgeoreg @ialexabsuniverse @disastrousdream @inniterhq @bugthegremlin @spoonz @god1ngs @sabinanotfound @stuffforreferences @crybabyjabby @twitchchatvroom @mack4676 @esylwen @notphilosopherstudentblog @oh-mcyt @dirty-candie @ohhonk @chubbity @ttakinou @unomomonono @ghostburlovebot
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orajimekinnies14 hours ago
midnight teruhina gushing (sfw intimacy)))
i sound so fucking stupid rn,,,,,, but omg let me jus...just ramble here,,,, cause last night i was feeling so fuzzy and happy abt them oh god it was on the same day i felt like i was about to go insane cause i've been studying for so long and have been suffering (aka stuDYING) for a long hours ugh.. but sometimes i just think of them. like i just need a break from it all. and now i'm just like. im so happy. i love them. it just makes me so happy thinking of them. it literally makes me so happy i cannot express it in words god they make me feel omg
but..well honestly for a moment i am really thinking abt teruteru,, actually i feel like he really likes physical touch. i am 100% that actually his love language would be just taking care of people,, and like??physical touch?? he shows his love through affectionate hugging,, kissing,, u know hes a really touchy person. yes hes also a bit sexual sometimes and well I have to admit i sometimes really think he has absolutely no idea what boundaries are, so this can be a big trouble for hajime and he can end up making him super uncomfy without realizing it..but tbh once teruteru realizes it when hajime does tell him about you know,, about how he feels uncomfy when he does certain things (like attempting to s3xually assault or inappropriately touch people) im pretty sure he would eventually learn that hajime doesnt like what he does at times and not only that but it would be definitely applied to his other fellow classmates. and would even come to understand and respect that hajime doesnt really like PDA. thats like a headcanon for hajime I have. he really doesnt like PDA. and humiliation in public. the furthest that teruteru can really go on with PDA with hajime in public is probably hugging, but thats it really. but if they are alone together??? like if they are in each others cottage, or in a hotel room, etc. hajime allows teruteru to hug him.
oops and another ramble again! its connected to the 1st one cause well i love rambling abt sfw intimacy teruhina..</3
- im so sorry i sound so repetitive, but well i think personally hajime isnt the type of person who usually initiates things like cuddles, kisses, etc. occasionally i think hajime would like someone to just be affectionately hugged, but he wouldnt show it. i just think hes a tsundere.
- if hajimes mad at teruteru though, i really feel like he wouldnt want hugs or any kind of touch. im sorry idk anymore i just think of this sometimes :( and if teruteru ever tries doing so hajime would kind of like u know,, push him away and all that. not like they are in an arena but he would like gently push him away. but well if teruteru continues to do so he might lash out at him in anger or either just stay quiet and walk away. but if its comfort,, like after fights or any heated argument, hajime is pretty open to all that. however personally i think hajime would really want things like explanations, or apologies, etc. more than just affection.
- when hajime does initiate any hugs, kisses or touchy stuff, it seems to be rare and so its kind of like a special moment to teruteru since moments like these dont happen as much. god teruteru feeling so flustered because hajime just offered a kiss on the forehead??! you know what? fuck it man any type of kiss would make teruteru feel like '<3333' when its given by hajime. yeah.
- and just hajimes reaction when he sees teruteru just melt..he tries SO HARD NOT TO SMILE BC TERUTERU,, LOOKS SO CUTE,,,,WHEN HE JUST BLUSHES. WHAT I AM EXPLOSION
- also i have a headcanon where like?? teruteru just recieves a gentle kiss on the lips from hajime and literally he was just..just intensely blushing and in love,,, istg he had a voice crack after that and hearing it made it even harder for hajime to not smile!!
- stop it brain stop. dont think. ok nvm i thought of it let me write. :D just hajime softly holding his boyfriends hand before kissing him</3omg
- and lets not forget,, hajime = cold hands, teruteru = warm hands. yes!
