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#idk what i did to deserve this
bokutobabie · 2 days ago
i just wanted to tell you that i love your blog and pop on almost everyday to make sure you’re doin alright. drink lots of water, eat something, and relax! have a great day!💚
omg!! this is so sweet of u nonnie, thank you!! ♡ you take care too 🥺
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selfishwitch · 3 days ago
Hello if you came to my blog today even to bully me I just want you to know I love you and appreciate you and you're doing great. I don't deserve any of you y'all make me fucking happy.
Goodbye I shall be making guac now
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talk-to-me-babygirl · 5 days ago
i love you omg 😭❤
I love you too 🥺💕
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seokjinsdisciple · 5 days ago
Hi I think you’re stunning and yes I am hitting on you
hi thank you 🥺
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gentle-horrors · 7 days ago
op is literally one of the coolest people I know, an amazing artist, super swaggy and supportive, AND has a bunch of cool f/o's who love them, but go off I guess. (-Parker)
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eight-hearts · 7 days ago
Yearning. There's so much of it. Every morning I come on here and I've met with posts of you just yearning. And there's a bit of vampire stuff in there. And its all exciting because there's always something intresting going on in the tags. I live for your tags honestly. 💕
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trauma-rat · 7 days ago
the conversation went... okay. i have a feeling HE thought it went well whereas i felt like i was being dismissed haha.
i just want to scream and cry and idk why. it was honestly a good healthy conversation but for some reason i just feel like. okay saying "hur dur im a 21st century business manager im understanding of mental health issues!" does not actually mean shit if his behavior is still triggering and he doesnt do anything to place accommodations. Okay maybe he IS working on it but ive worked at jobs where i was in an understandably high stress situation and never had that response and ive worked at jobs where i saw an old abuser and had a panic attack and my coworkers were supportive enough i was able to recover quite quickly. Why is this job the outlier where im absolutely terrified to see my BROTHER at work. why is he so absolutely terrifying to me if in our ~heart to heart~ conversations he acts like we're all fine and dandy! ugh. idk. idk what to think idk what i did wrong idk how to fix this.
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mrslackles · 9 days ago
I wanna hug you
😭😭😭😭 ilysm, thank you! I could actually use one this week. 
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olympiansally · 9 days ago
My dear, what I would give to hear all the things that go on in your head, after all, I imagine it is the most beautiful mind that has graced us this era.
Aaaaahhhhhh this literally makes me feel like a goddess and i don’t know what to say skiskIskskw
Thank you so much!! This is so sweet!!! 🥺🥰
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slutforsalvatore · 11 days ago
just woke up to a sore throat, watery red eyes, and a stuffy nose. living the life 😃
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80hdean · 12 days ago
wait i just figured it out, it’s not about the ‘chuck won’ ending or any of the other (admittedly awesome) fix it post-finale scenarios i’ve read, it’s that one meme was right
they are in the bad place
like, it’s jack’s version, it’s the nicest version of hell he could think up, no more body horror and gore, it’s all psychological and emotional torture now babey
but one on that show deserved to go to a real heaven, maybe sam if you squint? but certainly not dean or cas. you don’t get to be mass murderers and just shrug it off with ‘i saved the world’
that’s a satisfying ending for me anyways. i impose MY morality on the whole nightmare of a scenario and all the checks and balances declare: everyone goes to hell
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dykecrystal · 12 days ago
Day 4 of the fucking hormone headache......
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felicitys-smoaking · 14 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thank u for the serotonin spouse
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divine-mistake · 16 days ago
You are an angel and I love you. We don’t talk a lot but you deserve the best and you’re so sweet and talented.
I LOVE YOU TOO WHAT 🥺🥺🥺 you’re literally so sweet!!! if you want to come off anon and message me sometime please feel free bc everyone knows that i love having friends!! 💖
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What's stopping you from posting every slightly interesting thought you have onto the internet? That's a genuine question bc every day I find less and less reasons to not just make a bunch of bullshit posts abt thoughts I'm having. The only thing stopping me currently is the memory of a blog I used to follow that did that and every original post of theirs had like 3 notes TOPS. I'd be devastated if I consistently put things out there and no one gave a shit, even if they were just stupid little text posts
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