- i am so sorry i talk abt teruhina and like just hajime hinata all the time bro ig its probably one of the very few things keeping me in danganronpa rn. i'm actually getting back into my regular interests before i actually got to know danganronpa so i rlly apologize if shit like this annoys u and that if it seems to be a little out of character!! i am so sorry!! :(
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noirkkat15 hours ago
嘟秽酱郦郦蛶 after sex cares
note: just to make things clear. there are no nsfw scenes here! this is you and the character after doing the deed lol. if you鈥檙e not comfortable with a minor writing these stuff pls don鈥檛 read it :) thank u!
warnings: mentions of sex (just you two talking about it after)
characters included: diluc, kaeya, zhongli, x gn! reader
category: short fics, fluff
a/n: once again, don鈥檛 read this if you鈥檙e uncomfortable with a minor writing these :)
Tumblr media
嗉 diluc
doing the deed with diluc can be a bit tiring. okay i lied you鈥檙e gonna be wrecked after lol.
so he makes sure that he gives his s/o cuddles and kisses on their forehead every now and then, to make them feel loved and special to him. (since he is pretty rough- ANYWAYS)
he would usually cuddle you up in his arms and kiss your neck and forehead.
鈥測ou did well today baby...鈥 he said in his husky voice that you love so much. he usually sounds like this when exhausted or just tired.
鈥渄id i really?鈥 a hearty chuckle leaving your mouth made his heart skip a million beats.
he stared at you for a while. thinking how much lucky he is that you鈥檙e with him right now, in his bed, unclothed and just laying peacefully in his arms.
you would then poke his nose after you saw him staring at you, clearly spacing out. after realizing that he鈥檚 been staring at you for a while now, he blushed so hard then buried his face on the crook of your neck,-
-whispering words that came from his pure heart...
鈥渋 love you so much, [name]. i didn鈥檛 think it was possible, but you made me the happiest i鈥檝e ever been...鈥
and the others were history.
嗉 kaeya
Kaeya always goes for round two after doing it once. but your feelings are the most important thing for him. he doesn鈥檛 want to make you uncomfortable and think that he doesn鈥檛 care about what you think or feel.
he stares at the ceiling, remembering the things you did and said while doing it earlier.
it was complete silence. a calm and peaceful one.
鈥渉ow was it?鈥 he would then ask silly little questions that annoys you sometimes.
鈥渨hy are asking that now?鈥 you blurted out in an annoyed but playful tone.
鈥渨hy can鈥檛 i? wouldn鈥檛 want such a fine person like you to experience awful sex.鈥
you stared at him for a while before you laughing at what he just said. the fact that he said that without a doubt is just so funny to you.
鈥渙h shut up, Kaeya. why don鈥檛 you just cuddle with me? hmm?鈥
鈥渄amn [name]... i think im getting turned o-鈥
you kissed him before he could even finish what he was saying. actually, you didn鈥檛 want him to finish what he was saying lol you were tired and needed some rest (yeah that鈥檚 how good he is).
after you two鈥檚 quick rest... guess what happened next 馃榾
嗉 zhongli
he absolutely loves just laying there side by side, naked, and feeling each other鈥檚 warmth.
there is something so raw about exposing your body in front of your lover, trusting them enough to see you and feel you as you really are.
zhongli loves humming you to sleep after you guys are done with the love session.
he might not be the best in singing or even just humming a tune, but the thought of him trying and making you feel comfortable as much as possible, made you love him even more.
鈥渨as it good, darling?鈥 he would whisper things like this to you.
since he is not familiar with things like these, (but probably has done it before idk) he鈥檚 scared that he might or he did disappoint you.
you reached for his cheek and gave him a quick kiss.
鈥渋t was amazing, Zhongli! it was as if i were in heaven...鈥
he smiled at the response you gave him. he was so relieved that he didn鈥檛 disappoint the person he loves so much.
鈥渋 love you my dear [name]... you made my heart so full and yet still long for more.鈥
you both said 鈥榠 love yous鈥 and laughed at little before going to sleep, cuddling together.
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fun-ghoulie16 hours ago
8, 15, 16, 22, 29, 54, 56, 58, 62, 66, 71, 73, 78
8. Describe your crush;聽 well im dating him so yeah basically my boyfriend, geeky but serious, basically my perfect match and knows when to listen and how to help me when im not okay. brown hair, perfectly imperfect.
15. Do you have any piercings?; i have a nose piercing, and i used to have my eyebrow pierced but i got rid of that one. And stretched ears (theyre basically pierced lol)
16. Do you have any tattoos?; i sadly don鈥檛, im waiting till some artists i like open up spots to get my first one but secretly im also scared of needles so im probably gonna be a pussy for a while even though im dying to get a tattoo.
22. Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?; well i fucking hope so lmfao.
29. Have you ever cheated on someone?; i have, unfortunately. still regret it ever happened but i learned from it.
54. Is there someone you will never forget? yes, obviously. i think a few of my exes taught me so much, ill always love them in a weird way, so yeah multiple people.
58. What are five ways to win your heart? - acceptance for my weirdness - don鈥檛 judge what you don鈥檛 understand - be at least somewhat of a geek/gamer bc i can鈥檛 with them normal people - be adventurous, try new things with me - honestly just get me drunk ill love you
62.聽What is the sexiest thing someone could ever do for/to you? honestly idk man. i find a lot of things sexy??
66. What is your favourite roleplay? either rough and being very dominant, demanding things they want me to do, or really soft and sweet, like kissing, soft touches, that kinda stuff. oh and i like to give a bj or two iguess?
71.聽 What was your kinkiest wet dream? i don鈥檛 have a lot of sex dreams, and if i get them theyre not so exciting?? i don鈥檛 dream unless im really sick so i dont even know or remember anymore.
73. What鈥檚 something sweet you鈥檇 like someone to do for you? just take me to a hotel or something like that with a big fucking open tub/bathroom, fill that up with bubbles, rose petals, candles, get me a bottle of wine and just make me feel at ease.
78. What鈥檚 your dirtiest secret? i dont think i have secrets? im very open lol just ask聽
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selfcarecap16 hours ago
WHY CANT I KEEP EVERYTHING IN ONE POST FFS, (on procrastination) i spent about half an hour scrolling reels on instagram that i didn鈥檛 even like.. like have you done that? like maybe the next will be better lmao
IM SO GLAD YOU GOT YOUR LAPTOP FIXED!!! hopefully that makes the zoom-uni better? how is uni going btw?
also i don鈥檛 remember how long you were gone for jshsjgsjsj but i checked a lot 馃槶 i feel like we have to catch up now, like you鈥檙e a friend i haven鈥檛 seen in a long time and i forgot to respond to the last text you sent me and now it鈥檚 like WAIT WHATS GOING ON WITH YOU lmaoo
i love healthy mom-daughter relationships馃槍 like me and my mom are best friends and everyone says it鈥檚 weird and unhealthy but it鈥檚 not?? and i love that you and your mom can talk about the neighbors above you HAHAH
but ily 馃槶馃槶 i know i keep saying that but i鈥檓 so glad you鈥檙e back bc i missed you <333 i鈥檓 gonna reread your response bc i swear i鈥檝e read it i just need to refresh myself hdshsjs
- lovely anon 馃挊
Wait omg when did you send this? I only just saw it 馃槶
I鈥檓 good sksjsjsj not much to talk about. I鈥檓 just doing uni stuff and most of my lectures (esp linguistics鈥 which is very surprising) are really really fun. I submitted my first ever assignment last night 馃憠馃徏馃憟馃徏 but it wasn鈥檛 that hard so I definitely think/hope I鈥檒l get a good grade/mark. (馃馃徏)
And okay I really do not want to complain about having too much free time... but I have too much time on my hands omg
I thought I鈥檇 be busy 24/7 once uni started, and one of the things that was giving me the most anxiety and depression in the last year was not having anything to do. But now I only have like one lecture a day and not really a lot of homework (again I don鈥檛 want to complain, I don鈥檛 need more homework馃拃 but yeah) or assignments and I don鈥檛 have any lectures on Friday. So I always have a 3 day weekend which sounds amazing in theory but honestly I鈥檝e just been sitting around, not knowing what to do and feeling useless for those 3 days (Fri-Sun) every week.
I might get my vaccine (was about to spell that 鈥榲axine鈥 馃) soon so maybe I can do more and meet more people but I鈥檓 not really that social and I鈥檇 be doing something once a week max. so I don鈥檛 think much will change sksjsh
I feel really bad about complaining about how little work I have to do like obviously I鈥檓 grateful that I鈥檓 not super busy all the time but... idk more free time means more time to overthink lol
One good thing is that I might have my driver鈥檚 license soon? I mean I鈥檓 quite good at driving but there are so many tiny mistakes that you could make that automatically mean you fail, even though everyone else makes those mistakes daily (they鈥檙e not really mistakes but you know, it鈥檚 just not what you鈥檙e supposed to do but nothing happens if you do it anyway irl, but in the test they鈥檙e just like: okay you can stop now cause you鈥檝e failed 馃檪). Idk how to explain it and i can鈥檛 think of any examples burneks
And another very very good thing is that (if and when I get my vaccines) my mum/mom(lmao) and I might be able to go to England and see our family! We haven鈥檛 seen them since 2019 and both her and I are really close to my grandad and all the other relatives in England really so that would be cool!!!!!!!
Omg I hate people who say that being friends with your parents is unhealthy? No. Not being friends with your parents is unhealthy lmao. (By friends I just mean being close with them obviously lol)
I love you moooore and (again) I missed you 馃挊馃挊馃挊 what鈥檚 going on in your life? Do you have anything planned for when school ends? 馃グ
I feel like this was a really bad reply but idk why lol
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survivorcrystalkingdom17 hours ago
Ep 3 Confessionals Pt 3. | "We Love Losing" - Linden
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
loves slaughtering half the cast in a comp at f16 for no real reason since one team was throwing and 3 teams were safe but!!!! i get competitive what can i say! anyway sam w/jarod/I made an alliance. its cute and i love our vibe but i cannot see us being final 3. it's rlly not smart for any of us??? but i think we have trust and a good vibe so there's no point in NOT capitalizing on that for now.....but....I need to start finding my own people. Sam W was someone I thought could fit into that but....I think he's a bit mesmerized by Jarod. Sure, I think he evaluates him as a threat but telling Jarod he wants f3 with him? Either he's just preparing to snake him bad, or doesn't really wanna have to cut him. Either way, Sam is concerning me (adore him though). this crystal hunt is what's gonna make or break me. I think Jarod is telling me 90% of what he finds (which I'm betting is more than anyone else at this point) but it's not 100%. And I def don't blame him for that but I did tell him 100% of my first search, so I'm thinking I need to reciprocate only that 90% back. and idk for some reason....the dancing on the ballroom seems like a lie to me. idk if I'm brave enough to do it bc apparently you lose 3 minutes on it, but....I feel like he found something that he wants to be his secret ace. But he had to weave it into his story since Jess straight up tells you about the dance floor when you walk in??? but that's such a colossal risk to lie about something you know people can expose you for so i'm torn. but anywho! rn I'd love a safety without power bc it A) can't be nullified and B) is unique in the game - and even if I try and craft it but fail, at least i know it's *in* the game somewhere?? so wish me luck!
Tumblr media
u know what im going to play with no fear if mx juls says i cant say that they want mikey out i will simply be like listen mikey im voting u its girls and theys for me i gotta say i adore u but thats where im leaning if i go bc of it, then i go i am at peace bc ur a baddie b bc i am NOT doing this whole BACK AND FORTH I AM NOT!!!!!! YALL MISS ME WITH THT SHIT I LOVE MY WORK I AM NOT CHECKING INTO THIS GAME DURING WORK I NEED TO FOCUS
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I AM SO SORRY I FORGOT TO DO A VOICE CONFESSIONAL SO THIS ONE IS GONNA SUCK!!!! Anyways I鈥檓 so thankful my team won immunity because ... it鈥檚 kinda cute not having to worry about fairy council right now! I feel like I would survive if we went to one with this current set up of us three, because William basically told me last night that he was waiting until the right moment to just tell me that he wants Lindsay to leave. Like sis we鈥檙e on a team of three and you can鈥檛 just not talk to either of us ... mess I hope that someone from the other team comes to join us but we鈥檒l see . They could all easily join us and throw the challenge just to vote me out but if that happens tbh that鈥檚 not even my fault so I know I鈥檇 die a robbed goddess. I could sense a little bit of hurt feelings coming from some folks cuz of the challenge ... what DRAMA I鈥檓 so here for it lol Prediction is Emily or Linden (I think that鈥檚 their name) go home tonight. We鈥檒l see how accurate that is! Wouldn鈥檛 mind seeing Eve go home though, that would spice things up so much 馃憖
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survivorcrystalkingdom17 hours ago
Ep 3 Confessionals Pt 2. | "We Love Losing" - Linden
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
What in the name of jubjub just happened?? They didn鈥檛 even throw that one. Impossible. We were actually just targeted and I鈥檓 lovin it. Can鈥檛 wait to party hard at fairy council again!
Tumblr media
Yay so we won the reward and immunity again and it's nice to be constantly safe, honestly im hoping more people join my team but I doubt so. I'm not really vibing with the people on my team and I think there's a really high chance im the next to go. I'm kinda stuck with the palace and I don't know where to go from here on. I'm so close to being able to make some advantages like an idol as well.
Tumblr media
So things are still going well, I feel like me and Shane have a good thing going on and I trust him second after Sam, who I knew before the game started. This whole mansion thing has been very frustrating but hopefully I can find a few more crystals and get an idol in case I need it. Also, I love the jub jub neopet!
Tumblr media
Overall, I think this game is going quite well at this point... I like my team a lot and I feel really really good about both of them and I think like they prob wont vote me off. I especially told Jaiden that I wouldn't vote em out if we went to council. my only issue with my team is WE CAN NEVER WIN A FUCKING CHALLENGE TO SAVE OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!! WE ALWAYS GET LAST IF ITS A REWARD OR 2nd TO LAST IF ITS IMMUNITY. my heart cannot survive this torment any longer.... While I do like that my team is being quite and not the focus of anyone, i am really upset that I don't get these chances to talk to people and make social bonds. Like lets compare someone like me who can only socialize with 2 people, vs someone like Juls who can go ahead and socialize with 5 others, or like Eve who was been on 3 different teams now and has gotten a chance to talk to many different people, so like while I do wanna keep winning, part of me hopes we swap or lose at some point so I can start branching out.
Tumblr media
6 hours out from fairy council. Mikey and I have told each other we don't want to vote each other, and we've tossed the idea of Juls around because Mikey said Eve said they're not that close with Juls. Jinx and I are slowly talking, we've exchanged an "I don't want to vote for you", and we've hardly gotten past that. I'm steadily approaching hour 19 of being awake, and by fairy council, I'll be at hour 24. 6 hours is a lot of time, but it's also not that long. There's just enough signs that the vote isn't me, but just enough signs that the vote is me, for me to be paranoid and overthinking like there's no tomorrow. And for my game, there really might not be! If I only knew everyone's dynamics better, I'd be direct and say what I want to do- but I don't know what I want to do! I have no idea what the right move is here! So I just have to sit here and wait for someone to actually talk to me. Once it hits 2 hours 'til, if I don't have anything, it's probably for a reason. Not sure what I'll do, but it'll have to be something if I want a shot to survive, if I don't get some communication ASAP.
Tumblr media
i know i have been serving dead fish but ever since andrew has been gone i have known peace. god bless. we're going to tribal and lindy wants to vote out emily like FOR WHAT?? thats not part of the trans agenda. im sorry mikey ily but u are the odd one out beloved <3 guess there won't be any minors in the game! andrew got his wish!
also i got a crazy idea. bad idea by ariana grande play pls.
also jarod and crow doing so well on those last few challenges was a hate crime. idk how or why but i feel so hate crimed by those twinks doing so well. like ??? THAT REWARD?? when i do my crazy plan y'all will be blown up know that <3 hopefully i can act tho. I LOVE YOU JAROD AND CROW I LOVE Y'ALL IM SORRY I JUST WANT TO BE CRAZY AND I KNOW Y'ALL WILL LAUGH WHEN YOU FIND OUT!!! I KNOW IT!!! if crow doesnt figure it out that is he knows me too well. looks around.
Tumblr media
OH MY GOD IT'S A MIRACLE I KNOW SOMETHING!!!!!! Okay. Jinx and I bonded some and she told me the current plan!! Which, unfortunately, is Mikey, but that comes with good news!! Jinx is seeming like they'll be a great ally to me in the future, we just really vibe!!! So in losing my closest ally, I'm gaining my even closer closest ally, and building bonds with the rest of the tribe, to some extent or another! I'm not super psyched about the idea, but I know I have very little influence right now, so if I want to save my ass, I need to let everyone else make the decisions and just smile and nod along.
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hotfrost17 hours ago
following that up with my new prophecy rewrite!!!!!!!!!! oh boy i would change a lot about this one
okay for starters: crowpaw and squirrelpaw are apprentices, brambleflower, tawnypelt, stormfur, and feathertail are all warriors, but squirrelpaw should be a warrior by now (she鈥檚 not because she keeps getting in trouble so they keep holding back her warrior ceremony i鈥檓 trying to fix any age gaps) and crowpaw should have been a warrior but he went on the quest
leafpaw is ferncloud鈥檚 apprentice and squirrelpaw is dustpelt鈥檚
squirrelpaw is the most annoying聽little shit to ever walk to the forest ofc
the prophecy involves one chosen cat but someone else tags along from each clan (so stormfur, squirrelpaw, trans icon rowanclaw, and nightcloud/onewhisker all come on the quest)
ships that do happen: stormbramble, tawnyrowan, squirrelnight, maybe feathertawny?
ships that do NOT happen: bramblesquilf, feathercrow, stormbrook, crownight
bramblesquirrel would have a huge sibling dynamic because that鈥檚 literally what they should have had.聽
crowpaw鈥檚聽鈥渓ove鈥 for feathertail would probably just have been best friends/platonic/MAYBE a little crush but not anything too big
squirrel and night would have been聽鈥渂esties鈥 (if you know you know)聽
i think crowfeather would probably have helped nightcloud have children but they would have never gotten together so at most he would have been an uncle for breezepelt
whitewing gets apprenticed to longtail who is the deputy still of course
birchfall still gets ashfur
hawkfrost would have a much cooler arc because he had so much potential!!!!!!!!!!!!!聽
another weird take: hawkfrost wasn鈥檛 the son of tigerstar but mothwing was. they both grew up with sasha (maybe hawkfrost was adopted or just was close with them bc he never knew his parents). sasha brings them both to the forest ofc and moth and hawk develop a kind of sibling relationship. hawkfrost鈥檚 need for a father figure is so great that he agrees to join tigerstar in the dark forest and that would have made his character 100000x cooler
mothwing, tawnypelt, crowfeather, feathertail, stormfur, rowanclaw, and nightcloud all get povs.聽
feathertail still dies and crowfeather gets named after her, but out of platonic love not romantic love
cinderpelt still dies in the badger attack but sootfur and rainwhisker don鈥檛. she wouldn鈥檛 get reincarnated in cinderheart and firestar would be shown greiving more
firestar becomes depressed after having to leave the forest because he already lost graystripe and has to leave his other good friend, ravenpaw, and his sister, princess, as well as speckletail and frostfur. he spirals more after cinderpelt鈥檚 death because of how close they were
deadfoot doesn鈥檛 die and becomes deadstar. mudclaw thinks he should be leader and leads a rebellion which onewhisker quickly ends. onewhisker remains the wholesome happy boy we knew and loved
leafpool and crowfeather happens but it鈥檚 not love it鈥檚 like a聽鈥渙ne night stand鈥 i guess.聽
stormfur joins thunderclan after feathertail鈥檚 death. the three are adopted by him and squirrelflight or maybe brambleflower? i haven鈥檛 figured out the logistics of that yet.
after longtail retires as deputy (because he鈥檚 getting old) firestar appoints brightheart as deputy.聽
ashfur and squirrelflight does not happen in this au ashfur has a crush on brambleflower instead and he grows bitter because brambleflower rejects him (forgive me im trying to play out the story without the sweet home alabama)
i can鈥檛 think of much else i would change?????? idk i will add on as i go
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komeraze20 hours ago
the funniest thing was like after all of that shit happened and we had an argument he almost was with his crush and i was kinda shocked? i mean like do what u wanna do, but it was barely month later (like after these 2 years im still a bit fucked up and he was fine after like a month like man i wish i could do that) but he basically was like "i know him for longer time" which again understandable but like what was with the whole "i only love you, youre the only one" and telling me the whole time he doesnt love him anymore and then month later this happens like 馃憗锔忦煈勷煈侊笍
not to mention when he was trying to make it seem like that guy is rude and hes not interested in him and only loves me etc.
like again after that like date whoever you want but all of that was just weird how fast it was and made me realize that he didnt actually loved me
and it would be much easier if he would tell me right away when he wasnt sure about everything and then maybe he could have later chance with that guy or something idk!!! i just wish i never was in this kind of situation
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seacottons23 hours ago
I had to Google the peach faced lovebird AND OMG STOP ITS ADORABLE AGDJAHDJA it's like a soft little cloud are you kidding me 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ Okay but tell me im not the only one that literally melts when two household pets create such a soft and loving bond with each other... It's absolutely adorable omg 馃様馃挄
ohhhhh!! Oh right okay sorry I misunderstood that agsjajska ugh I love adventure too!! Fantasy, adventure, even action. Especially when it comes to movies. Have you ever had an interest in video games?? Cringe worthy books are the reason I gave up trying to find good books... butttttttt I'm a hopeless romantic so maybe I let the cringe slide when it comes to that 馃憖
that is a real challenge when it comes to characters and plots. How do you make it resound with a reader and/or make it complex without doing too much and it just scrambling peoples brains altogether... Some people just nail it and I find that very rarely. Once or twice on wattpad and about... Twice on here? But yeah, it's complex and kudos to all the writers out there man. At least they're writing, creating and doing what they love 馃挅
omg. Oh my GODDDDDD it wasn't enough that Naruto was six billion episodes long BUT THE PLOT WAS LIKE-ugh ARGH okay yep I never watched another long anime after that ever again. Even aot when it started getting complicated in like the last season I was like I'm out folks-
oh wait hold up you're sick?? Oh man... Hun, get well soon! I really hope the doc appointment goes well!! And I'm taking care of myself~ dw~!
Hmmm favourite ateez era would be answer... But also wave/illusion, though I wasn't there for them. I joined in answer era and omg answer... Dude that song... I swear I experienced some form of high, I don't know what they put in that song agdjahs wbu?
Also, here's a lil soft spam~ bc you deserve it!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
birds are so, so precious, but i never really liked the idea of keeping them as pets confined in cages :" ) i'll just feel so much guilt
no, it's okay! i'm weird like that. i loved video games as a kid!! like- tak, ratchet & clank, spyro the dragon, crash bandicoot, kingdom hearts, pokemon, dragon ball z- resident evil scared the shit out of me, idk how my dad let me buy it HAHAHAHA
SEE THIS!! this is why i'm so picky with anime now. i really like anime with a not too complicated plot, and good character development. aot set my standards too high now. the characterizations in aot are just chef's kiss and jfc the plot is amazing. which part confused you tho? i gave up on one piece during the .. desert era? scsgsjsl i don't even remember. the filled episodes were so damn boring and the plot was not moving. i gave up on naruto right before shippuden. too much filler eps, and i always found parts of the show too cringey with the 'i'll turn the bad guy into the good guy and show him the light' kind of narrative. and i get that it can happen, but the way they execute is just so repetitive. naruto gives a speech and then suddenly all is good in the world. i prefer more complicated characters
yeah- i am. partially my fault. every time i go back to eating sugar i get h pylori infections. i was just too lazy to go to the doctor 馃拃 but it's gotten so bad i can't ignore it.
answer era is so comforting idk why. it sits at the top with wonderland and thanxx for me <3 and thank you for the spam! sanjoong are so mf beautiful
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